ER s10e09 Episode Script


Previously on E.
No! I'm good at the academic stuff.
But you're good with everything else.
Maybe we could help each other.
We're going out to dinner.
You're still coming, right? I'd rather not go out with someone right now, okay? You're probably not his type.
Besides, he's my friend, not yours.
10x09 "MISSING" Hey.
Hey, buddy, wake up.
Come on.
We gotta get going.
It's Thursday.
- It's a late day.
- Not for me.
I've gotta get to work.
Come on.
Rise from the dead, King Tut.
"17a-Hydroxylase deficiency"? They've got to be kidding.
- What number are you on? - Forty-one.
You? Fifty.
- What, are you finished? - Yep.
Allergic reaction in 3 needs more Benadryl.
Lab lost the urine for Mr.
- I'm not on yet.
- According to Weaver, you are.
- I'm taking a test.
- Done! "Pompe"? "Dupuytren"? These are diseases? - That's a hard one.
- And no helping.
You guys aren't Googling each other, are you? - We're taking our practice boards.
- Save it.
Your nursing shift started two minutes ago.
- I'm almost there.
- Hank Benitez.
Shortness of breath.
- Needs to be vitaled.
- Can you grab that off the printer? - Hi.
- I have work in an hour.
- I think you better call your boss.
- Morning.
Hey, Michael.
Oh, Gallant, you got a message from Valerie.
Valerie, huh? Flight's at 3:10.
Says she can't wait to see you.
What? She's my sister.
Stop looking at me like that.
- Oh, your sister.
- Younger or older? - We're twins.
- What's she look like? - Picture me in a dress.
- You trying to freak me out? Once when I was in high school I had to wear fishnets and stilettos.
It was for a musical.
I'd like this conversation to be over.
Have you ever shaved your legs? It feels funny.
Looks like there's a memorial for Romano today.
- Poor man.
- Yeah.
He must've really hurt a helicopter in his previous life.
What? Did you tell these people about karma? If you're concerned about karma, I'd stop making jokes like that.
The memo says Elizabeth helped organize the memorial service today at the hospital chapel at 2.
Somebody should go.
Come on, you guys.
Come on.
We'll draw straws.
- Morning, Dr.
- Morning.
What's that for? It's for the people who died in that crash.
Johanna Lambright, high-speed MVA with PSI.
Seat belt but no airbag tachy at 126, BP, 115/72, resps, 20.
What's your name? - Johanna.
Where's Thomas? - Her boyfriend.
He was hurt bad.
You have to help him.
- He's right behind us.
- Thomas Yoder, 17-year-old driver MVA, GSW right chest.
- Stab wound to the right flank.
- Triple crown.
Take him in 1.
- Needled in the rig.
Sats, 83.
- Kerry, do you have a minute? - We're good.
- I'll be right there.
I was thinking you and Robert had a long history.
Complicated, I know.
I was wondering whether you wouldn't like to say a few words today.
I'll certainly try to be there.
It only seems right that one of you should eulogize him.
He did end his life working down here.
I'll make sure we honor that.
- Should we intubate? - Decreased on the right.
Chest trauma, hypotension, hypoxia pneumothorax, unless otherwise proven.
I can guess who aced that test.
Sterile sevens.
- You haven't scored them.
- Pulse ox down to 86.
We swap papers to avoid cheating.
Ten blade and a curved Kelly.
- I don't cheat.
- I do.
Susan, everything all right? Yeah, great, as soon as I get this tube in.
Thirty-two French.
I was thinking that one of us should speak at Robert's memorial.
- You'd be great.
- I was thinking you.
- Me? 0 silk.
- Yeah, why don't you let me secure that.
Go run the board.
And you might want to start preparing some remarks.
Is she-? Is she hurt? She's okay.
She's just next door.
We shouldn't have been there.
I was waiting in the car.
I heard gunshots, and then Thomas came running.
And we drove away as fast as we could.
This cut goes down through the galea.
Make sure you irrigate it and close it as a separate layer.
Looks like you have a fan.
