ER s12e18 Episode Script

Strange Bedfellows

Previously on E.
- Doctor Pratt.
- Olivia Evans.
- I should move out.
- Why? I think we both know why.
The cops brought in a friend of mine a while ago for a blood-alcohol level.
I drew my own blood, switched the tubes.
There's little doubt they'll suspend your license.
- Okay, you're going on a vacation.
- What? I was offering you the job.
You and Alex would be more than welcome to come live with me.
Excuse me? E.
12x18 "STRANGE BEDFELLOWS" - Good morning, Samantha.
- Hi.
Uh, I was just gonna wake Alex.
He'll sleep for a week if I let him.
My boys were the same way.
Not Kelly though.
I used to tease her about being part rooster.
Three must've been a handful.
Yeah, but kids are great, you know? Especially when they're young.
They haven't turned on you yet, right? - Your wife is beautiful.
- Mm.
No idea what she was doing with me.
Even towards the end though, she was something else.
I've got meetings in the city all day.
I'll be back by 6.
I'm entertaining guests.
- Yeah, you gonna sing for them? - Ha-ha.
No, no, just a dinner for the old board of directors and their snooty wives.
- Well, I should check your crit.
- Yeah, no, we'll do it tonight.
- I'm feeling fine.
- At least a urine sample.
Listen, my pee right now is a lovely shade of salmon.
- The chelation's working.
- Like watercolors in my toilet.
- An ounce of prevention - Oh, listen.
Come on.
There is no cure for MDS.
You can stick me with your needles after I'm done entertaining.
You know, you should use the car today.
- That's okay.
We can take the 'L'.
- No, I insist.
And I'll have Mrs.
Harrison whip you and Alex up some breakfast.
It's the most important meal of the day.
They raised Gallant, he turned out okay.
They can't be that bad.
- They're great, it's just they're strangers.
- What are they doing in town? Family wedding.
- You gonna go? - I wouldn't know a soul.
Besides, I'm sure I'm more dirty little secret than daughter-in-law.
Well, look who it is.
Back with the commoners, are we? Good Lord, what is that? - What? - That smell.
It's really bad.
It smells like ass.
You do realize how close we are to the ER? I think it's you, Morris.
That patient we just transferred threw her colostomy bag at him.
- I changed my clothes though.
- Well, I would recommend a shower.
- Oh, somebody's got a sugar daddy.
- You jealous? Guys.
Chemo boy pulled his central line.
He's bleeding all over Curtain 4.
Chop, chop, Rasgotra, we earn our money down here.
I better go before stinky gets mad.
Hey, uh, I've been trading e-mails with Carter.
Really? Did you tell him about us? No, no.
Uh, he needs help.
In Sudan.
And he asked me if, uh, I would join him.
- In Africa.
- I'd be back before the baby's born.
Oh, okay.
I mean, were you, um, planning on talking to me about this? I am talking to you.
If you don't want me to go- You don't need my permission to go.
The people need help there.
In his camp alone, there are over by just a handful of doctors and nurses.
- Problems like clean water- - I know.
Believe me, between you and Carter, I know.
If this is something you really feel like you have to do, then you should do it.
Greg? All right, I'm coming, I'm coming.
Are you there? Greg.
- Hey, baby, what are you doing here? - Hey.
Are you all right? Yeah, I'm- What time is it? I was worried.
I tried your cell phone.
I left a message at the hospital.
Yeah, I'm sick.
Um, turned my phone off.
I tried here too.
Well, what do you want me to do? I'm sick.
Don't stress me out about it.
Can I, um, come in? I'll make you some tea.
No, no, I'm cool.
Uh Look, now is not a good time.
- But I will be at work later.
- Okay.
Maybe we can talk then, okay? Olivia.
- That's it right there.
- Yep, sure is.
- A hundred-thousand-dollar car.
- Probably more with the chauffeur.
- Chauffeur? Get out of here.
- The Daimler-Benz company was a vital cog in the Nazi war machine, right? - Hey, so who is he? - Who's who? Your new whale, Daddy Warbucks.
Spill it, you little gold digger.
Go kill another patient, Morris.
What, 97-year-old lung cancer guy? Yeah, all my fault.
Rasgotra, phone call.
Hi, this is Dr.
Oh, hi, you're here.
I'll come and get you.
It's easy to get lost.
See you soon.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Got a second? - Not really.
Michael's parents are here.
- I haven't seen you around.
