ER s08e12 Episode Script

A River in Egypt

Previously on E.
But I'm not leaving this house, and I don't care if I'm uninvited.
I'm not gonna let your father break up this family.
You said you were picking up.
Who's lying now? You're right.
The truth is I was searching your room.
I don't know if I can trust you.
You came on to me.
You are not out.
I am not out at work.
I don't got time for this.
No! I got stabbed! Where the hell were you? Are you gonna blame me for taking drugs? No.
I am blaming you for not being my mother! E.
8x12 "A RIVER IN EGYPT" Who? Who was it? Who the hell were you talking to? - The shopping network, I swear.
- At 3 in the morning? I couldn't sleep.
I just wanted some earrings.
- Don't lie to me.
- Stop it, Brian! Who were you talking to? - Nobody.
- Who? Nobody, I swear.
Brian, please.
- Somebody, help me! - Shut up! - Help me! - Shut the hell up! - Stop it, Brian! Stop it! - Shut your lying, filthy mouth! - Rachel, can't sleep? - I was hungry.
- What are you eating? - PB and chips.
- It's good.
- Pass them over.
I miss the part where the giant tomato's chasing Mason Dixon down the sidewalk? - You know this movie? - It's a classic.
- I don't really get it.
- What's to get? - The tomatoes are killers.
- Yeah, I figured that part out.
- This is good.
- Told you.
This reminds me of when I'd get up at 5:30 in the morning to watch The Smurfs with you.
- You like Smurfs? - You liked The Smurfs.
I liked the news.
- So we did what I wanted to do? - It's hard to argue with a 2-year-old.
It seems like last week.
We need some milk.
- Watch this.
- What? Watch.
That's gross.
This is so stupid.
- You weren't out, were you? - No, I went for a walk.
- Where? - Nowhere.
- Three in the morning? - It's the only time I can.
- Except you can't.
- I'm under house arrest now? Not yet, but you're making me think about it.
You talk to my teachers, screen my calls, search my room which even my guidance counselor considers uncool.
- Enough.
- I have to report to the hospital.
- It's like living in a prison.
- Go to bed.
- Mark? - Here comes the warden.
Why won't you treat me like a thinking person? - Hey, what's going on? - Show better judgment, maybe I will.
Yeah, I should have when I decided to come live with you.
- I said turn it off.
- I just want to watch the movie.
Well, that's too bad.
I'm calling Mom.
I'm moving back to Saint Louis.
- It's not that easy.
- Why? You don't want me here anyway.
Hey, quiet, both of you.
You're gonna wake the baby.
Thank you.
All set, ma'am.
Your complaint will be kept on record.
My complaint? What about hers? - She says it was just an argument.
- Yeah, it was an argument.
- He was beating her.
- She says he wasn't.
- She was screaming for help.
- Not anymore.
- Is that it? - Not much else we can do.
But we appreciate the call.
Let's get some rest, honey.
You must be a real light sleeper.
- Did I wake you? - Late shift.
- I'm sorry.
- No, I had to get up in two hours anyway.
- You don't drink coffee.
- Actually, I do.
- I distinctly recall you hating coffee.
- Yeah, when I was 15.
It wasn't that long ago.
What would you like for breakfast? - Are you offering to cook? - Momentary weakness.
Take advantage.
All right, eggs.
Have you spoken to your father recently? Yeah, he called a couple days ago.
Where's he staying? He rented a place on Michigan.
- Scrambled? - Whatever.
- Do you have his number? - Yeah.
- Why? - He didn't give it to me.
- Well, I'm sure that he intends to.
- Did he say something? Maybe you should just let it sit for a little while.
Actually, I was hoping that you would call him for me.
Or better yet, the three of us could dip ourselves in a vat of acid.
We made mistakes, John.
I made mistakes, I know.
But I don't believe that it's too late to fix it.
I know we argue a lot.
We didn't mean to bother you.
- You were screaming for help.
- I know.
I called help.
Brian and I have been together since high school.
And there's a lot of history and a lot of passion.
Passion? Anyway, sorry to bother you.
