ER s09e20 Episode Script

Foreign Affairs

Previously on E.
- You two know each other? - Gordana is here to observe a correction of a heart repair.
Young boy from Croatia.
Where are you? I have to go get him.
Why? I mean, Eric's been gone for weeks.
What's one more day? He's off his meds.
And if I don't go now, he might disappear again.
- You really need to take this call.
- He's in V-tach.
It's your grandmother.
I'm sorry.
- Okay, cough for me.
- How much longer? - Can you call Psych? - I did.
A moth flew in my ear.
I'm luring it out.
- Is Dr.
Kovac here? - What would you do? Try Trauma 1.
V- fib.
Charge again.
Three sixty again.
- Charged.
- Clear.
Time of death, 9:37.
- Sorry to trouble you with this.
- That's all right.
I understand.
- These are complicated issues.
- They certainly are.
I want to give you time to think about things and go over the papers before the will is officially read.
- I'll make sure to.
- Kel.
Oh, I didn't realize you were here, Jack.
I flew in three days ago.
I telephoned you in New York.
Did you get my message? That's Eleanor's apartment now.
I just wanted to express my condolences.
- Well, I'll see you both at the service.
- Appreciate the visit.
- Bye.
- Thank you.
- Is red not somber enough? - You look fine.
She liked men to wear red ties.
That's very Republican of her.
I think that's blue now.
I didn't realize estate lawyers made house calls.
The foundation board has called an emergency meeting for next week.
- He just wanted me to be prepared.
- Prepared for what? Gamma stipulated it in her will that I be put in charge.
She appointed me president.
I see.
Well, I think that would be a good thing.
- For me or the foundation? - Both.
It should be you, Dad.
I guess that's not what she wanted.
Well, I think she figured I'm in Chicago.
It'd be easier for me.
She put you in charge of the family fortune and left me with a little bachelor's trust fund.
I don't think it was a question of geography.
I've also tried to stay as involved as I could.
- Who are you kidding? - Want me to tell you the truth? She was disappointed in you as a son, as a father.
She didn't think you were up to it.
You could sugarcoat it a little.
It's an opportunity for you.
Not one that I wanted.
Now I'm stuck having to run the damn thing or walk away.
Looks like she managed to screw us both.
Almost time.
Are we waiting on Abby? She's meeting us at the cemetery.
That's good.
You look like a hooker.
Damn it! Anybody home? Eric? - What are you doing? - I broke in.
- I'm home.
- I can see that now.
What happened to you? I got in a fight with a guy in the lunchroom.
He took the last Jell-O cup.
What? He cut the line! - You're a mess.
- I jumped through a window and scooted through some bushes.
It's a voluntary program.
You can leave whenever you want.
Where's the fun in that? You're not taking your meds.
I have, I swear.
I just lowered the dosages a bit.
- How? - By cheeking them.
They had me on too much.
It was a real downer.
So a few hours after our talk, you pick a fight with another patient.
- They call us clients.
- Then skip out on the whole thing.
Yeah, I think we could find a better situation, you know? Like, in Maui.
You should've called me.
Give me that.
- Why didn't you call me? - I don't know.
I really don't.
- Maybe I should just go.
- No.
Sit down, sit down.
I could use a drink anyway.
Is your apartment spinning? You feel that? Le duele? I'm working for la Migra.
She says you're a bad man and she doesn't want you touching her son.
Get an abdominal scan to rule out appendicitis.
And tell Evita here I can prescribe a good ESL class.
Twenty-three-year-old minor leaguer.
Syncopal episode after wind sprints.
- She says you're a jerk.
- Got it.
Parietal hematoma on the left.
BP, 104/58.
Pulse, 120.
He got dizzy.
So I walk him to the dugout.
He must've hit his head when he passed out.
CBC, chem panel, UA, EKG, lateral C-spine and head CT.
No Battle's.
Has he had incidents before? No, this guy's a stallion.
He went from instruction league to Triple-A in a season.
- That's impressive.
Chest is clear.
- Belly's benign.
He was on his way to be called up to the Show.
- What show? - Ignore him.
He's foreign.
Shoot the neck film and get him to CT.
- You good here? - Yeah, sure.
I'll use my foot to put on the BP cuff.
- That boy has gotten worse.
- What boy? Ante.
The Croatian kid.
- I thought it was all set up.
