ER s04e17 Episode Script

A Bloody Mess

ER Previously on ER - you slam the door in my face.
- you just choose not to! Thank you! Next month my hair will grow back and you'll still be sorry.
Just for that, I get to pick the movie.
How long's it been since you've had something really juicy? From now on, a pediatrician is consulted in all Pedes cases.
Carlos has put recess to day care.
HemoAid in vascular procedures.
Have you heard of it? It's the artificial blood.
Thought you'd like in on it.
- You don't mind if I take over a little bit? - Praise Allah, no! - What? - It's Chase.
He has probable brain damage.
"A Bloody Mess" All right.
So give it up.
Where are we going? - Actually, we're right here.
- We are? Rock climbing? Are you serious? You wanted to get into shape for Yosemite this summer, so This is the bomb! Jeanie, you're the best! This place is packed.
Listen, I wanna talk to you about this.
- Doug, a couple of chairs.
- All right.
- What happened to Carter? - I don't know.
I found him that way.
He's really filling out.
Seventy-fifth percentile for full-term his age.
Looks like you've really gotten a handle on this parenting routine.
It's easy.
I just make a schedule and stick to it.
As a matter of fact, that's our 15 minutes of quality time.
Daycare for you and a fem-pop for me.
Hey, hey, hey, are you okay? Are you ready? And a quick pit stop at the showers.
Yeah, right.
Oh, man! Go ahead and laugh.
All right, come on.
Come here.
You got Daddy.
You got me.
You got me.
All right, say bye.
I'll see you guys later.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Peter Benton the father.
You gotta see it to believe it.
All right.
Now, what I've been thinking about- Carter! Carter! - What? - Your pager.
Oh, man.
It's the ER, of course.
We didn't get to sit down.
If you wanna talk, we could catch the Bulls game tonight at McGee's.
We haven't been out on the town in a while.
- Sure.
All right.
- You can check with Carol.
I don't have to ask her permission.
Oh, man! - I tried to swerve around him.
- Don't let him die.
- Get me 8 units of HemoAid.
- Hemo-what? - Blood substitute.
- Grab consent forms.
- Where is everyone? - I've paged them all, twice.
Seventeen-year-old with neck pain, contusions, abrasions.
- Get this off of me.
- Take slow breaths.
Check the next one.
- What do we got? - Twenty-year-old passenger.
No seat belt, complaining of neck, shoulder, chest and abdominal pain.
Questionable LOC for several seconds.
Up and over.
Check vitals.
See if she's hypovolemic.
Need a cross-table C-spine, chest and pelvis x-rays, CBC, and dip a urine.
Was the transport under half an hour? Must've been.
The accident was nearby.
- Lungs are clear.
- I got the HemoAid.
- What's her name? - Ann Witchger.
Miss Witchger, I'm conducting a lifesaving research project.
Tell me, do you object to the use of blood products? - Were they tested on animals? - Bowel sounds present.
- Yes.
I believe they have.
- No.
No animal testing.
- Pulse 100.
Resps 20.
- BP's normal.
Where the hell's all this blood coming from? Cow's blood? We got it from a slaughterhouse.
- This is all cow's blood? - I told you it was a bad idea.
We were on our way to protest the university's use of cats in research.
We thought blood would make an impression.
- It did.
- You hear what they were transporting? - We just heard.
- What do you got? One squirrel, DOA.
Reminds me of Carrie.
The movie, not the Attending.
You're funny.
Can we go to the 7:00 movie? I won't make it to the 9:20.
- I thought it was tomorrow.
- I thought tonight.
I just told Mark that we'd watch the Bulls game.
- Good time to tell him your decision.
- We can watch the game anytime.
I think you should see Mark.
Hey, Doug.
I just got a call from Neal Bernstein.
He said your ER fellowship-renewal papers were due two days ago.
You can't blow this off.
If you want this to continue- Kerry, maybe I don't want my fellowship to continue.
Got a kid in Exam 4 with a pencil up his nose.
- We need to discuss this.
- All right.
