ER s02e12 Episode Script

True Lies

Previously on E.
'96 is gonna be a hell of a year, huh? - She had me served at work.
- Jennifer? My dad will take me home in a while.
Stay and get straightened out.
Give Noah something to be proud of.
If it's about you and me, get over it.
Don't you turn your back on me! - Dad called.
- So, what did you say? I told him to get lost.
It's time we made Dr.
Benton an official member of the team.
Don't you think, Claire? She's a sinking ship, and you're rearranging her deck chairs.
Doctor, I'm not ready to let her go yet.
"True Lies" Rach.
Come on, honey, it's time to get up.
Uppy, uppy, squeezer! Daddy, I'm not a squeezer.
Oh, yeah? I made you Eggs in the Window.
Come on.
Hello? Hey, Jen.
She slept great.
She read Winnie the Pooh and did her homework.
Okay, 2:00 will be fine.
I am not signing anything until my lawyer comes- There she is, she's up.
Hey, Rach! Mom wants to talk to you.
I guess.
Here's Daddy.
Nothing, she just got up.
Look, I am not badmouthing you.
Her breakfast is getting cold.
I'll see you at 2.
Your mom's gonna come pick you up later, okay? How long are you gonna stay here? A while.
So it would be great if you could draw some pictures for the walls.
The window's too big.
It still tastes good.
It's okay.
- I don't like eggs.
- Since when? If Mommy said she was sorry, would you stop being mad at her? - I'm not mad at Mommy.
- Are you gonna move back to Milwaukee? Maybe.
We'll have to see.
When you move back home, can we put the fish tank in my room? Yeah, sure we can.
And you'll help me take care of it every day? Let's go to Lou Mitchell's and get pancakes.
And after I drop some stuff off at work, we can go ice-skating.
You don't know how to skate very well, Daddy.
Well, then, you can teach me, all right? Easy, easy! That's precious cargo.
Honey, it's okay.
Sign here and here and here.
BP is great.
- So you finally got a normal reading.
- Yep.
Good for you.
- She's just going to decompensate.
- Maybe, but not here.
The nursing home is in Evanston.
All right, let's go.
Tompkins is the next patient.
Now, last time we said- Well, you're looking much better, I see.
- Says who? - Pull Tompkins' CVP line, please.
Doctor, when is she going to be able to walk? Mr.
Carter will accompany you.
You can address any further concerns with him.
Peter, may I see you for a minute? Carter, Dr.
Benton needs some coded data sheets for the Investigation Review Board.
Peter, I want you to come to a dinner party I'm having tonight.
It's 8:30 sharp.
We have Dean Adelstein-Fields from Johns Hopkins - Gaylord Fields? - Sorry it's such late notice, but - What is it, Carter? - The transfer authorization.
- Bye, Carter.
- So that's you and a guest.
And, Peter, please don't be late.
Well, Mrs.
Tompkins - We thought we'd lost you.
- No, I'm here.
Hey, Jeanie.
She doesn't seem to have much of an appetite yet.
- Well, Mr.
Rubadoux - Please, Ruby.
Ruby, she just had a major surgery.
It takes time to recover.
Stop pestering the young man.
Who's pestering? He's the only doctor worth a damn in my book.
Coughing still, you know? I think the pneumonia's back.
She's on powerful antibiotics.
She's fine.
The convalescent home is too far from the hospital.
We've been over this.
She responded well to the medication.
It's time for her to go.
Chung at the convalescent home concurs.
Egg rolls they know, but medicine? Jules, enough! She won't have to stay in bed, will she? She'll be back on her feet in no time.
You sure she shouldn't have stayed a few more days? She looks great.
She's doing great.
- Goodbye, Mrs.
- Well, God bless, Dr.
Carter! What a boy! What a boy! Yes! February's Residents' schedule.
ACl's done.
It just needs a fever-control sheet.
Hi, Rach! I love your outfit.
Carol's talking to you, honey.
Aunt Bubble Butt gave it to me.
- Rach.
- That's what you call her.
That's nice.
"Aunt Bubble Butt.
" - Hey.
- Susie! Can I hold her? Oh, yeah.
If you're really, really careful, though.
Use both hands, honey, okay? That's the first smile I've seen all morning.
- Rough couple of days? - You have no idea.
