ER s10e05 Episode Script

Out of Africa

Previously on E.
- I made a few decisions.
- Like what? I need you to cosign a loan.
Sneaking out of the house like this feels a little unseemly.
You say unseemly, I say sexy.
Are you glad to be home? Yes and no.
I miss it.
You're a part of something that's in constant motion over there.
Any break from it you get is a luxury E.
10x05 "OUT OF AFRICA" Okay, dump it.
It looks like a loser.
Last time I take a tip from a contractor.
Jeff, come on.
I'm on the El.
The car is gone.
Will you just please-? Just get rid of this.
No more damn cartoons! Don't you know what they're doing? Sir, please stop hitting that.
Luka, I heard you were back today.
- Relax.
We've all been here a while.
- Someone redecorated? - Different furniture, same patients.
- They send signals through- - Call Weaver.
- Nice to see you too, Frank.
Wonderful to have you back, Dr.
Call Weaver.
You're Dr.
Kovac? Archie Morris, one of the new R2s.
Hey, Morris, can you take this guy? - Sorry, lab run.
- We need to see him now.
Ducklings could use some guidance.
We've been short on Attendings.
- Where'd they put the lounge? - You should check in with Weaver first.
What are you, an idiot? They use the coyote as a messenger of evil.
- Relax, Mr.
- "ACME" is a Cyrillic acronym.
All Hallow's Eve, and the loonies are loose.
Somebody help me, please.
I need help.
Oh, God.
Oh, God, he fell out of the shopping cart.
- I must not have strapped him in right.
- Did he hit his head? I'm not- I'm not sure.
I saw it.
He hit his head.
- Did he cry? - No.
He was just quiet.
- What does that mean? - IO kit and a Pedes bag mask.
What should I tell Weaver? Excuse me.
I'm looking for the charge nurse.
Charge nurse? We have a charge nurse? "Abigail Lockhart"? I think she's off today.
Come back tomorrow.
He was going nuts, so we locked him inside.
I'm gonna pepper spray him.
What happens when that stuff gets all over? He's throwing sharps.
Let them do it.
- We got patients with allergies.
- Got a better idea? Chuny, five of Haldol.
Come on, baby.
- What are you doing? - We're going in.
Hold this.
You do the honors.
When you see the opening, go for his thigh.
We're going in now.
Let's go.
Get off me, Taliban pigs! Morris, what are you doing? Get in here! Now! - I have a nuclear device.
- What are you doing? - And I'm not afraid to use it.
- Morris, make it happen! - Get off me! - Hold his head.
Who are you? The thigh! The thigh! Got it.
Oh, please tell me you work here.
Sam Taggart, new nurse.
How much longer, little girl? I'm sorry, ma'am, but you're still about 20 down on the list.
- Twenty minutes? - I'll see what I can do.
So, what's today's excuse for Triage being a stinking cesspool of humanity? The health-care system? If things back up, stab these deadbeats.
That'll have them running to Northwestern.
Can you check out this lady? Shallow forehead lac from a fall, doesn't look like she needs stitches.
Do a quick exam, I'll take care of the Steri-Strips.
Kovac needs me in Trauma.
Frank, which Attendings should I be focusing my rage on today? I just came on.
Kovac is in 1, baby with head trauma.
Colonel Kurtz? I thought he was dead.
Hey, look at that.
Nice hand.
- You wanna see it in action? - You have to buy me a drink first.
Good breath sounds, sats 94.
BP's up to 130/85.
Okay, get a collar on him, and Your name again? - Neela.
- Neela, tell me why is he hypertensive? - Intracranial hemorrhage? - Another mg of Ativan.
- It's okay.
Mama's here.
- Heard you had a trauma.
Need a hand? Load him with 20 per kilo of phenobarb.
Answer the phone.
Heart rate's down to 120.
Tone's decreased.
- No hemotympanum.
- What does that tell you? - No basilar skull fracture.
- Is everything in his brain okay? Dr.
Weaver holding for you.
One thing at a time.
We'll get a CT and wait till he wakes up.
I'll take it in the hall, Morris.
Wait here till I get back.
Is it all right if I draw the blood? Kids are tough.
It's not a good student case.
- You're students? - She is.
I'm a doctor.
Resps are still shallow.
Biceps contraction flexes the elbow.
