ER s02e16 Episode Script

The Healers

Previously on E.
I just wanna thank you, for setting the bar high, for everything.
I've got that "guy about to be divorced" look all over me.
- Cute.
- Raul? You're not his type.
You're not my father.
A father is someone who was there.
You never were.
- Rematch.
Two out of three.
- What do you wanna play for? Tickets to the Bulls game.
One for each of us, all right? You're on.
- Unit 47 to Dispatch.
- Roger, 47, this is Dispatch.
Heading back to quarters from Mercy for relief.
ETA is seven minutes.
- Roger, 47.
What's your location? - Northbound on Racine and Webster.
Roger, 47.
Stand by please.
Buy you breakfast? - Wiener Circle? - For breakfast? Come on! Char dog, extra peppers, cheese! Unit 47, respond to residential building fire at North Ravenswood and Nelson.
- Neighbors report occupants trapped.
- Dispatch, this is 47.
We' re dead, heading back to Station 134.
- Any other units who can fill? - Multiple units are requested, 47.
I can use the overtime.
- Unit 47 responding to the scene.
- That's 47 to the scene at 6:18.
It's a fire.
At least we'll be warm.
Thanks for letting Aunt Susie sleep.
You're so good.
Oh, yes you are.
And you're wet.
I know.
Today's the big day.
Are you nervous? Are you nervous? Are you? Well, I'm a wreck.
You'll be great.
I'll probably blow the whole thing.
Do you want to go take a bath together? A nice, warm bath.
Dispatch, this is 47.
We're first on the scene at Ravenswood and Nelson.
Third story occupied.
Heavy fire showing second floor.
- Hey, is everybody out of there? - I didn't see anybody come out.
There was this big explosion.
Just went "Boom! " about two, three minutes ago.
- People living in there? - Yeah.
They come and go all the time.
I think they're selling drugs in there.
Back, everybody! Back! Move back, everybody! Move back, everybody! Hey! Is anybody else in there? Is there anybody in there? Shep! Help me! Get his legs! Get his legs! Roll him! Roll him! - Help me, somebody, please.
- Get away from the building now! - No! My babies are in there! - How many? - Three.
- Where are they? - On the second floor in the back! - Okay, all right.
Please get them! Go over there with your child.
Ambulances are on their way.
Go! Go! - Raul, we got three kids up there! - Trucks are on their way.
- They're gonna be here in seconds.
- Second floor in the back! Shep, don't! Shep! Shep! Dispatch, Unit 47 at Ravenswood fire.
Three kids, second floor in the rear.
We're going in for a rescue attempt.
Have the first two engines back us up.
I feel funny about taking it off.
She filed for divorce and lives with another guy.
- Morning.
- Morning.
I guarantee you, she's not wearing hers while she's digging postholes in bed with what's-his-name.
I don't need any more mental images of Jennifer's new sex life.
My imagination is already working overtime.
You asked me why women don't seem to be interested in you and I said that women do not respond well to guys who come onto them while they're wearing their wedding ring.
You meet a cute guy for the first time.
What do you do? - Run a credit check.
- Normal women check on rings.
If he's not, look for that "I'm married, but it's in my pocket" indentation.
I'm telling you.
Throw it in the river.
Throw the ring in the river.
Six-year-old with a flu.
Curtain 3.
- Can you have dinner tonight? - No, I can't.
Here I am, pouring out my heart about how I can't get a date and you're gonna have dinner with the KLM flight crew.
Bulls game with my dad.
- Since when did they get so close? - They aren't.
They've seen each other a couple of times.
Doug's trying though.
Oh, man.
I can't believe this.
They cut my shifts back again.
- I may as well work part-time.
- I have eight shifts a month.
Been moonlighting as a per diem for a temp agency.
- Better money anyway.
- Really? - Yeah.
Overtime, no paperwork - Where's Susan? She hasn't signed in.
She called, said she'd be late.
Appointment? What kind of appointment? - This is County.
Go ahead.
- This is Unit 92.
We're en route from a building fire with a 20-year-old male, extensive second- and third-degree burns.
Couldn't get a line or intubate.
Multiple victims at scene.
- What have we got? - Crispy critters.
How many? - Three majors, two minors, so far.
- So far? Still pulling them out.
All coming your way, County.
Our ETA's four minutes.
We'll be waiting.
Randi, page Susan.
Tell her to get here soon.
Notify the Burn Unit, find Benton.
Make sure that we have plenty of Silvadene.
- And Ringer's lactate.
