ER s08e09 Episode Script

Quo Vadis?

Previously on E.
- She's pregnant.
- Who? Nicole.
Oh, yeah! Yeah, my stuff just leapt into her bag! Nicole? You know, I used to have a crush on you.
I used to have a crush on you too.
Glad you came back.
Me too.
- Get in! - No, I'm good.
- No, you're not! - Go on, get out of here.
Come on.
What was that about? - I'm being subpoenaed.
- For what case? Reece.
Roger's suing for custody.
8x09 "QUO VADIS" - He drew this? - Yesterday afternoon.
He's got talent.
Don't you think? Hey, Jackie.
- Thanks for dropping him off.
- No problem.
Missed you last night.
I know.
I had to work late.
No, no, no.
I can't play.
I'm gonna come back and put you to sleep.
Benton? Romano wants you to assist on a post-op hemicolectomy.
- I'm off at 8.
- It's 7:55.
Well, call Edson.
- Damn it.
- What is it? It's the ER.
Remember how Carla wanted Reece to be with you on Father's Day? - It says a lot.
The judge should know.
- That's good.
- We'll be okay? - It's just the first day.
- Maybe I should be there to help.
- Jackie, you are helping.
Rachel Greene.
I need a copy of her attendance records.
- You could have told me.
- I didn't know.
Who's allergic to lilies? She may not have appreciated the symbolism.
- Symbolism? - Lilies are for funerals.
Oh, God, I'm sorry.
- I just wanted to send her some flowers.
- You got his grandmother flowers? I can't seem to get in her good graces.
How's her leg anyway? - She's concerned with the girl she hit.
- I already met with him.
- I thought that girl was better.
- Yeah.
She's in her upswing.
- About to have a bigger bank account.
- She settled? - Very good offer.
- Good.
So you can fax it to me.
- Who's paging me? - They need you in Room 2.
- Where's Corday? - Upstairs.
- Isn't she on for Trauma? - We just got here.
- I thought she was on leave.
- She's been cleared to operate.
What about all the dead geezers? There's no evidence of any wrongdoing.
Good news.
When the paramedics roll me in, I'll take Romano.
- Entrance, left temple, no exit.
- What type of gun? - Cops said a.
32 at close range.
- Pupils are 5 mm and fixed.
- Who shot her? - Does it matter? - Got caught in a gas station holdup.
- Absent blink reflex.
- Probable brainstem damage.
- Did we push mannitol? - I'm still assessing her.
- What are you waiting for? Let's push the mannitol, load Dilantin and hyperventilate.
- I was taking Gallant through the exam.
- Treat the patient first, okay? ABG, gram of Ancef and a head CT.
- What's the GCS? - Elizabeth, it's 8:20.
I had to change.
Let's call Neurosurg if there's something fixable on CT.
- What's the rush? - I have to go.
- Heart rate's 50.
- Push an amp of atropine.
- Is there a problem, Peter? - You're late.
I have to get out of here.
- What's the caloric reflex? - Slow deviation to the stimulus.
And then? Saccadic return to the midline.
Date of birth: 9/12/73.
- Dr.
Benton ever in a good mood? - He has his moments.
Go ahead.
- No response.
- Looks like she's a donor.
- I'll be right back.
- Is there any family we can call for you? Her parents live in Minnesota.
We were gonna drive there today.
- This is Dr.
- I'm so sorry, Mr.
Are you gonna operate? The bullet passed through the brainstem.
I'm afraid no surgery can repair that.
Is there any chance that she'll survive? She's no longer breathing on her own.
We have to wait and see if she regains consciousness.
But it's highly unlikely.
The medical exam is consistent with brain death.
I was still asleep when she left.
I know this is a difficult time, but we found a donor card.
- A what? - Your wife wanted to be an organ donor.
Yeah, I guess that's what she wanted.
- Can I go see her? - Yeah, sure.
Elizabeth, we need you in here.
Started an 18-gauge in the left AC.
Rudy Escalona, 15 years old.
