ER s11e22 Episode Script

The Show Must Go On

Previously on E.
What? You had Frank snoop on Steve? He robbed a market outside Denver.
The cashier got hurt.
Failure to recall basic respiratory principles unsupervised umbilical lines in an infant and a fatal air embolus.
Don't sign this contract unless you are sure this is what you want to do.
- You from Chicago? - Mmm mm.
Any relation to Charlie Pratt? - I don't know him.
- I'm moving back to Africa.
And I'm not leaving without you, and I'm not living without you.
I love you.
11x22 "THE SHOW MUST GO ON" I rented a ninja movie for Alex.
We can watch it tonight when I get home.
He's got a math test in the morning.
Hard to keep track.
He's not talking much lately.
Alex keeps asking me when he can visit his dad.
- You think that's a good idea? - He doesn't know.
Steve keeps telling him that he's got some new job in Colorado.
Sam, you've got to tell Alex the truth.
Steve promised me that he would.
You want me to tell him? Hey, hey.
Can I get a hand with this? - Farewell feast? - Yeah, take that.
Pizza and sodas.
I think I got off cheap.
Africa, huh? That's where she is.
I gotta go, I don't have a babysitter.
Sorry I'm gonna miss your party.
Take care of yourself, Dr.
Party? Shut up.
It's a surprise.
- I can't believe it's your last shift.
- Last 72 minutes, to be exact.
But who's counting? Okay, come and get it.
Carnivores, veggies.
Eleven years, all we get's a few lousy pizzas? - I was gonna get Search and Rescue.
- I took a detour by the river.
Wanted to see the lights at the Wrigley Building.
Must have been after you picked up the pies.
This is cold.
You wanna rethink the pizza? Dr.
Carter, we have a Resident for a fall, an outstretched hand? - I'll take it.
- I'm Miss Fleming, the school nurse.
- This is Janell.
- How did this happen, Janell? Well, I tried to spike the ball and I got caught in the net.
She's very energetic.
Are they Residents because they live in the hospital? And very curious.
Is it true people can have face transplants? Yes, it is.
In fact, I'm 80 years old.
I got this off a dead guy.
I'm leaving an 18-month-old with febrile seizure in 2.
- Give it to Abby or Neela.
- All right.
- Still post-ictal but temp's coming down.
- You got a CT? - No history of trauma.
- Healthy? - The kid's got a URI, no meningismus.
- So you've figured out a way to evaluate meningismus in toddlers? Congratulations.
- How long's the kid been here? - Half an hour.
LP's not indicated but if he's not back to baseline in an hour - we get it anyway.
- Good.
The next set of victims is on their way.
We got four locals, plus one from Penn and one from Vanderbilt.
Hacker with a paronychia needs a quick I&D in Exam 2.
But since my shift's not over for six more minutes, I'll handle it.
Come on, what's some cuticle pus between friends? You gotta get each other's backs.
Exam 2, paronychia, I&D.
- I'll get your next prolapsed rectum.
- You're a peach.
Cubs game starts in an hour.
You wanna grab a beer? Sorry, but my buddy's having a party and I promised I'd be there.
Sounds good.
Meet you in front.
We'll stop by my place so I can change.
And if you look here, this is the Admit area.
I want you to take a look at these sad and tired faces.
See, you're the before pictures.
And I want you to meet the after.
- Trying to frighten them? - Jane, congratulations.
Yeah, I was counting on Bellevue.
Nice to see you again, Abby.
- I'm sorry? - I trailed you a few days - during my third year, Jim Babinski.
- As in the Babinski reflex? - Cool.
Any relation? - Nope.
Not at all.
I'm gonna go get them some lockers and then let them tail you guys around.
Finally getting the long coats, huh? Pretty thrilling.
Here we go.
Lesson number one: floor control.
Sir, sir, you have to get back on the gurney, come on.
Are we really about to become R2s? No turning back now.
My contract is signed and sealed on Lewis' desk.
Mine too.
- Yeah, I got some things to think about.
- Like what? Susan was just pushing you, Ray.
Don't let it get to you.
I don't know.
Maybe she was right.
Maybe it's time for me to make a change.
