ER s04e09 Episode Script

Obstruction of Justice

ER Previously on ER No one has ever gotten me a real diamond before, Mark.
How dare you accuse me of manipulation! I deserve better than that! Here's the deal.
Let me shadow you.
Throw in a few procedures.
A couple of stitches here and there.
And I'll make your little lawsuit vanish.
- It's Carol.
- What? Carol Hathaway.
Now, you are sworn to secrecy.
I didn't mean to mislead you about my family.
It's really not that big a deal.
You told me we had to cut P.
Why don't you give Kerry and me another day to recheck our figures? I love you, Carol.
"Obstruction of Justice" Hey.
I didn't hear you get up.
I didn't want to wake you.
Where are you going? I gotta go sign some papers.
Your last day was yesterday, wasn't it? That's for unemployment.
Did you take a look at the want ads? What's the point? We've been back for four days.
All you've done is look at the sports page.
Don't start, okay? This This Atlanta high-rise job, it's gonna come through.
I can feel it.
I left some chicken in the fridge for lunch.
I don't know how long I'll be.
- Good morning, Kerry.
- Hey, Don.
What is all this? It's computer equipment Dr.
West is setting up thank you for the Synergix Attending coverage.
Well, your trial period's a good idea.
Letting them show their stuff.
Listen, any further rumblings from Jeanie Boulet? Yesterday was her last day.
She left without a word.
I think her threats came out of the heat of the moment.
We don't need a P.
alleging that she was fired because she was HIV-positive.
Jeanie knows she was fired for financial reasons.
If anyone questions that, they can look at the budget.
Hold that elevator! You handled a difficult situation very well, Kerry.
Thank you, Don.
Hey, sweetie.
Boy, were you ever snoring when I left this morning! Oh, poor baby.
You have a hangover? I don't think I should've had that fourth margarita.
I went to put your present on and when I came back - you were out like a light.
- I missed the grand finale? I think I need a B-12 shot to keep up with you.
You know what? I got just what the doctor ordered.
Get up.
- Turn around.
- Easy.
I could hurl.
Just keep your eyes closed.
Why? Just do as I say.
Don't be a pooper.
Stand there.
Hold on.
- What's going on? - Just don't turn around.
And keep your eyes closed.
Take two of these and call me in the morning.
The interns see meningitis in every kid with a runny nose.
- I thought Doug was coming back.
- He called.
Car trouble.
I mean here.
He called here.
- Mark and Cynthia are in there.
- So? - What's going on in there? - Nothing.
- Hi.
- Hi.
This is Harold Percy.
And this is Barbara Liebman.
I'm Jeanie Boulet.
- I filled them in as best I could.
- Thanks.
I gotta get to work.
Good luck.
Would you like a cup of coffee? - Decaf? - Always.
Doyle said you were fired because you're HIV-positive.
Is that true? Yes.
I believe it's true.
I was reprimanded for doing a lifesaving procedure in a body cavity.
A few weeks later I was fired.
The hospital claims it's budgetary reasons.
They always give other reasons.
- Were you ever disciplined before? - No, never.
Actually, I was October's employee of the month.
Did you keep a log of what was said? No.
- Is it too late to do anything? - Not necessarily.
We'll outline a protocol for you to follow.
I warn you, it might get ugly.
I want my job back.
Hey, can I borrow a buck? No.
See you.
They say JFK never carried any cash, either.
Oh, yeah? - Keep the change.
- Thanks.
- Hey, Scooter! - Chase? What are you doing here? I came to see the good doctor.
Anna? - This is my cousin Chase.
- Hi.
This is Anna Del Amico.
We intern together.
I see why you got into medicine.
Come on, gang.
We're behind on sutures.
- Anna, could you? - Sure.
I'll get started on these, Scooter.
So, what's up? I escaped to the Vineyard for Thanksgiving.
I was hauling firewood when a spider got me.
Oh, man! Dr.
Greene, hello.