We will.
Hail, comrades! David! We weren't expecting you back until next month.
Well, I missed you too damn much.
Look at this place.
Looks exactly the way I remember it.
Actually, we have made a few improvements.
I saw you eyeing those.
Help yourself.
I made those with my own hands.
It is Jerry, isn't it? David.
You've been gone a while.
One hundred and ninety-seven days.
Give me a hug.
- You're looking trim, Mark.
- You look good yourself.
You know, it sounds hackneyed but that myocardial infarction was the best thing to happen to me.
I intended to prepare a summary report to bring you up to speed.
No, Kerry.
We'll talk shop later.
I'm here to spend time in the trenches.
To get in touch with the people that make this place tick.
Mark, what you got? Thirty-two-year-old female, high fever for five days.
One of the things I learned from my brush with mortality is that every patient has a story.
Let's go learn hers, shall we? Clamp distally, then check for leaks at the proximal anastomosis.
Is that you, Peter? Elizabeth? What are you doing here? I wanted to confirm our plans to work on Rocket's lit review.
Seven to 9:30, Biomed Library.
I'll meet you there.
How about 9:31 we grab a bite to eat? I have to prep for an operation.
So if you don't mind, could you? We could work at my place and get some takeout.
I know you've been wanting to see me naked.
But this isn't the way, okay? Thank you.
Thank you.
- So, what is your answer? - Yeah, yeah.
Fine, fine.
But I've gotta prep for a pancreatic pseudocyst so I'm not gonna be able to - Please, someone help me! - We need a gurney here! - What happened? - She's pregnant and passed out.
It's okay.
- Jerry, what's open? - Curtain Area 3.
- How far along is she? - Karen's 18 weeks.
But she's having a rough time.
Karen, I'm Dr.
Del Amico.
We're gonna do some tests on you.
Ready? One, two, three.
Please don't hurt my baby.
We won't, don't worry.
Open up.
Dry skin and mucous membranes.
She's dehydrated.
Start a line and bolus liter of saline.
- BP's 120 palp.
- Get a CBC, Chem-7, and a UA.
- She's got no veins.
- I'll do an IJ line.
You're gonna be okay now.
That's all right, Karen.
Now, just grab that left handhold and you're there.
All right! - All right! - Ready to lower.
Did you really only take two lessons? My instructor said women are more natural climbers.
It's all in the hips.
That's great.
I think after that climb you deserve a pop.
You chickening out? No.
I'm not chickening.
I just thought you might be thirsty.
Nice try, pal.
Your turn.
Good job.
You make it look easy.
- I can't.
- You're doing great.
- Let me down! - There's a foothold by your foot.
- Let me down.
I want to come down.
- Okay.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have pushed so hard.
Did you hurt yourself? We'll just take a break, okay? McGee's has those devil wings.
Come on.
Hog Head McDunna's $1.
99 all-you-can-eat taco bar and live music after the game? Jerry, can you see that these protocol summaries make it into everyone's box? For you, Dr.
Corday, it would be a pleasure.
Elizabeth? I was just looking over your study and I noticed that I'm listed as the only faculty advisor.
Thanks for helping me bring HemoAid to the ER.
I assumed Dr.
Romano was involved.
He wanted to focus on the surgical applications of substitute blood.
I'm surprised he let you go ahead on your own.
Truth is, he doesn't know yet.
Trying to break free? It's more like branching out.
- Do you mind being the only advisor? - Not at all.
As far as I'm concerned, the study's all yours.
She lost almost six pounds last week.
BP, 100/60.
- I wanna go home.
- Please, let them help you.
Her OB's had her on a saltine cracker diet.
How can anyone survive on that? I cannot lose this baby.
She's already had three miscarriages.
- Karen? - She's out.
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
It's okay.
Let's add multivites and put her on a monitor.
It's all right.
Why? She should be past morning sickness.
For some, nausea and vomiting persist throughout pregnancy.
Nine months? She'll never make it.
Once her labs are back, we'll know our options.
- Do whatever it takes to save her.
