ER s02e10 Episode Script

A Miracle Happens Here

Previously on E.
It was my fault that she went sour.
How many young mothers have you killed, Doug? I really wasn't planning on hiring third-years for my studies.
Jen and Rachel.
They're at a hospital.
I gotta catch a train.
- She's a terrible driver.
- But I was driving.
You fell in love with him? I didn't mean to.
"A Miracle Happens Here" It's freezing out there, babe.
Carol? - What are you doing? - The furnace went out in the night.
I tried to start the pilot, but I think it's shot.
- It's below zero in here.
- It's not so bad when you start moving.
There's frost on the blankets.
Thought you said we weren't gonna use that fireplace until the chimney sweep checked it out.
No, look.
I just have to pull this thing.
Come on.
Let's just go out and get some breakfast.
We'll never get someone to come to open it before Christmas.
Let's just have Christmas at my place.
- At least I have heat and plumbing.
- I've got plumbing.
I wanted to wake up here on Christmas morning.
You know, the tree was gonna look so beautiful.
So it's chilly.
We'll put something under the door to stop the draft.
That's not a draft.
That's a gale-force wind.
- We'll get pneumonia.
- Put on some socks.
Look, old houses are chilly.
Some Some houses need snow shovels in the parlor? Ladies and gentlemen, from the fourth floor: The Recovery Room Choraliers.
Recovery has way too much time on their hands.
Well, thanks again.
You guys are great.
- We can't wait to hear you folks.
- Us folks? - You promised.
- Who promised? - Carol Hathaway.
See you then.
- I'm sorry I'm gonna miss Carol's solo.
Ever heard her sing? She'll need your help.
I'm off at 3 and I got the kids to buy for.
I can't carry a tune.
- So who's representing the docs? - You need a consult, right? I believe the dulcet baritones of Mark Greene would be a fine addition to any ensemble.
- That's what he gets for being late.
- He's at the attorney's this morning.
Not letting any grass grow under that split-up.
Why didn't they wait till after the holidays? No, the hospital attorney.
It's his deposition on the O'Brien wrongful death suit.
The pregnant woman last winter? In case his holidays weren't cheerful enough.
The important thing is to stay calm and stick to the facts.
I am calm.
Well, then maybe you should take off your coat.
- Sure.
- Mark, this is gonna be a long process.
It could be another year before we reach a settlement.
- Or go to trial.
- We'll try to avoid that.
And why is that again? If there's no obvious breach of standard.
If the injuries are inflammatory, like leaving a newborn motherless we'd still prefer to settle.
And if we settle, it goes on my record permanently? Looks better than losing a - I gotta use the men's room.
- Back there.
Whoa, hey, hey, little guy.
He's doing well.
Yes, he is.
Come on, Mark.
They're ready to begin.
- What is this? - "Living Nativity on Ice" vs.
First Korean Baptist Youth Group rehearsing at the Skate on State.
Zamboni driver plowed right into the manger.
Six injured, I think.
- What's the bullet on this one? - Multiple trauma.
Pain in legs, rib and head.
Vitals stable.
LOC for two minutes.
GCS 15.
Moves extremities times four now.
Okay, get X-ray down here and do a CT on her head.
- Next, Suzie? - Check out the Lamb.
Put the Virgin Mary in 3.
Looks like partial thickness burns to forearms and hands.
I didn't even wanna be a lamb! Let's get some saline dressing.
How'd she get burned? The Zamboni shoots out hot water.
- Lucky she landed flat on the ice.
- It hurts! I'll be right back.
- Somebody help my son.
- Can you feel this? Wiggle your fingers.
Ma'am, did he lose consciousness? No? Come here.
What's your name? I'm a Wiseman.
Did they have names? - Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
- Right you are.
There you go.
Take a seat.
Tell me you weren't using a real infant.
- Jesus was a doll.
- Thank you.
Who's this? Zamboni driver.