LOC from blunt head trauma.
One, two, three! Boxing league.
He took a lot of punches.
Any medical problems, Rudy? - No.
He's in good shape.
- Do you know where you are? I hit him, man.
I hit him good.
- Pulse ox is 98 on two liters.
- Pupils equal and reactive.
- Do you know what year it is? - Nobody thought I could do it.
- Answer the doctor.
- But I did it.
Squeeze my hand, Rudy.
- Haleh? - He's not responding.
We need to get some information from you, sir.
- Airway's okay.
Still has gag.
- No.
I'll stay.
- After the x-rays, you can come back.
- Soft abdomen.
No guarding or rebounds.
- How late are you on? - Peter should be back by 6.
I'm on till 10.
Could you check Rachel's homework? Sure.
Lateral C-spine and a head CT.
She needs help with her trinomials.
Normal Babinski.
- I believe I failed algebra.
- It's either that or Revolutionary War.
- I'll stick with math.
- Yeah.
- Why can't you talk to HR? - It won't change the outcome.
Nicole deserves a second chance.
Is that your objective opinion? She made a mistake.
I know it won't happen again.
The hospital has a zero-tolerance policy against stealing.
But if you explain, they might reconsider.
There is nothing to explain.
- Just do it as a favor to me.
- I'm sorry, I can't.
Or you won't? Please.
I got her the job.
You should have screened her first.
Carter, what is this abscess still doing in Exam 4? - It's perirectal.
- Yeah, it needs surgery.
- So you're on this too, Susan? - Carter wanted a second opinion.
Call Surgery.
We're busy.
One doctor per patient.
- Have fun suturing.
- Have fun with your rectum.
When was your last tetanus shot? You better ask my dad.
I - Jorge, this is Dr.
- Hi.
How's his exam? Two-centimeter lac on the labial mucosa.
Suggest an interrupted 4-0 Vicryl.
- How'd you get hurt? - He was boxing.
- And the other guy? - You tell me.
The patient in Trauma 1? Jorge's little brother, Rudy.
He got in a good one.
I kind of lost it, but I didn't mean to hurt him.
Not bad.
There you are.
How's Rudy? They say he's gonna wake up, he's gonna be all right.
You okay? - He needs a couple of stitches.
- Does it hurt? No.
This is one tough kid.
Be careful with your reaction to the testimony.
No sighing, no faces.
- What if I have a question? - Write it down.
- They switched judges on us.
- Who'd we draft? - Alter.
- Is that good or bad? He always favors the mother.
That's not a problem in this case.
It wouldn't hurt to show a maternal side.
Is that the tie you're wearing? - What's wrong with it? - It's a little showy, don't you think? And don't get too emotional.
You don't wanna come across as cold either.
You make it sound like a performance.
Well, it is.
That is the whitest tie I've ever seen.
It's blue.
She keeps breaking out in hives, like a reaction.
- To what? - I don't know.
Nobody knows.
We've been to three ERs.
- Fifty of Benadryl.
- Push 125 of Solu-Medrol.
We've found guided imagery helps.
Close your eyes, honey.
- Who's her doctor? - He's in Syracuse.
We're on our honeymoon.
Go to your peaceful place.
- Better hide the good silver.
- What's she doing here? Meeting with Personnel.
I hear she's getting fired.
Let our souls intermingle.
- Any new soaps or pesticides? - Everything's the same.
- What about latex? - What do you mean? Some people are allergic to rubber gloves, condoms - We stopped using them.
- When? - A few weeks ago.
- We're trying to get pregnant.
Everything's all right.
Feel the warmth of the sun.
Just embrace the joy.
Rudy's vitals and oxygen level are good.
Is he awake now? Not quite yet.
But he might be able to hear you.
- Go ahead.
- Thanks.
Even before I married Carla, we discussed it.
I knew it would be a challenge but we agreed our first priority would be Reece.
You took a variety of steps to be a good parent to him, didn't you? I learned to sign.
I've always been in contact with his teachers.