- I understand.
Rock climbing? Were you planning to outshine me this summer? I paged Doug Ross.
Listen, I was just about to start a splenorenal shunt.
But I can get somebody to cover for me.
That's not necessary.
Scott just overdid it.
It's cool, Dad.
Jeanie'll keep me company.
All right.
But you'll page me as soon as Doug's looked at him? Don't worry.
I will.
I plan on kicking butt at the Investigators' quarterly.
Dayton can't come close to my HemoAid transfusion rates.
I'm releasing distally.
Looks dry.
Don't feel slighted that I involved Lizzie in the study and not you.
- No.
Of course not.
- Peter, what a good liar you are.
Branches of the popliteal? Anterior tibial, posterior tibial and peroneal.
You're the man! Now comes the fun part.
Release proximally and watch the river run.
Benton, daycare center's on the phone.
- Is it urgent? - They want you to come up.
Ask them Tell them- Tell them he's on his way.
I'll finish up here.
Priorities, Peter.
Someone paged me.
Corday, Dr.
Multiple GSWs to the chest and abdomen.
Storeowner in his 70s.
Shot with a small-caliber firearm.
BP 70 palp.
Pulse ox falling, His name's Won Sok Jang.
- Transport time? -20 minutes.
- Any relatives to give consent? - No.
He's a perfect candidate.
Get me 4 units HemoAid.
He's getting cyanotic.
Muffled heart sounds.
Neck vein distension.
Probable pericardial tamponade.
- Shall I? - I've got it.
Pericardiocentesis tray.
Stick an alligator clamp on that V-1 lead.
BP's down to 40 palp.
Worked hard his whole life for this.
Pulse ox, 88.
He's bradying down.
David? - Rate's 30.
- David? I'm losing a pulse.
I've got something in my eye.
Could you? Got it.
- Who the hell was that? - Our Chief of Emergency Medicine.
Hey, nurse, I was called down for a rule-out appy.
Carter is in Exam 3.
- What are you doing with those? - Taking them to Dr.
Lizzie, what are you doing? - Dr.
Romano? - I didn't authorize HemoAid in the ER.
I tried to tell you, I moved ahead with a study.
- Got a rhythm.
- Faint pulse.
Who said you could? Dr.
Greene signed on as my faculty advisor.
I see.
I'd like to explain.
Let's repeat a crit.
I haven't moved my office.
I feel a lot better now.
That's because we rehydrated you.
But with hyperemesis gravidarum, the vomiting could continue or get worse.
I can handle it.
Your labs indicate that your kidneys aren't functioning properly.
And you have a low potassium level, which could cause cardiac arrhythmia.
I don't know what Dave said to you, but I'm not giving up this baby.
I'm not suggesting that.
But there are drugs available which could reduce the vomiting.
But my OB said that drugs could put my baby at risk.
There is that possibility.
But endangering your health also puts your baby at risk.
I'm sure you'll make a great mother.
But physically, you might not be able to be one without medical intervention.
Would you take the drugs? Yes, I would.
I can't.
Think about it.
If your condition worsens, your life could be at risk.
Hey, Doug, you ever been to Hog Head McDunna's? Great taco bar.
I'll have to take a rain check on tonight.
Listen, Carol can come along.
Ross, Anspaugh's on the phone.
I still need to talk to you.
All right.
We'll need a record of his vitals after every bag was hung.
Corday, this is Lindsey Jang.
He is your patient's son.
I'm sorry.
I wasn't aware any relatives had arrived.
How's my father? He's been taken to surgery.
His heart stopped, but we resuscitated him.
Did it stop because you gave him fake blood? No.
In fact, he responded quite well.
One of the benefits of HemoAid is it can transport oxygen to areas where- - Who gave you permission? - I've got a consult.
Good luck, Mr.
Jang, we did use an experimental product on your father.
But it was intended to help him.
Here is some literature explaining the protocol.
He should've gotten real blood.
He did.
If you'd just read- I don't care about your study! If he dies, I'm holding you responsible.
Hey, buddy.
