ER s02e20 Episode Script

Fevers of Unknown Origin

Previously on E.
Your biopsy last time was positive for cervical cancer.
Twenty-five thousand in- Oh, it's a gift from the old man.
10 to 1 it's dirty.
- What are you doing here? - I have no idea.
- You're dumping me? - And I feel good about it.
Chloe is the mother and, as far as I can see, she presents no danger to her child.
Do you really think you can be a good mother to this little girl? Yes.
More than anything, that's what I wanna be.
"Fevers Of Uknown Origin" There's a blown water heater at a residential location.
Southeast corner of Gaze and Throup.
Copy that.
Unit 47 will respond in about five.
All right, everyone wears rubber boots.
Find Carol an extra pair.
I thought the idea was that you guys respond to emergencies - not cause them.
- Hang on, hang on.
We gotta pay you nurses back.
When an MICN rides along, we get double the calls.
- Come on, Reilly, you're gonna jinx us.
- Shep! - This is unit 47 en route.
- Copy, 47.
This is Ross.
No, Doug Ross.
Ray's away on business.
Let me give you somebody who could answer that.
Hello? Hello? Anybody there? This is Karen Hines.
Oh, hi, Andy.
How are the marlin running? No kidding.
I thought you had fished out every key south of Largo.
So, Andy, Ray isn't there with you? Oh, well, I guess he must have gotten distracted in the Caymans.
That's nice.
Yeah, just tell him that he's gotta call Chicago when he gets in.
You know, we miss him up here.
- You are a good liar.
- I wasn't lying.
I wasn't.
I do miss Ray.
He's a kick.
He's a dying breed.
Oh, man, this is really perverse.
Hey, it's not like your dad and I are going steady, so let's minimize this oedipal stuff.
You wanna call in sick? - Rent a Jackie Chan movie? - No, it doesn't work that way.
You could meet me for a late lunch around 4:00, is what you could do.
I hate hospitals.
How do you feel about diners? There's one across the street.
You could meet me there.
- A real diner? - Meatloaf, ketchup on the table.
You've seduced women before, haven't you? She's down here somewhere! It just blew up! - Becky girl! - Water heater was here? - Your daughter's bed was there? - Oh, my God! Please, sir! Please, you have to step away.
You shouldn't be down here with bare feet! Please! - That's still standing water! - I told you we needed a new one! - We couldn't afford it.
- But we can afford bourbon every week! - Would you just shut up? - Reilly, go get backup.
I got it.
- We're so weak.
I told you! - Why don't you shut up! Look, all right, listen, just take it easy! - What color pajamas is she wearing? - Pink.
Look for the color.
When was the explosion? - It was 10 minutes ago.
- Backup's on the way! - I found a foot! - All right! Yeah, here! - All right, take it easy! - There she is! - Oh, my God! - Not too close, not too close! Easy! Find her head! Gently! All right, let's go! Gently, all right? Let's roll her, get the board.
Oh, God! Weak pulse.
Breath sounds? Oh, my God! She's not breathing! - Reilly, get an ET tube! You with us? - Yeah! Yeah! Come on, come on! Come on! - Shoot! - For crying out loud! - I got another one! - Come on! Here, here! She's got it.
- Thank God! - Good breath sounds bilaterally.
Okay, darling, you're gonna be just fine.
Let's wrap her up.
- Let's get her up.
One, two, three.
- Easy, easy.
We need the oxygen mask.
Okay, sweetie, this is gonna help you breathe.
- Let's get out of here.
- Are you taking her to the hospital? - County.
- Is she gonna be okay? - We're gonna make sure at the hospital.
- I'm coming too.
- I'll get dressed.
- Gotta find your own transport.
The ambulance is full.
- We can make room.
- Forget it.
- I'm not letting these idiots into my rig.
- It's the girl's mother.
Yeah, you heard her.
They knew the heater was a hazard.
And they got a kid living near it, they're too drunk to notice.
- Okay.
- Stupid people shouldn't breed.
- Morning.
- Oh, morning.
How's it going? Going.
Man, did you see all that traffic this morning? I took the El today, as usual.
I didn't think you were working today.
Oh, yeah.
Well, I got called in.
It's just as well.
- And last night? I was thinking about you.
- Thanks.
I got your message.
I'll fill you in later.
Glad you could fill in on such short notice.
