ER s03e17 Episode Script


Previously on ER This baby's gonna be fine.
Plenty to eat, clothes.
Worry about yourself.
Peter can't use your talents.
My team can.
- Why did you take it? - The MCATs? For me.
I just wanted to see if I was good enough.
- Daddy! - Hey, sweetheart.
You're a young doctor, learning, making mistakes, saving lives.
It takes a lifetime.
- I'm fine.
- I'm getting too old! Shaq on Jordan at the buzzer! Still got your sneakers on, doc? You had better be passing! All right! Time-out! Keep bonding, Mark.
I got it.
Malik, time to save a life.
- Hey, doc, do you want some of this? - Dad, what are you doing? - Busy night? - Thought the sun would never rise.
One more for the road.
Tearful and upset? That's her chief complaint? Mr.
Thomas here OD'd on his son's jimsonweed tea.
We'll need to send this to the lab.
- Jimsonweed? - Gotta keep up with the times.
- Anything else in it? - No.
When my dad comes down, he'll kill me.
- Nurse, it hurts when I do this.
- Then don't do it, Mr.
I always use my diaphragm.
I'm a total fanatic about it.
But Did you have unprotected sex in the last 72 hours? The girls at the dorm say you can take a quadruple dose of birth control the morning after, and it will keep you from getting pregnant.
Yes, it can work.
But it's not the best method of birth control.
It's just so weird.
My boyfriend will kill me.
Did he force you or threaten you? Maybe I'm having a nervous breakdown or something.
I can help you if you tell me what happened.
I had a few beers at this party last night.
I saw this guy, Mike, and I was going to give him a ride home.
And then I woke up in my car in a dorm parking lot.
My tights weren't up all the way.
And I don't know what happened.
- You don't remember? - No.
How well do you know Mike? - You're a hunky chunky one.
- What's wrong with this guy? Psychosis and hypersexuality are toxic effects of jimsonweed.
- Can't you give him something? - What does your dad do? - He's a malpractice attorney.
- Medical malpractice? Really? Have you ever seen anything so pretty? - It's not that pretty.
- Pretty as yours, doc? Hey! Come on! - Hey, Peter! Here you go.
- Light on Hick's service today? I'm covering the ER.
I don't know what these guys whine about.
ER's a cakewalk compared to Surgery.
Okay, how about a little O.
Versus ER? Loser takes the next gomer who comes in the door.
Squash is my game.
- He's kidding.
- Yes, he's kidding.
- Turkey, same stakes.
- Are there patients I can't handle? No, but one could tie you up the whole day.
All right.
Sky hook, left-handed, top of the key.
Your shot, Dr.
Leave her hair in the doll's mouth.
The doctors'll figure it out.
Sounds like one for you.
Or maybe for our young surgeon recently humiliated in hoops.
- I think I have a better one.
- Bring on your worst.
- Who made the tea? - Is there a butcher in the house? Mrs.
Chenovert, you need to stay in your room.
The room makes me jumpy.
I gotta get the chili fry out of my throat.
- I still need to finish her history.
- That's what they said at St.
- I took two buses to get here.
- The pulse is 130.
- Are you high on something? Crack? - Crack? Never! Why don't you let her finish and tell her what you're high on and then I have the perfect surgeon for you.
- What kind of surgeon? - A young one.
Private hospital turfed, that woman.
Can you imagine? Crackhead with abdominal pain.
What do you think? Oh, yes, Carter.
- Want some tea? - No, I'm cutting back on caffeine.
- I think its herbal.
- Don't drink that! - You don't want to go there.
- Hey, Sasquatch! See what I'm talking about? Your drug screen came back positive for roofies.
It knocks you out and causes amnesia.
- You mean he put it in my drink? - Unless you took tranquilizers.
Never! Oh, my God.
How could I have been so stupid? You weren't stupid.
You just trusted someone you shouldn't have.
So what's going to happen? We need to do a medical evaluation.
And we have to call the police.
But what if I'm wrong? I don't really know what happened.
I mean, when I woke up, I didn't know for sure that I had had sex.
- He may have used a condom.
- Then it's my word against his.
Let's finish your medical evaluation.
We might find some evidence.
Need some help here! Two GSWs.
Hope you're in the mood.
Bad drug deal.
Guy fired in a Fly Burger.
