ER s11e17 Episode Script

Back in the World

Previously on E.
Dear Michael, it's been months since I've heard from you.
Tell everybody I'm still here, still doing the doctor thing.
She could die without the proper burn care.
- She can't get that here.
- Yeah, okay.
I'll try.
- What's going on? - She's talking to Gallant.
You got 72 hours, son.
Get her there.
For Laura, my little one.
11x17 "BACK IN THE WORLD" Neela, your favorite patient is in Waiting asking for you.
- Oh, no, please.
- Back-pain guy? - Third day in a row.
- Sign out to me but take care of your boyfriend before you leave.
The Iraqi girl's coming today.
Have you talked to Gallant? Not since we set it up.
When she does, I'll call CASH.
All right.
But this time, I want to talk to him.
Who's that? Well, that is Tio Escobar, 17.
Superficial stab wound to the right flank.
- Not him.
- He cut me, I didn't do nothing.
Word is you told Drake you were coming for him with a gun.
- Didn't say that.
- There were witnesses.
- May I take a look? - Other doctor already saw it.
Well, I'm the supervisor, so I have to check it out anyway.
Well, the wound is superficial.
We'll be back to clean it out.
You got lucky.
This time.
- Hi.
I'm Dr.
- Olivia Evans.
I'm with Ceasefire.
- Ceasefire? - Violence prevention program.
How many shooting victims do you see in a shift? - Too many to count.
- Exactly.
So how could you not know about Ceasefire? Hey, the name sounds familiar.
Tell me more about it.
Tio and I, we're not- We're not done here, are we, Tio? Anything else? I'll be back.
So, what's she like? She's a health professional, Ray.
Don't be such a dog.
I shouldn't have taken Franklin.
Mom, what day is it? - Wednesday.
- I meant date.
- It's right in front of you, Alex.
- The 27th.
Dad will be coming soon.
- You spoke to him? - No.
He wrote me a letter.
You never said anything.
- He wrote it to me.
- And he said he was coming to see you? Yeah.
Alex, honey, how many times has he told you he was gonna do something and then he didn't? Okay, Mr.
Kirkendall, we'll do this one more time.
Thanks for your patience.
- Dr.
Rasgotra, you got a minute? - Go ahead, I'll be there soon.
I'll wait right here.
Thank you very much.
- Congratulations.
- On what? - The Iraqi mother and daughter arrived.
- That's great.
Gallant around? I wanted to introduce him to the Plastics attending.
- Excuse me? - Dr.
- Michael was in the hospital? - Yeah.
I was just with him an hour ago.
So if you see him, send him my way.
The unit staff wants to meet him.
- He's- He's a bit of a hero up there.
- Yeah.
Registration, Urgent Care in the atrium, Primary Care Clinics over here.
Thirty-six state-of-the-art exam rooms with a dedicated outpatient pharmacy lab, and an X-ray suite located behind the sculpture garden.
- And this? What's this? - Commercial space.
We're already taking bids.
It'll probably go to some fast-food joint.
- What? - Sorry I'm late.
Kerry sends her apologies but she had an appropriations meeting.
So, what do you think? - Very impressive.
- Well, listen.
Public Affairs is working on a press release - about the Carter Foundation- - Dr.
Anspaugh I thought that comprehensive HIV care would be very much a part of all this.
We cannot get into subspecialties yet.
We struggled getting family med to come.
Primary care docs can staff the HIV clinic.
There is no space for that.
Maybe we should pitch a tent in the sculpture garden.
Maybe we could stake out a few tables in the burger joint.
The clinic was your idea.
We are trying to make it happen.
Primary care and comprehensive HIV treatment.
Not Architectural Digest and super-sized meals.
Call me when you have something else.
Twelve-year-old Victor Hopkins, GSW to the groin.
- Pulse, 115, resps, 20, 98/60.
- And my sats are okay.
- How do you know about sats? - I heard her say it on the radio.
Got two of morphine en route.
Mom's on her way in.
It's a weird trajectory for a GSW.
Who shot you, Victor? - Nobody.
It just went off.
- You shot yourself? - No.
It was in my pocket.
- What's a kid like you doing with a gun? Protecting myself.
Michael, I don't know if you're checking this cell phone.
Are you in town? I'm a bit confused.
Call me back at the hospital, okay? I'll be here for another hour or so.