- No problem.
- You'll be able to go home by 4.
I can do a full 12.
- Okay, let's get a CBC, Chem-7, a- - Heel-stick of glucose.
- I said that already? - Twice.
- Lip lac in 3.
Looks like stitches.
- I'll get it.
- Sure you can handle another? - Yep.
- Mark, were you looking for me? - Morgenstern wants to see us upstairs.
- Did he say why? - Something wrong? No, but it's May the 2nd, so it could be the announcement.
- Announcement? - Resident of the Year.
Not that I'm expecting it.
Emergency medicine always gets overlooked.
Oh, yeah.
Resident of the Year.
Did I remember to put your name in? I did.
- Isn't the announcement in June? - First of May.
So do you think you're gonna need me today? The reason I'm asking is, if there's nothing on the schedule Simon got me in to assist on a breast reconstruction at 10.
Which is a procedure that I haven't done yet.
- Somebody page me? - Dr.
Ross, Trauma 1.
- You're doing an OB rotation at Parkland? - I fly to Dallas on Friday.
- Talk to me before you leave, okay? - I'm here.
- Where's Ross? - Meeting the paramedics.
Got a little girl in bad shape.
Benton, a lot of surgeons have said that an elective in plastics can't hurt.
Oh, plastics.
The beautiful people's specialty.
- I thought I'd check it out.
- Well, go on.
- You sure? Thank you.
- Yeah.
- I got your page.
- Yep.
On this lovely May morning we have a 6-year-old girl exhumed from rubble.
Respiratory arrest.
Resuscitated on the scene.
BP, 90/60.
- Thanks for calling me early.
- Just protecting myself.
If we' re working together, I'll make sure you're onboard from the very beginning.
- He must have been wearing a big ring.
- This could take a few stitches.
Will there be a scar? There could be at the vermilion border, where the lip meets the skin.
Do you want me to call a plastic surgeon? Not that I'll be staring in the mirror, but my boyfriend says I have a pretty face.
- You do.
- Somebody's mighty low to mug you.
Honey, three times in two years.
They think the blind are an easy target.
Well, I think you set this one straight.
That self-defense course was worth every penny.
The cane worked like a charm.
Radared in on his balls.
Bam! Bull's-eye! - He let go of your purse, did he? - Wouldn't you? - What's that, Ms.
Crandell? - Tip of his pinkie.
You bit his finger off? If the police don't need it for evidence, I want it for a souvenir.
- I want Mommy! - She'll be here in a minute, sweetie.
- C-spine is clear.
- Let's get that collar off.
No pneumo.
- All right.
- DPL's negative.
Crit's normal.
No internal bleeding.
Becky, you're one lucky little girl.
- Good work in the field, 47.
- Lucky Carol was with us.
It was very scary, but you are a brave little girl.
- Where's my mommy? - She'll be here any minute.
Wait, hold on.
She's got a bulge in the groin.
- Where? - There.
Reducible hernia? Incarcerated.
Probably caused by increased intra-abdominal pressure.
- From the trauma? - Let's get her up to Surgery.
Tell you what, you're gonna be fine.
Benton here is gonna fix you right up.
As soon as your mommy and daddy get here, I'm gonna bring them up to see you.
Gosh, no.
Sorry to disappoint.
Don't they announce that in June? First of May.
Doesn't matter, it was a long shot.
I called you two up to start a conversation on next year's Chief Resident.
Good idea.
- Hope you don't mind that Kerry's here? - Not at all.
She's one of the strongest chiefs we've had in years.
You did a fine job for us also, Mark.
I thought Kerry and you could make this a mutual decision.
Susan Lewis would be my first choice.
Before we discuss candidates, we ought to brainstorm about what qualities - we'd see in an ideal chief.
- Makes sense.
- Our chief needs to be focused in crisis.
- Exactly.
A leader in the ER needs to cut to the chase, assume the worst.
Right, don't you think Susan Lewis has that quality? I think Kerry's right.
Let's not try to solve this today, just start the ball rolling.
- Carter, glad I caught you.
- Yes, I was just about to assist - on my first breast reconstruction.
- I'm afraid you aren't.
Why? Did you call the registrar requesting a review of your transcript? To verify I'm graduating with honors.
They discovered that you're deficient in ambulatory medicine.
What? You can't graduate without seeing the required number of Pedes patients.
