ER s09e06 Episode Script

One Can Only Hope

Previously on E.
- I'm not working with him.
- Why? - Because he treats nurses like idiots.
- Whatever I'm filing a grievance against him.
- You' re such a jerk.
- What? You slept with her? You do what you gotta do.
I'll wait.
Okay, I'll be right back.
Hey, Frank.
Take care of my baby brother.
Is he potty-trained? - What the hell are you doing? - Being a little hard on him, you think? - What are you talking about? - He's doing a good job, considering.
- Considering what? - He has Parkinson's.
Excuse me? - How much did you take out? - None of it.
None of it? Metastatic lesions are studding the entire abdominal cavity present on the outer surface of the liver the spleen, the small intestines, the colon.
Shouldn't you take out what you can? Surgical removal won't affect survival.
You need to see an oncologist.
Survival? You don't think I'll survive it? - You need to see an oncologist.
- No.
Tell me.
Do I have a chance or don't I? There's always a chance, Mr.
How much of a chance? Given the extent of your disease, with chemotherapy less than a 10 percent, five-year survival.
What's the earliest? The least amount of time? I'll have the oncologist see you.
Excessive therapy.
How's this for excessive? I had my arm sliced off.
What do I need to get full therapy? I have to have a pack of wolves come chew my leg off too? My physical therapist, my orthopedic surgeon and the chief of staff of the hospital, what's his name again? Oh, yeah, me His insurance company.
say I need five days a week to regain occupational use.
- I need a tumor consult for Mr.
- It's not disability, you gnat! I'm still working! It's- Hello.
- Peek-and-shriek still out of it? - No, I told him.
- You were in there for 90 seconds.
- Start a Dilaudid drip at 2 milligrams.
- I have to get you a complaint box.
- Nothing I can do but pain control.
Your medical student, the martini shaker, says you refused to put him on call.
- He has Parkinson's disease.
- Hence, the martini-shaker reference.
Come on, work with me.
Stress and sleep deprivation only exacerbate his symptoms.
He says he's managing it, makes a good argument.
It's not fair to the others to pick up his slack.
I won't put the man on - He'll nap.
- It's bad enough he has to treat patients.
- Oh, I get it.
- What? You have something against doctors with disabilities.
- Only on a case-by-case basis.
- Look if this guy wants the surgical-rotation experience, give it to him.
The last thing I need is some gimp lawyer from the ACLU coming in here telling me to put handrails on the urinals.
And, "The guy with the twitch, he's suing you.
" What and we care nothing about Mr.
Nathan? - Who's Nathan? - Him.
My Parkinson's student.
Oh, right.
No, I don't care.
This place is littered with masochists.
Just make sure he doesn't kill anyone.
Found her asleep on the El train.
Her name's Sara Paspalis.
She's 14.
Hey, Sara.
How you doing? - Sara, can you hear me? - Just let me sleep.
- Did she fall? - She was in her seat when we found her.
I don't see any signs of trauma.
Do you see any signs of trauma? You could suggest a head CT and LP just to be safe.
Why are you so sleepy, Sara? - I'm tired.
- Are you taking any medicine? What about drugs? Let's get a tox screen, an APAP, CBC and lytes.
- Foley, UA with dip and ICON too.
- Multiple GSW coming in.
Weaver's stuck in a meeting.
She wants to push your 12:30 meeting to 1.
What meeting? The one with HR.
You know, the nurses' petition.
What petition? - Hey.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- What are you doing here? - I came to see you.
I wasn't planning on coming here to see you.
But I'm glad you' re working today.
Jody got sick, so I figured I'd just bring her in.
- Who's Jody? - Oh, my girlfriend.
- Girlfriend? - Yeah, what do you think? - She's cute.
- Yeah? It's only been a couple weeks.
- Come on and meet her.
You'll like her.
- Okay, just one second.
She's not feeling well? I don't know.
Maybe the flu.
She has a headache and her stomach was upset.
We had some shrimp in Biloxi.
It smelled kind of funny.
- You had shrimp in Biloxi? - I rented a Cessna.
Hey, Jody.
This is my big sister Abby.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Kind of little to be your big sister.
Eric says you' re not feeling well.
What seems to be the problem? Thirty-six-year-old GSW times three.