Xeroform and Elastoplast.
Occlusive dressing over the stab wound.
How's he doing? - Lovely breath sounds.
- CT's ready for him.
I've got meetings this morning, but I'm on pager if you need me to cover.
- Cover? - Robert was supposed to be on today.
So I'm grading your paper? - I'm doing Neela's.
- She's doing mine.
Could you grade it before lunchtime? I'm feeling anxious.
Johanna, we're taking your boyfriend to get some x-rays.
- What's the plan? - CT of head and abdomen.
You sure? With the head lac and the possibility of intraperitoneal injuries Are you sure? I know how you feel about tests, but I'm sure.
I completely agree.
Forgot to turn it off.
Sorry, it's from London.
Abby, can you take over for me? What language is that? Punjabi.
She's Indian.
A little bit of pressure.
No, I said I can't come.
- Math test.
- Maybe it'll be a snow day.
Hit the books, kiddo.
Tough love, huh? - Hey, Frank, will you post this for me? - Sure.
"Microwave, 100 bucks"? Yeah, I need to unload some stuff - before I head back.
- When are you leaving? Sometime in January.
Waiting for the Alliance to notify me.
"Bose speakers, 80 bucks, fish tank, 200.
" - "42-inch plasma screen"? - Why would you get rid of that? Hey, the Congo is not exactly HD-ready.
- So how much for the TV? - Make me an offer.
No school today? It starts late.
Why is that? Because the teachers need to talk about us.
What's the matter? I have wrestling in gym today.
- I hate wrestling.
- Never much cared for gym class myself.
What a shocker.
Ankle fracture in Sutures needs reduction and casting.
- Guy messed it up pretty good.
- Can I come? No.
There's nothing wrong with that kid's arm.
It hurts, okay? I did your ankle.
Be a good patient and go to sleep.
Can I at least get some Valium? It'd be much easier to just go to your gym class.
There's a kid there, Ernie Kendrick.
We call him Osama.
He hits hard.
If your mom sees this, we're both dead, you know that? I'll wait in the lounge till I need to catch my bus.
So you're going back to Africa? - Yep.
- For how long? - Not sure.
- Is it a vacation? - No, it's work.
- What kind of work? Like I do here.
Isn't it really gross? Aren't there, like, a lot of sick people there? That's why they need doctors.
You went there before? A few months ago.
Did you ever see a lion? How about a hyena? - Sounds like Africa kind of sucks.
- I need you to sign off a dispo.
- I thought you weren't presenting to me.
- I got over it.
- What do you have? -72-year-old guy with three weeks of cough and tactile temps.
Z-Pak, home, follow-up with PMD.
You can't send home an elderly patient with fever and cough without a chest film.
I knew I should've waited on Lewis.
Excuse me, coming through.
Got a guy with four severed digits.
Genius tried to cut ice with a chainsaw.
Looks like they've got it covered.
- Sam, I need ten of morphine.
- Got it.
Try rock salt next time.
- You got the fingers? - Right here, big Slurpee special.
What's up with shorty's wrist? My mom twisted it when she was drunk.
Full trauma panel, order a hand series and page the replantation service.
We just wanted to try some pot, that's all.
You went to the South Side to score drugs? We heard that was the place to go.
So you're from India? My family lives in London now.
Chicago's as far as I've ever gotten.
How long have you and Thomas been dating? A year, but we grew up together.
Our families live on the same road in Arcola.
- It's about three hours from here.
- When did you move to Chicago? Well, I've been here a few weeks just, you know, hanging out.
Your boyfriend got lucky.
The bullet collapsed a lung but didn't hit anything critical.
The bad news is my leg's broken.
- You can handle that.
- Yeah, but they're going to admit me.
For a few days, till your chest tube comes out.
In the meantime, we'll need to phone your parents.
My folks don't have a phone.
His either.
Is there somebody else we can call? - The Fishers.
- No, Thomas.
You don't have to call anybody.
Actually, we do.
You're both minors.
Talk to our folks, Jo.
We just need to be more careful.
I'll give you a neighbor's number.
