ER s03e15 Episode Script

The Long Way Around

Previously on ER I gave him the wrong blood! - We should go out again.
- That's not a good idea.
- We may forego an investigation.
- I don't want any special favors.
- Intubate him.
- He doesn't want that.
- He'll die if we don't tube him.
- I should tell the Sun-Times myself.
- That it wasn't the sickout.
- Then what happens? I'll lose my job? We'll take good care of you.
Whenever you have an urge to date three women at once, snap it! Hello? Who's this? And why are you calling at 7 a.
? It's just a day off.
No big deal.
Yes, I usually do work Fridays.
Huh? Marshall Field's? No, no.
I've got enough sheets.
What? No, I've got a lot of stuff around the house to do.
No, I don't need your help.
Mom? Mom? Mom! I don't need your help, but thank you.
Go check out the sale, okay? Okay.
- Good morning, Leon.
- Good morning, Carol.
- I hate going to work when it's cold.
- I know what you mean.
- Hey, Leon! Hi, Miss Hathaway! - Slow down, Robert! I hate that he calls me "Miss Hathaway.
" It's a real crime when kids show respect.
- Have a good one.
Happy Valentine's Day! - I forgot! You too! - Hi.
- Hey.
Good morning.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
- Good morning, Mrs.
- Good morning.
- No dog cans.
The little biscuits.
- Okay, the little biscuits.
It's for my wife.
I think she has an ulcer.
- Which one should she take? - Sorry, I can't help you.
This one says four times a day.
This one, two times.
I just do the baked goods.
Know what I mean? Miss, can Just go now.
No problems.
I don't call anyone.
- The money! - Should've waited.
- Shut up! - I need more space for the muffins.
Hang on.
I'm not doing anything.
I'm not moving.
- Get them down! - Let's go! - What are you doing? - Get them down! Get down! Face down! You too! Go on! - Don't look at me! - James, let's just go.
Didn't you hear him? He said, "Get down!" So get down! - Okay, that's it.
Let's go.
- Stop right there, you bastards.
Come on.
Joseph, go back! - Anton! - Jesus! Come on! Anton! Please, he needs help! Please! - Police car down the street.
- God! - Don't just stand there! - Where's the back? Damn it! Where are the keys? - Give me the keys! - He needs help.
Just give us the keys.
Just give us the keys.
Leave him alone, you bastard! Leave him alone! - Duncan, I need help.
- Sure.
I'll get you some help.
Just give me a minute.
Everyone just stay where they are.
Got it? I don't want anyone moving or talking.
I want everyone to stay where they are.
- Anton! Anton! - Check out the guys on the floor.
Over there.
Two of them on the floor.
We should've waited until the customers left.
The welfare checks are out today.
People come in to cash them.
If we wait, we miss the money.
Oh, man! Jeez! - How many? - Just a couple so far.
- Get us some help! - Robert! - Get behind the freezer.
- I don't want anybody moving around! - Nobody's moving, right? - He needs a doctor! - Shut up! - Get behind the freezer.
- Shut up! - We've gotta go! - Shut up, I'm thinking! - Just listen to me.
Get behind those crates.
Crawl in behind those crates.
I wouldn't do that.
I just told him not to move.
Come here.
- Please! We need a doctor for him! - I said get over here! - I don't want to.
- You don't want to? - What the fly? - It's okay.
Come over here by me.
- Please! - Come on.
That's it.
Come on, it's okay.
Clear the area for emergency vehicles.
- Please! He needs help! - Shut your mouth! I need help here too! Duncan, would you shut her up? - Help us! Please! - Shut up! Lady, what are we supposed to do? Stop your yapping now! Wait! I'm a nurse.
And maybe I can help him, and then she'll be quiet.
- Won't you, Mrs.
Novotny? - This is a bit of luck.
A nurse! - Get her over here.
- What's your name? - Carol.
- Maybe you can help my cousin.
Her husband is worse off.
Take a look at my cousin first, or he'll be really pissed off.
Go on.
You go with her, Robert.
He's just a little boy.
He shouldn't see things like that.
No one should! Now go on.
You go with her.
Go on! - I think I'm gonna throw up.
- Don't look, Robert.
Robert, don't look.
You'll be fine.
- What's your name? - Don't point that at me.
- Stay over here! - Where am I gonna go? 7-Eleven? And no talking either! Over here! Please! Please! Please, someone! Please! - Duncan, don't go anywhere! - I won't! - Stay where I can see you.
- I'm not going.
The police's outside.
I need to take your pulse.
