ER s03e20 Episode Script

Random Acts

Previously on ER This is Dr.
Fischer from Infectious Disease.
- Lf you wanna go, we need to leave.
- I don't think so.
You don't know a thing! So why don't you back off and stay out of my face? The truth is I'm really, really good at my job.
Why change that? - You never wanted this baby.
- I didn't say that.
Go home.
I don't need you doing me no damn favors.
Can I come in? Oh, my! On the dance floor again.
Thank you, bubbles.
Should I try a 1? Use a 3.
You got more control.
What did you get on the last hole? Five? Six.
- Make it 5.
Use your mulligan.
- That was 6 with my mulligan.
You gotta go to the driving range with me more often.
You don't car pool on Tuesdays, right? I think a car full of screaming over who's got shotgun is less aggravating than this.
Okay, hang on.
Straighten up your back.
Keep your head down.
I'll watch your ball.
You're on the fairway.
Wrong fairway, but you're in the fairway.
I think it's this whole doctor-golf clich Á that's really throwing me.
You can't fight it.
Play nine holes twice a week and 18 on the weekends.
You'll be in the low 80s by Labor Day.
Benton, I see you have a thymectomy scheduled.
Would you mind if I gave it to Dr.
Levin? Yes, I would.
Fecteau and Loesch are looking for a Resident to assist them.
- On a transplant? - A 35-year-old with lupus.
Her brother's donating a kidney.
You may like the opportunity.
Yes, I would.
Carter can scrub in on the thymectomy.
Unless, of course the transplant team could also use Dr.
Carter? Perhaps Dr.
Carter could assist the donor's team.
I'll ask.
Benton, thanks! It means a lot to me that you'd Carter, I'll see you up there, okay? Jeanie, it's after 7.
Oh, my God! - Did my alarm ring? - Every 10 minutes for the last hour.
- My 7:00 - Pills.
That's why I woke you.
I can't believe I overslept.
Here's some juice and toast to take with it.
You take AZT first, right? Then I can take my nine o'clocks on an empty stomach.
Thanks for letting me stay.
And for not asking why.
I didn't wanna be alone, or feel like calling anyone else.
I'm glad you called.
A minor meltdown, you know? I was doing great, then out of the blue, it snuck up on me.
I forget sometimes for a couple of hours.
- Then I remember.
- What's that? They're playing around with my meds.
The good news is if I start the day with this, I can work in my Oreos at bedtime.
You haven't outgrown the Oreos? Hell, no! Why are they adding meds? Is your viral load up? I'm fine.
I gotta be on the job in an hour.
You wanna walk to the El together? Al, how are you doing? You know.
It seems I'm resistant to something or other.
What about those new drugs? The nucleoside analogues? My docs are trying to get me into a trial study for those.
They only take 20 people.
Why didn't you tell me? It's not your problem.
I might be able to help.
I do know some doctors.
I didn't wanna bother you.
Maybe I can get you an interview.
Where's the study? At County.
Some docs who work in Infectious Disease are running it.
It's a hassle.
No, no.
It's a simple request.
- Are you sure? - No problem.
- Oh, my God! - I told you.
"She reached to hang his banana bag her breasts swelling under her uniform.
' His voice hoarse with desire.
'Call me Nurse Hallonan"'? Carly Hallonan.
That's you.
Read about the "gentle giant" at the desk.
You didn't mind he was Neanderthal? More brawn than brains.
A dude! - Who wrote this trash? - Randi.
It was under the desk.
Maybe Lydia.
She had a poem in Good Housekeeping once.
It was definitely written by a woman.
No man thinks like this.
Listen to this: "Witchcraft attracted her as a child when Zulu tribesmen on her father's preserve tried to heal her shriveled leg.
" - Weaver's in it? - You're cruel.
"Now she aimed her spells at fellow Attending, Martin Bean.
She nightly stirred and whispered in jealousy and, yes perhaps a perverted yearning.
" - Yikes! - We should be careful.
- People's feelings could get hurt.
- How many copies should I make? - A lot.
That LOL in Curtain 1 is still waiting.
I'll get it.
- Water cannot wash away prophecy.
- We'll still start with a shower.
Those who minister to the anointed must shun the flesh of pigs.
Refuse the carnal touch of any man.
