ER s04e01 Episode Script


ER Previously on ER Son of a bitch! I can be a competent surgeon.
I can learn the techniques, the mechanics.
But I'll never be a great surgeon.
I'm not writing you that prescription for the Percodan.
You need help.
I'm fine.
Your baby was deprived of oxygen in the womb.
So there's always the possibility that there could be brain damage.
¡Back off! ¡Shut up! ¡Shut up! ¡Shut up! "Ambush" - Can we get this in one night? - We have to.
- Change batteries in the Lavaliers.
- He's getting more nine-volts.
- It's got that smell.
- Rob, white balance that.
Tony did it.
And he laid down bars and tones.
Why do all hospitals have this smell? - Pork buns? Who went for food? - I brought it.
- Thanks a lot.
- Camera mount in Trauma is keystoning.
Hasn't been leveled yet.
Let's get ready to shoot.
Everybody on the same page? Worried about that iris? - It's fine.
- The tapes are numbered.
Stuart and I will stick to the doctor.
Luis and Rob, follow our lead.
Okay? This is still breaking up.
We don't get a second chance here.
- I hate hospitals.
- Is Dr.
Greene here? I haven't seen him.
- Are you set in the lounge? - Just need tapes.
- Where's the battery charger? - It's in the X-ray room.
Trim RF six.
It's too hot.
What is that? Oh, you know.
It's backup footage.
Workplace stuff.
Cubbies still losing? I haven't been watching.
We put up other stationary cameras at the desk - and in that yellow room.
- Trauma 1? High-traffic areas.
Get some wide angles to cut with for pace, variety.
We just leave them running.
Get what we get.
It's on? By the end of the day, you'll forget we're here.
See you.
Excuse me.
We'll start with him coming on.
Too late.
He's already in Trauma.
- He's the one with the glasses.
- I remember.
Gave him 400 mgs of morphine in the field.
- How bad does the goal post look? - I scored.
Let's order pre-op labs.
CBC, type and screen, left lower extremity film.
- Ancef? - One gram IV piggyback and 100 of gentamicin.
- I really broke it, huh? - No varsity this fall.
- Varsity? I'm 24 years old.
- You're 24? - Guess I don't need a pediatrician.
- You'll be carded till you're 40.
- You mind staying? - You need me? I just wanna get Dr.
Greene discussing the orders.
- You need the back of my head.
- Yeah.
Greene, how's that pulse? Distal pulses are two plus and equal.
No arterial injury.
Good evening.
Carter, you're early.
Open fracture? - You need me? - Yes, actually.
I'm sick of assisting Dr.
Welby here.
Why don't you finish the history? You have pain anywhere besides your leg? I kind of jammed my stomach.
Got any allergies? Just hay fever.
Anything for me? Oh, this is today? - Don't look in the lens.
- Right.
- Possible surgical belly.
- You're still here? Thirty-six hours.
We're short a surgeon.
Belly's benign.
Call Ortho.
How's it going? Pissed off about losing you? We haven't talked.
When was your last meal? I ate lunch around 1.
- Cimetidine, 300 mgs IV.
- You got it.
That'll cut the acidity in your stomach.
If you vomit in the O.
, you'd aspirate your stomach contents into your lungs.
That's more than he needed to hear.
Whoa! We got a problem.
- What? - Sorry to interrupt.
A doc says she wasn't informed about our shoot.
I'll be right there.
Stuart, are you okay? Dr.
Carter, our mike will pick you up at normal volume.
You can relax and speak naturally.
Carter wasn't acting.
He's really like that.
They're focusing on Dr.
But their goal is to get a sense- Kerry, nice do.
and portray it in a positive light.
It says nothing about "positive light.
" It only talks about their rights to use my name and image.
Why not take this in the lounge? Anspaugh and Morgenstern think this will increase public awareness - of the health care issues we face- - I understand.
- Sorry, what's your name? - Luis.
I'm not saying you're here to ambush us or do an exposé but there's nothing to stop them.
- If I don't sign, you're wasting film.
- It's tape.
It's cheap.
My husband and I are the directors.
- Anna Del Amico.