How you feeling? A little better.
Can I talk to you outside for a second? Yeah.
I wanna hear.
All right.
Your labs indicate that you're pancytopenic.
- You have low blood cell counts.
- Well, how low? Tap the bone marrow, see if it's producing cells.
You'll have to get transfusions and be put in an isolation room.
You know, Doug, maybe we should talk outside.
We'll be back.
A bone-marrow biopsy? He could have the flu.
Wouldn't lower his white cell count.
His counts probably haven't come back because of the chemo.
Jeanie, he needs the biopsy.
I've seen Scott at his worst.
I'm sure Anspaugh would agree.
Anspaugh, I already talked to.
And he said to move forward.
I'll set up Exam 4 for isolation.
- About Scott's pain - I'll take care of it.
- Natalie Logan.
- Off with one hat, on with the other.
Can you cover me at the clinic tomorrow? - Sure.
Count me in.
- Great.
- Nurse Hathaway.
- Hi, Natalie.
- Does your dad wanna come back? - That's okay.
It's not a problem.
Mark, have you seen David Morgenstern? No.
And I'd rather not.
He just spent an hour with my patient talking about her collection of antique creamers.
He might have come back to work a little early.
Oh, we need to discuss this Doug Ross situation at some point.
What situation? Well, it sounds like he's not coming back next year.
Does your father know you're here for birth control? Not exactly.
You won't tell him, will you? Not if you don't want me to.
How have your periods been since your last progesterone injection? Light.
Any pain, leg cramps, visual changes, weight gain? Are you using condoms to prevent sexually transmitted disease? Sometimes my boyfriend forgets.
It's your responsibility too.
- Yeah, I know.
- All right.
Here's your follow-up reminder.
Have you come back in three months.
And here are some condoms.
Use them.
- I will.
Thank you.
- Okay.
John? You never returned my call last night.
I need to get a new answering machine.
You also need sleep.
You look like the walking dead.
It's insomnia.
I get it every once in a while.
Try this for a quick fix.
Doctor? Just wanted to say thanks for nothing.
I'm sorry, Mr.
But your wife's not ready to- Save it for your priest, okay? When I saw your name, I should've asked for someone else.
- My name? - You're Catholic, right? So? You get points for putting a baby's life ahead of my wife's? - Excuse me.
- No, no, no.
I am Catholic.
And I'm Italian.
And I'm a woman.
And I'm a doctor.
And I have done everything in my power to help your wife and your child.
Listen, be patient.
Let her make her decision.
What's this I hear about you not coming back next year? - Leave it to Weaver.
- So it's true? I tried to tell you.
I'm not renewing my fellowship because I'm applying for an Attending position.
I can't be a Fellow forever.
I don't know.
You were on your way to convincing me.
The problem is County General doesn't have a Pedes ER Attending position.
Maybe it should.
A third of the cases that come in are pediatric but nobody's overseeing it.
I wouldn't go that far.
So a Pediatric Attending would increase the care, right? - So you're serious? - Doug, we're ready for that biopsy.
You back me up.
Elizabeth, I hear you got your first HemoAid candidate.
And lost him again.
No thanks to Dr.
- What'd he do? - That's not important.
What can I say, he's a jerk.
Actually, that was perfectly put.
Don't let him get to you.
And if you need a backup, call me.
- Damn it! - Peter, what's wrong? Reece has a fever.
I've gotta get him to Carla's and my car won't start.
Plus I've got an ileectomy scheduled.
Well, I could take him.
My car's here.
You know, I don't think that would be a good idea.
Come on, Reece.
I'm a good driver, Peter.
Yeah, I know.
I just think it would be awkward.
You drive and I'll keep this little one company.
Hello, sweetheart.
All right, we could just make it.
Go get your coat.
- Are you looking for a student? - No.
I see him.
Thank you.
- Bull's eye.
- Kerry.
It's not wise to sneak up on a man when he's got a needle in his hand.
I wanted to check on your eye.
Much better, thank you.
Saline did the trick.
