ER s08e19 Episode Script

Brothers & Sisters

Previously on E.
- I'm a drunk.
- How long have you been sober? Almost five years.
Brian! Is there somewhere you can stay tonight? I'll figure something out.
So you have your place back? He offered it to me.
- Greg Pratt? Mark Greene.
- How you doing? - Do I seem like a punk to you? - No.
Then stop trying to treat me like one.
I know everybody think that you've changed, Chloe, and I hope to God that you have but, I mean, do you really think you can be a good mother to this little girl? E.
8x19 "BROTHERS AND SISTERS" - I'll be right back.
- Okay.
You like macaroni and cheese? Who, me? No.
- That's all I've got.
- What? For dinner.
Too bad.
Well, it's not so bad if you kick in a few bucks for a nice bottle of wine.
I've got your meds, Mr.
Are you asking me out? - I'll pass.
- Why? - I don't like macaroni and cheese.
- Then cook something.
- I don't think so.
- What, you can't cook? - I'm not making you dinner.
- I just figured you'd wanna eat first.
First? You know, before things get hot and heavy.
Okay, sure.
Come on.
You can't tell me you wouldn't wanna go home, have a hot shower a glass of wine, some great sex I can do that all by myself.
Did someone say "sex"? Do you like macaroni and cheese, Pablo? Oh, yeah, I love it.
You got yourself a date.
I don't even know what half this stuff was.
- Were you expecting someone? - No.
Come on in.
Hey, Carter.
Would you like some pizza? I just came by to make sure you were settled.
- I'm getting there.
- Yeah, I can see that.
Just a little housewarming gift.
Welcome home.
You gotta make it stop, man.
I can't help unless you settle down and tell me what's wrong.
Need a hand? It's in my stomach.
- Did you ingest something, sir? - No.
My brother Wait.
Your brother what? Did he give you something? No.
He's inside me! - Want me to call a Psych consult? - Not yet.
- Are you taking drugs? - He's trying to bite his way out.
- I'll get some Haldol.
- I didn't ask for it.
- Stop it.
- And some soft restraints? - No.
- Oh, God.
I fly the plane, you serve the coffee.
I think he's angry.
Oh, God.
Fine, he's all yours.
- Did you do a repeat EKG on Feinstein? - No.
You need to do serial EKGs to rule out an Ml.
- His first EKG was normal.
- He could have pseudo-normalization.
I gotta get him out before he kills me! Calm down.
Calm down.
A little help! Hey, Haleh? Let's get hard restraints, Haldol and a Psych consult.
Better get a wrist film too.
Did you know lesbians are at a higher risk of breast, cervical and ovarian cancers because they are less likely to have children by age 30? - Is that so? - Yeah.
Lesbians are less likely to seek health care because of the discomfort of coming out.
Why are you telling me this? Lesbians are also less likely to get routine gynecological services which means later detection of these cancers.
Do you have to keep saying that? - Lesbians? I'm just reading what it says.
- Don't.
I can't help it.
Kerry, this gets me excited.
You wanna know why? Because this smells like money.
Your sisters are underserviced and we can fix that.
- You're trying to exploit my lifestyle.
- No.
I'm trying to accentuate the positive.
- You're chief, you're gay, challenged.
- Challenged.
You can be the poster girl for the Center for Lesbian Excellence.
- No.
- You haven't seen the proposal.
- What proposal? - In the press packet.
- Read it before the news conference.
- You kidding? This is gonna be great.
What are you doing? - Damn toaster ate my Pop-Tart.
- Is that a switchblade? Couldn't get my brass knuckles in the slot.
- Whose stuff is this? - Pratt's.
I don't think Weaver's given him a locker yet.
I hope you unplugged that thing.
Very funny.
Hi, I'm here.
But I'm not answering the phone.
Please leave a message.
- At least I'm honest.
- Heard about a replacement for Greene? Your car needs a new battery.
It's $ 180.
Call me back and we'll replace it.
$ 180.
I barely make that resuscitating somebody.
- Are you covering? - Aunt Susan, are you there? It's Suzy.
My mom's really sick.
We’re in a hotel.