- Do you have questions? If we could just speak in the lounge, we'd get this straightened out.
Del Amico is new here.
If she doesn't sign, we can shoot around her.
If you're finished, Stuart needs you.
Miss, is this gonna be on TV? Pre-sold to PBS.
- PBS? Not network? - No.
It's something that Mark agreed to.
- He's excited.
- Think he's up to it? Yeah, sure.
Why not? Cameras all over, it makes me uptight.
I know.
We'll all be hiding out here.
Mark seems a little shaky right now.
Oh, he's gonna be fine.
I'd be shaky if I had the crap beaten out of me.
He wanted to do this.
That's a good sign.
Maybe he's back on his game.
- Maybe.
- They're here.
They're shooting.
There's nothing we can do except stick up for Mark.
Standing by him.
You look like a star out there.
I'm enjoying all the attention.
Don't get used to everybody taking orders.
I was hoping for a sequel.
Some of us are working stiffs.
Measles in 4.
Schoenberger's in sinus rhythm.
BP's 110/70, pulse is 72, reps are- Resps- Sorry.
- Should I start over? - Sure.
Next time you can just keep going.
Well, his cardiogram is normal.
His shortness of breath was resolved with oxygen.
He may have had indigestion.
Today was all-you-can-eat at my favorite Mexican place.
Do you have history of heart disease? No.
My relatives generally prefer cancer.
- Do you smoke? - Not cigarettes.
He recently took up cigars.
I don't inhale.
I started a cardiac work-up, ordered a CBC, Chem-7, cardiac enzymes- That's a little gung-ho for a guy who ate too many burritos.
He was concerned enough to come in.
That's no reason to order a million tests.
You can lie back now.
You know where I can get ahold of any Havanas? My taste is a little more pedestrian.
I'm happy with one of these.
No wonder you're short of breath.
Seriously? You think it's the cigars? Those aren't fit to be called cigars.
Lay off the cheapos for a few days and I think you're gonna feel fine.
- Give up the stogies? - At least get something decent.
You think this'll be in the movie? I just dropped by to thank you again and see how things are going.
You don't have to film this.
- Everything under control? - Yeah.
Yeah, it is.
It seems like a busy night.
Oh, not too busy for a weeknight.
Pretty slow for a weeknight.
- I'm sure it'll pick up later.
- Yeah, later.
It should pick up.
You'll get good stuff.
Just making sure things are copacetic, and thanks again for taking this on.
- Stuart, come grab this.
- Excuse me.
Who do I give this to? - You decided to sign? - Just keep my face off Hard Copy.
The nurses are cooking.
Turn mike to channel three.
The best one was the guy with the transistor radio.
He said he slipped in the shower and he sat down.
- Ouch! - While it was still playing? "Oops! There it is! " I asked Mark- Dr.
Greene, if he was going to extract the foreign body.
He said, "No.
But I think I'll tune it to the ball game.
" I got a head lac for Carter.
Has anybody seen him? Seems like there's a camaraderie between doctors and nurses.
- What about dating? - Who, Mark? You tell me.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
I- - I'll get that.
Actually, we do socialize, but more as a group.
Greene comes- Well, he used to come- He's been taking it slow.
Since he got beat down.
I mean, beat up.
You know about that, right? It's a myth about doctors and nurses dating so much.
More nurses date cops, firemen, paramedics.
Now, that cliché is true.
- Especially cops.
- Especially young cops.
Getting back to Dr.
Greene- I need a nurse in 3.
Everybody, that was great.
"Lucy, you got some 'splaining to do.
" What? What about cops and firemen? - Stay with them.
They're miked.
- Jealous? I just wanna know what you're doing for them that you're not doing for me.
I'll tell you later if you bring the cuffs.
- I was gonna get some sleep tonight.
- Don't count on that.
Look at him.
I bet he wishes he could read lips.
Hi there, dumb-ass! Doug, he's waving.
You got a mike on? Do you think he could hear me? Turn it off.
But that's the thing about the ER.
You got to stay on your toes.
- Lily's looking for you.
- On my way.
You're also more on your own.