No meat, no men.
I'm your woman.
And all we know will crumble unto dust Doyle, did you call Psych? - Don't play into their delusions.
- I told the truth.
The world is delusion! And truth shall rain upon thee with fists of thunder! - Okay, let's go take a bath.
- Rejoice, lost man.
Chaos is your destiny! - I am the prophet of evil.
- I'll be in Curtain Area 1.
I thought I was late.
You are.
Coburn's later.
How you doing? I'm glad to be out of the house.
How was the cab ride? I would've picked you up.
The cab ride was fine.
I'm fine, Peter.
And the Lamaze class? You rescheduled it? I did, but I won't need you to be there.
You're fired.
What do you mean? Peter, I cannot work with you.
The way you bark orders at me? "Twenty seconds! Blow!" Please! This baby's not gonna wanna come out.
Carla, look, I didn't make up the drills.
Well, I am planning on a birth, not a military maneuver.
Folks, I'm sorry but Dr.
Coburn's been called into delivery.
She'll be delayed at least another hour.
Damn! Peter, it's okay.
I know you're working.
I wanted to ask her about your iron supplement.
Go save a life.
I'll call you later, okay? Look at all the typos.
- You think I'd do something so sloppy? - Sorry.
I'm going to Rachel's school.
I'll be back before noon.
It's only in a couple inches of water.
He puts on his waders.
But you're still sitting sweet.
Two-under after 15.
Is Doug's fellowship in question again? He's angling an invite to play golf at Fair Oaks.
- Anspaugh's a member there.
- Dr.
Ross has gone to the dark side.
Help! I need help! - I'm looking for the ER.
- You found it.
My daughter's leg was cut with a saw.
She's bleeding.
I'm Dr.
Greene, come this way.
Tell Doyle to meet us in Trauma 1.
- I thought you were leaving.
- I am soon.
- It's not that bad.
- This is why girls shouldn't take shop.
- It was Jim Rentschler who did it.
- I'll take a look.
- I got your message.
- No need to come down.
My pleasure.
I called last night.
I got in late.
I need to ask a favor.
Kramer in the AIDS clinic is doing a trial study of nucleoside analogues.
Are they looking for subjects? Having trouble with your meds? No, I'm fine.
Knock wood.
That's a relief.
Wanna have dinner? I can't.
You'll tell me if I should stop asking.
I'd like to recommend someone for the trial.
I'll get your patient an interview and flag their file if they fit the protocol.
That's wonderful.
But it's not a patient.
Actually, it's my ex, Al.
I'll get him an interview today.
D Ábride.
Single layer closure with 4.
0 nylon.
Sounds right.
You're lucky it didn't cut deeper.
- Was she talking about stitches? - Right.
- You're in good hands with Dr.
- You're going someplace? - I'm not on duty.
- You're leaving us with a student? Dr.
Doyle is an intern.
Another Attending will consult with her if there are any problems.
I don't want an intern.
I don't want her to have a scar on her leg.
Am I gonna have a scar? - A small one.
- But I'm a majorette! Get a plastic surgeon here! We don't consult plastic surgeons for lacerations of this kind.
For God's sakes, don't stick us with a student! I'm an Emergency Medicine Resident.
- You're learning on the job, dear.
- This is a teaching facility.
If you wanna investigate a plastic surgeon on your own, that's your right.
Like I can afford that.
Doyle is fully qualified for this kind of repair.
- I'm running late, so I'm leaving now.
- You're not the only one leaving.
Alyssa, get your shoes on.
Her injury may mean nothing to you, but if it were your kid you'd make sure she got the best.
- Whatever you think, Mr.
- Great! Just walk away! - I owe you one, Kerry.
- Don't worry.
I got it.
Will this put me to sleep? No, this is just for IV access, Mr.
They won't start anesthesia until you get to O.
I was hoping I could see my sister before I went under.
It's a great thing you're doing, giving her a kidney.
She practically raised me.
Our family wasn't too interested.
Then she got lupus.
She's been through so much, with dialysis and all.
Hang on, this might be her.
Jean Twomey? Someone here wants to see you.
Oh, my God! He's gonna bug me until the last minute, isn't he? If I can.
Change of heart, crybaby? Of course not.
I already offered him my stereo in a trade.