I think she needs a doctor.
I can't wake her up.
I gotta go.
- Hello.
- Chloe? We’re not home.
But if you wanna leave a message for us, wait for the beep.
Chloe, hi, it's Susan.
Are you there? Chloe.
Are you there? Your brother-in-law's a cop? In New Jersey, but I couldn't get ahold of him.
His precinct said he took a few days off, but they don't know where to reach him.
- Do you have caller ID at home? - No.
Can't you just trace the call or something? - Yeah.
I'll see what I can do.
- Okay.
You okay? - I don't know what to do.
- It's nothing.
Kids, active imaginations.
Lewis, Mrs.
Reynolds would like you to go over her husband's aftercare.
- I did.
- She has a few more questions.
- It's a damn carbuncle.
- I'll go talk to her.
- No, Carter.
You don't have to do that.
- It's all right.
I rock with carbuncles.
- What room? - Exam 4.
I'll be right there.
- You got a minute? - Yep.
What do you need? I need to talk to you.
- Go ahead.
- About Abby.
- What about her? - She's drinking again.
Didn't you notice? Luka.
- Seven-year-old, 15-foot fall, headfirst.
- He was climbing a tree on a class trip.
- Page Surgery.
- Stabilize the neck.
Get Pedes Neurosurg down here.
- That spinal fluid? - Looks like it.
Prep 30 grams of mannitol.
- Sats, 93 percent on four liters.
- Blood in the left canal.
Feels like deformity at the angle of the mandible.
- DTR's three-plus.
- We got this, Carter.
Pupils midrange, equal and reactive.
Probable basilar skull fracture.
Pre-medicate with 40 of lido and 2.
5 of Pav.
So how was it? - What? - Your date with Pablo.
Pretty interesting.
Did you know he used to be with a Mexican circus? - Oh, really? - Yeah.
Guy's had a hard life, but intriguing.
He was even shot by Border Patrol once.
You really had dinner with Pablo? Not at my place, at Doc Magoo's.
He was hungry and I just can't stand eating alone.
- Where's Mrs.
Pradeep? - I sent her home.
Excuse us.
I didn't sign off on her chart.
There was nothing wrong.
She just wanted a free meal.
I sign off on every patient you see.
Even if they stop for directions to Wrigley Field.
- Got it? - Got it.
Let me know if you hear anything.
Thanks, Dix.
Anything? - Dr.
- Yeah? Phone company traced the call.
Came from a phone off a network in New York.
- New York? - On the Upper West Side of Manhattan which is within the jurisdiction of the 55th precinct of the N.
- And they're expecting your call.
- Thank you.
Five-five precinct.
May I help you? Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Please hold.
Bosco, you're early.
They fumigating your apartment? Some jerk from second watch is working out without wiping down the benches.
What do I look like, the gym monitor? You have to call Parking Enforcement.
We don't tow cars.
How hard is it to take a towel and wipe the sweat off a bench? - Five-five precinct.
- Put up a sign, he's still doing it.
I figure out who it is, I'm gonna put his head in the squat rack.
Let me put you on with an officer who can help you out.
- Take a missing-persons report.
- I'm not on yet.
Well, your sweaty manhunt can wait.
Line two.
Be right with you, ma'am.
- Officer Boscorelli, how can I help you? - I'm Susan Lewis.
- I'm in Chicago right now.
- Okay.
Okay, ma'am, calm down.
Ma'am, you gotta calm down.
Listen to me.
When was the last time you talked to your sister? Abdomen's soft, no guarding.
Two-by-two abrasion over left iliac crest.
Let's hold off, give Neurosurg a chance to see him before we paralyze.
Heart rate down to 60.
Six-centimeter scalp lac with exposed galea.
I need 3-0 chromic on a driver.
How's Mark? He's good.
He's in Hawaii with Rachel.
He's showing her where he grew up.
Oh, that's nice.
- I didn't know he grew up in Hawaii.
- He grew up in lots of places.
- He's fixed and dilated.
- What? No.
- Eight millimeters.
- BP's up, 160/100.
Cushing's response.
Let's page Neurosurg.
There's no response to pain.