When I was up in Surgery there was someone looking over my shoulder, critiquing every move.
- Here the residents are responsible- - Carter, help me! I can't get him rolled.
- I think I'm gonna puke again! - I know.
I know.
- I feel much better.
- Good, good.
- Oh, yeah.
- I'm gonna change.
Compazine for our friend, please.
Twenty-five milligrams, PR.
- Excuse me.
- What does that mean? "PR"? Per rectum.
Do you have to clean this up? Oh, no.
Housekeeping to Suture Room.
- I don't know what you're looking for.
- Just keep it conversational.
Come and go normally.
Don't be afraid to interrupt.
Talk right to me.
I'll be right next to the camera.
First, explain how long you've been here, what an Attending does.
My name is Mark Greene and I've been working here since I finished med school.
I've got the Gl bleeding in Curtain 2 admitted.
Thanks, Kerry.
Describe how an emergency room serves the public.
For a lot of people, we're- The paramedics have a 37-year-old in respiratory distress.
The neighbor says he has cancer.
Prep Trauma 1 and find Carter.
The labs are back on Schoenberger.
Take a look.
- The smoker? - The CK-MB's are high.
- Did he go home? - He's getting ready to go.
We have a respiratory distress pulling up.
I'm on it.
Schoenberger, we got your tests back with a result we didn't expect, indicating a possible problem.
- What do you mean? - Stick around for one more test.
Troponin T.
It's just for clarification.
We can do it on the blood we've drawn.
- Better safe than sorry.
- While you're waiting we're gonna stick you back on a monitor.
An elevated CK-MB indicates heart muscle damage.
- A heart attack? - Right.
I'll get another EKG.
Can it mean something else? It's probably an Ml.
The other tests will confirm.
And then what? Well, regardless of the other results an elevated CK-MB means he's had an Ml.
I'm just giving him a little time to adjust to that possibility.
And, of course, since I missed it I'm buying some time to cover my ass.
A 37-year-old man in respiratory distress! He was diagnosed with esophageal cancer six months ago.
I watched him while Krista was at the store.
- He hasn't been breathing that good- - Out of the way! He's tachy at 120.
Pressure's 130/100.
Resps increased.
He's got a lot of secretions! Let's get him on high-flow O-2.
Prep an intubation tray.
On my count.
One, two, three.
Help him.
He can't breathe.
Stand back, sir, please! Suction these secretions.
Hang two liters of saline.
- Pulse ox is 89.
- Should I intubate? With this mass, we'd have to crike him.
I don't want to use extraordinary measures if he has a DNR.
Do you know anything about his wishes? He's the best bass player ever.
You can't light that in here.
Chuny, keep suctioning.
- Grab blood gas.
- Got it.
Pulse ox down to 87.
Prep a crike tray.
Let's give him 600 of clindamycin, IV.
Get the slate.
- Excuse me.
- What's his name? - Boz.
- Boz, can you hear me? You're having trouble breathing.
Do you want help? - Antibiotics are up.
- I gotta get in here.
I'm gonna hold up the slate, and you write on it.
Boz, do you want a cricothyroidectomy? I can cut a hole in your neck to help you breathe.
Do you want that? If you can't write your answer, I have to put the tube in.
Do you want to be criked? Don't let him die! Give him the crike! I can't get this! Okay.
Crike tray! Do it! Do it! No, no.
You do not want to know.
I wouldn't ask if I didn't.
I have done this too long not to know.
This job, people don't wanna hear about.
Why? Because of what you clean up? This is nothing.
Believe me, this here is just a little picnic.
You ought to see what some of them do.
A body is only so big.
You couldn't hardly believe all that comes out if it.
You get used to it, though.
Like every mama and daddy gets used to changing a baby's diaper.
But the blood and the gore You know what the gore is, right? That's the part you don't talk about when you go home and they ask you how your day was.
No, no.
It doesn't bother me.
You see, I'm a religious person.
And I believe human beings were created in God's image.
So whatever I'm cleaning up must be just fine.
You believe? I don't know.
You mean, believe in God? You couldn't do my job if you didn't.
You could maybe be a doctor or a nurse or make a movie.