A stereo for a kidney? You'll have to throw in the Jet Ski too.
As long as that settles it and I'm not beholden to my kid brother for the rest of my life.
Does this sound fair to you? Fair and square.
All right, it's a deal, then.
- You're going to be with my brother? - I sure am.
Well, take care of him.
He's a wimp.
Excuse me.
I'm looking for a head doctor.
Which one? Bald white guy with little glasses? Dr.
Greene's not here.
What do you need? A few weeks ago he took care of my brother.
Now I got this.
You'll have to take this to the 3rd floor, past reception, to the east wing.
They can help you there.
Thank you.
The secret to putting, since you didn't ask is to change your focus.
These machines are for idiots.
Anyone can sink the same shot over and over.
I'm getting hooked on this.
I think Randi has a hidden talent.
She says she didn't write it.
A nurse didn't write it.
Nurses go home too tired to write.
Maybe a doctor did.
The medicine's too cheesy.
She has got you down.
"The suave Resident cocked his head boyishly and winked.
A quick wink.
Almost a reflex.
She trembled, her resolve crumbling.
" Who's he winking at? My character, who's he winking at? A lot of these characters are just made up.
- There you are.
- How are you? I'm glad to see you're not swamped.
- I need your help.
- Absolutely.
- Do you mind? - No.
Here, go ahead.
I just got a phone call from a friend of mine.
Palmer of the railroad Palmers? Sure, yeah.
Damn it.
I know P.
From the club, of course.
He's a hell of a guy.
A 2 handicap.
- This floor must be sloped.
- Yeah.
It slopes.
Anyhow P.
Called from Hilton Head.
He's there with his missus.
Seems their little one stayed home with a nanny and took a spill.
Could be a fracture.
Their pediatrician's out of town.
He asked me for a referral.
- Have his nanny bring him.
- They're on their way.
There we go.
Right in the heart.
The parents are flying home now.
I promised them their son would get the best.
I'll take good care of him.
If you're interested, you couldn't ask for a better recommendation to Fair Oaks than P.
I hadn't thought of that.
Fair Oaks is one of the 25 best courses in the country.
Really? You could take me as your guest.
- You don't play golf.
- That's a good thing because they don't allow women.
Or blacks.
- Jews either.
- I think they changed that.
I'm pretty sure they changed that.
Chris Law.
My brother was Kenny.
I remember.
How are you? Not so good.
My mother got this yesterday.
A $ 19,000 bill from a hospital that killed her son.
My mother doesn't have insurance.
- I'm sure the billing department - Will make a payment schedule? They don't understand that my mother, who pays every bill, won't pay one penny of that.
She's not gonna pay because I'm telling her that it's a mistake.
You don't get bills from people who kill your child.
You don't pay people who lose his body between their morgue and a coroner so that you have to postpone a funeral for two days.
I'm sorry.
I had no idea that happened.
Nobody has any idea.
But you tell them that she doesn't get another piece of mail from this hospital unless it's an apology.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
I'm not threatening to sue.
I'm sure you have a department for that too.
But if my mother gets another bill from this hospital maybe I'm gonna kick some ass.
Maybe I'll start with yours.
I'd report it to Security.
He was blowing off steam.
He had a good point.
The morgue did mix up the body transfer.
- How's Rachel? - Good news.
She's Marco Polo in the school play.
- Save me a seat.
- There's no chocolate chip.
Aren't you with me? Lydia is.
One RN per collarbone, even for the country club set.
- Who gets the VIP treatment? - I get yogurt for kids who wait.
All right.
Got some chocolate yogurt for the big guy with the sore clavicle.
- Thank you very much.
- You're very welcome.
You wanna see why it hurts? Here.
Hop down.
Will you get ice and a sling, Lydia? Be right back.
There's his anomalous left renal vein posterior to the aorta.
Can you see that, Dr.
Carter? We're standing by.
Houston, do you read me? Loud and clear.
This is very cool.
Our first time on intercom.
We usually have a nurse running back and forth between donor and recipient.
- Ready for countdown, Fin? - Ready and waiting.
Clock starts.
Why does it become interesting now, Dr.
Carter? You want to monitor your ischemic time.
I'm lifting the kidney out.
Basin, please.