Aren't you on the swing shift? Yeah.
I came by to catch up on dictations.
I think you should go skating instead.
I have so much paperwork! Little Susie would love it and it would help me out.
I'm really behind.
Oh, what the hell.
- Guess who's coming skating.
- Susie's coming! Yes.
As soon as I get her bundled up.
- Her too? - Of course.
She's a good skater.
- I'll teach you how to do a spin.
- I know how to do a spin.
You wanna put Little Susie's cap on? - She'll be fine.
- Okay.
- Just say no to colic.
- Doug, your dad's called three times.
- If you don't call, he'll keep bugging us.
- I have nothing to say.
His number's right there.
He's staying at the Hotel Dupre.
One step up from a refrigerator box.
- Carter, where you been? - Seeing patients.
Vucelich's data sheets.
Tomorrow morning before rounds.
- Rubadoux's discharge summary? - That is in your box.
I finally turfed her.
- Husband drove you nuts, huh? - You have no idea.
So who are you taking tonight to Vucelich's big dinner party? - Nobody.
- Nobody? You gotta take somebody.
- No, I don't.
- Yeah, you do.
He said bring a guest.
That sounded like an order.
- I don't know, I was thinking Jackie.
- Your sister? You can't take your sister.
- Why not? - That just seems kind of Kind of what? Pathetic.
What about? Carter, I can find my own damn dates.
It's gonna be surgeons, their trophy wives and you with your sister! The boy with inguinal hernia repair was discharged yesterday.
- Kids recover fast.
- Yeah.
They seem to be keeping you busy down here.
Aerobic medicine.
You should see me crawl home every night.
Yeah, well, if you're not too tired tonight Dr.
Vucelich, this vascular surgeon I'm assisting I know who Dr.
Vucelich is.
Anyway, he's having some colleagues to dinner.
It's not a social thing.
It's mostly surgeons.
Peter, are you asking me to dinner? - It's a hospital function.
- As opposed to a date.
What time do we need to be there? Starts at 8.
He lives on North Lake Shore.
I could pick you up at 7:30.
I'll meet you there.
It's not a date.
- Need some help lifting.
- What the hell is that? Guardrail pinned him to the car seat.
Page Benton and call Engineering for a saw.
'67 GTO, right? - Car's toast.
- What a waste.
Rollover TC on the Ike.
Two fatalities.
Guy's car flipped and hit the pipe guardrail.
- Good cap refill.
- Absent breath sounds on the left.
- Chest-tube tray! - BP's 100/60, pulse 120.
O-2 at 10 liters, 1500 cc's saline in.
C- spined the best we could.
- Hell of an extrication.
- BP, 110 palp.
CBC, type and cross 10 units.
Get four units O-neg just in case.
- How the hell am I supposed to tube him? - Somebody call for a metal saw? I want you to cut between the chair and his back.
- Gown him! - Me? - That's a nice one.
- Yeah, I'm gonna get sick.
- Hey, you wanna show me your spin? - No.
So how's she taking the divorce? We haven't told her yet.
She's still getting used to the separation.
Let me take Susie so you can skate with her.
Are you kidding? This is what's holding me up.
Come on, Miss Munchkin.
You're so funny.
Are you ready? Here comes Dad! Why do you stick your butt out so far? I'll just tuck it in.
Is that what? Nice! Half a grundoolie.
I give it a 6.
5! Hey, Rachel, you want me to show you how to tie your skates so your ankles stay straight? I want to tie my skates like Mommy does.
- Rachel - I don't want her touching my skates.
- Sorry.
- Maybe this was a bad idea.
Rach! Rachel.
Gown me! My first medical consult.
's ready.
Carter, Vucelich's chart is done for the data sheets? Almost.
What do you want me to do? Throw in a left chest tube.
BP's fallen, 50 systolic.
Ten blade.
Crank up the saline.
Two more units packed cells on the infuser.
Bullet! High-speed impalement, hypovolemic shock.
Widened mediastinum, maybe a rupture of the aorta.
- Call Vucelich.
- Thora-Seal's filling.
Get him upstairs.
We'll do a trans-esophageal before we prep.
- Carter, where are you going? - The O.
- You have work to do.
- He should see this case.
Here he is.
Carter! She said her chest hurt, then she passed out.