Ellis West.
I'm an SPG doctor.
Synergix Physicians Group.
Good for you.
Whatever your misgivings when the SPG Attendings start backing you up next week we'll make your job a lot easier.
You're preaching to the choir.
Less work is fine with me.
Then I'll just set up and stay out of your way.
This is Dr.
We know each other.
- How are you? - Good.
- What's all this? - This is the Wertz dictation system.
Dictate on the fly, it gives you verbal prompts.
This you put on your belt.
It puts everything on a floppy.
- And this is the earpiece? - The earpiece and the microphone.
I don't know how my mom ever kept these things straight.
Cynthia, this is awkward for me.
But it's my job to tell you.
Some people find certain things in the workplace inappropriate.
Like sex in the lounge.
So We didn't have sex in the lounge.
I was just trying to cheer up three of the seven dwarfs.
- What? - Grumpy, Sleepy and Doc.
Mark's all three.
Just a little more discretion, okay? What's the matter with you? You should be happy that he's happy.
Jeanie? I thought your last day was yesterday.
I'm gonna keep working here.
Didn't Weaver lay you off? I'm not accepting it.
You go ahead, girl.
Hello! That smarts.
We missed you at Thanksgiving dinner at least until that third round of martinis.
- Was Gramps after you? - About what? He's back trolling the gene pool for a successor.
We've been through this, Chase.
You're done.
You'll need IV antibiotics.
You're still his first choice.
Elliot's in Thailand, A.
's lazy, Barbara's - Barbara.
- Barbara.
What about you? You're already an exec with the company.
He knows your work.
That's why he wants you.
Why can't anybody just accept the fact that I'm a doctor? It's like my photography or A.
's summer stock.
Gramps just sees them as phases.
All the little chickens will come home to roost.
Not me.
I'm Dr.
What's the problem? I'm having a sickle cell crisis.
And somebody stole my Percodans at the bus station.
- Where's your pain? - It's like having a migraine all over.
He says the pain is 10 out of 10.
Pulse and temp are normal.
My pulse and temperature don't usually go up.
I need 250 of Demerol as soon as possible.
- That's a big dose.
- I know me! I need to break the cycle now.
BP's normal.
Let's run in two liters of saline.
O-2, six liters.
Draw a CBC with a retic count.
And give him 60 of Toradol.
- I'm allergic to it.
- Two of Stadol then.
That too! Demerol's all I can take.
Okay? Who's your doctor? I go to the Pontiac Clinic.
Give him 50 of Demerol, IV.
Repeat once in 15 minutes, PRN.
Give the medication a chance, Mr.
I need 250! Let's call the clinic and see.
Rollover TC.
Daughter was seat-belted, Mom wasn't.
Mother's shocky.
Chest and abdominal trauma.
BP's 80 palp.
Pulse, 140.
Daughter's BP is 90/50.
Pulse, 120.
Left leg's mangled and pulseless.
Massive blood loss on scene.
Anna, with me in Trauma 2.
I'll take this one.
- Need a hand? - Thanks.
Check her leg.
Everybody, this is Dr.
- My mom's calling me.
- I'm sorry.
What? - Where's my mom? - Next door with Dr.
BP's down.
Pulse, 120.
Open saline wide.
CBC, type and cross for four.
Chest, C-spine, pelvis and left femur.
- Don't touch my leg! - Get some pressure on it! We wear trauma gear in the trenches now.
Too late.
Leg's pulseless, massive bone and tissue loss.
- Probably have to amputate.
- Is my mom okay? - Sounds like a larynx fracture.
- Does your neck hurt? - Think you're right.
- All right.
What do we got? - Make room for the cavalry.
- Thanks for your help.
Rollover TC.
She's hypotensive, an open femur and a possible larynx fracture.
Her mom's in 2.
- Are you having trouble breathing? - Am I gonna die? - We're not gonna let that happen.
- Set up for intubation.
- Mind if I take her? - Sure.
