ER s09e01 Episode Script

Chaos Theory

Previously on E.
I think I got two cases of smallpox.
We need to lock this place down.
- We stood out.
- Where? Central Africa.
Tell the CDC we have our first casualty.
Am I next? Deb, Carter's right.
You're quarantined to Exam 4.
- You always have to be right.
- And you have to be quarantined.
It's not my breath I'm worried about holding.
- This is my ER.
- Not anymore.
Sorry, doctor.
Unfortunately, the two of you are gonna have to remain in this quarantine area.
We're gonna be okay.
CONGO REPUBLIC CENTRAL AFRICA HAMBURG, GERMANY Standard urban immunizations don't apply.
- No ring vaccination works.
- Homeland wants us to consider citywide.
- No ring vaccination works.
- Homeland wants us to consider citywide.
- Take a look at this.
- Ten people died unnecessarily.
- It's debatable.
- I don't want to debate.
- Look at this! - It's a public-health decision.
We got this from a missionary hospital Present in the simian population as well as 18 children.
- When? - Thirty-six hours ago.
- Same mutation? - Yes.
Jody get me Chicago.
You think we can get them to move a TV in here? I think you should catch up on your reading.
I don't read after midnight.
That's a wolf.
That looks like a wolf, doesn't it? A wolf with leprosy maybe.
I don't think that you're appreciating the degree of difficulty.
Even without this rash.
- What? - Kidding.
Just kidding.
This- This doesn't look good.
Maybe we' re getting early parole.
- You feeling okay? - What is it? - We need to evacuate.
- The ER? The entire hospital.
Everyone but you.
Harold Drummond was in his usual state of good health until Tuesday evening when he began to experience pinching in his chest.
The pain seemed to intensify throughout the day as Mr.
Drummond worked in his pet shop.
After an early dinner of pork cutlets, mashed potatoes and a couple of pints he retired to his living room to do some reading when the pain- - We have to guess what book? - Yes, Dr.
Corday? Did you treat Mr.
Drummond? - No.
- Are you certain? Because I distinctly heard your voice.
- I'm sorry.
- Indeed.
Why don't we jump ahead to your presentation since you seem unable to contain yourself? I'm- That's not necessary.
- Mr.
McKay came into the ER complaining- - We don't have ER's in England, Dr.
Excuse me.
He presented to Casualty complaining of- Is Mr.
McKay the African bushman? - I beg your pardon? - Your patient.
He's the young black Pygmy, is he? About this high? He's an accountant from Manchester.
Specifics, Ms.
God is in the details.
McKay is a 63-year-old Caucasian male who was- - Man.
- What? I believe the noun for which you are searching is "man.
" " Male" is an adjective.
I have a male springer spaniel.
His name is Barkley.
Though I love him dearly I would never think of bringing him to a hospital.
But please continue.
Most of us speak a smattering of American.
- Where are you taking me? - Mercy Hospital.
- Why? - Because we' re closing this facility.
- Damn those HMOs! - How many more can you take? - We' re full.
- Then get it out of here.
Call Mercy.
Let them know transport's on the way.
And I need another dozen rigs for OB.
- Is Colin on there? - No.
Only ambulatory patients.
- Where is he? - I don't think they brought him out yet.
- They said everybody's being evacuated.
- They will be.
Be patient.
- Lily, can you help her find her boyfriend? - Do I have to? MVA, broken pelvis.
I thought we were getting rid of these news helicopters.
They are! Wait, wait, wait.
Stella's one of the last ones.
- Zadro, you going to Mercy? - No, no.
- Got one more.
- Do I put her on my lap? - Sounds good to me! - How are you doing out here? Good.
Third and fourth floors are empty.
ICU and O.
should be cleared - in 10 minutes.
- You did a good job today.
Given the situation, it could have been a disaster.
- Everyone did really well.
- You kicked ass.
- Hold still.
- How come you keep doing that? - It's the way the vaccine is administered.
- You learned it 10 minutes ago? - What are you doing? - No wristband! - They won't let me go! - You need to be vaccinated.
- I did.
- No, you didn't.
I'll come back tomorrow for it.
Everyone has to be vaccinated before they go.
I'm not getting stabbed by a smallpox needle - if it ain't even smallpox! - It's 15 little pricks.
So shut up, get the damn shot, and go home! Tell me what it is, I'll get a shot for that! Are you deaf? We don't know! But this vaccine is the best we've got.
If you don't want Dr.
Gallant to help you I can arrange for the Army sergeant to come in.