Momentary pause locks the elbow, activating the terminal device.
Biceps opens the hand.
Triceps closes the hand.
Hey, check out RoboDoc.
How do you have time to loiter around making comments - when 2 is waiting to be dispo'd? - I'm good at prioritizing.
Rule out bowel obstruction, still waiting on a Surgical consult.
- I didn't see him with an NG tube.
- I didn't drop an NG tube.
- Think Surgery might expect you to? - Let's see what they say.
No, do it and see if you can get through a shift without pissing off the other departments.
You should grease that.
You're getting squeaky.
Get out of here! Where was I? Oh, yeah.
Okay, co-contraction releases the elbow.
Biceps flexes the elbow.
I wouldn't use that to do a rectal.
Sats are dropping.
Down to 86.
- Is he moving air? - Eighty-five, 84.
- What's happening? - Eighty-three.
- He's apneic.
- Trouble breathing.
Get me a 4-0 ET tube and a Miller 1 blade.
- You're going to intubate? - What are you doing? We're putting a tube in his airway to help him breathe.
I can't see anything.
I need suction.
- Heart rate's above 100.
- Maybe we should get Kovac.
I tried to tell the kid that his seizing was inconvenient for you.
Luka, that R2 is intubating.
I'll call you back.
- Sats are down to 75.
- Okay, stop.
- I'm almost there.
- Pulse is dropping to 86.
He's starting to brady down.
The apnea's probably transient.
Just bag him through it.
- Everything okay? - It's okay now.
Sats are coming up, 83, 84.
- Why don't you step outside for a while? - No.
I'm not leaving him.
Why don't we go sit out in the hallway? I can get more information from you and I think your son might be a little more comfortable.
With a sedated baby, you need to try bagging first.
- I thought his airway was- - I know what you thought.
We were late.
We were in a hurry.
Henry's school had a Halloween barbecue, and I should've strapped him in better.
We forgot to pick up the hot dogs.
Why don't you go get your mom a soda? The machine's right around the corner.
- She doesn't drink soda.
- How about some bottled water? Mrs.
Martin, are you okay? My therapist prescribed me Zoloft.
Maybe I'm- Maybe I'm not reacting well to it.
Zoloft? I've been a little down.
My husband and I are getting divorced.
He's trying to take the kids away.
That must be hard.
We were together for 12 years and suddenly one day he wakes up hating me.
I don't know what happened.
I'm sorry I have to ask this, but have you been drinking? No.
I can smell it on your breath.
I'm just trying to help you, Paula.
Seventy-one-year-old male, vomiting for five hours.
Tachy at 114, BP 116/72.
Put him in Curtain 1.
I'll be there in a minute.
I wasn't drunk.
I really wasn't.
Would you take a blood alcohol test? Can you make me do that? That's not the best answer.
I made a mistake.
I'll be back when I hear anything about Adam.
- Okay.
- Here, Mom.
Drink this.
Look, stop handling me.
I can do it by myself.
Ben Hollander.
Neighbors called 911 when he didn't answer the door.
Resps are 18, 100 percent on room air.
Hi, I'm Dr.
Have you had any fever, loss of appetite, dizziness? I mean, all this over a bad plate of shrimp? Pratt asked if you'd check again on his Surgery consult.
- Can't someone else do it? - Abby's off, the new girl's on Triage - and no one else speaks English.
- Okay.
All right, you can sit up now.
- How's the baby? - He went to CT.
Have you had any dizziness? No, no.
I just- I just got up too fast.
The ST segments look odd.
PVCs and scooped STs.
Dig toxicity? Are you on any medications? Something for cholesterol a few others for blood pressure gout, water pills and I dissolve a pill under my tongue for an allergy.
Digoxin? It's a heart medicine.
Sounds- Sounds familiar.
Okay, we're gonna give you some fluids now.
- Glenlivet, I hope.
- More like Gatorade.
And we'll need an EKG and a blood test.
Look, is all that necessary? Just humor me.
Keep him on a monitor and get a dig level.
I'd rather go home.
Not until we know you're better.
- What do you have, Gallant? - Mr.
Hernandez twisted his knee.
We're waiting on an x-ray.
I wanna be sure there's not an avulsion fracture.
- What kind of work do you do? - I'm a carpet installer.