- Get back on the gurney.
- No.
- No! - Sir, you got to calm down.
Get him off, come on! - Take it easy.
- Calm down.
Lucky for us, interns bounce.
I might not have any fun? You're not gonna know anybody.
You never know, I'm into the music scene.
Gigs, demos, whatnot.
- How's it going, guys? - All good.
- Is Nick around? - Try in the penthouse.
Good to get out sometimes, isn't it? Forget about the daily responsibility we carry as healers and just mingle with regular people.
Okay, listen, don't talk like that.
- What? Like a doctor? - Like a bonehead.
I wouldn't wanna see you get bounced down all these stairs by my pals.
Duly noted.
- Hey, Riles.
What's up? - What's up? Make yourself at home, bro.
- Beer upstairs? - Yeah.
Catch me later.
- This is about me being chief.
- What? - You're a little bitter.
- I couldn't care less.
- Been meaning to talk to you about that.
- What? Your lack of initiative.
- Yo, Barnett.
- Hey.
What's up? - Hey, bro.
- How's it hanging? This is Archie.
We work together.
Thought you were gonna bring the roomie.
Neela had to work.
Is Jessica here? Yeah, she is.
So you a doctor? Chief Resident.
That means, like, nothing to me.
Hey, Vanessa! Nice meeting you.
- Okay, Mr.
- Are you gonna crack his chest? That feels like a ganglion cyst.
What's "ganglion" mean? Have you had any luck finding her parents? She was to be at a friend's house tonight.
They're stuck out on a lake cruise.
They wanted a romantic night out.
Just the two of them.
I bet they did.
So? Can you fix it? Well, unless it bothers you, I would avoid the surgery.
Most of the time, these things turn out to be benign.
If you say so.
- What's "benign" mean? - Janell, stop bothering the doctor.
Who says I'm bothering him? Dr.
Carter, I just got a call from Building Services.
- The sewer pipes they fixed last week - They're broken again? So we only have one O.
All right, let's watch the Trauma traffic and try not to get overextended.
- Break out the buckets.
- Is Curtain 2 clear? Pick a bed, any bed.
Thirty-two-year-old actor smacked by falling scenery.
Now, are you a bull cow or are you for milking? - Bleeding won't stop.
- Should have been wearing - your headpiece.
- I was.
It broke.
A and O times four, no LOC.
- All right, Neela, got it? - Good thing I'm not Hindu.
Thirty-seven-year-old male, burns to the torso and extremities.
- What's this about? - Community theater gone bad.
- It's an Equity showcase.
- Excuse me? We're mounting an original musical about the Great Chicago Fire.
I had a little tiff with Mrs.
O'Leary's fat cow over there.
- Learn the blocking, you clod.
- Listen for your cue, Elsie.
- I'd say you definitely have this.
- I love the theater.
And where might you two be going? - To get some coffee.
- Ambulance run.
Asthmatic in 3's waking up.
Hey, Chuny, you seen K.
? - Who? - The volunteen kid I hooked up.
Oh, yeah.
Nurses' desk.
Hey, man, it's not gonna be the same without you.
Oh, you'll survive.
See you at the party? Party? I don't know anything about any parties.
Hey, finished breaking down those charts? Yeah, I took yellows back to Medical Records like you told me.
It's after 8:00.
What are you still doing here? Waiting on my dad.
He's late.
Well, did he say how late he was gonna be? You have anybody that can take you home? No, but he'll show, though.
All right, come on.
I'll take you home.
- But first, I gotta hit this party.
- What party? Check it out, huh? - Oh, music notes? - No, man.
Try the opening guitar licks to "Freebird.
" Yo, Benny, we got it.
You had a hep B shot lately? That tat's really red around the edges.
You might wanna keep an eye on that.
Oh, my God.
Doc Barnett talking the talk, man, you! - You're a doctor? - Yeah.
Yeah, I guess so.
That's really cool.
Yeah? Then, yes, I'm a doctor.
The baby's really kicking.
You got anything for heartburn? No, man.
How about some mellowing agents? Man, there's mellowing agents all over this place, okay? It's kind of hot in here.
You want to go get a drink? Sure.
I thought you were a musician.