Ten cc's of lidocaine.
Hand surgeon's on his way down.
Let's update his tetanus and give three grams of Unasyn.
You two going to Robert's memorial? - Yeah.
- Sure.
Did he have any family? Not that I'm aware of.
Another 3-0 Vicryl.
Median and ulnar blocked.
Is that Sam's little boy? - Should you be here? - Dori, toss me that bag of saline.
Got you a Zerowet for irrigation.
Hand-Ortho down yet? - Still waiting.
- I hope Alex wasn't in your way.
- Nope, no, not at all.
- He's just curious.
Old man with belly pain.
Do you start with LFTs or a CT? - Hypotensive? - I think so.
- Back pain? - Aortic dissection.
- Where is this patient? - No, it was a practice test.
I totally blew it.
It's my understanding we're in good shape.
Nice, clean amputation, just distal to the MCPs.
Well, we'll be taking you up right away, Mr Kohler.
And we only recovered three fingers.
No, no, there are three.
- There were four.
- There are three now so either we lost one, or a finger thief made off with an intact middle digit.
Excuse me.
Alex? Alex! Get the hell back here.
Don't screw around with me.
Empty the backpack.
- Where is it? - What? - You know what I'm talking about.
- I don't.
The paramedics brought in a guy with four fingers three of which are on ice.
- Maybe a dog ate it.
- Alex.
- What finger did you lose? - Ring any bells? I gotta catch my bus.
Did I say you could have this? No.
Don't I always get you whatever I can? Yeah.
Then why do you steal stuff? Come on, Alex.
This is serious.
Where is it? I don't know.
What's in your pocket? How long ago was the injury? There's still time.
Abby, can you help me with this? This is really above and beyond, isn't it? I was thinking.
You'd be a good person to say something.
- Say something? - You know, at this thing for Romano.
Oh, you're kidding, right? No.
I think it would be nice coming from a nurse.
Kovac? Tell me you did not put a splint on my kid's arm.
I'm sorry, we are busy trying to find a man's finger now.
The reason it's missing is because instead of studying, he's off with you playing doctor.
- What? - Not like that.
He's getting beat up at school.
I was just- Oh, what, he told you his Osama Kendrick, evil wrestler story? Please.
He made it up.
He makes lots of stuff up.
- I'm sorry.
I'll take it off.
- No.
You stay away from him, okay? If the kid took the finger, we need him to tell us where it is.
He won't tell me.
Alex? - It's in the refrigerator in the lounge.
- What? I put it there because I know it needs to stay cold.
- In the fridge or the freezer? - Fridge.
Behind the juice.
You give it up to him like that after stonewalling me? - Well, he asked nicer.
- That's it.
- Mom, stop it.
- Get on that bus right now.
- I'll speak to you later.
- Leave me alone.
- We'll talk later.
- You're a real Mister Rogers.
Hey, 5- to 6-year-old girl, brady with a rate of 32, no BP.
GCS 3, hypothermia.
Couldn't get a line in.
She's too clamped down.
- What's her name? - Jane Doe, history unknown.
Found her in the bushes in Lincoln Park.
- Any idea how long she was out there? - Too long.
Warm blankets, warm saline.
Get a bear hug in here right now.
- She's like ice.
- Let's get ready to tube her.
Abby, you do it.
I'm not on my med student rotation today.
Okay, so you're a nurse who intubates.
Miller 2 and a 5-5.
- Anything in her pockets? - No keys, no coins, nothing.
- Rate, 38 on the monitor.
- Faint pulse, 1 cc of epi.
- Don't have a line.
IO won't flush.
- Try the other side.
- Any identifying marks? - Not that I could see.
All right, pick it up, Abby.
We'll give meds through the ET tube.
Rectal temp: 86.
- We need those blankets.
- I'll go.
Cricoid pressure.
Where did that cop go? - He's calling missing persons.
- I'm in.
Bright yellow.
Good job, Abby.
Somebody's got to be looking for her.
Yes, County General in Chicago.
They're both here.
Neela Rasgotra.
Thank you.