- Well, I've been crazed.
- I wanted to- Ha.
- Was there something you wanted-? - I'm sorry.
- No, go ahead.
Um I was just thinking about this whole roomie situation thing.
I just wanted to make sure everything was cool.
- Yeah, as far as I know.
- Okay.
So if we needed to work on anything? No, no.
You know I'm married now, and I should be past sharing a bathroom with your mates and your not-so-occasional one-night stands.
I've been inconsiderate when it comes to having people over.
- Well, it's not just that.
- No, no.
My clothes are everywhere, dirty dishes - It's both of us.
I'm a mess too.
- Sure, but you're not nearly as bad as me.
I've already started looking for a new place, Ray.
- Neela.
- Colonel Gallant.
- What did I tell you the last time? - Right.
Dad, Mom.
- Hello, Neela.
- This is my colleague- Oh, he was just here.
Seventeen-year-old restrained driver.
Auto versus parked SUV at high velocity.
He lost it taking a turn too fast.
Why do they think they can get away? - You were chasing him? - A stolen car.
Found a girl in the back.
Must have jacked her.
- How you doing, Deshawn? - He's altered.
BP, 130/75.
Pulse, 110.
- What do we have? - Blunt head, good vitals.
- Passenger coming.
- Go, I'll take this.
Jane Doe found unresponsive in the back seat.
- Multiple abrasions and contusions.
- Okay.
Hello, can you hear me? Neela, we might need a hand here.
I'm sorry.
I'll have someone show you to a seating area.
I'll get you when I'm done.
Actually, I wouldn't mind observing your SOP.
Oh, of course.
No, I'll leave the gore to old blood and guts there.
Where can I get a coffee? - The cafeteria, 6th floor.
- Thanks.
- Sinus tach on the scope.
- Pupils, 4 millimeters and reactive.
Abby, this is Colonel Gallant, Michael's father.
- Nice to meet you.
- Likewise.
You were a medic in Vietnam, weren't you? - First Air Cavalry, '68 to '72.
- Four tours.
Let's see what we've got here.
Is a systematic approach to the trauma patient called ATLS.
Advanced trauma life support.
It ensures resuscitation and stabilization in even the most critical of patients.
Trauma panel, C-spine, chest and pelvis.
Ah, Chicago's finest.
Morris, chief resident.
Settle down, Deshawn.
We're trying to help you, okay? Guy must be on meth or something.
- Deformity to the fifth metacarpal.
- A boxer's fracture.
- A real fighter, huh? - Took a swing at me.
- Need me to check that out? - I'm good.
Okay, liter of NS.
Throw in a second IV.
- BP's good, 125/80.
Pulse ox, 99.
- Calm down, man.
- Head CT and a tox screen.
- Tenderness to the left mandible.
- Looks broken.
- Add a jaw series.
- Airway's patent.
Is the trachea midline? - Yes.
- Any JVD? Muffled heart tones? - No.
Where are we, ladies? Assessing the nine most life-threatening injuries.
Inadequate airway protection tension pneumothorax, flail chest with hypoxia- I'm sure you were a big hit at surgical grand rounds.
Morris, Colonel Gallant, Michael's father.
It's a great honor to meet you.
- You in the service, Dr.
Morris? - Uh, no.
- Guys, I don't think she's breathing.
- Pulse ox, 88.
Ambu-bag, intubation tray, Dr.
Morris, provide inline stabilization of the neck.
- Sats are dropping.
- Oh, it's hard to bag her.
Take a look, Neela.
I can't.
She's completely clamped down.
- Did you push sux? - Yeah.
- Is that a good IV? - It went right through.
She's completely spasmed shut.
I can't bag her.
Throw in two nasal trumpets.
Start a second line.
Push another We're taking you off this board to make you comfortable.
Lie still.
Lie still, you son of a bitch.
- Let's get him on hard restraints.
- Can I give him some morphine? - I don't want him to stop breathing.
- He's got a broken jaw.
He's in pain.
- I'll splint him.
- He won't lay still for the head CT.
He will if you tape his head down.
I don't know what he's on.
- He could have a real head injury.
- Yeah.
Hence the CT.
If it's normal, then he can spend the time in a jail cell and sober up.
Okay, two of Versed.
- You said his air bag deployed.
- Yeah.
Kind of hard to break your jaw on an air bag.
One-fifty of sux going in the second IV.
- Got your flush.
- She should be relaxing.
Damn, it's worse.
