ER s05e15 Episode Script

The Storm (2)

Mom! Dad! Mom! Dad! Worst kids are up front.
Coming home from a ski trip.
Three of them were trapped under the plow.
Patient three: 10-year-old with head trauma.
Blown pupil, altered mental status, left leg pinned.
Pressure's 110 palp.
Rate's 32.
Tube, hyperventilate her.
Notify County, intracranial bleed.
Have Neurosurgery and CT stand by.
What do you got? Patient five: Broken femur.
Foot's pulseless.
Mottled leg.
Poor cap refill.
- Can we move her? - No, the seat's wedged.
- How can I get to her? - Up and around.
All right.
I want my mom! Help! Help! It's okay.
Your parents are on the way.
Mom! Is this the broken femur? Scrapes and bruises.
Pressure's 100.
Resps, 16.
Gave her eight of morphine.
- Any bleeding there? - Not that I see.
Name's JJ.
Hi, JJ.
My name's Mark.
How are you feeling? I'm scared.
I know you are.
Just hang in there.
Your leg is broken.
But I need you to be brave for me.
Can you be brave? - Okay.
- Okay, good.
Splint that fracture as best you can.
Give her another blanket.
- How long has she been trapped? - About 30 minutes.
- How much time we got? - Time for what? - Till she loses her leg.
- 6 hours.
- Any others trapped? - Oh, yeah.
A boy's jammed between the seats under the grill.
We can't get to him.
- Take it easy, Dennis.
- We got a kid in the back! BP's 50 palp.
He's not moving his legs.
IKeep an eye on her vitals.
Let me know if anything changes.
Could be a lumbar-sacral plexus injury with paralysis.
Have you been reading the Rosen's? Taking the MCATs in a couple of weeks.
They popped it back.
- What the hell is that? - The crane.
That ought to do it.
Anspaugh, may I speak with you for a moment, please? I have to finish my rounds.
You know that Dr.
Romano has closed the ER clinic? You've left us little choice.
You can't do it.
Listen, I'm in a hurry.
If you want to discuss this, call my office.
Set an appointment.
Doctor, please.
I have worked here for 10 years.
The clinic has made a real difference.
Preventing illness, helping people make better choices.
I no longer trust your judgment.
Hundreds of patients are to be punished for my mistake? If this hospital pays millions in damages more than a few hundred clinic patients will go without treatment.
Then I'll quit.
I'll quit.
I'll hand over the clinic to someone else.
Someone you do trust.
But don't close it, please.
Not because of me.
Jeanie? 911 emergency.
I've been in an accident.
I've got a woman badly hurt.
I need help, please.
- What's going on? - School bus hit by a snowplow.
Man, I was hoping for an easier night.
- How many? - At least 15.
I should've called in sick.
Good evening.
Good evening.
The board is up to date.
Doyle is waiting for films in Curtain 3.
The lab is late with blood work for Weaver in Exam 4.
There are seven in Chairs, and I'm out of here.
Police are in Trauma.
I said to be out in 5 minutes.
Jerry, where are you going? - I'm off at 7:30.
- Not until I say you're off.
- Nurses too? - You bet.
- Damn! - Carter and Lucy? In Exam 6.
Carter and Lucy what, in Exam 6? Rural Minnesota, North Dakota.
In the middle of winter? - It pays 4000 a week.
- It sounds miserable.
Sounds like tuition and a tutor for Reece to me.
- What's coming in first? - Blunt chest trauma, amputation and a kid with a spinal cord injury.
- All at once? - Lovely.
Medicine's taking the diabetics.
They'll use them for teaching service.
OB's agreed to look after the prenatals until the third trimester.
- The rest are on their own.
- The clinic isn't closing.
What? He decided to keep it open.
That's great news! What did you do, sell your first-born? No, I had to quit.
You're joking.
I get to keep my ER job, but I'm out of management.
So, who's gonna run the clinic? You are.
No way.
I don't want that kind of responsibility.
Paperwork, fundraising, endless crap from Admit, I've done it.
No, thanks.
You'd rather shut down the clinic? I'm bad at it.
I yell at the wrong people, I piss everybody off.
I'll be around.
I'll help you out.
It's either that, or all these people have nowhere else to go.
Your choice.
Chuny, hi.
- You got a minute? - Sure.
What's up? Earlier, with Lucy and I.
I'm sure you have your suspicions about what we were doing in there.
But actually, we were just - IKnocking boots? - What? Doing the old nasty? The more the merrier, I say.