- Jesus! - I must take the pulse in your neck! - Should we get that? - Just let it ring.
Help us! - What's the matter with the old boy? - I'm fine.
- I think he hurt his wrist.
- God! You'd think I shot everyone.
You look fairly strong, but remember I've got the gun.
I'm not doing anything! - You should answer the phone.
- Please! We need a doctor for him! Get him some help! Please! - Please! - Maybe we should get that.
- I need a minute to think.
- Maybe it's not for you.
The wound's serious.
The bullet may have hit your kidney or spleen.
- Just stop the bleeding.
- We need a doctor.
We're not getting anyone.
Do it yourself! - I don't have the supplies! - Look around, got a whole store full.
- Okay.
- He stays with me.
Let her go.
She's looking for some stuff.
- Your friend - My cousin.
If he doesn't get to a hospital, he'll bleed to death.
Help him! Please! Get an ambulance.
Please help us! Please! Get an ambulance! Carol! Duncan, get something in front of the door.
You, come with me.
Go around there.
We're gonna move this over there, okay? - Kind of a heavy sucker, huh? - I just stocked it.
I love America! Everyone has a job here.
- You! Do you have a job? - Yeah.
I teach school.
- What? - I teach school.
First grade.
If you get them young, you can teach them right.
- I guess no one got to you, huh? - She has a mouth.
- Stop chatting! - Get down there! - This will stop it for now.
- Good.
I'll come back and change it in a while.
- Do you need me? - For what? - I'll just check on the old man.
- Whatever.
Pray for us sinners now.
Oh, Lord, blessed art Thou Mrs.
Novotny? Mrs.
Novotny, I need you! I'm gonna do five compressions in a row.
And on the fifth I want you to hold his nose and blow into his mouth.
- The cops are moving the cars back.
- One, two, three, four, five.
- I need help.
- She's helping.
- Why do they do that? - I don't know.
You're the American! I can't do this! I need medical supplies, IV fluid, monitors! - Shut her up! - Someone must do CPR.
- I can do it! - You don't move! - You sit there and say nothing.
- Listen, Duncan! You do not want this man to die.
Those cops consider that a much bigger deal.
Now, I need some help! Can you do this CPR thing? We just wanna know if everyone's a// right.
If anyone needs help.
Answer the phone - I got straws, but I couldn't find - Rubbing alcohol.
That's okay.
Get me any kind of liquor.
Grain alcohol is the strongest.
Does anyone need a doctor or other help? That's a// we need to know.
You got that? - We've gotta think what to tell them.
- Tell them anything.
We need you to talk with us.
Let us know what's going on.
- I should just keep going, right? - Yeah.
You can move back now, Mrs.
- You can move back now.
- Marita.
All right.
It's okay.
Robert, pour some on the straw.
- Robert! - I'll do it.
- We need to get out of here.
- I know.
I just need to think.
- You weren't thinking at all.
- So it's all my fault? It was your bloody idea! - Is that it? - Yeah.
He's breathing.
He's got a pulse.
Stop the compressions.
- Good.
That means you've got it.
- Quiet, I'm trying to listen.
- He's breathing, but he looks blue.
- He'll be fine.
We're gonna do this! - What is it? Is he all right? - I need an ice pick.
- By the freezer.
- I'll get it.
No, stay there.
I'll get the ice pick.
- I need a tiny straw.
This is too big.
- We don't have that.
- The cardboard juices have straws.
- Robert, get those! - Robert, now! - How long is this gonna take? Have you got someplace to go? I shot the man.
If he pops off, it's my ass.
Like I'm gonna get probation.
- Should I start again? - No.
We need to know how many people are there and if they're a// right.
Are you guys a// right? Get on the phone.
If you need help, we can work something out.
- What are we doing now? - He needs a chest tube.
- Do it.
- It's not what I do.
I'm a nurse.
We need supplies.
You've gotta send in a doctor.
- They'd love that chance.
- Please.
You have to help him.
Third, no, fifth intercostal neurovascular bundle above the rib.
Pour liquor on it, open the tampons and pull out the tube.
Cut me a piece of tape.
Give me the tampon.
All right, tape.
More tape.
Okay, blow into his trach tube.
We've lost his pulse.
- Should I start CPR? - No, I've got it.
- What's your name? - Angie.
I've got it from now, Angie.
Come on.
Come on! You can't do it, can you? Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Your cousin's losing more blood.
There's nothing I can do.
- We'll get out of this.
- Yeah, right.
- Shut up and keep dragging.
- I have to go to the bathroom.
- He goes nowhere.
- He's just a kid! You don't want him throwing up here.