- Man, I hate burn cases.
- Sorry.
I know it's here somewhere.
- Need to use the phone? No.
It's just my work trying to find me.
- So you were saying about the visit? - Your home visit went very well.
Pearline expressed concern about your hours during your Residency.
I'm trying to cut back.
But biological-relation adoptions are simple procedures.
Frankly, short of finding you in the midst of an animal sacrifice I doubt anything could have slowed your petition.
- That's good news.
- Have you located your sister? I got a Christmas card postmarked from Flagstaff.
No return address.
- There's no phone listing.
- It's been five months? - What about the father? - I put ads in the paper.
The judge'll terminate their birthrights, then your attorney - can have the adoption order entered.
- That's it? Except for a lifetime of homework projects and boyfriends, yes.
Approximately 20-year-old male, ran from building with clothes on fire.
Extensive second- and third-degree burns.
Singed nasal hair.
Unable to start an IV or take BP.
Third-degree burns to all extremities.
Weak carotid pulse at 150.
- Carol, get Susan down here.
- She won't answer her page.
Building caught on fire.
Just blew up.
Meth lab.
Pieces of pressure cookers and chemical burners just blew up.
Six engines, three truck companies.
We grabbed this guy and ran.
Easy, now, and go.
Let's get a blood gas and a CO level.
CBC, Chem-20, portable chest.
- Oh, God! - Two cut down trays.
Carter! Doug! - Cut down where? - Femorally.
You take the right.
- Number 10 blade, Curved Kelly.
- I'm doing an RSl.
- Pulse 65 percent on 100 percent O-2.
- Pulse 144, weak and thready.
- Incise him and thread the IV in.
- Directly into the vein? Children were in that building.
Adults left them there.
- How many kids? - At least three.
Forty-seven got there first.
They went in there after them.
- Veck, 10 migs.
Veck! - Unit 47? Second floor collapsed.
We're headed back.
Lots of firemen are in trouble.
Apply cricoid pressure.
- Did 47 get out? - Lydia! 7.
5, please! - I think one of them did.
- Who's 47? - Shepard and Melendez.
- Got it! - Another one, 8-year-old.
- I'll finish.
Doug, take it.
- Somebody should tell Carol.
I will.
Eight-year-old girl.
18 percent second-degree arms, back and leg.
- Third-degree thigh.
- The airway? Singed nasal hair, nonproductive cough.
BP 110/70, pulse 112.
Resps 24.
Two IVs going, normal saline, O-210 liters by mask.
- It hurts! - You're gonna be okay, sweetheart.
- I want my mom.
- Do you know where her parents are? - Not a clue.
- All right, here we go.
On my count.
Ready? Here we go.
One, two, three.
Blood gas with carbon monoxide level, CBC, PT.
PTT, Chem-20, chest x-ray, urinalysis and urine myoglobin.
Carol, Shep and Raul may have got caught in the fire.
- What? - Forty-seven was first on scene.
They went in after some kids.
One may be caught inside.
- Which one? - I don't know.
We may have a laryngeal burn here.
Give me fiber-optic laryngoscope.
A couple of paramedics from Station - The ones who pulled out the kids? - I don't know.
Are they okay? We scooped and ran.
It was chaos.
But units behind us might know.
Another run, ETA three minutes.
Carol, you find Susan? - I beeped her 911.
- Run down Benton.
We're in over our heads down here already.
PH 7.
14, PO-260, PCO-280, CO level 20.
- He's going bradycardic! - Rate 40.
No palpable BP.
- No pulse.
- Hyperventilate him.
Carter, CPR.
- One amp epi, atropine one mig.
- They're here, Dr.
Malik, why don't you help them down front.
Lily, find out if Doug's done next door.
Where the hell is Benton? We have to make sure your throat isn't burned.
- More coming in.
Can you take them? - Not yet.
Triage the new arrivals, give us a breakdown.
- Lily, I'll do it.
You stay with Doug.
- Carol, you're gonna be just fine.
- Where do you want him? - In 3.
Twelve-year-old boy.
Smoke Inhalation.
Name's Max.
Jerry, take Max to Exam 1.
Tell the nurse to put him on - He's still in surgery.
- Get him out! What else have you got? Fireman, first- and second-degree burns to trunk and arms.
Vitals normal.
Malik, I want him in Curtain Area 2.
And get him an order for Demerol.
- Did you see a couple of guys from 47? - They got one out.
- He should be in a unit behind us.
- What have we got? - Second- and third-degree burns.