- Do you like it? - Makes you appreciate standing up.
It's anserine bursitis.
Cancel the x-ray and put him on Indocin for a week.
- How'd you diagnose that? - Focused history and physical.
No x-rays in the Congo.
I smelled alcohol on Paula Martin's breath, the baby's mom.
- She didn't seem drunk, just upset.
- I think we should call Social Work.
The baby needs to be admitted overnight.
Let the floor team deal with it.
We've got patients.
It'll fall through the cracks.
So, what, we turn this into a bureaucratic mess? I just don't want the kids to come back with something worse.
Make the call.
Gallant, will you help me in Exam 2 with skater boy? Neela, give me the history.
Epigastric pain, improved with Gl cocktail.
Chem-20's pending.
- She speaks English pretty good.
- Better than you, in fact.
So, what did you hope to find out from the labs? He was in pain.
I was worried about pancreatitis.
- But he improved with the antacids.
- Hey, is that Pratt in there with Lewis? No, it's Gallant.
Oh, I always get those two mixed up.
Must be the goatee.
Send him home on an H2 blocker.
We weren't supposed to discharge until the labs were back.
Yeah, that's why Triage looks like a refugee camp.
Get his phone number and call him back in if his labs are abnormal.
But trust me, they won't be.
The whole staff should go to the Dark Continent.
- Where is my Surgical consult? - Your consult? Exactly my question, doctor, and I use that term loosely.
Follow me.
Your upright abdomen shows a few air-fluid levels.
In all likelihood, this patient of yours has an ileus - leading you to? - Admit to Medicine.
Do not pass "Go," do not occupy another bed and stop waiting for Dr.
Godot to come down from Surgery- Except that I'm not comfortable dispo'ing until he's cleared by a surgeon.
- Fine, allow me.
- No.
Someone who still has privileges.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Nice costume.
You're a day early.
I do have the privilege to make your life the 1 Oth circle of hell.
You need an assessment on a possible bowel obstruction? - Pardon me? - I started my Surgical rotation today.
- I'm back in med school.
- Really? - Lovely.
- Congratulations.
Could you breathe for me, sir? You waited three and a half hours for Abby? I never meant to quit med school, and it seemed like the right time.
- I have one year left.
- Where'd you get the money? Begged, borrowed, threatened my ex-husband.
Good for you.
As soon as I paid up, they put me on rotation.
And Corday sent you down for a consult.
She was jammed.
She figured I could handle a bowel obstruction.
- So no more nursing? - No.
I'm still gonna be taking a few shifts for a while.
I need the money.
- Wow, you must feel great.
- I do.
And tired.
I was up studying the branches of the facial nerve.
- We have a parotid resection later.
- Oh, yeah.
Ten zebras bit my cockatoo.
It's a mnemonic: T-Z-B-M-C.
Mnemonics got me through med school.
- Are you from the OR? - No, I'm not, but she is.
Crush victim, looks like an intra-abdominal bleed.
- Hypotensive, 92/60.
- Pulse 115 after two liters.
- Open an adult intubation kit.
- Any LOC? Denied normal mentation and vitals on scene.
- You're the consultant? - Yep.
- Coat looks good on you.
- Primary survey complete? - I'm fast, but not that fast.
- Then get faster.
- Sats are dropping.
- Sorry.
Oh, goody.
Surgery's here.
- BP, 64, systolic.
- Both lungs are up and clear.
- Heart tones good.
- Trachea midline, no JVD.
- Infuser's primed.
- Belly is distended, tender and tense.
Surgical candidate or piece of meat, Miss Lockhart? Pulse, 120.
I'm gonna consult my Attending.
Well, this should be the Butcher of Birmingham herself.
I have a crush victim, hypotensive, with an ecchymotic belly and a deep lac.
- You might wanna- - Yeah, thank you.
That's enough.
She'll be up with an intubated Surgical patient and her tail between her legs.
Any idiot can see this patient is on his way to the OR.
He needs a Foley and an NG tube, chop, chop.
Where can you find a nurse when you really need one? Hey, how about you? - Excuse me? - That's okay.
I'll get the Foley.
There's nothing sexier than a mute girl covered in blood so keep your head down and your mouth shut.
You sound just like a guy I used to date.
He's dead.
No gag.
Time to go tubular.
Let me take Abby through this.
