ER s02e04 Episode Script

What Life?

Previously on E.
Hulda, that's Mark.
Mark, that's Hulda.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Peter, I'm not ready to walk out on my marriage.
Hi, I'm Randi.
I'm the new clerk.
- Get her off my back.
- Her? - Weaver.
She's really quite competent, but her attitude is openly hostile.
It's probably a communication thing.
- I'm gonna get Benton.
- No, he's my patient.
We should go out.
- Really? - Definitely.
- You're not abandoning this baby! - I'll be back.
I'm dying inside, Susie.
"What Life?" Mark? Mark, are you asleep? Wake up, sleepy one.
It's your wife.
What? - Where? - On the phone.
Oh, yeah.
Hello? Jen? Jen? - Did I hang up? - Daddy? Hi, Rachel.
Hi, honey.
Is Mommy calling me? - Doug already gone? - Still sleeping.
Of course it's me.
What do you mean I sound funny? - Can I talk to Mommy? - How does this look? My ankle.
Well, can she talk while she gets your Froot Loops? The ankle looks healed.
Listen, Rachel, is Mommy? She seem a little mad? Jen! Hi! You're up early.
Wow, what a nice surprise.
Oh, yeah.
We're on a roll now.
Aren't we, Susie? Yes! Okay.
Yes, yes, yes.
Here we go.
Here we go.
Oh, boy.
Good timing.
That's why God created convenience stores, huh? Yeah.
Yeah, it'll be okay, Susie.
I promise.
Okay? I don't want a loaner.
I want my own damn car! That's why Walter told you to replace that starter.
Careful of those surgeon hands.
- Jackie, I can't be late today.
- Oh, doing a big brain transplant? It's my first gastroplasty, and my whole day is backing up.
Mine too, okay? I was counting on you to take me to work.
- Let Peanut take the car - He doesn't touch it.
Where's Walter? - How long does a test drive take? - It's a Porsche.
He'll be a while.
And don't blame your bad mood on Walter.
He tried to warn you.
About what? Messing with a married woman.
Where's the loaner? Yeah.
Oh, how can you sleep? How can you sleep? No.
No, thanks.
Doc? You're my doc! Come on, you You really saved my life.
You fixed my feet.
Remember? - Oh! Right.
- Listen, you used some Demerol.
- You used Demerol.
Do you? - I don't have any right now, so Well, listen.
I'm gonna stop by and see you again.
Okay? - I'm sure you will.
Take care.
- Okay.
All right.
Hey! Hey! - You forgot these.
- Oh, my God! Thanks.
I'm in a rush.
- Is this a little boy or a little girl? - Don't! Don't! She's afraid of strangers.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
We're late.
Thank you.
Carter, come on.
I've got gridlock already.
- Where is Dr.
Benton? - Three more night floats.
Can't we admit them now and Benton can sign off later? It's not up to me.
Ask Hal.
Surgical cosign incomplete.
- Carter, what about this gangrenous toe? - Waiting on Dr.
Carol? Bet you're glad to hear my voice.
Can you come in today? It's not a dress code, it's a suggestion.
Your appearance should make patients feel comfortable.
What number of earrings do you think wouldn't upset my patients? Two would be my recommendation.
One in each ear.
So I shouldn't count the one in my navel? Or anywhere else.
What is this? Patients in the hall? Diverticulitis, rule-out appy, lap choly.
- All waiting to be admitted.
- They can't wait here.
Where's Benton? - He's - Dr.
Hicks? Could you help Mr.
Carter? - Not right now.
Where's Dr.
Benton? - On his way.
On his way.
- This section is for surgeons.
- Oh, yeah? - You need a surgical sticker here.
- And where's yours? It's a loaner.
Look, move.
I don't have time to call Security.
- Look, find your own spot.
- You can't park here.
Well, I am parked here.
So what are you gonna do about it, doctor? Shit! Damn! Oh, my God.
I am so late.
Slow morning, huh? Thank goodness.
Susie! You look 100% cotton today.