What? Luckily, Doug Ross is taking you on for the next four weeks.
I was hoping for an elective in plastics.
If you start this morning, you have the time to complete this remedial work and graduate with the rest of your class.
Ross is expecting you.
Yeah, and I want that consult down here stat.
- Susan, did you just say "stat"? - Yeah, and I mean it.
Look who's here! Isn't she precious? Oh, she looks just like her mommy.
- Will she let me hold her? - I hope so, my arms are about to fall off.
- Hello.
Hello, baby.
- So tiny.
- Hello.
- Nice outfit.
- I think so.
- Hey, it's Randi-Wear, right? - Susan? - What do you got? A woman passed out in the crosswalk.
GCS, 10 in the field.
She's coming around.
Okay, Trauma 1.
Ma'am, do you know where you are? All right, let's move her on a count of three.
One, two, three.
- Get a glucose.
- She's hypertensive, 170/120.
Titrate a Nipride drip to a diastolic of 100.
Do you have a history of high blood pressure? - Oh, no.
Not again.
- Okay, okay.
Try and relax.
Her name is Joanne Bairos.
We'll try to lower your blood pressure.
Has it happened before? - I don't wanna lose this baby.
Not again! - You're pregnant? - Yes.
- How far along? Twenty.
No, no.
Twenty-one weeks.
Okay, cancel the Nipride, give her 10 of hydralazine.
Call OB.
- You lost an earlier baby? - Last year.
In the sixth month.
Oh, God, I can't live through this again.
Hook her up to a fetal monitor and an EKG.
Did you have preeclampsia before? Do you remember? They said it was high blood pressure.
It made my placenta tear, and if they didn't take the baby out, I'd die.
- I see.
- My baby was too little.
- She couldn't live.
- BP's rising, 180/130.
Add propranolol.
Who's on call for OB? - Dr.
- But it's not the baby's fault! Your hypertension is probably related to the pregnancy.
No, no.
But I've been dizzy sometimes in between the pregnancies.
- You have? - Yes.
- What's the fetal heart rate? -145.
Good variability.
Don't let them take her.
- Susan, shouldn't we be moving her up? - No, I'm gonna do an ultrasound first.
Her BP's 190/140.
The fetus isn't in distress.
I want an ultrasound first.
- What are you doing? - Trying to save your baby.
I don't know, I'll check it out.
- Yeah, I heard you.
I'll check it out.
- Told you they were mad.
Haleh, is that ultrasound for the hypertensive patient - OB's been screaming at me about? - Who ordered that? I'll take care of it.
- Bring me up to speed.
- Hypertensive woman in her 21 st week.
Fetal heart tones normal.
She responded to hydralazine and propranolol.
- What's the BP? -130/100.
- She's stable for transfer.
- Any contractions? - Some cramping, nothing on the monitor.
- It's preeclampsia.
Get her up to OB.
It's Susan's patient, Kerry.
Patient lost a 22-week fetus last year to preeclampsia.
For goodness' sake.
Complains of dizzy spells and possible hypertension between pregnancies.
Any protein in the urine? - Susan, if we've learned anything- - Yes, yes.
There! Right there! Mass in the adrenal gland.
Call the O.
to schedule a room.
You're right.
Looks like Conn syndrome.
- What does that mean? - You have a tumor in your adrenal gland producing a hormone which is making your blood pressure rise.
It's very serious.
You'll probably need surgery to remove the mass.
- But the baby? - Should be okay.
- Cancel OB, we're going to Surgery.
- Good call, we would've missed that.
- They could've done the ultrasound in OB.
- They aborted her last time.
Let Surgery know we're on the way.
Well, I think we've earned ourselves a doughnut.
Anyone want a Dinkles? - They've got some inside.
- Help yourself.
- Could you bring me back one? - Yeah, you bet.
He's trying.
Now I'm supposed to eat doughnuts with the guy? It's not his fault Raul died, Shep.
- It's not your fault either.
- I know.
I know whose fault it is.
It's the fine, upstanding, drugged-out, meth-burning citizens we're here to serve.
That's who Raul died for.
- You're kidding.
- That's what I heard.
Resident of the Year.
I guess it isn't a personality contest.
- Do we have to go to the party? - There's gonna be cake.
- Anyone seen Dr.
Ross? - Check the lounge.