- Three? - That's right, mamasan, I'm bulletproof.
Tachy at 110, BP holding at 100/80.
- He'll need blood.
- I don't need blood.
I need a beer.
- Happy hour isn't until 4:00.
- How about a nurse to sit on my face? - You up for a lap dance, Malik? - Maybe.
- Stay away from me, chocolate homo.
- How'd you know my stage name? - Abby, we'll need some extra hands.
- Okay, I'll be right there.
- What do you think? Shrimp? - It's a good theory.
How did you meet? She works in a bookstore.
She's really great.
She's smart, funny, when she's not throwing up.
Does she go to school, or is the bookstore a full-time thing? - She's 21, almost.
- Twenty.
She's trying to become a writer.
She is a writer.
She hasn't been discovered yet.
I've read her stuff.
It's really good.
- And- - I think she's good.
- You' re flying around the country? - The Midwest, the South.
- Her parents are from Ohio.
- And you can afford a plane? Renting a plane.
What's wrong? Nothing.
It just seems like a lot of money, that's all.
- We'll get out of your hair- - We need your help! Okay.
It's not a bad time.
I'll be back in a minute.
- Muffled heart sounds.
- I want the American doctor.
Chen is the American doctor.
Betadine, seven and a half sterile gloves and a 30 French chest tube on a vascular clamp.
-70 systolic.
- Hey, Abby, have you seen Sara? - Who? - That girl that fell asleep on the El.
- She was in Exam 1.
- I was there, remember? She's gone.
Ten blade, sterile drapes.
Pericardial effusion.
Spinal needle and syringe.
- Me love you long time, right in the ass.
- Careful, she's the one with the needle.
Hey, dude, can you hear me? - He's out, but he's breathing.
- She may have wandered off.
Abby- We' re in the middle of a trauma.
Would you like us to stop and help you look? I'm in.
No pressure.
No pulse.
Needle out.
40 cc's of pericardial blood.
No blood in the Thora-Seal.
Hold it.
Sinus rhythm.
Pressure's coming up.
- Nice needle.
- Third unit's going up.
Pressure's 100/72.
Sats are at 95 percent.
We have a trauma patient in here in respiratory distress.
- We should crack his chest anyway.
- No breath sounds at all.
Twenty-six-year-old female, went down at a crosswalk.
GCS 13, slightly altered.
- Pulse ox 89, tachy at 120.
- She carries oxygen, but tank's empty.
We've been going easy on the O-2 in case she's a chronic retainer.
- Think she has bilateral pneumo? - It doesn't make sense.
- There's no signs of trauma.
- The scars? Looks like lung-volume-reduction surgery and a liver transplant.
All right, everybody quiet.
Just quiet.
Coarse rhonchi bilaterally.
- That's so faint.
- ABG looks good.
I understand you had a conversation with Dr.
Yeah, he was very supportive.
Unfortunately, he's not assessing your performance.
So if you have concerns regarding your rotation- I've told you my concerns.
- Go through the proper channels.
- Well, I'll certainly try.
Allison, do you have emphysema? - Alpha-1-antitrypsin- - Alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency? What can you tell us about Alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency, Nathan? A genetic disease.
Causes reduced serum levels in alpha-1 blood proteins.
- Why is that bad? - The abnormal mutation gets hung up in the liver, causes cirrhosis.
And why can't she breathe? Well, without alpha-1, trypsin is unopposed.
It's eating the alveolar surfaces in her lungs.
And? Panacinar emphysema.
She's got the lungs of an - She's drowning in her mucous.
- You're not getting enough oxygen.
- We need to put a tube in your throat.
- No tube.
- No, we need to.
- How about a BiPAP, pressure mask? Will that work? It might.
Get one, call RT.
Good call.
- Third unit's up.
- Pressure's 100/72, sats 96.
Haleh, you know anything about a petition? - Yeah.
I signed it.
We all did.
- Not me.
A guy comes in here with three bullet holes and nobody pages me? - You' re a trauma queen.
- What is it, about cafeteria hours again? No, Dr.
They figure you wasn't gonna do anything - because, well, you know.
- No.
Do anything about what? Don't sweat it.
They' re whining.
- You cut up Denise.
- Looks like she saved your butt.
We had to put in a chest tube.
- That was my wife, you gook bitch.