- Is somebody coming for them? - He said he'd notify their parents but he wasn't sure how soon they'd be able to hire a car.
What was your call about? In the trauma room? Oh, my sister and her husband in Chandigarh have had a baby.
Well, congratulations.
You're an aunt.
There's a Sikh ritual, a naming ceremony.
My parents want me to go to India - so I can be there.
- You don't wanna go? I can't just take two weeks off.
Anyway, guilt calls are just their way of keeping me close.
Well, it's nice to know that they miss you.
Yeah, and at times, suffocating.
They don't understand that doctor thing, huh? They run a restaurant in South Hall.
I'm the first professional the first to live anywhere other than India or London.
On the one hand, they're proud.
On the other, it scares them.
How are you feeling, Thomas? - Like I have a tube in my chest.
- I spoke to Mr.
- Said he'd pass the word to your families.
- They'll make us go home.
Are you runaways? You wouldn't believe it if we told you.
- Thomas, shut up.
- Try me.
We're Amish.
- Know what that is? - It's a religion.
It's a good one.
It's all about taking care of each other - protecting each other.
- Living separate from the outside world.
So you did run away.
We're on rumspringa.
When you get to be 16, you can do whatever you want for a while - experience stuff.
- You decide whether you wanna be in the community or not.
A little dose of teen rebellion so you won't be tempted later? After it's over, you'll be a good Amish.
- She's in V-tach.
- Charge to 60.
- What do you have? - Jane Doe found in the park.
We gave two rounds of epi, only access is IO.
- Still V-tach.
- Up to 120.
- How long was she out there? - Don't know.
- Got a pulse.
Rate's 67.
- Pratt, get a central line kit and throw in a femoral.
Couldn't find any reports matching her description.
Abby, prep for a peritoneal and pleural lavage.
- Now what? - They're checking old reports - one week at a time.
- Let's hear a BP and a repeat temp.
- Maybe she's from another state.
- Check with AMBER Alert.
We'll get in touch with other agencies if we don't turn up anything.
- How's she doing? - She's still here.
Get a DPL kit and chest tube tray, and more blankets.
Come on, let's go.
I think the police are handling this in the right way.
Somebody threw her away.
Maybe the parents are in trouble.
Maybe they're sick or injured.
Maybe she's a foster kid that got passed around from place to place until her case worker loses track of her - and she falls through the cracks.
- That's possible.
So check the CPS foster files, the federal database.
I wanna help, but there's not much I can do without a name or an ID.
There must be pictures of these kids.
- Not that I have access to.
- Ken, come on.
You're a smart guy.
- Get access.
- Before we go snooping around in the foster system, let's explore our more likely options: Ditched by her parents or abducted by relatives - or maybe she's even a runaway.
- Oh, she's 6 years old.
I'll get a fingerprint card, and I'll see what strings I can pull at CPS.
Thank you.
Fourth one I've ever smoked, and already it's getting old.
Your mom's on her way.
I love my family.
I love where I'm from.
But the coolest thing that happened to me was placing second in the annual cheese festival.
- Congratulations.
- Yeah.
She'll want me to go back.
She'll see this as a sign from God.
It's up to you, isn't it? It's not so easy.
If you choose not to be Amish, you're shunned.
The community turns its back on you.
Even your family? Everyone.
See, out here it's scary but it feels full of possibilities.
How can I go back there and pretend that this doesn't exist? How does Thomas feel about it? He's had enough.
He wants to go home.
Do you love him? What would you do? I may not be the best person to advise.
I'm a Chicago medical student of Punjabi extraction by way of London, England.
A bit of a mess, really.
If I were you I'd go home.
Your chest pain may be something serious - called a pulmonary embolism.
- What's that? A blood clot in the lungs.
I'm gonna send you to Radiology - for a pulmonary angiogram.
- More x-rays? I know, I'm sorry.
This is the last time, I promise.
- I sure hope so.
- Could you take Mrs.
Benitez - and her son to the family room? - Come.
- See you later, Dad.
- Order some pizza, amigo.
I'm hungry.