- Go! - Which one? - I don't know.
- Randi! What's the next ETA? - Less than a minute.
- They're loading two more on the scene.
- Coming through! - Jerry! What the hell is going on? - There was a fire.
A big one.
Susan, Mark's been yelling for you.
We need help in Trauma.
- I got to get Susie up to daycare.
- I'll take her.
- Thank you.
- Go! Go! Wendy's gonna take you upstairs.
I'll check in on you, all right, darling? - Do you need a hand? - No, check with Mark in 1.
- Have you seen Carol? - She's still out back.
All right, you got her? - What can I do? - Not much now.
- Asystole.
How long? -22 minutes.
Okay, Carter.
That's it.
Call it.
- Pronounced 8:20.
- Where have you been? - I had an appointment.
It ran over.
- You were on at 7.
- I told Weaver I'd be here at 8.
- Yeah, it's 8:30.
It's 8:20.
Cover him up.
Take him to holding.
We need the room.
- Mark, I'm sorry.
It was really important.
- So is your job.
- Did you hear anything? - No.
- Is this him? - I don't know.
Altered level of consciousness, cough, second-degree burns on the hands.
- BP's 110/80.
- It hurts! Pulse is 142, respiratory rate 36.
- Did you hear about Unit 47? - One saved this kid.
He's in Unit 92.
It's here.
Go! Pulled two kids out.
Went in again for the last one.
Floor gave way.
He fell 10 feet, landed on his legs.
Dragged himself to the front.
Still had the kid with him.
Soft-tissue swelling, right knee.
- Which one is it? - Shepard.
- Where's Melendez? - They haven't found him yet.
It's okay.
- What do you got? - Paramedic fell 10 feet.
Pain, right ribs, lower extremities, mild shortness of breath, burns to right arm.
No LOC, C-spine precautions.
IV of saline, O-215 liters, vitals stable.
- Morphine IV, for pain.
- We're heading to Trauma 2.
- They find Raul? - Not yet.
- Any shortness of breath? - No, I'm okay.
- The floor went out from under us.
- You got to keep that mask on.
- I had hold of that kid.
- The mask.
Raul was right behind me.
They got to find him.
- Okay, okay.
- All right, let's go.
- O-2, 15 liters.
- Pulse is 132.
- No trauma.
He fell through the floor? - But I think the paramedic broke his fall.
- Pulse ox is 75.
- CBC, Chem-20, coag panel.
- Chest x-ray, UA, myoglobin, ABGs.
- BP's low, 80/50.
- He's not breathing.
- Nail beds cherry-red.
Intubation tray.
Jerry! Call Respiratory.
Get a ventilator down here.
- Multifocal PVCs.
- Lidocaine 50, IV push.
- Then drip at one milligram a minute.
- Lido in.
Bag! Give me the bag! Okay, here we go.
I'm in.
Hyperventilate him.
- Ventilator flying in.
- V-tach! Faint pulse.
Cardiovert him.
Hit the synch switch at 50.
Move it, Reilly.
Move it.
- No.
- Again, 100.
- Clear.
- Clear.
- Now he's in fib.
- Off synch.
Defibrillate, 200.
- Clear.
- Clear.
- No pulse.
- Three hundred.
Come on, stay with me.
Reilly, get the hell out of the way.
- Neck hurt? - No.
Kid's okay? - Any pain? - Yeah, my ribs hurt a little.
- Tell X-ray to run spine and get a chest.
- Three kids okay? - We're taking care of them right now.
- Raul was right behind me.
- We were on the second floor.
- Stop moving your head.
Last kid was in a closet.
We'd almost given up, then Raul found him.
- We just wanted to get the hell out.
- Pain? - Yeah.
- What about here? No, I'm okay.
I thought we could make it down the stairs.
The hall was going up.
- I'm touching you here.
Do you feel it? - Yeah.
- Okay, wiggle your toes.
- He was right there.
I was looking at him.
There was a big noise, and then I'm falling with the kid.
Dorsalis pedis and posterior tibial pulses are intact.
They got to find Raul.
He was right behind me.
He's right there.
Okay, they're trying.
ABG with carboxyhemoglobin level.
CBC, Chem-20, coags.
- UA and myoglobin? - Yeah.
- Dr.
They found Raul.
- Is he okay? Is he okay? Bringing him in now.
They found him! That's great.
That's great.
They found him.
Oh, that's good.
- Short of breath? - No.
- Coughing? - A little.
- Is he hacking anything up? - Yeah, but it's pretty clear.