- It needs to happen sooner.
No, no.
We have enough trouble taking care of our own uninsured.
He's dying, Kerry.
His mother smuggled him onto a plane.
I need you to try again, please.
Look, even if they donate medical supplies and facilities- The rest would be for me to take care of.
- Cardiothoracic team, nurses, transport- - I'll do it.
Don't count on anything.
Jacy said she'd do it on one condition.
She needs two weeks off in June that the surgical NM denied her.
- I can't control vacation schedules.
- Everything's a negotiation.
Nurses are supposed to be angels of mercy.
Even mercy has a price.
Jerry, can you track this flight for me? - "Air Flugelros"? - Yeah.
It has a sick kid on it.
- They don't have hospitals in Germany? - Get Dr.
Deford on the phone.
Checking out of the losers' lounge.
Try not to kill anyone.
We'll do our best.
CT's back on the ball player.
Looks like a concussion.
Except his 12-lead EKG shows a corrected QT interval of 0.
Long QT syndrome? He's just an athlete who's training too hard.
"Baseball been good to him.
" Let's check a family history to be sure.
- Okay.
- You know what.
I'll do it myself.
- I thought you were going home.
- Well, you know me.
I live for this place.
She used to tell me how much it meant to have you in her life.
She was lucky to have you looking after her.
I was the lucky one.
This is Gamma's good friend, Vivian.
- Hello.
- Are you a relation? I'm her son.
- I'm so pleased to meet you.
- Thanks for coming.
This way, please.
They're almost ready to start, Dr.
- Let's wait five minutes.
- Abby not here yet? Yeah.
I sent a car for her but I guess she's running late.
- So, what do you do for that? - Well, the surgeons can insert an ICD.
An implantable cardioverter-defibrillator.
That can shock your heart into rhythm.
He doesn't drink enough water.
He was just dehydrated.
If I get one of those things, an ICD, what then? You'll be on beta-blockers for six months.
After which, we can gradually increase your level of strenuous activity.
- We can't stop playing for that long.
- Lucia, please.
A guy with a heart condition dropped out for a whole season? What team will take a chance on you then? With Long QT, there's a risk of cardiac arrest and death.
You don't understand.
I'm about to get my shot.
- Tuesday night at Wrigley Field.
- Our whole life has been waiting for this.
All right.
We can treat this less aggressively.
But just for the moment.
Lewis, you have a minute? - Yeah.
- Thank you, doctor.
- I'm expecting box seats.
- You want a cards consult for the ICD? No.
Just give IV fluids and a stress test later.
- I thought you were recommending ICD.
- I had an ER overreaction.
- I worked through it.
- All right.
- I have paperwork for us to look over.
- What paperwork? You know.
The end of the affair.
- Oh, right.
- Jerry get me that surgical nurse manager back on the phone.
Ever think about getting a personal assistant? Susan, drunk in 3 is waiting on his banana bag.
And, you.
I need to talk to you.
- I'll be back in a minute.
- Okay.
What are you doing tonight? Take it easy, cowboy.
I'm a married man.
O God, whose mercies cannot be numbered accept our prayers on behalf of your servant, Millicent.
And grant her an entrance into the land of light and joy in the fellowship of your saints.
Tears have been my meat, day and night.
While they daily say to me, "Where now is your God? " Now, when I think about these things, I pour out my heart by myself.
For I went with the multitude and brought them into the house of God.
Why are you so full of heaviness, O my soul and why are you so disquieted within me? Just as the deer longs for the water brooks so longs my soul after you, O Lord.
- What are you doing? - There's a bar.
Vodka goes through me.
- Get in the car.
- I'm trying to make this work.
- Give me room.
- I swear, if you do not get back in this car, I will get a gun and I will shoot you dead! Did you learn that in nursing school? Which is the help of my countenance and my God.
I went with the multitude and brought them into the house of God.
Hey, John.
What's up? - Sit! Sit! God.
- Put your trust in God.
- You need to calm down.
- Sorry about your grandmother.
Why don't you come sit with us.
- It's tough to lose somebody.
- Yes, it is.
Why don't we talk? It's quite a sendoff.
She must've been very loved.
Or very rich.
- Eric.
- Sorry.
I don't feel so good.
You brought your brother.
It's not exactly my bowl of rice, Kovac.
Besides, I got a date.