Actually, we weren't doing anything.
I mean, she's a med student, you know? I'm a Resident.
That stuff happens all the time.
Lucy's like a little sister or something to me.
- You'd do that with your sister? - Nothing happened! Besides, I have a girlfriend.
That insurance lady? She's a financial adviser.
Roxanne and I have a lot in common.
Units are pulling up! She's too pushy.
Always trying to sell you something.
I'd stick with Lucy.
You two make a cute couple.
We are not a couple! Maggie, Elizabeth, take the first.
Carter, Lucy, on three.
Peter, come with me.
Ten-year-old female.
Amputation below the left wrist.
BP 90/60.
Heart rate 120.
Lost 500 cc's of blood.
- Do you have the hand? - They're looking for it at the site.
Nine-year-old slammed into the edge of the seat in front of him.
He can't move his legs.
Resps 16.
BP's down to 70/40.
- Could be a lumbar fracture.
- Or spinal shock.
Internal bleeding, more likely.
Get an ultrasound! Fourteen-year-old female, blunt chest trauma.
BP's 80/40.
- Pneumothorax? - Or hemopneumothorax.
- I need an ultrasound! - X-ray! Trauma 2! Maggie, Trauma 1! Carter, take Exam 2.
We got a pneumothorax! Tear it down! Just tear it down! Let's go! - This is a crime scene! - Not anymore.
Let's clear this crap out of here.
Abdomen's soft.
Decreased bowel sounds.
Okay, no reflexes below the waist.
Let's get a cross-table lumbar and hang steroids.
Get out.
- What happened here? - I'll tell you later.
I'm so cold.
Carol, check up on the other patients.
BP's 80/50.
Strong brachial pulse.
Get me another BP cuff.
The amputation is distal to the radius and the ulna.
I'll clamp that bleeder.
- How are you doing? - Peachy.
Can you save it? If they find the hand, maybe we've got a chance.
- Pulse ox down to 88.
- You doing okay? Her sats dropped and respiratory's getting worse.
- Portable x-ray? - Corday's got it.
Can't wait.
Get a chest tube tray.
Lucy, palpate the fifth intercostal space.
Like this? Yeah, that's right.
Now incise with the scalpel.
Spread with the IKelly.
Insert your finger.
- God, what is that? - What? Bag for me.
- It's intestine.
- Is the incision too low? No, diaphragm's ruptured.
The force of the impact must've pushed everything up.
Call the O.
No free fluid in the belly.
Everyone's okay.
Carter's got a ruptured diaphragm.
Corday called Vascular.
Two ambulances are coming.
Patients are stable, with multiple lacerations and possible fractures.
Foley cath is in.
Tell me when they're here.
Have Jeanie suture.
- Jeanie's not here.
- Where is she? - I don't know.
- Doug can do it.
- No.
- Just lacerations? I said, no.
He's got gross hematuria.
Prep for one-shot IVP.
Call CT.
Let's move.
Jerry, find Jeanie.
We need her.
- Find her how? - I don't know.
Just find her.
Hey! Let's go! Come on! I got a woman in the car! I need gloves! I need gloves! I'm a doctor.
I've got a woman with multiple lacerations.
She's HIV-positive.
- What happened? - I slid on the ice.
She's unconscious.
I lost control.
She wasn't wearing a seat belt.
Hang on, hang on.
Jeanie? All right.
I got her.
All right, Jeanie.
Nice and easy.
Jeanie? You got a light? Yeah.
Right here.
No step off.
Multiple lacerations.
Pupils are equal and reactive.
Let's transport her.
Hang in there, Jeanie.
Hang in there.
It's unstable.
If I lift the weight may shift forward and crush everything.
How about attaching it in front? I don't know.
I could take the chassis.
We just need the weight lifted to pull the kids out.
I've got some railroad ties.
We can put some under the chassis take weight off the blades, and put it back.
Let's do it.
Boys, we need some muscle.
Doc! I found the hand.
A finger is smashed up, but otherwise it's okay.
All right, pack it in saline gauze with ice and get it to County.
How's she doing? She's calmer, but she's still in a lot of pain.
Hang in there, JJ.
We'll get you out.
I hurt.
How much morphine? Twenty mgs.
Her respiratory rate's down.
Give her five more.
Watch her breathing.
- Trapped boy stopped talking.
- When? - A couple minutes ago.
- Dennis, can you hear me? We're running out of time.
We've gotta go.
One under the front.
What's all the noise? We're trying to get you out.
I got it.
All right, we're ready.