- Is it your ankle? - I'm okay.
- Let me take a look at it.
- I don't need any help.
- Joyce.
- I'm sorry, I'm late for work.
- It's gotta be hard.
- She should deal with it herself.
- Maybe she doesn't know how.
- Mom's not the retiring sort.
She's tougher than he is.
Nobody's tough when your life's falling apart.
You haven't met her yet.
- They're out of vanilla.
- Thanks.
Jennifer Lampkin.
Her ex-husband.
Where are we on Mrs.
McCabe's gallbladder? - I convinced Surgery to take her.
- How'd you manage that? I explained that she'd been to the ER over 10 times.
The pain meds were no longer appropriate.
- They accepted that? - Even got her Medicaid paperwork started.
That's excellent.
I have Attendings that can't turf a stable patient to Surgery.
Have her call me at the hospital.
It's about Rachel.
- What? - Someone's a teacher's pet.
Rumor is he's about to be promoted to hall monitor.
- You snitch on somebody, Gallant? - No.
- What's all this? - Weaver's got a crush.
I thought I noticed a little something there.
- Or I'm doing well on my rotation.
- Whatever it takes.
Michael, have you ever seen the erythema multiforme? - Just in the books.
- Come here.
Now's your chance.
- Oh, so it's "Michael" now, is it? - Anybody home? Dr.
Greene, 42-year-old prisoner, stab wounds to the face and abdomen.
Good vitals.
ETA, 10.
Give it to Susan.
She's great with inmates.
David Zachery, beat up in a brawl in an after-hours hip-hop club.
- Have trouble breathing, David? - Ain't my name.
- He goes by "Dimon Z.
" - Do you have chest pain? - BP, 120/70.
Pulse, 90.
- No, my back.
And the twins is moping.
- What? - I got some serious junk damage.
- What does he mean? - My boys hurt.
- Did you get kicked? - Not there.
- Okay.
Can you wiggle your toes? - Oh, damn! That kills! - What happened to your lip? - Some bitch with a ring.
- Who started all this? - Bunch of thugs looking to crank a name.
- Oh, yeah? Dimon's famous? - A major label signed him a month ago.
- Hey, Chuny, can you give? - Aisha.
- A room? - Sure.
You take care of my man, all right? What's a common etiology other than drug reaction? - Viral infection.
- Any one in particular? - Dr.
Weaver, Sandy Lopez called back.
- Herpes? - What? - That girl firefighter.
- Right.
- Sandy Lopez from the 38th? - That hot one? - The gay one.
Get out of here.
My cousin Rico used to have a crush on her.
- She wouldn't give him the time of day.
- I saw your cousin.
I don't blame her.
Abby, 50 of Benadryl in Exam 1.
Cover the lesions with 1 % hydrocortisone.
- I just got here.
- Clock in, get busy.
She said she'd stop by before her shift.
- What? - Lopez.
- You guys friends? - I treated a man in her unit last night.
Fifteen-foot fall, femur fracture, blunt head trauma.
Gallant, let's get a good neuro exam on Mrs.
- Abby, you okay? - What? - You look a little tired.
- Thank you, Frank.
Grab a gram of cefotetan.
BP's stable.
Pulse, 100.
Protecting his airway.
- That your prisoner? - Yeah.
What happened? Jumped in County holding.
He's testifying against a lifer.
I didn't snitch.
I was subpoenaed.
No blood in the nares.
Foreface, stable.
Neck, non-tender.
- You're beautiful.
- Thank you.
Four, maybe five superficial cuts no deeper than the sub-Q.
Draw up 40 cc's of lidocaine.
No rebound or guarding.
- Push a hundred mics of fentanyl.
- No.
No drugs.
- You're in pain.
- Reminds me I'm still alive.
- Push the meds.
- They must be next door.
- You get the narc keys, Yosh? - No scrubs? - I didn't have time to change.
- Where's a Foley? Belly's benign, non-tender.
Dimon, we're gonna have to put a tube in your penis.
- You are so wrong.
- It might be uncomfortable.
- For you, because I ain't doing it.