- Hey! Me and my boys are gonna cut you up.
The only boys you' re gonna be seeing are in the prison shower.
You okay? - Chen.
- I'm fine.
Repeat ABG in 20 minutes and get a portable chest before we move her.
Corday, penetrating trauma in Curtain 3.
Be right there.
I'd like to follow the evaluation for heart-lung transplant.
Complete discharge summaries and review all ER charts for possible surgical consults.
- Can I go to the ball after that? - There's an M and M at 3.
Don't be late.
- She's a good teacher.
- Yeah, that's what they keep telling me.
How are you feeling? Yeah, a little better.
- Sorry I almost puked on you.
- It's okay.
It comes with the territory.
- Where's Eric? - He went out for a smoke.
- A smoke? - I know.
I tell him to quit, but he doesn't listen.
You should talk to him.
He'll listen to you, especially since you' re a nurse.
- Can you excuse me one second? - Yeah.
I'm being sent to the principal's office because of you.
- What? - You pissed off a bunch of nurses.
- How? - I think it's an attitude problem.
I have a good attitude.
- Hey, Abby.
- I do.
Abby, I still can't find her.
Jerry, could you help Harkins find her patient? Big hospital, many patients, very busy.
Call security.
Darius here skateboarded into a car door.
No LOC, normal vitals, Obvious ankle deformity but good pulses.
- Guy opened it right in front of me.
- You have a last name? - It's just Darius.
- Oh, like Cher.
- Do you have any allergies, Darius? - No.
- Have you seen my brother? - He wanted cigarettes.
- He's getting me lottery tickets.
- What? - I figured what the hell.
It's 87 million.
- You have a better chance of getting hit by a car.
- Was that supposed to be funny? - Sorry.
- You wanna go in with me? - No, thanks.
Maybe you could use it to cover my malpractice lawsuit.
- Hey.
- Hey.
National Enquirer.
Embarrassing, I know, but Jody's a gossip junkie.
- When did you start smoking? - Oh, a while ago.
- What's "a while"? - What difference does it make? I don't know.
Nobody starts smoking over the age of 25.
Well, what can I say? I'm a late bloomer.
You know, I'm serious.
Eric, it's really not good.
Well, you smoke, and you've been smoking since you were what, 8? - Cute.
We' re not talking about me.
- You' re right.
How's Jody? I don't know.
She seems better.
- She's not pregnant.
- Was that a possibility? I don't know.
You tell me.
Well, yeah, I guess.
Oh, come on.
What if-? Okay, what if she was? Then what? - But she's not.
- You just said she could be.
- But she's not.
- What are you doing? What's going on? Okay, Mom, I'm having sex with my girlfriend.
What are you, a nun? You show up with this girl who's barely out of her teens, who could be pregnant.
- But isn't.
- On some weird impromptu leave.
- People take vacations.
- You were renting a plane I know you can't afford.
Oh, I forgot, you' re a financial wizard.
Don't mock me.
I'm not the one who's- Who's what? In love? Oh, you're in love? - I don't know.
- Okay.
- Is that a bad thing? - No.
Help! Somebody help! Over here! Help! Can you go inside and tell them I need a gurney? Fast.
Sara? Sara.
How long has she been like this? I don't know.
Is she dead? Wake up, Sara.
She might wake up if I kissed her.
She's seizing.
Damn it.
Sats any better? Ninety-three after a couple nebs.
She wants to take the mask off.
Just keep an eye on her rate.
Did you call my dad? We left a message.
Do you take Prolastin for your Alpha-1? No.
Got hives and anaphylactic shock.
Throat closed up.
A true anaphylactic reaction to Prolastin is pretty rare.
Lucky me.
They took me off a few years ago.
You have pneumonia.
Fifth time this year.
- A new record.
- Well, we can clear that up.
Do you have any allergies to any antibiotics? No.
I wanna sign a DNR.
My liver's sick.
My lungs are shredded.
The antibiotics will make you feel better.
Don't take it personally.
I just don't want any more help.
I'm ready to die.
- Can you hold her arm down? - Nobody mentioned she was seizing.
She is not.
Six centimeter jagged scalp lac.
Looks like it's torn straight to the bone.
- What was she in for? - We don't know for sure.
- Police found her asleep on the El.
- Possible drug overdose.