Fell five feet onto the ice.
LOC on the scene.
- Smell that breath! - Merry Christmas.
You wanna observe this morning's clamp-and-run? Yep.
I missed your last two.
And you didn't finish last night's discharge summaries? I'll catch up after surgery.
Plus, I implied to Macy I'd be in there.
- Macy? - Patient's wife.
They were nervous last night.
He's got a history of thoracic aneurysm but he thought his backache was from putting up Christmas lights.
Which you chatted about instead of finishing the charts.
So this morning you're gonna do what you should've done last night.
- But the patient- - The patient won't notice you're not there.
Carter, this is not a social hour.
This is surgery.
This is surgery.
Star of the East is heading up for a tooth reimplantation.
You're overreacting.
It's just a couple of Christmas carols.
- I don't know any.
- Everybody knows Jingle Bells.
- Never heard of it.
- And I can't sing in public.
- Why? - I hate it when people stare at me.
Oh, I can tell.
Things were pretty wild around here for a while.
It seems under control now.
How about with you? How did your deposition go? Hey, Mark, that's the spirit! How about 4:00? Miracle none of the kids were critically hurt.
You know, the cops are charging the driver right now? They can charge him with a DUl on a Zamboni? No, ZUl.
I gave her a T-bond last Christmas.
She accuses me of not being romantic.
But thinking long term.
That's exactly what I said.
A diamond may be forever but a 10-year maturity at six percent is not chopped liver, right? This year I had a brainstorm- Damn.
Bender, could you do me a favor, open me up a new brush? Thanks.
This year on Christmas morning, I'm getting her 10 shares of AT&T.
- It's Benton.
- Right.
Next day, she gets 20 shares of General Electric.
On the third day, 30 shares of Dupont.
On the fourth day Wait, you gotta repeat this for Carl.
Later, please.
I'm here to tell you we can all relax.
It seems that our patient has had second thoughts and he has withdrawn his consent for the procedure.
Doesn't he realize he was our last chance to beat the clock before the new year? Can we change his mind back? Well, actually, Dr.
Benton and I are gonna find out right now.
- If you'd care to join me.
- Sure.
That's a pretty nasty cut you've got there, Mr.
It's my own fault.
I've been carving the toys by hand for a million years.
Business is so hectic, I went to a power jig and router for some of the more popular items, like the rolling ducks on a stick.
I love those.
What a great job, making toys.
I got rich and fat without even asking for it.
Sometimes, though, I miss the old days.
Just me and my old lady packing up the VW and hitting the craft fairs.
I got a crew working around the clock, still can't keep up with the back orders.
Well, this hand's gonna slow you down.
We're lucky we're down to shipping and handling.
Hate to disappoint any kids.
When was the last time you had a tetanus shot? It's been ages.
Well, the doctor's probably gonna want you to have one.
You would make a great Santa.
- I bet you hear that pretty often, huh? - This time of year.
It goes with the territory.
If you're developing cutting-edge techniques you better learn how to sell it to the masses.
I know it's a pain in the ass, but if you find a simple metaphor for people you can help define the procedure for yourself.
- I can imagine.
- It was the same with endarterectomies.
Nobody knew of them.
Nobody wanted one.
At first, I shied away from the Roto-Rooter metaphor as too crass.
But in the long run, that's what people can understand.
Why don't you see if you can get the Chamberlains to understand.
- I'll do my best.
- Here we go.
I'd like you to meet Dr.
He works with me.
Pleased to meet you.
Elderly victim of a carjacking coming in.
Head trauma with ALOC.
How nice.
Here you go.
- Is this my Christmas bonus? - Hearty handshake and a "job well done"? No, that's a check for my share of tonight's Christmas party.
I love it when the docs pay.
Especially when we guilt them into booking the Knickerbocker.
- Is everybody dressing up? - I'm gonna wash behind my ears.
They're pulling up now.
Listen, I noticed you signed up for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
- I don't mind working then.