It's okay.
There's no way out of the bathroom.
- Hey.
- Come on.
Guys, /isten to me.
I don't need to talk to both of you.
Just figure out who wants to get on the phone and start working with us.
Duncan, you've gotta help your cousin.
He's gotta get to a hospital.
And I have to go to one of your fine prisons.
They'll go easier on you.
You've never killed before.
- How do you know that? - You haven't, have you? Duncan, what the hell's taking so long? Come on.
You've got to start working with me.
Hey! It's me, Javier.
Quiet, quiet.
There's a door behind me, but it's locked.
- I've got a baseball bat.
- No! They'll shoot you.
Stay right there.
I'll try to get the keys.
Hang on! Don't move! - What are you gonna tell them? - I'll ask for a truck or a van.
- Tell them to send medical supplies.
- Like what? - What medical stuff do we need? - Don't be stupid.
Four units of O-negative blood, IVs, saline.
- So she'll fix me up and we'll leave? - Maybe! They'll send in the supplies with a cop.
Now look what you did! I don't like the big guy.
Tape him up.
- What? - Tape him up.
I don't like him.
- I don't like her moving around.
- She's trying to help.
- Put this on.
- Thanks.
This wouldn't be necessary if you hadn't shot the coffeepot.
- Don't talk back to them.
- Shoot the cold drinks next time.
- There won't be a next time! - What did I do? - You don't rob a shop with customers! - I was shot by the owner.
- You wouldn't listen! - Listen to you? - Where are the keys? - The keys? To the door off the storeroom.
Javier's hiding in there.
- He could get out.
- First shelf under the counter.
- I'll try to get there.
- Okay.
- What's taking that kid so long? - He's throwing up.
Give him a break! I want to talk to the hostages now! I want everyone to know - Don't they ever shut up? - We're a// gonna stay calm.
- We'// solve this quietly.
- You have a fracture dislocation.
I should reduce it, but that'll hurt.
Take a drink of that liquor.
I couldn't do that.
I'm an alcoholic.
- Can you get us some aspirin? - Yeah.
No, I can do it.
- Where are you going? - To get some aspirin.
I saw them over there.
- Try not to shoot it.
- Angie.
- Try not to shoot the aspirin.
- That's not funny.
Maybe the old man will toss up his Alka-Seltzer for some target practice? - Shut up.
- Shoot the row of dishwashing liquid.
- That's not funny! - Shoot the lights while you're at it.
- You can shoot - Wasn't my husband enough? He shot him here and here.
- Mrs.
- He could only bleed and bleed.
He couldn't move, he couldn't breathe, he couldn't talk.
He couldn't say goodbye.
He couldn't say how much he loved me.
I wanted to hear him say that just one more time! You see? I shot her old man! I killed her husband! And a good job I did too, before he shot you again.
You didn't thank me for that! Where's the flipping kid? - Wait a minute.
- He's been in there half my life! - Lf he's sick, he might need me.
- Yeah, whatever.
Hey, kid! Kid, are you still in there? Come out! You can't throw up forever! We're all eating free hot dogs.
Don't you want one? Stupid thing to say if he's chucking up.
You try.
Robert, come out now! It's me, Carol! - It's Miss Hathaway.
- Miss Hathaway? That's very sweet.
Come in.
It'// go a /ot easier on you.
We're gonna stay here Do you feel any better? Hm? That's good.
We can go back out now.
Duncan doesn't like me.
Well Duncan doesn't like any of us.
But you're gonna be okay.
- You don't know that.
- No, I don't.
There are a lot of police out there who are gonna come in here and help us.
Duncan will shoot them like he shot Mr.
He can't shoot them all.
- Are there 80 of them or something? - Or something.
What if they don't shoot at the same time? Then we'll have to duck.
- Why did you take your shoes off? - My feet were hot.
Put them back on so we can join the others, okay? I suppose you see a lot of dead people in your line of work.
- This is just the way it is.
- Yes.
- I guess you sort of get used to it.
- Not really.
Hey! There you go! Hey! What are you? - Robert, come out! Robert! - Duncan, what did you do? - Come here! - Get away from me! - You can't catch a kid? - You're not helping.
- I'm not coming out! - Leave him! Who cares? - Come out now! - Get away from me! - Come here! - Let go! - Don't hurt him! - I'm not gonna hurt him.
I'm just gonna kill him.
James, answer the fucking phone! You're coming with me.
Sit in the corner.
Get down and stay there! No.
Better still, I want you feeding quarters into that thing.