I insisted they bring her back here to you.
- Carter, tend to your patient.
- Thought I was going to the O.
Not anymore! And don't make a career of her.
Carter, please! Take your time.
Say goodbye to Rachel.
- Bye-bye, Rachel! - Say bye, Rach.
Your wife called.
Her doctor's appointment got changed.
Why are you working behind the counter, E-Ray? Jerry got the flu.
I'm supplementing my meager nurse-trainee stipend with some clerking shifts.
- Does Personnel know? - Yes.
I'm overqualified, actually.
Hundred and twenty words per minute, IBM, Mac, word processing, spreadsheets.
Did she say when she would get here? - As soon as she can.
- Right.
Rachel, let's get you in the lounge.
We need you in Trauma 2.
I'll take her.
Licensed lllinois daycare worker.
All right.
Easy, now.
Tie that bleeder off.
All right.
We have exposure.
Finally we can do some work.
The artery was grazed.
It could blow.
We'll have to bypass him.
Let's take this slow.
Set up the roller pump and call in the Tech.
- We should clamp-and-run.
- The damage is too extensive.
He's unstable.
This aorta could blow.
If we bypass him, we have a safety net.
In that time, we could clamp proximally and distally pull out the rail and sew in a graft.
- How long will that take? - I'll be out in 35 minutes.
- Get me an ETA on Vucelich.
- At least half an hour.
- I could be closing when he gets here.
- It's too risky.
I've assisted on five of these and done two.
I can do this.
You heard the man.
Let's do it.
Statinsky! Found at Louie's Ribs, passed out drunk.
Acute respiratory distress.
She won't give her name.
- Bourbon or Scotch? - BP's 70/50.
Pulse 120.
GCS 8.
I gave her glucose, Narcan and 40 of Lasix.
- Okay, let's move her.
- Watch the line.
Ready, set, go! She's really cyanotic.
Pulse ox, 72.
She's in pulmonary edema.
Intubation tray.
ET tube 7.
I'll have to put a tube down your windpipe so you can breathe, okay? Just try and relax, okay? Rapid sequence induction? Definitely bourbon.
Let's try two of Versed first.
Get a blood gas, CBC, Chem-7 enzymes, portable chest.
Check for ID.
- BP's 80/50.
Dopamine drip? - Yeah.
I'm in.
Inflate the cuff.
- V-fib! - Charging to 200! Everybody off! Just a sec.
- Okay.
- Clear! - Sinus tach.
Faint pulse.
- Lidocaine, 100 IV push.
Hang a drip.
2 mg a minute.
Shoot a chest, get a gas and call Respiratory.
- Lidocaine, 2 grams - Her name's Barbara Dean.
- Wow! - Wow, what? Today's her 50th birthday.
- No kidding? - Nope.
She looks pretty old for 50.
Looks like she did all her partying up front.
- Sylvie.
- We're getting good returns.
Come on, honey.
I'm right here, sweetheart.
Sylvie, please! She's not responding.
- She may have had a small stroke.
- Stroke? - Be careful of the sterile field.
- She had a stroke? It's really too early to tell that.
She was fine until I took her to the nursing home.
- Ruby, please give us room to work, okay? - What happened? Did she leave the hospital too soon? I'll be back in a minute.
Stroke? We'll take very good care of her.
- E-Ray, what is that? - Skin lesions.
This is nightmare material.
On the contrary.
Children benefit from confronting their fears in a supportive environment.
- It's cool, Daddy! - Let's finish The Little Mermaid.
Hardy, we need you to sign some papers.
Yes, she was.
Well, she's extremely ill- I understand, but your mother's in grave condition.
Old records on Barbara Dean.
She hung up.
Detox twice, D.
's, fractured wrist, seizures.
End-stage liver disease and cardiomyopathy.
Her daughter won't come in.
Said she's had enough.
Dean seems to have had enough too.
- Dr.
Ross, it's your father again.
- Tell him I died.
Beautiful funeral, everybody cried.
- You won't believe this one.
- Oh, yeah? Try us.
Guess who's in the Suture Room.
- Come on, guess.
- We don't wanna guess.
He's wearing a Catholic schoolgirl's outfit.
Plaid skirt, ballet slippers, frilly blouse.