After six months, I figured it couldn't hurt to brush up on my anatomy.
Well, everyone can benefit from that on occasion.
Do you ever think about patients when you work on them? You know, their hopes, their dreams? Honestly, no.
I never did.
But in that trauma room all I could think about was that old grocer's life and how he was relying on me.
I don't know if you heard, but last month I suffered a grand mal seizure during a HAZMAT incident- - Then you know.
- Know what? About perspective, about looking at the big picture.
I know that the big picture can be humbling maybe even destructive to one's focus and sense of confidence.
Kerry Weaver, meet John DeLeo, welder, father of five.
Never retired despite crippling arthritis, outlived three of his kids never left Chicago.
You know all that about this cadaver? No.
I made it up.
But if I did know, it wouldn't make me less focused.
It would make me a better doctor.
You're almost there.
Crux of the climb.
Just a few hundred feet to go.
Your fingers search across the rock till you find the perfect handhold.
You feel it? I've got it.
Okay, Scott.
I'm gonna put the needle in now, buddy.
Okay? Okay.
All you gotta do is just hold on and breathe.
You're almost there.
You're almost to the top.
Okay, I got you.
It's okay, Scott.
Hang on.
Hold on.
After the E light comes on, I have almost a day's worth of petrol left.
I'm not gonna risk running out of gas in the middle of Garfield Park.
For your sake, I hope you don't inherit your father's stubbornness.
When we get to Carla's restaurant, I'm gonna run in.
So you don't mind waiting out in the car, do you? Are you still in love with her? Carla? It was never love.
But you're worried about her seeing us together.
- I'm not worried.
- Is it because I'm white? Excuse me? Well, we spend time together.
There's a chemistry.
But there's an obstacle.
Is it racial? Elizabeth, I don't even know how to respond to that.
Damn it! - Are you okay? Reece? - Yeah, we're fine.
Damn it! Oh, my God! Okay, here we go.
Elizabeth, call 911.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Here we go.
- What do you got? - Auto versus pedestrian.
- BP's okay.
- Dr.
Corday? Yes, we got involved in a bit of an accident.
- We're here, Miss Ingram.
- Finally.
- Are you okay? - Yes.
Benton's involved as well.
Involved? He ran into me.
Reece was with him.
I was at lunch.
I need to call my boss.
- Peter, you okay? - Yeah.
- Let me get it.
- No.
I got it.
Come on.
Pulse is 160.
Resps 32.
He cried after it happened.
Now he's become somnolent.
- What happened? - I backed into a pedestrian.
I think he's okay.
He was in his car seat.
All right.
We'll check him out.
- Anna, can you take a look? - Of course.
How's the pedestrian? Don't worry.
She's in good hands.
- He feels warm.
- He had a fever earlier.
Hey, little fella- No, no.
Get a CT of his head, neck and abdomen first.
Peter, let me look at that head lac? - Let Anna check out Reece.
- No.
I'm fine.
Peter, go with him.
It's fine.
Let's get a CBC, type and cross for four.
Let's get a chest and a pelvis.
Dip a urine for blood.
- I have to get to work.
- Someone's calling your boss.
Harbilas and Kleiderman Law Offices.
We got it.
How is she? Superficial lacs, contusions and abrasions.
Pulse ox, 99.
I checked her in the ambulance.
Her abdomen's benign.
- Does this hurt? - Yes! You were more worried about your kid than where you were going.
I tried to explain that you- - Peritoneal lavage tray.
- Not necessary.
Peter, you shouldn't be in here.
Come on.
- Has the trauma team been paged? - Peter.
- Come on.
- Do it.
- I should go check on Reece.
- Anna's taking care of him.
Sit down.
- Did you lose consciousness? - No.
I was barely moving.
Well, it doesn't need sutures.
I never saw her.
She was in my blind spot.
Well, don't beat yourself up.
It was an accident.
Damn it! I'm missing surgery.
Hey, Peter, Reece is fine.
- Did you get a CT? - Not necessary.
Normal fundi.
He's interactive.