Make sure you don't touch that.
- Where are they taking them? - Upstairs, respiratory isolation.
And why do we have to stay in this Petri dish? " Prolonged exposure, " whatever that means.
Did you find out for how long? - The virus is an unknown player.
- You said monkeypox.
A variant of monkeypox.
That's the problem.
How long? Two weeks.
No, no, no.
They promised a public-health nurse on duty around the clock.
Why two weeks? What aren't they telling us? I don't know.
I think they' re just being extra cautious.
I'm sorry about all this.
Me too.
Thank you.
Could you make any more noise, Stan? I can't help it.
At least cover your mouth.
Better knock it off, Stan, before you cough up a lung.
It's too late.
Have you ever been tested for TB, Stan? - DUI, PCP and HIV, but never TB.
- Great.
Pneumococcal pneumonia can give you bloody sputum, fever and sweats.
Have you lost any weight lately, Stan? I've always been pretty svelte.
But I have had to tighten my belt a few notches lately.
- Here, put this on.
- No.
No, thanks.
- Do it! - Well, you don't have to be so cranky.
I'm the one with the D.
- What are you doing? - We might have to get him tested.
No, no.
Slow down.
They're tripping out enough.
- I don't need double quarantine.
- He may have TB.
And he might not.
Let's take a sputum sample to the lab, do a Gram's stain and a AFB? Because we' re not supposed to leave.
- It's not contagious unless we get a rash.
- No.
- What's he still doing here? - I told you.
He can't go by ambulance.
- That's why there's a chopper.
- Why didn't someone tell me? It landed.
We have to get up top.
Colin, we're gonna take you to the roof so we can put you on a helicopter, okay? - I don't like to fly.
- It's a short trip.
You don't understand.
I really don't like to fly.
You don't have a choice.
I'm serious.
You take me up there, I'll freak out! It's not a plane.
It's an air-rescue helicopter.
That's even worse.
A helicopter can't glide.
Just take me back.
I have a bad feeling about this.
Take me back! Please! Just take me back! My son doesn't know I'm leaving.
We'll make sure to tell him.
Hold the doors! Dr.
Romano, Saint Rafe says they can take one critical, not two.
That's too bad, because I'm sending four.
Romano needs to send at least four patients over.
- Thank you! - No - I've never been in a Catholic hospital.
- Well, you'll like the nuns.
Nice calves.
They said they'll only accept one.
We' re clear.
Sign out the Demerol and morphine.
- To who? - You, me, my Uncle Bernie.
What line? - Two.
- Get the hell out of here.
- Who's this? - The admitting nurse.
You like your job? Wanna keep it? Tell your chief of staff- - You know who that is? - Dr.
Good for you.
You tell Jonesy that Robert Romano is sending over - four critical patients - Dr.
to be treated like his own mother without the inappropriate touching.
Tidal volume's down.
Probably just the morphine.
- Take a deep breath, Colin.
- Hey! Don't even think about it! - That's my chopper! - They were sending a chopper - for two patients.
- Well, they lied.
I don't want to go on this helicopter! - Fine.
Fair enough.
- He needs an ICU bed.
- So get him one.
- He has bilateral pulmonary contusions - and they' re blooming.
- Marty here's a 70-year-old diabetic with Gram-negative sepsis from cholecystitis.
I'm only 68! Damn parasites! Hey, get that news chopper out of our airspace.
- He's gonna lose his airway.
- Intubate him and take him in your Viper.
- He's not safe to transfer.
- Arguing like this isn't helping them.
You' re right.
I'll tell you what, you can take the chopper next.
Let's go.
- Temp's 101.
- All right.
Give him 10 grams of Tylenol and piggyback the gentamicin.
A sheet, BP cuff, anything! Come on! No vascular clamps, but we have two Kellys and a needle driver.
Oh, God.
- Where's the arm? Do we have the arm? - I can't see anything.
- Shut this thing down! - Not with you under it! He's vomiting.
Twenty-centimeter lac over the fifth rib, but no sub-Q air.
- Clamp.
- Which one first? The biggest one.
- Okay, one, two, three.
- Tighter! Tighter.
Get your gurney out! - I can't see anything.
- No, don't clamp it.
- What? - Just do it! He's lost half his volume.
- Try for a BP on the good arm.
- Okay, I got it! - Cold.
- Do we have blood on the rig? - Six units, type A.
- We need a line.
No O-neg? You asked for type-specific.
Romano, what blood type are you? What blood type are you? - No red snappers? - Could be an inadequate sample.