David Morgenstern ring a bell? Our David Morgenstern? - Knee socks too.
- Somebody get a camera! His aorta's shredded.
It's not holding the sutures.
He's had 14 units of blood, two of FFP and six of platelets.
- He's chewing up clotting factors.
- Retract this way.
I can't see.
- Where's Vucelich? - Scrubbing in.
BP's crashing.
If only I could just- Damn! Suction! - Suction! - I've got an angle on it.
Give it here.
Gown me.
Traumatic dissection of the aorta.
We elected to clamp-and-run.
What were you d├ębriding with, Benton? Garden shears? It's hard to appreciate the degree- - I went the wrong way with this.
- Let me in, Benton.
Get out of the way.
Side clamp.
The dissection is high in the arch and posterior.
Retract caudally.
Should we go on bypass? No.
I think we're okay now.
It's my fault.
I allowed Benton's enthusiasm to cloud my judgment.
All right.
Tie it off here.
No, no, that's too long.
Yes, yes.
Bovie there.
Got it.
Bovie that.
No, tie that off.
Okay, let's dissect this.
Hey, Jeanie.
- Is he still hanging around? - Yeah.
Carter! She's not responding.
How long is she staying down here? Nobody wants her admitted more than I do.
- Carter, I need you.
- Her heart monitor beeped.
It's supposed to.
Ruby, I got another patient.
Ruby, let's take a look, make sure everything's okay.
Another adolescent fantasy shot to hell.
- Nice knees.
- Guys, we get an 8-by-10 glossy none of us will ever work holidays again.
Doug! Two boys hit by a car.
Paramedics are two minutes out.
Man, I miss all the fun.
- Come on, Carol.
- Why me? - I don't get to see, you don't.
- That's not fair! - Care to join me, Dr.
Lewis? - I'd be delighted, Dr.
Mark, Susan, thank God! I'm feeling a bit foolish.
- No doubt.
- What's the problem? Showing off, tossing the caber.
I clunked myself, the buffet table and my great-aunt Jean Ferguson.
- The caber? - A big telephone-pole thing.
You pick it up- And it's not light, mind you and you flip it upside down, or you try to.
The Highland Games.
Burns Supper.
My leg's killing me.
So that's a kilt? Of course it's a kilt! What else? I see what you're saying.
That would be embarrassing.
Russian Jew on my father's side.
Full-blooded Highland Scot on my mother's.
It's probably broken.
Oh, damn! Hey, Jeanie.
I hope you haven't gone through a lot of trouble tonight.
- Dinner's off.
- They canceled this late? No, no.
I got a post-op with a lot of complications.
I'll be hung up here all night.
Guess I'll cancel my makeover.
That was a joke.
Some other time.
Noah's 9, Kenny's 7.
Skitching from a bus.
Kenny fell, Noah let go.
A car hit them.
- Kenny's hurt bad! - Okay, Noah.
We'll take care of him.
- Skitching? - Hold on to a bumper and skate along.
Kenny's dinged pretty badly.
Head trauma, ALOC.
BP's 60/40, pulse 144.
Probable femur fracture, tire track on his abdomen.
- Noah? - Good vitals, maybe a fractured wrist.
On my count.
One, two, three.
Let's get X-ray in here.
Portable C-spine, CBC type and cross six units.
- Babinski's downgoing.
- BP's down, 50 palp.
Pulse 150.
Get two of O-negative down here, stat.
Absent bowel sounds.
Belly's rigid.
Intubation tray.
Excuse me.
Uncuffed number 5 ET tube.
Stabilize his neck.
- Good pulse.
- Head CT, non-contrast.
I'll order a C-spine, chest, pelvis, right femur.
Set up for a peritoneal lavage, please.
I'll be next door.
Who's on Pediatric Surgery? Calm down, Noah.
You're gonna be fine.
Is Kenny gonna be okay? Is he gonna die? - We're taking care of him, Noah.
- It's my fault.
- How is he? - He's lucky.
Couple lacerations, road rash.
- Left wrist fracture.
- Kenny, Kenny! Calm down.
Kenny has to have surgery.
We need to know where your parents are.
- He is gonna die.
- Where're your parents? I don't know where my mom is.
Dad isn't around.
I recognize this kid.
- You've been here before? - Don't let him die.