Both hands on it at all times! I'm gonna answer that phone! I wanna hear "ping, ping, ping" coming from this direction.
If I don't hear it, I'll probably turn around and shoot.
Okay? Ping, ping, ping! We all know I shot the coffeepot, so I'm not afraid of shooting this or anything in the way of this thing! Get down! Bread man, down! Miss Hathaway, tend to my poor cousin, James! He's so weak, he can't even pick up the phone.
What do you want? We're fine.
It's sweet of you to ask! We don't want anything except a van or a truck.
Or how about a tank? We don't need medical help.
Nurse Hathaway can handle it herself.
They don't think you can handle this.
They want to send in a doctor.
I think she resents the implications of that.
We all do.
Hey, come down from there! Get away from me! Leave me alone! Let go! Get away from me! There are dead cats up there.
Do you want dead cats in your face? Let go! Get away! Hey! Hey, hey.
- That's what I need you to do now.
- We need to start, Duncan.
- God, how long does that go on for? - I'm gonna start now, okay? - We know everyone's okay.
That's our only concern.
Robert's told them all about us by now.
"The Scottish one, he killed the old man burnt the teacher and stole my shoe.
" - What are we gonna do? - I don't know.
I need time to think.
He's bleeding badly.
I don't know how much time he has left if we don't get him to a hospital.
I can keep changing his bandages, but it's not gonna matter.
Shut up.
Don't talk to me like that.
I'm just trying to help him.
- Do you have any glue? - Yes, on the shelf behind the counter.
I know.
Ask for a chopper to fly us to a boat on Lake Michigan.
The lake is frozen.
- We'll get an ice sailing boat.
- I did that once a couple of winters ago up in Lake Geneva.
It was incredible.
- They're really fast, right? - 60 miles an hour.
- Felt like 100.
- They wouldn't catch us at that speed.
- We'd be home free.
- Sure, home free.
- What are you doing? - The cut's too deep, I can't close it.
- Unless you want needle and thread.
- No, glue's fine.
You weren't lying about his bleeding, were you? You have to give up now, Duncan.
Duncan, maybe we should go to that place you told me about.
- Fifth of something.
- Firth of Clyde.
- We can take a ferry.
- Yeah, to the island of Great Cumbrae.
And then sneak a boat to Little Cumbrae because it's privately owned.
You can get caught.
It's worth it if the sun's out and the Firth is blue.
The big, purple mountains of Arran jut up in the background.
- Sounds beautiful.
- I've never been there.
Never seen the Firth.
I should have pledged at Hogmanay to go to Little Cumbrae.
A clean break with the past.
A fresh start.
But I came to America instead to stay with my cousin.
My father thought I was crazy.
He works on the shipyards in Glasgow.
Thirty years loading on and off.
Got me the same job when I was 19.
I was laid off by 20.
It's a good job, but I wanted something else.
- I wanted to be something more.
- I have too.
- With all you can do? Why? - I don't know.
So then I end up in here.
Duncan Stuart comes to America, and one morning he comes in here.
- We just needed the money.
- But look what we got! Look! You're a bloody mess, and I don't know what to do.
- But you're all right.
- I'm not all right! I killed a man! I killed a man! Do you know what that feels like? Do you know what that feels like? - Do you? - I do.
I killed a man.
I gave him the wrong blood.
- You didn't mean to kill him.
- You didn't mean to kill Mr.
How many of those cops will care about that? It's all right, James.
I'll get us out of this somehow.
I have to think of something, I don't know what.
Maybe Robert had the right idea.
Maybe that's the way out if we stack the crates high enough to support the ceiling.
- Duncan, behind you! - Don't, Duncan! You already know what it feels like, but now you'll mean it.
Don't! - Don't! - Where were you? Where the hell were you?! Where were you?! - In the storeroom by the door.
- You're saying there's a door? Here! Just take them! Take the keys, Duncan.
We're gonna wait for him to get here because he wants to talk to you - Where does it go? - It's a fire escape.
The ladder leads up to the apartment building behind us.
- There's a building behind us? - You're coming with me.
Don't move your wrists.
You'll be fine.
- I hope it's you who'll be fine.
- James, I have to go.
There's a way out.
I have to go.
- I don't want to leave you, but - We should've waited.
They'll take good care of you.
I know they will.
Come on, let's go.
Go on.
We'll take the long way around.
We did it, Miss Hathaway.
We did it.
When we get to the end of the alley, I want you to let me go.
I wouldn't want you to slow me down.
Hold it right there.
Stop right there, please.
- Stop! Is that one of them? - Yes.