Sputum is loaded with Gram-positive diplococci.
I told you not to sweat it.
Wait, wait.
What are you doing? It's old-fashioned pneumonia.
I'm hungry.
You hungry? We' re quarantined.
Put your mask back on.
You can't eat with a mask on.
Let's raid the cafeteria.
- Put your mask back on.
- Starve a cold, feed a fever.
Pratt? Pratt! - That's my watch! - I need the bag.
Cycle the Dinamap.
How's he satting? Nothing on the monitor.
Lungs are wet.
- Damn it.
- We' re loading him.
I ain't taking off till I check out that tail rotor.
- He's looking shock-y.
- He needs an O.
I don't know if she flies at all, much less flies safely! Call for ground transport.
- No, call another chopper.
- Where you gonna land it? Luka, he needs to get there by ambulance.
We need ice.
Belly's hard as a rock.
Labored resps.
Send our guy downstairs.
Radio Dispatch.
Get an orthopedic and a trauma surgeon up here.
You awake? Yeah.
Monkeypox sounds like a video game.
Or voodoo.
Or VD.
Does your back itch? No.
- You' re scratching it.
- It's probably just psychosomatic.
- You want me to take a look? - No, I'm fine.
Might be a rash.
Turn over.
Do you think someone did this on purpose? - Does it matter? - What do you mean? I mean, viruses mutate.
That's what they do.
We' re more likely to control bioterrorism than Mother Nature.
Thanks, that makes me feel a lot better.
No rash.
Nice tattoo, though.
I was drunk.
Is that what I think it is? Yeah, I was going through a religious phase.
My chest hurts.
I can't breathe.
Crank him to 15 liters.
Don't worry, we'll get you down.
- What's wrong with this? - Tachy at 115.
- Where's the helicopter? - He's first.
- You're next.
- Pressure's dropping - on twenty mics of dopamine.
- Over 100? - Eighty-five.
- Susan, we have to get him down.
Don't hyperventilate.
Which is dopamine? On the syringe pump.
Tell Weaver ultrasound was clear, but he could have a slow leak.
Take everybody to the ambulance bay.
- Pulse ox is 91.
- Got it.
She might need help tubing him.
- Health Department refused reentry.
- Romano authorized it.
Who's Romano? They coming back? Don't worry, Mr.
I'm right here with you.
I hope they remembered to call my son.
He'll worry about me.
What's his name? Alan.
His mother wanted him to become a doctor.
I'm beginning to wish he had.
What's he do? So how often does this happen here? Only since you came along.
The yin and the yang.
Excuse me? The yin and the yang.
You know, something good happens so something bad has to happen.
You are Chinese, right? Yeah, I'm just trying to figure out the good part.
Just say the word, and I'll show it to you.
- Hey, no, no.
Pick that up.
- I made it.
It's bad enough that you' re not wearing your mask.
The hospital is abandoned! Who are we gonna contaminate? Central line kit.
Two liters, wide open.
Where's the O-neg? - We don't keep it here.
- He's not perfusing.
Set up the level one.
- Oh, my God.
- I need a lot of blood.
O- neg, packed cells and platelets.
- Blood bank is closed.
- Open it! - What happened? - Chen, ice.
I need ice.
Lots of it.
Hersch? Mr.
Hersch? Where's the bag? Where's the bag? Okay, Mr.
Hersch, I'll be right back.
Somebody! I need help! Oh, son of a bitch! Come on.
Come on.
- You can't open the O.
- They're already in there.
Mercy and Lakeshore are full.
That's it.
- Yeah? Maxed out is relative.
- I can't allow anyone else in! He's our chief of staff.
You' re gonna need to stop - the replantation team by force.
- Dispatch says to remove - the rest to Riverview.
- Where is that? - Indiana.
- No, no.
- Need a hand here.
- What took you so long? Elevator doesn't open on the first floor.
Sats are 89, but not correlating.
Abdomen's tense.
- Hey, over here! - Colin? Colin, can you hear me? - Can I ride with him? I'm his fiancée.
- Get her the hell away from me.
Sir, I'm gonna need you to calm down.
She's not my fiancée.
She's a freaking psycho! - Gallant.
- We' re soul mates! - She ran me off the road into a bus! - I was upset! But I'm not now! I'll take care of you! Hey.
How bad is he? Romano? Bad.
Retracting the deltoid.
There's the median nerve.
- Clean cut.
That's good, right? - Where do you want it? Squeeze in four units and get a HemoCue.