You take this.
I'll check next door.
- Hook her to the Thora-Seal.
- How's she doing? - Allison? - DPL's grossly positive, 2.
- I'm losing a pulse.
- She's arresting! Here's more O-neg! - Start CPR.
I'll intubate.
- She's flatline! I'll cross-clamp the aorta.
Thoracotomy tray.
Hang two more and bag her.
Get an abdominal CT and finish the x-rays upstairs.
If we hurry, maybe we can save her leg.
- Do they need me in 2? - No.
There are three docs in there.
Stat page Dr.
Romano to the O.
I'm glad you reconsidered the P.
- What are you talking about? - Jeanie, she just clocked in.
Sickle cell guy's had 100 of Demerol.
Says it hasn't helped.
Did you call the Pontiac Clinic? - I tried.
Number's not in service.
- Why am I not surprised.
Crit and retic count okay.
White count's normal.
What is the problem with you people? I need more Demerol.
Run the rest of the saline, four tabs of codeine to go and street him.
This should be interesting.
- What? - Look.
- May I speak with you? - Sure.
Just keep taking deep breaths.
- What are you doing? - I'm working.
You've been terminated, you're off payroll and you're not covered by malpractice insurance.
All right.
I won't see any more patients.
But I'm staying.
Don't humiliate yourself by being forcibly removed from the premises.
You do what you need to do.
I'll do what I need to do.
Time of death, 12:07.
We have to tell her daughter.
She went right from CT to O.
I'll take care of it.
She was so worried about her daughter.
Hey, Mark.
How're you doing? Today's the day we save some lives.
I'm very excited.
Where's my scrubs? Listen, we gotta be low-key about this.
If anybody asks I'm your attorney, okay? I'm here to research your work so I can prepare a proper defense.
Sounds good.
Calm down.
I'm not expecting anything big.
A couple of sutures here and there.
I cannot let you practice medicine.
What are you talking about? We had a deal.
I defend you in the civil rights suit against you.
In exchange, I play doctor for a day.
We'll see.
- How's my case going? - Where's my scrubs? I'll get you your scrubs.
Just try and do it low-profile.
Don't worry about your case.
It's gonna vanish into thin air.
You made quite a deal for yourself.
Have Dr.
Anspaugh call me as soon as he's free.
It's very important.
Hi, guys.
How'd it go? Marquis de Sade's got nothing on Scooter.
- Don't call me that at work.
- Marquis de Sade or Scooter? - That's funny.
- Want to go to lunch at Shaw's? - I can't, I'm on duty.
- Blow it off.
It's my job.
I can't just blow it off.
Okay, Dr.
Just asking.
My family thinks I'm just dabbling in medicine till I come to my senses.
That sounds like fun.
Eddie, you bastard! You're trying to kill me! Shut up, Darlene.
See? You're ganging up on me.
I can see the appeal.
Come by the house sometime.
We'll all party.
- Ciao.
- Like that'll happen.
A couple winners.
Wife says hubby tried to beat her up.
Complains of pain.
Vitals and mental status normal.
Never mind being plastered.
You're going to jail, Darlene! Let me up! I gotta pee.
ETOH, bump on the head, contusions and abrasions.
No pain.
The woman tried to run him over.
No LOC, vitals normal oriented times three.
GCS, 15.
- You'll be all right, Eddie.
- Okay.
I'll take him.
You take her.
Why the cuffs? She's under arrest for assault with a deadly weapon, pick-up truck.
I was just trying to get away.
This son of a bitch was chasing me! He's on Eddie's side because he works with the police motor pool.
You want to uncuff her so I can examine her? - While she's here, she's my patient.
- No matter where she is, she's my perp.
You'd interfere with the care of a woman with critical injuries? For God's sake! - Were you trying to kill yourself? - No.
I was just mad at Eddie is all.
- Take any drugs? - Me? Never.
I want a blood alcohol and a drug screen.