Medicine's the way I pay the music bills.
Hello, up there.
- Yo? - Beers here! - What's up? - Toss us down a couple of brews, bro.
All right.
- Ready? - Yeah, yeah.
So how's the double life treating you? Some days better than others.
Hey, any more Jägermeister around? Try inside.
Hey, Archie.
Yeah, I introduced you two Is that guy really your boss? That's what he's been saying.
I hadn't even kicked the lantern yet.
You missed your cue on account of mooing.
Ten cc's of lido and 5.
0 on a needle driver, please.
I'm doing the job of two actors.
- And giving half a good performance.
- Son of a bitch.
Look, unless you'd like a saline shower, keep your head still.
- How'd you get these burns? - It must have been the light stand.
I'm not gonna be scarred, am I? Nothing too serious.
Hey, Abby.
Got a minute? - Sure.
- Because I usually play leads.
Six hundred of ibuprofen and Silvadene.
I use my body a lot as an actor.
You mean like in pornos? - You've seen my work? - What an idiot.
Okay, I'll be right back.
What do you need? There's people waiting at Ike's, I thought I'd walk Carter over.
- You guys are good? - We taking traumas? Pipes won't get fixed for three hours, so not until then.
And I'd like to get over there at some point too.
Yeah, we'll rotate.
Back in half an hour.
- You ready to go to my surprise party? - Yup.
- Hey there.
- Hey.
Did you check your sugar before dinner? Ninety-two.
That's good.
Did Erica help you with your math? Yeah.
Did you tell her to pick you up tomorrow? No.
- Are you done with your homework? - I'm doing it.
Oh, looks like you're watching TV to me.
Got a letter from your dad.
As soon as you finish studying.
- Mom.
- Alex.
- It's my mail.
- My rules.
You're such a- Excuse me? Where's Luka? He's at work.
You still fighting? No.
We're gonna have to move again, aren't we? Yeah.
I'm bringing him right now.
What was that about? Just telling them to be ready.
- Act surprised.
- I'll act surprised.
Surprise! You guys, you got me! Ray.
Yo, Ray, your boy's hurling in here, man.
Stay here, okay? I won't move.
He almost made it to the bathroom.
Hey, sweetie.
You okay? You gonna come out here? Yeah, in one second.
Let me finish talking to these guys.
- I'm stupid, stupid, stupid.
- Okay, easy.
You know, I admire you, Ray.
You're one of those guys who just glide over every speed bump.
It all comes so easy.
But me No, people don't expect much from me.
Most of the time I prove them right.
I guess that's why I wanted chief, you know? Show them I could do it.
Well, look, it's not so easy for me either.
I'm just pretty good at faking it.
Oh, my God.
I'll get you some water.
I swear to God, that's what she said.
Get out of here.
Hey, he okay? He gets excited.
Ray! Find me some aspirin too.
Sure thing.
Molly! - Oh, my God.
- Ray? Ray! Jess! No! God Oh, my God Jeremy, open your eyes for me.
Listen to me.
Open your eyes, Jeremy.
Okay, call 911! We got at least - Oh, man.
- Molly, where are you, baby? Molly! - My back! - Give me a hand here, move it! Duncan's not breathing.
Jess! Jess, I got you.
I got you.
- You all right? - I'm burning.
- You breathing okay? - Yeah.
Molly! Help me.
- Hey, over here.
This kid's stuck.
- You.
You, get over here.
Get over here.
Stay with her, okay? Help me! Somebody help me! The ambulances are on their way! Stay with her.
Don't move her.
- If she passes out, come get me.
- No, Ray! Don't go! I'll be back.
Hey, man! Stop that.
Come over here, help me get him out.
Okay, okay.
Talk to me, Molly.
Come on.
Keep talking to me.
- My friend's been hurt.
- Can we move this beam? Okay, everybody, stop! Stop! I'm a doctor, okay? The paramedics are on their way.
We need to clear out all this crap, uncover as many bodies as we can.
But nobody move anybody until I get to check them over first, okay? - Is the cow all fixed up? - Both ends.
- May they go now? - I'll be with you in a moment, sir.
He's here for the actors.
It's his play they ruined.