Ever pass the baton in a relay? I ran the 440 in high school.
Perfuse it.
That's it.
Well, Dr.
Carter don't get lost.
Carter's bringing the kidney your way.
Oh, my God! Problem, Dr.
Benton? No, not at all.
Somebody wanna sign for this? What's your name? John Carter.
Why don't you scrub in? You can join us for the second act.
Do you see this line right here? Come here.
Take a look.
See that? You know what that is? That is your first broken bone.
You're officially a man.
I let him talk me out of bringing him last night.
- He said it didn't hurt.
- He's such a tough guy.
He didn't wanna get in trouble.
He shouldn't be out after dark.
It's tough to stay in when it's this warm.
My mom says I'll get hurt.
- She does? What does your dad say? - I'm a klutz.
- He does? - He gets a lot of bumps and scrapes.
His father's quite an athlete, you know? Do you fall down a lot? I'm not supposed to let him run around without watching.
Let's play a game.
I'll cover my eye.
You do the same.
You cover your own eye.
Tell me if you can see my finger.
Tell me when you see it.
Don't look.
Look straight ahead.
Cover your eye.
- See it? - I see it.
Let's try the other eye, okay? So you found it, huh? - I did.
- How much have you read? I got past the part where the "alpha-bitch Attending" goes to a faith healer to cure her limp.
The seduction scene after that is really hot.
I don't think whoever wrote it was being mean.
It's a tongue-in-cheek romance.
You gotta take it that way.
- Sounds like you got into it.
- It's a hoot.
I think it's meant to be.
Kerry, you wrote it.
- I did not.
- You did too.
Why waste my time? For the money.
There's a big market for this kind of thing.
- Too bad I didn't write it.
- Hey, somebody! I need help now! - Is this the ALOC 57 called in? - He had a stroke.
- Why aren't you in uniform? - Day off.
It's okay, Gramps.
You'll be okay.
- Take it easy, Pam.
- He had a stroke.
I know it.
We had stroke training last week.
I did the SAS test.
- Slow down.
- He's got one-sided weakness.
I went to take him shopping.
I always go on my day off.
Give me the bullet.
ALOC, slurred speech.
- Loss of motion on left side.
- He's never sick.
- Vitals? - BP 175 over 100.
I didn't have a cuff.
Pulse was 140.
- When did you find him? - 20 minutes ago.
We were closer to Mercy, but Pam insisted on coming here.
I knew you'd set up a stroke treatment program.
Call Dr.
- How's the time, Dr.
Carter? - You're at 43 minutes.
And anastomosis is completed.
Benton, why don't you move the DeBakey clamps? Can everybody see in here? It's pinking up.
Look at that.
That's what I live for.
The sight of urine flowing.
We got trouble in here.
- What? - Donor's hemorrhaging.
He's tachycardic.
Sounds like a tie slipped.
- Renal artery? - That'd be my guess.
Let's open him up.
He's losing blood fast.
Get me a tonsil clamp.
Let's stay in the game.
We gotta close here.
That ophthalmologist has messages.
- He's finishing up.
- Opthamologist? You're giving him the million-dollar workup.
What do you mean? If you're a Palmer, you get the full treatment here.
Would I put a kid through unnecessary tests to impress his family? I guess not.
Retinitis pigmentosa.
He's going blind.
- I was afraid of that.
- Getting hurt at night? His parents will want to hear the options.
Possible brain attack? Yes.
This is Paramedic Olbes' grandfather.
Let's get a CBC, PT, PTT, platelet count fibrinogen, type and cross 4 units.
Team's on alert.
Malik, record the BP.
Stick of glucose.
Alert Radiology that we're coming in for a noncontrast head CT.
BP's 185 over 110.
IV labetalol 15 mgs.
Sir, do you know where you are? - Can you help him? - What's his name? Everybody calls him Gramps.
Gramps, can you tell me what happened? Sir, can you squeeze my hand? Can you squeeze? - Did he complain of headaches? - No.
I talked to him last night.
Nausea? Vomiting? Is your grandfather on any medications? - Does he take aspirin? - No.
He hates pills.
Are you gonna give him TPA? That's what he needs, right? We're trying to assess that.
Do you know when the symptoms began? Do you know anybody who might? Maybe his neighbor.