- Injuries? - Single GSW to left flank.
Vitals stable, good breath sounds, IV, saline TKO.
- Some guy shot me! - It's always some guy.
Doyle, get him into Trauma 2.
Malik! - Employee, 17, hit in the left chest.
- Check for weapons and needles.
Plus a through-and-through to the right deltoid.
BP's falling, 90/54.
Sinus tach at 120.
Two marks for IVS.
One liter of saline in.
This one is more critical.
Grab the portable from 2.
H and H.
Type and cross, 4 units.
Two units of O-neg just in case and portable chest.
- Something for the pain? Stand by with morphine.
Guess you need hazard pay for slinging burgers.
- Belly's tender.
Set up a lavage.
- Pulse ox is 92 on 15 liters.
He might have a peritoneal violation.
Give him oxygen.
- What have you got? - A cake for you to walk.
Exam 2.
I need a surgical consult on a lovely crackhead sent over courtesy of the St.
David's ER.
- That sounds like a dump.
- You lost fair and square.
- What about this guy? - Forget it, Carter.
It's gomer tag, and you're it.
- Where's Malik? - Calling Radiology.
- I was just standing there.
- Hold still.
- You're okay alone? - Yes.
He wasn't armed.
- I don't own a gun! - Call me if you need me.
- Can I help you? - I'm looking for my brother.
Visitors can't go in during a trauma.
Go to the desk.
Kenny! - Kenny, are you all right? - You have to wait outside.
- He's my brother! - You still have to go outside.
Cops won't let me past the tape, medics won't let me in the ambulance.
- Who capped you? - I don't know.
- Would you get him something? - They think I'm a gangbanger.
I haven't finished assessing him.
Please wait outside! Why're you swarming around this boy? My brother is dying! Nobody is dying anywhere.
Family members need to wait outside.
- You in charge? - Haleh, could you? Don't make no sister shoo me away.
Get your ass in there and fix him up! We treat the most critical patients first.
- Kenny's been shot.
- You're delaying his treatment.
- So why don't you wait outside? - You think he's a gangster! - We treat everybody the same.
- Same for the white boy? - Dr.
Greene, need you in here.
- Lydia, come with me.
- He bradied down, BP bottomed out.
- Give him anything? - No.
- Give me a 14 gauge.
- Pulse ox is 85.
- Lungs sounded okay.
He's got a tension pneumo.
- Get that portable in here! - What happened? You must constantly reassess a penetrating trauma.
- What's wrong with him? - BP is only 70 palp.
I'm gonna put in the chest tube.
You set me up with a 32 French.
- I told you he needed help! - He will be fine.
What's his name? - Kenny Law.
- The Southside basketball kid? - You've got to represent for him! - He was All-City point guard.
- Yo, black man! Are you a doctor? - Yes.
- You gotta take care of Kenny! - Guy's stable.
Go ahead.
Hey, you! Get off! Don't you touch him! - I need a new tray.
Call Security! - What's going on? I got a tension pneumo.
Trying to get the chest tube in.
- Let us do our jobs, okay? - Mg of atropine and a unit of O-neg.
- Hook up the Thora-Seal.
- Looks arterial.
Somebody call the O.
Tell them we're on our way.
- So after you choked on the chili fry? - Who said anything about choking? - You! - No, the burning started right after.
All right.
And the burning has lasted on and off for three weeks.
Babs? Where is your pain? Yeah? That's more like your chest.
You're so much nicer than that Dr.
I need to examine you.
I'll call St.
David's see if I can find the doctor who took care of you there.
You can leave your clothes on for now.
Take a deep breath.
And out.
- Hey, Kerry.
- Hey.
I called you last night.
- I was out with Greg.
- How's that going? Would you mind writing me a script for a new diaphragm? - It's going pretty well then.
- We haven't done anything.
I've got condoms.
I'll get a new diaphragm.
I'm carefully planning for a possible spontaneous moment.
- That's great, Jeanie.
- My viral load is down.
I'm not sure if I should expose Greg to HIV unless he's the one.
Not just because I'm Ionely and haven't had sex in a year and a half.
- I got one for you.
- I'll take it.
Woman, 61/2 months pregnant, rear-ended by a pickup truck.
No abdominal pain or cramping.
Refused IV.
- Main complaint is right ankle pain.