- Would you excuse us? - I want the tests.
I need to evaluate her.
Wait outside while I examine her.
With the extrication, there's been two hours of pulseless warm ischemia.
She's got massive crush injury to the leg.
Her abdominal CT is normal.
Her vitals are stable.
But with contamination, bony loss, protracted shock an above-the-knee amputation is indicated.
I say we save Allison's leg with a vascularized free fibular transfer.
That's four hours of anesthesia on a limb that's too far gone.
Look, face it.
At this point, a long surgery is too risky.
- Know how to do a fibular transfer? - No, I don't.
- You think I shouldn't do it? - Have you done one? No.
But she's a good candidate for an aggressive approach.
You mean she's a good guinea pig for practice.
Don't be so dramatic.
She is young.
She deserves a chance to keep her leg.
Got a hot one, Lizzie? Couldn't ask for a better candidate for a free fib transfer.
Wait till you see her in action, Peter.
You worked something out with Jeanie? No.
She's fired, but she's protesting it.
I'm trying to get Legal to deal with it.
But Anspaugh's in a meeting.
Man, I'm glad I don't have your job! No! We'll go to trial.
Irv, my client's willing to lose 100 G's rather than settle, okay? No, no, no.
It's your move, Irv.
Oh, baby! - What's this about 100 grand? - It's not about you.
Could you give me some specifics on how you'll defend me? - Where do we change from? - This way.
Tell me about my defense.
What's there to tell? We're gonna kill them! We'll go for assault with a deadly weapon.
But no caving this time.
Go for it, Billy.
Kill the bitch.
Sounds like you boys have it all worked out.
Stick to the medicine.
I'll handle the law enforcement.
Your x-rays are normal.
You'll be back to battering in no time.
What, "battering"? We scuffled is all.
Did your wife lose consciousness at any time after she was assaulted? Hey, she tried to kill me! No.
I don't want it.
Get off of me! Come on, nurse.
Just draw the blood.
Nobody's drawing her blood without her permission.
This is permissible search.
Delay will result in loss of evidence.
- She's bradying down.
Pulse, 39.
- Darlene? She might have taken drugs and been afraid to tell us.
She wouldn't lie.
Let's give her 0.
5 of atropine.
Let's pump her stomach.
Ewald tube.
- I want those tests.
- Get a warrant.
You got one coming, okay? Get Greene to back us up.
I don't need any backup.
I know my rights and hers.
Darlene, I want you to try and swallow this tube.
Hey, hello, doctor.
Herb Spivak.
Maggie Doyle.
Are you a Synergix Attending? What do we have here? A partial extensor tendon laceration.
You best treat that with irrigation and d├ębridement.
Give it a couple of loose sutures and a splint and you'll be fine.
- Why don't you come with me? - Thanks.
How did you know that? I hired a doctor for a couple of weeks from an ER for $100 an hour.
He told me everything.
Blood gases, chest tubes, peritoneal gavage.
Peritoneal lavage.
Why don't you sit down? - What's that? - Practice your suturing on this.
- A pig's foot? - Yeah.
Which ones? Running, vertical, interrupted, deep dermal? Why don't you try all of them? - This won't be but a moment.
- All right.
Hey, Mark.
Hey, welcome back.
How'd it go? It's a long drive from Flagstaff in an old Cadillac, but it was nice to be alone.
- Where's Carol? - I don't know.
Are we glad to see you! Otitis, rhinitis, and gastroenteritis.
It's nice to be loved.
Hey, Doug! Hello.
How are you? Good.
I'll get right to work on these.
It's good to see all of you.
You all done? Yeah.
System's up.
I usually don't get so hands-on with patients anymore.
I'd prefer blood on my shirt to a staff mutiny any day.
It sounds like you could use a little R and R.
- How does a week in St.
Barth sound? - St.
Barth's? In the Caribbean? Synergix conference is there next week.
You could give a paper on inner-city ER management.
- We'd take care of your expenses.