Why don't you tube this guy and leave the mentoring to me, okay, Tarzan? Okay, get me the end-tidal CO2 detector.
Either fetch me some urine, or don't let the door hit you on the ass.
Okay, big tongue, big cords.
- You're in.
- Bag him up.
It's okay, Adam.
You're just tired now.
Don't wake him up, okay, sweetie? How was the CT? Is his brain okay? There are some good signs but we're gonna have to wait to be sure.
Paula, Social Work's coming down to talk to you.
- You called them? - I am concerned about your drinking.
I told you.
- You've been under a lot of stress.
- I don't need to talk to a social worker.
- It doesn't help.
- There have been prior incidents? Are you in the CPS database? It was nothing.
Let's go, Kovac.
We're not on Zulu time here.
Pressure's holding, 104 systolic.
- How far up the tube? - Until you run out.
- Almost done.
- No, done.
Tape it.
Now let's go.
Romano, Dr.
Anspaugh is waiting upstairs for you.
He needs surgery now, not when she learns how to tie a knot.
That is some poisonous, one-armed midget you got running this place.
- Damn it.
- Luka, Weaver's looking for you.
- I'll call her back.
- She's in the hall.
You're fine here, right? You're fine.
I need some Xeroform.
- She'll also need some Elastoplast.
- I'm on it.
- You're Samantha? - Sam.
If you need any help- Thanks, but more likely than not, it'll be the other way around.
We need to set some guidelines.
- Road burn in 2 is gone? - He skated out an hour ago.
- I need a guarantee of 36 hours a week.
- Dr.
Kovac, this lady's waiting a while.
My name's Athena, like the goddess.
I'm getting to her.
- How about 72? - Seventy-two hours? Rule out epi in Curtain 4? - Still waiting on CT.
- Since 9 a.
? I'll do six 12s a week, every week.
You trying to buy yourself a burnout? Hey, in Africa, I did 18 hours a day every day.
This is a piece of pie.
Let's pretend CT was down.
What do you do then? - Send him to another hospital? - It's too much.
I want to work.
I need the money.
Does he have rebound tenderness? Obturator and psoas signs? I'll also require four weeks' notice next time you decide to skip town.
Hey, give me the shifts, and I'll do even better.
I'll give you eight.
Because two months from now, I'll be gone again.
- Two months? - I'm going back.
Before you order a $3000 test, you should do a thorough exam.
To Africa? For how long? - I don't know.
I'll see when I get there.
- Can you sign these? Acute CVA, esophageal impaction.
- Fine, but I'll need it in writing.
- Yeah, draw up a contract.
Dislocated thumb, urticaria.
And from now on, you'll be answering to Dr.
Then we should definitely talk about a raise.
Two months ago, Henry burned his hand while left alone? I had a job interview.
There was something on TV.
He tried to make grilled cheese while I was out.
I was only gone an hour.
Our database also turned up an incident at school, no one came to pick him up.
A teacher took him home with her? For a few hours till I could get there.
Kyle, my husband, was supposed to do it.
Unfortunately, based on this pattern and Dr.
Lewis' suspicion of alcohol use we'll need to remove the children from the home pending further investigation.
- What? - Since the father's able to provide care Adam and Henry will be placed with him.
I'm not I'm not a bad mother.
It's just for a little while, Paula, until you can get back on your feet.
Most cases like this are resolved within six months.
I- I had breakfast with my lawyer.
We had to go over the papers.
Do you understand what I've told you? He ordered me a bloody mary.
He said everything would be okay.
Do you play the drums? No.
My dad hasn't moved his stuff out yet.
So that's your magic wand.
Do you believe in it? Magic? Some sorts, I suppose.
Me neither.
I'm sleepy, Mom.
I know.
- Hey, big guy.
- Dad.
Hey, buddy.
You okay? Adam fell out of the cart.
He hit his head on the floor.
- How is he? - He's making some eye contact.
It's a good sign.
- I'm sorry.
- You wanna mess up your life, fine.
I was upset.
I just came from my lawyer.
- Adam was crying.
- So it's Adam's fault? - It's my fault? - I got here as fast as I could.
How come it's never your fault, Paula? It's never your fault.
A little suck here, Annie.
- Ally? - Oh, it's Abby.
Tenth unit type-specific going up.