- Hi, I'm Jeanie Boulet.
I'm Carla Reece.
Girlfriend, I gotta pee.
This is Mr.
And Mrs.
Their son works at the Fly Burger.
- We heard he was shot.
- He's stable but needs surgery.
- Will he be okay? - I think so.
You can go in and see him before we take him to the O.
They get the red carpet escort while you call Security on me.
The patient is waiting for surgery.
He's not critical.
He was when you were letting Kenny bleed to death.
They were treated based on what we saw on initial exam.
What you saw.
Just another shot nigger's what you saw.
He's had a gram of cefoxatin, D.
And 5 of morphine.
BP's up, 110/70.
In English that means he's doing well.
There's been some internal bleeding.
We need your consent to do surgery.
- Of course.
- Was anyone else hurt? There was another young man.
We took him up to surgery.
I know this is hard.
He was at the wrong place at the wrong time.
Billy is always in the wrong place at the wrong time.
It doesn't matter how much we threaten or worry.
Our son is a crack dealer.
It's just a matter of time.
What? The black kid isn't a banger, and he isn't a dealer, and we assumed he was.
I didn't assume anything.
One was stable, the other wasn't.
- There it is.
- How can you tell? Semen glows in ultraviolet light.
We're gonna have to take a swab.
- Oh, my God! He raped me.
- I'm afraid he did.
I'm also gonna have to comb for a few hairs.
I could have VD or AIDS.
We'll give you antibiotics for sexually transmitted diseases.
- And you should be tested for AIDS.
- Oh, my God! I called Rita James.
She's a counselor who specializes in women in your situation.
If you don't tell the police about this, he'll do it to someone else.
The mixture of alcohol and roofies might kill his next victim.
- Will you stay with me? - Of course I will.
No, you saw her today.
Chili-fry indigestion.
I need her records faxed over.
Shouldn't cost you more than the bus token you gave her.
I need them now! You can't just dump people that don't have insurance.
Go, Johnny, go.
- Mark? - Hello.
This is Dan Ferkich.
He's Kenny's basketball coach.
Mark took care of Kenny.
Someone from Woodlawn Park must've got him.
- Settle down.
- Kenny's at the O.
- His brother went with him.
- Chris is on it? Good.
- Will he be all right by Saturday? - He was shot, coach.
- Damn, man! - We gotta call the guys.
- How can I check on how he's doing? - Go to the Surgical Waiting Room.
Someone there can inform you.
These guys have to wait here.
Okay, you stay here.
- Is that my baby's heartbeat? - Yes.
Good and strong.
- What a sweet sound.
- Yes, it is.
- Everything appears to be fine.
- Thank God! - How far along are you? - 61/2 months.
We'll have to monitor you for contractions.
We'll shield your baby, take an x-ray of that ankle and put some stitches in this arm.
Couldn't you just tape it together or something? I could Steri-Strip it, but you get a much better result with stitches.
The thing is, I hate needles.
You're planning on going through childbirth without an epidural? Honey, women were having babies long before doctors and needles.
- Why can't they come up? - We want to see him too.
Only immediate family are allowed on the surgical floor.
- They let coach come up.
- They shouldn't have.
I see what this is.
It's all right.
I hang with y'all here.
- How is Kenny doing? - Nobody knows.
That's because they don't tell you nothing around here.
- What's this? - The natives are restless.
- I heard that.
- It's an expression.
- They live here, they're natives.
- That's not what you meant.
Hold on.
Jerry, let's just knock off those kind of remarks.
The kids heard a rumor that Kenny was shot by a guy betting for the game.
- Was he shot over a basketball game? - Kids get shot over basketball shoes.
Maybe you should set them straight.
White kid was a drug dealer, right? It's not our job to spread rumors or to stop them.
It's confidential.
- The kids look pretty riled up.
- The police should handle it.
Daddy! Hey! Oh, girl! You're too big.
- Something wrong? - Mom had a stroke this morning.
- How is she? - She's in the ICU in Sarasota.
She's paralyzed on one side and can't talk.
Let's go in the lounge.
- Is there anything I can do? - No, thanks.
We're flying down this afternoon.
Rachel wanted to see you first.
- Will she be home by the weekend? - I don't think so, Mark.
She's gonna miss both school and soccer? Maybe that's not - I can't miss soccer! I'm the goalie! - I'll talk to the coach.