We're prepped for the DPL.
Noah, you need to calm down.
Try to remember where your dad is.
We have to do this without the parents' consent.
Notify O.
and the Pediatric surgeon on call.
O- neg at 20 per kg.
I figured 500 cc's.
Sounds about right.
Tap's positive.
Could you explain what's going on with my Sylvie to Dr.
Goldstein? - Dr.
Goldstein? - Carter? He's the upstairs neighbor of my sister in Miami.
Get his number.
I'll call him back.
Carter! Where's Vucelich's data sheets? - I'm not quite done yet.
- What the hell have you been doing? Trying to get Mrs.
Rubadoux readmitted.
Cardiology won't take her, because no Ml was confirmed.
She's one patient.
Get her admitted and finish Vucelich's data sheets, okay? Mrs.
I'm Dr.
Lily tells me you took your intubation tube out.
We don't encourage that, but I'll take it to mean you feel better.
Like a million bucks.
Your records contain a Do Not Resuscitate order.
I'd like to remove it.
Leave it.
You're in impending respiratory failure.
It's treatable, but we need to put you on a respirator.
Dean, you're only 50 years old.
Leave it.
Leave it.
It's not an emergency.
I just wanted to tell him I'm not coming to the dinner.
Benton, are you ill? And by that, I mean do you have a terminal disease to which you will succumb before 11:00 tonight? Then I suggest you arrive promptly at 8 and enjoy your evening.
- I'm not sure he wants me to come.
- Of course he wants you.
You're filling in for a last-minute cancellation.
Marian doesn't like empty chairs at dinner parties.
Think of it this way: His dinners are like his surgeries.
When your presence is requested, you don't decline.
- Any word from my wife? - On her way.
Is someone poking out a cat's eye in there? I told him it was okay to practice.
It looks like a non-displaced fracture of the distal fibula.
- Damn.
- You're gonna need a cast.
I'm gonna miss the haggis.
The boys will be disappointed.
- I'll call Ortho.
- I was supposed to cut it.
Great honor.
The nephews were gonna pipe me in and everything.
Even memorized Robbie Burns' "To a Haggis.
" This is Greene in the ER.
- Dinner's back on.
- Excuse me? I can make it after all, if that's cool with you.
Sure, yeah.
I'll see you later.
- Hey, Rach! How's it going? - Okay.
Your mom will be here real soon to pick you up.
- So who's winning? - She is.
- She's good too.
- Thanks for watching her.
Hey, no problem.
I had four sisters.
- Mark, can I steal you for a consult? - Sure.
I'll be back in a second.
- No, you won't.
- I'll back as soon as I can.
I remembered him.
His father was in with respiratory and liver problems.
Passed out in his own vomit.
- Noah called 911 and saved him.
- Father of the Year candidate.
He's been in six times in two years.
He's a real mess.
The DCFS guy's here.
Dad's a drunk, kids are playing outside on a school day.
Who says the American family is in decline? How you doing? So how long will it take you to get these kids out of the home? Dave Donovan.
Nice to meet you too.
Their mother's MIA.
Dad's been on a bender for three years.
He's cleaned up pretty well now.
AA, job.
How's Kenny? Ruptured spleen, concussion, fractured thigh.
He's gonna be okay.
And Noah? We'll admit him until you find him a placement.
Come on.
Not looking for one.
Father's on his way in.
So what? The father lets his kids run wild.
- They're boys, screwed up.
Played hooky.
- No, no, the father screwed up.
Maybe, maybe not.
So that's all you're gonna do.
- Let's just wait and see.
- Okay.
- John, hold on! - I'm in a hurry.
- This will only take a sec.
- Okay.
You haven't told Rubadoux his wife's condition is serious.
- I tried.
I couldn't get a word in.
- He needs to know so he can say goodbye.
- Why does it have to be me? - He trusts you.
- I have to go.
- Just do it.
Karen Hardy.
She's been there about 20 minutes.
Her mother signed a DNR order.
She hasn't budged.
I'm afraid she may challenge the order.
- Mrs.
Hardy, this is Dr.
- Hi.
This would be a good time to see her.
No, thanks.
This glass between us is just fine.
Your mother's condition is very grave.
We can't be sure she'll pull through.
- Did she ask to see me? - No.