I've been volunteering at his school.
And you're self-employed? I run a website company out of my home office.
- What kind of hours do you have? - Very flexible.
I make my own schedule.
- You ever needed to hire a babysitter? - No.
Ever have someone get him from school? No.
So you've never passed Reece's caregiving to anyone? Never wanted to.
Benton often needs help, doesn't he? Objection.
Outside his scope.
McGrath has knowledge, can testify to what he's observed.
Peter has a long list of people who pick Reece up from school.
His girlfriend, his sister, his niece.
They're all involved in looking after him.
Even Dr.
Benton himself has asked you to help him out, hasn't he? Yeah.
He asked me to get Reece.
But I don't mind.
I wanna be with him.
Did Reece ever mention where he prefers to sleep? Your house or Dr.
Benton's? - He likes my place.
- Why is that? He says it's his home.
Once the procurement teams arrive, we'll move her to the O.
- She'll be on the ventilator? - Yes.
So her heart will keep beating? So she'll be alive when you remove her organs? Mr.
Pruitt, your wife's brain is not functioning at its most basic level.
There is no medical distinction between brain death and cardiac death.
You said that the machines are keeping her alive.
Not exactly.
They're merely keeping her organs viable.
Can't you just let her die naturally? To get healthy organs, we procure while the heart's beating and there's oxygen in the bloodstream.
I don't know.
I don't know.
We never talked about this.
I know she filled out the card- I understand.
I'm not so sure that I can do this.
Why don't you take some time with her.
I'll come back and we'll talk some more.
Corday, pre-op's ready.
We're gonna wait a bit.
Abby? I need morphine for a perilunate dislocation.
How much? Get 20, just to be safe.
- What's the patient's name? - Bovard.
I saw Nicole.
They let her go? - I'm sure she'll find another job.
- It's not important.
She might want to take it easy now, with the baby coming.
She's keeping it? You thought she wouldn't? I don't know.
It's tough being a single mother.
Maybe she won't be.
- I need some Versed too.
- You can't be serious.
- She's a good person.
- You met her five minutes ago.
It's the right thing to do.
Did she ever take a pregnancy test? - Of course.
- Did you see it? - I mean, in front of you? - I trust her.
What exactly has she done to deserve that? Even if it is yours, there's other ways to help.
- How much Versed? - I'll do it.
- No, I'll do it.
- I said, I'll do it.
There was bleeding inside Rudy's brain.
How bad is it? Problem's the arterial wall.
If we prevent any further hemorrhage, should be okay.
He's always begging to get in the ring.
I shouldn't have let him.
This is from a pre-existing condition.
What do you have to do? The neuroradiologist can use a catheter to mend the artery from within.
- And then he'll be okay? - He should be.
Look, you didn't cause this, okay? It could have happened at any time.
It happened when I hit him.
Susan, you have Curtain 2? Woman with hives? - No.
I've got the thyrotoxicosis.
- It's mine.
- Is she ready for dispo? - No.
I'm still working her up.
Either one of you guys ever heard of an allergy to semen? Maybe an aversion, but not an allergy.
It's hundreds of proteins that are potential antigens.
That your best diagnosis? - It's a possibility.
- You must be desperate.
- This is Sean Gatney.
- My foot's stuck.
- You doing okay? - His dad wouldn't let us break it.
- The toilet? - It's a personal hygiene system.
You're out of your mind.
- Dr.
Weaver, right? Sandy Lopez.
- Right.
Good job.
I hear the lady and the baby are doing okay.
- Hey, Abby, I got this.
- Okay.
Do you need something? - I was looking for Luka.
- He's with a patient.
Do you want a cup of coffee? Based on your extensive observation of Dr.
Benton and Reece how would you summarize their relationship? Peter's completely devoted to Reece.
He's always focused on what's best for him.
I can't imagine anyone being a better father.
Thank you.
- Are you and Dr.
Benton married? - No.
- Living together? - We've discussed it.
- How long have you been a couple? - Almost three years.