Everybody out.
- I'm not coming.
- The hell you're not! I'm staying here! Go on, get out.
Go, go, go.
It's all right.
Here, doc.
Don't worry, darling.
I'm right here with you.
Okay, doc.
Let's go.
Take it up! It's okay.
Don't worry, I'm right here.
It's gonna be a little loud.
Okay? Just relax.
Here we go.
Up! Okay, JJ.
It's almost over.
That's it! Freeze! All right, let's go! Okay, I need somebody to guide the leg on the other side.
- I got it.
- Good.
- We got a popper! - I'm on it.
Watch the femur.
Unstable open fracture.
Apply a pressure dressing.
Get traction on that leg.
- Let's find the boy.
- I got him! I got him! Is he breathing? Resps about 16 and shallow.
He's got multiple lacerations and a fracture to the right forearm.
We found the boy! He's alive! - Can you get him out? - We need a backboard.
You won't be able to move him.
We'll try from the outside.
We need you here! I got him.
Leg's a mess.
She's losing a lot of blood.
Pump up a BP cuff proximal to the fracture and clamp it off with a hemostat.
That ought to hold it till she gets to the ER.
Have Ortho and Vascular ready to do an angiogram.
Tell them we don't have much time.
- Are you going with me? - I'll meet you there, okay, JJ.
? - Okay.
- All right.
BP's 90/60.
Pulse 120.
Large contusion over both upper quadrants.
Evaluate for a splenic rupture.
Start two lines and transport him.
The twos and threes are transported.
All we have are minors.
Get the kids to us as soon as you can.
- Good work, skipper.
- Thanks, doc.
What? They're all alive.
So far.
David Martino.
The police told us that our daughter was brought in here.
Please, I know you're worried, but yelling at me won't help.
I need your name and your child's name so we can Blunt trauma to the abdomen.
Response to crystalloids.
He just dropped his pressure again.
That's my son.
Dennis, you okay? He was trapped.
He's stable now.
He needs further evaluation and tests.
What kind of tests? You'll have to wait outside.
We'll find you when we know more.
- He'll be all right? - Yosh, can you help this gentleman? Sir, let the doctors do their work.
Could be a spleen injury.
We'll need an ultrasound or a DPL.
How are the rest? The amputation's in the O.
- The hand made it? - Yeah.
One, two, three.
Anspaugh took the fractured kidney.
Romano got the ruptured diaphragm.
Type and cross for six.
Get a stat H & H.
BP's 80/60.
Pulse 120.
The girl with the pulseless foot? Corday's got her, prepping for an angiogram.
Conni, can you see if CT can take another one? - No seat belts on the bus? - No.
Airbags in every new car in America but we send children off like lambs to the slaughter.
You're a mess.
Get cleaned up.
Out of the way! Out of the way! How is she? Big subdural on CT.
Neurosurgery's waiting.
Let's go! - Birth date? - September 5th, 1989.
- Hypothermic boy's coming in.
- I'll be right back out.
- Somebody order four pizzas? - Yeah.
Bus driver's in Cardiology.
I'll take the eye injury in Exam 1.
County General.
Come in, 29.
I got a kid that needs 50 stitches.
Where's Lucy? She's in surgery on that ruptured diaphragm.
- Jeanie? - Still AWOL.
Call somebody and get them down here.
Who else is coming in? - Hypothermic kid, two minutes out.
- I'll take him.
Found him 20 yards from the wreck.
Must've been thrown by the collision.
Blunt abdominal trauma.
No head injury.
BP 70 palp, pulse 40.
Name, Anthony Martino, it was written on his jacket.
He's throwing PVCs.
Must've irritated his heart.
Warm peritoneal lavage! How's she doing? The angiogram showed a partial tear in the popliteal.
I reduced her fracture, got back a weak pulse.
There's good collateral circulation.
We bought Vascular a little time.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I see you still have your fireman's hat.
Is my mom here? I'm not sure, but I'll go find out.
What's your last name? Mitchell.
I'll find her if she's here, JJ.
How long until they take her upstairs? They're handling life threats.
Limb threats are stacked up.
It's been three hours.
I'll wait another hour, then call around to transport her.
Don't wait.
Call now.
's backed up.
Some surgeons can't make it in.
- He can't wait.
Take him.
- What's up? DPL's positive.
He's going up.
- Call the blood bank on that blood.
- Right.
- Dr.
Greene? - Liver? - Spleen.
- Core temp's 84, DPL's positive.