There's a step-off.
Pretty big skull fracture.
No corneal reflex.
I think he's herniated.
All right.
Let's tube him.
- Won't the sux raise the ICP? - No.
It's a myth.
Besides, I don't think it's gonna matter.
I have to go.
I made four calls to find someone to cover.
Slow down, Susan.
My sister and her daughter are missing and the police aren't helping.
I have to go.
What's going on? - I'm gonna catch an 11:30 flight.
- You're going to New York? Yeah, I can't sit around and wait.
- What are you gonna do? - I'm gonna find them.
Jesus was a healer.
- Who let Reverend Ed in? - You know the preacher? - He's a pain in the ass.
Get rid of him.
- Me? In about 10 minutes he's gonna start trying to heal people.
It's bad for business.
You see, the road to recovery begins when you open your heart to Jesus.
Excuse me, sir.
I'm afraid I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.
You treat the body and I treat the soul.
- Watch your back.
- Gallant! Go with God, my son.
Stanley Sherman, 32, security guard.
GSW to the abdomen.
BP, 140/80.
Pulse, 100 with a liter in.
Pay attention.
Where's it hurt, Stanley? Where do you think? Right here.
Eyes are open.
One question and I got the airway and GCS 15.
- Is this the GSW? - Small-caliber wound, the epigastric area.
Good breath sounds.
Haven't seen you around this morning.
It's been busy.
This one's yours, Pratt.
CBC, lytes, BUN and creatinine, glucose, Accu-Chek and a HemoCue times three.
Hey, big stick, say "Ow.
" Told you.
Lateral C-spine, AP chest and pelvis.
Bilateral TMs are clear, head's atraumatic.
Can I do the airway? No.
He doesn't need an airway.
You can do the rectal.
The rectal.
Play nice, kids.
Don't make me stop this trauma.
There's a big gun show in Baltimore this weekend.
Interested? - No, thank you.
- Come on.
- Come on, you can bring the kids.
- Yeah, okay.
Let me call Fred tell him to pack a bag for the kids so they can go to the gun show.
What's up, lieu? Your missing-persons report from this morning.
Who? - The doctor with the missing sister.
- I thought she was in Chicago.
- She was.
- She flew here? - What are you talking about? - You brought us in for this? What's going on? Her sister and her sister's kid go missing for an hour.
So she's coming unglued.
- Take her out and drive her around.
- You gotta be kidding.
A doctor from Chicago.
That kind of trouble, I don't need.
- Lieu.
- Hey, Bosco whatever you told her on the phone, she hopped on a plane.
- She's your problem.
- I didn't tell her anything.
Maybe that's why she got on the plane.
Wait, what's going on? Her sister's missing? She probably took her to the zoo or something.
Excuse me, are you the officer I spoke with this morning? Yeah, hi.
How you doing? This is my partner, Officer Yokas.
Susan Lewis.
Have you found them? I made a few calls, but I'm afraid I don't have much.
I called my niece's school.
They said she hasn't showed up in days.
I'm gonna get a cup of coffee.
You want some? No, I'm fine.
- You know, Susan? - Yeah.
Like, 90 percent of the time, these things work out to be just fine.
Well, I called their home, his work, I can't get ahold of anybody.
Well, maybe the whole family took a trip to Disney World or, I don't know, went fishing or something.
What? - Where do they live? - South Orange.
South Orange? That's New Jersey.
You know what we can do? We can call the P.
over there and have them send a patrol over and check it out.
You know, would you just listen to this? Aunt Susan? Aunt Susan, are you there? It's Suzy.
My mom's really sick.
We 're in a hotel.
I think she needs a doctor.
I can't wake her up.
I gotta go.
- Did you try the hospitals? - Isn't that your job? - Do you have pictures? - Yeah.
We can canvass the hotels in our precinct and see if anybody's seen them.
- Can I come? - Yeah.
Thank you.
Stanley, you hear me? I'm talking to you.
- Run in another liter.
Re-page Surgery.
- BP's dropping.
Set up for a central line.
Prep the rapid infuser.
- He's not breathing.
- Bag him.