Malik's giving him a bottle.
- Thanks, Anna.
- Sure.
Stay still.
- Romano.
- Hold on.
Stay still.
Romano! Where have you been? Brin's screaming bloody murder.
I was in a car accident.
Why were you out when you had surgery? Dr.
Romano, I'm afraid Peter brought you down here for nothing.
- Surgical consults for your victim? - Yes.
Let's see what damage you've wrought.
What did you tell that woman about me? In the ambulance, she wanted to know what happened.
She works for a damn lawyer.
Benton, these two would like to question you about the accident.
- Hi, Jeanie.
- Hello.
Doug told me about Dr.
Anspaugh's son.
- How's he doing? - He's holding up.
I opened the clinic so the staff can get tested as possible marrow donors.
Jerry's e-mailed the other floors and Anna's making up flyers.
It's a nice gesture, Carol.
I know it's hard to find a match.
But people want to help.
I appreciate it.
It's just premature.
His biopsy results aren't even back yet.
Let's give the kid a chance, you know? Now, the pump is computerized.
It'll release the exact amount of pain medicine whenever you push the button.
So you're calling the shots, all right? Can I OD if I press this too much? It's programmed to lock out so that won't happen.
All right.
Be back.
I'm kind of in the middle of something here.
Anspaugh called.
He's concerned about putting Scott on PCA.
- He called you? - He wanted to know the ER's policy.
I told him we didn't have one.
I was unaware you used PCA on kids.
- Well, I am.
- You should've told me.
Didn't know I needed permission.
- Keep me informed.
- Would you have told me not to? I'm not asking you to answer to me.
Just speak up.
This is why we need a Pedes Attending.
I'll talk to Anspaugh.
If that's okay? - What'd Romano say about her belly? - He agreed.
It's benign.
- And her labs? - They're not back yet.
You gotta stay on top of this one.
Scary, isn't it? I mean, one mistake and your life changes just like that.
Has she had other complaints? Yeah, she's got a headache.
But I don't think it's anything.
All right.
Order a CT.
- A CT? - Yeah.
Just do it, okay? - No, no.
He's been a real trouper.
- That's my good boy.
Peter, there you are.
It's just a minor accident.
Come on.
Come on.
He's fine.
- What about you? - It's not as bad as it looks.
I was getting gas.
And then all of a sudden- - Yes.
Elizabeth filled me in.
- Just the highlights.
Well, I should really be getting Reece home.
Thanks again for taking care of him.
You're welcome.
You feel better now, Reece.
Call me if he becomes irritable or lethargic, okay? - I will.
I will.
- All right.
See you.
She takes things in her stride.
Like what? Peter, you've just got to relax.
If I had taken the El or waited for that taxi or got my car fixed, this wouldn't have happened.
You mean, if only I hadn't got involved.
That's it.
Elizabeth, I didn't say that.
You didn't have to.
Diagnosis: too many bologna and cheese sandwiches.
And too many hours in front of video games.
- Fleets enema? - Yeah.
And the number of the local Cub Scout pack.
Boys need activities.
Stay fit, make friends, have fun, all at the same time.
- You came back.
- Why wouldn't I? - Dr.
Weaver, I'm losing a pulse on Plazik! - What's his history? Presented with pyloric stenosis secondary to chronic ulcer disease.
Ate a big lunch followed by bad heartburn.
- He take any meds? - Just bicarb.
Baking soda.
- He's bradying down.
- Probably vasovagal.
Do you think his stomach is distending? Damn! - Esophageal strictures.
- Here.
David, let me try.
I can't get it either.
Get me an 18-gauge needle.
- And a syringe.
- What are you doing? We gotta decompress him, or he's gonna explode.
Are you sure? Pulse is coming back.
Excellent work, doctor.
- Thanks for doing this, Mark.
- Thank you.
The bone-marrow drive is a great idea.
I'm glad you and Doug are going out tonight.
What do you mean? He canceled on me.
You're kidding.
I told him we could cancel tonight.
Excuse me.
Natalie? Is there a problem? - Are you "C.