Give him warmed intra-abdominal fluids? I held up the peritoneal lavage so I wouldn't dislodge a clot in his liver.
Start the bladder rewarming.
More meds, Yosh! Yes.
On the way.
Paramedics coming in.
IKid in the rig.
- From the bus? - Yeah.
- Clear a Trauma Room.
- I'll check Carter's hypothermic kid.
- Dr.
Greene? - What? IKobe Ekabo.
You talked to my husband.
I'm sorry, it's a little hectic now.
We went to see the doctor.
Mobalage is scheduled for surgery tomorrow.
See if there's someone here for a JJ Mitchell.
- Hey, Carol, got a minute? - Yeah.
What's up? I'm sorry.
What? - The surgery might be a mistake.
- Why? - Does he need it? - Lf he wants to get better.
Does he need to get better? - Oh, God! - Carol! Carol! Mrs.
Ekabo, it's normal for you to have anxiety before a surgery.
There's always risk, but for your husband, it's minimal.
- He should regain full function.
- Hey, we need a hand! - Which one is it? - Patient number 13.
Broken ribs, minor head injuries.
- I thought she was stable.
- Crashed en route.
No vitals.
Tubed her but couldn't find a line.
- How long? - Eight minutes.
Let's go, darling.
Here we go.
Pupils midrange and sluggish.
Jerry, where are we? Pedes clinic's the best I can do.
- Dr.
Greene? - Mrs.
Ekabo, I can't talk right now.
Wait in Chairs.
I'll be there soon.
- No pulse without CPR.
- Last epi? - Three minutes.
- Another amp down the ET tube.
- What happened to Carol? - Doug and Jeanie crashed.
Doug's okay, Jeanie's hurt.
Unit 29 has them.
Mark, in here! Vitals are stable.
Contusions to face, forehead, abdomen.
Precautions, everyone.
BP is 130/90.
Pulse ox 98.
She just came to.
- What is today? - Thursday.
- Doug, are you okay? - She lost consciousness.
Trachea midline.
No chest injuries.
No seat belt.
Stupid, huh? - Doug, let's see your head.
- We need a CT and trauma panel.
We got it.
Back off.
Guarding tenderness in the right quadrant.
Get a CT! Everybody, back to work! Get out of there, Doug! - Dr.
Ross, step back! - Might be her liver.
We'll catch it if she does.
The hypothermic 10-year-old's in trouble.
- Peter, you got her? - Yeah.
I'll be back.
I'll take Carter.
You stay with Jeanie.
No, I'll take Carter.
- It's a Pedes case.
- You're off this station! You're not working in this hospital! Not tonight! Now sit down and let Carol look at your head.
All right.
No peritoneal signs.
Let's get the trauma panel.
Come on.
Get a CT on the head and the belly.
Get the O-neg! We're actively rewarming with Foley, NG, and ET but he's still hypothermic at - What do you suggest? - Binary bypass? - Heart rate's down to 30, BP's 60.
- He's soaked.
Conductive loss.
Get these wet clothes off.
You're in the right direction.
No bypass.
Just keep warming.
Notify the O.
They've got another ex-lap pending.
- What if he goes into V-fib? - He won't make it to O.
Mark, I couldn't find anybody for a JJ Mitchell.
Want me to see if we have a phone number? Could you? How are Doug and Jeanie? Okay.
Jeanie's got a concussion.
Why is everyone in the hall? The beds are full and the minors are showing up.
We got a broken jaw with a tongue laceration coming in.
Call Medicine and see if they can spare Residents.
Is still backed up.
I'll start calling around to other hospitals.
Is it a surgical case? Yep.
Girl with an open fracture.
We're out of time.
- Where's my ruptured spleen? - Trauma 1.
Thank you.
It's a great teaching case.
If we don't get to her, she'll lose a leg.
We've got at least two hours.
- Call Mercy anyway.
- Damn right.
You're gonna need sutures.
Sorry for everything.
I'll go to Anspaugh, throw myself on my sword and see if he'll open the clinic.
Anspaugh's gonna keep the clinic open.
He change his mind? I threw myself on my sword.
Lynette Evans is gonna take over the clinic.
I'm back to my blue-collar roots.
Punching the clock in the ER.
I don't know what to say.
There isn't anything to say.
It's done.
We just have to accept it and move on.
I'm gonna resign.
Take responsibility for everything that happened.
I'm destroying my relationship with you.
I've probably lost my best friend.
I've certainly damaged both of your careers.
I hate Weaver.
I hate Romano.
It's time to go.