She only ever wants to see the bottom of a bottle of booze.
Your mother is dying and she's asked that no measures be taken to save her life.
You understand the implications of her request? She wants to die.
She can't face the truth that she's an alcoholic.
Never admit that.
I don't know why parents lie to their kids.
Children know.
If there's a chance to make peace, you should talk to her.
I don't want to see her.
I believe you.
But you have been standing there for 20 minutes.
You said there were some papers I should sign.
Yeah, they're at the desk.
Rheumatology, no.
Orthopedics, no.
What are you doing? Trying to find a study to take Mrs.
Bingo! Dr.
Carter This is Carter in the ER.
I've got a patient for your nerve-stimulation study.
Post-op ischemic myelopathy.
You'll see her? You'll have to hurry.
Cardiology is interested too.
All right, I'll save her for you.
She's admitted.
They're on their way down to see her now.
You'll still be her doctor, right? I'll visit, but I'm assigned to the Surgical service.
But the Neurology people are the ones to help her? - That's right.
- And she's gonna be okay? They're the people to see.
Bye now.
God bless.
Thanks, Malik.
I've got a couple of minutes.
Hey, no problem.
Rach? You and I, we need to talk.
Now, you know that you will always have a mom and a dad who love you very much.
See my fish? When you move back home can we get another angelfish to keep Moby company? Yes.
Moby can have a new friend.
But Daddy's not moving back home.
The truth is you are gonna have two homes from now on.
One with Mommy, one with me.
Mommy and Daddy aren't gonna live together anymore.
I know you're sad and angry.
But I want you to talk to me about anything, okay? Believe me Daddy wishes it could be any other way than this.
Hey, Jen.
Rach and I, we were having a talk.
That's good, Mark.
Hey, bananafish! I'm sorry I'm late.
Mommy got her cast off today.
- Let's pack up your stuff and go.
- No! Come on, honey.
You can do lanyards in the car.
- Stop it! - Put your knapsack on.
Get away! - No, no, no.
- That's enough.
- Don't talk to your mother like that.
- I don't want to go! No! - Here you go.
- I don't want to go! - Come on, baby.
- Get away.
Get away! I don't want to go! No! - Upsy.
- Get away! I don't want to go! No! Get away! - Hello.
- Hi.
I'm Peter Benton.
- Peter, I'm Marian Vucelich.
- Nice to meet you.
- My guest should be arriving soon.
- She is already here.
- Will you excuse me for a moment? - Sure.
- I thought your plans changed again.
- Yeah.
Traffic was bad.
- You look nice.
- So do you.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Looks like everyone's finally arrived.
So dinner is served.
Krawcyzk, I'm Dr.
- How's Kenny? When can I see him? - He's still in surgery.
- But he's gonna be all right? - Yes.
Can I talk to you out here? - Yeah, sure.
- Excuse us.
Why aren't these kids in school? - I talked to the social worker - Indulge me.
I usually take them, but I got a new job this week.
They're supposed to take the bus.
How'd you lose your old job? I quit when they put me on nights.
It's none- It's my business when these boys are brought to the ER.
- They'll be punished.
- They've been punished enough.
What's that supposed to mean? I don't know what- How many times have you been in here drunk? - Doug.
- How many times have you been in drunk? - What the hell are you doing? - My job.
This guy was circling the drain.
I think he's trying.
- People don't change.
- Sure they do.
If you wanna beat up on a father, call your own.
This guy's doing the best he can.
- How are you feeling? - Disappointed.
They'll be cutting the haggis about now.
- Do you hear that? - Yeah, I hear that.
My boys! My nephews! This is great! - Those are his nephews? - Fergus! A Scotsman loves a man who never gives up.
Here's to you, Uncle Davey.
The haggis! We couldn't do it without you, Uncle Davey.
You do the cutting.
His knife see rustic labor dight And cut you up with ready sight Trenching your gushing entrails bright Like onie ditch And then, O what a glorious sight Warm, reeking, rich Let's eat! Oh, bless you! What is this? Sheep's blood, intestines and testicles mixed in a gruel.
- Mrs.
- Hi.
Are you all right? I used to watch her like this when I was little.
Passed out on the sofa kitchen floor, front steps.
I never waited around long enough for her to wake up.