They walk together in the morning.
Can you give him a call? Go! Go.
- CT's ready for us.
- All right.
Let's get him upstairs.
I was afraid of this with the stroke team.
People heard of a miracle cure.
They don't understand the risks.
I understand the risks.
I've seen patients hemorrhage with TPA.
It's no cure-all.
That's why we follow protocol.
The results aren't convincing.
I understand you have reservations.
That's why I'm on the team and you're not.
But if she can't clarify the onset of symptoms I'd be a fool to give TPA.
It's just an interview.
They'll ask me a bunch of nosy questions.
They have to be sure they have reliable candidates.
That's what makes me nervous.
I don't deserve this help.
Everyone deserves help from their friends.
Friends, huh? It reminds me of when we first met before we even started dating.
We were never friends.
I always had my eye on you, wondering when I'd make my move.
See? You're a good liar.
You'll do fine on the interview.
CT confirms an ischemic stroke.
Gramps' neighbor verified that he had no symptoms two hours ago.
So he's easily within the If you're looking for my blessing on this, forget it.
I was hoping you'd talk to Olbes.
She's heard from the neurologist and from me that we think her grandfather is a candidate for TPA.
I'd like her to hear the risks from you.
I happen to believe that he'll respond to thrombolysis.
But if I'm wrong, he could die.
She needs to hear that clearly.
You want me to tell her? Who better than a respected colleague on the other side of the fence? - I suspect you won't soft-pedal it.
- I won't.
Thank you.
How's he doing? It looks like they got the bleeding under control.
They're closing.
This is a first.
Usually he's had a shower before I get finished.
Would you gentlemen care to join us for the postgame wrap-up? We find that debriefing can be useful when there's been a complication.
We'd be honored.
You had a call from Carla Reece.
Would you like the number? - I got it.
Carter, you coming? - Shirley? Can you call Recovery? Ask them to page me when Jean Twomey wakes up? Sure.
Kramer, I was wondering if I could interview this candidate.
Al Boulet? You know him? I'm familiar with his treatment.
I'm curious to see what he's like.
Be my guest.
I'm Dr.
Thanks for taking the time to fill out all these forms.
I thought I was meeting a Dr.
I'm helping him out.
All the information looks complete.
You mentioned some slip-ups with your drug regimen in the past.
So many pills to keep track of.
I've got it under control now.
- You began treatment a year ago? - Right.
You contracted AIDS through? Heterosexual contact, I guess.
I mean, since I never shot up or had sex with a guy.
You couldn't identify the partner who infected you? I contacted all the women I could to let them know.
No one had any prior infection.
But it was a lot of years and a lot of women.
- Now you live alone? - Right.
That factor mitigates against your inclusion in the trial.
Participants must adhere to a strict regimen.
Participants should have someone to back them up.
I'm sure I can handle it.
And I have backup.
My ex-wife is around off and on.
- Off and on? - A lot, recently.
I mean, she's kind of back in my life.
Stays over and all.
She's a physician assistant.
She'll keep on me.
Make me stick to it.
I see.
Once Jeanie takes something on, she doesn't mess around.
Ten mgs TPA over one minute.
Follow with 50 milligrams over the next hour.
For a total dosage of 60 mgs.
Monitor his vital signs and maintain a diastolic of under 110.
Now we wait? Now we wait.
In retrospect, studying Mr.
Twomey's renal angiogram we might have predicted a problem.
With the angiogram and a crystal ball, maybe.
Look at the short renal vein.
Do you appreciate that, Dr.
Benton? - I think he's being hard on himself.
- How did we do on ischemic time? - We can do better.
- Lf you weren't so chintzy with the ureter.
Give me something to work with.
Let's go step by step.
I lost time dividing the vein.
Our biggest deviation was anastomosis 21 minutes.
What are you saying? She denied it, but I could tell it was true.
I bet she wrote it on that free time.
When she was on suspension.
Did you get that history from the abdominal pain in Exam 2? - What? - You little slut.
I see you in a whole new light.
We know you wrote it.
I didn't write it.
You ought to be proud of it.
Kerry, did you tell She wrote the book.
Nice try.
- I'd make myself the villain? - I knew it was you.
I didn't do it! - You thought it was Jeanie.
- Or Carol.
