ER s12e22 Episode Script

Twenty-One Guns

Previously on E.
- What's with the cross? - The chaplain gave it to me.
Are you keeping up on your Bible studies? - I wasn't faking.
- Yeah, I know.
Get it off me! Weaver knew he had problems before she hired him.
- Now we're paying for it.
- Well, Luka, it's your ER.
Have you any idea why Michael went back to Iraq? The boy's his father's son.
Soldier's gotta go where they tell him to.
Why don't you explain why he's not here with his wife? The secretary of the Army would like to express his deepest regret that your husband, Captain Gallant, was killed in action.
12x22 "21 GUNS" - So we can't even send anything, or? - Flowers? Donations? There's gonna be a memorial next week.
For today, Neela and the Gallants wanna have a private graveside ceremony.
- Family only.
- And you.
Yeah, that's right.
She needs somebody to lean on right now.
- Plus, Mike and I were tight.
- Let her know we're with her.
And tell her to not even think about coming back until she's ready.
All right.
I should get out of here.
Car's picking me up.
I need to be there by 9.
Weaver, that was Dr.
Anspaugh's office.
He's waiting for you upstairs.
- Dr.
- Yep.
This is Mary Warner.
She's an EMT trainee from Mitchelson.
My program sent me over to spend the day taking vitals or whatever.
- For credit.
- Of course.
Somebody needs to sign this at the end of the shift to say that I was here and did stuff.
- What would you like to do? - Let her shadow.
- See how different nurses do the primary.
- That's what my instructor suggested.
Well, patients come in through the triage desk here.
Waiting's out there, and ambulance runs come in just outside those doors there.
- Right, I got it.
- How long you wanted to be an EMT? Oh, not long, actually.
I got tired of retail.
Christmas sucked.
Sam, this is Mary Warner, she's studying to be an EMT.
- Hey.
- I've got to irrigate a full-body road rash on an unfortunate Vespa driver.
I got the mother of all meth mouths here.
So? Can you let Mary observe you for a while? - Haleh.
- I'll come and get her as soon as I'm free.
- Haleh.
- Bye.
- Yuck.
- Yep, that's the magic of meth.
Corrosive substances in the drug eat away at the tooth enamel.
Plus, I have a feeling Mike here hasn't been flossing.
Have you, Mike? It's not really a priority.
Dude, you gotta floss every day.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So how's she doing? I left messages, but haven't heard back.
Amazingly well, actually.
Well, she's tougher than she looks, huh? Yeah.
I'll try calling her again.
Ray, I think she needs some space, man.
- Yeah, but I just thought that- - Look, she I just don't think that you should, uh What? Complicate it.
- You Dr.
Pratt? - Yeah, that's right.
Where's Neela? Dr.
Rasgotra has asked that we go on to the cemetery without her.
She said she's not feeling up to it today.
Bob Vila, look out.
- It's not finished yet.
- Looks pretty finished to me.
Well, either I've been sleeping for days, or you're working really fast.
How's the insomnia? I kept thinking about Gallant and Clemente.
It's a lot.
I went with yellow.
Because we don't know is it gonna be blue or pink.
What's it gonna be, huh? Blue or pink? Hello.
Is it just me, or are pandas kind of creepy? Wow, they're terrifying.
Listen, I know we don't say it, because I guess that's just how we are but I hope you know how much I love this.
All of this.
But since we are on the cusp of this hugely life-altering event and we haven't been as specific as we could be about us - about our relationship- - You're right, let's get married.
Donald, oh, I'm sorry I'm late.
I didn't realize we were having a pre-meeting.
I went to your office- Have a seat.
I wanted us to talk prior to the session with the Medical Executive Committee.
The fallout from Clemente may be more significant than I thought.
- I've been hearing things.
- What kind of things? This is a letter from an attorney representing Mr.
Fred Fong a patient Clemente saw a few weeks back.
Yes, diabetic with a gangrenous toe.
I've reviewed the case.
Ended up needing an amputation.
A reasonable outcome for which Vic was completely blameless.
The family sees an opportunity.
You know, can we talk in private? I'm sorry.
Hospital policy.
I need this conversation documented.
Clemente was cleared by the Impaired Physicians' Committee.
He never once tested positive for drugs.
I don't believe he compromised patient care.
I'm not sure that that matters.
The state board posts a bad-doctor list on their website, and Clemente's on it.
Any idiot with a computer has access.