What drugs you want, Pratt? One-twenty of sux, 20 of etomidate.
- Sats coming up.
-94 percent.
-8-0 ET and a three-mac.
- Drugs are in.
- I thought this was my tube.
- Go for it.
- Hey, I'm running this.
- Teaching hospital, Pratt.
- Give him a shot.
- He doesn't get it, it's mine.
Don't hold your breath.
Okay, pressure's better.
110 systolic.
All right.
Keep running it in, I'll get in and give you cricoid.
- Ready? - Okay, okay.
Don't chip his teeth.
- Tell me what you see.
- Just the back of his throat.
- Epiglottis.
- Right.
Lift towards the feet.
- Harder.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Yeah, yeah, give me the tube.
- Tube.
Just watch it go right through the cords.
I got it.
I'm in.
Easy intubation.
- Carter was looking for you.
- Oh, he found me.
- He didn't seem real happy.
- No, he's not.
It's gonna be okay.
When Allan fell, he tore a blood vessel in his head.
Can't you fix it? The neurosurgeon will speak to you but the CT scan shows damage that they feel is unrecoverable.
- But he's still alive.
- The ventilator is helping him breathe.
And we're giving him medicines to stabilize the pressure on his brain.
But if we discontinue them, he'll die.
I'm sorry.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
What are you-? Nice, jagoff.
What about Mercy? - Mercy? - Yeah, Mercy.
Let me check.
We got nothing at Mercy.
Okay, 10-4.
There's nobody matching your niece or your sister's descriptions or names have showed up at the morgues or the hospitals.
- That's good.
- Yeah.
This happens all the time.
You know that, right? People decide to go somewhere, don't tell family members they're going.
All right.
Thank you.
Thanks for looking.
- Any luck? - None.
Was your sister and her husband having problems with their marriage? Not that I know of.
Was he having any kind of personal problems? - Like what? - Like drugs or alcohol or gambling? No, he's the one who straightened out my sister.
Straightened her out? Chloe had a substance-abuse problem.
She's been clean five years.
Joe helped her get her life together.
- You should've said she was an addict.
- She's not an addict.
She beat it.
- She's a responsible wife and mother.
- She's so responsible, why are you here? Surgery's on their way.
You sure you know how to work that? Spend almost a year at the VA, you learn to work the hardware.
They got a whole floor of vent-dependent gomers there.
Hey, don't call them that.
Why not? That's what they are.
They gave themselves so you can live the life you do.
Nobody ever "gave" me anything.
Third unit of type-specific is up.
Maybe Carter should call Surgery again.
Only so many O.
They'll come when they can.
Run of ectopy.
Open a crash cart.
100 of lido, IV push.
- Pressure holding.
- Start a drip, two milligrams a minute.
No, no.
Should I get Carter? It's V-tach.
V- fib.
Charge the paddles to 200.
Come on! - ACLS.
We both have a card.
- It's asystole, definitely asystole.
- Thoracotomy tray.
- What? - I've got it.
- Look, I am going to get Carter.
No time! CPR, Gallant! Get with the program! Do not do this, okay? They are coming.
They are coming.
- What's that? - Notes.
Oh, God.
No, no, no, no.
See one, do one.
You heard what Carter said.
- This is a teaching hospital.
- There's no pressure.
Step back.
Step back! - Okay, fourth to fifth - This is so wrong.
intercostal space, just below the nipple.
We are not doing this.
I am not doing this.
Abby! Shut up, I'm trying to concentrate.
Okay, anything that bleeds, clamp it.
Pass me a snap.
- Here it is.
- No.
That's a Kelly.
It'll do.
Give it to me.
Rib spreader.
Right up here.
All right, come on, crank it.
Come on.
Come on, wider.
Crank it.
- What are you doing? - Go get somebody.
Crank it.
All right, there, there, there! Carter, your students just cracked somebody's chest.
Pericardium was full of clot.
Are you guys insane? I need to cross-clamp the aorta with that big-ass clamp.
You don't know what it's called, you shouldn't use it.
Get out of the way.
Page the O.
, get a trauma surgeon down here.
- Why didn't you come and get me? - The guy was dying.