I knew it was an incurable romantic who was warped.
I'm not warped.
This is cool.
Watch it.
The big spinout, baby! Hit the button.
Hit the "down" button.
Hop off.
I know you've been given a lot of information.
This is a tough time.
There are a lot of new interventions.
's doctor will be able to fill you in on those.
- I like Dr.
- We all do, sweetie.
I like you too.
Make sure you keep these glasses on.
Okay? Where's your sweater? I know where I left it.
Let's get that sweater.
One thing to be careful about is that he doesn't feel like he's been bad.
Sometimes kids with RP feel like it's their fault.
We'll be careful of that.
- Thank you, doctor.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Bye, you guys.
See you.
No holding you back.
Some people think of RP as looking through a telescope.
- I owe you an apology.
- Forget it.
I have no reason to question your integrity.
As a doctor, at least.
Everything's so glib with you these days.
I don't know what matters to you.
- Me, either.
- Great job, Carol.
- Did you know she wrote the book? - Are you kidding? She stole the idea from me.
I did not write the damn book! Welcome back.
You're doing well.
Why isn't Carl here? Nobody will tell me anything.
- He's still under anesthesia.
- Why? - What went wrong? - Your brother's fine.
There were some complications, some bleeding.
They had to open him again.
I was afraid of something like this.
He's stabilized.
He's fine.
I wouldn't tell you if it wasn't true.
I'll see if they can move him here with you.
I'll stay with him until he wakes up.
- Any response? - Not yet.
- Seen Dr.
Greene? - You just missed him.
Ross? I'd like you to meet a new Resident, Anna Del Amico.
- This is our Pedes Fellow.
- My pleasure.
So you're starting early? I'm doing a Pedes elective before my Residency starts.
We always welcome slave labor in Pedes.
I'll show you around.
Del Amico is a pediatrician.
She's double-boarding in Emergency Medicine.
What we need around here, more overachievers.
There you are.
Can you believe it? I'm getting out of here on time.
Al qualifies for the trial.
He should read over this, then pick up his meds.
Shouldn't you tell him? We left a message, but I figured you'd probably see him first.
Greg, what's going on? I've been asking myself that for the last two months.
I thought I was honest with you.
That I understood the reasons you'd be hesitant about getting involved.
I guess I missed one.
You're still involved with your ex-husband.
After how he treated you, he still uses you to get him meds.
- He didn't manipulate me.
- But you do still love him? I don't know.
- Dr.
Greene, can I ask you something? - Sure.
Did you ever think Carol Hathaway might be interested in me at all? Did you ever pick up on anything? No, I can't say that I have.
- Have you read her book? - What book? Carol wrote a book.
There's some parts about me that are pretty flattering.
Did she say anything about me? It seems a little amateurish.
- I was impressed.
- I didn't read much.
A few pages.
You gotta give it a chance.
Didn't you think Carol's book was pretty decent? The part I read was racist.
Don't tell Carol I said that.
- You didn't like the Latina nurse? - It wasn't real.
I didn't think the ethnic characters were handled any differently.
Have you seen Mark? Gramps' blood pressure is going up.
That's a good sign.
No, I was looking for him too.
Look who's here.
You did it.
You did it.
Okay, no fighting.
I did it.
Carter? They're doing really well.
- Where did you go? - To make sure they saw each other.
Two of the best transplant surgeons let us look over their shoulders debriefing on the most fascinating procedure we've participated in and you just get up and leave.
I promised the sister.
I knew she'd be worried.
Is that a problem? I don't know.
Another message from Carla Reece.
- It's okay.
I got her machine.
- She left an extension.
OB, I think.
Will you take Dr.
Del Amico back? I'm intimidated enough already.
- Anna, please.
- All right, Anna.
Did you find a place yet? I don't know Chicago.
I thought I'd look this weekend.
- Hey, guys! - Oh, my God! - It's Mark! - What happened? Stabilize his neck.
- Where do I find a C-collar? - I'll get it.
Help Doug.
Hold his neck.
In-line stabilization.
I got it.
- Good breath sounds.
- Is he an ER doc? Attending.
Give me the collar, please! - Get the board ready.
- Slowly, slowly, slowly.
Here we go.
We'll roll him.
- Easy.