Portable chest, blood gas with CO level.
You're gonna be fine.
They found Melendez.
He was on the second floor.
Second floor? Yeah.
Those paramedics didn't have any gear.
They went in anyway.
Every one of those kids would be dead.
ABG's back.
Carbon monoxide's high, - He's seizing! - Bite block! Damn it! What else can go wrong with him? Ativan 1 milligram.
IV push.
- How much do you think he weighs? -30, 35 kilos.
Dilantin, 15 per kilo.
Load him with 450.
Who has a hyperbaric chamber? - University of Chicago.
- Call Ira Blumen.
Tell him to get his chopper here now! Found him trapped inside, ALOC.
Extensive partial, full-thickness burns.
- We've got you now, Raul.
- LOC improved on 15 liters O-2 by mask.
No singed nasal or facial hair.
Complaining of severe pain.
Not able to get an IV.
No place for BP cuff, faint carotid pulse at 160.
Nice and gentle.
One, two, three.
Blood gas with CO level, CBC, PT, PTT.
Portable chest.
Put in a Foley, get a UA and urine myoglobin.
- It hurts a lot.
- I know.
That's what we're working on.
- Can you do a cutdown? - Neck's not burned.
All right.
Internal jugular, let's go! Let's get moist dressings on! Gentlemen, you're gonna have to wait outside.
- Doc! - Mark! - How bad? - It's too early to say.
It's bad.
Is Shep okay? He broke a couple of ribs.
He's mad as hell.
Morphine five, IV push! Let's get that Ringer's going.
X- ray flying in.
- What the hell's going on? - They're examining him.
- Is he okay? - I can't tell from here.
- Shooting! - What was that? They're taking an x-ray.
- Get me off this board.
I want to see.
- You also want to be able to walk.
- Take it off! - You can have a broken neck.
If you do that one more time, I put you in restraints.
CO level's normal.
- Let's move him to Radiology.
- No, I want to stay.
- You're going.
- No, I want to stay! Carol! Please! There's nothing you can do.
We must make sure you're okay.
Carol, I need to know.
- Will you stay with him? - You bet.
- I'll go find out.
- And you'll come right back? I promise.
Tell him that I thought he was right behind me.
Tell him I didn't leave him there! Tell him I didn't leave him there! Excuse me, guys.
Grab an ABG while you're down there.
Hook it up to the transducer.
We're in business.
- BP is 70/30.
- Open it wide.
- Is he conscious? - Yeah.
Hey, Raul.
It's Carol.
How are you doing? How extensive are the burns? Eighty-five to 90 percent.
Mostly third-degree.
Oh, my God.
Malik, let's do laryngoscopy.
Excuse me.
- How's he doing? - Not so good.
Coming through! Anything I can do to help? PH 7.
10, PO-255, PCO-250 on 15 liters.
- Respiratory rate, 40 and rising.
- No edema.
That's good, Raul.
His breathing is labored.
He has a circumferential burn of the chest.
He needs an escharotomy.
- Where's Burn Unit? - Finishing up a little girl.
Carter and I can do it.
Prep and drape.
Number 10 blade.
Let's go, move.
- How are the kids? - One was touch-and-go.
I sent him to the University of Chicago for some hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
The other two are okay.
Girls will need grafts.
Any parents yet? Mother left with an injured toddler.
APBs are out.
She hasn't been to a hospital.
- I'm gonna keep Raul company.
- How's Shep? Multiple rib fractures, knee sprains, burns.
He's up in Ortho.
Greene? There's a bunch of guys out here asking about giving blood.
- Send them up to the blood bank.
- Okay.
Mother was gonna let her children burn to death.
She was cooking methamphetamine 5 feet away from where her kids were sleeping.
Okay, Raul.
Your burns are constricting and shrinking your chest so Peter's gonna relieve the pressure so you can breathe.
All right, let's get these dressings off.
- God.
- Let's start with two lateral incisions.
Cut longitudinally down the midaxillary line.
- BP's still 80/50.
- Give him a 500 cc bolus.
Pulse is thready.
- I don't know if I can do this.
- Come on, just focus.
- No, really.
- Deepen incision till you hit fresh tissue.
Come on, you can do it.
- I'm sorry.
I can't.
- I got it.
Ross, the boy's back from Radiology, and the police want to talk to him.
Will you let me know if anything changes? - Okay.
That's it.
- Better? - Burn guys are here.
- Quite the crowd.
Morning, Mark.
What have we got? - Hey, kiddo, how's it going? - His arm hurts.