You ran away from your back-pain guy.
But he's waiting for you.
He can wait.
I heard Michael was here.
Did you know he was coming? - Yeah, sure.
- You didn't mention it.
Didn't I? He didn't stop by? I guess he just didn't want to go over everything.
Should I continue being oblivious or do you want to explain why you're bleeding from your cuticles? - I'm not crazy, am I? - Crazy? How did I manage to build up feelings for someone I've spoken to once in the past year? Well, you exchanged letters.
Letters? What are letters? You can think, feel, say whatever the hell you want in a letter to someone thousands of miles away.
It's all speculative, imagined.
It doesn't mean anything.
It's just on a piece of paper.
- It's okay if you're mad at him.
- Mad? More like furious.
I'm furious that he didn't tell me he was coming.
I'm furious that he could just walk away like that.
I'm ridiculously desperate to see him none of which is based on anything more substantial than the inner workings of my neurotic brain.
You know, I was ready to bestow my sage wisdom but I think you got it covered.
Am I so pathetic that I have to concoct a love life out of nothing? That's not fair.
You and Michael were very close.
It's not so crazy you're having these feelings.
Graze wound to the right testicle.
It's just superficial.
Victor, you're a lucky man.
GSW to the right thigh.
No exit.
Belly's soft.
What happened here? I got hurt last summer.
Victor, you got shot before? Some kid at school.
I'm not that popular.
Victor? - Hey, Mom.
- Thank God you're all right.
What happened? Well, your 12-year-old son had a 9mm pistol in his pocket.
He did? - Do you know where he got it? - No.
Hopkins, who does the gun belong to? Boo, I taught you how to keep the safety on.
- Oh, Neela.
- I'm sorry, Dr.
- I'm getting to him now.
- Am I that much of a hardass? - I was gonna ask if you've seen Gallant.
- No, sorry.
Patient's waiting.
Can you sign off on an order of Ancef for Victor Hopkins? - The prepubescent gangbanger? - More like aspiring vigilante.
- His mom's behind it.
- What? - She gave him the gun.
- Get Social Services down.
And, Sam - somebody called for you.
- Who? Well, he didn't leave a name and he sounded a bit agitated.
Frank said you got a similar call yesterday.
I took care of this wheelchair vet with ascites last week.
- He's got a thing for me.
- You want me to alert Security? No, no.
It's nothing like that.
It's fine.
- What's going on? - Oh, a patient wants me on the phone.
Sam, what's going on? Nothing.
What? You don't want to tell me? Fine.
Come on.
Let's get a coffee.
Okay? - Have you been taking the ibuprofen? - Yes.
- Resting? - Trying.
- Like I said yesterday and the day before- - It was Tuesday.
- I couldn't come Wednesday.
- A muscle spasm like this - can take weeks to heal.
- Oh, I know.
So why do you keep coming back? I believe in you.
And I keep thinking maybe you can fix me.
All right.
Let's do a full exam.
It's a unitard.
You know, like a- Like a bodysuit.
Okay, I'm gonna step away and let you take that off and get into a gown, okay? I- I can't- I can't do it.
Why not? Mr.
Kirkendall, do you want me to help you or not? Look, don't laugh.
Okay? - Okay? - Okay.
My wife used to call me Clark.
As in Clark Kent.
I can't examine you properly unless you undress.
She said she could see through my, you know, everyday disguise and underneath my unassuming façade there was - There was something else.
- Something else? A secret strength.
A special person.
- The power of a locomotive.
- Mr.
Kirkendall On Tuesday, it'll be 19 weeks since she died.
I'm sorry.
Allergic to nuts and accidentally ate an almond in someone's birthday cake.
That's awful.
So, after she passed, I bought the suit and I wear it under my clothes on the really bad days.
And, I don't know, it makes me feel better.
You weren't wearing it yesterday.
Oh, yesterday was a good day.
You think I'm crazy.
- Well, I wouldn't say that.
- No, you think I'm crazy.
No, I think I think I can examine you over your suit.
I wasn't sure what the calls were until Alex told me about the letter.
- So he's here.
- I guess so.
What do you want to do? I'm not gonna run away again, especially not now.
I don't want you to have to worry.
It's my problem.
I kind of think it's our problem.
I'm Dr.
What do you got, Dr.
Pratt? Twelve-year-old, GSW to the thigh.
Vitals stable.