Ted, you're an attorney.
Never say, "Trust me.
" The divorce wasn't slow and complicated enough with two parties and two lawyers.
- Now we have to get a mediator involved.
- I don't believe in divorce.
I always suspected you were an old-fashioned girl.
Don't believe in marriage either.
Benton, your highness, Dr.
Bradley was looking for you.
- When? - Just now.
He said it was regarding your letter to the Ethics Committee.
I'm gonna need some help! Loretta? Loretta, I got you.
I got you.
Clear Curtain Area 2.
I got you.
So I don't pretend to be happy about the situation, but I'll do my best for you.
- And I'm available at any hour.
- She's not falling for the amnesia guy.
- Is she? - No, she's faking.
Ever since she got possessed, it's completed changed her personality.
So do you need me for anything right now? Well, we'll see what comes in.
You're a fourth year, so you're not gonna need a lot of handholding.
You'll get me out on time, which works for me.
Just show up and you'll get an A.
Something tells me that it will change our lives forever.
- What ever happened to his brain tumor? - Cured when he was struck by lightning.
It was not.
Watch out, he's gonna drug her.
- Ready? - I promise you you will not be disappointed.
- BP's 70/50.
- Okay, let's get that EKG.
- Does your father have heart problems? - Not before a few weeks ago.
He was having trouble breathing, so he went to the clinic.
They said my heart wasn't pumping hard enough.
- Did they give you any medications? - Yeah, they did.
Here they are.
Danny, honey, no! I'm so sorry.
- I'm really sorry.
- What have we got? Mr.
Dellanova's complaining of nausea and blurred vision.
Why don't you show them to the waiting room.
- When did he get this medicine? - On the 18th.
How's that EKG, Kerry? - Sinus Brady with 2nd degree AV block? - How'd you guess? Took too many tablets.
You should have a lot left.
- Malik, get a dig level.
- What is it? Your father overdosed on digoxin.
- Is that serious? - It can be, but we caught it in time.
Stand by with Digibind.
Or do you want a lavage? It's all yours.
Bradley, you were looking for me.
I'm sorry it took so long to respond to your letter.
Well, I know you're a busy man.
I gather you are too.
Your letter was dated April 23rd but you left Dr.
Vucelich's study in early February? - That's true.
- So it took three months to report on what you yourself called: "An alarming disregard for research study protocol"? Well, I was hesitant to make accusations against Dr.
I mean, a man of his stature- I believe that caution is warranted.
Let me return your letter to you now.
- These claims are accurate.
- Oh, I have no doubt.
Since they are reported in the addendum to Vucelich's study.
He's owning up to it? Apparently it was always intended to be part of the published article.
When did Dr.
Vucelich add the addendum? Before or after I sent the letter? I wouldn't be able to answer that.
- Feeling better? - Some.
What happened? - You were dehydrated.
- I couldn't keep anything down.
- Did your oncologist prescribe Compazine? - No.
- Did you tell him about your symptoms? - I tried, but he's pretty busy.
I called about the burns, and he never got back to me.
- Radiation burns.
- I thought it was supposed to happen but another woman in the waiting room says I shouldn't be getting burned.
- What's your oncologist's name again? - Dr.
Lyle Howard.
Look, my kids are at a neighbor's.
- Can they spend the night? - Yeah.
You're being admitted.
I'll stop back.
Mark, Susan just had an interesting case but I can't convince her to present it to the students.
- There's not much to present.
- Sure there is.
Have you all met my new student, John Carter? - You're doing a Pedes rotation? - Never too late.
- You're mighty chipper today.
- Yes, I am, thank you.
So I was trying to explain that Susan needs to think like a teacher.
Explain how she arrived at her diagnosis.
I don't know.
It just occurred to me he took too many pills.
It's freezing in here.
I'm trying to impress on Susan the importance of recognizing a good opportunity to augment her teaching files.
- How did the patient present? - Elderly man, late 70s.
Disoriented, short of breath, blurred vision Goddamn it.
Where are you? Susan? Susan, what do you think? I've got patients waiting.
I gotta get back to work.
Okay, buddy.
You're not feeling so great, huh? - What's his temperature? -103.
Okay, Carter, this is a good place for you to start.
Come and present your findings.
No problem.
I'm gonna listen to your chest.
Okay, take a deep breath for me.