My stage manager is filling in.
But if I can get them back in time, I might still have a second act.
I doubt these guys are up for it.
Oh, they're professionals.
You know, the show must go on.
Why is that exactly? I mean, why can't the show just stop once in a while? Keep the pressure going, okay? Don't move.
Tachy at 120.
Pulse is weak and thready.
- Hurts when I breathe.
- All right, all right.
- Breath sounds on the bad side.
- No tension pneumo? Paramedics to him first.
He needs two liters of saline.
Ray, please.
Just another sec, okay? Jess, you're okay, you're okay.
- Ray! - They're coming, man.
Ray, come here, man.
I think she cut her ear.
Okay, well, that's one possibility.
Molly! Molly, follow my finger.
- You got a headache? - I feel okay.
- How many weeks are you? - Thirty-eight.
Is the baby okay? It's okay, it's okay.
We need some help! - Benny? - Oh, my God.
- Keep breathing.
- Oh, my God.
You're gonna be okay.
Can I have it now? On the table.
Mom? Are we ever gonna live with Dad again? - Alex.
- He's got a good job now.
He's a river guide.
It's cool.
We're not gonna live with your dad.
Hey, I got you those marshmallow cookies.
I'm gonna go read my letter.
Easy, we're gonna get you fixed up.
Four of MS and monitor the foot pulses.
We got at least four other criticals.
I'm not sure who's under there.
Loading pregnant lady and chest pain.
Working on the impaled girl.
What else? Okay, we got six dead over there.
Also got another 15 noncriticals, fractures and contusions.
- We're only 8 minutes behind the call.
- Yeah? You assessed 25 patients in eight minutes? - There's no paperwork out here.
- And Morris is with you, right? Send him to St.
Rafe's, he needs a banana bag.
Only the criticals go there, the rest to Lakeview.
Rafe's? Why not County? You guys closed the Trauma.
Got a call an hour ago.
Whoa, this is a Level One.
Rafe's can't take care of patients like we can.
If you can get County to open, all the better.
It's a lot closer.
County General on two-bravo.
Ray? You're with Rescue 56? Our Ray? No, she's not here.
Him either.
We got Abby.
- Ray, what's going on? - Porch collapse.
Lots wounded.
Five criticals.
We need you to open up.
- We only have one working O.
- They won't all need the O.
It's mostly blunt trauma.
We can accept one critical.
Come on, Abby.
Take all five.
No, we're understaffed here.
- They might not make it anywhere else.
- We don't have any Attendings.
- You're a doctor, you can do this.
- No, no.
I have to run it by Kovac.
There isn't any time.
The CPR guy's flatline.
Okay, we are down to four criticals.
- Ray, I can't.
- Come on, County General.
Will you accept these patients? Abby, you're being recorded, you know.
I know.
Rescue 56, we're taking four trauma patients.
You have blanket orders for IVs, C- spine and O2.
Thank you, County.
We are four minutes out.
Okay, let's get patients out of Trauma, Sutures and Curtain 2.
Jerry, tell the O.
to set up another room.
Chuny, page Kovac.
Okay, listen up.
Okay, first of all you should all eat and drink well because the party's on Weaver.
Now, that is a surprise.
Guys on duty, don't let me see beer in your hand.
Hey, 11 years, couldn't we spring for some caviar for the man? Anyway there's something my father would say when a friend went on a journey.
And he said it to me when I came to the United States first.
So I thought of it today when I realized I wouldn't be working with this guy anymore.
Not for a long time, at least.
My father would clasp the person's hand and say: "We only part to meet again.
" Hear, hear.
- Cheers.
- To Carter.
Cheers, yes.
To the doc.
Burst eardrum, no Battle's sign.
When's her due date? - May 29th.
- Tachy at 128 after a liter.
- Systolic's only 84.
- All right, get her on her side.
- One, two.
- What are you doing? - Same question.
- Supine hypotension syndrome.
Uterus compresses the vena cava, reducing cardiac output.
We're getting her blood pressure back up.
- You're okay, Molly.
We've got you.
- My back.
- Does it hurt here? - No.
All right.
Those back pains, they were contractions.
- What? Now? - Baby's crowning.