Who makes this? - I'm gonna run her upstairs real fast.
- Okay.
- I'll be back in five.
- Okay.
- Where is everyone? - Outside.
Some rush-hour traffic thing.
- Go on.
I got her.
- Thanks.
Chest to steering wheel.
Head to dash.
GCS, 10.
BP, 90/50.
Pulse, 120.
Facial lacs, splinted at left tib-fib.
Right ankle's funky.
- Any more coming in? - Child passenger.
Ross has it.
Careful with this line.
I had to stick her 10 times to get it.
Where did they take my mom? Doctors are taking care of mom, okay? How are you? The only injury's a bruise on his hip.
Kid wore a seat belt.
We could use one right now.
I'll check if he's as strong as he acts.
We got another one.
- I'll pick you up, I guess, at 8:00? - Okay.
Yeah? All right.
So dinner last night went okay.
Let's get a CBC, type and cross six units.
IV's infiltrated.
I'll start a central line.
Good morning, Susan.
We were starting to worry.
I'll do the IJ.
Get X-ray in here.
Cross-table C-spine, chest, pelvis, lower extremities.
- And see what Dr.
Greene needs.
- Pulse, 120.
Resps, 28.
Check the board, Susan.
I think you're assigned to the bounced-back bellyache.
Increase oxygen, 15 liters.
That is a much better look for you.
- Dr.
Weaver hasn't seen you yet today? - No.
Why? I just wanna be there.
- I thought you finished your ride-alongs? - I did.
We were just going shopping.
Shep has to cook for the station tomorrow.
- Shep? His name is Shep? - You say the man cooks too? - Elvis had a dog named Shep.
- They all cook.
- Those dual-function gentlemen.
- Hard to resist.
- A little more curl to the lip.
- Please don't encourage him.
I need a GI cocktail for Mr.
Perry in Curtain 3.
Can you give me another minute, and then I'll get her up to daycare? Sure.
We're having a ball.
How did it go with the attorney? I have to wait three months before I can claim abandonment.
Well, maybe Chloe will have second thoughts.
She left her own baby.
She's not entitled to second thoughts.
Perry, I ordered medications.
If your pain is gastrointestinal, you'll get relief.
- The man had a heart attack.
- Frieda, stop.
It's heartburn.
Given your husband's diet last night, gastritis seems likely.
He gets three-alarm chili over spicy fries all the time, never bothered him before.
It could've been a Burrito Grande during Leno.
She's a little freaked.
My old man had a coronary.
You'll need to lay off these.
Your pain could be cardiac-related but we'll run some tests to rule that out.
- How long will that take? - A few hours.
Have to be somewhere? No, I was just wondering when you serve lunch around here.
- Hi! - Hey, hi! - I had fun last night.
- Told you you'd like the mosh pit.
- Are we still on for tonight? - Yeah, yeah.
Let's do something less crowded, like food.
- Food's good.
- Okay.
Carter? Weaver nixed your MRI on the John Doe with a possible hand fracture.
I hate to agree with management, but she's got a point.
You're absolutely right.
I don't know what I was thinking.
MRI? - How is it? - Completely healed.
- You were in X-ray so long.
- Need some more ice? - Is there a fracture? - No.
A dislocation in the interphalangeal joint.
- Tip of your index finger.
- I know where it is, Carter.
Well, it's great there's no fracture.
You can forget about the gastroplasty, but a fracture could've kept you out of surgery months.
- What are you doing? - We have to numb it and get a reduce.
You want me to call somebody else? Get on with it.
- Must hurt like crazy.
- Yeah.
- Slammed it in the car door, did you? - Yeah.
Carter, is Dr.
Benton? They need you in Trauma 1, Peter, right away.
- I can't find it either.
- BP's falling.
- This guy's in fib.
- Pulse, 150.
I can barely feel it.
- What do we got? - Multiple trauma.
Hypovolemic shock.
- Can't get a central line.
- Cut-down time.
Carter will do it.
He's ready.
- You're ready.
- Okay.
Let's go.
Not the ankle, femoral.