Bradying down to 50.
One mil of atropine.
Break out the cart.
We' re gonna have to tube him soon.
- I think I lost the pulse.
- Either you did or you didn't.
- I can't feel it.
- Okay, CPR now.
- Get that blood in.
- First two units are up.
One milligram epi, IV push, and FFP to follow.
Is anybody out there? I need help in here.
He's crashing.
Somebody! Somebody! Come on.
Pick up.
Pick up.
- Out of the way! Out of the way! - Donald, get in there.
- Kerry Weaver, Dr.
Joe Gunn.
- Nice to meet you.
He walked into the tail rotor? What happened? - He barely has a pressure.
- Is he in arrest? - Not yet.
- This way.
Wear your mask at all times.
Dispatch relayed a call from Elevator 4.
Lewis needs help with a crashing patient.
- Well, who's with her? - No one! - Normal sinus.
- Good pulse.
How many units? - Fourth almost in.
- Where are we? Amputation at the distal humerus.
Dropped his crit to 18 prior to transfusion.
- Arm's on ice.
- Everybody put a mask on! Hemorrhagic shock resolved with blood and epi.
Pressure's 90.
I need to paralyze and intubate.
- He's coming around.
- What do you think? - I don't know.
Above the elbow's tough.
- Yes or no? - Maybe.
- Oh, God.
Robert, can you hear me? Oh, I'm at County.
DAY 7 - I don't think I can take another week.
- Yeah.
All right, up.
Feels like we're the last people on the planet.
Well, if we were I'd move into the best suite in the Ritz-Carlton.
You? Shopping spree.
How's that look? - Hot.
- Really? - Toe or finger? - Toe.
- Even the big one? - Yep.
Arm or leg? Leg.
You? - Definitely leg.
- Deaf or blind? Deaf.
Would you rather lose both your arms or your penis? - I don't know.
- Could still do it with your equipment.
It would be tough to get chicks without arms though.
To tell you the truth, I couldn't date a chick that was missing pieces.
What if she had a great personality? What? And really big tits? What the hell's going on in here, Stan? Hey, nice 'do.
Frames your face better.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
- How's he doing? - Could be better.
The ring and long fingers are a little dusky.
- Is it normal post-op erythema? - It better be.
With the poor perfusion, I'm worried the antibiotics aren't penetrating.
He's not getting enough blood to the hand.
Can up his dextran.
If I go back to the O.
R we decrease meaningful recovery.
- If not, he could lose the whole hand.
- I'm thirsty.
- Does he have a family? - I don't know.
Has anyone else visited? No.
You know him.
What would he want? Robert's aggressive.
He'll want to save the arm at all costs.
So I should operate? Let him wake up from the narcotics and ask him.
That could be tomorrow morning.
By then it'll be too late.
Then you wait.
It's his decision, not mine.
DAY 9 Do you think they know? Pratt's clueless.
Chen knows.
I don't think so.
Oh, no.
She knows.
- Did you tell her? - Where do you think I got the condoms? And, you know, you were a little loud.
Well - You' re about a three.
- I always thought I was at least a four.
- That's a nice pustule.
- It's gonna be a big scar.
I know it.
You can get another tattoo.
That's true.
I could get " Carter Yeah.
" When I was in Chicago I'd often get homesick for London, think about the things I missed.
- Now you don't have to.
- And now I think about Chicago.
Yes, I heard you had a run-in with the staff.
This time with a cardiologist? He took one of my patients hostage.
Wanted to wait for an echo.
That's not unreasonable, is it? - Someone groused on me.
- It's a small hospital.
- Small-minded, it's more like.
- And it's not America.
You may have to adjust your approach somewhat.
My approach is to do what's best for the patient with a minimum - amount of ass-licking.
- There's my cue.
What? You' re not gonna say hello? Hello.
I'm really glad you're back, Elizabeth.
- You're late.
- I'm sorry.
I had a bowel resection.
Before lunch? Lovely.
I washed my hands.
DAY 12 Do you think it's possible to die from boredom? I don't think so.
What if your mind wandered off in a daydream and you forgot to eat or drink for days? Then you'd die of starvation and dehydration.
Caused by boredom.
You smell something? That smells like heaven.
- Where did this come from? - A friend of mine slipped it - through the window.
- It's contraband pizza.
- Yeah.
Why? You want some? - Hell, yes.
Ten bucks a slice.
- Help yourself.
- You didn't get any beer, did you? I got some sodas.
I take back everything I said about you, Pratt.