- Me either.
Kerry Weaver made the same offer, but Jen has got Rachel in Dayton and I won't get her back until Christmas night.
- So I'd just as soon work.
- If you change your mind - Carjack victim? - Unidentified female.
Pulled from her car at the corner of Roosevelt and Ashland.
Some Salvation Army bell ringer saw the whole thing.
Said she hit her head on the curb pretty hard.
BP is 160/120.
She's awake en route, but disoriented.
We got two IVs of normal saline, O-215 liters by mask.
All right, let's do it on my count.
One, two, three.
Cross-table C-spine, and get a head CT.
Gonna be a sore little lady at Christmas Mass.
I don't think this little old lady goes to Mass.
- What's that? - She's a survivor.
- Of what? - Concentration camp.
All right, let's get a CBC, type and hold.
Spin a crit, dip the urine for heme update her tetanus and hang a gram of Ancef.
- The technique you gave consent to is- - I don't know techniques.
Macy said she wants to wait, and that's fine by me.
- Macy is your wife? - Well, maybe we should talk to Macy.
- Be my guest.
- I don't blame you.
- You have every right to have cold feet.
- Carter? Dr.
Benton, Dr.
I just bumped into Macy in the cafeteria having coffee.
I told her that she's not the first spouse to have second thoughts on a day of major surgery.
- I feel like a fool.
- You're not.
Flip-flopping this way and that.
I guess I'm pretty much scared to death.
I hope you don't think I'm crazy, honey.
But after talking to Dr.
Carter I know.
You're not a doctor yet.
But I feel so much better.
So if it's not too late, can we get on with the surgery? Yes, ma'am.
We certainly can.
- Is Mr.
Carter free to join us? - Yes, I am.
- Do you know where you are? - Good news for her.
The police have found a car matching the description off the 290 in a snow bank near Berkeley.
If she's Hanna Steiner, she's got her car back.
- Hanna? Are you Hanna Steiner? - Yes.
You're in a hospital.
You were pulled from your car at a stoplight.
We're just gonna check you out, make sure everything's all right.
You need to stay calm.
You've been hit in the head.
- What about Tirzah? - Tirzah? The baby.
Oh, my God.
The baby.
The baby.
- What baby? - My granddaughter.
She was in the car.
She was in the car seat.
- Is she okay? - They didn't say anything a baby.
- Is she- - Call the police.
- Oh, no.
- Ms.
Try and stay calm and lie still.
- The police will do everything they can.
- Get me the police dispatcher again.
- Try and relax.
- It's about the carjacker.
Breathe easy.
She's refused the Ativan and doesn't wanna go for a CT.
I think she's still hoping to hear some good news.
Me too.
Any news? Not yet.
We're still trying to reach your son.
That won't do any good.
They live too far out.
Are you sure you don't want Ativan? It'll calm you down.
- I never should have driven with her.
- We need to finish your evaluation.
If you go for a CT, I promise I'll come find you as soon as we hear anything.
You really need a CAT scan.
Like a loch in kop.
No, to make sure you don't have a loch in kop.
Hole in her head.
I'll go.
- Mark, your wife's on the phone.
- I'll take it in the lounge.
- Please, find me if you hear anything.
- I will.
- You think they're okay? - She'll love them.
You sure? I mean, they're 22 carat.
- They're beautiful.
- They're not real rubies or anything.
Yeah, but they're really, really lovely.
- You still here? - I'm leaving right now.
- They're perfect for her.
- Red is her color.
No, Jen.
I'm not gonna let you walk all over me on this one.
You should've thought of it before you started screwing your coworker.
Jen had the nerve to suggest that Rachel stay with her in Dayton for two more days.
- What for? - Some skating party with her cousins.
Jen is really pushing it.
She's having an affair and I have to give up my daughter at Christmas.
She really has great timing.
Mid-December kamikaze strike.
Maximize pain and suffering.