Her masseter's in spasm, it's like a vise.
- How about Valium? - It's too late.
Abby, bag her.
- I'll prep the neck.
Crike tray.
- Wait, wait, wait.
Maybe it's the sux.
- What? - Pavulon.
Six of Pavulon.
If sux isn't working It's a paralytic- When I was a nurse, we had a patient that went to the O.
for TOA who had the exact same response to sux.
Her jaws were like steel.
- Betadine and a Steri-Drape.
- Give the Pavulon a chance.
- Eleven blade.
- Neela, do not cut.
- Sats are down to 82.
- We should get Kovac.
If we wait, she'll have anoxic brain injury.
Jaw is slack.
- Suction.
Let's go.
- Abby Lockhart with the save.
We were about to crike her when the Pavulon kicked in.
Masseter spasm after sux.
There was a case report in JEM last fall.
- Good catch.
- Thank you.
Head CT on your carjack girl.
- Morris, films on your carjacking.
- Thank you.
No bleed, no fracture, completely normal.
Why did she stop breathing? Hard to say.
Could be drugs, alcohol.
We need to get her into an ICU bed, monitor her for hyperthermia.
- Police ID'd her yet? - No, they're still working on it.
Can you open your eyes? Still paralyzed from the Pavulon.
Give her an hour.
All right.
Can you call RT? - Tell them to lower the Fl02 to 50.
- Sure.
Have you made a decision yet? About what? - If you don't want me to go- - No, I know.
You said that already.
I don't understand why you're putting this all on me.
- I told you, it's only for a few weeks.
- You don't know that.
The last time you went, we thought you died.
Instead, you came back with malaria.
Kovac, paramedics are bringing in a chest pain with ST elevation.
Page Cards and put the cath lab on hold.
I'll be right there.
- Can we talk about this later? - Yeah, sure.
Fifth metacarpal fracture, Non-displaced mandible fracture.
No need for surgery.
Hey, easy, man.
You broke your jaw.
Versed must be wearing off.
Tox screen negative, blood alcohol, 0.
- He's combative from his concussion.
- Stop eyeballing me, jack-off.
What? - You worried about her? - You better be.
She dies, we got your ass on felony murder.
That's 25 to life you get to spend with your homeys.
You've got a hell of a unit in there.
Good people.
Especially that Lockhart.
Worked her way up from a nurse? You can learn a lot under her.
- Actually, Abby and I- - All right.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, she's excellent.
You're lucky.
Good leadership, half the battle.
So I was thinking, if we hurry, we can do Michigan Avenue and still have time for Field's down on State.
Can't go two days without swiping that credit card.
We need to get you something nice for the house.
Michael loves soft sheets.
When he was a little boy we used to have to drag him out of bed- That's not necessary.
I'm looking for a new place.
Michael and I got everything we needed after the wedding.
Oh, don't be silly.
We'll find you something at Field's.
I can always find something at Field's.
It'll be fun.
For who? You don't have to go with.
Neela and I can get along just fine without you.
Maybe the girl doesn't wanna shop.
Our son deserves something nice for the house.
- The boy isn't in the house, Glo.
- And why is that, James? Why don't you explain why he's not here with his wife? Jim Coker, 82, assault victim.
Multiple contusions to the arms and torso.
- A and O, BP, 165/100.
- Nasty bruises.
- What'd you get hit with, sir? - It felt like a brick.
Did they get the attacker? Meet Fredna Nasse, 80.
Lacerations to the right palm.
- You attacked him? - Damn right.
Cheating bastard.
What did you hit him with, ma'am? An urn.
I would have hit him again, but the damn thing broke and cut my hand, and spilled Wally's ashes all over everything.
- Who's Wally? - My husband.
- God rest his soul.
- Can you wiggle your fingers? Okay, order a hand series.
Where does it hurt, sir? All over.
Mostly my chest.
- What's this scar? - Uh They put a pig valve in my heart 10 years ago.
You've got a pig head too.
Come on, open your eyes.
BP's sky high, 190/122.
- Okay, amp of atropine.
- Mix up Nipride.
Have you seen Neela? - I gave her a few hours off.
- She's out with the Gallants.
What's up? - Hypertension and bradycardia.
Cushing reflex.
Increased pressure in the brain.
No, the CT was clear.
- Right pupil's slightly bigger.
- Her fundi? Yeah, disc margins are blurry.
- Elevated ICP.