Hathaway, R.
"? - That's me.
I'm Natalie's mother, Abbey Logan.
I found your clinic follow-up note along with these.
Natalie won't talk to me.
So I thought you might.
Confidentiality laws prevent me from discussing Natalie's medical history.
- I just want to know what's going on.
- I understand that.
Maybe I can answer some questions for Natalie in private.
She might be more willing to discuss this.
- Whatever you can do.
- Okay.
Come on.
Lizzie, Lizzie, Lizzie.
I had no idea how much you wanted your own piece of the pie.
I didn't intend to go behind your back.
Never apologize for being ambitious.
I just wish you'd spend your time on a study that was more respectable.
Respectable? Foisting substitute blood on hapless John Does in the ER.
And without consent, it's a bit morally ambiguous, don't you think? - So you're concerned for my soul.
- Among other things.
How'd you like to become the Chicago coordinator for the HemoAid O.
study? You are joking.
Drug company's expanding the science and they've asked me to oversee it.
Join me, you'll leap up the ladder from worker bee to queen bee.
It's a generous offer.
Is it contingent on me dropping my ER study? I can't imagine you'd have time for both.
Think about it.
Your parents obviously care.
Trust me.
This would seriously flip them out.
It may reassure them to know you're being responsible about birth control and STDs.
But you're not gonna tell them, right? - I can't tell them.
And I won't.
- Okay.
But sometimes it's worse when you shut out the people who care.
And your mother is concerned.
Your father brought you here.
That wasn't my father.
That man who you saw me with earlier he's my teacher.
Natalie, are you having sex with your teacher? It's not like he forces me to or anything.
I mean, we really love each other, you know? But we keep it quiet.
If Jim's wife found out- He's married? Yeah.
But she's real unstable, his wife.
So he can't tell her just yet.
But when I'm 18, Jim's gonna get a divorce.
This teacher of yours, Jim, he's what? About 40 years old? About that.
Natalie, what he's doing is illegal.
I love him.
And he loves me.
It's simple.
It's definitely not simple.
Biopsy results came in.
- And? - Cancer's back.
How bad? Lymphomas in the bone marrow.
That's why he was so anemic.
I told him it was all behind him.
He made it through before.
He can do it again.
- This means bone-marrow transplant.
- And more chemo.
He'll have to be isolated because of a greater risk of infection.
I did contact the National Bone Marrow Registry.
His father or his sister could match.
Does he know yet? No.
I was about to go tell him.
His dad's with him.
I thought you'd like to come along.
I think they should have some time alone.
I'll be by later.
All right.
Well, Mr.
Jang, it looks like you've made it through with flying colors.
He doesn't understand English very well.
I just wanted to see how he was doing.
My father wants to thank you for helping save his life.
You're very welcome.
I told him about your blood study.
And even though I still have reservations he'd like to know more about it.
Well, certainly.
With your help, of course.
Should you be here? So how are you feeling? Better.
I'd like to go home now.
As soon as we're sure you're fine.
Your CT came back negative.
But these labs indicate an elevated amylase and lipase.
Carter, you missed something in Miss Ingram's labs.
This level indicates a pancreatic injury.
You missed something.
- B.
? - Point-one-six.
Did you consume any alcoholic beverages during your lunch break? Great news: Mr.
Jang's decided to remain in my study.
That's terrific.
I guess you won't need help from me after all.
Actually, I'll still need your support if I'm to make a go of this.
- You having second thoughts? - No.
I'm staying put.
It may not be the smartest move, but it feels like the thing to do.
Are you behind this marrow drive? I'm very touched.
Actually, it was Carol Hathaway's idea.
How did Scott take the news? That boy continues to surprise me.
He is determined to beat this thing.
He has a spirit I haven't seen before.
Have you told Scott about your health status? No.
Of course not.
I didn't think so.
Somehow he senses something.
Respects you as a kindred spirit.
Anyway, I know he's eager to see you.
I wonder how many donors actually match for a bone-marrow transplant? I heard less than 1 percent.