Well, if he wasn't, he is now.
All right.
I'll check this one out.
Hey, Daryl.
How's my good friend? You're looking dapper today.
I need some information.
You seen any junkies around? I'm looking for a junkie with a 6-year-old girl.
You seen her? - Man, I ain't seen no little girls, man.
- Go get the owner.
You know, Bosco's not as bad as he seems.
Come on, go get the- What, are you ignoring me? Go get the owner now before I break your face.
Excuse me.
- What was that all about? - Daryl wasn't being helpful.
Did he see the mom or the daughter? - Did you show him the picture? - He went to get the owner.
You know, you better tone it down with a civilian in the RMP.
She's wasting our time.
You guys finally gonna shut this place down? Who are you? - Neighborhood watch.
- Yeah? They're hookers, you know.
I believe the politically correct term is "street hostesses.
" In and out of this dump day and night, stopping traffic up and down the street.
- I've been documenting their activity.
- Nice work.
Been calling for months.
I didn't think you'd ever come.
Yeah? You see that drunk outside the deli over there? - Yeah.
I called about him too.
- You got a picture? Look, I can't arrest him without a picture.
It might be a custody thing with her and the husband, right? Maybe this chick isn't even missing.
Maybe she's hiding from her controlling, lunatic sister who jumps on a plane the minute she doesn't answer the phone.
She flew in from Chicago.
She's worried and she's scared.
Junkies go missing all the time.
We don't hunt for them.
- Well, the sister said she's clean.
- Right.
Oh, no.
This is a bloody mess.
What did you use to crack his chest, a hand grenade? - Hey, we saved him.
- Who are you and why are you talking? You're supposed to be Chief Resident, aren't you? - Yeah - Better start acting like one before your students kill off the rest of your patients.
What's his problem? You just hacked up a patient you shouldn't have touched.
- The guy would've been dead- - Shut up.
- Go to the lounge, both of you.
- For what? For once, just do as you're told, Pratt.
Thanks a lot.
- Hey, where are you going? - To save some more lives.
Yeah, I rented it to a woman on Monday.
Seemed like nice people.
Cute little girl.
- Just the two of them? - Yep.
- Did they have any visitors? - Around here, we specialize in anonymity.
Yeah, and $20 nooners.
Hello? Hello? Hello? The cell's dead.
Yokas? We should have been working this angle from moment one.
He moved a little.
It was involuntary.
Trees, monkey bars, fences.
He was always climbing.
I swear he was half monkey.
He's not gonna get better, is he? He's got what we call an axonal injury.
Even if we could remove the blood the force of the fall damaged the connections of the brain.
Is he suffering? I think he's gone.
This is just his body.
We wanna let him go.
Excuse me.
Where's Pratt? - I don't know.
- I told you both to wait in here for me.
And I'm here.
- How's Stanley? - He's still in the O.
That was really stupid, Gallant.
Look, it was not my idea.
- You should have come to get me.
- I tried.
If I would have left, he would have died.
What was I supposed to do? You weren't supposed to crack the guy's chest.
All right, you're on scut duty for the rest of the day.
Both of you.
Yes, sir.
You know Dr.
Malucci? - No.
- That's because he got fired.
He was a hotshot too.
Killed a guy because he thought he knew everything.
You two pull another stunt like that, you're out of here.
Look, I don't blame you for being angry about what happened.
But, please, don't confuse me and Pratt.
Gallant? - I told you to get rid of him.
- I got pulled into a trauma.
Doesn't look like you're in one now.
- Okay.
I'll ask him to leave.
- Forget it.
- Pratt, turf that guy.
- Yeah, okay.
- More suction.
- This the GSW? - What's left of him.
- What happened? Well, he had the unfortunate luck of passing through the ER butcher shop.
Where were you? I paged you about a dozen times.
I had to break bad news to the parents of a boy with a severe head injury.
That old excuse.
Corday, you have a phone call.
- She's busy.
- Take a message, please.
It's your stepdaughter calling from Hawaii.
She says it's an emergency.
Rachel, what's going on? There he is.
Oleg? Oleg, I wanna ask you a few questions.