- Is it a brain bleed? - I told you, CT was clear.
- Maybe you should repeat it.
I doubt she bled in the last five minutes.
I'll call Neurosurg for an ICP monitor.
- Where's Luka? - I think he's in Exam 3.
Okay, 50 of mannitol, dial up the Nipride, and I'll be right back.
Chest is clear, heart looks good.
- He doesn't have a heart.
- Oh, for God's sake, Fredna.
- Give it a rest, will you? - I'm not the one who needs a rest.
I'm gone two days, and you can't keep it in your pants? Did I crack a rib or something, doc? The pain's getting worse.
It's awful hard to breathe.
- Both lungs are up.
- BP's dropping, 90/50.
Okay, repeat EKG and chest, Not gonna die, is he? - No.
No, I don't think so.
- Well, if he is, let him.
You sure you two aren't married? Can you take another look at our carjacking girl? - Not now.
I'm sorry.
- Systolic's only 80.
She's got elevated ICP and a normal scan.
- Put him in Trendelenburg.
- Should I repeat the CT? Anything pertinent in the history? I didn't get history, she's intubated, paralyzed.
Okay, try to talk to the guy they brought her in with.
- The carjacker? - Yeah.
ICP rises with cocaine and amphetamine.
She may need phentolamine or a beta-blocker.
Repeat EKG.
Sats only 82.
Uh, try to get a history.
I'll be in as soon as I can.
Set up for BiPAP, get an ultrasound, and let's see if there's any free resident.
He's really not okay, is he, doc? - What's his name? - Deshawn Liberty.
Deshawn, the girl in the car, does she have any medical conditions? He's not the helpful type.
Did she take any drugs? Coke, meth, anything? - What are you doing? - I'm trying to get a history.
- He can't talk with a broken jaw.
- Well, okay, fine, then he can write.
- Not with a busted hand.
- Well, he can use his good hand.
- Can you take these off? - I don't think so.
- Fine.
I'll take off the hard restraints.
- Are you crazy? He's dangerous.
You know, he's not going anywhere.
Deshawn, did she take any drugs? kid knows something.
- Like? - Like anything.
Take the cuffs off.
He hit a police officer.
Let them do their jobs, we will do ours.
I'm trying to do- Do you sign? That girl needs help.
- Hey, what are you doing? - He's deaf, okay? Do you read lips? Good.
Um The girl in the car, did she take drugs? Damn it.
I don't know what that is.
Oh, right.
X? All right.
Ecstasy? Did she take ecstasy? G.
All right.
That girl's been frying her brain for 20 minutes.
Brook Sawyer.
We didn't know.
Well, maybe if you guys weren't so busy beating on him - That's eight of Ativan.
- Systolic's up to 220.
- Head CT is ready.
- She might not need that.
Her brain's seizing, but the Pavulon has her paralyzed.
- Subclinical seizure.
- Ativan should take care of that.
- Doesn't work, she'll need a CT.
- Five hundred of Dilantin.
- Keep going, 50 mgs a minute.
- I'm calling Neurosurgery.
- Give it five minutes.
It's not a bleed.
- Abby, if it is, we don't have five.
- It's not a bleed.
- This is Dr.
Morris from the ER.
Pressure's coming down, 130/85.
- Pulse normalizing, 84.
- Hang up, Morris.
- Uh, wrong number.
Nice call.
- What do you think happened? - I don't know.
Morris, broken-arm kid's mom is packing up to go.
- You guys good here? - We got it.
Jerry, can you ask Frank where our sign interpreter is? Right here.
- What? I'm trilingual.
- I hate this thing! It's only for six weeks, then you'll be as good as new.
- Six weeks? That's forever.
- Dickie, quiet down.
- All right.
Can I check your cast here? - No! I hate you! Stop it.
You suck.
- Any pain in your fingers, buddy? - No.
- Can you feel this? - Yeah.
Can you feel this? Dr.
Morris, Jordan Prior, Ladokern Pharmaceuticals.
If I could just steal a moment of your time.
Systolic's down to 75.
- Damn it.
- What's happening? Heard you need a hand.
Blood in belly? No, it's clear.
- In the heart? - No cardiac effusion.
- All right, let's try it with the Doppler.
- Please, I didn't mean to hurt him.
- Not like this.
- You did this? - Yes.
- Lover's spat.
Mitral regurgitation through his porcine valve.
- He blew it out.
- He was hypertensive when he came in.
Stress raised his BP, damaged the valve.