- We have to check your urine for blood.
I'll pee in the cup, dog.
Keep that tube away from me.
- Carter, your dad's on line two.
- Take a message for me.
DTRs are two plus and equal.
Toes down, going bilaterally.
- Where's the fentanyl? - They haven't restocked.
Try the lock-up.
HemoCue is 14, urine dip is positive for heme and leukocyte esterase.
- Gross blood? - No, but it's cloudy.
Send a UA.
Over 50 red cells, and we'll image the kidneys.
Where did Abby go? I need a 20 of lido with epi.
I'll get it.
He says he'll call from New Orleans.
- What? - Your dad.
He's flying to New Orleans at 3.
What? - How about a head CT? - It's not necessary.
She's never had headaches before.
Subarachnoid bleed? That presents as sudden onset of severe pain.
She's got a mild chronic headache.
She could have hydrocephalus.
I think a CT is a good idea.
- An out-patient workup should be fine.
- Okay.
Hi, it's Kerry.
I heard you were gonna come by before your shift but I'm a little backed up here.
So let me call you later.
- Where's Aisha at? - Getting her lip sewed up.
- Marcus Welby, I'm gonna live? - No internal injuries.
I was worried they put a cap in you.
When I go, I'm taking the world with me.
- Can I talk to you? - This is my boy CC.
- Hey.
I want to go over your lab results.
- It's cool.
He can stay.
I got to stay in bed for a week, be waited on hand and foot.
The LS-spine series looks good but your urine was cloudy.
- Is that why it burns when I whiz? - You got chlamydia.
- Chlamydia? - The good news is, it's very treatable.
- You get that from nasty booty, right? - It's sexually transmitted, yeah.
No, Aisha's clean.
- Got any other partners? - No, man.
I love my girl.
- Are you two practicing safe sex? - Ain't hurt nobody yet.
- That would be a "no.
" - Are you saying Aisha's stepping out? Well, let's run some more labs.
We'll see where we are.
- I need your consent for the HIV test.
- No, man.
She's true.
No, it's standard for any patient with an STD.
- He needs one of those? - I'll have the nurse come draw blood.
Hey, can I get some more pudding? I will see what I can do.
- Abby, can I get a red top in 2? - Yeah.
- You okay? You look a little- - Don't say it.
- Tired.
- That seems to be the general consensus.
- Too much clubbing? - Well, I was up most of the night.
- Really? - Not for fun.
I don't know, but I think I saw Frank a little drag-assed this morning too.
You caught me.
I was up all night slapping Frank's ass raw.
- Raw? - Have you seen him sit down today? Come to think of it Hey, Frank, have you sat down today? - What? - Nothing.
- You a little sore today? - No, why? Your split lip vagalled when she saw the lidocaine needle.
- Aisha? - The rapper's girlfriend.
Better add on a DNA probe.
He's got chlamydia.
Dad, hey.
- John.
- I got your message.
No, I was wondering if you wanted lunch.
Weaver, Romano called again.
- What'd you tell him? - I told him you were tied up.
He said to leave your personal life at home and get to his office.
No, if you're already at Midway, I'll just come meet you there.
See you then.
- John, do you know why Dr.
Chen's here? - Deb's here? Did she say anything to you? No.
Actually, I haven't really talked to her lately.
Doctor, listen.
I wanted to ask you - can I get me one of them tests? - What tests? Chlamydia.
You know that's only contagious through sexual contact? Right.
- Right.
- Okay.
- Abby, can you start a new chart here? - Sure.
You can never trust these ETAs.
I'm still waiting on that hypotensive TC.
- It got diverted to Mercy.
- Oh, great.
I'm waiting for a chest pain.
- Hey, did you reach her? - Who? Jen.
- What did she say? - She wants to think about it.
Think about it? She's her mother.
We can't let Rachel make these decisions.
Act up, get angry at one and then punish us by moving back to the other.
You know, you might consider boarding school.
- She could use some structure.
- Yeah, I could sell her off to pirates.
You develop a sense of self-worth, community, responsibility.
It worked well for me.