Too afraid when I was a child too angry later on.
I don't seem to have the energy for fear or anger.
I can't decide if that's a good sign or not.
Here's to arteriosclerosis without which I could not be offering you this exquisite '85 Corton-Charlemagne.
The last time Carl uncorked a bottle I'd bought 5% of his miracle drug, Lazerol by the end of the evening.
I'm Anne Adelstein.
I don't believe we've met.
I'm Peter Benton.
I've read your work on dialysis.
It was impressive.
My husband, Martin.
- Are you the visiting Ortho fellow? - No, darling.
He's Carl's newly anointed.
The chosen one.
- The heir apparent.
- Carl has an eye for talent.
To the heir apparent.
Not after this afternoon.
- Why? What happened? - I made a fool out of myself in surgery.
Vucelich was too polite to kick me off the team before dinner.
Jeanie? Where's the truffle? You got me.
Maybe there.
- Thanks again for a lovely evening.
- Our pleasure.
- Bye.
- Thank you.
- Quite the evening.
- Yeah.
- I had a good time.
- Me too.
- Well - Peter! Peter, do you have a moment? - Of course.
- Good.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Lewis, please.
There's something wrong.
Her pulse ox is down to 70.
She's in respiratory failure.
- What's wrong? - Heart rate's down to 40.
Dobutamine and dopamine are maxed.
Do something! Your mother signed a Do Not Resuscitate order.
You have to help her! Breathing's agonal.
No BP.
Pulse down to 30.
Aren't you gonna do anything? We have to respect her wishes.
She was very clear.
- Brandy, or shall we have port? - I don't drink.
Don't drink? Well, how are you going to enjoy your Cohiba? Castro's favorite.
Rolled on the thighs of virgins.
I don't- I don't smoke either.
Please, Peter.
You're contributing to the appalling demise of social ritual.
I tell you what.
Let me just put this beside you.
It will make me feel so much better.
I'm sorry about this afternoon's surgery.
I know it was disappointing for you.
It was for me.
It was.
Hicks was absolutely right.
- I did overstep my bounds.
- You did.
That's exactly what I expect of you.
Angela Hicks is a superb surgeon.
I've never known her to make a significant error.
But the physician that is useful to me is the one who keeps one eye on the details while the other eye roams the horizons.
To me, medicine is a challenge.
It's full of highly-skilled drudgery.
There are plenty of talented surgeons out there who simply perfect the practice of what has already been accomplished.
My interest lies beyond that.
The impossibles, the risks.
That's why it's been an honor to work with you.
Is it? Really? To be honest, I haven't been able to tell whether you like it or not.
Believe me, it's been the best and hardest work I've ever done.
That's music to my ears.
I'd begun to fear that I saw something in you that you didn't see in yourself.
I want to see it.
I'll drink to that.
Hello? Who is this? What are you doing sitting in the dark? Don't ask.
Mind if I join you? - Tough day, guys? - Don't ask.
Would a little single malt Glendronach help? I don't know.
We'd have to do a linear-regression analysis.
Well, the regression part's guaranteed.
- Do we have anything to eat? - I think there's some haggis left over.
- What's that? - Don't ask.
Cheers! Dr.
I'm buried, Ruby.
I've got all this data to tabulate I've got pre-op histories to dictate, a.
labs to order.
You lied to me.
What? The neurologist told me she'll never leave the hospital.
He's your doctor now.
You should respect his opinion.
- You knew all along.
- I gotta get back to work.
You were our doctor! And our friend! No, I was a fourth-year medical student who took care of your wife on the Surgical service.
You gave me hope because I thought you cared.
- You should have told me the truth.
- I tried.
I'm not a kid! You should have told me.
Did her leaving the hospital today make her worse? I don't know.
I trusted you.
I spent two weeks treating her multiple medical problems.
I dealt with Social Services and arranged for her convalescent care.
I fought with Renal and Neuro to get her admitted here.
I did all I could.
We're not just old people.
We have lives.
You look at my wife and just see her problems.
I see a 20-year-old dancer.
A 27-year-old bride.
- A 30-year-old mother - What do you want from me? - The truth! - She's dying, Ruby! Is that what you wanna hear? She's never gonna leave this hospital.
Thank you! I'm sorry, Ruby.
Call me Mr.