So you didn't break up in June? - It wasn't exactly a breakup- - Then get together again about two weeks ago? - Are you tracking my love life? - Objection.
- Sustained.
- Let me ask: Do you consider yourself a stable factor in Reece's life? I do.
How can we be sure you two won't break up again next week - or next month? Next year? - Objection.
Calls for prophecy.
- Goes to the stability of the home.
- Point taken.
But you can answer.
It's my intention to be around Peter and Reece for a long time.
You occasionally babysit for Reece, don't you? Quite often.
We get along well.
There was an incident with a piano.
Could you explain? - Reece hurt himself.
- Under your care.
- It wasn't my- - That's the supervision Dr.
Benton - entrusts his son to.
- I looked away for two seconds.
When he should be looking after him.
Are you gonna ask a question? Counselors, let's all breathe.
Fifteen-minute recess.
- Is that decaf? - No.
- Oh.
I shouldn't have caffeine.
- Oh, right.
I forgot.
Luka told you? - Have you had a pre-natal exam yet? - Not yet.
I used to work in OB.
I could do an ultrasound.
That's nice of you, but I'll take care of it.
How do you know you're pregnant? Thanks for the coffee.
This is not the way to get Luka.
- What are you talking about? - The truth.
- What happened to your father? - He killed himself when I was little.
And then, miraculously, he came back to life so he could kick you out at 16? - Is this funny to you? - No.
I'm just trying to figure it out.
You haven't told anyone the same story twice.
My mother re-married and my stepfather didn't want me around.
I guess you have an answer for everything.
- I guess everything's your business.
- I don't want to see him hurt.
Maybe you don't want to see him happy.
I know what won't make him happy.
A made-up life.
You know, if this is all for real, that's great.
Go for it.
But if it's not, he's gonna figure it out.
He's not stupid.
I never got a chance to thank you for Saving your life? Yeah, that.
It was no sweat.
It was a crazy night.
It's a pretty crazy job.
I haven't met too many female firefighters.
Only one in Company B.
- Must be pretty challenging.
- No, not really.
I'm just one of the guys.
- Anyway, I'll see you around.
- Did you get a wound check? Your hand.
I don't like doctors.
Let me take a look at it before you go.
Maybe some other time.
What happened? Rudy dropped his sats.
BP is 230/120.
- Pulse ox, 78/15.
- He stopped breathing.
- One of Pavulon, 100 of sux.
- What's going on? Check the fundi.
- There's pressure in his brain.
- What are you gonna do? - We're gonna help him breathe first.
- Multifocal PVCs.
- Dr.
Greene? - Push another 100 of lidocaine.
- It's Rachel.
- Can't talk.
Start Nipride at 70 mics.
- She said you told her to check in.
- Elizabeth will be home at 6.
I'm in.
Lily, another 60 of nimodipine.
I'll get it.
- Looks like V-tach.
- Oh, God.
No pulse.
Charge to 200.
Start compressions.
Ever try a non-heart-beating protocol? I observed one at Case Western.
They go to the O.
, turn off the vent, and wait for the heart to stop beating.
Meanwhile, lack of oxygen can ruin the organs.
You remove them after only two minutes of cardiac arrest.
They'll be viable, with a natural death.
She's dead either way.
This approach compromises the transplant.
It's the only approach the husband will consent to.
You know that for a fact? - You presented this to Mr.
Pruitt? - Luka? - I suggested it as an option.
- Without consulting me? She's my patient too.
You're not the one who needs approval for an unconventional procedure, nor you're the one going to have to do it.
- Can you take a break? - Yeah.
Dr Weaver, is there anyone in Exam 4? The middle bed's free.
I don't wanna tie up a monitor.
Hey, do I have to keep this in my arm? Yeah.
You might need emergency meds.
- What if someone comes in? - These doors lock from the inside.
- Oh, my God.
- Is that what I think it is? Just give me one second.
Wasn't this guy going to the morgue? - Yeah, I was just about to.
- Get him out.
- We need epi in here.