- Yeah, but - But what? You're British.
- Mark, she's out of control.
- Thank you, Elizabeth.
I'm aware of that.
And she's disrupting our entire life.
I am working on it.
Are you? Or are you just waiting for it to blow over? Julio Echeverria, passed out in the cab line at the Bismark Hotel.
GCS, 14, complaining of shortness of breath and chest pain.
- Mr.
Echeverria, any heart problems? - I don't think so.
How many am I getting? Maybe three more.
You got lucky.
These aren't deep.
Whoever did this didn't want to kill you.
- Yeah, I'm well-liked.
- Or you did it yourself.
Misplace that "get out of jail free" card? Yeah, something like that.
You're the first woman I've talked to in 14 months.
Yeah, I get that a lot.
In high school I was voted "most likely to marry a convict.
" - You know, you don't have to do that.
- It could get infected.
Yeah, I wouldn't want to die before they get a chance to kill me.
- You're on death row? - Cell number FD414.
Scheduled June 6th, 02.
Almanac says it's gonna rain.
Who believes the weatherman? Yeah.
Well, at least I know how, when and where.
Not like all these poor saps you see every day.
Go to work in the morning after fighting with their wives.
They never get the chance to say I'm sorry or goodbye.
- I'm out of gauze.
- Would you-? Would you-? Would you keep me here a while? Just so I don't have to be there a little bit longer? You might need to be observed for a couple hours.
Thank you.
Kinney, let her go.
I'll straighten him out.
It's all right.
- Don't lose my tie.
It's a rental.
- We'll put everything into a bag.
- Where were you going? - Our Lady of Grace.
Pulse is 90, sats are 95%.
Bilateral crackles two-thirds of the way up.
- EKG.
- Rather harsh pansystolic murmur.
You have cardiac damage.
Maybe a heart attack started last night.
- I have to go.
It's my daughter's wedding.
- I'm afraid you're gonna miss it.
Emesis basin! And aspirin.
Five of Metoprolol.
Probably mitral-valve regurgitation.
We'll need an echo.
Echeverria, you're too sick to go anywhere.
We have to put you on a monitor.
Would you like us to call your daughter? No, don't ruin it.
She'll wonder where you are when there's no one there to give her away.
She won't.
That was fast.
Nucleic-acid amplification test.
It's new.
- What'd it say? - Positive for chlamydia.
But we can clear that up with a single dose of azithromycin.
- Is that okay with protease inhibitors? - You're HIV-positive? For a year now.
I do the clinics.
- Does Aisha know this? - Aisha? No.
- Zachery.
- Thanks.
- Are you on the triple cocktail? - My CD4's pretty good but I'm just hoping they'll develop a once-a-day before too long.
Wait here.
I'm with this girl, her name was Lydia She was so freak, she gave me chlamydia That ain't even funny.
- Aisha, can you give us a minute? - Get me a soda, Boo.
- Root beer? - You know it.
What's up? - Your rapid HIV test came back.
- Yeah? No way.
- I come here with a bum back, and you- - I'm sorry.
I don't do needles, and I ain't no faggot.
You're positive.
How? I don't know, but Aisha should be tested too.
- I told you, she's clean.
- She needs to be tested anyway.
I got confidentiality, right? - You can tell her.
- What if I don't want to? She's at risk.
You need to tell her.
The high-five is heavy.
I ain't letting that word spread.
Dimon, it is really important that we find out how you contracted the virus.
- No root beer, D.
Grape? - Let's jet.
- You need to sit in the chair.
- This is messed up.
We're out of here.
Aisha, I need to look at your lip.
- We need to run some tests.
- She's fine.
- You could be at risk for STDs.
- At risk? - What's going down? - Don't get into it.
- You got it? - Back off.
- You got to come clean! - Shut it! We're past the fronting here, dog! - You a punk, dog.
- D, are you tripping? - Shut up! We're going.
- What are you doing? Enter.
Kerry, your response time is impressive as always.
I didn't know that we had a meeting.
- You remember Dr.
- I'm on shift, Robert.
Chen would like to be reinstated.