Possible brain bleed.
I just don't understand these girls who'll take any pill handed to them at a party.
- Dr.
Corday - Yeah.
could you witness a DNR? I need a second physician's signature.
Oh, there's no gag.
She's not protecting her airway.
- I got it.
- Thanks, Luka.
Okay, let's intubate her and then get her up to CT.
Care to do the honors? Yeah, sure.
Scope in the left hand.
- Sats are 98.
- Slide along the tongue.
Across and out of the way.
That was excellent.
Now look for the cords.
That's it.
Lucky lottery ticket? It's only 2 bucks a pop.
They' re one buck across the street.
Not with my patented number-selection system.
Looks like she's feeling better.
She should, after 125 milligrams of Demerol.
- She had a migraine.
- So she needed Demerol? She failed Compazine, she's allergic to Imitrex, and she's almost 21.
Oh, he mentioned that, did he? - He's a funny guy.
- He thinks he's in love.
Well, you can't have enough love in the world.
- What, you don't like her? - I just met her.
So did he.
Jerry, call me when the labs for Fay Graham get here.
You bet.
Speaking of betting, are you feeling lucky today, Dr.
Chen? Reselling lottery tickets is a felony.
Got an officer needs some work here.
- What happened? - She was involved in a shooting.
Her hand got shredded by a window.
She says it's no big deal.
- It's not.
- Let's sit down right here.
- She's lost a pint by now.
- I'm okay.
Okay, let me take a look at it.
Abby, director of Nursing's calling.
You' re late for a meeting with Romano.
Okay, here.
Someone'll be with you in a minute, okay? - Nathan, you' re surgical, right? - Yeah, but I'm taking this- Somebody from Trauma or Hand should take a look at this.
Irrigate, but she might need an O.
She collapsed on the street.
She's got pneumonia, signs of liver rejection.
Why isn't she on a vent? She declined the use of one.
You said she had pneumonia and her lungs are shot.
How will she breathe? Mr.
Deluca, your daughter signed a "do not resuscitate" order.
She's just depressed.
She gets that way sometimes.
Let me talk to her.
I don't think she wants to be talked out of it.
- Of course she does, she's just a kid.
- She's 26.
She gets tired.
Yeah, she's dying.
We' re all dying.
Not like that.
She's in tremendous pain.
And she knows that that's never gonna change.
She stopped taking her anti-rejection meds weeks ago.
Catch her up.
- Can't do that.
- Then I'll make her take them.
It won't work.
She's allergic to the only medicine that can keep her alive.
We'll find new meds.
And when those fail she'll need a complete heart-lung transplant for even a chance of survival.
Then I'll get her one.
So she can face the same disease all over again? If you don't want to fight for her I'll find a doctor who will.
Insert and cock your wrist at 90 degrees.
Fired three rounds before I knew it.
Department-issue semi-automatic.
If possible, use your pinkie to steady your hand.
- It was all really fast, you know? - I'm sure you did the right thing.
It's my first week.
I've been scared every day.
If it's not what you were expecting there's no shame in exploring other options.
Corday, I need you.
I'll be back to check the sutures.
Could you put some pressure right here? - Yes, sir.
- I'll be right back.
She was so altered when she came in.
Don't you think that officer could be suffering from post-traumatic stress? Yes.
Call a social worker.
You know, I just thought it was me, but you' re kind of cool, aren't you? - Pardon? - A social worker? Isn't it our job to take care of people? If you insist on being on a surgical rotation, Mr.
Nathan, act like a surgeon.
Act like I don't give a damn.
Got it.
That woman's hand is bleeding and in need of suture.
That's how you can help.
- What was it? - She was altered when she came in.
I figured it was something that wouldn't show on a tox screen, like Ecstasy.
I read this article about Special K- - Come on, get on with it.
- It's replaced roofies.
It's mostly a date-rape drug.
It's sometimes recreational.
I just never thought to look before, Dr.
Of course you disagree.
It flies in the face of the culture you've established.
There is no culture.
We' re too busy saving lives.
It's not funny.
By not occluding it at the onset you have allowed it to proliferate.
You have anything monosyllabic to add other than apologies for being late? - Sorry.
- No, that's two syllables.
So, Mary answer me this.
What are you looking for from us? As nursing director, I feel a full investigation is in order.