Page Cardiothoracic and hold an O.
- He's not gonna make it to the O.
- Afterload reduction? - Dopamine at 10 mics.
- All right, 1.
25 of enalapril.
Ma'am, were gonna fix him right up.
Don't worry.
They were at an after-hours party.
And he couldn't wake her up so he grabbed her and threw her in the car and brought her here.
That car was stolen.
No, that car was her parents'.
And she snuck out.
Well, why didn't he stop for the police? He knew that Brook needed help, and he needed to get her here.
He figured he'd explain everything when they got here.
Why did he fight with them? What-? Oh, he was fighting back.
Trying to protect himself.
Cops don't sign.
And Brook, she's gotten drunk before, but never like this.
He doesn't even drink.
He's an athlete.
- He wants to know if she'll be okay.
- We hope so.
You probably saved her life.
Thank you.
Thank you.
So you're sticking with surgery, then? I'm not sure yet.
It's a big decision.
Well, sounds good.
You'll be able to find work anywhere.
I was hoping to stay at County, actually.
You like working there.
I never thought I'd say this, but, yes, I do.
I've grown quite fond of Chicago as well.
Well, don't get your heart set.
I've got a Residency set up for Mike when he gets back.
Muskogee VA, Oklahoma.
Perhaps Michael will decide to settle here.
Don't worry, first time's the hardest.
You'll get used to it.
- To what? - Relocating.
Soldier's gotta go where they tell him to.
The upside is you get to see the world.
Bismarck, North Dakota.
Barstow, California.
Christmas in Anchorage.
And my all-time favorite, Indian Springs, Nevada.
Gorgeous in July.
Guess you don't remember when Mike learned to sail on Lake Como.
How Val's face lit up when she saw her first ballet in Paris.
We've had a good life, Gloria.
So, uh You two talk about kids yet? No.
Not yet.
Abby, your carjacking girl's waking up.
- Did you check the NIF? - Yeah, it's 30.
- Tidal volume is 700.
- Oh, oh, oh.
Don't do that, don't do that.
Look at me, look at me.
I'm Dr.
Lockhart, okay? Wiggle your fingers for me.
All right.
Give me a thumbs-up sign.
Do you want me to take that tube out? All right.
Hold on just a second.
All right, deep breath in.
And blow it out.
Oh, my head hurts.
- A thousand of acetaminophen.
- You got it.
Do you remember what happened? We were at a party.
You got in a car accident and you stopped breathing.
We had to put you on a ventilator.
And the ecstasy that you took caused you to have a seizure.
And we had to treat you with anticonvulsants.
Oh, my God.
Yeah, you were very lucky.
He likes to feel my heartbeat.
Yeah, it's funny.
He's the only person in my whole life who actually listens to me.
You would serve on the advisory board be responsible for recruiting doctors to participate in clinical trials.
And with your Residency ending in July, this could be a real opportunity to advance the practice of medicine, as well as your career.
Okay, you know what? Ow.
I don't know.
You know, I'm really not that much of a salesman.
- Expense account? - A generous one.
And this isn't a sales position we're offering you, Dr.
Your official title would be director of physician relations.
- Hmm.
It's got a nice ring to it.
- Anything broken? Thankfully, no.
It's just a sprain.
Please continue.
There are meetings and presentations at medical centers across the country.
Um First-class air travel? Of course.
And quarterly meetings at some very desirable resorts.
Best of all, no nights, no weekends, and no exposure to bodily fluids.
Salary? Somewhere in the neighborhood of 300,000 a year.
Plus bonuses.
- My kind of neighborhood.
- Hmm.
Are you sure you wanna wait? It's a four-hour surgery.
Oh, yes.
Somebody has to be with him when he wakes up.
Let me give you some sound medical advice please, do not make her mad again.
I can't help it, I'm a ladies' man.
Always have been.
Well, just take it easy, okay? Thank you, doctors.
Pretty nice save, huh? Yep, timely diagnosis of a rare condition.
Good work.
Looks like Dr.
Pratt is back.
Well, that's something I wanna talk to you about.
What? Your status here.
My status? I thought my suspension was over.
That was time off so you could think about what you did.
And so I could think about what to do about it.
- I was talking to Dr.
Carter recently.
- Yeah, okay.
He wants me to come to help him in Sudan.
- Oh, you're leaving? - No.
But I thought you could use a change of perspective.
- No, I think my perspective is just fine.