- Why? A doctor with leadership qualities is a very valuable asset.
It's a real offer.
You think about it.
I will.
I'll be at the Ritz-Carlton.
Hey, Doug.
How was it meeting your father's in-laws? I'm glad I did it.
But it was hard.
Sherry's death hit them really bad.
That was her name, Sherry.
I'd like you to see a depressed anhedonic girl complaining of loss of appetite and insomnia.
She's in Exam Room 3.
- Did Psych look at her? - I'd like you to evaluate her first.
Good to see you, doc.
I feel like I never left.
What? Mark Greene.
Come here, you.
So you've had a loss of appetite and insomnia because of me? - I'm surprised I lived.
- Oh, it sounds serious.
- Shut up and kiss me.
- Okay.
Carol, do I collate these clinic charts-? Oops! Excuse me.
Doc, what do you think? Hey, not bad.
- I love that running stitch.
- That looks good.
If the police need evidence, like a blood test and the patient refuses to give it, what do I do? Medical personnel can decline to collect physical evidence where the subject is unconscious or indicates his or her refusal to consent to the procedure.
The People versus O' Neal, 1993.
- Herb Spivak.
- John Carter.
Thank you, Dr.
- You need a consult? - He doesn't.
Herb, that was not very low-profile.
- I was being a lawyer.
Big deal.
- Offering a consult? - Why don't you start practicing your- - I'm ready! Jeanie.
If Yosh needs a doctor, he can ask for one.
I'll be right in.
- I cannot allow this.
- Okay.
What are you doing? I'm logging the fact that at 2:30 I was prohibited from treating an ankle injury.
Chuny, call Security.
- It's Anspaugh.
- Finally! No.
It's not for you.
He wants to talk to Jeanie.
Yes? All right.
I'll be right up.
I'm gonna take this tube out now.
Blood alcohol's pretty high, 270.
- Is she coming around? - Yeah.
She's perking up.
Since she puked.
Let's see.
No pill fragments, though.
Here comes that cop.
Here's your warrant.
Now, draw the blood.
- Let me read it first.
- I want her stomach contents too.
Does that warrant specify stomach contents? - It doesn't matter.
Give it here.
- Oh, no, you don't.
That's destroying evidence, pal.
- You're under arrest.
- You can't arrest me.
- What? You can't arrest him.
- Watch me.
You have the right to remain silent.
- Where are you taking him? - Jail.
- You have the right to an attorney.
- Carter's getting arrested.
- Anything you say- - For what? For protecting the doctor/patient privilege.
- If you can't afford- - Dr.
Carter's an inexperienced intern.
If he did anything rashly- Carter, what did you do? I stood up for my patient's civil liberties.
Don't worry.
This'll be taken care of in no time.
So, what's the charge? Obstruction of justice.
Her HIV status defines Miss Boulet as a person in a protected class.
And her firing constitutes an adverse action by the hospital.
Her layoff was budgetary.
We would argue that was pretext.
And ignoring your progressive disciplinary policy and firing an exemplary employee after one incident proves discriminatory intent.
- Take a seat, Kerry.
- I don't want to take a seat.
If you're reinstated, you'll let the matter drop? Yes.
Well We'll have an answer for you today.
We appreciate your time.
We can't cave in to this.
It's blackmail.
Our only option is to hire her back.
The media would swarm all over a federal case like this.
You pushed me to make the cutback.
What about the budget? A P.
's salary is nothing compared to the risk of the countless pain-and-emotional-suffering lawsuits from patients she treated.
Do you know what this will do to my authority? Well, you're strong, Kerry.
You'll survive.
This femoral defect measures at least 13 centimeters.
We're pushing the envelope on fibular transfer.
She's throwing PVCs.
I'll push fluids and start lidocaine.
Remove the distal clamp from the femoral artery.
All right.
It's back-filled.
The anastomosis looks dry.
- Excellent.
- Does she know about her mother? No.