- Of Dr.
Kovac? - Of the entire physician staff.
Oh, come on.
It's true we get no respect, but this is one complaint filed by one nurse against one doctor that she knew.
That she what? Nothing, she just doesn't like him anymore.
I have a petition signed by every nurse in the department.
All of whom are tired, overworked, underpaid and pissed off.
- Excluding the males.
- And Nurse Lockhart.
Apparently, your relationship with Dr.
Kovac ended better than Chuny's.
Did you really just say that? So it's true.
You' re all suckers for the accent.
- Robert.
- Bottom line is this'll be handled by the medical exec committee.
So until then how do we untwist everybody's panties? Open your eyes.
I know you' re faking.
Flowers from a doc.
I like this hospital.
They were half price at the gift shop, day-old.
Pull off a few petals, they' re good as new.
Did he go outside? Yeah.
He's taking a walk.
- In circles? - Yeah.
He did that a lot when Mom died.
Sometimes it's harder on the people that love us.
He's in denial, thinks there's actually hope.
So do I.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
- Did Weaver get down here? - I haven't seen her.
Hey, how'd it go? Luka.
- Where'd you go? I was looking for you.
- I had a meeting.
- She's resting.
- Can I talk to you in a second? She's feeling better and John was great with her.
- Who? - Your boyfriend, John Carter.
Hey, can I borrow your keys? I think we need to crash for a while.
- I hoped we could stay at your place.
- Yeah, no problem.
We'll grab a hotel if it's a hassle, but I figured we could spend time together.
- No, you' re right.
It will be fun.
- You sure? - There's not a lot of room, but- - It doesn't matter.
Jody's great, and you're great, and you should get to know her.
Okay, Eric.
It's fine.
- So - So - The keys.
- The keys.
They' re in my locker.
Hold on.
Elizabeth, can you handle the rape exam in 4? - I believe you did her consult? - She's an ER case.
Well, at the moment I'm down in ER attending.
Sorry, I tried to get to you first.
What'd she say? Suspended, pending an investigation.
I guess the nurses don't like me.
Look, I'm sorry.
But once they got the director involved It's fine.
Right now, I'm not too crazy about them either.
It could be as little as three days.
You could use the free time, right? Thanks for the heads-up.
Pull inferiorly on the speculum heel slowly.
I should've checked sooner.
She was alone on the train.
Open and visualize the cervix.
Not so fast.
You sure this is the case she should be learning on? Patient's unconscious.
You have stricter criteria? - Father's here.
Should I let him in? - No.
Could you shut the door, please? Let's swab for a wet mount and a Gram stain.
Is this the cervix? I think it's the cervix.
A small tear at the introitus.
- What does that mean? - Semen present.
Check the culture for GC and chlamydia.
You'll need consent for a full kit.
What, are they dating now? I don't think he'll make the best surgeon but he seems to have a way with the patients.
Maybe he could be a nursing liaison.
- Need me for something? - No.
- Dr.
Corday? - Where is she? Where's my daughter? Mr.
Paspalis, we' re examining her right now.
Why do they make shower knobs so sharp? - Hey, Pratt.
Head lac, no LOC.
- Sorry, cat.
I'm off.
Night, Lisa.
So did you get your lottery tickets yet? And live on the dole my whole life? I thought you were off at 5.
I can't sleep knowing that they' re sitting here waiting for me.
How come nobody told us being a doctor was about killing trees? - You need some help? - I think I have it down.
How about a beer maybe? No! I don't take trains! I hate trains! Stop it! I wanna get off! Let me go! Haleh, Ativan's not working on Dorothy.
Give her five of Haldol.
My pleasure.
That guy really spooked you today.
Who? You should go home.
We treat crazy people here.
It's nothing new.
Come on, get your things.
Let's go.
We'll split a cab.
Trauma coming in.
Car jumped a curb and ran into a line of people waiting to buy lottery tickets.
And some people don't believe in luck.
We out of Haldol? Top drawer.
Chuny forgot to restock.
It's nothing personal, Abby.
I like Dr.
Really? It's hard to tell.
He'll be back to work tomorrow.
We have to do this to send a message.
- Do you know what happened? - I don't care what happened.
- You cared enough to sign a petition.
- Another nurse asks for support - I'll give it every time.