And the saphenous is superficial here.
And believe me, you do not want to transect it.
Okay? - Any luck with sitters? - I've got a few leads.
She needs a change, Joanie.
We don't recommend extended care for infants.
Well, it's only temporary.
Chloe kind of left me in a lurch.
Us too.
Susie's bill is three weeks overdue.
No, it's my bill, and I'll pay you tomorrow.
Just try and make it up a couple of times today, okay? Okay, okay.
Save her noon bottle for me.
Randi, I have a babysitter coming around 4:00 for an interview.
- Could you keep an eye out for her? - You bet.
- Did anyone find you a lab coat yet? - Doesn't fit.
- Tonight there's just the two of us.
- No Hulda? - She's off to Helsinki.
- People come and go so quickly.
We will drink beer and watch the Bears.
Ross, what do we do with this? She said she didn't have to wait.
This is a "Go directly to Dr.
Ross" card.
Is anybody in Iso? - I don't think so.
- Hey, Mei-Sun.
How's our boy today? Okay? Okay.
- How are things going? - Keeping busy.
- I haven't seen Chloe lately.
- None of us have.
- How is she doing in school? - You got a few minutes? Mark, sorry to interrupt.
There's a patient threatening to sue.
- Is it okay if I handle it? - Would you? Bless you.
- What were you saying? - Just how busy we've all been.
Excuse me, I got a weak-and-dizzy to check on.
Thanks for giving me a chance with that cut-down.
I think it went smooth.
- That was lidocaine without epi, right? - Does it matter? Joke.
I'm joking.
No epi.
How does it feel? - It's numb.
- Get ready, because I'm gonna pull it.
Just do it.
And flex.
Looks pretty good.
Check lateral stability.
- The tendons are okay.
- Congratulations.
What a relief.
You're welcome.
- County General, this is Unit 47.
- Go ahead, 47.
- Calling for a noon radio check.
- We did the a.
Check an hour ago.
- Go ahead.
Switch to Med 4.
- I'm sending you some calibrations.
Read calibrations, 10-2.
I'll see you when I see you, County.
- What was that about? - I'd say he wanted to hear your voice.
Car door, huh? Get it splinted, and you're gonna need an MRI.
The x-rays looked good.
I don't think it's broken.
If you end up with a leave, you'll screw up my schedule.
- You don't have to worry - $6000 worth of prosthetics.
- Listen, how about I buy you lunch? - Somebody's gonna pay for those! Maybe a little soup.
I got a call for a pickup.
Dvorak Park.
Park bench, southwest corner.
She was laid out just like this.
Let's get her inside.
This was pinned to her.
It's got some cash inside.
- I took out my fare.
- Yeah, great.
- My, my, what do you know? - She's pregnant at 14.
And her mom's along.
We keeping you up? Susie woke up six times last night.
How did you raise four? Graveyard shift, no OT for four years and a husband who works flex time.
Just shoot me now.
Pay close attention.
You'll practice this drill a lot.
I thought we'd never get out of here.
Today's all-city finals, volleyball.
Amy's the only freshman playing varsity.
- Sorry to keep you waiting.
- I knew it must be pretty bad.
She claims that it's cramps, but I had appendicitis when I was 12.
- I'm not 12.
- Lf you'll step outside, I'll examine Amy.
I'll stay.
I always do.
We've found that kids, after a certain age develop a better rapport with doctors if they're one on one.
- I like your earrings.
- Thanks.
My daughter and I don't have any secrets.
Harper, why don't you get started, and I'll show Mrs.
Tubbs to the lounge.
You did the right thing.
It's just an ear infection, but you can't be too careful.
- Is okay with his HIV? - It's fine.
I'll be right back.
- I need to talk about my assignments.
- It's a random rotation.
I've been randomly rotating through headaches and gas pains all week.
- I'm only getting the boring cases.
- Look maybe I am going light on you.
I've noticed you have personal obligations.
- I thought you might need slack.
- I've got a kid with chickenpox.
- Put him in the Iso Room.
- Okay.