So if this angio thing is positive, then what? It would confirm he has an embolism.
We'll stop the clot with a drug called heparin.
I'll let you know when he comes down.
- You can wait in here.
- Thank you.
You sent that guy up for a pulmonary angiogram? Dr.
Lewis wanted to be sure before heparinizing.
What's your opinion? I'm not sure my opinion matters.
Luka, you got a minute? If you don't think it matters, then it doesn't.
I took a half-shift.
I've gotta get home before Alex.
- I'm sorry about the splint.
- Look I appreciate you trying to be his friend.
I don't want things to get weird.
You're a good guy, I'm sure, but you don't know crap about raising kids.
So thanks for the help, but no, thanks.
I got it covered.
All right.
I'll see you tomorrow.
- Abby, where's Lewis? - Exam 3.
- Do we have premixed heparin drips? - I'll check drug lockup.
Hey, so the police found a couple from Rogers Park.
Their 4-year-old daughter disappeared two years ago, hasn't been seen since.
- The profile matches.
- She's missing that long? Yeah, they're bringing them in.
I wanted you to know.
- Thank you.
- I got a page my sister was down here.
- Frank took her to the lounge.
- You guys meeting us later? - Definitely.
- Abby? Neela? - Soon as my shift's over.
- I'll try.
- See you there.
- And what am I, invisible? I believe my daughter Johanna is here.
She's with a boy named Thomas.
I'm the one who left the message.
How was your trip? - Fine.
- You're losing time, Susan.
I can take you to them.
Heparinization's not a benign therapy.
Neither is all this testing.
He has a history of GI bleeding from ulcers.
A high probability of pulmonary embolism.
By the time you wait for Radiology, you're gonna end up with bigger problems.
Or I could give him heparin, and if it's not PE, he'll be puking blood from taking a dangerous drug he didn't need.
Next time you feel like discussing my orders with another doctor - don't talk to Kovac.
- No, I- Both families agreed it's time for you to come home so that you can be baptized and married.
I thought that we get to decide when.
You got yourselves in trouble.
You could've been killed.
I know you're mature enough to see that this isn't the life for you.
- Is everything all right? - The Amish lady's working on them.
- Who, the religious cultists? - It's not a cult.
- More like a club.
- Oh.
- Here you go.
- How did I do? - Oh, pretty good.
- Ninety-seven - Yep.
- percent.
- What? - Neela.
So? Not bad, 93 percent.
Sorry, I haven't finished yours yet.
I'll find you when I'm done.
It's so good to see you.
Hey, Val, I'm sorry.
I got hung up with a patient upstairs and- It's okay.
My plane got in early.
So everything went fine? Yeah, you know, crappy flight, but it's all good.
It's all good.
Hey, listen.
I was thinking, after my shift that we'd go to this place, Ike's, and catch dinner? - Great.
- Hey, Mike.
Kinsey in 4 is waiting on a wound check and a doggy bag of Percocet.
And why am I the last one to hear that your sister's hot? I'm sure he's got his reasons.
I'm sorry.
I didn't see you sitting there.
I'm Dr.
Greg Pratt, your brother's mentor.
Yeah, right.
- Pleased to meet you, Dr.
- No, call me Greg, Valerie.
Call me Val, Gregory.
Okay, hey, I'm all over this Kinsey thing.
Is there anything else? Yeah, in fact, I was thinking about heading over to Ike's after work you know, play some pool, get some drinks.
- I was wondering if you'd like would go.
- Actually, we were planning - on getting some dinner there already.
- What a coincidence.
Well, I actually spread the word around a little bit.
Really? It didn't get to me.
- It all works out, then.
- Great.
Look forward to seeing you later.
He'll need to stay upstairs for a few days.
Is there a phone I can use? That's okay? You can do that? We don't hate technology.
We just don't allow it to take over our lives.
There'll be a phone in his room.
I'll be back down once I have him settled.
What's up with the Pilgrims? Thomas is going back to Arcola once he's recovered.
- And Johanna? - She's thinking it over.