- How many amps? - As much as you can carry.
- Maybe this isn't such a good idea.
It'll be fine.
- Charge to 360.
- Clear.
- Asystole.
- How long has he been down? - Forty-five minutes.
- Resume compressions.
- How much epi? - Push another 4 milligrams.
- How much longer are we going? - I'm gonna bring them in.
- You're calling it? - Not yet.
Rudy hasn't had a heartbeat for an hour.
How could this happen? - He had a massive hemorrhage.
- No.
He damaged the part of his brain that controls his heart and breathing.
- You said they could fix it.
- There wasn't enough time.
Keep trying, please.
We've shocked him repeatedly.
We've used every drug.
Nothing is working.
Do you want to say goodbye before we stop? You fought hard, Rudy.
You never gave up.
I'm proud of you.
- We'll never forget you.
- Shut up.
We love you, mijo.
- You'll always be in our hearts.
- Shut up! Shut up! Can you hear me? Can you hear me? Shut up! Shut up! Just let us know when you want us to stop.
I hope it snows.
I'd like to see the city covered in white.
Yeah, it's pretty until your car won't start.
Maybe I can get a job shoveling sidewalks.
It might be good if you don't work for a while.
Take care of yourself, the baby.
I need to work.
You don't need to worry about the rent.
I talked to my friend.
I think I found a job.
That was quick.
He's opening a café in Montreal.
He wants me to help run it.
I can't move to Montreal.
You've been very generous.
I'm thankful for everything.
So what are you saying, that's it? You could leave like that? Listen, my shift's over at 7.
Let's talk about this tonight.
I'll call you in a few days.
- Are you angry with me? - No, of course not.
- Do you think I'm angry with you? - I hope not.
Then why? I thought we both felt the same.
You're a good person.
But you talked yourself into loving me.
This isn't real.
I'll leave the key inside.
I made an OB appointment for Friday.
- It's not necessary.
- It is.
No, it's not.
I'm not pregnant.
I felt safe for the first time in a long time.
I didn't wanna lose you.
So I made it up, Luka.
I'm sorry.
I made it all up.
- We need two layers.
- Do you know how to bury the knot? Take your first bite in the center, deep, then come up.
- You hear something? - Three knots.
- I hear banging.
- What's that noise? - I think they're working on the pipes.
- Oh, that don't sound like pipes.
- You got this? - Yeah, yeah.
I think so.
- Who's in there? - My allergy patient.
- The lady with hives? - And her husband.
You're tying up a room so they can have sex? - I'm conducting a clinical trial.
- Send them to an allergist.
That'll take weeks.
They're young.
They're aroused.
- They want their answer now.
- Weaver know you're running a brothel? It's not a brothel if they're married.
- Dr.
Lewis, lab's back on Escalona.
- I didn't order any labs.
- Rudy? Kid arrested? - I had the brother.
That's mine.
It wasn't your fault.
Things happen.
You can't explain it.
Did Rudy ever take any stimulants? I'd never let him do that.
- There was Ephedra in his bloodstream.
- Ephedra? A natural supplement.
It's in power formulas.
- He drinks Beta-Morph sometimes.
- From where? From the store.
He wanted a six-pack before we sparred.
- He said he wanted to dust me for once.
- The Ephedra probably raised his BP causing a vessel in his brain to rupture.
- Why would he do it? - To enhance his performance.
- He wanted to make you proud, Dad.
- You knew about this? - He was never tough enough for you.
- Why didn't you stop him? You kept pushing him! - And you never let up! - Calm down.
- No! He was just a kid! - He wanted to be a champ! No! That's what you wanted! - It's over! I'm through! - This is not how to honor your brother! - It's my choice! It's not your choice! - You were born with a gift! - Come on, Jorge.
- No! Here's your gift! Here's your gift! Man, he's spinning everything his way.
We'll get it all back on your testimony.
Everything all right? Yeah.
I just couldn't sit at home, not knowing what was going on.
- We're just getting started.
- You testify yet? - No.