Yeah, well, you got first-degree burns.
Do you know what those are? - No.
- Like a bad sunburn.
Hurts really bad, but no permanent damage.
How's his sputum? - Clear in the last hour.
- Max, do you like baseball? You'll be back at spring training in no time.
- Where's my mom? - We don't know.
Somebody saw her outside the fire, and then she just disappeared.
- Is Jessica okay? - Jessica, your sister.
She went to a different hospital, but she's gonna be fine too.
And Jamie? That's the baby? He was with your mom.
Do you have any idea where we can find them? There's a police detective here.
He wants to talk to you.
Okay? Let's get him up to the Burn Unit.
- Friend of yours? - Yeah.
- He have a family? - I called them already.
- Who's gonna tell Raul? - I will.
No, I will.
He's a fireman.
He already knows.
Give us some room, guys.
- Hang in there, Melendez.
- You're gonna be okay, bro.
- We're all pulling for you, man.
- Hang tough, Raul.
- You take care now.
- God bless.
Excuse me.
Hang on.
I'm on the phone.
No, you need Media Relations.
Yeah, they'll fill you in.
- Can I help you? - Is Dr.
Lewis around? - No, she's busy right now.
- If you see her, tell her I'm in daycare.
- I'm her sister, Chloe.
- Okay.
- You doing all right? - Is Raul okay? - He's in pain.
Doesn't want the Vicodin.
- How's he doing? Repeat gas was normal.
What the hell is going on? Jeanie, can you give us a minute? No.
Oh, no! No! No! Dr.
Benton? - What is it, Carter? - I don't know what happened.
I've seen a lot since I've been here, but that - You have to focus, Carter.
- I know.
I tried.
They announce the matches in a couple weeks and I wanna be a surgeon, but that I don't know if I can do that.
You can.
It doesn't get worse than that.
You stayed on your feet.
That says something.
- Lily, get Dr.
- Jerry, what's open? Trauma 2.
He was fine, but suddenly he started having trouble breathing.
Airway obstruction! Come in here.
Pediatric intubation tray.
Soot in his airway.
CBC, Chem-20, PTT, PT.
Get a blood gas with a CO level, portable chest.
- Stick him for a glucose.
- I fixed up those burns on his arms.
- I thought he was okay.
- Epiglottal edema.
- Can you get it? - Pulse ox 65.
Cyanotic nail beds.
- Faint pulse at 32.
- I don't think I can get it.
- Oh, my God! - What is it? Airway obstruction from laryngeal burns.
Can't get the tube in.
- I'm gonna have to needle crike him.
- Please don't let my baby die.
Give me the scope.
- Throat's swollen shut.
- Prep for a crike.
I'll keep trying.
-14-gauge angiocath.
- Please don't let him die! - Go on, Doug- - Wait, I'm almost in! There, I got it.
I got it! Bag him! - Good breath sounds.
- Thank you.
Thank you so much.
I'm so sorry.
- Is that the mother from the fire? - Yeah, I think so.
Should have been her airway.
I would have let her suffocate.
Thank you.
I'm so sorry.
Thank you.
His BP's unstable.
Serum myoglobin is climbing.
There's evidence of rhabdomyolysis and impending renal failure.
Respiratory function is deteriorating, but he's conscious and alert.
He won't make it to morning.
- His family here yet? - In the lobby.
One brother's on vacation.
He's flying in from Florida tonight.
Hope his flight's on time.
- How's he doing? - Okay.
Burns were mostly first-degree.
Did the cops come for the mother? She's in with the Homicide-Arson guys now.
The dad's flying in from Florida.
- Get the kids.
And you should get going.
- What? - Bulls game starts in an hour.
- I got to wait for Pedes to come.
- I'll do it.
- It's okay.
You should go, Doug.
You've gotten this far, you should see it through.
I'm okay.
Hey, Mark.
Pedes were supposed to be here an hour ago.
Why don't you give them a call.
Say hello to Benny the Bull for me.
Your family is here.
They're waiting outside.
Take my mask off, please.
- How bad? - Over 90 percent third-degree.
- Don't let them put me on a ventilator.
- It'll make you breathe easier.
Put the mask back on.
- Are those kids gonna make it? - Yeah.
Thanks to you.
It was Shep.
Balls of steel.
They're gonna let him come up and see me? I don't see how they'd be able to keep him away.
- Carol, I'm scared.
- I know.
- I'm really scared.
- I know.
Lydia, are you okay? Yeah.