Where? I liked Seattle when I was in med school.
Seattle? The Pacific Northwest.
Take that job offer in Portland.
It's pretty up there.
It's clear.
You'd like it.
Come with me.
We got another rig coming in.
I'll be right there.
I love you.
I grew up here.
My family's here, my friends.
My job.
You just got demoted.
You had something to do with that, didn't you? Come with me.
I gotta get back to work.
We'll talk about it later.
Vitals stable.
Lacs to the abdomen, dislocated right index finger and an ear laceration.
My hoop earring got stuck on my coat.
- How many more coming in? - Elise is the last.
Mark, Maggie needs you in 2.
Find a spot for her.
Oh, man.
- Carol, you have a second? - Not really.
Can you talk to Mrs.
Ekabo? This is Mobalage's wife.
He's having surgery for erectile dysfunction and she's anxious.
Okay, sure.
Ekabo, I'm sorry.
Nurse Hathaway will answer your questions, okay? I'll be right with you.
Jeanie's head CT is normal.
No sign of a bleed.
Her abdominal CT shows a small amount of fluid around the liver.
- That could be blood.
- No.
Liver's intact, no laceration.
There's pain on palpation? Are these her labs? CBC's normal.
LFT's elevated.
Especially ALT.
PT's high.
From a trauma? Bilirubin is abnormal.
Albumin is low.
What do you think? These results don't have anything to do with the accident.
- Yeah.
- So, what do you want to do? Draw up a hepatitis panel.
Give her some vitamin IK.
Admit her to Medicine for a liver biopsy.
Oh, Mrs.
I'm sorry for making you wait.
Do you want a soda? Dr.
Greene said you have questions about your husband's surgery.
Do you know what happened to Mobalage? He was tortured in Nigeria, right? Dr.
Greene said that after tomorrow he'll be able to have relations again? Yes, if it's successful.
I don't know if I can.
Can you tell me why not? Mobalage was a student leader.
A dissident.
After they tortured him, he fled.
And when I joined him, he was happy we were together but not interested in me in that way.
Well you have to help him through this.
I should go.
I'm sorry to bother you.
Wait, Mrs.
What is it? - I can't - You can't what? After he left they came for me.
Ten soldiers.
Each took their turn.
All night and into the next day in our home.
I never told him.
I want him to be happy but I don't know if I can be with a man again.
You have to tell him.
It would kill him.
But he loves you.
I didn't mean to wake you up.
What time is it? It's 2:30.
Sutures look great.
Who did them? Peter.
Took forever.
He's kind of a perfectionist, if you hadn't noticed.
We got a bed for you upstairs so you can get some real sleep.
How you feeling? Sore.
So, what is it? Peter took some more blood.
How have you been feeling lately? A little rundown.
Is it AIDS? No.
Your T-cell count was normal.
But your liver function tests indicate that you might have hepatitis.
And your abdominal CT showed a small amount of fluid around your liver capsule.
Have you been tested? Yeah.
I had a hepatitis B vaccination five or six years ago.
I hadn't had an A.
So you think it's C? It might be.
We need to admit you and do a few tests.
That sounds like the doctor answer.
I was kind of hoping for the "good friend" answer.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
That would be my guess.
All this time I'm worrying about HIV and I get hepatitis C? Huh? We should do the biopsy.
I might be wrong.
Wouldn't be the first time.
Maybe the second time, huh? Maybe the third time.
I just thought she was anxious about the surgery.
- She is.
- It's scheduled for this morning.
I know.
We need to get them therapy.
I'll call Riley.
See if he knows anybody who specializes in PTSD in torture victims.
Doug says he's gonna quit.
Yeah? I think he's serious.
Maybe he should.
You want him to go? I'm done, Carol.
I love him like a brother but I can't do this anymore.
It's too hard.
He says he wants to move to Seattle or Portland.
Wants me to go with him.
Are you going to? I can't remember a time when I didn't love him.
I'll miss you.
Maybe more than I'll miss him.
I gotta go.
Anthony's stable.
So is he okay? Well, he'll need exploratory surgery but I think he's gonna be fine.
- Can I see him? - Yes, please.
Follow me.
Thank you.
She seems happy.
It's gonna be light soon.
When did you sleep last? Day before yesterday.
You? Twenty-four hours ago.
I feel like an Intern again.
- Good work.
- Yeah.
You too.
Is this where you work? Most of the time, yeah.
I'm surprised to see you're still here this late at night.
I thought doctors made life-and-death decisions about people's families and then go home to million-dollar homes and Stoli martinis.