We're fully staffed at the moment but if something opens up, I'll keep you in mind.
I'm not asking you to consider it.
It was your choice to step down.
I've changed my mind, then.
I'm sorry that only with hindsight you decided- I didn't decide anything.
You decided I was expendable.
I'm not the doctor that blew out that man's aorta.
No, you're the doctor who wasn't there.
You were reprimanded for making a mistake.
The only mistake I made was allowing you to sacrifice me like you did Malucci, to save your own ass.
Easy, ladies.
If I want to see a good catfight, I'd watch The View.
Let's try to keep this civil.
I respect your abilities as a doctor, but the position's already been filled.
We're prepared to file suit unless that and two other conditions are met.
Chen's record needs to be expunged.
And an official statement of correction attached to her file.
We' re trying not to tarnish reputations.
I don't respond well to threats.
- Dr.
- You know what? You can't screw up and then whine about being mistreated.
Jing-Mei, you need to grow up.
No, I don't think it's broken but I want to get an x-ray just to be safe.
He's got it, doesn't he? - What do you mean? - Dimon.
He's got the high-five.
- What? - HIV.
We can't discuss Dimon's medical status with anybody but him.
I feel you.
But I see he's tripping, because he never hit me before.
Does he know that you're HIV-positive? My viral load's been zero.
He only gives.
I told him, "Wear a rubber anyway.
" He said, "What for? " It wasn't sex to him.
He's on the DL.
- The DL? - Down low.
See, he ain't gay.
You can't be a faggot and be legit.
He only does guys because women get so stressful.
Does Aisha know about this? I was just keeping it going waiting for the day he'd come around and get real.
I didn't even think about her.
CC, it's really important we find her.
- She has a pager.
I don't know the digits.
- Think you can get it? - I can try.
- Thank you.
Order a Water's view to rule out an orbital-rim fracture.
Page me if he gets that number.
- So "down low" is bisexual? - No, "on the side," "in secret.
" - "In the closet"? - To be in the closet, you have to be gay.
- He is gay.
- CC's gay.
Dimon's on the down low.
Well, if he's having anal sex with his friend, he's gay.
Not to him.
He's got a girlfriend.
He just gets down for release.
- So "down low" means "in denial"? - Yeah.
- Have you injured it before? - No.
- You feel a pop or a snap? - I'm not sure.
- Over the bone or to the side? - Both.
- Okay.
There? - Yeah.
All right, that's a pretty good sprain.
How'd you do that? My husband bought me those roller shoes.
I was practicing in the apartment.
- It turns out I was worse than I thought.
- Has the swelling increased? - You triage her? - We're neighbors.
I saw her this morning.
Could be an avulsion off the lateral malleolus.
Get an ankle series.
Is it broken? I don't see a fracture, but Dr.
Weaver's gonna have to check it out.
- Am I gonna have to get crutches? - Maybe until you can bear weight.
You're gonna need help getting around.
How are you getting home? I called Brian.
It's not all him, you know.
I give as good as I get.
Well, I don't see him sitting in an ER needing x-rays.
Well, it's not the way it seems.
Our walls are pretty thin, Joyce.
He's the only guy I've ever loved.
Will you talk to a social worker? Someone with experience who could maybe help you lay out some ways you might want to deal with this.
Joyce, I think you came here for a reason.
I can help you.
I came here because I didn't want to answer a bunch of questions.
If a patient with the same history presents again tomorrow I expect you to order the workup I requested today.
- Do you understand? - Yes.
Weaver, glad I caught you.
You can go away now.
I was gonna page you, but I couldn't be sure you'd be wearing your pager.
Robert, you're not gonna be intimidated by these baseless accusations.
- They have someone on record, Kerry.
- About what? A waitress at that dump across the street said you were looking for your pager the night Chen and Malucci killed that guy.
That's an important detail.
- Robert- - I don't need to hear it.
No explanation.
No spin.
Just fix it.
- Fix what? - All she wants is an Attending position with standard pay scale and a personal apology from you.
- I can't do that.
- A first time for everything.
I wouldn't have any kind of authority over her.