- Should I get a screen? - No.
Flip the bed.
Get a warmer, a BOA Kit and page OB.
- BP's 80 palp.
- Ten blade.
Chuny, everything okay? Baby's coming, mom's hypotensive and we don't have fetal heart tones.
Well, a simple "no" would have sufficed.
- Where's Kovac? - On his way, I guess.
- Doesn't he need an x-ray? - Thirty-two French.
He's unstable with evidence of a hemothorax.
- Tube first, ask questions later.
- Good.
Systolic's up to a hundred.
You did that test tube quick.
O- neg on two pressure bags.
Set up for subclavian.
- Are you the Senior Resident? - No, I'm an intern.
What you're gonna be in a few days.
- BP is 110/76.
- How's Riley doing in there? - Need a central line.
- Is he okay? - Yeah, he will be.
How's your throat? - Little raw, all the yelling.
No dorsalis pedis.
No posterior tib.
- That doesn't sound good.
- You cut the artery in your foot.
- You need surgery, all right? - We only called a few minutes ago.
- I doubt the O.
's gonna be ready.
- No, they will be.
Have them call us back - as soon as they can.
- Off the phone.
I called OB.
They're in the middle of a crash section.
- There we go.
- Head's out, Mom.
Lots of hair.
- Molly, you're doing so good, baby.
- Suction.
- Neela? - Turtle sign.
Jerry, 911 them.
Tell them we've got a shoulder.
- Shoulder dystocia.
- Is something wrong with our baby? He's a bit big for your pelvis.
You can do this, Molly.
Push again.
Really hard, okay? Pull her legs back.
- Anterior shoulder is stuck.
- Supra-pubic pressure, hard as you can.
- Another big push, Mom.
Come on.
- Molly, push again, all you've got.
- I can't.
- You can, Molly.
I know you can.
- Come on, baby.
- She can't, contraction's over.
- Fetal pulse is coming back up.
- All right.
All right, support her head.
Right here.
- I'll be back in a second.
- Wait, she's leaving? Why is she leaving? Abby, I've got a shoulder dystocia and OB's MIA.
- Did you try a Wood's screw maneuver? - Never heard of it.
That gives me satisfaction.
I'm getting a flash, I can't thread the wire.
They need someone with experience.
I'll do this? - Okay.
- You're giving up? If you can't get a procedure after the third attempt, you never will.
- Is that from Tintinalli's book? - No, the book of John Carter.
- Heart beat's up to 140.
- This guy needs tons of volume.
- Stay ahead four units.
- What's going on? - Mom's pressure's borderline.
- Baby decels with contractions.
- Okay, hi.
I'm Dr.
- Are you from OB? I used to be, yes.
Let's see if we can coax this little guy out, huh? - It's a girl.
- Her name's Janis.
Okay, I'm going to rotate Janis' posterior shoulder.
Here comes another contraction.
Mom, come on, push.
Flex the arms across the chest.
Come on.
Big push, okay? - Baby's pulse is dropping again.
- In the 80s.
Poor variability.
All right.
Come on, Molly, focus.
Really big push.
- She's tiring out.
Sats, 91.
- Okay.
All right, all right, relax.
Put her on oxygen.
Have O-neg standing by.
- Someone asked me to bring you this.
- Did OB call back? Stuck in the O.
They said it'd be about 15 minutes.
- How long ago was that? - Eight minutes ago.
- What about Luka? - Want me to page him again? - No.
All right, you.
- Me? - Yeah.
You know where Ike Ryan's is? - Yes.
Get over there, find Kovac and bring him back here, fast.
Okay, we can't wait, not with the late decels.
- Betadine, lido and a 10 blade.
- Get her out! You're doing a section by yourself? Where the hell is Luka? I only needed one more shot.
- I got lucky.
- Three times in a row? You guys just missed Kovac running the table on me.
I've heard Kovac cheats.
Yeah, I didn't even know they played pool in Croatia.
Sure, but we just use broomsticks and goat testicles.
- Get out of here.
- No, it's hard.
Those balls don't roll straight.
Alrighty then.
On that note, I'm gonna take the young man home.
- Take care of yourself.
- Thank you.