- Hot little brunette in Radiology.
- Oh, you'll be disappointed.
Hey, listen.
All you'd have to do is be there as a support surgeon.
Some dying kid's desperate mom snuck him aboard a plane, huh? That's almost enough to pluck at my heartstrings which are notoriously unpluckable.
I'll really be disappointed? Trust me.
Will Corday be scrubbing in? The Illinois Marital Dissolution Act says: "A marriage can be invalidated for one of the following reasons.
" - Okay.
Keep going.
- " Fraud.
" Did you ever fake anything? - No.
You? - No.
I'm just a screamer.
- " Unacknowledged prior marriage.
" - Right.
Like either of us is a bigamist.
I have an uncle who's a Mormon.
- "Under the age of legal consent.
" - Don't I wish.
Don't I wish.
"Lacked capacity to acquiesce due to the use of drugs alcohol or some mind-altering controlled substance.
" I think we have a winner.
- Which one of us was trashed? - Split the difference.
Okay, you know, let me be the gentleman this one last time.
Oh, I don't recall any precedent for that.
You're gonna have to sign these and I'll take them into family court.
All right.
Don't kick my ass.
Just initial paragraph two and sign page three.
Done and done.
There we go, unknotting the bonds of love.
- Yeah, something like that.
- An impetuous lust? Maybe something in between.
- See you later? - Yeah.
Call me when we're divorced.
Picked her up at home.
She was at a neighbor's Botox party last night.
- Botox party? - Your day will come.
She's having trouble swallowing.
- I'm sorry, Luka.
I can't.
- I'm getting Deford's team from Rush to do the tet repair.
But I need a County support team.
- It's just too far afield for me.
- Come on.
I'll do anything.
- I'll mow your lawn.
I'll baby-sit Ella.
- Over my dead body.
And this guy's too, if you don't tie off that bleeder.
Suction from above.
Three-0 Prolene on a needle driver.
Look, Luka, I appreciate your commitment.
I really do.
But don't you think this is all just a little bit rash? It's the only chance this boy has.
Is Dr.
Dorset part of this team? Is that a problem? Yes.
No, no.
Fine, I'll do it.
He's calmer now.
I gave him some Depakote.
How much? The whole bottle.
I was stuck.
I He couldn't be left alone and I wanted to be here.
And I thought he would just wait in the car, and I'm really sorry, John.
I'm gonna drop him off at the hospital and then I'll come by the house, okay? What for? Because he agreed to be evaluated, maybe go into a locked ward.
No, I mean, why come by the house? I know what happened was terrible.
Unforgivable, really.
But my brother is sick and struggling.
I'm just trying to help him survive.
I know.
So go do that.
Didn't your doctor tell you that Botox is not FDA-approved for neck wrinkles? They say botulism is beautiful.
- Until you need an NG feeding tube.
- A what? It's an internal catheter which goes from your nose to your stomach.
Now, you'll have to use that to feed yourself four cans of solution a day.
Will I lose weight? - GSW times three en route.
- That's not the point.
- How long till they get here? - Now.
Forty-five-year-old in a drive-by shooting at home.
Let's take her in Suture.
Pratt, two kids coming in.
GSW to the right hand, chest and arm.
My babies! Where are my babies? - They're right behind us.
- Turner Mitchell, GSW to the abdomen.
- Where does it hurt? - Where the bullet went in.
Nine-year-old girl.
Multiple abrasions to the head and neck.
Denies LOC.
I'm okay.
Help my kids first.
- They're taken care of, Mrs.
- BP's 100/74 after two liters.
- But he's tachy at 120.
Hold him steady.
- I can't find any GSW.
- Me either.
- My back hurts.
My neck.
- What's your name, pretty girl? - Noelle.
- Well, Merry Christmas, Noelle.
- We're gonna fix you right up.
- One, two, three.
BP's 90 systolic.
Single small-caliber wound in the right lateral chest.
We were watching Bugs Bunny.
The window - Exit wound.
- Okay, hang another liter.
Betadine the right chest.
- Nothing.
- Good, Gallant.
Keep going.
Must have come around for a second time - Is there a husband? - No, he's gone.
- It's just me now.
- Okay.
- Ma'am, we're gonna numb you up.
- What about my kids? I'll go check.
Prep and anesthetize.
I'll be back for the chest tube.
Down to 64/48.