Doesn't give them legal cause.
Let's let the lawyers determine that.
In the meantime, the board feels let down.
They expect their chief of staff to exercise the utmost discretion in hiring.
I needed an Attending, Donald.
I hired the best doctor I could find.
Even when you knew his history? What happened in Newark? I'm tired of hearing about Newark.
That was a very complicated situation.
Very unclear.
There were lots of unsubstantiated allegations.
- You should have kept your eye on him.
- You know, I'm not down there, Donald.
I don't run the ER anymore.
Which leads me to a second issue.
The board has concerns about Dr.
Kovac's ability to manage the department.
- You're not serious.
- Are you satisfied with the job he's doing? He's doing the best he can with what he has.
Keep him on 100 percent.
Six of Pavulon.
I gave him Norcuron.
Dopamine to a systolic of 100.
- Did you call the ICU? - Ten minutes ago.
Okay, fine.
Let's find him a monitored bed until we get a room.
I'll put him in 2.
Cold shoulder, huh? Well, not exactly the answer I was hoping to hear.
Well, not exactly the best proposal I've ever heard.
How many have you heard? Hey, hey, hey.
Okay, so you don't know what you want this to be.
I don't wanna get married for the sake of getting married.
I tried that.
Don't we love each other? It's not about that.
Of course we do.
Don't you think we should stay together forever? - I don't know if anybody should, or can- - Paging Dr.
I just- Let me get through one humongous life change at a time, okay? Luka, got a minute? Yeah.
Sometimes it's easier if you lump them all together.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- How's the hip? - Good, thanks.
Better all the time.
Looks like you'll be short an Attending after all.
I have to attend an emergency Med Exec Committee meeting.
Risk Management is coming to advise us on the Clemente situation.
What situation? He's gone.
Well, there's potential litigation.
We're getting some heat about it.
We are getting some heat? It's your department.
Kerry, he was your hire.
He was on staff even before I moved up to this job.
Yeah, I know that, I'm the one who moved you up.
So, what, I should have fired him sooner? The warning signs were there.
You had the authority.
Am I gonna lose my job over this? Look, all I'm saying is, if I weren't chief of staff I'm not so sure you'd be department head.
So let's just get through this, okay? Neela.
You know, I'm not used to getting stood up.
I'm not going, Greg.
It's gonna be fine, I promise.
Well, going means saying goodbye, and saying goodbye means forgetting.
It doesn't have to.
I can't help it.
It's started already.
I can't remember his hands, his voice.
Can I come in? I keep asking myself why he went back.
It's like a hammer in my head.
He did what he wanted to do.
What he needed to do.
It's not a bad way to go.
He was 29 years old, Greg.
He was blown up by a bomb.
It's a tragedy, and believe me, I'm not saying it isn't but Michael, he wanted to be a part of something bigger than himself.
Now, two months ago, I would have laughed at that.
But now Look, he put himself out there, and sometimes that means taking risks and doing things that you could never imagine yourself doing because you have this crazy idea that you just might be able to make a difference.
Nobody wants to forget Michael.
We all wanna remember him.
And that's exactly what today is all about.
Smart, uh, efficient, um - Loyal friend.
- Something sexier.
- Sexier? - Something about my charm.
Like a man whose charm with women is matched only by his sensitivity to his patients.
Yes, action.
This is stupid.
Forget it.
- What? Abs, this is it.
- Don't call me Abs.
I am out of here.
You're not gonna have Archie to kick around.
Abs? Can't blame a guy for wanting memories.
You're not going to Kilimanjaro.
You're going to Ladokern Pharmaceuticals.
- Seven city blocks from here.
- Six and a half.
Besides, people don't make memory videos unless they're getting married.
- I'm a sentimental guy.
- And they don't film them themselves so the person is held hostage to say nice things.
Really? You didn't seem held hostage.
I expected better material out of you.
Well, you were feeding me the lines, Fassbinder.
Oh, what was that? Some kind of nasty Croatian word? - Something about me and a goat? - This is Timmy Jankowski.
Overindulged at the buffet at his school's spring pageant.
Let me guess.
Fruit salad.
You must be the funny guy.
School nurse brought him in.
As this is my last day, and seeing that I am chief resident, I designate Lockhart.
- Excuse me? - I'm out of here in 10 hours.
I call no kids for the duration.
I'm sick of getting bit, kicked and pissed on.