Why can't she stay with me? - How can you do that and work? - You do it.
I can take her to school.
Ruth can pick her up and keep her till I come home.
I want to stay here with Daddy.
I can handle it.
Gonna have to transect at the sternum.
I hear our patient is quite the basketball player.
- NBA material.
- Been busy in outpatient surgery? I've been busy all right.
Especially since I don't have an intern.
Well, Dr.
Carter asked to be transferred to my team.
You don't think I would poach him from you? No, of course not.
Not unless it was for his own good.
I finally got someone at St.
David's to fax me your records.
- What time you got? - Wasn't the doctor's name Smith? - No, that was my doctor from before.
- Was he a cardiologist? Heart doctor? I got a party to get to.
Maybe I should come back tomorrow.
I'd love to let you go, Babs but this EKG tells me that you should be here for a while.
She should be on a monitor.
O-2 and a Hep-Lock.
See if they got enough blood to do cardiac enzymes.
- Didn't they run those at St.
David's? - No.
They didn't notice the flipped T waves and the nonspecific ST changes.
- Is that bad? - It could be.
Or it could be the way your EKG always looks.
Smith ever tell you that you had heart trouble? You're nice.
- You're sure you're a surgeon? - Sometimes I wonder.
Here's your referral, antibiotic prescription and birth control pills.
I want you to take two now, and two in 12 hours.
If you don't get your period in three weeks, come in for a pregnancy test.
- Do you need any help getting home? - My boyfriend's here.
- Would you like me to speak to him? - No, I'm fine.
- Hey, weren't you off hours ago? - Yes.
You've been working a lot since you got back.
Are you okay? Yes, Doug, I'm fine.
I'm gonna go home and sleep all day.
- See you.
- Okay.
- Only a couple of mild contractions.
- Is that okay? Less than six an hour is okay.
Is this your first pregnancy? - Yes.
- Do you know your blood type? - It's A-negative.
- And who's your OB? - Dr.
That stings! - Sorry.
- When are you due? - June 15th.
I'm gonna be a caboose by then.
- You got any kids? - No, I don't.
You and your husband must be excited.
It's just me and the baby.
I'm fine with it.
The father would howl and try to chew his leg off like a trapped coyote.
- I know the type.
- Plenty of them around.
- They think they're God's gift.
- I definitely know the type.
- There they are.
Two wedding rings.
- He doesn't want Mom to get married.
It's normal at his age.
They should pass in a day or two.
You mean we gotta wait till he poops them out? Dr.
Weaver, we need you out here.
We got a handicapped guy jaywalking on Michigan.
" - Handicapped? - Is that wrong, ma'am? Back there's his wheelchair.
A car hit it, threw him 15 feet.
Head, right chest and shoulder trauma.
BP's 100/60.
Pulse is only 15.
GCS is 12.
- How do you say "handicapped"? - Person with a disability.
Okay, everybody, let's go.
- What's your name? - I'm breaking loose.
Pupils are sluggish.
Where are you injured? - Everywhere.
Get off me! - How much did you drink? A couple of beers.
- BP is 90/50, pulse is 60 and thready.
- He's high on something.
Cross-table C-spine, Chem-7, blood alcohol and tox screen.
- Do you want to pump him now? - No.
We roll him over if he vomits.
Don't put that snake on me! Swallow when you feel this at the back of your throat.
- What's that for? - I spoke with Dr.
- We gotta do a Kleinhauer-Betke test.
- You mean stick me with that needle? You have A-negative blood, so you're Rh-negative.
If the father is Rh-positive, the baby can be too.
That can cause a condition called erythroblastosis fetallis.
If this test is positive, we'll give you RhoGAM.
Time out.
What if the father has negative whatever? Then you don't need the test.
- I just don't think I can bother him.
- It's worth a phone call.
You ask for his blood type, not his love and support.
Yes, well.
He actually, he works here at this hospital.
- Which department? - He's a doctor.
- We have a lot of doctors.
- His name is Peter Benton.
So Dr.
Smith has never seen a patient named Chenovert? Okay, thank you.
Still busy with the chili-fry woman? You should work on your jump shot.
I'm trying to track down a cardiologist named Smith who saw her years ago.
Do you know how many Smiths there are? Hi, this is Dr.
John Carter from County General ER.