She was put under before her mom died.
Poor girl.
Okay, release proximally.
All right.
Arterial flow's restored.
Toes are pinking up.
Pressure's heading south.
's down to 70.
- Maybe we should bail.
- I'm almost there.
Let's finish.
Give her two more units of packed cells.
Let's pick it up.
- Pick up.
- Metz.
- Here's the police district phone number.
- Great.
My daughter's getting dropped off for a dental appointment.
- Can you find me when she's here? - Rachel? I can't wait to meet her.
All right.
Call me back then.
- Is that Legal? - Yeah.
- What did they say? - They're finding out.
It's not every day interns are arrested.
Cop's leaving.
She's all ours.
What happened? Oh, baby, please forgive me! It's never gonna happen again.
- You almost killed me.
- Carter went to jail for this? My foot hit the gas.
You know how crazy I get when we fight.
Is this really necessary? Let's say it's a tradition.
Superintendent Rodriguez is a family friend.
Give him a call, I'm sure we can clear up this misunderstanding.
Over here.
Don't I get a phone call? I get a phone call.
- Just a blindfold and a cigarette.
- What? You'll get everything.
Don't worry.
Look here.
No smiling.
- Hey, Doug.
- What's going on? The sickle cell guy Weaver turfed is back.
I can't tell if he's a junkie or he's in a real crisis.
- Okay.
All right.
- Get a doctor in here! I'm in pain! Hurry up! I'm Dr.
Get his vitals and start an IV.
Sit back here, will you? Will you give me some Demerol? Is that what works for you? Yeah! Nobody here believes me.
What do you think caused this crisis? I don't know.
I'm stressed.
I'm trying to get home to KC for my sister's wedding.
Somebody stole my pain pills.
- Did they take everything? - Yeah, they took everything.
Will you give me some Demerol, please? I'll tell you what I'm gonna do.
I'll make you better.
But we'll do it my way.
Vitals are normal.
Start an IV, 5 of Dilaudid, 3 every 10 minutes till he doesn't feel any pain.
While she's medicating you, we'll try something.
All right? Close your eyes.
Think of a place that makes you feel calm.
Come on, man! I'm trusting you.
You gotta trust me, okay? - Close your eyes.
Think of a place.
- All right.
Think of a place My granny's kitchen.
Okay, good.
- Close them.
- I can't do this.
- Yes, you can.
- No.
- Breathe slowly.
- It hurts.
All right.
Any word on Carter? Dr.
Greene said the hospital lawyers can't even find out where he is.
You have your position back retroactive to your clock-in time this morning.
Then I'll get back to work.
- Hand lac in the Suture Room for you.
- Thank you.
- Let me know if you need anything.
- I will.
You know and I know this was not about your HIV status.
Do I? - The last pin is seated.
- Can we get out now? - What's going on? - I don't know.
She's de-satting.
Pulse ox is down to 92 on 100 percent.
Ex-fix is on.
Bring her up.
- Cut the anesthetic.
- Run of eight.
Fifty of lidocaine.
- T-waves have flipped.
- Bottom's falling out.
Pulse ox, 88.
She's crumping! She's in fib! Crash cart! Charge it to 200.
Let's move! Come on! Off! We got to crack her chest and get to that embolus.
- Forget it, Peter.
- Lizzie, start CPR.
Get on it, Corday! Sternal saw! Sternal saw! She's out.
Let me provide the countertraction, Mark.
I want a nurse to do it.
Let me just hold her arm while you reduce it.
Mark, come on.
I'm not getting anything.
We had a deal.
You're not giving me anything.
All right.
Grab her arm.
Now, just hold the arm tight while I pull.
- Okay, ready? - Yeah.
And go.
It popped right back in.
What did you do? Did you pronate and externally rotate? In-line traction.
- Mark, Rachel's at the desk.
- Oh, right.
Can you order post-reduction films on Mrs.
Miller? Got it.
- What happened to Jeanie? - Dr.