- Really? - No.
But thanks for the pizza.
No, but seriously, since you guys make five times what I do - all donations are greatly appreciated.
- I got good news.
Adam's fever broke.
He's out of the woods.
How about a toast? - To young Adam.
- To young Adam.
- Yes.
- And to us, for surviving the plague.
Unless somebody develops a rash in the next 48 hours.
Pestis Puerorum.
- What? - The Black Death.
It started in China.
Infected Italian sailors brought the disease back to Sicily in 1347.
In the end, 25 million people died.
- How do you know that, Stan? - Renaissance Philosophy, 1-D-7.
- You studied philosophy? - Taught it.
- Yeah, right.
- You' re a teacher? Yeah.
What happened? Things.
Things happened.
Things always happen.
- Well, you' re sober now.
- Not by choice.
You know, you've been through the hard part.
We can get you into a program, get you some counseling.
I killed my daughter in a DUI.
There's no counseling for that.
Thanks for the pizza.
Well, I'm gonna eat this in bed.
- Sounds good to me.
- Alone.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- So you guys wanna watch some TV? - No, thanks.
All right.
Pizza will be in the fridge.
Kind of sad, huh? - What's that? - The guy was a teacher.
- And he killed his daughter.
- Because of alcohol.
It happens.
- Doesn't have to.
- What are you trying to say? I just think it's sad.
Tell me what you' re trying to say.
Talk to me.
- You want me to talk to you? - Yeah.
I wanna help you.
But not because I'm a nice guy or because I'm worried about you.
- But because I wanna be with you.
- You wanna fix me.
- Help you.
- Fix me so I'm good enough.
- No, I want it to work.
- Yeah, well, I'm not broken.
I see you ordered that CT on Mr.
After 20 minutes of chatting, I came to the same conclusion.
CT confirmed dissection.
So you' re carrying on all right then, are you? - Carrying on? - Of course.
Well, I suppose you can still grieve on the inside.
While I'm sure that's some kind of criticism I'm afraid I haven't got time to decipher it.
You' re not in black dress.
Matter of fact, you' re not in a dress at all.
Perhaps America has confused you in more ways than one.
- Interesting.
- Yes.
I thought I might suggest you reconsider that tie as it makes you look like a boorish, virulent ponce.
But now I realize that's simply your general disposition so it would be out of place for me to comment.
Out of place indeed.
Tragic, really.
A woman out of place on two continents.
- Excuse me? - They sold your house.
Ten thousand more than the asking.
If you sign it, I'll fax it back for you.
Thank you.
I would like to read it myself, thank you.
DAY 13 What's wrong with your lunch today, Dr.
Romano? Your body needs nourishment to heal itself.
That's brilliant.
They teach you that in nursing school? If you don't eat, I'm gonna tell Dr.
Oh, go ahead, tell Gunn.
I've seen his work.
You might as well have your prosthetics department come fit me for a hook.
- I'll see if I can find you something else.
- Whatever.
Kerry, I was wondering when you were gonna come and visit me.
I was here yesterday and the day before.
You were a little out of it.
Re-carpeting my office? How are you feeling? I've been better.
The surgery went well.
So they say.
But you know how surgeons lie.
You were lucky.
Lucky? Look, your people rallied around to save you in a deserted hospital.
- If it wasn't for Dr.
Kovac- - I'd still have my arm.
- You do have your arm.
- Do I? Yes.
It was a clean cut above- I signed the third-quarter income projections.
We should evacuate the hospital once a year for the money we' re saving.
- Robert- - Going to sleep now.
Apparently, I need my rest.
Identified the terminal ileum.
We call it electrocautery, Elizabeth.
Can I help you? A solo hemicolectomy? Not by design.
Your Professor Whitehead decided to be tardy.
Yes, I know.
He's apparently saving a motorist on the M1.
Asked me if I'd fill in.
But it seems you've already started.
Transverse incision.
- Allows for a more localized approach.
- Yes, and a bloody one.
The field is clear.
Let's just take a look, shall we? - Elizabeth? - Be my guest.
Well, good separation around the taut.
The areolar tissue could use better division, couldn't it? Metzenbaum.
- May I continue now, please? - The more I see, the better he'll do.
If you merely wish to peer around this gentleman's anatomy why don't you crack open his skull too? No, I'm interested in completely excising this gentleman's cancer, thank you.
- Vascular clips.
- Okay, then, he's all yours.
Retract the cecum medially.
Well, you heard him.
Watch the pericolic gutter.