You know, Elizabeth, if I had another inch, I'd be a happy man.
Maybe then you wouldn't feel such a need to show off.
Slide the stick another centimeter.
Damn it.
Give me your hand.
Easy, ducky, I got it.
Okay, folks.
Here we go, new target.
Six centimeters of IVC repair in 30 minutes.
- Thirty minutes? - Dr.
Dorset? I'm not sure you have the stamina.
It's your wife on the line.
Take a message.
Leave your reading glasses at home? Well, they really don't help that much.
Is your vision better on the periphery? I can look with the ophthalmoscope.
Not unless you know a cure for macular degeneration.
Well, there are a lot of new treatments.
Photodynamic therapy, rhuFab.
That's for- That's for wet MD.
I- I have the dry kind.
How far along are you? Far enough.
The paramedics brought this in.
It's an empty bottle of digoxin.
- Oh, congratulations.
Mystery solved.
- The prescription was filled yesterday.
Can-? Can I go now? I'm worried it wasn't an accident.
Excuse me? Have you had suicidal thoughts? Yes.
Yes, in the- In the seventh grade.
I was a- I was a pudgy child.
If you don't answer, I'll put you on a psychiatric hold.
Have you ever considered suicide? Look, I'm a 71-year-old man who's going blind.
I've considered everything.
I'd be- I'd be crazy if I didn't.
- Dr.
Lewis, hot Ml rolling in.
- Okay.
Do me a favor.
Will you talk to someone about these issues? - What issues? - Your diminished visual capacity your compromised ability to self-medicate, the depression.
Let- Let me see if I understand.
You won't keep me here involuntarily if I volunteer? My way will take a few hours.
If I put you on a hold you'll be here for three days.
Dad, he looked at me.
You okay, little man? Are you okay? Mom! Adam's waking up.
Mom! - Paula? - I forgot something in my car.
I've been here a month, and I hate the place.
That's a step up.
You hated your internship after the first day.
Mom! - Oh, my God.
- Mom! - Here, take him.
- Mom! Mom! Mom! Get me an ambu-bag and a gurney! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Luka! Paula? Paula, can you hear me? Partial- and full-thickness burns over 90 percent of her body.
Singed nasal hairs, soot in the mouth.
Move those people away! Oh, the smell.
- Don't breathe through your nose.
- I saw him.
- Give her something for pain.
- I saw him see me.
- Okay, push 10 of morphine.
Someone put up a screen here.
Paula, you have a lot of burns over your body, including your throat.
- What happened to you? - I'm fine.
- Take him and get him cleaned up.
- Really, I'm fine.
All right, just dress it here.
Am I going to die? We need to put a tube down your throat.
- You won't be able to talk.
- How long? I'm dead, aren't I? Mrs.
Martin, do you want us to intubate? No, I need to talk to my son.
I want to explain.
Poor chest excursion.
She might need an escharotomy.
Paula, can you feel this? She burned all her nerve endings.
Prep a Betadine 10 blade.
Get ready to intubate.
- Step away, Morris.
- She has 90 percent surface-area burns? Ten percent chance of survival.
For what, a few days in a burn unit till she gets septic and dies from the infection? The lady doesn't wanna be tubed.
She's suicidal.
That overrides her right to refuse care.
I thought she was that baby's mother.
Oh, God.
Hey, loose lips.
Corday around? I have some postop films for her.
Why don't you leave them here? I'll make sure she sees them.
I'm in no mood for a demonstration of female solidarity.
Can you slow down, please? She's doing an elective at Boston.
She's a student? Things have been very, very strained between us.
I haven't slept with her.
It's been, like, weeks.
Months, I meant months.
So, what did you do, hide her pictures in a drawer? It was a cabinet, actually.
You're not gonna call her, are you? Come on.
You gotta be kidding me.
Is it too bloody much to ask? We had a shot.
It says here that most blunt abdominal injuries die at the scene.
That's blunt aortic injury.
Oh, right.
Still, he probably would've thrombosed in postop anyway.
Well, it's a complicated procedure.
Yes, more so today than usual.
And to think that I was worried about it being too soon when the real problem was I was allowing myself to feel something for an absolute Bastard? Jerk? Wanker? I knew it.
I knew it.
There's no shame in that.
- Sats 97 on 100 percent.
- Urine output? Over 100 cc's per hour.