Abby, this is Larry and Judith Anderson.
You're the nurse who's been working on Kendra? Kendra.
Yes, I am.
- Can we see her? - Yeah.
Kendra hasn't spoken yet.
We'll have a better idea of how she's doing once her temperature comes up.
- ER.
- That the Jane Doe girl's parents? Guess she's not a Jane Doe anymore.
Lewis, do you have a patient up in Angiography? - Yeah, Hank Benitez.
- He's crashing.
Lost his pressure after the first dye injection.
- He's in PEA.
Had an amp of epi.
- Okay, let's tube him.
- He's got urticaria.
- Must've thrown a big clot.
Probably an anaphylactic reaction to the dye.
Benadryl and steroids? He should have been heparinized.
He has classic signs of an allergic reaction.
What does this look like, Neela? - Hives? I'm not certain.
- V-tach.
Charge to 200.
Last BP was 78/44.
Best we've had so far.
Oh, no.
Oh, God, no.
It's okay.
I think she's gonna be fine.
- It's her.
It's her.
- No, honey, it's not.
- Well, it could be.
- It's not, Judith.
It's not.
Maybe she just changed, you know? - Maybe she's different.
- No, Judith.
Judith, no.
This is not our daughter.
- Hold compressions.
- Still V-fib.
- Asystole.
- It's been 45 minutes.
Okay, I'm calling it.
Time of death, 7:08.
One shot of heparin could have prevented this.
That's crap, Luka.
He was killed by an anaphylactic reaction to the dye.
- Because of an unnecessary test.
- Stop.
It's not about PE, and it's not about anaphylaxis.
It's about this man.
I'll go and inform his family that they've lost him.
I heard.
A woman I know at CPS has been letting me go through past foster-care records.
I haven't come up with anything yet.
A little girl disappears and nobody notices? I'll keep looking.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
I've had enough.
You wanna go get a drink with Gallant? Thought I'd hang around, make sure she gets up to the PICU.
Can't a nurse do that? I am a nurse.
And you're a med student.
You guys headed over to Ike's? Yeah.
Gallant's sister's in town.
He's buying.
So I hear.
I'll catch up.
Johanna? Tell Thomas I said to get better.
Thank you, doctor.
I'm sorry, Mrs.
She's the oldest.
I have six other children.
They were so happy when I told them she was coming home.
She's a good girl, ma'am.
She'll be all right.
You can't make them stay if they don't want to.
Someone will be back for Thomas when he's better.
Stern is ready to be DC'd soon as the UA's back.
Kovac is here.
Hey, Kovac, it's Sam.
Her son is MIA.
Sam? What? No, hey, listen, just calm down.
- How long ago? - Hey, Kovac.
- No, no, I haven't.
Just relax.
- Kovac! He's here.
How was school? I had to go to gym.
I got pinned by some kid in, like, ten seconds.
I don't think you should go back to Africa.
- No? - I heard it's dangerous.
- Your mom's worried.
- She's a loser.
She does a lot.
Is that why we're always moving around? Leaving places as soon as I've got friends? She does what she needs to take care of you.
She wishes she never had me.
I see you got here before me.
- You guys met my sister, Val? - Frank introduced us.
Neela and Abby, right? - How long are you in Chicago for? - A month.
I teach special needs kids in DC.
- I'm taking a seminar at Northwestern.
- Very nice.
- You guys gonna stay for a while? - Yeah.
I'll be back in a minute.
So Mike never told me that your mother was so beautiful.
- Our mother? - Yeah, well, she'd have to be to have a daughter like you, right? Don't hold back, Greg.
- Drink? - I'm with you.
Do you think it's bad I'm not going home to the Punjab? Personally, I never miss a Sikh naming ceremony, but that's just me.
They're going to choose a name for my niece.
They don't even need me there.
- Do you have nieces or nephews? - My brother's single.
- Where is he? - Minnesota.
Do you see him much? Not now, no.
I'm trying to let him get his stuff together - while I get my stuff together.
- Me too.
I'm trying to get my stuff together too.
Let's all of us get our stuff together.