Not my job.
I'll tell you something else- We need you.
This guy stopped breathing.
I'm on my way.
I'll catch you later.
Sure you will.
The ones I can remember are from my first year.
After a while you get protective.
You don't let them get to you.
What does it take these days to break through your armor? Doesn't happen.
But there was this one girl my first year.
I got used to this as a county facility.
I treated a lot of homeless people, people from the projects.
One day this girl came in, traffic accident in a coma, brain dead.
And I realized I knew her.
She was the sister of a guy I had gone to med school with.
One night, she tried to show me how to slam dance, just fooling around.
I realized that trauma isn't something that happens to other people.
It could happen to you.
That's right.
- Does it change things when it is you? - What do you mean? When you yourself are traumatized as a doctor You have a splint on your wrist.
I heard that you had an incident recently- Is that what you' re doing here? - I'm sorry.
- I didn't agree- Everybody worries about safety.
Is that why you picked me? - We don't want you uncomfortable.
- You don't have to talk about it.
- Good.
- But we are here.
We're committed to making this.
We want you to say what's on your mind.
I have nothing to say.
I agreed to let you follow me around.
No more comments or interviews.
We are professionals.
We're not here to attack you.
Damn! - That's his daughter? - No, it's his wife.
Esophageal cancer.
It's a horrible death.
Greene criked him.
He's running out of surgical options.
Are you sure you wanna speak to the wife? She's young.
It may be difficult to get her to understand the situation.
No, I'd like to try.
Normally, we wouldn't have an intern take this on.
But Carter's been around.
Technically, I'm not an intern.
I'm second-year.
No, you're an intern.
- I am? - You can't switch your specialty - without starting over.
- I've done a year.
In Surgery.
This is Emergency Medicine.
I thought you understood.
We'll discuss this later when we're not in the middle of all this.
Where do you start? When you have to counsel family about something like this? It's tricky.
People are hearing a lot of complex information.
An Emergency resident, or intern, has to establish a rapport with- - Excuse me, doctor.
- No, not at all.
I was just coming in to see you.
He's going to be admitted.
You better call Transport.
They can take forever.
We should talk about your husband's condition.
Excuse me.
Chuny, can I see that chart for a second? If I go too fast, or if you have any questions, please stop me.
I know he's had laser treatments to enlarge the opening of the esophagus.
For all the good it did.
A feeding tube can be inserted- The cancer eats right through it.
There's an option, the J-tube- We're not screwing around with that.
The sucker's on his aorta.
He's dead.
If you feel that way, you might want to have your husband sign a DNR.
- It's a "Do Not Resuscitate" order- - Yeah.
I got it.
There was one by his bed, but Rog sort of freaked.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
We tried to ask him.
I was just out buying garlic and herbs.
Boz's food.
But all he can do now is smell it anyways.
I hold it under his nose and he smells.
Wanna hear about our sex life? If there's anything I can answer, or if there's anything you need Yeah.
I'm on Librium.
Can you write me a refill? The mother wants to call Animal Control.
Well, this ought to be fun.
- I've had JoJo for nine years.
- He's vicious.
- He's never bitten anyone.
- He hasn't been around children.
Could you give it a rest? - See who's lying here? - Did you call Animal Control? Just take a breath.
This is our daughter! Dr.
Ross is just gonna take a look.
You're supposed to call Animal Control with bites.
Can you pull that light over here? I know, sweetheart.
Hang on.
Did you see how the bite happened? My son did.
I'd run out to get the phone, the dog just went for her.
- How bad does it look? - It's deep.
She'll need intravenous antibiotics.
- Intravenous? - Yeah.
That's not a canine bite.
- What? - It's from an immature Homo sapien.
That's one who still has his primary incisors.
Todd? Did you bite your sister? - It's okay.
- Why would you do such a thing? You know you love your sister.
- He gets a hug for this? - Wait here.
If you and I can speak out in the hallway How did you get burns on your hands and lips? - I already told her.
- She was making popcorn, it exploded.
Her resting pulse is 120 and she's tremulous.
You should lay off the crack.
I don't do that stuff.