He was in agony.
He was dying.
Not in days, in hours.
You stole my son from me.
Joi called and I caught the first flight out.
I came as quickly as I could.
Ricky died and I wasn't there.
I didn't get to hold his hand.
I didn't get to say goodbye.
You stole that from me.
That's disgusting.
Really? It's not bad.
I might get another one.
Got any more quarters? Deep stab wound to the chest with a large kitchen knife.
BP's 70 palp.
Ran two liters saline, couldn't get the pressure up.
Pulse ox is 91 on 10 liters.
Mark, it's Mrs.
- What? What happened? - Her husband freaked out.
Called 911, but wouldn't let us in.
She was bleeding all over.
Hang two units O-neg, order four type- specific and crossmatch another four.
Pulse is weak and thready at 140.
Okay, we'll do this on my count.
Nice and easy.
Ready? One, two, three.
- Let's get an EIKG.
- Poor cap refill.
Mark, she's cold.
No breath on the right.
Tracheal shift to the left.
She's got dilated neck veins.
Tension pneumo, 14 gauge.
I'll decompress.
- Where's her husband? - Jumped out the window.
- What? - Cops had to ram down the door.
They were chasing him when we left.
Where's the trauma team?! - Not very compatible.
So the best thing for us to do is to go back to being - Hey! - Hi.
Hey! - What are you doing up here? - Waiting for you.
Really? Yeah.
Look, is there someplace that we can go? Back to my dorm.
My roommate leaves by 6:30.
Your dorm Your place, then.
Weaver's house.
No, no.
See, this is the problem.
- You're a student and I'm a Resident.
- Right.
So you said.
- We're not very compatible.
- That's true.
Few people drive me crazy the way that you do.
And you irritate the hell out of me.
Right, so clearly this is not something that's gonna work.
Between hospital policy and us not liking each other we should accept that yesterday was a mistake and we should Things should go back to the way they were.
That's the smartest thing to do for all involved.
We could just have sex.
We can't have sex! I don't want to have Hi.
How are you? It was a mistake.
Got you.
You're really gullible, you know that? - That wasn't funny.
- Sure it is.
You don't want to hang out, fine.
I'm not attracted to you anyway.
- You're not? - You're closed-off for my taste.
Closed-off? Emotionally withdrawn.
Not in touch with your feelings.
- I am not.
- Sure you are.
Just forget it! We're not compatible.
I'm in touch with my feelings.
I want to throttle you.
"Throttle"? An in-touch-with-your-feelings word.
- Ridiculing my vocabulary? - I just meant opposites attract.
We sound like my grandparents.
Married 56 years.
Still having great sex too.
- My wife, is she dead? - No.
Where are they taking her? To surgery.
They're trying to save her.
Can they? I don't know.
What have I done? Carol, what's going on in here? You all right? Yeah, we're fine.
We need Mark, though.
Can you get Mark? Yes.
Greene, please.
- Sure, I can do that.
- And Security.
You've got a big cut on your leg.
I ran away.
Oh, God! I thought I'd find you up here.
How is she doing? She's fine.
So I spoke to Anspaugh told him I was quitting.
What did he say? Well, he was polite enough not to burst into song.
Didn't try and talk me out of it.
Well, did you expect him to? No.
Julian in Genetics stood up for me with the cops.
And? They're not gonna prosecute.
- That's great.
- Yeah.
Long night, huh? Yep.
You're not coming with me, are you? Are you really leaving? There's nothing for me here.
I'm here.
I mean work.
I can't stay here.
Not even for me? Come with me.
I want you to stay here.
I can't.
I don't understand that.
I have to go, Carol.
I can't stay here.
Doug? I don't want to wake up alone tomorrow.
I love you.
Now, this is living.
Brown-bagging it on the lake in February.
If this isn't the coldest place, I don't know what is.
It was your idea to come out here.
Just reminding myself why I'm happy to get out of here.
You're not gonna become a Trailblazers fan, are you? Maybe.
Or the Sonics.
That's just wrong.
Seahawks? I don't know, maybe.
Doesn't it rain 300 days a year out there? Save me a lot of money watering my lawn.
You don't have a lawn.
- Play some hoops? - Sure.
Come on.
- You know what I'll miss? - What? Whipping your ass on the court.
Oh, right.
- I don't think I ever lost a game.
- In your dreams.
- Play for a buck a point? - Hell, no.
You scared? - No.
You cheat.
- I do not.
- You do.
- I do not.
You're a cheater.