And I know you don't wanna take it out on Rachel.
Of course not.
I'm taking Susie over to Cookie and Henry's tomorrow.
It's a dreadful family fare, and we'd love you to join us.
Thanks, but Randi has Mrs.
Steiner's son on the phone.
- He's calling from Glen Ellyn.
- I'm on my way.
- Somebody hit fast forward? - Carl, you're at warp speed.
You should see my mother darn a sock.
- Time? - You're at 55 minutes and 30 seconds.
We're about to make a run for beating the clock.
Personal best still stands at 57.
- Peter, you're a lucky man.
- Am I? Yep.
You have a student who talks to patients.
- Must save you a lot of headaches.
- Sometimes.
- How many of these have you assisted on? - This is my fifth.
- Really? Are you ready to finish this one? - Yeah.
And still have us break the record? Don't say yes unless you can be sure.
- I'm sure.
- All right.
Carter, do the suctioning.
Simon, watch the clock.
- Come on! -56.
14 and counting.
Now, go inside-out on the aorta, outside-in on the graft.
That's right.
Long bites.
Move along.
Pick up the pace.
- Come on.
Find your stroke.
Don't twist the Gore-tex! - Pull up the slack! - Fifty-seven on the nose.
- Ready to tie off.
- Do it, Carter.
- Cut it at three millimeters.
- Did it.
- We have to check for leakage.
- Release the distal Satinsky.
- Shoot.
Proxima clamp.
Looks very good.
- Time? -57.
Isn't that too bad? We didn't break the record.
It would've been a nice way to ring out the year.
- Randi, Mrs.
Steiner back from CT yet? - On her way.
Any news on her granddaughter? Must be 20 miles of highway between here and where they found her car.
- People are sick.
- The parents are on their way in.
- In this weather, it'll take them a while.
- My poor roof! - Mlungisi.
- Kerry! Mlungisi.
I came straight from the airport.
If you'll have me.
I was just about to go on a break.
Everyone, this is Mlungisi.
- Hi.
- My pleasure.
- I'll be back in half an hour.
- Fine.
Mark, Mrs.
Steiner's back.
- No? - Not yet.
They're still searching.
My son and I could use some help here! - We need a doctor.
- Dr.
Ross? Dr.
Ross! - Here we go.
Right this way.
- He took a bullet in the shoulder.
- Can you walk on your own? - Yeah.
- Hang tough, kiddo.
- All right, it's close.
It's Trauma 1! She's only been missing a short time.
Don't give up.
I guess I don't have to tell you that.
It's easier when you're young.
You know nothing else.
They call you "dirty Jew" in school.
- You've seen the worst of people.
- And the best.
This little baby.
She's so sweet.
They just wanted the car.
I don't think they would hurt her.
But they would.
You know, you go on after you have seen evil.
You laugh.
You work.
You have children.
You don't let it own you.
That's your revenge.
To live.
And then something like this And you know that it can all be taken away.
We still hope for the best.
You know what I was thinking when I was upstairs in this machine? Lying so still I did something that I stopped doing 50 years ago.
I prayed to God.
- You know Yiddish, Dr.
Greene? - A little from my grandmother.
But you are a religious man? I'm the son of an agnostic Jew and a lapsed Catholic.
You're no good at all.
I can't ask you to pray for my family.
Well, I can try.
- Dreaming of a white Christmas? - I'm hoping the tarp stays tied on my roof.
I hope the party's not history.
The Drive's already at a standstill.
All the more reason to celebrate, right? So I was thinking, 4:00 up in Recovery.
You've heard me sing.
Poor Susie hears the first line of Rock-a-Bye Baby and goes to sleep as a defense mechanism.
Just mouth the words.
That's what I do.
- While who sings? - I'm working on that.
No, no, no.
Chronic tone-deafness and acute stage fright.
- Do you have the time now? - Yeah, find me in Radiology.
Carol, Mr.