Come here.
Don't make me get out of the car.
Damn it.
Hang on.
- You seen them? - How you been, Oleg? Get out of there.
Get out of there.
Stand up.
Shut up.
What do we have here? Illegal narcotics? I'm shocked, man! Let's do this again.
- Look again.
- You seen them? - I'm not good with faces.
- Keep looking.
There's a shooting gallery in back of the old carpet factory.
- How long ago? - Maybe an hour.
- Was the girl there? - No kid.
You sure? Maybe she was there.
I don't know.
I didn't see her.
Show respect for the badge, Oleg.
You're bleeding all over my car.
You may have broken his nose.
No, he was always that ugly.
All right.
Hey, Carter.
Pratt just did a perfect tap.
Now you can go home.
- Come on, man.
- I told you to wait in the lounge.
What good does that do anybody? You wanna stay here, you do what I tell you, when I tell you.
It's that simple.
Don't make me be a hard-ass, okay? Okay.
Gallant's in Exam 4.
Why don't you teach him how to drain a perirectal abscess.
Did I miss something? We need to keep our eye on him.
He's good.
He's dangerous.
Any word on Pratt's thoracotomy? I haven't heard.
Do you wanna talk about it? - There's nothing to talk about.
- Oh, no? This started after your assault? I said I didn't wanna talk.
- You said there was nothing to talk about.
- Whatever.
It's not what you think.
- I can handle this.
- I'm not throwing the program at you.
- I'm just trying to help.
- Don't need any help.
Six years, you know? You were sober for six years.
That's right.
That was then.
I'm a different person now.
What? I'm not shooting up.
I had a beer.
I had a beer.
- Stop trying to make it such a big deal.
- It is a big deal.
It's not about the beer you had yesterday.
Or the two you're gonna want today or the six you'll want tomorrow.
It's under control.
It is.
And it's not a reaction, it's a decision.
My decision.
A 35-year-old restrained driver in a left T-bone.
- Possible DUI.
Ran a red, air bag deployed.
- Can you hear me? BP's 110/70 initially, now 100 palp.
Pulse, 100.
Look, you guys got this? No breath sounds on the left.
Probably put down a lung.
- Is this the MVA? - Yeah.
Drunk driver.
- Trauma 2.
- Satting at 96.
- Robert.
- Not now, Lizzie.
I'm not having a good day.
Got beat in the stock market some moron from Radiology backed into my Jag - I had to put that ER victim together.
- I need some time off.
I need a month in France with Vietnamese twins.
Not gonna happen.
It's Mark.
He's sick.
- I thought he was in Tahiti.
- Hawaii.
He's got worse.
I don't think he's gonna be able to fly home.
- Well, you'd better go to him.
- I don't know how long I'll be.
We'll survive.
- Thanks.
- Anything I can do? Pray.
It's not exactly my strong suit, but in this case I'll make an exception.
Sats are still dropping.
This guy smells like a distillery.
Better get that blood alcohol.
- Did he hurt anybody else? - I don't know.
Well, I guess this is the downside to the three-martini lunch.
5 tube and a curved blade.
- Better open the crash cart.
We're gonna need some O-neg - and a chest-tube tray.
- I got that.
Chloe! - Chloe? - Smell that? Welcome to Urine Town.
How hard is it to find a toilet to take a piss? Fellas, you don't wanna be here.
- Chloe! - Get lost.
Over here.
Over here.
- I think it's her.
- Let me see.
Chloe? Chloe? Oh, my God.
Chloe? Chloe.
Where's Suzy? Where is she? Chloe, wake up.
- Is she breathing? - Pretty shallow.
This is 55 David.
I need a bus at 1047 and East 93rd forthwith.
- Ten-four, 1047 and East 93rd.
- No little girl.
- She's not here.
- Oh, God.
- Five-four Charlie.
Five-four Charlie.
- I can't get a line.
Kim, stop.
- She needs more Narcan now.
- Who are you? - I'm her sister.
- I give up.
Let's go.
- No.
She's barely breathing.
- I.
Narcan sucks.
- She needs a central line.
- I can do it.