Roger went first.
- What'd he say? That I was the world's greatest father.
He made it seem like I ask him to help out with Reece all the time.
- He lied.
- It's his version of the truth.
Isn't that perjury? Isn't there something you can do? - Jackie! - Why are you lying? - Jackie? - Leave us alone.
- Jackie, don't.
- Get away from me.
Wait a minute.
Stop it and tell the truth.
Ma'am, step away.
- Jackie, you're not helping.
- Get your own family! He got us here.
It's his choice.
Reece is our boy! He's our boy! - What are you doing? - Getting caught up on my charts.
You were listening.
You were.
You were listening to them have sex.
- I am not.
- You usually chart in admits or in the lounge.
I can chart wherever I want.
And I don't need to listen to your porno patients for kicks.
- They stopped.
- See? You were listening.
Do you think she's okay? You think we should check? - What's going on in there? - Ask Carter.
- You broke your fifth metacarpal.
- Damn.
Hey, that's what they call a boxer's fracture.
- You're gonna be in a cast for six weeks.
- Good.
Greene, teenager with a 10-foot fall coming in.
- Get Carter.
Clear Trauma 1.
- You want me on that? Numb him up first.
Hematoma block.
- Does my dad know? - Not yet.
It'd be better coming from you.
Listen, Jorge everyone has a hard time talking to their dad.
It's different with him.
He's old school.
He grew up in Cuba.
When did he come over? Before I was born.
He was a great fighter.
When he tried to leave, they broke his hands.
That's why he pushes you so hard.
I guess he just wants us to have what they took away from him.
You ever talk to him about this? Well, maybe you should.
- I'm sorry, honey.
- Maybe you just need a break.
- He never had a problem finishing.
- That dead guy freaked me.
You need to use condoms until you can try again under supervision.
- I never used to be allergic to sperm.
- It's the semen, actually.
What would cause that? Sometimes multiple sex partners.
Have you had more than 10? - Ten? - Let's go, honey.
I thought it was just me and Kenny Markowitz.
What else haven't you told me? Good job there.
It's very diplomatic.
- It was your diagnosis.
- No.
I bring people together, Susan.
- You and Cupid.
- Sixteen-year-old male, fell from a post.
Carter? - Good vitals.
- He's got an obvious ankle fracture.
- No meds, no allergies.
- Okay, everybody, on my count.
One, two and three.
- Pulse ox, 99 on two liters.
- You got any pain here? - I'm fine.
- Turn your head towards me.
- Need any help? - Yeah, can you doppler the foot? - You got it.
- Okay if I cuff him? Do it on the right side.
Turn away from me.
- BP's 124/78.
- Does that hurt? - No.
- Neck's clear.
Get him off the board.
- Bounding dorsalis pedis.
- Go.
- What's he in custody for? - Stealing street signs.
- Anybody else hurt? - Girl's fine.
She's in the car.
- Okay, we're gonna sit you up now.
- What's your name? Andrew.
Don't I know you? - Is that your daughter? - She's not under arrest? No.
Situations like this we like to scare them a little.
Take them down, call their parents.
- Will they release her to me? - I'll call the sergeant.
- I appreciate that.
- Got a phone I can use? I adjusted her meds.
Have the nurse call if she has any questions.
- Sandy.
- Still got time for a wound check? - I thought you had to leave AMA.
- It wasn't bothering me until I jammed it rolling some hose.
- Still bleeding? - I don't think so.
All right.
Let's take a look.
- What happens when you're on call? - We work 12-hour shifts.
- Seven a.
to 7 p.
? - Half the time.
- And the other half you work overnight? - There's always a surgeon in-house.
- So you cover weekends too? - Sometimes.
It appears that over half your shifts are weekends or overnights.
- I'd have to check.
- Tell me what happens when a gunshot victim enters the ER.
I evaluate the patient and I take them to the O.
if necessary.
Gunshot to the chest.
How long an operation is that? - Well, that depends.
- On what? The path of the bullet, extent of vascular damage if bypass is necessary for cardiac repair.