This way.
If there's anything affecting my ability to do my job, I'll let you know.
- No, there's somebody already in there! - It's not on the board.
He's a kid with AIDS.
He doesn't need to be exposed to chickenpox.
No kidding.
Maybe you could let us in on the secret that he's here.
Lydia, why don't you see if Exam Room 4 is open? Doug, next time, make sure your patient's on the board.
Kerry, wanna take a look at this? It's not appendicitis, is it? How long have you been sexually active? I told him that stuff wouldn't work without a condom.
Well, it didn't.
Don't tell my mom.
- By law, I'm not permitted to tell her.
- Good.
We'll talk about your options when all your results are in.
Since you had unprotected sex, we'll test for gonorrhea, chlamydia and HIV.
I don't have that.
- Have you had more than one partner? - No.
Has he? Amy, whatever the results are, or whatever you decide to do you're gonna need someone's support.
Your mom seems to care.
- She was delivered by taxi? - No name, but her history's all there.
End-stage multiple sclerosis.
Partially paralyzed, incontinent sight impaired, possible dementia.
- Beautifully brushed hair.
- "She likes an open window at night.
" - She's also got pneumonia.
- Did you call the cops? - Then what else can we do? - Admit her.
I'll call upstairs.
Looks like you and I have a gastroplasty in an hour.
Are you up to speed with the procedure? - Yes, I am.
- Good.
I'll see you both there.
Peter I know you can't scrub in, but there's a lot to learn by watching.
No, I don't understand.
If you have three discharges and one admit, you should have two open beds.
Yes, she has MS.
She's also got pneumonia, so Neuro can't take her.
Well, when can you get back to me? Excuse me.
I got a Deluxe Jalapeño, fried, for a Tom Perry in Curtain 3.
- There.
- Thanks.
- It'll just be a few moments.
- I saw the ultrasound machine.
- She's pregnant, isn't she? - I can't discuss it.
- Of course not.
I'm her mother - I know the one who spent 14 years sacrificing so that she could have every chance.
I'll have to foot the bill for this baby or face our priest when she doesn't have it.
So sure, ignore me.
- I understand that this is difficult - You're not a mother, are you? - No, I'm not.
- Then don't dismiss me.
And don't try to keep me away from my baby.
- Call Security.
- There's no need.
- The girl's privacy - She's ready to tell her mom.
Sometimes it's the boring case that turns into the real challenge.
If you're considering violence, count me in.
It's not just me! There's no politically correct way to describe that woman.
I'll see if I can find her.
- Anybody seen Dr.
Weaver? - Follow the trail of digested Residents.
Childcare called.
Should they hold Susie's noon bottle? It's almost 1:00.
Tell them to feed her.
I'll be up as soon as I can.
Go on up, take a break.
You're allowed to have a life.
- I'm waiting on some labs.
- Weaver has you playing her game.
You think if you ace all the details, she's gonna stop nitpicking? Probably not.
"You know, Susan, you didn't put your X's in the middle of the box.
" "I know it's trivial, but could you say 'sahntimeter' instead of centimeter?" "Couldn't you second-guess yourself sometimes instead of me always having to do it?" What does that mean, they "may" have a bed after 7? Are they building it? I called all the nursing homes.
Nobody's AWOL.
We know she didn't walk to the park and call her own taxi.
County General, this is Unit 47.
This is County General.
Go ahead, 47.
We're at the scene with an adolescent female.
GSW to the chest, guessing a 9 mm.
She's unresponsive, shallow resps at eight.
Pulse, 13.
BP, 9/5.
- Have you started fluids? - Two IVs going.
Wide open.
- Copy that.
What's your ETA? - Just about to pull out.
We ought to be there - Damn! - What's going on? They're shooting at us.
Gunfire at the scene! - Let's get out of here! - Somebody's down out there.
I'm going after him! - 47? - Don't do that, man.
Shep? Shep? So I pull the trocar through the stomach.
CDH, 29.
- What other options would we have? - Roux-en-Y.
Anastomose the jejunum to the stomach.