We'll wait to intubate her until she's seen her kids.
Henry? I'm gonna go see him right now.
I'll be back in a minute.
Come on, guys.
Get back to work.
- Want me to talk to the father? - No.
- You seem a little- - No, I'll do it, Luka.
I don't know if that kid should go in, it could traumatize him further.
So could never seeing her again.
I shouldn't have called Children's Services.
You were looking out for those kids.
The fact that she did this proves you were right.
Yeah, all it did was cost them their mother.
Can you take Henry to the family room? No, I don't wanna go.
We have a TV and candy in there.
Dad? You know what, buddy? Do me a favor.
Come over here.
Watch over Adam for me, okay? Call the Burn Unit and make sure they have a bed ready.
God what the hell happened here? I knew she was messed up, but I- I never imagined anything like this.
- How is she? - She's not doing well.
She told him to lie.
They didn't go back for hot dogs.
She wanted to pick up some beer.
Adam's gonna be all right.
He's responding well.
I should never have filed for custody.
I should've grabbed these kids and run away somewhere.
She wants to see Henry.
Look, Mr.
Martin, I know this is a very difficult time and you're angry but she's going to die and you need to think about what's best in the long run.
She wants him to see her like that? She wants to say goodbye.
I won't.
Well, no one's gonna make you do anything you don't wanna do.
I don't want to.
- I heard she was nuts.
- I heard we were taking her kids away.
- That'd make anybody nuts.
- To do a kamikaze - in front of your own son? - I don't know.
Never been there.
Where? I'll take you.
Yeah, I bet you would.
- New girl's kind of intense, huh? - I wish this shift was over.
Why don't you call it a night? I don't want everybody to think I'm a wuss.
- It's too late for that.
- Some Kind of Wuss? Isn't that a movie? So they move that psycho-mobile yet? The bay's clear.
They'll be towing it out in a little while.
She couldn't park around the corner, huh? - You sure you should be doing that? - You said you were a doctor.
- I am a doctor.
- Then what are you? That's a good question.
How's that for wound approximation? - Utah Arm's working for you, huh? - Better than you are.
Finish this for me.
Hey, what are you doing? Scar control.
Hey, Chuny, can you get me some - I thought Romano was doing that.
- Yeah, right.
He was.
Would you get Dr.
Lewis for me? She's in with another patient.
She said it would be three hours.
I've been here four.
The counselor's on his way, sir.
Just a little longer.
I promise.
- This patient is one of ours from today? - I think I remember her.
- How long was she in Triage? - Not sure.
GCS, 223.
Left pupil blown.
Careful, sir.
Okay, hold it.
Get me her chart.
Anybody here recognize this woman? Both of you, come with me.
Head lac and a hangover.
Spontaneous resps, but hypoventilating.
- You knew about this patient? - I'm not sure.
BP's up, 177/96.
She was waiting for 11 hours and left without being seen.
I don't know.
What's her name? Athena.
Like the goddess.
Hypertensive, bradycardic.
Lady's got a massive brain bleed.
- Twenty of etomidate, 100 of sux.
-8-0 ET tube and a mac three.
- You better let me do that.
- It was my miss.
Let me try.
- Etomidate and sux.
- Heart rate's 54.
Systolic's 198.
- I can't see crap.
- Careful, watch the teeth.
Fifty-one, 48, 47.
Okay, okay, I see cords.
- It won't pass.
- V-fib.
Lost the pulse.
- The tube is too big.
- Starting compressions.
Okay, settle down.
One milligram of epi, charge to 200.
- Clear.
- Clear.
He's awake and alert.
Oh, God.
Thank you.
Can I see him? Can I touch him? - Yeah.
- Sure.
He's been reaching out at objects and looking back at people.
He's going to be fine, Mrs.
Oh, that's the tears.
Henry? He's pretty upset.
He won't come in? No.
It's better.
I need to write something.
Can you help me? Can you help me write for him? - I can write it down.
- Dr.
Try to forget.
Remember I love you.
- Charging to 360.
- Clear.
No rhythm.
No pulse.
Another round of epi? - No.
- Asystole.
How about dopamine? It's almost an hour.
We're done.
A five-minute physical exam could've picked up the bleed.
We would've had time to operate.
Instead, she waited 11 hours and left without being seen.