Sterile gloves and a 7 French triple-lumen.
- Gallant needs the SonoSite.
- Take it.
Kovac, there's a telephone call.
It's important.
Take a message.
Let's prep a 6.
0 ET tube and a 2-Mac.
Eighty of sux and 10 of etomidate.
- It's that airplane you asked me to track.
- Okay, ask them what the problem is.
Hey, what's the problem? Okay, wire's in.
Needle back.
- Is this the unifoc kid? - Sounds like a tet spell.
- He's saying "bad breathing" and "blau.
" - Okay, hold out the phone.
Okay, catheter is in.
Hook up the infuser.
- Pressure's holding up at 70.
- Go ahead.
I got it.
I'll take it outside.
- DPL kit for Pratt? - Over there.
- What? - Says he's doing a DPL on the girl.
- My pager's going mad.
- Start up here.
I gotta see what the hell he is up to.
NG tube and a Foley.
What's his first HemoCue? - Twelve-point-eight.
- Talk to me, Pratt.
She's persistently hypotensive and bradycardic with warm dry skin and good cap refill.
- Spinal shock.
- Or complete transection.
Hi, sweetie.
Can you squeeze my hand? Shrug your shoulders.
I can't feel anything.
- Don't worry.
We'll take care of you.
- She has no motor or sensory below C-5.
- Where's the GSW? - There isn't any.
Her mom pulled a bookcase down to protect her.
It must've caused a spinal-cord injury.
Like I said, she needs a DPL.
Do a SonoSite and wait for Corday.
Start the steroids? Yeah.
Nine hundred milligrams of Solu-Medrol, then 5.
4 per hour.
I'd assume you would save a human over an endangered species.
- Yes, I would.
- I mean, do you understand that- I'm curious.
Who do you love most in the world? Can I ask you? You know, and it's not a trick question.
Who do you love the most? I mean, a mother, a father, a brother, a wife, a kid? - Yeah.
I do- - Oh! God! Son of a- It is an unfortunate situation.
But if Mercy is committed to doing surgery - they should do it.
- That won't happen.
And our facilities provide the best, perhaps, the only last-minute option.
I'm sorry to interrupt, but I need an answer.
It's hard enough to keep pace with our own problems, Dr.
If it were a wealthy businessman in need of an artificial heart we'll find a reason to do it.
Artificial heart implantation is a cutting-edge surgery that has benefits to medical science as well as the patient.
I know all that.
Unifoc and tet repair, while important, are more prosaic.
We have the ability to save but not the will to do it! After all the talk, we won't save this boy for only one reason.
Because we don't want to.
It's more complicated than that, Luka.
Yeah, you're right.
There's also the money.
I didn't know Gamma had The Collected Oscar Wilde first edition.
There was a story about him late in his life she loved to tell.
I can't quite remember.
He was on his deathbed, drinking champagne.
And a friend of his asked him what he was doing.
And he said: " Isn't it obvious? I'm dying beyond my means.
" She was a society lady with the heart of Stonewall Jackson.
I didn't mean what I said before.
Oh, it is what it is, John.
We can't pretend it was anything else.
Not much of a party, huh? Not much of a funeral.
It was certainly memorable.
More like embarrassing.
Is that why Abby's not here? I was just having a hard time mingling.
Sharing duck canapés and cosmos with a bunch of people I don't really know.
You don't need to stay if you don't want.
It's all right.
I'm sorry, Dad.
I'm really sorry.
I feel like I blew it.
Well, you didn't.
Neither did Abby.
Let it go, son.
Just let it go.
They're ready for her up in CT.
So you're on Harper.
I live on Williams, about six blocks east.
I don't know any doctors in our neighborhood.
- So, what do you wanna be? - A fashion designer.
That's good.
But with a smile like that, think about becoming a model.
- Stuff like that never happens.
- Sure it does.
I've seen it happen.
I'll come find you later, okay? We'll bring you back as soon as the CT's done.
I still can't move anything.
Why can't I move? We're gonna figure that out.
- Dr.
Romano, you forget something? - Yeah, I did.
Denzel I need my Ancef.
Exam 2.
- I.
or IV? - What's it matter to you? - Nurses give antibiotics.
- I gotta push this girl through CT.
Well, let her do that.
You come with me now.
Come on.
I haven't got all day.