So it could take over an hour? - Three hours is a reasonable estimate.
- Sometimes longer? Five hours? - Sometimes.
- If a patient comes in at 6:30 p.
m who takes over for you when you go home? - I try to get someone to cover for me.
- And if you can't? Then I stay with the patient.
If an operation takes five hours, you'll be there until midnight? That's a rare situation.
- But it happens.
- It's possible.
When you're tied up in surgery all night, who's looking after Reece? I have the support of family and friends.
- Like Dr.
Finch, for example.
- Yes.
Cleo is very good with Reece.
Yes, we've already covered that.
Who else helps you out? My sister, Jackie, picks him up from school.
- And makes him dinner? - Sometimes.
- Puts him to bed while you're working? - That's right.
Is she always available? Jackie's been like a mother to Reece these last few months.
But initially, after Carla died, she wasn't so receptive to the idea of carign for Recce, was she? - It was a tough time.
- She has her own children, doesn't she? Joanie, her daughter.
Wasn't there a boy? Yeah.
Jesse, my nephew.
- He died last year.
- The death was gang-related, right? - Objection.
- He can answer the question.
How is your sister handling that loss? You know, I'm sorry.
I don't I don't see how this pertains to my fitness as a father.
Your Honor, this is far afield.
Goes to the stability of the person he's identified as primary caregiver.
I'll give some latitude.
Is Jackie under the care of a psychiatrist? - I don't know.
- For situation of depression and pathologic grieving? - She lost her son.
- Is she currently managed by medication? This has nothing to do with Reece.
Whose side effects include insomnia, sedation and anxiety? Why don't you ask me what kind of father I am.
Ask me about how I was there when he was born prematurely.
How I stayed in the hospital, watching over him making tough decisions and praying over him day and night.
Ask me that.
- Your Honor, a moment with my client? - There's no question before the court.
No! Why don't you ask me about Reece, so I can tell you there's nothing more important to me in this world than my son.
Ask me that! - That can't happen again.
- They were provoking him.
- Get used to it, Peter.
- I said what I had to say.
I hope you feel better.
It sure didn't help.
What did the judge say in chambers? He's impressed with Roger's availability.
- Availability? - I'm available to Reece.
- We'll have to do better.
- I'll do better tomorrow.
That's not gonna do it.
Your hours are hurting us.
- He's a surgeon.
- It goes with the job.
- Do you wanna keep your son? - What do you think? That you need to start setting priorities and making some hard choices.
That's what I think.
How well do you know Andrew? What's that supposed to mean? Does he do drugs? - I don't think so.
- Are you sure? - What's this? - Results of his tox screen.
He tested positive for marijuana.
Aren't you supposed to keep that confidential? - Were you smoking with him? - No.
- Have you ever smoked with him? - I wouldn't do that.
Then you'll test negative.
Are you serious? - You don't trust me? - I trusted you to go home after school.
Dad, he was gonna drop me off, but then he wanted to stop.
We agreed no rides.
- I missed the bus.
- You should have called me.
I didn't wanna bother you.
It sure didn't work out that way.
You want me to pee in a cup? Yep.
Yes, a gram of Ceftazidime.
Did the family choose a mortuary yet? Rudy Escalona.
We need to get him to the morgue.
Not the ICU.
The ER.
- Do you need me to do something? - Ask Frank for the decedent packet.
Luka? You weren't here, so I gave Collins the gent first.
I had to go out.
- Everything okay? - She's leaving town.
- Why? - I don't know.
Kovac, Exam 4's vomiting blood.
What about the baby? There is no baby.
I started another line on Zahler.
Did you have a written order? It was right up there.
Why was Abby about to discharge my bowel obstruction? I have no idea.
Because you can't write between the lines.
Carter, is this one yours? - Mrs.
Urman? - Gave her 50 of Benadryl.
- What happened? - I guess you were right.
- We followed our bliss.
- Where? To our pickup truck.
We thought we'd be safe by the hospital.