Waiting on an x-ray.
And a social-work consult.
The kid had a pistol.
He's too smart for his own good.
Bullies tease him, he mouths off right back.
He tell you what happened last year? Tony Ramsey, the biggest doof at my school I told him he won a Darwin Award for the most inbred.
Didn't think he'd actually shoot me.
- He shot you at school? - No.
On my way home.
Kid went to Juvie, was back in class four months later.
- A gun's not the answer.
- Didn't know what else to do.
- Nine-millimeter in the femoral triangle.
- Pulse is weak.
- I'll page Angio.
- May not have time for that.
- What's wrong? - Gonna need surgery.
- Surgery? Again? - Afraid so.
Curtain 4 has biliary colic.
Ultrasound and lipase are normal.
- Better after two of morphine.
- Okay.
Home and follow up with a PMD.
DUB has settled down and going home with a gyn follow-up.
- And in Curtain 2, I've got the- - The superhero over there? A repeat customer with lower-back pain.
- No reproducible paraspinal tenderness.
- Is it true? Is Gallant back? - That's the rumor.
- Is he drug seeking? - Went to his parents.
- He's lonely.
I put him on ibuprofen - gave him a referral for counseling.
- Is that right? Gallant's parents in Texas? - Yeah.
Yeah, I believe so.
- Is that it? - I don't know much about his parents.
- I meant the patients.
- Oh, no.
That's it.
- Okay.
Coffee and a jelly doughnut, please.
Same thing every day, doc.
Try a cruller.
Crullers are nice.
I'll stick to the doughnut, thank you.
I didn't even know you were coming.
Jamila was touch-and-go.
My C.
sent me at the last minute.
You didn't call.
We were only in Germany for about an hour or so.
I meant today.
Dubenko told me you left, so I thought I had to do something.
But I couldn't leave without seeing you.
I mean, I thought it might be easier that way but I couldn't.
Everyone's sad you didn't come by.
It's just, it I mean, it feels weird, you know, being back in the world.
The thought of going into the ER and having to answer the questions about, you know, what I'm doing and what it's like over there- How long can you stay? I fly back out tomorrow morning.
I only came to make sure the girl got here safely.
Hello? I left all the orders on the chart.
It's all there.
I'm at lunch, Frank.
At Ike's.
No, I can't come back.
He'll be fine.
What happened there? Nothing.
It's just a little gash.
This morning I went to I went to see the family of a guy I knew from Iraq.
He died right before I left.
And I I brought something that he got for his daughter.
I'm sorry.
One day, his wife saw two men walking towards her door in dress uniforms.
She begged them to go away.
Told them Told them that they must have the wrong house.
But they didn't.
And she knew why She knew why they were there.
She knew.
- Neela's superhero won't leave.
- What's the problem? - Won't say.
- Want me to call security? Hey, do you think maybe someone could page her? Know what? I'm sorry.
She's home in bed.
- No, she's not.
She's over at Ike's.
- Well, who's Ike? Maybe we could call him.
- Why don't I see if I can track her down? - Thanks.
Hey, you got a hot nurse here named Samantha Taggart? - Yeah.
What's your name? - Steve.
Steve Curtis.
It's okay, Frank.
I got this.
You still hanging in there? - Looking for Sam? - Yeah.
Can't believe she lasted over a year in this place.
- Need some water? - If she hasn't run off - you must have her chained to a bed.
- Let's step over here for a minute.
How long do I have to wait for these scans? I need those now.
Hey, Olivia.
I'll call you back.
I was very impressed with what you said to that kid.
- Thanks.
- I was wondering if I could talk to you about another patient of mine, - Unfortunately, that doesn't surprise me.
- But this is a smart kid.
Not a tough guy.
Not yet.
And I was hoping, you know, you could do your thing.
My thing? Wow.
Somebody's been practicing.
I didn't like the way you ran the table last time.
- Hey, wait, wait.
Hold on a second.
- What? I'm your bridge.
Go ahead.
You can reach.
I hope you're not about to get too competitive because it looks as if I'm about to beat you.
- Michael.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Abby, hi.
- Thought you left already.
- Well, not exactly.
How's it going? - That's a tough one to answer, I guess.
- Yeah.
How you been? Very good.
I came by to try to bring you back to that Kirkendall guy.
- But I'll just take care of it.
- Thank you.