Romano's got a new bitch, huh? Get me a portable defibrillator and a drug box.
- Is somebody going on a run? - Something like that.
I'm not sure why you'd want an affirmative-action imbecile fixing you.
- But if you're trying to humiliate me- - Zip it.
You've demonstrated integrity.
It won't last long, but for the time being it suits my purposes.
I'd prefer to keep this between us.
- How did that happen? - It's not important.
There's some tissue that's devitalized.
It'll need débridement.
I don't know much about burns, but you'll need more than débridement.
Just do it.
Just do it? Some of this is circumferential.
The vessels look charred.
I don't know if I can take care of an injury that severe.
All right then.
- I'll get Corday.
- Get Lewis.
She's the least annoying of the bunch down here.
Romano, you need a surgeon to examine that.
I am a surgeon.
Jerry, have you seen Abby? She's off today.
I thought you were too.
Jerry, tell Malik to let me know when the postictal postal worker in 4 wakes up.
"Postical" - I don't think I can even say that.
- Carter, thought you went to the funeral.
- If you can call it that.
Excuse me.
Curtis Mitchell.
They say my family's here.
I'll take you to them.
You gonna be here a while? - Did they tell you what happened? - They told me.
Your mom was lucky.
A bullet went through her chest but we were able to re-inflate her lung.
- What about Turner? - Shot to the abdomen.
But he's stable.
And my little sister? No bullet wounds.
That's good.
But a bookcase fell on her so there's some paralysis, which we're hoping is temporary.
But we won't know more until we get back her CT.
Hey, Mama.
How are the kids? Did you see them? No, not yet.
Are you all right? I was trying to protect her.
- It's not your fault.
- I pulled the bookcase down on her.
Did you see who did this? Mama, did you see who did this? Don't do anything, Curtis.
- You hear me? - Let's go.
We need to get him upstairs.
Don't you do anything.
Don't you do anything! Have them send type-specific to the O.
- That's my brother.
- Cefoxitin's on board.
- Turner.
- Second unit's in.
- What's going on? - We're taking him to the O.
He needs exploratory surgery.
He's bleeding internally.
- Can you make it stop? - A bullet ripped into his spleen.
- We may need to remove it.
- Turner, you all right? - We gotta get him upstairs.
- You stay strong, little man, okay? Stay strong, man.
The standard of care really does suck here.
Perez? He's got a swing like a young Ted Williams.
That's what everybody says, anyway.
Sounds like a natural.
I just- We can't give up on that.
You don't have to explain it to me.
Shall we step inside? Gallant told me what happened.
So much for his integrity.
He was concerned.
Lewis was busy.
May I? It may be a little worse than I thought initially.
Normally, in order to determine full assessment for escharotomy- We need to determine pain and paresthesias which we can't do because I'm the guy with driftwood hanging off his shoulder.
There are other ways to determine if the procedure is called for.
No escharotomy.
These are full-thickness burns.
If blood supply to the hand is compromised- I can feel a pulse.
I am not gonna let the surgical B-team hack away at me.
It's possible your arm could become ischemic.
In which case, it's already too late to save it.
I know.
I get it.
I understand.
- You should see Corday.
- I don't want to.
At least get a Plastics assessment.
Will you do that, Robert? Hi, it's Abby.
Leave a message after the beep.
Thank you.
Hey, I thought you were gonna be here with Eric.
- Dr.
- I was trying to catch you.
- Dr.
- I guess there was a change of plan.
And I'm gonna hang up now because you're standing right in front of me.
- Hi.
- Where's Eric? Upstairs with Meyers.
Are you okay? I'm really sorry.
I feel like such a terrible person.
Yeah, well, it's been a bad time all around.
I'm gonna see them dead! I'm gonna wipe them out! Look, I swear I will kill them! I'm gonna do them all! And I'll take this whole damn world with me, man! - I'll take them with me! - You wanna be cool? Or you wanna be in custody? I'm cool, all right? I'm cool, man.
- Okay, I'll get a suture kit.
- Sit.
I'm gonna come back later.
- Picked a fight with an IV stand? - You a doctor? Just a hobby, really.
Nice tattoo.
What is that, Black Pharaohs? No, man.
Righteous Lords.
How long you been into that? I'm not anymore.
I used to run with them a while before I stopped, man.
Outgrew it? My mama begged me.
I got a job bagging groceries.