We've settled with this dead kid's family.
I won't open it up again because you have a management problem created by your own negligence and deceit.
She's not interested in taking you down.
All she wants is her job.
Give it to her today.
And super-glue the pager to your forehead if you have to.
Excuse me, I'm looking for Julio Echeverria.
He had a heart attack.
Check in at the desk down the hall.
Weaver, I need help in Trauma 2.
- That's Dr.
- Sats are dropping.
- What's wrong with him? - I don't know.
Fifteen liters by mask.
Sir, I need you to take a deep breath.
- Did you get a 12-lead? - No ischemic changes.
What happened? Decreased breath sounds on the right.
Lung exam was normal 15 minutes ago.
- Is this new? - Yeah, they had to straighten me out.
- Prep for a chest tube.
I need lidocaine.
- What are you doing? A broken rib collapsed your lung.
We need to put a tube in to help you get oxygen.
- No.
- We have to.
- I don't want it.
- You'll die if we don't inflate your lung.
- I don't care.
I'm ready.
- Ten blade.
Hold on, Kerry.
We need consent.
- I'm done anyway.
- Kerry.
A curved Kelly.
Susan, I need the Kelly now.
They'll keep beating on me.
Susan, open up some Vaseline gauze.
Susan, now.
I was looking for a parking place.
You want a drink? I'm boarding.
- I should be boarding now.
- No, thanks.
- So, what's so urgent? - Nothing really.
I was just checking in.
- So how's the new place? - Sparsely furnished.
- But there's something to be said for that.
- For sparseness? - Final boarding for all passengers.
- Clarity.
If I knew your mother was moving in I would have taken some of the New York furniture.
She mentioned to me that she doesn't have your new number.
You should give her a call, check in.
- Why? - You were married to her.
She wants to negotiate.
Who knows when she started looking at life the way other people read the stock reports, but it's over.
I don't think she shares that assessment.
- You're her ambassador now? - No.
I'm just suggesting you take time to make sure this is what you want.
I do.
Thanks to you.
- Me? - I was part of this lie this illusion we were living in order to hold it together.
It took losing Dad and thinking about what you said to make me see that I was lost.
I can't find my way back with her.
Final boarding call to all passengers.
I don't know.
I've never, ever seen her reach out like this before.
That's my flight.
Careful, John, she's an emotional vampire.
Is he dying? He's had a pretty big heart attack.
He may need surgery to replace a valve.
Why didn't you tell me you were coming? I was scared you wouldn't want me there.
After all this time, you show up now? I've got 200 people waiting.
Be happy.
Six years and nothing? Why, Papi? I should have let you come back home.
It was a mistake.
Why now? My little girl's getting married.
It's supposed to be the best day of my life.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to ruin it.
And you're not going to.
I'm happy now.
Rene is a wonderful man.
And I don't need you anymore.
Maria? Miss Echeverria.
I've got the best caterer in Chicago setting up at the Hilton.
- Let me talk to you.
- Nothing's refundable.
- Your father is very sick.
- I don't care.
- Don't leave it like this.
- He didn't care when I called him from Wichita, begging him to let me come back.
- He wanted to see you get married.
- Look, he abandoned me.
Okay? Turned his back.
Nobody does that.
Only a stubborn, heartless man.
- He's trying to reconnect.
- You're not gonna make me cry.
This makeup took three hours.
- He was fine when I left him.
- I didn't touch him.
He has broken ribs and a collapsed lung.
He was flailing against the side rails.
We had to restrain him.
- With your nightstick? - Why do you care? He's a murderer.
He killed two teenage kids on the way to a movie.
Oh, my God.
Get it off of him.
What happened? I was looking at the x-ray, and he flipped the gurney.
Are you all right? Help us! Chest tube's out of his Thora-Seal.
- Asystole! - No, no, no, he pulled his leads off.
One, two, three.
- Mr.
- Low sats.
He's dropping to 85.
- Mr.
Kinney, open your eyes.
- Blood from the ear canal.
Kinney? Left pupil is 9 millimeters and sluggish.
GCS is 1-2-1.