Damn it, I hate to cry.
No damn privacy around this place.
- Yeah.
I'm sorry.
- No, it's not your fault.
It's just some days, I don't know what to do with it all, you know? Jamie Nielsen's admitted to Pediatrics.
Can you find his x-rays? They weren't with the chart.
- Raul's in the Burn Ward? - His family's up there now.
You guys wanna get something to eat? I don't feel like going home.
- I'm in.
- Yeah, sure.
Jerry, why are they still here? Those are the off-duty guys from Station 134, where Shep and Raul work.
They've been here for hours.
They don't know what to do with themselves.
- You guys still waiting? - Yeah.
- Anybody hungry? - I don't know.
We're gonna go across the street and get something.
Do you want to come? Dr.
Lewis, did your sister find you? She's been here for hours.
She said she'd be up in daycare.
- Oh, my God.
- What? - Did she take her? Where is she? - What? No! - Where is she? - There! Oh, my God.
She is so beautiful.
Shep? You ready to go see him? - I can't.
- Sure you can.
We didn't have to go in.
Engine companies were on their way.
- We could hear them coming.
- It's not your fault.
- He only went in because of me.
- You did what you should do.
We didn't even have the right gear.
He knew it.
He looked at the fire, and then he looked at me.
And he knew it.
He followed me in anyway.
You have to go see him.
Your friend is lying up there waiting for you.
And if you don't go, you're gonna regret this for the rest of your life.
The guy tells me, "I showed her this morning before the bell.
" And I said, "But that was two hours ago.
" - Here you go, you son of a bitch.
- Doug? Who the hell was that? My son.
Karen, excuse me.
Doug! Doug! Doug, wait a minute.
Doug, listen to me.
I called the hospital hours ago.
I left you a message! Right, right.
- It was a meeting! - A meeting.
What was her name? Was it Barbara or Anne? Was it Dottie? Wasn't that the girl I caught you with in Mom's car? - That was my boss.
- I thought you owned the joint.
- It's complicated, Doug.
- Yeah, it's complicated.
For God's sake! I would have been there if I could have! You know that.
Look, I left you a message.
I'm sorry.
Son Come on.
I'll get tickets for next week's game.
We'll sit courtside, all right? Please.
- I'm freezing my ass off.
Let's go inside.
- It's always about you.
What you want.
- Never about anybody else.
Just you.
- It was business.
I was standing there, Ray.
It was 7:30, and you were supposed to be there.
I was standing there.
Where were you? You were exactly where you have always been your entire life.
Someplace else.
That's where you were! Now, look.
I cannot change what happened to you when you were a kid.
I can't.
You did a good number on me, Ray.
You did a good job.
I've never committed to anything in my entire life.
I've never been with a woman for more than six months.
Most of the time it's six days.
Find a job where I see people for a few minutes.
I fix them as best I can.
I send them on their way.
No mess, no fuss.
No messy details.
That's what you taught me, right? That's your trick.
Well, here I am Dad.
I'm you.
What happened to you as a child, I'm responsible for.
You're 34-years-old.
How you live your life is your decision.
I'm going inside.
So the woman is buck-naked, hanging over Shep's shoulder and Raul is running behind her with the damn poodle.
And the drunk husband's chasing them with a butcher knife screaming how he'll kill all of them.
"I'm gonna kill you, you bastards! " - Shep's afraid of heights.
- A fireman afraid of heights? Hey, it's true.
He is.
Raul is always making him go up the fire escape or pull the jumpers off the tops of buildings.
Stuff like that.
Raul gave Shep skydiving lessons for Christmas.
- He ever play "La Bamba" for you? - Yeah.
- I like "La Bamba.
" - You wouldn't if you worked with him.
When I rode with him years back, he had it on tape.
Played it over and over.
- Enough to make you kill yourself.
- Or him.
You guys remember that little baby they brought in a year ago? Found it in a garbage bag down on the South Side.
- I remember.
- Yeah.
Been dead at least three or four hours but those boys brought her in doing CPR and mouth-to-mouth.
Child was cold, but they wouldn't give up.
Yelled at us when we told them it was hopeless.
Then they both cried.
Like it was their own kid.
- Hell, I cried.
- Me too.
Hey, partner.
Hey, partner.
Guess I missed that free breakfast.
- Oh, man.
- Hey, hey.
You got to hang in there, okay? - I can't do it, bro.
- You got to! I heard those kids are doing great.
- You saved them, buddy.
- No, I didn't.
You did.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, buddy.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.