Calus is ready for sterile dressing.
- Mark.
Who's in there with him? - It's his family.
Doesn't he remind you of somebody? What, you kidding? He's the spitting image.
- I know it's ridiculous - No, he looks just like him.
- When he was old, right before he died.
- Before who died? Jerry Garcia.
That's who we're talking about, isn't it? - Oh, Carter, she'll love them.
- You think? They look just like her.
- They're not too much? - No, they're fun.
- I haven't been seeing Harper that long.
- They're great.
I saw them and I just thought You're sure they're not too much? Are you telling me these - Are these real? - They're too much.
No! No, I mean, they're beautiful.
She'll love them.
- No, I went overboard.
- No, of course not.
You thought of her.
She'll be touched.
Susan, we need a doctor out here.
- Somebody help.
Our priest has been shot.
- Put him here.
You all right, B-Pop? You'll be all right.
You're at the hospital now.
- What happened? - We found him at the church.
LG shot him up like a dog.
- How much blood did he lose? - A lot.
911 didn't even show up.
- We drove him in here ourselves.
- We'll take care of him now.
- Jeanie, you're on.
- You're gonna be okay, man.
- They shot a priest? - Yeah.
I am out of here.
Bet I beat you out the door.
See you all at the party.
Careful on the roads.
I hope it's not too late to withdraw my offer to work the holidays.
Looks like you have a visitor.
Yeah, I think I may skip the party.
I'll be right there, Mlungisi.
Kerry, didn't expect him? - Complete surprise.
- I love surprises.
Mlungisi's full of them.
- So how do you know him? - I I had a farm in Africa Sinus tach.
Good bilateral breath sounds, no tracheal shift.
- Doctor, please - Father, please try to relax.
- Pulse ox? - Ninety-six.
- Good, he's not hypoxic.
Where's X-ray? - On their way.
Here you go.
I have to speak to the boy outside.
- Father, not now.
- Please! I need to talk to him before I die.
- You're not going to die.
- Please! - I'm going to find that kid.
- Okay.
A squad car's coming with an infant that might be Hanna Steiner's grandchild.
- Do you need warming blankets? - No.
They found her in this triple-X theater on Ashland.
They don't know her condition, but she's screaming her head off.
It's a good sign.
- All right, I've got her.
- Lungs are working.
- Tell the grandmother.
- Let's check her condition first.
- Take her to T-1.
- Get the warmer.
It's already done.
- No signs of trauma.
- Good one.
She's alert and interactive.
Good eye contact.
Good breath sounds.
Let's get a core temperature.
- No apparent injury.
- Mad as hell! - Tirzah! - Ms.
Tirzah! I knew it was you.
Come, darling.
All right.
Go ahead.
My darling.
Oh, sweetheart.
Bless you.
Oh, sweetheart.
She's hungry, that is all.
- I don't believe you, B-Pop.
- Listen to me.
- Shooting.
- We have to step away.
- Get the shoulder vest.
- You're trying to protect the LGs.
I know you are.
I know they did this to you, B-Pop.
I saw him.
I saw him.
He wasn't from the 'hood.
You're trying to keep the truce.
I know it, man.
- Father, you need to stop talking.
- No.
Diablito, it wasn't an LG.
I swear to God.
You need to go now.
- Let's go.
Come on.
- No, man.
No! Let's go.
For him.
For Diablo.
I need a wet read on this.
Top priority.
- Give them to me.
- Thanks.
Sorry I left you with all the last-minute deliveries.
- No problem.
I like to drive.
- You call that driving or flying? It's nice that you're all willing to help out your dad.
The whole brood'll be charging me overtime.
See you back at the homestead.
Got your maps? The naughty and the nice.
Okay, Mr.
Calus, I will be right back with your tetanus shot.
I'd just like to say how much I've enjoyed taking care of you.
Well, that's awfully nice to hear.
I've been surrounded by bah-humbuggers all day.
No one's in the spirit.