- You want a tox screen? - Do you wanna stop doing crack? Go away, man.
I don't think taxpayers are interested in buying Doris a tox screen.
Let's update her tetanus, dress the burns and have her checked in the surgical clinic in two days.
She also has an upset stomach.
- What have you eaten today? - Nothing.
Not even popcorn? You gotta eat right and stop the drugs.
- It's none of your business! - See you next time.
You didn't see any reason to confirm her drug use? - Dr.
Greene's a busy man.
- Yes.
- A lot of responsibility, pressure.
- He sure does.
That's the chart.
How does he handle it? You're gonna have to ask him that.
Sir? Sir, we have a bed for you now.
We'll get to you as soon as possible.
- Soul food.
- Ask Lydia.
It's her birthday.
Did you see my doctor? Where's the doctor? The doctor will see you soon.
I need a doctor.
Peter! Hey! Peter! Peter! Wake up! Double trauma coming in.
Teenager, a victim of a gang beating.
And a bystander who tried to stop it.
They're both critical.
- Have you seen Mark? - No.
I'll meet him in Trauma 2.
So how did they find out? I don't know.
Police report, gossip.
It doesn't matter.
I'm not talking about it.
That's good policy, man.
- What's the score? - It's 8-1.
Cubs behind, bottom of the seventh.
You can't get mad at them on camera.
They go for that stuff like sharks.
They wanna make a tearjerker with me as the pathetic, victimized doctor.
That's not what I mean.
I was watching that director.
She was looking at you.
She's watching you.
Trying to get personal and stuff.
You go for that too, the intense, kind of brainy type.
She's married to the camera guy.
- The old guy? - Yeah.
They're a pair.
Never hold up.
You guys talking about the filmmakers? We don't trust them.
They're bloodsuckers.
Should you be doing that in front of the camera? - Is that on? - Doug, Mark! Got a double trauma! Help my brother.
Fourteen-year-old, blunt trauma from baseball bats.
- Bats? - They jumped him.
Pulse 130.
BP 100/60.
We got a 30-year-old victim of a Brief loss of consciousness at scene, cleared en route.
Now alert and oriented.
Occipital hematoma.
BP 60 palp.
Pulse 120.
Flaccid paralysis in all four extremities with loss of sensation.
Call Neurology and get X-ray down here.
On my count.
One, two, three.
CBC, type and cross four units.
Lateral C-spine, chest and pelvis.
Let's move.
Can you feel anything anywhere? No.
Not a bit.
Is that okay? He's got good breath sounds, diminished tidal volume.
- BP's 60 palp.
- We need a path here.
It could be spinal shock.
Let's rule out intra-abdominal bleeding.
Let's set up.
Let's get a lap! Move! What else should we order, Dr.
Del Amico? - High-dose steroids.
- And why? Improves motor function and sensation after spinal cord injuries.
Spinal cord?! Wait.
- Would somebody shut that guy up?! - We're trying to assess your injuries.
How much do you weigh? Call me Theo, all right? I'm 165.
It's negative.
I'm gonna go check on the kid.
All right.
Start dopamine at 10 mcgs.
We're out of the woods.
Theo, we need to check your motor responses.
Okay, Dr.
Del Amico? Sir, can you squeeze my hand? What's wrong with me? Can you shrug your shoulders, please? We wanna talk to him.
See if he's okay.
You have to sit in Chairs.
It ain't got nothing to do with you.
- They tailgated me all the way here.
- Where's Chico, huh? I'll go see if your friend's okay.
Just wait here, okay? - Is my brother gonna be okay? - Mannitol, 75 grams.
Blown left pupil.
He's hyperventilating.
Intracranial hemorrhage.
- Call for a stat head CT.
- Decorticate posturing.
GCS, 8.
It was 12 in the field.
Randi's got a situation at the desk.
Don't bring that kid to CT right now.
- Why not? - His homeys are there.
They came here? Those bastards! You stay away from him, okay? - Take it outside! - Just stay away! Your brother's a ranker.
You almost killed him! What more do you want?! You know? Call the cops! They're murderers! They did it.