Anspaugh gave her her job back.
- How does Kerry feel about that? - She's pissed.
Hi, sweetheart.
So you two have met? We're old friends by now.
How could she be wearing the jodhpurs with that bubble-butt? Maybe she has a bell that dings whenever she backs up.
You mean like this? Ding! Ding! I think she looks hip.
Oh, yeah? Dad, you're real hip.
Cynthia, when do you get off work? Oh, about 10 minutes.
Is there any way you could run Rachel to the dentist? I gotta follow up on this Carter thing.
Is that all right, Rach? Thank you.
Maybe we'll go window-shopping.
- Where are you going with that chart? - I got the perfect patient for me.
Three-and-a-half-inch scalp lac on a sleeping transient.
Isn't that where you all start? I'll tell you what.
I'll suture him and you can cut my knots.
Let me sew a little bit.
You're not a doctor, Herb.
But you saw what I did- Mr.
Deindorfer! Mr.
Deindorfer! We got a code blue in Exam 4! - Looks like a V-fib.
- Grab that red cart.
A defibrillator coming up.
Herb! Wow! What happened? You're gonna be okay, Mr.
D! Unbelievable! Jeanie! Jeanie! What's going on? They told me in the ER that you were working today.
I've been rehired, Al.
We're gonna get caught up.
I got the call from Atlanta.
Six months on the high-rise job starting Tuesday.
But I got my job back.
Tell them to shove it because we're moving to Atlanta.
- We need to talk about this.
- We'll have plenty of time to talk.
I fought hard for this job.
It means a lot to me.
You don't believe my job is real.
You got no faith in me.
Al, it's not about that.
Yes, it is.
It's about you not being able to depend on me.
You won't tell anyone in Atlanta about our HIV status? It's nobody's business.
- I'm not running away.
- You have a life here, and I don't.
Don't you see what making this fresh start means to me? Don't you see what getting my job back means to me? I gotta go pack.
I'll see you at home later.
- Doctor Carter? - Excuse the hell out of me.
No, no, no.
You know, just for accuracy's sake.
I get my one phone call now? As you're in on a misdemeanor offense, we're waiving the fingerprint check.
- You can bond right out.
- Oh, thank God! - What do I have to do? - $100 and you're out.
My credit cards are in my wallet, which is in that box over there.
We don't take credit cards.
It's cash and carry, doctor.
That's all I got.
That was an unbelievable feeling, the power of life and death in my hands.
Are you trying to get me fired? Forget the deal, okay? - It worked! - Cool it, Herb! Randi's getting Anspaugh on the phone.
Could you talk to him about Carter? - Sure.
- Somebody's in jail? - Are you a doctor? - No.
Herb Spivak.
I'm a lawyer.
One of our interns was arrested for destroying evidence.
It's no problem.
Get a bail bondsman.
He'll be out in the morning.
By the way, Mark, your lawsuit's gone.
- What? - That's right.
Sayonara, kaputo.
I just got off the phone with Mickey Everett the attorney for the Law family.
- We convinced them to drop charges.
- Really? You'll have papers drawn up in a week.
How'd you pull that off? Mickey Everett and I are part of a billion-dollar class action against big tobacco.
We're looking at a 10-million-dollar legal fee.
Nobody's pushing away from that golden goose until it's plucked clean.
Mark, can I have this as a memento? Sure, you can have it.
That's the doctor who saved my life! Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- You got class.
Take care.
You look great.
Medicine, that's a calling.
Listen, Mark, Morton's some night for a steak.
On me.
Thanks for a thrilling day.
Mark? - Jen.
- Did Rachel have any cavities? Cynthia's not back yet.
She took her.
But we can wait for them in the lounge.
- Cynthia? - She's the new desk clerk.
She likes kids.
Rachel gets along great with her.
So she took her.
- The appointment was a while ago.
- They'll be back any minute.
Oh, my God! Me and Cyn went to Makeovers across the street from the dentist.