This woman had nowhere else to go.
And if we can't find a way to take care of people like her, nobody will.
Get me out of here! Why are you experimenting on me? Please, somebody! Somebody, help! Honey, I need you! He's taking me away! He's getting me out of here! Take me away! Can you get that guy back in here? Hey, Morris.
Hey, hey.
Morris, hey, hey.
Where are you going? We still got two hours.
Triage is backed up.
- I've had enough, okay? I quit.
- What? We didn't get this far to walk away.
- You've been carrying me this far.
- No, I haven't.
And I am sick of being carried! Morris, you bailing? Let him walk.
Don't miss your train, sweetie.
Hey, he's just testing you.
Morris! You're just testing him, right? Great.
That worked out well.
- Listen, everybody's not cut out for this.
- Yeah.
Let's get back to work, and remember, the jury's still out on you.
No one's answering at his home.
You don't have a car, do you? I knew I should've put him on hold or had a guard sitting by the door.
Hi, this is Dr.
Lewis from the County ER.
I need a unit dispatched for a possible suicide.
I'm on hold.
Paula's on a vent.
They're ready to move her to the Burn Unit.
Did you write down everything she needed to say? I'll give it to Mr.
Tell Paula that I'll come check on her later and have them page me if anything happens.
- You guys going on a run? - Just brought one in.
Can you do something for me? Is there a problem? Hey, are you contemplating a career change? - Yeah, something like that.
- This is Dr.
Elizabeth's fine.
Pleased to meet you.
Sam Taggart.
It's her first day.
Yeah, you have that County glaze about you.
I hope it wasn't too terrible.
It's not like my last few jobs.
I'm used to getting hit hard.
MVA, GSW, knife in the eye.
Here you get a chance to catch your breath, clear your head.
Yeah, that's what I love about County, all the quiet time.
- So you used to be a nurse? - I still am, I guess.
I'm gonna be taking shifts for a while.
- You in transition? - Kind of.
That's a good place to be.
We're on our way to grab something to eat.
You want to join us? I still got a few hours to go.
I'm just waiting on my guy.
In fact, here he is.
- You two have a good night.
- You too.
- Is this your new hospital? - Yep.
It's even crappier than the last one.
Hey, watch it, kiddo.
We can't take care of them if we never see them.
Cooper, there.
Neela, there.
Gallant, over there.
Neela, you with us? Neela? Yeah.
We'll provide good care, and we're gonna do it faster.
Everybody, listen up.
We're gonna form a line down the hall, and you'll be examined three at a time.
- I was here before them.
- Really doesn't matter, sir.
By 10:00, everybody here will have been examined by a doctor.
I waited over three hours.
No one- No one came.
I kept- I kept my promise.
Thank you.
You could've answered the telephone.
I like music when I work.
- Is this your job? - No, no, it's just a hobby.
I used to make architectural models.
You're retired? You need two good eyes for that- That kind of work.
Do you know of Crown Hall? Down at llT? Yeah, that was designed by Mies van der Rohe.
Yeah, I've heard of him.
Mies and I worked together in the '60s.
This is beautiful.
Mies lived his life by the laws of architecture.
Order, space, proportion.
- One, there has to be an- - Is someone pouring your pills for you? internal logic, an order, in any design.
I can set you up with a weekly pill-dispenser to avoid any mishaps.
Two, space is the real work of art.
The building merely exists to shape it.
I could also arrange for a visiting nurse to stop by.
And three, proportion.
Always be aware of how the structure fits into the- I wanna help you.
the world around it.
Is that your boyfriend? No, it's a patient.
I thought I was the only one.
I have to go.
She's dying.
I need you to promise me you're not gonna kill yourself in the next 72 hours.
But Monday would be okay? I'm off the hook by then.
Oh, so this is kind of a career move for you? Okay, it's a deal.
- Tinea versicolor? - It's a superficial fungal infection.
Clotrimazole cream twice a day for two weeks.
Shouldn't we take a scraping? No reason to.
Just treat it.
- It's killing me.
- Vesicles on the drum.
Bullous myringitis caused by mycoplasma? Erythromycin for 10 days.
- Leftover Chinese food.
- My husband never throws anything out.
Benign belly.
Compazine suppository and check posturals.
What are you nutmeats doing? Clearing Triage.