He's had some adhesions from an appendectomy.
DAY 14 - Morning, Frank.
- Welcome back, Dr.
- Waxed the floors.
- Nice, huh? Takes smallpox for them to finally sanitize the place.
- Wasn't smallpox, Frank.
- Mutated monkey scabs.
Other departments online? ICU and Surgery have been up since midnight.
Pedes, PICU, Labor and Delivery open with us.
Everybody else starts at noon.
- Dr.
Pratt? - See you.
- Disease Control clear you? - One hundred percent.
- Probed every which way.
- I don't need to hear details.
Did we get all our monitors back? IMEDs, pro-packs and portable vents.
Crash carts are stocked and ready.
I don't get it.
We' re closed for two weeks and they make us come back at 6 a.
? It could have been midnight.
- I'll catch you quacks later.
- I see you' re better.
I was never that bad.
I told you guys not to sweat it.
Pratt, Dr.
Gallant called in sick.
I need you to cover for him until 3.
- What? - Well, you just said you felt good.
Yeah, I know.
But, come on, man- Kidding, Pratt.
See you next week.
- Can you sign this? - What is it? My timecard.
Two straight weeks of overtime.
Do you think I'm kidding? Dermatologically clear.
- Afebrile.
- Okay, you' re free to go.
- What, no psych consult? - We try not to inflict any long-term damage.
- She's borderline.
- Thank you for your understanding - and cooperation.
- Hey, can you tell us? - What? - If the virus was engineered or natural? The system worked.
Everyone did their jobs, especially at the local level.
You' re not gonna tell us.
See you, Deb.
- Yeah, it was fun, Carter.
- Let's get these beds made up so we' re not setting up as we go.
Chuny, you triage? - Yes.
On my way.
- Hey, you survived.
You look tan.
I went to Barbados.
- Sorry.
- Barbados! I had two weeks.
What else was I supposed to do? - Frank, what time is it? Okay.
We' re open.
They just get out, themselves? He has to leave the trach in for a few days, but he's off the vent.
They look better, the parents.
Well, maybe they stopped blaming each other.
- Weird.
- What? Stuck here two weeks, I don't wanna go home.
- Wanna get some breakfast? - No.
You' re not thinking of jumping? No.
Not quite that desperate.
- Can I join you? - It's your hospital.
Yes, it is, isn't it? So, what's wrong with the surgical lounge? Habit, I suppose.
At County, we often go up on the roof when the place gets too much for us.
I'm glad everything there isn't perfect.
I was beginning to develop an inferiority complex.
Far from it.
Homesick then? Yes, you do.
What? Have a home.
Can't bring yourself to sell it, I understand.
I assume Mr.
Cummins survived his hemicolectomy without further incident.
We do seem to manage here from time to time.
You hadn't developed vertigo yet as a teen.
Reminds me of your tree-climbing days.
The headmistress couldn't get you out of that sycamore.
I had to drive all the way down to Tunbridge Wells.
A counselor was brought in, suggested some kind of rebellion, separation anxiety cry for attention, what have you.
Turned out you just liked climbing trees.
I knew that.
You were an unbridled spirit from the womb.
I don't know what to do.
I know, darling.
I know.
- Here, let me.
- Thank you.
- This is the right train for Heathrow? - I hope so.
- Thank you.
- You off on holiday? No, we're going home.
- Thanks.
- Stand clear of the doors, please.
- The train is about to depart.
- What have you got there? - What have you got there? - The 7: 59 train from Ealing Broadway and Reading West is now departing for Heathrow.
- Chaos theory? - Yeah.
A virus mutates in the Congo, we evacuate an ER in Chicago - Romano gets his arm cut off.
- You lost me.
Seemingly random events, all part of a larger equation.
- I'm hot.
- You know, a butterfly flaps its wings in China and creates a tornado halfway around the world.
- Are you hot? - I'm just saying that there's an unpredictability about everything.
Evolution, life, love, relationships So, what am I? The butterfly or tornado? - No, you' re chaos in general.
- Thanks.
No, I'm just saying you' re chaos to me.
The unknown.
I'm chaos to you.
You are hardly chaos, Carter.
I'm saying that there's a risk in anything you do.
But don't you wanna stack the odds in your favor? I mean, I'm drawn to you.
It's kind of that simple.
I've been drawn to you for two years.
But chaos always seems to rule.
And I don't want it to rule.
I wanna know where it's taking me.
- Know what I mean? - Nope.
The tornado.
Definitely the tornado.
Are you coming in?