- Are you gonna stop by? - I'm not sure.
Say I said hi.
- It's good to see you.
- Yeah.
And I hope you know we all think about you.
- Yeah.
Me too.
- Okay.
I know it's a bad thing.
But I'm just trying to level the playing field.
They all have weapons at his school.
You really want your little boy walking around with a gun? - Give us a minute to talk.
- Victor was shot last year.
- I can't let that happen again.
- It just did.
- Excuse me? - I work two jobs.
I can't watch him every minute.
- But he's a good kid.
- I can tell.
But you know what? A man like you can be tough just by staying away from problem situations.
You gotta grow up so you can be the president and fix our public schools.
I'd rather be a pilot.
Whatever you want, so long as you don't mess up your young years.
- Avoid those bad kids.
- How? They follow me on my way to school.
Here's what we're gonna do: You see that tough guy over there? When you get better, he's gonna walk you to school for a week.
- What? Wait - And, if you give up your gun I'll have someone walk you to and from school every day after.
And each week, your escort is gonna get bigger and scarier than that guy.
Just point me to her.
I don't need a babysitter.
You're not allowed to be here.
We're making an exception.
- Wow, thanks.
- There's a lounge down the hall.
Well, aren't you the man? Listen, this is where I work, okay? I don't want any trouble.
- So just get her for me.
- She'll be out as soon as she's free.
- Any tingling here? - No.
How about here? - Here? - A little.
All right, here we go, Victor.
I will be your driver today.
- Ray.
- You can thank me later, Sam.
Come here for a second.
All right.
Look at this bullet.
There's a chip missing.
Let's talk ballistics later, all right? Fifteen minutes is not gonna change his outcome.
- Show this to Carter.
- Okay, Vascular's waiting.
He's got a bounding popliteal pulse.
Surgeon's set to do a femoral repair but he's got a fragment in the popliteal artery.
He's gotta be in preop in five or they're gonna cancel the case.
X- ray.
I wanna make sure they're not operating on the wrong spot.
- Easier to figure out upstairs.
- We need a check for a right knee.
Come on.
We don't need this.
This is my patient, Sam.
I don't want this.
Yeah, you do.
Show that to Carter.
Make Vascular wait.
Thank you.
She can't be pulled away while she's with a patient.
Okay, boss.
I think we're done.
It's okay.
Got it.
Big guy's kind of tense, huh? So it's serious with this guy? Yeah, it is.
Glad it's working out for you.
Do you wanna talk? - Has anybody been looking for me? - No.
- Nobody's contacted you? - Why? - Never mind.
- Steve, what'd you do? Nothing.
Noth- I just- I owe a guy some money.
- Can I borrow some cash? - Steve I- I need it.
I do, Sam.
I'm gonna take Alex on a little trip, okay? - What? - I may not see him for a while.
I'd like to spend time with him.
- He's in school.
- What is he? Third grade? So he'll miss finger-painting class.
He's in the fifth grade.
He's studying the Constitution.
But he's still my kid, right? Please, Steve.
You know it's a bad idea.
Yeah, I guess you're right.
Hey, if you want, maybe the three of us could go get some dessert or something together.
You could catch up with him a little bit.
He'd like that.
I gotta hit the road.
I'll- I'll just call him.
Okay? But what about the money? Look, I only have about 40 on me.
How much do you need? A couple hundred.
Come on.
There's an ATM around the corner.
So you're still having a bad time at work? Oh, I'm sure I overstated it.
It's just I came to work here and fell into old patterns from college, from growing up stuff I wanted to get away from.
And one day you realize that's how people see you.
It's who you are, even if that's not who you wanna be.
So you don't like who you are? I don't always like how people see me.
Well, you can change that.
Be someone different tomorrow.
- Come on.
- What? Where are we going? Millennium Park.
It's new.
And then I'm taking you to dinner.
Kovac, can I talk to you? - Sure, Frank.
- I know it's none of my business.
I was a cop.
And I can still sniff out a skel when I see one.
- Guy's name is Curtis, right? - Yeah.
A detective I know at the one-five checked the NCIC for me.
NCIC? National Crime Information Center.
He pulled up this arrest warrant from Colorado.
- Thought you should know.
- Thanks, Frank.
Is the film back on my GSW kid? I'm not sure.
Pratt and Ray are in with him now.
You okay? - Yeah.
- Where's Steve? Gone.