- Greg, you'll be an Attending next year.
That means all the decisions fall on your head.
You're a good doctor.
A month there will only make you better.
- What? - Get your shots.
Make sure your passport is current and get your hat.
It can get really hot there.
Wait a minute.
Wait, you're sending me to Africa? Yeah, I am.
And what if my answer's no? It's not a request.
That's about it.
I'm sorry it's not much of a tour.
So when do you plan on moving? I've been looking for a place.
It's been a bit of a challenge with my schedule and Michael being gone.
Only one bathroom, huh? Must get hard with the roommate.
Oh, we manage.
We work different shifts most of the time.
- Mm.
So he's not really here much? - Cut it out.
They're just roommates.
- It's not her.
I don't know the boy.
- I need to use the phone.
- You can use the phone in my room.
- Thank you.
Neela, I feel I should apologize for the way we've been acting.
Oh, no.
There's no need.
Couples bicker.
We passed bicker years ago.
Oh, it's nothing, really.
You should hear my parents.
Is there, uh, anything I can get you? Gloria and I are separating.
Does Michael know? No.
Nobody does.
We decided to come to the wedding, put on a good show for the family before we dropped the bomb.
We'd like to tell Mike ourselves.
So if you don't mind, keep it in the vault.
Uh, yes, of course.
No need for ultrasound, it's not torsion.
- Any STD risk? - Of course, he's male.
- You give him levofloxacin? - I wrote a scrip.
- That's all.
Thank you.
- Abby, we need to finish our talk.
No, we don't, actually, because you know what? I understand.
- No.
No, you don't.
- No, I do.
- Listen- - No, you listen.
I mean- Sorry, I just- You know, I know that we're not married and, um, we don't live together and we haven't really defined our relationship, and that's mostly Probably all, uh, because of me.
But you looked at me and said that we were gonna do this together.
And I know that you'll be back before the baby's born but I just hate that you wanna go.
And I hate that I hate that you wanna go.
But I'm just a little bit scared, Luka and, um, I don't wanna do this by myself.
But if I have to, I can, and I will.
I'm sending Pratt.
To help me with the baby? To Darfur.
He volunteered.
Long story.
- So you're staying? - Mm-hm.
Oh, good.
That's good.
- Well, I'll see you tonight.
- Yeah.
- Hey, man.
- Hey.
What's up with the suit? Getting married? It's my new school uniform.
How do you like it? It's school.
But our new house is sweet.
- Oh, you moved? - Yeah, Kenilworth.
Man, you should see it, Luka.
It's like a museum it's so big.
Uh When did that happen? When my mom started working for Mr.
It's his house, but he's got an indoor pool and a movie theater.
- You ready, kiddo? - I didn't know you guys moved.
Yeah, uh, my boss needs chelation therapy every night so room and board's part of the deal.
See you later, Luka.
So, uh, do you guys live there now? - Yeah.
- Wow.
That's a big change.
It was either that or double up on my shifts here.
And even then, it wouldn't have been as much money.
Is this part of the deal too? I guess.
We're good, Luka.
Gallant? Is everything okay? Are you all right? Can I get you anything? No, thank you.
He told you, didn't he? I'm very sorry.
So am I.
You're a very sweet girl, Neela.
And I see why Michael fell in love with you.
- I can tell you love him too.
- I do.
- Very much.
- And that's good.
I just wish that love was always enough.
God knows I love that man in the other room.
- But here I am.
- You know Michael always talked about what great parents you were.
Maybe there's still a chance to work- Have you any idea why Michael went back to Iraq? - Not exactly.
- Mm.
I guess he felt like he was needed there.
- He has a strong sense of duty.
- Ah! Duty.
For years, I have sacrificed and compromised moving from one sorry little town to the next.
All because of duty.
The boy's his father's son.
They're soldiers.
And no matter how much you love them there's always another war.
I'm not quite sure what you're trying to tell me.
What I'm trying to tell you is that a strong marriage is about two people.
Now, Michael's a good man.
Michael is kind.
He is loving, he is generous.
Just like his father.
But if staying here at County, in Chicago is something that you want to do, then that's what you should do.
Never let anybody or anything make you ever forget who you are.
Miss Taggart, please, come quickly.
Elliot, you're awake.
- I couldn't get him to open his eyes.
- I'm fine.
Go make sure they don't ruin the duck.
- Mr.
Elliot- - Regina, I've got 20 people waiting here.
- Please, go.