They won't even sing a few carols.
But you have been the exception.
You can't count on other people to give it to you.
Know what I mean? The spirit.
It's in you.
You're right.
You are absolutely right.
Thank you.
I'm going to sing some carols.
Anybody care to join me? It's 4:00.
I'm going up to Recovery.
Last chance to spread some holiday cheer.
What? And God bless us, everyone.
- Pressure's falling.
- Get him up.
- What about X-ray? - Can't wait.
The Father cannot wait.
Watch it.
Coming through.
- Move, move.
Watch it! - Look out! Get out of the way.
Come on.
Hey, what's going on? - Damn, he's bradying down.
- We're losing his pulse.
Get him back! What's going on? - Bag him.
I'll start compressions.
- I got you.
- Is he okay? - Back to Trauma.
Where are you taking him? - No room at the inn.
- Pulse is gone.
Damn it.
He's bleeding out.
Curtain 2.
- Mark, 2.
- Out of the way! Run the IVs wide open.
Rapid infuser.
Thoracotomy tray.
Rib spreader.
What's going on? What's wrong? Suction.
Malik, hold the retractor.
Suction! Come on! Oh, damn it.
Cross clamp him.
Now! Satinsky! Bullet severed the aorta.
Start internal compressions.
Come on.
Hurry up in there! Damn Thank you! Hey, watch out.
- Where's the priest? - Curtain 2.
Widened mediastinum.
Time of death: 4:17.
Oh, man Oh, man.
Oh, man.
Come on, do something! Do something else.
Do something, man.
It won't help.
I'm sorry.
B- Pop.
Oh, man Get him a priest.
You guys can do that, right? Lydia, can you run upstairs and try to find a chaplain.
He'd want a priest.
And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, "Glory to the God in the highest and on earth, peace and goodwill toward men.
" LOL with sudden back pain.
She's diaphoretic, short of breath.
- What's her history? - Hypertension.
She's 220/140 right now.
Call Mark.
Get Carter down here now! Aye, sir.
My back! It's ripping apart! Help her.
- When did the pain start? -20 minutes ago.
We were shopping.
- Loss of pulses.
- Aortic regurge.
Let's get a chest film, an angiogram.
Propranolol, one milligram IV bolus.
- Set up an art line.
- Is it a heart attack? No, sir.
Your wife's EKG is normal.
I'm ordering tests to see if she has a dissecting aneurysm.
Pressure's coming down.
Start sodium nitroprusside, Titrate to a diastolic of 100.
Alert the O.
- What have we got? - Acute aortic dissection.
- Should I call the O.
? - Done.
- I need you to talk to Mr - Rubadoux.
Explain the procedure and get her consented for the clamp-and-run.
- Does my wife need an operation? - She might, sir.
If you come with me, I'll be happy to explain it to you.
I gotta go.
I'll be back soon.
- I'll be right back.
- It's okay.
This way.
- Were we as bad as we thought we'd be? - It was worse.
It was great.
Calus, I'm so sorry - Mark, have you seen Mr.
Calus? - Yeah, he was just in there.
This shows what Dr.
Benton feared is true.
Your wife has a dissecting aneurysm.
The wall of the aorta is tearing.
With your wife's age and her history of hypertension- But she's very active.
Surgery is a risk.
- What are the odds? - About fifty-fifty.
But if your wife's aorta continues ripping, then she has no odds at all.
Well, it sounds like we have no choice here.
Okay, I'll sign.
You have a choice of a new surgical technique.
The clamp-and-run procedure.
This has the benefit of taking a fraction of the time the standard surgery takes.
Why is that better? You always run a risk of heart attack or paralysis with this operation.
It's new.
Developed by one of the top vascular surgeons in the country.
He works here.
Newer's better? I don't know.
I don't know.
It's up to you.
But You'd go with the new thing? I would.
You would.
All right, where do I sign? See if the church wants to stop by to pick these up.