He just wanted some money.
There's something else we need to talk about.
- Hey, just a minute.
- Nobody's cutting your leg off.
- Do I sign something? - Anesthesia has the consent forms.
- Where are you going? - The O.
We have to wait for Victor's - x-ray.
- X-ray.
You were right.
Fragment in the popliteal fossa.
Nice catch.
Vascular's scrubbed and waiting.
My mom says I can have ice cream for dinner after I wake up.
Yeah? Well, your mom is pretty cool.
- Thanks for everything.
- Yeah.
Ditto that.
- Alex left school with Erica.
- Yeah, she's tutoring him tonight.
- Frank got this.
It's about Steve.
- What? You had Frank snoop on Steve? He just did it.
He robbed a market outside Denver.
The cashier got hurt.
What? Oh, my- He's gotten in trouble before but nothing like this.
We should call the police.
No, I can't.
He's Alex's dad.
I can't be responsible for getting him locked up.
Oh, Sam.
I need you to work a couple hours of overtime.
I lost my MICN.
- I can't.
- I need someone who can work the radio.
- I'm sorry, but I got- - Till Chuny gets in.
She's on the I-90.
- I know.
But I got to- - I've cut you some breaks.
Help me out.
Susan, I'm gonna take this sled collision in Two.
Oh, okay.
Thanks, Sam.
It's okay.
I'll go straight home.
- Call me as soon as you get there, okay? - Okay.
Chuck and I have basically been hibernating for a year with Cosmo.
And I'm trying to get us to reenter the social world.
I was thinking maybe you and Wendall could come over sometime for dinner if you don't mind talking over a baby monitor.
That's a really nice offer.
Yeah, I'd love to.
But things with Wendall didn't work out.
Oh, I'm sorry.
It's weird.
She's actually not really even speaking to me.
- Are you all right? - Yeah, I'm good.
I'm fine.
I just Just what? I don't know.
I just feel like lately I've fallen off the tracks.
It's taking me a little while to figure out how to get back on.
Will you call the office and let me know how Victor's doing? - You got it.
- After he's discharged we'll set up a schedule to walk Victor to school.
- You weren't serious about that.
- I'm serious about everything I say.
- I'm kind of busy.
- We're all busy, Dr.
You're gonna stamp out violence in Chicago one kid at a time? That's the plan.
It's like any other epidemic.
How do you contain TB? Knock on doors and give out meds.
You stop the flu by giving vaccine shots on street corners.
It's the same thing.
But there's no meds and no vaccine.
The kids with guns, you can't talk them out of it.
We react to every shooting, even if no one gets hurt.
We mobilize a neighborhood response every time someone fires a gun.
Stigmatize violence and death rates will drop.
Sounds good.
It's working.
Come by and see for yourself.
The address is on the card.
It looks like a frat house.
Yeah, it's definitely lived-in.
Well, that's what you get for rooming with a rock 'n' roll resident.
Where are you staying tonight? A buddy of mine took over my old lease.
So I'm probably gonna sack out there.
I'm hungry.
Are you? Yeah.
Yeah, definitely.
Well, I'll just go and get changed then.
Me too.
I could use walking around in some civvies for a while.
- Okay.
Well, I'll be back in a minute.
- Okay.
What are you craving? What's that? What kind of food do you want? Chinese, deep-dish, burgers? Deep-dish sounds good.
Or Thai.
There's this great place on Indiana.
Yeah, yeah.
You know, whatever you think is good.
I'm just picking up some of my stuff.
You broke into our apartment? - Alex let me in.
- Where is he? - Upstairs.
- Where's the babysitter? I sent her home.
- Okay, put it all back.
- What? It doesn't belong to you.
You see this? I gave her this.
Okay? - What about the TV and the stereo? - You keep whatever you want.
- I'm gonna go check on Alex.
- Alex is fine.
- I'll go see.
- No.
You don't wanna do that.
It's nothing, kiddo.
Just a little disagreement.
What's all that for? We're going to Florida.
My dad's got a place by the beach.
We can watch whales migrate.
Mom said it was okay.
Alex, go back up.
- No.
- Alex, now! Easy, hoss.
Not your kid.
Listen, you can take whatever you want.
I don't care.
But he's not going anywhere with you.
Think about it.
You really want to get him into all that? Hey.
We'll catch the whales in the fall, kiddo.