Don't run, Duncan! - Stop or I'll shoot! - Don't run! Call the paramedics! Unit 24-18.
I'm in the alley behind 3312 Wolcott.
I've got one offender down.
I need a wagon or an ambulance.
What about the other suspect? The other suspect! Internal bleeding.
He's still inside, probably passed out.
Second suspect is inside, possibly unconscious.
Come on! Get the paramedics! - Clear Trauma 2! - Are you all right? - Are you hurt? - Clear Trauma 2! Duncan Stuart.
Multiple GSW to chest and thigh.
Two liters saline in.
Gave high-dose epi for P.
James Roger.
Single entrance, lower abdomen.
Massive blood loss.
BP's 80/45.
Pulse is 144.
Good breath sounds bilaterally.
- Okay, on my count - On my count! One, two, three, go! Give me two more saline.
Four of O-neg up on the rapid infuser.
We've got spontaneous respiration.
Hold the CPR.
Okay, let's move him.
One, two, three.
- Where's Benton? - Appendectomy.
- He's got a pulse! - Morgenstern? He needs a surgeon.
I've got it.
Hang in there, okay? Think of all the beautiful places you told us about.
Think about the Firth of Clyde and Little Cumbrae.
- Hang in there.
You'll pull through.
- Are you all right? Yeah, I'm fine.
- We lost his pulse! - I'll intubate him.
5 ET tube.
- We need a portable chest.
- Two units in.
- Please.
- We need to tube.
I'm done.
Pulse ox's 85.
BP's 75/50.
- Sinus tach at 150.
Pulse thready.
- Cap refill's poor.
No exit wound.
Probably got the spleen.
Give him a gram of cefoxitin.
CBC, type and cross for six.
- Still no pulse.
- Low breath sounds on the right.
- He needs a chest tube.
- Haleh, take over! I'll do the Foley.
Malik, dip a urine for blood.
- Duncan needs a chest tube.
- Duncan? - The patient in 2.
- Doug can handle the tube.
- Who's the senior surgeon on call? - What are you doing here? - I'm trying to help.
- We've got it.
Take a break.
Call the O.
They can explore this guy up there.
- Get blood gas.
- Done! Get two units of O-neg on the rapid infuser! - Get an H and H and cross for A.
- You want type-specific? - Good idea.
- It's ordered.
Check the blood bank.
- Portable chest? - Ordered.
- Doug, can you take over CPR? - Yeah.
Carol, call Radiology! Carol! - Carol! - Let's go.
I've got it.
This is Hathaway in the ER.
I need a portable chest in Trauma 2.
- Asystole! - Let's crack him.
Got it? Let's go.
Get me a number 10 blade.
Rib spreader.
- Can you start internal compressions? - Amp of epi! - Two more units of O-neg, Satinsky! - Mg of atropine.
Give me suction.
Has anyone talked to Carol? How is she doing? Not well from the looks of it.
She ain't giving up her job.
- Is he gonna make it? - Probably.
It's just his spleen.
- How many units? - Four O-neg.
- Last epi? - Five mgs, 3 minutes ago.
Total of 8.
- How long has he been down? - 25 minutes.
Time of death: 13:48.
- Hey, Carol.
How are you? - Fine, Jerry.
- Where are the others? - The lady with the hand's in 2.
- The rest got transferred.
- Little boy, Robert, 10 years old? - I didn't hear anything about him.
- Thanks, Jer.
You have a partial thickness of second-degree burns.
I'll get some Thermazine salve and dressings.
Hey! You're okay now.
- You're okay.
- Yeah, I guess so.
- Are you all right? - Yeah, I'm fine.
- How are the others? - That bread guy, Lockhart, was fine.
Javier and Mr.
Duzak went to some other hospital.
- And Robert? - Robert He crawled back down the hole he crawled up in.
Not a scratch.
I didn't think I'd be this shaken.
- We got out all right, huh? - Yeah.
I'll just put some cream and dressings on your burns, and you'll be fine.
Hey! You really saved our lives in there.
None of us could have done that.
I'll see you around.
- Are you all right? - It's been a busy day, but - Hey, are you all right? - Yeah, I'm fine.
When we first heard you were in there, we didn't know what was happening.
Are you sure you're okay? Okay.
Doug, I'm sorry about what happened in there.
- I didn't mean it.
- It doesn't matter.
I'm just glad you're okay.
Jerry, could you take this? Carol! - Do you need anything? - No, thanks.
I'm fine.
We've missed you around here.
I've missed it too.
- I love my job, Kerry.
- I know.
- I'm going home.
- Good idea.