The group is getting big.
Can you ask them to go to the Waiting Room? - Is there a problem? - No, not a problem at all.
Dad, where have you been? - When's Ruth coming? - I need you to wait in the lounge.
- Dad! - Come on.
Is everything okay? I thought you were gonna draw me a picture.
Are you not taking care of Grandma because you and Mom are divorced? Of course not.
The doctor where Grandma lives is taking care of her just like I would take care of the doctor's family if they were here.
Mark, paramedics are pulling up with a GSW.
- What is a GSW? - I'll let you know when Ruth is here.
He's from Woodlawn Park.
He was shot coming out of practice.
- Can be payback for Kenny Law.
- Drive-by shooting.
Hit twice, left chest, right thigh.
BP's down to 60.
- Any witnesses? - Don't know.
O-2 at 15 liters.
Two large-bore IV's, a liter of saline.
- 7.
- I'll call Radiology for a portable.
- First unit of O-neg's in.
- Need any help? - Check the thigh wound.
- This guy's from Woodlawn Park? Yep.
He's the starting center.
- Babysitter.
Should she call back? - No, give me the phone.
Hi, can you pick up Rachel at the hospital? Left chest, right thigh.
How about tomorrow after school? - How many units do you want? - Six.
I'm in.
- BP's coming up.
- We have a handle on him now.
- Doyle, put in a chest tube.
- Sure.
- Is this payback for the other kid? - I have no idea.
Your tox screen came back positive for opiates, cocaine, benzos plus your alcohol level is three times the legal limit.
You gonna bust me on a WUI? "Wheeling under the influence"? - I'm just saying it's a lot of drugs.
- I'm a cripple, I'm in a lot of pain.
You got a T4 deficit from a gunshot wound two years ago? You the geek expert? You stick with your rehab? Are you getting physical therapy? I know it's a hard transition.
But nothing comes easy.
Not that crap.
You gotta rise above.
And for what? - So I can try out for gimp Olympics? - I wasn't thinking that far ahead.
- What about detox? - I'm not interested.
- Then you can get back in rehab.
- Just give me something for the pain! - There it is.
Bovie that one.
- How many units has he had? - Twelve.
Two are fresh frozen plasma.
- He'll never play basketball again.
He'll be lucky if he lives.
We're gonna have to resect this lung.
- Dr.
Benton, I need to talk to you.
- I'm in the middle of surgery.
- I need to talk to you in private.
- Can't it wait? I wouldn't have changed into scrubs if it could wait.
Go ahead.
We'll be okay for a few minutes.
- What is it? - Do you know your blood type? - No.
Why? - Carla Reece is in the ER.
- Is she okay? - She had a minor TC, ankle sprain.
She's Rh-negative and Coburn's worried about Rh incompatibility.
- What about a K-B? - She refuses.
Yeah, she's afraid of needles.
I need some of your blood for typing.
I can get somebody else to do it.
No, it's fine.
You can do it.
- Okay.
What about the locker room? - Yeah.
- Good breath sounds.
- Got this one under control.
He's drained about 300 cc's, but the bleeding's stopped.
Any word from the O.
On the other basketball casualty? - Kenny Law's still in surgery.
- Will they cancel the game? - Both teams lost a starter.
- Hope they do before more happens.
I'm waiting for the next kid to be wheeled in.
This guy's stable.
Haleh, call the O.
And get him transported.
- Hey.
- Family allowed to use this machine? - One in the Waiting Room is broken.
- How's your brother doing in Surgery? - I don't know.
- Do you want me to try to find out? You could do that.
I heard some information about the shooting that I didn't give you.
It was drug-related and involved the other victim.
- Your brother was a bystander.
- Okay.
The Woodlawn Park student was just shot in a drive-by.
- So? - There was no need for retaliation.
Are you accusing me for having that white boy shot? I told you in case you know someone who would think of revenge.
Who do you think you're talking to? You neither know my hood nor me.
I know about the gunshot victims that come in here every day.
- You think you know my life? - I see them die! And you think I can stop that? Little do you know.
That's not your brother who had his blood spilled and is lying on that table! You don't know a damn thing! Back off and stay out of my face.
I found Dr.
Yancy Smith.
I got him to dig out one of your old EKGs, and it was normal.
- Ducky.
- Maybe not so ducky.