You pushed that guy right over the rail! You didn't even know that man! He was just trying to help, and you pushed him over! All he wanted was a chance! At the moment, his C-4 nerve, the one between the fourth and fifth vertebrae, is still functioning.
Meaning he can move his diaphragm and shrug his shoulders.
But if the swelling continues, then he becomes a C-3.
He will lose the ability to breathe on his own.
How is the shooting going? Are you getting everything you need? Yeah, I think so.
It's been good.
I noticed that you might be missing the importance of women- Excuse me.
Women working in the ER.
It's changed dramatically over the last few years.
All kinds of diversity among medical workers.
It's crucial to how Emergency Medicine evolves.
I'll mention that to Agi and Stuart.
What was that you were pointing to? - Here? - Yeah.
This is a fracture of the fourth and fifth cervical vertebrae.
What does that mean? That Mr.
Williams, who tried to be a Good Samaritan and stop a young man he didn't know from being beaten to death is now paralyzed from the neck down.
- Kerry, may I interrupt? - David, come on in! Come in.
- I'd rather- - This is Dr.
Morgenstern our too-modest Chief of Emergency Services.
If you're here about our little altercation, it's settled.
- The police subdued the perpetrators- - The police? David, you're diaphoretic.
- Is something wrong? - Chest pain.
- Radiating? - To the jaw, started 20 minutes ago.
Oh, my God.
Lie down.
Lie down.
Let's get you on a monitor.
Here you go.
You get out.
Out! Get out! Out! Lydia! Lydia! Grab me some atropine, nitro - and a 12-lead EKG! - Oh, my God! Pulse ox monitor and start a line.
Here you go, David.
We're gonna take good care of you.
How about there? No.
Anything at all? No, ma'am.
Will the feeling come back? That's what the doctors are trying to find out.
- Felt that.
- Good.
Mark it.
Sir, we'll have to watch you very closely.
If the swelling continues, we'll have to put you on a ventilator.
I got a hold of a babysitter at your house, your wife's at school.
It's Thursday.
She won't get in until midnight.
We'll get a message to her.
Get that babysitter on the phone, now.
Malik! Malik! Hold on! - I'll bring it back! - I need it now.
- Kerry, I was about to- - It's David Morgenstern.
It's the kid that got beat up earlier.
It may be his spleen.
Is it the kid with the head trauma? You have to get in line.
- I need a CT.
- Drill the burrholes up in the O.
- Where are you going? - I'm bagging him.
Not anymore.
- Dr.
- Thank you.
He's a little disappointed I left Surgery.
I'm Miss Corday.
Could you point me towards Casualty? Sorry.
" I mean Trauma.
Trauma's that way.
You need help? - I'll call out if I get lost.
- You okay? Kid was trying to get out of a gang.
You're in the ER.
Get them on the elevator alive, you've done your job.
How do you think he'll do? A blown left pupil, probably means a chronic vegetative state.
If he doesn't bleed to death first.
How bad's he look? His ST's are sky-high in two, three, and F.
His father had an Ml at 40.
Yeah, I'll hold.
- I wonder if we could talk now.
- Later.
He's throwing multifocal PVCs.
Should we give him lidocaine? Cath lab's ready for us.
Let's get him up! I wonder if you're aware of my situation- - I got the babysitter.
- Later, Carter.
Excuse me, Lily.
Is this the Williams' sitter? This is Dr.
Greene from the Emergency Room at County General Hospital.
Do you understand me? How far away are you from where Mrs.
Williams goes to school? Good.
Get a neighbor to watch the baby and run there as fast as you can, and get her.
Tell her it's an emergency and every minute counts.
Put her in a cab.
We're about a 10-minute ride away.
You got all that? Any questions? Good.
Is he losing his ability to breathe? The rate his pulse ox is falling, I'll need to intubate.
You need the wife here to sign a consent? He's paralyzed, probably for the rest of his life.
Right now he can speak.
It would be nice if he and his wife could talk, while he still can.
Theo, can you take a deep breath for me? - I'll go get Dr.
- Good idea.
Excuse me.
I'm Miss Corday.
I was bleeped down for a consult.