Ross, someone named Karen called for you.
- Any message? - Confirming lunch.
So Karen's her name, huh? Where'd you meet? We have a mutual acquaintance.
Did you ever get ahold of that oncologist, Howard? His secretary said he'd be tied up all afternoon.
Where is he? Upstairs.
Number 701.
Mark? Do you have a second? This is Jennifer, my - Soon-to-be ex-wife.
- Hi.
You have a great soon-to-be ex-husband.
Excuse me.
Where is Jerry? Oh, he's off today.
- Something wrong? - No, I was just in town to see my lawyer.
You know, I don't know.
About an hour into the meeting I realized I'd spent $250.
It just seems so ridiculous.
We've been making decisions together for 15 years.
I just thought we could get together and cut to the chase.
My shift ends at 8.
I'll swing by then.
Now what? - Has anyone called for paramedics? Hello? My brother is shot.
This way.
Stay close.
Whore! One more word and your pal can bleed to death right where he is.
We're sorry.
Please! She's a nurse and she works every day saving your asses! - I'm okay, Shep.
- I wish you would've stayed in the rig.
I've spotted our customer.
Stand back, stand back! He's barely breathing.
Time to practice again, Reilly! - Got it! - Weak pulse.
I'm gonna start an IV.
My God, how many times was he shot? - Is he dying? Don't let him die.
- Step back! Just let me work! - Reilly, go get the board.
We need it.
- Got it.
All right.
IV's in, wide open.
You okay? Yeah, I'm good.
I'm good.
Back off! Take a deep breath.
You're doing fine.
- Help him, man! Come on! - You've got to step back! Help him! Come on, man, help him! Stay off! Hey, take it easy, man! Easy! - Hey, what happened? - He wouldn't back off.
- He's out cold.
- Good.
Maybe now I can work.
So that's your diagnosis.
The kid has the flu? Viral syndrome.
I prescribed fever-control measures and fluids.
A rash, conjunctivitis, swollen glands.
How long has he had the fever? His mom said about a week.
- Fever of unknown origin for seven days.
- Did I miss something? What color's his tongue? - Pink.
- Not strawberry? Maybe.
I'm not sure.
- Did you notice his chapped lips? - Yeah.
Give him an aspirin and order an echocardiogram.
- But you never give aspirin to a child.
- Unless he's diagnosed with Kawasaki's.
Kawasaki's Kawasaki's is a cluster of unremarkable symptoms that can lead to coronary aneurysm.
Fever, chapped lips and strawberry tongue are the tip-offs.
- Admit the boy to the Pedes unit.
- Right away.
Susan? I thought you went home at 4.
- What, and miss the big party? - Yeah, I just heard.
Certainly my choice for Resident of the Year.
- So you're not avoiding going home? - Well, there's that too.
Look, do you want to get a bite to eat later on or something? Damn, I just made plans.
- I can cancel.
- No, I'm fine.
- Tomorrow? - Yeah, sure, we'll see.
Dellanova, you're doing much better.
We're gonna admit you to CICU for follow-up.
Okay, I need your John Hancock on this.
- All these lines.
- Just the one marked "Patient.
" Your father said the overdose was an accident? - Oh, yes.
- The dosage was right there on the bottle.
My mom died a few months ago.
He misses her.
I've had to take over doing his bills, but that's just because he hates paperwork.
He always has.
He's not the suicidal type.
And does he need glasses for reading? - He's more of a TV-watcher.
- If you come with me - we'll get him admitted.
- Okay.
- Pop, I'll be right back, okay? - Bye, sweetheart.
All right.
Dellanova, do you know my name? I know I owe my life to you.
No, my name.
I'm wearing it.
Can you read this? Doctor something.
I can't make out the second part.
I'm Dr.
And you need to tell your daughter that you can't read.
It's nothing to be ashamed of.
I thought the clinic said something about twice a day.
I thought maybe it was two pills each time.
Medications can be tricky for a lot of reasons.
I never wanted my kids to know.
I wanted them to do school right.
And you raised a good daughter.
And now you should let her help you.
You want your kids not to be ashamed of you.
You have children, right? No.
No, I don't.
Excuse me, it's been a bad day.
- Stack it in the lounge, the cake too.
- What's this? Sparkling cider.
For some announcement thing.
- Dr.
Greene told me to put it there.