A change in your EKG could signal a heart problem.
- All from chili fries? - A lifetime of chili fries, maybe? But I feel better.
And this thing is getting on my nerves.
You feel better because of the nitropatch.
Let the tech do her job.
I will come back and check on you after I've looked at your enzymes.
- Don't forget me.
- How could I? - Does she want me to come by? - She didn't say that.
- Did she say she didn't want that? - She didn't say that either.
I've gotta go scrub in again.
- Peter.
- Yes? - Thanks.
- Sure.
Ross? Collision at second base.
- You must have been hit hard.
- It's the All-Star League.
- You get punched in the eye? - He landed on me with his elbow.
Let's get orbital films on that eye.
And set me up for suturing.
- Still here.
- You on hold? I just called a Cardiology consult.
They're getting Babs' old records out.
- Babs? - Are you on with the O.
? Tell them we're still waiting to transport that kid from Woodlawn Park.
Okay, thanks.
We're still waiting for the transport of a GSW.
- Mark, I have a question for you.
- Just a second.
Malik, can you tell the Law family that there's still no word? Kenny's still in surgery.
They're in the Waiting Room.
- I know where they are.
- I want them to have an update.
There's this guy I want to get into Detox, but he's a hard sell.
He's defensive and doesn't want to ask for help.
Plus he's uninsured.
So he won't be admitted, and if he is, can't pay for it? That would be the "glass is half empty" viewpoint.
Just make sure we're not wasting a bed on somebody who isn't motivated.
- That is a hard sell.
- Kid in trauma is bradying down.
Carter, time to play surgeon.
Jerry, if that cardiologist comes, tell him I'm looking for him.
He was stable, waiting for O.
Blood started pouring out of his chest tube.
- Carter, help me crack him.
- Rib spreader.
- Suction's ready.
- Blood's here.
- Put two units on the rapid infuser.
- I'll incise the pericardium.
Look at that.
Bullet hole, right atrium.
- We won't be able to clamp it.
- No.
Too much tissue is blown away.
I'll tie in a Foley.
That way we'll get a tamponade and a blood port.
- Give it a try.
- 4.
0 Prolene and a unit of O-neg.
- Carter's on fire.
- He's better with his scalpel.
Yes, I know beds are tight.
But the patient's brush with death has given us a window of opportunity to No.
I assure you that Mr.
Brown is highly motivated to change.
I'll send him right up.
Thank you.
Now if you could just sell it to the patient.
- I'm seeing an idioventricular rhythm.
- Give me another mg of epi.
- Faint pulse.
- Let's get him ready to move up.
- What have you got? - Candidate for a pericardial patch thanks to your intern.
- How's the basketball player doing? - First guy we sent up.
- Died on the table 20 minutes ago.
Okay, let's move him.
- Sorry to keep you here all day.
- I've had a good day.
- Want to scrub in? - No, I have a surgical consult.
Slick piece of work.
- Thought you had forgotten us.
- I had an emergency.
How did you guys get hurt? Tommy broke up a double play.
The kid fell on top of him.
- X-rays look okay.
- That was a mugging, Plosay.
- That was a clean, hard slide.
- Three feet outside the base path? - Your kid elbowed mine on purpose.
- Can we talk outside? If he can't take a hit, he shouldn't be in the league! Excuse us, fellas.
You got great kids who want to play ball.
Let them keep it on the field.
All right, guys.
Let me see this eye.
Drop that thing down.
- Malik, can you join me? - What for? Kenny Law died.
I have to tell his family.
If you're scared, you should call Security.
I'm a nurse.
Law, word just came down from the O.
- It's not good news.
- What is it? The surgeons weren't able to repair the damage in time.
Is he dead? They were unable to save your brother's life.
- When did the contractions start? - Right before Dr.
Coburn came.
- This is far too early! - The father's blood type? No Rh incompatibility.
I'll give you an ultrasound after we stop your labor.
- IV drip of mag sulfate.
- No.
No IV! It's okay, Carla.
I'll do it.
Give me a pain shot! It's hard to get a person without insurance into the Detox Program.
- I don't care.
- Your chair's messed up.
- Give it 48 hours.
- No, I'm out of here.
- Should I write up an AMA form? - No.
I'll make you a deal.
Demerol 100, Phenergan 50.
It's yours if you check into Detox.