This'll sting a little.
They were after me.
- Who was? - The Discip- The Disciples, man.
They think they own my ' hood! Probably figured I was an easy target ever since I left my crew.
Now Turner, Noelle and Mama, they paying for it? Punk-ass hoods, man.
Luka, the board's answer was no.
Oh, this is for something else.
However, I convinced them to agree that if a boy with no other options shows up at County General's doors in need of an emergency unifoc and tet repair well, he wouldn't be turned away.
Hypothetically? And completely off the record.
Kerry, thank you.
Welcome to Chicago.
Please remain seated.
We have medical personnel arriving to escort a passenger.
Thank you for your cooperation, ladies and gentlemen.
- You are Dr.
Kovac? - Yeah.
Baseline cyanosis.
Non-rebreather at six liters.
- All right.
- Can I get a pulse ox? Wait until we're in the helicopter.
That the x-ray the lady doc was talking about? Come on.
Talk to me, man.
She has no return of her reflexes.
She's having difficulty breathing.
- That could indicate paralysis.
- Will she walk? If the swelling goes down, we can put her on physical therapy.
Will she walk? I don't know.
- Hey there, baby girl.
- Curtis.
- Mom's okay.
- Yeah, I know.
We didn't do anything.
Why'd they shoot at us? I'm gonna go home and I'm gonna get things fixed up.
You stay here and get better, okay? Neuro ICU's ready to take her.
- When can I visit? - It's open 24 hours.
Am I going to have to stay here? - For a while, yeah.
- I can't go home with you tonight? No, not tonight, baby girl.
Not tonight.
These folks are gonna take care of you.
You try to get some sleep, all right? - Car's outside.
- You back? Too bad it's like this though, man.
- Where you going, Curtis? - Like I said, fix things.
- Yo, they shot up Jamal's crib too, son.
- Yeah? - Not the way to do it.
- What do you know? - You did a good thing.
Don't undo it.
- Disciples undid it.
They shot my family.
- Your family needs you.
- Yo, doc.
Hey, Curtis.
- Hey, Curtis.
- You just didn't do that, right? What am I supposed to tell that girl upstairs when you don't show up? You tell her I'm a warrior.
You tell her that.
- Sats are falling! - Can't get a good angle! - PVCs.
We've gotta bag him! - No, maybe we'll have to wait! He's gonna go into arrest! Let me give it a shot! - I don't think it's possible! - We do it all the time! Here.
Bag for me! Get low like you're having sex in a Volkswagen.
- You know what I mean? - He's going into V-tach! Don't miss! You're a motivator.
Anyone ever tell you that? - Bypass tech and machine ready? - On their way.
- Where can I plug in? - You are? - The echocardiologist.
- Kovac promised me Cubs tickets.
- What a pleasant surprise.
- I didn't realize Kovac had recruited you.
- He's a persuasive man.
- They're three minutes out.
- Are they ready? - Standing by in the O.
Okay! Let's roll! Easy! Don't pull the tube! He's bradying down! Looks like 65! - Half mg of atropine! - Let's get moving! - No.
He might arrest.
- Eagle Scout, doc! - Sats are off-the-chart low.
- No pulse.
Starting CPR.
You want epi? - Point-five escalating doses.
- Pushing down! High-dose epi doesn't work.
Nothing works.
I just want his heart to beat.
- I got a pulse! Let's go! - Okay! Go, go, go! Pressure's only 60 on maximum dopamine.
He needs suctioning.
- Where's the CT team? - On their way in.
- You intubated? - Yeah.
He's in pulmonary edema.
- Let's get started.
- He stable enough for general anesthesia? - I'll scrub in.
- Let's prep the chest.
It's all right.
We have it.
Porcine pulmonary valve with Dacron conduits.
- Let's look at his coronary anatomy.
- All set.
It's been a good gig being married to you, all in all.
No complaints.
If you ever need a letter of recommendation- - My résumé speaks for itself.
- Is that split move you do is that a special skill? So I guess we'll be running into each other.
You know, just because we're splitting up doesn't mean we have to end it.
That makes sense to me.
I hear divorcées have the best sex.
- We're technically annulled, not divorced.
- Work with me.
I will.
I got a roommate.
That's okay.
I know a bench in Lincoln Park.
There'll be some outrage at the top, but we'll handle that.