- Whether she's right or not? I've been doing this job for 17 years, honey.
Doctors come and go, but nurses make this place run.
We don't get much credit or much pay.
We see a lot of misery, a lot of dying but we come back every day.
I've given up on being appreciated.
But I sure as hell won't let any of us be taken for granted.
I can't even get to the bathroom anymore.
Well, nobody said it was gonna be easy.
But you have a brain that works, a father who loves you.
You hold on to that.
You hold on to that as long as you can.
Anything could happen.
A cure could happen.
We need to move her.
There are traumas coming.
Just about to head up to six west anyway, start looking for that liver.
- He's cute, but annoying.
- Only because I'm right.
Come on, they need to prep this room.
- Have you ever been to the ocean? - Better.
I used to have a lakeside condo.
I dream about it.
I dream I'm down on the bottom, and no matter what, I can't swim up.
I try to breathe, and it's just water, breathing water.
And then when you wake up, it's true.
But you do wake up, you know.
You open your eyes, you breathe.
It's another day.
That's because you' re still alive.
Your body knows it isn't over.
Corday! - What? - She woke up.
Very good.
Sara, do you know where you are? - Daddy? - You' re all right now, honey.
- What happened? - Sara, do you know where you are? - The hospital.
- What's the last thing you remember? I- I was on the train with Pat and Andy going to the city.
- My head.
- Oh, you hit it outside on the stairs.
Do you remember anything else? Anything you did? No.
We were laughing about something.
And then We were laughing.
Sara, we think there may have been a drug in your system.
A sedative.
No, I don't do drugs.
Daddy - I don't do drugs.
- I know, honey.
- Upon examination- - Doctor, I need to speak to you outside.
- Yes, in a minute.
- No.
I would like to speak to you now.
Sara, we'll be right back.
Start O-2 humidified mask.
Don't tell her what happened.
- We don't know what happened.
- I don't want her to know.
- Mr.
Paspalis- - I'll check her out.
I'll take responsibility.
Paspalis, your daughter was probably raped.
She could be pregnant.
She might have a sexually transmitted disease.
- I promise, I'll get her checked out.
- She may not remember, but she- Look, someone hurt her body.
It doesn't mean that he has to ruin her life.
I couldn't protect her then, but if she doesn't know, I can protect her now.
- Dr.
Corday? - BP 110/70.
Pulse 106.
Complains of headache.
History of hypotension I'm so sorry.
Can you just wait here a minute? Lottery line guy.
Good airway, no LOC, refused treatment at the site.
- You thought to bring him anyway? - I made an executive decision.
I'm next in line.
I just wanna buy a ticket.
- The call was for multiples.
- Five minors went to Mercy.
Nine centimeter penetrating lac over the right frontal- Bollocks.
- What? - Sir, stay very, very still.
- Foreign body goes right through.
- More tachy, pulse 120.
Abby, your brother's on the phone.
Lung sounds are clear bilaterally.
Maybe the keys don't work.
- We'll need a neurosurgeon.
- BP's dropping, 100/70.
Eric? - Sounds busy.
Should I call back? - What's wrong? - No other deformity.
- I was looking for the blender.
- When was your last tetanus? - We 're making milk shakes.
- High school, I think.
- The blender? - Milk shake sounds really good.
- I think it's in the cabinet - under the coffeemaker.
- Mr.
Gasmer we'll need to take you to the operating room for this.
Jackpot's 87 million.
Your breadmaker's still in the box.
Sats are at 96, pulse 110.
- Hey, Eric.
How's Jody doing? - Hey, John.
She's better.
She was thinking we should go out tonight.
Maybe get my sister to dance.
- Yeah, she looks excited.
- Get off the phone.
Call for a CTscan.
There's the blender.
- Crisis averted.
- They' re making milk shakes? Okay, let's pack him up to go.
We need Ativan and an airway box.
Alison would like to speak with you.
- Is she moving air? - Yeah, sats 93, her temp's down to 99.
Send her home with Biaxin and a fresh O-2 tank.
She's not ready to go.
She wants a consult from the transplant service.
Did I say the last ticket sold is at 6:00? He did it.
He talked her into it.
- She needed to regain her strength.
- Wants to be considered for transplant.
- She signed a DNR.
- Well, unsign it, destroy it.