- Don't tell him I saw it.
All right, Carter, I'm going across the street for lunch.
And I'm late, so you page me if you need me.
And if you're wondering, you do still need me.
I know.
I will.
Got a twofer.
Adolescent male sprang a few leaks when one of his homeboys disapproved of his method of tying twisties on the baggies.
- Gurney two fell down, went boom.
- All right, I'm with Shep.
Carter, you take 2.
Haleh, you get Benton for me, please.
- Join you in a minute, Mr.
- Okay.
All right.
Start pumping the fluids.
Four units O-negative on the rapid infuser.
- BP's 40 palp.
- The kid's Swiss cheese.
- He's draining like a sieve.
- I'll start a central line.
Get a CBC, Chem-20 and chest films.
How old do you think this kid is? My guess is 14.
But look at the scars.
He's been around.
- V-fib! - All right, let's shock him.
No, hang on.
Move that.
- Excuse me.
- Just a second.
- Ross called me? - Trauma 1.
- Not responding.
Thoracotomy tray.
- Finally, Peter.
I'll check on Mr.
- Is that an entrance or exit wound? - At this point, who can tell? - Okay.
You want me to crack him? - Nope, I got it.
- There you go.
- Rib spreader.
- I'll break it for you.
What a mess.
Bullet must have nicked the aorta.
I need some suction here, please.
- Aorta's cross-clamped.
- He's in fib! Internal paddles! Squeeze another three units, please.
Hang on.
Give me 20.
Clear! Again.
30, charging.
Clear! We've got a rhythm.
Let's go! Shooting! Clear.
Okay, did you get an AP, a lateral and an open-mouth? Once he clears the C-spine, let's send him for a Panorex.
- No signs of respiratory distress.
- One million units Pen G.
I feel a deformity.
What did he hit his jaw on? A stone coffee table with a sharp edge.
Yeah, he fell right over backwards onto it.
He really didn't fall, did he? He was pushed.
I shoved him.
I was trying to tube his pal.
- You threw him across the room.
- I wish I had thrown him.
However he fell, he needs a head CT.
Let's call Maxillofacial, wire the jaw.
Well done, Mr.
Are you looking for someone? - Coming through! - Sorry.
Hey! Hi.
Sorry I'm late, I got held up.
- I think I'll wait outside.
- I'll be there in a minute.
- Oh, take your time.
- Yeah.
- Hey, Reilly? - What? - Don't ever pull that crap again.
- What are you talking about? You know what I mean! Too late for a lunch? I kind of lost my appetite.
I guess you didn't see anything in there that changed your opinion about hospitals.
Or doctors.
Hey, Doug, you haven't by any chance heard from your dad today, have you? No, I haven't.
Why? - I can't reach him in the Caymans.
- He'll turn up.
He always does.
Although sometimes it takes years.
You think that's funny? Yeah, he's got some of my hard-earned money with him.
A lot of money? Enough.
There's only one thing to do after a day like today.
- What's that? - What time do you get off? Boy, did I pick the wrong specialty.
- What's that? - Emergency medicine.
Damn radiation oncologists work a few hours, and then lock the doors at 10 to 5.
Those radiation oncologists sound pretty smart.
You're Dr.
Howard, aren't you? You're Mark Greene? Saw your name on the call sheet.
Didn't have time to get back.
I was calling about a patient of yours.
Loretta Sweet.
She's down in the ER.
She's hypovolemic with cystitis.
Yeah, that happens.
The ER sounds like the right place for her.
She seemed unprepared for the side effects.
If she complains again, I'll prescribe Compazine.
She tried to bring up a few things.
I think she feels overwhelmed and confused.
Don't they all? Maybe that should tell you something about how well you inform your patients.
- I give my patients plenty of information.
- She also has radiation burns.
- This a relative of yours? - Friend of the family.
Catch me during office hours, I'll review her chart.
- Trauma 2! You get the page? - What page? - Hicks is frantic.
Multiple trauma in 2! - I didn't get a page! She paged you half an hour ago.
Surprise! - Resident of the Year! - Congratulations.
Congratulations, Peter.
All right, Dr.
Benton! No, it's a prestige thing.
They'll never give it to an ER Resident.
Susan, there's a patient here that you're going to want to see.
- You're off.
You want me to get it? - No, I'm fine.
I won't deny it.