- So he's doing well? - Yeah.
Stable on bypass.
Harvesting pericardium.
I thought if I could save him, it would make me feel I don't know, like maybe I was a doctor again.
Hey, does this look like a pubic ramus fracture to you? No.
Avulsion of the ischial tuberosity.
Abby's on her way down.
Romano, how's it going? - How's what going? - Nothing.
- Back to work.
- Gallant.
- I'm putting Mrs.
Mitchell in 1.
- I'll be back from Ortho in a minute.
- What's the chest-tube output? - Less than 50 cc's an hour.
Normal sats.
Mitchell, how are you feeling? Curtis.
Is Curtis here? He had to go out for a little while.
He said he'd come back later for a visit.
You a doctor? You dress so nice.
I had a funeral.
Somebody close to you? - Yes, ma'am.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- Must be hard.
- Turner's better.
He's out of surgery.
And Noelle is up in the Neuro ICU.
You can see her tomorrow.
Will you wake me up when Curtis comes back? I'll make sure that the doctor knows.
He's a good boy, my Curtis.
How did Kovac get you on board? Well, he asked.
That was easy.
So, what do you wanna do now? Because normally tonight, I would just be sitting at home watching Trading Places.
But fortunately for you, it's ladies' night.
Yeah, you're right.
My daughter's waiting.
I see.
Well, have I mentioned how much I love kids? My car's up the street.
You want a ride? Which way are you going? Whichever way you point me towards.
I'm really sorry.
I just can't tonight.
Can I take a rain check? Nice evening for a stroll.
How'd it go with Plastics? What'd Gallant do, post it on the bulletin board? No.
Plastics consulted me.
They knew that I'd examined your other infection.
He wants to admit me for wound care, daily débridements, pulse monitoring in about a week, do skin grafts on the dorsum and the volar aspect.
Well, that seems reasonable.
Does it? I was making tea.
I put the pot on.
I got distracted.
My sling got caught on the burner and my arm was on fire.
And I didn't realize it until I saw the flame.
It's ridiculous.
Unfortunately, things like that can happen during sensory recovery.
Yeah, but I'm not recovering.
I'll never get the feeling back.
Just because you're discouraged, don't do anything that may cause delay.
- It's gonna keep going.
- You can't afford another infection.
It's over.
Compartment syndrome, vascular insufficiency.
Lizzie, you're not hearing me.
It's over.
It's time for me to cut my losses.
- Robert.
- We both know I'm better off without it.
- You as much as said so.
- No.
I said that amputation was always a possibility, but I don't think- I'm very, very glad we had this chat.
Will you check the O.
schedule and set it up? As soon as possible.
I just wanna be rid of the damn thing.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Have you seen Carter? - He was here before.
Everything okay? Hey, I heard about the boy.
Okay, see you tomorrow.
Actually, you won't see me for a while.
I'm going to the Congo.
What? The Alliance de Médecine Internationale.
I'm off tomorrow and then I'm going for West Africa.
I didn't realize that was so soon.
Take care of yourself.
- I mean it.
- Yeah.
Hold down the fort.
- She's in the lounge.
- Who? - You're not gonna play that? - GSW to the chest.
- No LOC, but he's altered.
- Who's Attending? Chen's in 3 with a hot Ml.
Who's gonna take this? Pratt needs an Attending.
- You're an Attending.
- BP, 90/66 after a liter.
- Hey, where's Curtis? - I don't know, man.
I don't know.
- Was anybody with him? - A couple pronounced on the scene.
- Tachy at 130.
- I can't breathe! - Lost the pulse.
- All right, start compressions.
Let's go.
- No pressure, no pulse.
- All right, stop CPR.
I'm in.
You bag.
Thoracotomy tray.
- Carter, I'm here.
- Betadine and 10 blade next.
- Jing-Mei's got it.
- Pratt, don't just stand there.
- Do a central line.
- He's my patient.
I got it.
- Still no pulse.
- It's okay.
You don't have to do this.
- Give me the 10 blade.
- John, let them take it.
Fifth intercostal space all the way to the midaxillary line.
- Okay, why don't we get out of here? - You know I came in to find you, right? I shouldn't have come in here.
I shouldn't have come.
- Things are gonna get better.
- Can you do me a favor? - Yeah.
- Can you leave me alone? - What? - I need some time.
Can you just go? Okay.