Are you a doctor? Oh, don't mind them.
These gentlemen are making a movie.
I'm a surgical lecturer in Orthopedics and Trauma.
There was an adolescent who decompensated? Dr.
Benton took him up.
You call your surgeons "doctor.
" "Miss Corday" won't get me very far around here.
Just to the Waiting Room.
I'm Carol Hathaway.
It's a pleasure.
How did he look? The boy with the positive lavage? Not good.
Blown pupil, deep coma.
This is the kid I saved? - Yeah.
- Oh, man! We're keeping our fingers crossed.
Are you still experiencing the same amount of pain? Okay, on a scale of one to 10, how would you rate that pain? Pardon? Eight.
Okay, let's get him on very gently.
They're set up for us and know we're coming.
- Here we go.
- What the hell? Hey, what are you doing? No! I asked you not to.
- You going to the Cath Lab? - Yes.
Isn't there another patient who's been waiting? What do you mean? Do some patients get preferential treatment in the ER? Look at me.
I'm talking to you.
Is this recording? Are you a doctor? Do you have experience with myocardial infarctions? - How is he doing? - Sinus rhythm- Then how can you make an accusation about patient treatment? Your camera sees a picture of one man going to the Cath Lab so you assume preferential treatment? Do you know ST elevations? Is there another patient who had V-tach? - I don't know.
- How's the ectopy? - Under five per minute.
- What do you want? What can we tell you? I'm sorry.
I got carried away.
You did.
- What do you got? - Eighty-two-year-old male.
Shocked twice without success.
Shall I defibrillate? - Be my guest.
- Charge it to 360.
- Has he had epi? - Three minutes ago.
- Go ahead.
- Juice it up.
- Three-sixty.
Clear! - Agi, I need a battery.
Another 50 of lidocaine.
Again, 360.
- Agi, my camera battery's dying.
- Keep shooting.
- Got a rhythm.
- Pulse? Faint.
But it's there.
- We gotta bag him.
- I'm losing power.
How does that feel, doctor? To bring somebody back? Oh, that's the That's the - Dr.
Benton? - Yeah? Elizabeth Corday.
Visiting surgical lecturer and your savior.
- Excuse me? - You've been on call forever.
- You're free to go.
I'm on now.
- I'm sorry.
Are you the doctor who was taking care of my brother? - You still down here? - Yeah.
I had to talk to the cops.
- How is he? - They removed his spleen.
The neurosurgeons are still working.
Does he have brain damage? Let's call and see if there's news.
Here we go.
I thought I was a goner.
Yeah? Me too.
You'll get a lot of thank-yous from the female population at Riverview.
- I don't wanna brag, but - You a popular guy over there? Well, I seem to be I never was much of a Casanova in my day.
I didn't go in for all the wild positions and so forth.
Ladies need that.
All the positions.
So I've heard.
And the sweet talk.
I never was much for that either.
I was mostly meat and potatoes.
But now I'm 82.
I'm a man.
I'm breathing.
The odds are 12-to-1 in my favor.
I'm getting it anytime I want.
Not too bad, old age.
I'm glad to hear it.
Glad to hear it.
It feels good to save a man who's performing such a service to society.
Stud service.
Get that in.
He was found outside the Stones concert.
It looked like he fell through a sheet of plate glass.
- Easy.
- No, no, no.
- We're just gonna- - No, no! - It's okay.
- No! Don't touch me! - Get Security.
- Security! - Everything's okay.
- Get away from me.
It's all right.
Just relax.
No! Stay away from me! It's all right.
I'm sick, okay? Just stay away from me.
- It's okay.
- No, it's not.
I'm sick! I'm HIV-positive.
I've got AIDS.
Just stay away from me! - Please.
No, no, no.
- It's okay.
Stop! Okay.
All right? Just lay back and let us help.
- Don't.
- It's okay.
- It itches.
- I know it itches.
All right.
Just take it away.
I'll take it away.
Okay? Lay back.
It's okay.
Come on.
- We'll make it better.
- Help me.
I'll do what I can.
I'll do what I can.
So when did you decide to become a surgeon? Well, that gets into pleasing my father, rattling my mother and all sorts of boring family secrets.