When Susan's on her game, she's good.
- I agree.
Focused and decisive.
- She was today.
I wish she was like that all the time.
She's not very adept at keeping her personal problems out of work.
Good night, all.
See you.
Peter? Congratulations, you deserved it.
I hate to run, but I got an appointment.
Good work, Peter.
I'm proud of you.
So give my best to Karen.
So, Peter, I have an intussusception in half an hour.
Care to join me? Sure.
I think I'll cash in on my 15 minutes' worth of fame.
You worked hard enough for it.
So did you nominate me? No, I believe that was Carl Vucelich.
So in case you thought I hadn't noticed, I had.
- I'm gonna miss you.
- Good.
You should.
- What is it? - Oh, man, I'm so pissed.
- What? - That Reilly.
Punk! He put in a freaking incident report against me! - What? - Yeah.
He said I used excessive force with that guy, that banger with the busted jaw.
He made it sound like I went off or something.
- The guy's supposed to be my partner.
- Why would he say that? He's green.
He was amped, we were all amped.
You saw it, I barely shoved that guy.
Come on, it's been a long day.
So we'll say every Wednesday, every other weekend and we'll rotate summers and holidays.
That should work.
It will include the stipulation that we have to stay in the Chicago, Milwaukee area until Rachel graduates from high school.
- Can you even imagine? - No.
That was easy.
So should we split up the stock portfolios? Sure.
I'll split a piece of pie with you.
You're on.
- Slice of rhubarb.
- All right.
- Two forks.
- Coming up.
- Why don't you wait over there? - Okay.
So, Mr.
Johnson, I hear you had a little accident.
Yeah, I cut my finger.
I was making a sandwich.
- The kitchen can be a dangerous place.
- It won't stop bleeding.
Cut the tip of your pinkie off.
We'll need to irrigate that.
- Are you right-handed, Mr.
Johnson? - Yeah.
Then how did you manage to cut the tip of your right pinkie off? - Yeah, wouldn't you cut your left hand? - I don't know.
And what about your other injury? Fell back on my chair and landed on the leg.
All right, you wanna lie back so I can look at that? Oh, yeah, that's one mean testicular contusion.
We'll do an ultrasound of his pelvis.
Immobilize his leg.
You're gonna need to lie very still.
So did you bring the tip of your finger in? We can graft it back on.
- No, I couldn't find it.
- Lost in the kitchen, huh? Well, it doesn't matter.
We can probably make this one fit.
Hey! Let me up! Let me up! - That was fun.
- Made my day.
I can't believe we just did that.
Me neither.
Oh, God! What am I going to tell Craig? You've handled that one before.
Is that what this was? Revenge? A parting shot? No, no, no.
It was just a bad idea.
Yes, it was.
This okay? Right here, okay? Well, I don't think we should sit until we dance.
No, no, no.
- Getting shy on me? - Shy? What, are you kidding me? I was gonna complain because it's not big enough out here.
Not big enough for you? Well, well.
Oh, God! That was a good one.
Well, am I right or am I right? Good way to end the day.
What day? Oh, yeah, you're so big.
You're such a big girl.
Aren't you, sweetie? Yeah.
Yeah, you're gonna go on a big, big, big trip.
- We're not gonna push too hard.
- She usually does okay in the car.
I love you, Suze.
Hurry and come visit.
Can you put her in the seat? Oh, no.
- Here we go, sweetie.
- Oh, no, sweet pea, don't cry.
- Watch her head.
- Yeah.
There you go.
- Oh, no.
- Oh, no, sweet pea, don't cry.
Yeah, it's okay.
Oh, my- Where's Mr.
B? - Who? - That ratty pink and blue bear.
I put him by the door.
She cannot ride without him.
- Did you pack it? - I don't know.
I know I left it by the door.
Where is B? Oh, yeah.
It's okay.
Yeah, we'll find him.
- Here.
Here, will this work? - No, it has to be the bear.
She can't sleep either.
Damn it! Okay, I'll go look upstairs.
Yeah, I'm still looking! It's okay, Susie! Goddamn it, Mr.
B! Where are you? Susie! Hey, Susie! It's okay! We found it! Yeah.
Yeah! Everything's gonna be okay now.
- There you go, yeah.
- Look.
We found it, sweetie.
No, no, you do it.
Here's Mr.
See? Come on.