- For everything.
- Anytime.
All right, and I'll see you suckers later.
Enjoy yourselves.
See you.
- Got your toast ready? - Yeah.
Gotta say something, don't you? - Do I? - Oh, yeah.
Let me go lick my wounds first.
I'll be right back.
- Dr.
Lewis said wait till she gets here.
- When's that gonna be? She's on the overnight.
She's gonna stop by on her way in.
Who's-? Who's Kovac? - Neela, talk to me.
- Porch collapse in Wrigleyville.
- I know.
Tell me about the patient.
- Chest trauma, two liters out the left.
- We're doing a cutdown.
Ray? - Open it up to the femoral sheath.
This is the fastest way to resuscitate a peri-arrest patient.
Right? That's right.
Looks good.
Run the level one.
Do you know Abby's doing a symphysiotomy in here? By dissecting the ligaments connecting the pubic bone you can get up to three more centimeters of pelvic space.
- Fetal tracing is holding in the 90s.
- Feels like we opened up a bit.
- So next contraction, big push, okay? - Okay.
- Here we go.
- Here we go.
All right, come on, Molly.
Come on, Molly, push.
- Push.
- Here she comes.
And the anterior shoulder is out.
And clamp.
Scissors to Dad.
Hey, big girl.
Hi, Janis.
She's a beauty.
- So how's school? - It's all right.
You doing okay? Well, you know, I'm pretty damn good with science.
So if you ever need a hand just give me a call.
I got it from here.
Hey, Dad.
Hey, Dad, come on, let's go inside.
- Oh, man.
- Here, I'm gonna help you up.
- K.
, go put some coffee on.
- It's okay.
Don't worry, I got him.
Go ahead.
Go inside there.
Come on, man.
Let's go.
Come on.
Come on, man.
Get up.
You know how to walk.
- Come on, sit down.
- He giving you any trouble, man? - Go ahead.
Yeah, go get the coffee.
- Getting a little older, thinks he's smart.
Don't give him no excuse to give any lip, though.
How come you didn't pick him up, man? Damn.
What time is it? He was waiting on you, D.
You never showed up.
Where were you? Hey, listen.
You his father.
You understand that? The only one he's got.
Oh, man.
- Systolic's up to 110.
- Where's Dubenko? - He's getting the O.
- Jessica's ex-lap? The impaled girl? Anspaugh took her up to Surgery.
She's stable.
Ray, he's getting stridorous.
Sit tight, Riley.
I'll check up on you in a bit, okay? All right, come get me if he decompensates.
- How's your breathing, man? - Little rough.
Hello, Dr.
You missed the party.
How are you doing, Nick? Sorry.
There's crepitus.
I had a dream like this.
- Only Ray wasn't with us.
- C-spine's clear.
Losing the collar.
- Pulse ox, 90 on 5 liters.
- Twenty of etomidate, 120 sux.
Hello? Yeah, speaking.
My credit card? No.
It hasn't been stolen.
Alex? Alex! I'd like to thank you all for coming tonight.
I consider myself a lucky man.
Yeah, "lucky man.
" That's good.
Who are you, Lou Gehrig? It's been 11 years.
I feel like I grew up here with all of you.
Where did everybody go? Work.
They said they'd be back.
Are you new in the ER? Geriatrics.
Heard there was free food.
I like you with the beard.
- Keep an eye on the sats, all right? - All right.
I'll check your crit in Angio.
- Symphysiotomy, huh? - Healthy girl.
Eight pounds, 10 ounces.
Barnett, I was told you demanded we not take any patients before the tib-fib guy.
I reprioritized.
Take Neela's patient first, my guy can wait.
They took me to Lakeview.
I couldn't find a taxi.
- What do you guys need? - We're all good, Morris.
Really? You sure? I'm gonna go lie down.
Hey, you guys all ditched Carter.
He was hugging some huge orderly when I got there.
- We got it under control now.
- Well, that's good.
Cosmo's been screaming like a banshee.
I intend to spend my shift sleeping.
Carter, your volleyball girl's ready for the reduction.
- It's okay, I'll get it.
- I'll take it.
One more for the road.
- How long are you here? - Just have to pick up some stuff.