The short answer is, my father is a surgeon, as was his father.
And my father had no sons.
Are you a resident in the U.
? It's a different system altogether.
I'm an FRCS, a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, and a lecturer.
That's roughly the equivalent of senior surgical residents.
But not really because I have six I'm sorry.
You can't possibly be interested in this.
Benton, please rescue me from these well-intentioned people.
We're talking about surgical service.
Have you seen that young lady I was talking to? - The sister of the boy up in Surgery? - I got some news.
I'll keep my eyes open.
Paralyzed? For good? It's too early to say if he'll have any recovery of function.
- What did he think he was doing? - He was trying to save a boy's life.
- I know.
- He's very eager to talk to you.
I'm afraid it'll have to be brief.
Just give me a second.
I wouldn't wanna be in those shoes.
Whose? Mark's or the wife's? Neither.
Sometimes I hesitate with a family before I give the news.
I'm gonna say something that will change their lives.
If you don't say it, it'll be okay for a little while.
I told this one mother that her son had been killed.
And she said, "Is it broken? " I'm looking at her and I didn't know what she was saying.
So she said, "His arm, is it broken? It's his pitching arm.
" And she just walked away.
Did you just let her leave like that? I called Carol.
I had her take care of it.
That's a true story.
At least At least we shot those videos of us on the playground, me and him, huh? I guess it's a good thing.
I mean, TG'll be able to see what his daddy looked like or used to be like.
You're gonna be that way again.
You hear me, Theo? We are not giving up that easy, okay? His blood gas showed PO-2, 65 and PCA 250.
We're standing by with Versed.
Carter needs you now! I'll be there in a minute.
I'm afraid we have to interrupt.
Just another minute? Can you have somebody drive her home? Stop bossing me around.
I'm staying here.
- Pulse ox is down to 89.
- He's getting dusky.
Two of Versed.
We can't wait any longer.
Once this sedative takes effect, I'll intubate your husband.
When you wake up, you're gonna have a tube helping you to breathe.
Mind if we interrupt? Miss Cruz's brother came out of surgery.
The head CT showed no bleeding.
That is really good news.
The boy? The boy's gonna be okay? Yes, sir.
Thank you.
You saved my brother's life.
That's good.
Can you feel that, honey? I'm in.
Is he breathing? We're breathing for him now.
Greene, you need to come now! Excuse me.
- What happened? - He went into fib.
Clear! He went into asystole.
I've given high-dose epi and atropine.
- Charge, 360.
- Why didn't you call me? - I did! - Two minutes ago.
Clear! I was following ACLS algorithms.
I thought I could handle it.
- Charge! - Go ahead and call it.
- Clear! Charge it again.
- Call it, Dr.
Carter! Time of death is 9:56.
Call an Attending when there's a full arrest! You get help! - I've run them before.
- That was Surgery.
You work here now.
Did I miss anything? Not that I can see.
Sorry, I didn't think I was gonna lose him.
- I'll sign the code sheet.
- I'll do it.
Do you want that interview? - Do you? - You'll answer our questions? - If you don't use what you just shot.
- The walk away? The whole thing.
Him losing the patient and me chewing him out.
It wasn't bad.
- Do you want the interview? - Yes.
Look, I need a death kit in here.
Probably the best part of my job is that sometimes working here you can repair some of the violence.
Some of the bad things that happen to people.
Not always.
We couldn't do much for that guy who was paralyzed.
Probably on a vent for the rest of his life.
I guess we did save the kid that he was trying to help.
So his sacrifice wasn't for nothing.
And yes, I was attacked myself right here in this hospital.
They haven't been able to catch the guy who did it.
At least, they haven't been able to charge anyone.
The worst thing about it isn't what it did to me.
The worst thing is, it meant that some of the world's violence has leaked into our own ER.
This is meant to be a safe place for fixing people.
Now it's vulnerable.
And as an ER doctor, that's hard to accept.
It sounds frightening.
Are you scared? Sure.
Of losing control.
Control of what's outside? And what's in me.
- Is that enough? - Yeah.
Then turn it off.