Benini and Forse claim that vertical-banded gastroplasty preserves the gastroduodenal continuity.
- Where did you read that? - Gastroenterology.
This month.
Okay, I gave it a shot, but that rain-forest crap is driving me nuts.
Toilets flushing.
That's how they make that sound.
Peter, you're not sterile.
Would you mind changing it? Any requests? Silence is fine.
We're ready.
RL 90 stapler, please.
It's all yours, Mr.
Any words of wisdom for your student before he staples his first stomach? Or have you done one of these? No, I haven't.
You only get one chance, and there's no undoing it.
Calm and steady.
Advance the pin button.
Line up the gap indicator.
Release the trigger safety.
Are you kidding? All the single-parent kids I see? You should be scared.
I'm worried about what's best for Little Susie.
- Told Mark yet? - No, and I'd rather you didn't.
If you do consider adoption, there's a neurosurgeon up on eight.
His name's Kevin Halloran, a great guy.
He and his wife have adopted already, and they've been looking.
I mean, I was thinking of adopting Susie.
- Feeling better? - Hey, doc! The hospital food didn't sit too well, so I ordered me up some takeout to settle my stomach.
- You have to stop eating.
For how long? We'll try an hour.
See how you're doing.
Your cardiac workup's negative, but if you keep gorging, it won't stay like that.
It's hard for him.
He really loves his food.
If he eats himself to death by 40, he'll miss a lot of meals.
Could you order up me another of those drinks? It seemed to help.
Promise not to chase it with an éclair? Éclair.
I'm at County General.
The paramedic unit was calling from Archer Court.
We need some help here.
Single GSW to the chest.
BP, 100/60.
Pulse is 102.
Resps at 32, diminished breath sounds on the right.
Would've called in, but our radio got shot out.
- Is there another victim? - Guy in the street playing possum.
- Didn't want to get shot.
- Sounds smart.
Here we go.
Watch yourself, guys.
Hang on.
On my count.
One, two, three.
That's a big 12-year-old.
She's got a hemothorax.
Set up a chest-tube tray.
- 28 French? - Sounds about right.
It's a little crowded in here, 47.
Why not take out your stuff and wait in the hall? - How's our mystery guest doing? - The same.
She stopped moaning.
- Okay, we're moving her.
- Found a bed? Not yet.
But it's a big hospital.
Got it? Let's go.
- Listen, lady, now, you got to tell me! - Sir, just simmer down.
But she's my niece! - Where is she? - Hey, buddy, what can we do for you? - He's the uncle of the girl you brought.
- She's okay? - Sir, your niece was shot - No, not Poovey! I got to see her! - Lf you could calm down - Where is she? Hey, hey, hey! - 200 cc's in the Thora-Seal.
- Good bilateral breath sounds.
Take the IV out.
Pulse rate is up.
- Pulse ox up to 100.
- Oh, mercy.
She must be carrying a kilo.
- Hey! Hey! - He may have a gun, you guys! You dumb, dealing son of a bitch! Were you shooting at us? Were you? Were you shooting at us? Watch out! Huh? Did you shoot at that kid? Did you shoot? Out of my way! Did you shoot that little girl? I am gonna kick your ass.
Come here! Did you shoot that kid? - Did you? Huh? - Take him in, take him in! Got them both, got them both.
Don't inhale this stuff.
It'll mess you up.
Susan, your babysitter is here.
I sent her to the snack bar.
- Half an hour ago.
I forgot.
- Oh, my God.
Lily, could you give 30 cc's of this to Mr.
Perry in Curtain 3? - You bet.
Go on.
- Okay, thanks.
- What do you think? - Right feels lucky.
- Can I help you? - I hope so.
I'm Mark Greene, Attending in the ER.
Maybe we spoke.
Nothing in there.
- We're looking for a room.
- A bed would do.
- A room would be much better.
- You know the proper channels.
I tried them, and this nice lady still had no room for the night.
What do we have here? Hey, look, there's a bed.
And it has an open window.
- This is perfect.