- I'm going the other direction.
- What? - Come on, now.
Don't be upset.
- You said we- - You said we're gonna go to Florida.
- You can't miss that much school.
Doc here's got a point.
We'll do it next time.
Come on, buddy.
Don't make this harder on me.
That's my buddy.
If that's your deep-dish-pizza outfit, I'm glad I didn't say French food.
Let me just turn off the light.
It's pretty.
Can't sleep? No.
Does it hurt? No, not really.
What happened? There was a- A patient brought in.
He was a part of a unit that got caught in a firefight.
They had men down and needed help getting them out alive.
Get him out of here quick! Let's go, let's go! I never thought I'd be in the middle of it.
Let's go.
We'll cover you! Get going! But there I was.
And all I cared about was getting us both the hell out of there.
Three of our men died there that day.
I don't know how many Iraqis.
It's funny what you were saying earlier about wanting to be someone different.
I keep wishing I could go back to who I was.
All we can do is keep moving forward.
Wish you didn't have to go back.
It won't be too long before I'm home for good.
They're in 3L? Yeah, burn unit.
- Morning.
- Morning.
Gallant, didn't realize we'd see you.
I'm just on my way back.
Hayat, this is Dr.
We were able to lighten her sedation for a few minutes.
She squeezed her mom's hand.
- Good.
- I'm sorry.
It's the ER.
I'll be right back.
I'll be a minute.
I probably forgot to sign a chart.
Okay, yeah.
I'll wait right here then.
Why don't you come down? Abby's there, and Pratt.
I don't have a lot of time.
I'll come get you.
Systolic's down to 60.
Fluid's open.
Hang two 0-neg, type and cross four more.
- I'm in.
Pass me the bag.
- Oh, no.
Saw him yesterday.
He was fine.
- Never left.
He just signed in at triage.
- Got good breath.
Call X-ray.
Aorta's dilated.
Abdomen's full of blood.
- What happened? - Looks like a ruptured triple A.
Prep the chest.
Thoracotomy tray to Dr.
- Well, his pain was musculoskeletal.
- Bradycardic: 58.
Mg of atropine.
Get the blood on the rapid infuser now.
- Ten blade.
- I missed it.
He's a young guy with no risk factors.
It's an atypical presentation.
I could have done a CT.
Nobody would have done that.
- Never lost a pulse.
Got a shot.
- Let's go, Neela.
Get sterile.
I didn't know you were up.
I know you're mad.
And I know that he's your father, nothing's gonna change that.
But you and me and Luka, we're a team now.
Right? We're in this together.
And last night, he had to make a decision.
And what he did, he did because it was best for you.
And that was the right thing, whether or not you like it or- - I have to pee.
- Hey, come here.
Talk to me, okay? I know you're sad, and that's okay.
Subclavian's in.
Good flush.
Run in a liter while we wait for the other blood.
- This clamp keeps slipping.
- Try the DeBakey? - Already did.
- Systolic's down to 54.
Chuny, get the burn unit on the line for me? - Don't need the unit.
- I know.
I just- Oh, aorta's flat.
He's bleeding out.
This is a race.
Get that blood up as fast as we can up the dopa to 20, stand by with epi.
The O.
wants to know when he's coming.
- Not till he's cross-clamped.
- I'll make sure they get ready.
Neela, hold the descending aorta.
Don't let go.
- Neela, I can do that.
It's okay.
- No.
I got it.
Look who's here.
Pratt, call for FFP and cryo.
He's gonna need it.
Big Mike, I knew you'd show.
But you got the worst timing.
- We got a nasty triple A in there.
- Yeah.
Can't stay anyway.
Hold on.
Yeah, this is Dr.
Pratt in the ER.
No, wait- You're gonna let me buy you a beer? Not this time.
I need a favor.
Yeah, I need two units of cryo and FFP right away.
Name it.
Can you give this to Neela? I gotta go.
Just send it straight to the O.
All right, thanks.
- What's up? - Yeah, tell her not to open it unless Unless something happens to me.
Nothing's gonna happen to you.
I just want her to have it just in case.
You okay, man? Everything all right? Come on, Pratt.
Let's go.
He could code on the way.
Hey, Mike.
Good to see you.
Take care of yourself, huh? Back off the tidal volume or you'll blow a lung.
- Systolic: 65.
- All right.
Crank up the epi.