I guess I won't wait by the phone.
How's Chase? Still pretty early.
You know Chase.
When can I visit him? You know, Kenner's kind of strict about visitors.
- I know.
Tell him I said hi.
- You bet.
Your turn.
You know, she confided in me because she thought her secret was safe.
Providing birth control is one thing.
Sexual abuse is something else.
I hope it won't scare other kids from coming to the clinic.
She did the right thing coming here.
This is one unique case.
Well, let's hope.
This guy's a 40-year-old man, he's a teacher, he's married and having sex with a minor.
Carol, a policewoman's asking for you.
You got a crime to report? Yeah.
I'll be right there.
She sobered up, and thought twice about getting a lawyer? She said, "I wanna crawl under a rock and pretend it never happened.
" Well, she's not the only one.
- You were lucky, hon.
- Peter.
I thought I'd missed you.
Listen, I ran into Dr.
I convinced him to let me assist on a thyroidectomy in the morning.
I wanna check on Reece.
So I think we should cancel.
I assumed that.
I need my car keys.
Thank you, Peter.
It was a thrill to see you in action again.
We make a good team, you and I.
I'm sorry if I was presumptive before.
You're a conscientious person.
It makes you a good doctor.
And a good manager.
I tried to fill the void while you were on leave.
And surpassed me.
Probably because of your sincere interest in all things administrative.
I never gave a damn about the bureaucracy before.
Didn't interest me then.
And now? And now everything interests me.
Carol, Anna, you two have plans this evening? I did, and then I didn't, and now I don't know.
- I'm free.
Why? - Fancy a girls' night at my place? - I make a mean cosmopolitan.
- That sounds good.
- Say 8:00? - Okay.
I don't know what you two are doing, but I have plans this evening.
So have fun.
Together again.
It's okay.
I've made women cry before.
How you feeling? Well, this helps.
Are you sure you're not being Mr.
Tough Guy like earlier? No.
I really feel better.
My dad said that you could come to Yosemite with us if you wanted to, I mean.
Yeah, I'd like to.
Hey, the Bone Marrow Registry found eight people who preliminarily match your marrow type.
Eight? That's my lucky number.
We still have further matching to do, you know? Hey, it's a start.
Right? Yeah.
It's a start.
Seven brothers, seven sister-in-laws, - Number 13 on the way.
- Oh, my God! - You're considered the family freak.
- Oh, please.
My Aunt Tessa bursts into tears every time she sees me.
Well, my parents cope by treating me like a bachelor son.
Your families must be proud of you two.
Oh, sure they are.
But you, Carol, have something that I really envy.
What? A sex life! Cheers to that! I have no complaints in that department.
Give us more than that.
Oh, please.
Let's live vicariously, please! - You wanna hear about my sex life? - Yes! Yes! Okay.
What do you wanna know? Hold that thought.
Pizza's here.
- Let me get it.
- No, no.
I've got it.
Peter? I know I should've called first.
But I - You're right.
- I was? Yeah.
I do have a problem dating white women.
- This isn't really the time to- - No, no, no.
Listen to me.
There's a lot you don't understand- Hey, Elizabeth, do you need some more money? I didn't know you had company.
- Hi, Peter.
- Bye, Peter.
It was a spur-of-the-moment thing.
Oh, no.
You don't need to explain.
Peter, we could do it another time now that you know where I live.
Yeah, yeah.
Hey, cuz.
What you watching? CNN? Anything going on in the world that I should know about? Here.
I brought you something.
It's Walker Evans.
A complete retrospective of his work.
I think there's a photograph in here that you love if I can find it.
Evening, John.
Hi, Joyce.
Why, Chase, look at that book your cousin brought you.
Okay, Chase.
Take a sip.
Oh, no! Your book! That's okay.
Book's fine.
Book's fine.
He's been having more trouble with that hand.
There you go.
Not a perfect match.
But it'll do.
Thanks, Joyce.
There we go.
You want to try it? Okay, okay.
Hey, I'll do it.
I'll do it.