- First roll him towards me.
Let's roll him.
- Slide the board in.
- Be gentle.
That's fine, right there.
Okay, roll him back.
Go, roll.
You're gonna be okay.
Now hang in there.
Let's get him monitored.
Cross-table C-spine, chest CBC, type and hold.
On my count we'll lift him.
Nice and gentle.
Real slow.
All right, Malik? One, two three.
Alert CT.
- He's vomiting.
Watch for aspirations.
- Let's roll him! What's going on? Oh, my God! Mark! Pulse is 120.
Resps 24.
BP's 100 over 60.
- What happened? - We need to put on a mask.
- 15 liters.
- We need to rule out pneumothorax.
Chuny, aren't you with the stroke team? Go back to your patient.
Go on! - Come on! - Now! Get back there.
Pupils are round and sluggish, react to light.
Possible hyphema.
DTR's 2-plus, bilaterally.
- Babinski's negative.
- Radiology's on the way.
Oh, my God, it's true! - We got crunchy ribs here.
- I'll get the bleeding under control.
- Who are you? - New Resident.
Guarding and tenderness.
Abdominal CT? You bet.
Give him the works.
Come on! She was in my office when the contractions started.
Her membrane hasn't ruptured, and the baby isn't in distress.
- Is she dilated? - Two centimeters.
I admitted her.
I put her on bed rest.
With luck, we can keep her from going into labor.
- Thank you, Dr.
- You're welcome.
Coburn said they stopped the contractions.
You mind if I sit? You pretty much have to stay like this? Exactly like this.
For eight weeks.
Can I get you anything? No, just sit there.
And entertain me.
Never mind.
What? You know, I was wondering about it I think I know when this baby was conceived.
Me too.
Really? Oh, yeah.
You remember that morning? Seems like a long time ago.
Yeah, it does.
Possible side effects: Bloating, nausea, sustained diarrhea Stop reading that.
I don't have a single vice left.
Forget beer.
Sometimes I'd double my viral load for a glass of milk.
I don't mind the soy stuff.
Well, you were always a pushover.
Yes, I was.
And I took it for granted.
You know what I miss most about us? Hearing you laugh.
The sound of you laughing in the dark.
We both took a lot for granted.
I don't take anything for granted anymore.
I'd better go.
Or stay on the couch if you want.
I don't wanna stay on the couch.
Then you better go.
- I'll stay on the couch.
- Me too.
- Wait.
Can you stay right there? - I doubt it.
I'll be right back.
I don't have a condom that's not over a year old.
And I have to have one, right? You're right.
I could have a different strain than you.
And we need to be safe.
I'll be two minutes.
Will you wait? I'll try.
That's it.
That's what I missed.
CT's negative.
He was lucky.
Gotta get Ortho to look at that hand.
- I'll see what's keeping him.
- Any change? And nobody saw anything? I told the cops that basketball player's brother was around.
A psych guy threatened Dr.
Greene this morning.
The cops will want to hear about that.
The kid with the allergic reaction is in Exam 2.
- I'll take it.
- You don't have to do that.
- Can you rustle me up a lab coat? - I'll find you one.
It's usually not this crazy here.
Not a problem.
Can you check this out? I'll be back.
Keep working, people.
We still got an ER to run.
- What about Rachel? - The sitter's gonna keep her tonight.
He had a response a few minutes ago.
His speech is coming back.
Something is wrong.
Yeah, Gramps.
You had a stroke.
You're gonna be better now.
I couldn't do that He's being admitted upstairs.
I guess Dr.
Greene made the right call.
I want to thank him.
I'll tell him for you.
He'll be very pleased.
- GCS is still 13.
- I know.
You just checked 10 minutes ago.
- How's his IV rate? - Fine.
- Don't want to overhydrate.
- I cut it back.
You have him on 80 cc's an hour.
He weighs about 80 kilos Why don't you find out what's keeping Ortho? I'm bugging you that much? - I guess I'll call Ortho.
- That's a good idea.
He's back.
Hey, Mark.
You're gonna be fine.
Hi, buddy.
What happened? You got beat up.
But you're okay.
You got bruised ribs and a concussion.
Midshaft fractures and two metacarpals.
Other than that, you're fine.
I signed you up for a double Saturday.
What happened?