- I'll get her started.
300 of cimetidine.
- I will be right there.
- That's a very nice suit.
- Thanks.
I was in court all day.
- A patient? - No.
- Something wrong? - No.
Everything's cool.
Benton, they need you in the O.
If you'd like, the nurse said we could make arrangements for the funeral home.
We used Rose Hills when his mother died.
But I never thought that He was a good kid.
He made everybody smile.
Jorge he was the serious one.
I didn't mean to lose my temper.
It's been a hard day, you know? He doesn't wanna see me.
He doesn't understand.
You should give him a shot.
You know, he might surprise you.
Sorry to be brief, but my nanny gets off in six minutes.
Diane Pruitt, GSW to the head.
The transplant teams are flying in from Indiana and Michigan.
Gas station robbery? Yes.
Romano's agreed to a non-heart-beating protocol.
- When did we start doing that? - Today, apparently.
That's the husband.
If you could review the procedure with him? - He's already consented, right? - Of course.
- So, what is there to talk about? - He needs some reassurance.
You've had him for 12 hours.
You deal with him.
He wants to talk to the operating surgeon.
Peter, what's the matter? Nothing.
Go home.
Pruitt? Hi.
I'm Dr.
I'll be coordinating the procedure.
As soon as the out-of-state team gets here, we'll take her to the O.
I tried to explain it to her, but she's too young.
I don't know how I'm gonna do this by myself.
You're gonna do the best you can.
You're supposed to be on light duty.
- I was moving some gear.
- Yeah.
You went on the run.
I get a little stir-crazy.
Looks pretty good.
No sign of infection.
That's it? No, you need a new bandage.
So is - Captain Devlin still at the seven-five? - I know that name.
Those guys used to hang out at a place called Moose and Squirrel.
Every Friday night.
That was a fun place.
You should have someone remove the stitches in four days.
I know where to find you.
Listen, Sandy Oh, gosh, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I bunched it up.
That's all right.
What were you saying? Do you wanna do something? Excuse me? Sometime? You know, something? Something? Lunch or a movie or ice-fishing.
- Like, go out? - Yeah.
I mean, unless I'm totally off base here.
No, you're on base.
How's it going? Fine.
Your drug screen came back.
Everything was negative.
Don't look so disappointed.
I know you're upset.
But I had to do this because I want you to be safe.
I care more about that than about you being angry with me.
I wanna be able to trust you.
It's something we both have to work at.
Can I go now? - Is the recipient ready? - All I need's a liver.
- The heart team gets first crack.
- Tell them to make it snappy.
Sternal saw's up.
Open the O Dexon.
Atraumatic needle.
- All set? - Good to go.
After two minutes of cardiac arrest, we'll begin procurement.
- How's her oxygenation? - Satting at 100 percent.
Turn it off.
Respiratory support discontinued at 20:37.
They're sweet.
I hope they get pregnant.
Shouldn't be a problem.
The endocrinologist can wash the sperm then it's safe to artificially inseminate.
That's a new one.
Just goes to teach you never to doubt my diagnoses.
No matter how loony they are.
I can't believe they did it in the back of a pickup truck.
- They had a camper shell.
- How do you know? - I saw it.
- You did? It's in the front of the hospital.
It's their honeymoon suite.
Very weird.
Not so weird.
Ferris wheel.
That's weird.
Really? I was young.
It was my first real boyfriend.
- Where else? - Your turn.
Where else? In a tent, that's the best you can do? On a train to Seattle.
Really? With who? I was by myself.
But it was memorable.
It's cold.
We should probably go in.
Carter You don't have any allergies I should know about, do you? Where were we? - How long's it been? - Forty-nine minutes.
Tissues could be getting ischemic.
Let's send an ABG, lytes and a lactate.
Who's in charge? I ordered liver an hour ago and haven't seen my waitress since.
The patient's breathing on her own.
How inconsiderate.
Well, this could take hours.
Page me when she goes.
What do you want to do, Dr.
Benton? Let's just wait.