I don't care.
She was upset for a few hours.
- Does it disqualify her for the liver? - No.
No, it shouldn't.
But she's not a great candidate.
She wants to keep fighting.
I'll be in to see her in a minute.
Would you excuse us? So do we call UNOS now or work her up first? What are you doing? - She didn't have all the facts.
- Do you know what it'll take to keep her alive for transplant if she even qualifies for transplant and they find a match? It's not worth it if there's a shot at a cure? She's dying.
She's suffocating.
- That's her reality.
- There are a lot of realities.
Stem cell research is a reality.
- Stem cells? - It's coming.
Whether the government approves it or not, it's coming.
You know that.
Embryonic stem cells can be used to grow any tissue in the body.
- You told her we could grow new lungs? - She's got a genetic disease.
Stem cells can fix the defect at the genetic level.
- Yeah, maybe in 50 years.
- No, in five years.
The science is there if we get past all this political posturing.
Do you know what it took for her to face her mortality? - I think I do.
- For me to convince her dad to accept it? - This is about your time? - No, it's about you.
Going in with your agenda and giving her false hopes.
- It's not false.
- Oh, no? - The flowers were an interesting touch.
- Well, you gave her 10 minutes.
There is such a thing as dying with dignity.
Every time a woman goes in for in vitro and harvests eggs - there are blastocysts- - I know the issues.
She's suffering.
- She doesn't care about politics.
- It's the politics that are killing her.
Ml in 1, cured.
All heart disease gone.
Cancer in 4, cured.
Alzheimer's, cured.
The spinal cord injury this morning, cured.
- Parkinson's disease.
- Cured.
- We' re out of business.
- You need to believe that.
- Pack up all this crap.
- I would love to believe in miracles too but she's dying.
She's dying, Nathan.
And the only question is, how well? She's 26 years old.
There's no dying well.
You' re giving up.
You were happy when he was babysitting your patient.
He's spending more time in the ER than the surgical ward.
If her mind was that easily changed, she wasn't ready to sign.
- Not if he's distorting reality for her.
- He believes that reality.
It's not gangrene, but he'll need Unasyn.
I'm all for big science, and I hope he's right.
But it won't save this girl.
- He offered her hope.
Is that so terrible? - For her, yeah, it is.
You want him on the ward, I'll keep him there.
No, just supervise him.
Patients are who they are.
- I can't change how he sees them.
- Well, it is a teaching hospital.
- Quiet, they' re announcing the numbers.
- Hey, move.
I can't see.
Jackpot is $87 million.
You better watch out.
They' re choosing the next megamillionaire out there.
- Thought you already won the lottery.
- Oh, I did when I met you.
Is this gonna be warm enough? I don't know.
Who dances outside in November? - Eskimos.
- He doesn't even like to dance.
Well, love makes you do crazy things.
- What? - Nothing.
I just wish I could go be someplace quiet with him.
Well, give her a chance.
Maybe she's mature beyond her years.
I know.
It's not her, really.
It's him.
- He's acting strange.
- Strange how? You know, flighty, spontaneous.
- Happy? - Too happy.
Oh, there's no such thing.
In my family, yes, there is.
He's what, 27? Yeah, but he's smoking, and he's flying around in planes and he has this milk shake obsession.
What? - Milk shake obsession? - Well- Think your radar might be a little sensitive? No.
I don't know.
It's a double date.
I think we can all afford to have some fun.
- Only if you don't make me dance.
- I can't promise.
You have real commitment issues, you know that? - Yo, Greg! Yo, Greg! - Leon.
I won! I won, man! Look at this! What you doing here? You're supposed to be at Stevie's.
- Who are you? You pretty.
- Get out! Get out! - I'm a winner! - What the hell is wrong with you? - I checked the number three times! - I don't care.
Give me some privacy.
- I won! - It's all right.
I should go.
No, he's leaving.
Leon, get out of here.
- I'll see you at work, all right? Bye.
- No, Jing-Mei, it's- - Are you gonna be okay? - Yeah, I'll be fine.
Nice meeting you.
Damn it, Leon.
She was hot.
Anybody win anything? This place is cursed.
- Abby.
- I'm off.
Luka's in for counseling tomorrow.
I wanna get him on the schedule Tuesday.
He agreed to that? Reluctantly.