Probably an epidural bleed.
Twenty of etomidate, 100 of sux.
An 8-O ET tube.
Bag him, Susan.
Get a head CT and call Neurosurgery.
Kerry, the guy's gonna die in a couple months by lethal injection.
- Bag him now.
- He asked for no heroic measures.
He's a death-row inmate attempting suicide.
He can't ask for a DNR.
Tube him now.
Whatever you say, Kerry.
- Hey.
- I got your message.
- Yeah, we've been backed up all day.
- You told me to come by.
Actually, I left another message on your machine that I'd get back to you later.
Well, I'm here.
Okay? I came to see Marty from the 38th.
- What do you want to say? - Dr.
Weaver, Dr.
Chen's looking for you.
Yeah, tell her to wait.
I just wanted to make sure that you were all right.
I heard it was a big fire.
- I'm fine.
- Good.
Can you sign an order for a social-services consult? - They won't come without a signature.
- Not now.
Well, it's Joyce Westlake.
The ankle.
There is domestic violence involved.
Yeah, I'll come down and talk to her.
So that's it? What? - You're gonna keep playing this game? - I'm not playing a game.
- So you just want to check on me? - Is that all right? Just write the order, I'll take care of it.
No, I'm the treating physician.
Okay? - I'm sorry.
- It's all right.
Why are you avoiding? I'm not.
Can you tell I'm a bit swamped? Kerry, excuse me, you want to talk to me, talk to me.
Okay? I'm not gonna hang around for your convenience.
- You know, forget it.
- Please wait.
- No.
- Let me just check on- - Sandy- - You know- Goodbye, Dr.
- You packed me a lunch? - We call this an escape kit.
Money, medication, phone numbers, anything you might need is in here.
For what? In case one night you decide you don't feel safe and you have to get out.
He's my husband.
I don't need that to feel safe.
But it can't hurt having it around.
Right? - So I'll put it with the rest of your stuff.
- Hi.
Joyce, this is Adele.
She's a social worker here at the hospital.
- I told you I don't need a social worker.
- In situations like this it's policy for me to interview the patient.
- Situations like what? - Abby, I need you.
Brian's gonna be here.
If he finds her, he'll get upset.
- Okay, I'll be back.
- Well, has that happened before? Kid named Ricky gets on the phone, transfer to Trauma 1.
- Who? - Choirboy.
He's gonna hold up the phone from the church vestibule.
Did you see it? - What? - Me either, but I heard it was steamy.
Your rehiring will necessitate the scaling back of the hours of others so don't be surprised if your return is not met with open arms.
I'm sure they'll look to you for any scheduling complaints.
You start tomorrow at 7.
- A.
? - P.
- You're putting me on overnights.
- Under the circumstances I don't think you're in any position to complain about your schedule.
You know that's not true, Kerry.
So let's stop lying.
Okay? I'm getting my job back with the following conditions.
- I didn't agree to any conditions.
- I'm returning as an Attending.
I expect shift equity and equal pay.
I'll report to more experienced faculty, but not to you.
We both know what you did here.
And we know what you did too.
So while we're being truthful, let me just say it's not me with blood on my hands.
If you were a more thorough doctor you wouldn't have needed me there in the first place.
- A kiss could mean anything.
- Not that kind of kiss.
I guess Kinney's gonna get executed after all.
The inmate.
He's in a post-op coma, not even triggering the vent.
Well, we did what we had to do.
$4000 a day to keep this guy alive so they can kill him hardly seems like the best use of resources.
You know what? Just save the patients.
I'll worry about our resource management.
Oh, John.
- Is Dr.
Carter here? - Welcome back.
- Carter.
- Thank you.
- Aisha.
See you tomorrow.
- See you tomorrow.
I got a page.
Dimon's always had an act, but I thought he was real with me.
No, no, I'm just glad you came back.
- What do you need, Malik? - Nothing.
Well, then why don't you find something to do.
Warm for January.
Maybe we'll luck out and have a mild winter.
- Why are we going this way? - Thought it'd be nice to walk by the river.