I got my nails done, and my toes too.
And she wanted her eyebrow pierced.
But I said, " No way.
" This is Cynthia.
And this is Jennifer.
- Rachel's mom.
- Hi.
It's just temporary.
All the teenagers are doing it.
She's 8.
Well, it'll wash out.
Come on, Rachel.
Come on.
Bye, sweetheart.
I was sick of that little-girl hair.
Oh, Mark.
I'm so I'm so sorry.
We were just having so much fun.
And you liked it when I showed it to you in the magazine.
Oh, it's okay.
You're not mad at me? No.
So we're still on for a lingerie show and margaritas tonight? You know, I kind of need to give my liver just one night to regenerate.
- So I'll take a rain check.
- Hey, Mark? What are we doing about Carter? I called a bail bondsman.
They'll release him in the morning.
He has to stay in jail all night? You want to call the family? And say, "John Carter the 3rd's in jail"? Here's the police district phone number.
- I'll deal with it.
- Thank you.
Here's enough oral Dilaudid to get you to your sister's wedding.
- Great.
Thanks a lot.
- All right.
You're welcome.
Damn it! Hey! - What's he doing back here? - It's not your concern.
He's my patient.
You don't help an addict by giving him drugs.
That's a sickle cell patient in pain.
A drug-seeker who's learned to manipulate- He cannot function without painkillers.
People live in pain.
They suck it up and get past it.
What's up with her? I think the crown is weighing heavily on the queen's head.
Mark? Hi.
I'm so sorry.
I just really wanted to make it special for Rachel, and I - made a mess of it.
- It's okay.
Your ex-wife hates me.
She was just She was shocked.
So were you.
I guess I was.
Rachel's really happy and really sure of herself.
You must be a really great dad.
- I don't know about that.
- No.
You are.
I was really excited about tonight.
I wore your present and everything.
My feet are killing me.
So you're a doctor? Yes.
Yes, I am.
So what are you in for? Shrike? Is that your name? Shrike? Obstruction of justice.
Yeah? Me too.
How about that, huh? I was expecting something a little bit No, no, no.
I'm not making any snap judgments.
- I got something for you.
- You do? What's this red bump? That's a nasty carbuncle.
May I? Yeah.
Pants up, ladies.
Come on, Carter.
Your other girlfriend bailed you out.
I got a girlfriend.
I guess I gotta go.
Just soak that in warm soapy water about four times a day.
It should clear right up.
Girlfriend? Anna? Hi, knucklehead.
Thank God! Sorry.
I was wondering what I should get you for Christmas.
It finally came to me.
Bail! I thought I was gonna be spending the weekend in there with Shrike.
Did you get Darlene into the home? Yeah.
She She did try to kill him.
But they kissed and made up and went home and lived happily ever after.
- I should've had lunch with my cousin.
- I know what you mean.
I'm noticing it's kind of expensive to have a rich guy for a friend.
- Hey.
- Hello.
English Breakfast.
You know, I figured since you were English.
It's perfect.
Why aren't you at home putting your son to sleep? I get him on the weekends.
So how's Allison? Well, her parameters are stable.
But she's still comatose.
She hasn't so much as twitched.
You made the right decision for a lady who has a lifetime ahead of her.
I ask myself whether I made the decision based on my lust for challenging surgery.
I ask myself that same question all the time.
You know, where does wanting to help end and ambition begin? There's the rub.
I just went to gas up the car.
I thought you'd gone.
Say the word and I'll pack your stuff too.
I can't, Al.
My life is here.
My job is here.
I've worked too hard.
I can't just walk away.
Come on.
I mean, all the abuse they put you through.
I know.
But it's made me realize who I am and what I want.
I can't tell lies anymore.
We've been through a lot.
Can't just throw that away.
You've always been able to make me laugh make my head spin like when we were teenagers.
Well Give it some time.
See what it feels like.
I'll call when I get there.
You do that.
Take care.