- How about you? - I'm off as soon as you're ready.
How does "never" sound? Luka.
Did you hear from Alex? Is he here? Why do I have to hang my hand from these things? - Janell, manners.
- So that I can realign your bones.
- Hello.
I'm Dr.
- Clyde Parkerson.
My wife, Eva.
I'm sure that Janell told you she broke her wrist.
Colles' fracture.
- And we gave her a local anesthesia.
- A.
hematoma block.
And that she has a future in medicine, it would seem.
I'll be rich.
- I'll give you countertraction.
- Okay.
Carter, do you remember us? I'm sorry, I don't.
Cast padding.
- I was a patient here in 1994.
- Really? We went into premature labor at 32 weeks.
There was no time to get me to the OB floor so I gave birth here in the ER.
You delivered her.
- I did? - Yes, you did.
Two-inch roll.
- Can I have the purple cast? - Whatever you want.
- He must have gone through my purse.
- Tried to buy a bus ticket? They wouldn't let him.
He took off while they called the cops.
- Probably went to a friend's apartment.
- I called them all.
What did the police say? They said to wait at home while they're searching but I'm not gonna sit, I have to go try to find him.
- What if he shows up at the apartment? - Erica's there.
She's gonna stay.
How much cash did he get? About 80, maybe a hundred, I don't know.
- He's pissed.
He's walking it off.
- He tried to buy a ticket to Colorado.
He's gonna do whatever he can to see Steve.
He's not gonna stop.
He doesn't have his Glucometer.
He doesn't have his syringes.
- He doesn't have his insulin.
- Sam, Sam, Sam, hey, hey, hey.
He'll be okay for the next 12 hours.
We'll find him way before then.
Let me get my jacket.
Hey, Luka, will you-? Will you get some NPH from lockup? And some D5 and some D10 too, okay? Okay.
I'll get it.
- Can I help you? - Yeah, I'm looking for Charlie Pratt.
- I know you? - Your name is Charlie Pratt? Yeah.
- I'm sorry, I must have got it wrong.
- Chaz, who is it? Is there a problem? - Are you Charlie? - Are you a bill collector? Then, yeah, I'm Charlie.
I'm an ER doc over at County.
- Is somebody sick? - No.
No, nothing like that.
I got your name from the folks at Ceasefire.
Couldn't wait till morning? I'm gonna be there tomorrow for a meeting anyway.
You're right.
It can wait.
You all right, son? Yeah, I'm okay.
Maybe you ought to come in.
Sorry if I disturbed you.
Did I spell symphysiotomy right? - Yeah.
- Thank you.
- How's your friend? - Missed the aorta.
Anspaugh fixed her up.
Jessica's gonna be fine.
You look tired.
You should go home.
I wanna be here when my friends wake up.
All right, then.
Help yourself to a chart.
I was just on my way out.
Thought I'd stop by.
- Sorry we missed the party.
- You weren't the only ones.
So I just found this in my locker.
It has been in there for a very long time.
And, to be honest, I haven't given it much thought for many years.
Not since Mark died.
When you interned for Dr.
Greene he would have everybody write a letter to themselves that they wouldn't open until their very last day of Residency.
So that's your letter to yourself? What does it say? It says that I'm scared.
And that I know I have a lot to learn.
And I hope I learn it quickly.
And that I pray to God that I don't kill anybody.
And it says that if I'm good at this and I can stick it out and become an Attending well, that will be all I ever need.
I got a plane to catch.
One day you'll look up, and maybe 10 years will have passed.
Carter, you're gonna make a good doctor.
Carter, you gotta hurry it up.
You got a million things to do.
You set the tone, Carter.
- Morris? - I think I might puke again.
You set the tone, Morris.
Never mind.
- What's that? - My contract.
Oh, okay, then I guess you have some more writing to do.
It's good enough for Carter.
Think it's weird if I put, "Dear Neela"? Hey, Erica, any word? Did Bobby's mom call back? He wasn't with him? Okay.
Yeah, it's gonna be all right.
What about Navy Pier? He likes the rides there.
- It's after 11, it's closed.
- What about your phone, is it charged? Sam.
It's all gonna be okay.