I'm a doctor.
- You licensed in New York? - No.
Hospital's only three minutes out.
She'll be fine.
Watch out, she's gonna blow! - She say anything? - No, she's too out of it.
You need to tube her to protect her airway.
- I know.
- You guys going to Mercy? - Yeah.
Come on.
- Can I go? You'll need more hands.
It's against department policy.
Can you give her a lift? - Come on.
We'll follow them.
- Let's roll.
You know what? Come on.
Jump in.
Come on.
- He's dead.
- When was his last epi? Give it up, Luka.
You're not gonna get him back.
He tore out his aorta.
- Time of death: 7:33.
- What a waste.
She's a big girl, Carter.
With a drinking problem.
- I don't tell people how to live.
- She was living in your house.
- I didn't make her drink.
- You didn't stop her.
She's not a drunk.
Yes, she is.
Are you stupid or do you not give a damn about her? Or do you want her to keep drinking? You like them a little vulnerable so you can play the caring, brooding comforter? - Don't push your luck, Carter.
- What are you gonna do, beat me up? You gonna bash my head into the ground? Get out of my way.
If you're not helping her, you're hurting her.
Another two of Narcan, I.
- What's the total? - Six.
- What can I do to help? - Nothing.
Sit on your hands if you have to.
We're good at this.
I promise, she's gonna be fine.
Chloe, what were you taking? - How we doing? - BP's 140/80.
Pulse, 90.
That's high for heroin.
Chloe, were you doing coke? Were you speedballing? Step on it.
She's throwing PVCs.
- Chloe, where's Suzy? - Call Dispatch.
Tell them that we're- - Lost her pulse.
- Out of the way.
- I mean it.
What did I say? - She's in V-fib.
- You need to intubate her.
- Clear! - Nothing.
- Charging 300.
- You need to intubate her now.
- No.
Clear! Pratt, I told you to get rid of him.
- Pratt? - I told him to do it.
What is with you people? You can't turf one lunatic? - He cured my sciatica.
- What? I was tossing him out, he put his hands on my back, my sciatica's gone.
Yeah, so's your brain.
All right.
Hey, you.
That's enough.
You're out of here.
Worry not, my child.
And put your faith in his powers.
- I need you to- - Believe in his powers.
- Let the passion of his love heal you.
- Hey! - Believe in his power.
- Let go.
Get out.
Get out.
Fear not, and put your trust in his almighty glory.
He's gonna live.
- Stanley.
- I did the right thing.
You were lucky.
It could've gone the other way.
- But it didn't.
- Not this time.
- Dr.
Weaver here? - I'm sorry, is this an emergency? We're from the Illinois Women's Health Coalition.
Romano said she was here.
All right, I need you to get out.
Get out.
Go on, get out.
I don't wanna see you in here again unless you're on a gurney.
- You will walk by his side renewed - Carter.
I just wanted to apologize if I was abrupt earlier.
But I- I don't want you worrying about me.
Well, somebody should.
Not you.
It's too complicated.
- What's so complicated? - You and me.
What "us"? Is there an us? Like I said, it's complicated.
But I appreciate your concern.
And I'm okay.
I dreamed you were here.
Chloe, where's Suzy? She's with me.
She's not with you.
Did you leave her in the hotel room? Did you take her with you to get drugs? Chloe.
- I don't know.
- Chloe.
Chloe, think.
Think, Chloe.
- Maybe- Maybe he took her.
- Who, Joe? Chloe? Chloe.
He broke my heart.
Where is Joe? Is Suzy with Joe? I don't know.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I screwed up, Susan.
Oh, I screwed up.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, Chloe you screwed up.
Lewis? Nothing? We've got officers out canvassing the entire precinct.
How's your sister? She's stable.
The detectives wanna talk to her.
She doesn't remember anything.
The longer she's missing, the worse it gets, right? Because I heard that if you don't find them in the first 12 hours Do you have a place to stay? If you want, I can take you to a hotel.
I couldn't sleep if I wanted to.
Where's your partner? He's out looking.
When's your shift over? It was over a few hours ago.
She's only 6 years old.
We're gonna find her.