- Yes, sir.
You might wanna think about canceling your dinner.
Transfusion's supposed to last three weeks.
- Well, not this time.
You need blood.
- Yeah, right.
It'll take three hours.
- I got guests.
- Let's get you on some oxygen at least.
Out of the question.
How will I be able to sing, huh? With a tube up my nose? This is serious.
You're obviously anemic right now.
Really? Well, I'll be done by 9.
You can transfuse me then.
You hired me to take care of you.
If you'll not let me do my job, I don't know what I'm doing here.
What you're doing here, now, Samantha, is you're working for me.
Maybe I shouldn't be working for you.
Maybe not.
Rents are signing some paperwork for your transfer.
I guess they want you at the highfalutin hospital in the suburbs.
Yeah, that sounds like them.
We were able to get ahold of your father, Deshawn.
He should be here pretty soon.
We called Dr.
He's going to meet us at Saint Helen's.
So we checked it out.
Guess the parents were all out of town, and they came home early saw the car gone, and called it in.
They thought the daughter was at a friend's house.
My guys here have something they wanna say to you.
We just wanted to apologize for the misunderstanding.
We thought you were flashing gang signs at us.
Yeah, um, we had no idea you were, um We're- We're really sorry.
He says that he has a special sign for you guys.
I think that requires no translation.
And Gyn has a bed, but they can't take the PID for two hours.
- You get a chance to meet the Gallants? - No, I must have missed them.
Probably better that way.
- Would've been weird.
- Why's that? Why do you think? Hey, to tell you the truth - I don't know how you do it, my man.
- What? Every girl I slept with won't give me the time of day.
Neither one of them? I'm shocked.
I bet it was really freaky being at her wedding.
Dude, what are you talking about? You know, you and Neela.
The whole, uh, roommate-with-benefits thing.
You think I slept with Neela? - You didn't? - No.
- I just assumed.
- Everybody did.
- Everybody did? - Pretty much.
Hey, but, you know, don't sweat it.
It's just a rumor.
Pratt, Kovac left this for you.
- What is it? - You're headed back to the motherland.
You better be careful, I'm having a very bad day.
Maybe you woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
- Hey, we should go talk somewhere.
- Oh, really? About what, Greg? - What about? About us.
- That's a short conversation.
- Olivia, come on.
- Who was she? Nobody.
Look, I'm sorry.
I really am.
Come on.
- What? I just said I'm sorry.
- I heard you.
I- You know Explain to me why you did it.
We never talked about being monogamous.
We never said anything about not being monogamous.
All you had to do was be straight with me.
- I never meant to hurt you, I- - You what? You played me, Greg.
You acted like we were in this committed relationship.
And if you thought that it was cool to sleep around you wouldn't have had your sorry ass at the door playing sick.
Olivia, listen, I like you.
I never was trying to mislead you.
- I just thought- - No, you didn't think- Pratt, I got a phone call from L'Alliance de Medecins.
- They got your number from Kovac.
- Yeah, just tell them to hold on, okay? - Listen, I really cannot do this right now.
- Why not? Because my boss is making me go to Africa, that's why.
- You just don't stop, do you? - Stop what? - Right.
- Olivia.
Wait a minute.
I'm not lying to you.
You know, you're right, Samantha.
I feel much better with the oxygen.
Did it affect your singing voice? Well, I didn't wear it for the party.
I just stayed in my chair and never got up.
Just did much more listening than talking.
I was beginning to think you didn't know how to do that.
Anyway, if you're ready, I'll take my blood now.
- Yo, Neela.
- I'm in here.
Hey, I brought you a peace offering.
Extra anchovies.
And I promise, no more dirty dishes, okay? I'm gonna go and stay at Abby's for a while.
Uh, she's at Luka's most of the time, so So, what, are you moving out, like, tonight? I'll get to the post office when I can, get my mail forwarded.
Do you wanna at least wait until you find a new place? I don't think that's such a good idea.
Yeah, you're probably right.
Hey, um All good things, right? Sure had a lot of fun though.
Well, maybe the next guy won't drink all my tequila, huh? - Uh You need a hand with anything? - Uh, no, thanks.
- Pizza? - Oh, I better get going.
I've been looking for this for, like, a month.
I rather liked sleeping in it.
I'll, uh, get the rest tomorrow.
Look, just Would you just wait one second, please? I wish I didn't feel how I feel.
But you You're the best friend I've ever had.
Keep this.