I threw it on Human Resources.
- You should've been more on top of this.
- I didn't ask to be nurse manager.
- Are you quitting? - You want me to quit? No.
Did you change to go home and then clock out? Just set a time to meet with him after your shift.
- Who? - Luka.
No, no, no.
- He needs to be counseled by the manager.
- Maybe I do wanna quit.
- It's too late.
- Did we get the UA back on the rape exam? - I called down there twice.
- If it's negative, have Harkins dispo her.
- You' re sending her home? - With an observation chart.
I mean, without telling her.
She's a minor.
- What about emergency contraception? - It's the end of her cycle.
So you' re gonna lie to her? - Her father has the right to sign her out.
- She was raped.
- Doesn't she have rights? - Check the labs.
She wants to go.
- Sorry, I'm off.
- What? ICU admitted Alison.
They' re getting her FFP up there.
Congratulations, Mr.
Nathan, you' re on call tomorrow night.
- Thank you.
- Thirty-two hours straight.
Go home, get some rest.
You'll need it.
I can't wash my hair? Only for a few days.
Your pediatrician will take your stitches out in a week.
You like being a doctor? Some days are better than others.
It must be weird seeing people naked and stuff.
I suppose it's weird.
Depends on the patient.
I don't care for the hairy ones.
Sara I have to tell you something very difficult.
When we examined you, we found evidence of sexual assault.
- Assault? - Yes.
You were raped.
You told my dad I was raped? He's just trying to protect you.
But you do have the right to know.
The scratches, the bruising There's more bruising inside.
- You looked inside? - We did a rape exam, yes.
Who said you could? I didn't say you could do that.
You were unconscious.
We had to make sure- I didn't say you could do that! I know it's confusing and scary.
If you'd like to speak with someone about it- I wasn't raped, you stupid bitch.
- Sara, there were drugs.
- Yeah.
Special K.
Makes the sex all kind of swirly.
You took ketamine and had sexual intercourse? It's like having 20 boyfriends, and they all totally love me.
- That's incredibly dangerous.
- No.
I do it every weekend.
You could suffer from long-term brain damage.
I seize sometimes.
But we usually have Ativan or Xanax.
And all the guys say I'm the best.
Catholic school refugees, both of us.
Abby was completely famous.
She had a Sex Pistols T-shirt - that she wore over her jumper.
- Hope you saved that uniform.
And you were pretty bad yourself because you got caught making out with Justine Miceli in the vestry.
Church always brought out the romantic in me.
Good to know.
- How long you guys gonna stay? - I don't know.
- We got some sightseeing we wanna do.
- I heard the art museum's really neat.
Yeah, we' re just playing it by ear.
Hang out for a couple days before Ohio.
- Aren't you due back at the base? - Not for a couple weeks.
- A couple weeks? - Yeah, like I said, I was overdue.
Did you tell her about the interview? - What interview? - O' Hare.
They' re looking for experienced controllers.
Don't you have, like, another year left on your thing? I'm just exploring my options, you know? I can't stay in the Air Force forever.
- I know, but- - Hey - is she always like this? - Don't.
You' re a little tense.
I think you and I should take a spin.
- Oh, no, no, no.
- Come on.
Want me to embarrass you in front of your boyfriend - by telling more horror stories? - Stop it.
Did you hear about the time she almost set the garage on fire? - Eric.
- She used to like this guy named Rafe- - Okay, that's it.
- Wait.
I want to hear more about Rafe.
- I said okay.
- Biker dude who wore leather pants.
She really loves you.
- You think so? - Yeah.
You' re so comfortable together, you know? Intimate without, you know, needing to show off.
Abby says that you guys have known each other for a couple weeks? Yeah.
Love this song.
Don't you love this song? Do you wanna dance? Come on.
Let's dance.
Come on.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I hear the organ service got Alison on the UNOS list.
Yes, I know.
Status two.
It's a nice feeling.
What? When you realize you've affected someone's life.
Touched them in some way.
You think she'll last long enough? One can only hope.
You on your meds? Got a little off schedule.
You can't get up, can you? I'll catch the next one.
- I can wait if you- - No, no.
It's all right.
It'll kick in.
No, it's a nice night.
It's okay.
Go ahead.
I'll see you tomorrow.
I expect you will.