- Dr.
- Just give it a couple of days.
Give yourself a chance to get your life together.
- Are you trying to bribe me? - Do you want it? Okay.
Let's do it your way, doc.
Just give it a couple days.
Okay, Mr.
It's a deal.
I'll tell you everything I'm doing.
Just close your eyes and try to relax.
It's already a little numb.
I'll use some local anesthesia with bicarb.
Take some nice slow breaths and think of a place you would like to be.
Just let yourself float.
- Do you want to tell me where you are? - I can't.
It's X-rated.
Never mind, just keep it to yourself.
- Okay, it's in.
- It is? Really? Oh, girl, you've got the touch.
Are you sure you don't mind? If she doesn't eat before 6, she gets cranky.
- I'll be over as soon as I can.
- It's macaroni night at Magoo's.
- Is that all right by you? - Yes.
Remember, no dessert unless you eat one green vegetable.
I know.
My baby.
He was my baby.
- Why is that lady sad? - Her son died.
- Why did he die? - He was shot.
Did you take care of him like Grandma's doctor takes care of her? Sure he did.
Grandma is gonna be just fine.
Get out of here.
Go eat.
The last one to touch Magoo's door has to eat two green veggies.
I need your John Hancock.
When Kenny Law came in, do you think I made racist assumptions? Black folk see the world one way, white folk see it another.
All white people? When something happens, you say it's got nothing to do with race.
But for us, it's always got to do with race.
Can I have my pen back? Carter needs you, his patient's crashing.
The chili-fry lady.
- Let's get her in Trendelenburg.
- She's having multifocal PVCs.
- What's going on? - Echo showed cardiomyopathy with wall motion abnormality.
Enzymes confirmed acute MI.
- She was having a heart attack? - She was on her way to the Cath lab.
- I don't hear a BP.
- Lidocaine at a 100, IV push.
I lost the pulse.
Charge at 200.
Hands off! - Normal sinus rhythm.
- Check her BP.
Get a gas.
That was close.
BP's back.
100 systolic.
Fundal placenta, no abruption.
We're in good shape.
- Is it a boy or a girl? - I haven't seen a penis yet.
Are you still nauseated from the mag sulfate? Your contractions have stopped.
Biophysical profile? Four parameters: Breathing, tone, movement And amount of amniotic fluid.
Oh, hello, there it is.
Turtle sign.
- It's a boy.
- That little thing? - They grow.
- Not as much as they'd like to think.
I'm having a little boy! Acute MI.
And I thought she was a drugged-out gome.
It worked out okay in the end.
How do you feel, Babs? - What? - Not too great.
You'll be fine, thanks to Dr.
I never should have smoked that crack.
We've got the bleeding under control.
Pressure's holding at 90.
- I've dissected out the femorals.
- Not bad for some general surgeons.
We'll take it from here.
Arterial and venous cannula.
At least we saved one basketball player.
It was a pleasure working with you.
I know you have your heart set on a high-end specialty, Peter.
But I have an opening on my team for a good general surgeon.
Not flashy.
But we still have a lot of fun.
It's not ambition, Peter.
It's about healing people.
Let me know if you change your mind.
Hicks I'd be honored.
- Good.
- What? - You'll be working with Carter again.
He'll love it.
- Thought you'd gone home.
- Carter wants a rematch.
- Not now.
- The honor of ER is at stake.
Rachel's over at Doc's with Doyle.
I'll go and check on them.
Help me.
I can't take him by myself.
All right.
Ten minutes.
No more.
I called up the O.
About Kenny Law.
Whether my delaying diagnosis would've made a difference.
There was no way of knowing.
But you're right.
I do make assumptions about patients.
But I try to act the way I'd like the world to be, not the way it is.
Mark, you're the least cynical ER doc I know.
- Where are you going? - Home.
- You can't leave.
- I signed out.
They're expecting you up at Detox.
We made a deal! Well, never trust a junkie.
- He'll be back.
- Then the nurses will deal with him.
- He misses again.
- Scores.
- It's a lay-up.
- Malik.
Hey, come on.
You were right to call me on that.
A little two-on-two? - Come on! Let's finish them off.
- Come on, Malik.
Okay, let's play ball, man.
- Get down low.
- Let's go.
I broke his arm.
Good hands, Mark.
Let's go.