Don't you wanna hand them over to the parishioners? All right, he's dead.
They did it, man.
That guy's gonna pay.
- He said it wasn't them.
- He was just trying to keep the truce.
- I know those cabrones killed him.
- He said they didn't.
Did he ever lie to you? Did he? Man, B-Pop? See, he thought one man could change things.
He was wrong.
So you shoot them and they shoot you, and that's what the Father died for? You're right, Diablo.
One man couldn't do it.
Help him now.
Doctor, please.
Will you tell them to go on? They won't listen to me.
Your mother does have to stay for observation.
- That's why we're staying too.
- You'll spoil the children's Hanukkah.
We brought Hanukkah here.
Is that all right? - We brought a menorah - A menorah? Okay, okay.
I think I can find a place.
James! I haven't seen you in a long time.
How are you? - She's definitely a candidate.
- She's obviously high risk.
- Has she consented? - She's being prepped right now.
Unfortunately, I've had one of these.
Simon will assist, and you will have a chance at breaking the record, Peter.
- I'm ready.
- We'll see.
Shall we, gentlemen? - Oh, man.
- I am so disappointed.
- What's wrong? - We canceled.
Area's snowed in.
- No Christmas party? - The roads are bad.
Will they still bill us? I wish my house was ready.
I'm only a few "L" stops away.
- What's not ready? - No furniture, no walls and no roof.
I got the fireplace working.
- You did? - I was gonna surprise you.
What should we bring? - Mark, party at Carol's.
- I'll try and make it later.
Hang on, I'll go get little Susie.
- What's your address? - Call the others.
- I guess it's BYO everything.
- We'll stop at the market.
- I'll see you there.
- Party at Hathaway's! - And now what do we play, Sammy? - Dreidel! - And what do those letters mean? - "A miracle happened there.
" Yeah.
Today we had our own miracle.
Tirzah came back to us, safe and sound.
And, also, Dr.
Greene and I said our prayers and that's a miracle too.
I thought that God and I had forsaken each other.
And then I found out that he was always with me.
In each of you.
Bless you.
- And now, who goes first? - Me! Oh, my little girl.
What did you get? Do you see that? Don't you ever dance like that.
It's the champion! Everyone, he broke the 1995 record for the clamp-and-run procedure - and saved a life.
- Carter - Where can I put this? - In the back room.
What a hero.
- They're outrageous.
- I like yours.
- Think they'd notice if we switched? - No! I mean, I think they would.
Look who's drunk.
- You're leaving? - No, I just needed my coat.
Yeah, it's chilly in here.
I thought about you today, Peter.
Your first Christmas without your mother.
I hope it's not too hard.
She had her favorite Bible verse in Luke.
Had me memorize it before I could read.
On Christmas, she liked to hear it.
Keeping watch over their flocks by night.
That's the one.
So, I I guess it's your first Christmas alone too, huh? Well Have a good one.
You too.
Wait for the toast, now.
I know I've got more cups up here.
Hey, will this do? What? I love you.
I do.
I said it.
I do.
- I want you to have my babies.
- Shep- I mean, I think that we would have really good ones.
I think they would look nice.
I think that we should spend every Christmas together.
Don't think about it, just say yes.
- Shep, stop.
- I know it's sudden.
I know it's out of the blue, but I said it and I don't take it back.
I think this You This is the best.
And you don't have to say anything back.
Okay? Just stay just the way you are.
- Don't move.
- Found any more- Say the first part again.
The "I love you"? No, honey.
Mommy's right.
If you hang your stocking at Grandpa's, Santa will find it.
So I hear your cousins are having a skating party.
You wanna stay for that? Okay.
Then I'll see you in a couple of days and you and I are gonna celebrate our biggest, most special day of the year.
That's the first annual Rachel and Dad post-Christmas, post-Hanukkah, pre-New Year's Day celebration.
Well, that's the good part.
You and I are gonna make it up.