We'll take it.
- Do you want me to call the supervisor? Not unless you wanna explain why you won't handle an admit 45 minutes before the end of your shift.
Thank you.
I think she likes it.
- Three hours a day would be perfect.
- That would help me so much.
I just can't stand having Susie in daycare for so long.
I know.
I thought about putting Theresa in one for two minutes.
Not my child.
- I'm sure the one here is very nice.
- Yeah, it is.
It's great.
She's still breast-feeding.
There's a lot of salt in those.
Oh, right.
Well, where shall we start? I'm on days till Monday.
- Until Monday? - My shift changes every three weeks.
Twelve-hour days, 12-hour nights.
- You'd need help at different times? - We can work it out in advance.
I didn't understand that on the phone.
When I'm on nights, I do expect to patchwork a little extra help.
I'm so sorry.
I can't help.
Theresa and I have a schedule.
I thought I could work Susie in, but I can't reshuffle week to week.
- I understand.
- This is not a flexible time for us.
You know babies.
They're such little creatures of habit.
They need their patterns to develop a sense of security.
Hurry, hurry.
It's his heart.
I knew when I saw it.
- Did he drink this? - Yes.
The whole thing? - We've gotta pump his stomach, now! - Whose patient is this? Hold still.
You need this to inactivate any Donnatal left in your stomach.
- What happened? - Mr.
Perry just had a gastric lavage.
After ingesting 500 cc's of Maalox, lidocaine and Donnatal.
- He drank the whole bottle? - She gave it to us.
- I gave him an ounce.
- But you left the bottle in here? Poor physician instructions are not your responsibility.
You don't know about my instructions.
There was nothing on the chart.
You were gone.
He has respiratory arrest and you disappeared.
- I told Randi - It's not her job to keep track of staff.
Kerry, Susan, outside.
It would've made no difference if I had written a book on his chart.
Obviously, I did not order him to guzzle a quart of GI cocktail.
So your carelessness didn't matter.
Shall we wait till someone dies? That's enough.
When I'm finished, I'll see you both in the lounge.
- Still working? - Yeah.
I gotta cancel.
Hicks wants me to monitor our gastroplasty in recovery.
- Wow.
Grown-up stuff.
- I was looking forward to tonight.
Well, rain check.
- Those are really nice.
- Thanks.
How do you get them so even? Just practice.
You'll get there.
Am I in your light? No, no.
Anything wrong, doc? We'll do it soon.
Doc? No, sir.
No, everything is fine.
Please, sit down.
What happened in front of that patient can't ever happen again.
You two have to work together.
I depend on both of you too much.
I'm to blame for this situation.
I haven't backed you up in the more unpleasant aspects of your job.
And I may have left the impression that I don't support your work.
So let me go on record.
I am behind Kerry 100 percent.
If you disagree with anything she's doing assume that she's acting with my approval.
But if this department impedes any Resident from doing their best then as chief, you have to respond.
Any questions? That's it.
Kerry, hold on.
Susan is one of the most gifted doctors I know.
If she's having trouble working with you, it's a problem I expect you to solve.
I'll accept your criticism anytime, but not in front of a Resident.
It undermines my authority and is completely inappropriate.
That's how Susan felt when she was being critiqued in front of a patient.
I'd like to apologize for what happened earlier today.
It was inexcusable, and I am sorry.
Apology accepted.
What happened earlier today? It was a misunderstanding.
Having fun being where the buck stops? - Bring on the TV and beer.
- Well, no, actually Hope you don't mind a threesome.
- No problem.
- See you later.
Let's go.
Ortho concurred.
No tendon damage.
Keep the splint for 10 days and you shouldn't need a leave.
- That's good news.
- Get yourself a physical-therapy regimen.
- You know Jeanie Boulet, right? - I'll take care of it.
- Multiple trauma just pulled up.
- I'll get it.
I'll join you in 2.
fell 15 feet off a catwalk onto a machine.
BP's 50 palp, pulse, 56.
No spontaneous resps.
GCS, five.
Moves extremities times four.