- I have a lot of homework.
- I called your mom today.
And did you tell her I'm going back? We talked about it, and I decided that it wasn't good for us.
- You and me, or you and Mom? - You and me.
- I don't have a say? - Maybe in a few years, but no, not yet.
Rachel, I want you to stay here.
I missed too many things in your life to let you leave angry with me.
I'm your father.
I'm not gonna pass you off when things get rough.
And what makes you think things will get better? We both try harder.
Neither one of us is very good at listening.
I just don't want to be treated like a kid.
I don't want to be treated like an old man.
- Brian? Brian? - Hi.
What happened? Hi.
Everything's okay.
Joyce's ankle was bothering her.
She sprained it pretty badly.
I told her those things don't have ankle support.
She's not a great skater.
They can be dangerous.
Listen, I'm sorry you got pulled into this little domestic drama.
- I think you got the wrong idea.
- Evidently, I did.
We have tempers.
And once in a while things get out of hand.
- This is really none of my business.
- If it infringes on your life, it is.
Our neighbor in San Francisco thought there was an earthquake.
It was just Joyce smashing all my softball trophies because I went to a game instead of going out with her folks when they were in town.
They told me Room 3.
It's over here.
Yeah, it is.
Joyce is almost finished.
You could pull your car around, and I could wheel her out.
- And we can meet you.
- I can get her.
But it's a long walk to the parking lot.
And she's really supposed to stay off the ankle for a day or two.
So - Well, is there a problem? - Abby? - I'll talk to you later.
- Thank you.
- Hey, baby.
How's it going? - Better.
The throbbing stopped.
- Did they give you lots of drugs? - A few.
- You hungry? - A little.
Why don't we go over to Angelino's and get some pasta, a bottle of merlot? - I feel more like a cheeseburger.
- It's your call.
- Thanks, Abby.
- Is this yours, Joyce? No, I have what I came with.
- Who are you? - We got a call, Kerry.
- No.
I mean, who the hell are you? - I live my life without apologies.
You make choices for your life.
You don't make choices for mine.
I didn't choose to be lied to or have my time wasted.
- I never misrepresented myself.
- You pretend to be something you're not.
- Lopez, let's go! - You know what? It's my employees, my colleagues, my workplace.
I choose to keep my private life to myself.
You can't separate who you are from what you do.
That is not your decision to make.
I stand up and face it every day.
You want the life without hardship.
You don't get one without the other.
Not with me anyway.
So you did this out of spite to teach me some kind of lesson? I did you a huge favor.
You just don't know it yet.
- What are you doing? - The light went out.
- Why don't you tell Henry? - I'm not incompetent.
I'm capable of changing a light bulb.
- Damn it.
- Here.
Come down from there.
I'll get it.
- No, screw it.
I'll get it later.
- Whoa.
Have you been drinking? Norman Tucker sent Millicent a bottle of 40-year-old Bordeaux as a get-well gift.
And you what, helped her open it? I spent the entire afternoon at that children's cancer center for Millicent.
There was this one boy I came home, and I made the mistake of getting in the middle of an argument between Millicent and her physical therapist.
Yeah, Gam's having a little trouble losing her independence.
Hey, hey.
Sit down.
She told me that my presence was, in fact, hindering her recovery that if she needed a caregiver I would be the last person she'd call.
That's a defense mechanism.
- What are you doing? - Checking your pulse.
Did you speak to your father? Sixty and weak.
Are you taking something? Xanax.
- He's giving up on me.
- When did you start taking Xanax? - I have a prescription.
- And you took it with alcohol.
- How many pills did you take, Mom? - I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
You shouldn't have to go through this.
How many? Two.
I just took two.
She asked me to leave.
Do you want me to leave, John? No.
You're right.
I've failed you.
I failed your brother.
- And then I failed you.
- Mom He was tired before we left for France.
That was 20 years ago.
Millicent insisted he just needed some fresh air.
He'd been inside all winter.
It delayed the diagnosis by less than a month.
It wouldn't have changed anything.
I was his mother.
I just stood by while it was eating him alive.
I just stood by.