- Do you miss them, your family? - Sure.
Me too.
Did you ever get around to scoring my test? Yeah.
Fifty-two? I got a 52 percent? Think of it as half full.
I'm sorry I wasn't there, Elizabeth.
You weren't the only one.
He had nothing but this place, Kerry.
No wife, no kids.
Everything he ever had, he lost here.
At the end of a life, you'd think there'd be more to say.
He'll be missed.
Whether we realize it or not.
You got pissed off at Kovac and Lewis? - I didn't mean to.
- So, what did they do? They looked at me like they couldn't believe it.
Like, "You're not supposed to get angry.
" - What's happening to our little girl? - That's how it is.
- Except there's different versions of it.
- What's she talking about? - I have no idea, but she's on a roll.
- "Oh, she's a sweet Indian girl.
Poor thing probably grew up begging for scraps in Calcutta.
" - You mean you didn't? - I've never even been to Calcutta.
Or, "She's the well-educated British girl, proper, soft-spoken and docile.
" - With a very good vocabulary.
- I'm not- I'm not any of those things.
I'm not Indian.
I'm not British.
I'm not American.
- So, what the hell are you? - Well, that's the question, isn't it? Do you ever feel like you don't know who the hell you are? No.
But I'm very well-adjusted.
- You about ready to go? - Yeah.
Thanks, everybody.
It's been fun.
I've completely monopolized the intercourse.
Yeah, I think it's about time for me to go too.
- I'll walk out with you guys.
- Discourse.
- Do you want your chair from the car? - No, I'll be fine.
I'll use the sticks.
I need a little help sometimes.
Do you have a cigarette? - No.
- Thank God.
The car's just around the corner.
I'm a little tired.
Can you pull it around? - You want me to go get it? - Yeah, do you mind? Michael.
Get the car, okay? Yeah, be right back.
Hope I didn't come off sounding too insensitive.
You know, I'm just doing me, talking my crap.
- I didn't realize- - What, how easy it is for me to get a seat on the subway? You flirted, I flirted back.
I know.
I still think I sounded kind of wack because Greg, I was diagnosed with MS when I was 22 and before that, I was a normal girl.
Very normal.
I didn't grow up limited, so I don't think of myself that way.
How advanced is it? I have a couple of relapses a year but I'm still fully functional.
How's that for a pickup line? Don't get me wrong, okay? You look good.
Very good.
- But I just don't want to complicate- - It's not killing me.
At least not anytime soon.
So I'm just getting on with things.
Get ready for bed.
I'll be back in a minute.
Don't ever do that to me again.
Brush your teeth.
Is he okay? Silent treatment.
He'll be fine tomorrow.
- Look, I didn't mean to be a bitch before.
- You weren't.
You know, I don't worry about not having a man in my life but maybe he needs one.
Maybe I'm not paying enough attention to that.
Better no man than the wrong one.
Yeah, his father wasn't much of a father or anything else.
But he had a truck and a pierced tongue and an endless stash of weed.
I was 15 years old.
So you and Alex grew up together.
Oh, I'm a good big sister, but I'm not sure how great a mom I am.
Parents always worry about that.
I see him sitting in some shrink's office in ten years talking about what a job his mother did on him.
Kids are resilient.
Look, I know I said I didn't need any help but tonight I did.
So thanks for the help.
- See you tomorrow.
- Yeah.
I appreciate it.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Just one more stick.
No pain here? How about here? Dr.
It's okay, sweetie.
Haleh, airway box and bag mask.
I know, I know.
You don't need that to help you breathe anymore, do you? Let go.
- Ready when you are.
- Good.
I want you to cough, and then I'm gonna pull this tube out.
On three, cough for me.
Ready? One, two, three.
Good girl, good girl.
There we go.
All right.
Clear breath sounds.
Sats look good.
It's okay, honey.
You're in a hospital.
What's your name? Can you tell us your name? Dr.
Weaver, LOL in 3 is coughing up blood.
Haleh, check an ABG on 14 liters.
I love you, kiddo.
More than anything.