- What is that thing? - Some kind of a crusher.
No distal pulse in that extremity.
- Hot date tonight? - Almost.
- When did her husband show up? - Half an hour ago.
Social worker is on her way.
I'm sorry, sweetheart.
I didn't wanna send you away but I couldn't shampoo your hair the way you like it.
Or get your pills straight.
Or change the bed.
I never thought the day would come when I couldn't pick you up.
Even after the boys were gone, you were always a feather.
I can't afford the kind of place that you should have.
But I I thought it would be better for you here.
I missed her too much.
Damn it, we're losing the arm.
Where's maintenance? Here.
I found these.
BP's 50 palp.
This guy's bleeding out.
No, he's not.
No internal injuries.
Lavage is negative.
Come on.
No pelvic fracture.
- CBC is normal.
- Come on.
- Come on! - Anion gap, metabolic acidosis.
- Do they use chemicals? - This place was a real dump.
Recycled junk everywhere.
A lot of old x-ray cartridges.
Blood gas shows decreased AV differential.
Could be cyanide.
- Doesn't make sense.
- Why not? Stripping x-rays, they could be using cyanide illegally.
We need a pressure dressing here.
How are those retinal veins? Bright red.
Get a cyanide kit.
Hang the thiosulfate, 50 cc's.
Yeah, he's pinking up.
Guess you were right.
Remind me never to arm wrestle you.
Damn, we're an hour over.
I had dinner plans.
Oh, Susie! What time is it? Daycare closes at 7.
Can you call them? - You can go.
I'll take him up to OR.
- No, it's okay.
I'll stay.
Stay on top of it and see what the social worker comes up with.
- Carol, long day? - Yeah, for my day off.
- Is Susan still around? - I don't think so.
She had to get out early, picking up Little Susie and all.
- She spends a lot of time with that baby.
- Yeah, since Chloe flew the coop.
- Chloe's gone? - Where have you been? I gotta get that.
- County General, this is 47.
- It's the other one.
What's his name? - County General.
I read you, 47.
- Raul.
Is he dating anyone? Calling in for a radio check on our new set.
I hear you loud and clear.
If there's nothing else, I'll sign off.
Just thought that you ought to answer your phone.
- 47 out.
- I was wondering if we should get that.
- Hello? - Nurse Hathaway.
Look I'm sorry if I got in your way on that last call.
You didn't.
- I thought I made you angry.
- You didn't.
Let me just ask you.
If you weren't mad were you maybe worried? About what? You running out in the middle of sniper fire or chasing an armed man through the ER? You were worried! I thought something was going on here.
I thought maybe I was getting to you, and I know you're getting to me.
That's great.
You were worried.
All right.
So what if I was? Oh, hello.
I thought you were flying out today.
No Doug yet.
No? Good.
I mean Would you like to go out for a drink quick? A quick drink? - I'm not dressed.
- Yeah, I've noticed that about you.
But if you got dressed, we could go out.
Mark, are you flirting with me? No, I was just going out for a drink anyway.
I'm just gonna drop off my dinner.
- So why don't we go? - Okay, I come.
- Now, don't be long.
- Okay.
Oh, great.
Mark, you've got the cards out? No, I Something wrong? Mark, should I? Doug.
- Hello.
- Hello.
My friend Hulda and I, we were just going.
Relax, Mark.
I think Hulda and I can read the situation.
I'm Linda.
Did we have a scheduling mix-up? Looks that way.
So one, two, three, four.
Let's have a drink.
- Sounds great.
- Or play bridge.
Nice, even number.
Thanks, but no thanks.
I gotta call my wife.
So let me count, that makes three.
Am I right? Mark, it's early.
Have fun.
Good night.
I'm not in.
Hi, Susan.
I found out about Chloe.
Guess we haven't been talking much.
Listen, if you need anything, call.
Okay? I'm at Doug's.
Miss you.
Yeah, hi.
Halloran, this is Susan Lewis.
I hope I'm not calling too late.
I heard that you and your wife are looking to adopt a baby.