Guess you stopped dating too, huh? We got a 71-year-old male found slumped over in a parked car.
GCS, 224.
Okay, put him in Curtain 1.
I'll try to be right back.
Take it easy, Timmy.
Easy? I'm a freaking strawberry.
- Stomach hurts pretty bad, huh? - Kind of.
Well Here.
Try pinching yourself.
- Here, let me do it.
- Ow! That hurts.
Well, you're not thinking about your stomach now, are you? When Mitch didn't show up for the bus trip to Bloomington we knew something was wrong.
- They're part of the same church group.
- Mitch.
Mitch, can you wake up for me? We prayed and prayed, and then we started seeing things.
- Everybody thought he was dead.
- But we found him.
- Our visions led us right to him.
- A half a mile from the church.
- Can you save him? - We're gonna do our best.
Oh, thank you.
And, uh You should be very, very proud, Mr.
and Mrs.
Okay, cut.
Mama Morris is dead, so can we take that one more time? - Holly says they need us in Exam 3.
- Holly? You know, that other nurse.
Haleh? I gotta go.
The old lady in 3's still waiting on her rectal.
No, no, no.
Not on my last day.
No rectals, no geezers.
Any patients you're willing to examine? Yeah, hot chicks.
I got the vitals like you asked, on the medium timer.
Mediastinal mass.
Had to pry her cell phone off her ear to check her temp.
- Mary- - She thinks I'm a bitch but this is a hospital, we've got a job to do.
Did you write this? BP, 28/17? Did I do it wrong? not eating Jell-O or chatting on your cell phone.
Sorry, I'm new to this.
- Is that her? - Yeah.
- She look dead to you? - Not right now.
Before you take more, you need to know what's normal and what's not.
And if you're not sure, then get some help, okay? - Okay.
- Let's see what we got in here.
- Hey, what do you have? - Obtunded with bradycardia.
I need 0.
5 of atropine, CBC, Chem-7, ABG, tox screen and set up for transcutaneous pacing.
- Okay, got it.
- No gag, I have to tube him.
- What happened? - Eight-oh and a Mac 2.
He must have passed out at the wheel.
Not from drinking.
He's not like that.
- Atropine's in.
- Have another dose ready.
I need suction.
- Is he taking any medications? - Maybe.
- Maybe something for his pressure.
- Yes.
- Right? Pressure.
- Yeah.
I'm in.
Heart rate's down to 38.
Damn it, his IV blew.
We lost the pulse.
- Start compressions, he needs to be paced.
- You know CPR, right? - Uh, yeah, a little.
- Good, go.
So how did you audition for this role? I didn't.
I wanted to be the bad bunny.
I wanted to be the Cowardly Lion once, but I had to play a Munchkin.
They cast you as a Munchkin? It was before my growth spurt.
Okay, no tenderness, guarding or rebound.
Think you could eat a Popsicle, help settle things down? - Sure.
- I'll get it.
Let me guess.
Strawberry? Ah, and here comes our trusty paramedic, Brian Dumar wheeling in another needy patient.
Twenty-eight-year-old, blunt head trauma, altered LOC, vitals stable.
Rabid dog, I'll send you to hell! Nasty fight in detention.
Partner's behind me.
- Okay, Trauma 2.
Ray will be right there.
- What? - No prisoners, man.
I called it, last day.
- I'll send you all to hell! - You kiss your cellmate with that mouth? - I'm right here, you dumb bastard! that opened up a recent surgical scar.
BP, 124/78, pulse, 98.
- Your belly hurt? - Hey, put me with him.
- Nice to see you.
- Recovering from an appendectomy.
- Must have ripped open his stitches.
- Okay- Oh, yuck.
Yeah, that's not good.
Ray Barnett will be right with you.
- How long do I have to keep this up? - Epi infusion, 10 mics per minute.
He's very healthy, Mitch is.
- I ain't going anywhere! - Even virile.
- Okay, tell me.
- Bradycardic arrest.
No response to atro, no capture with pacing.
I'm behind you, you bastard! - What are you doing? - CPR.
You can't possibly hope to perfuse the brain that way.
- Fuse the what? - Okay, step back.
Step back.
- Who is she? - Who are you? That's Mary.
She's an EMT trainee.
She's shadowing the nurses today.
Then you should be showing her the right way to do things.
Okay, Mary, I'm Dr.
I'm the Attending physician and the ER chief, so let me train you a bit.
Hundred times a minute, and you should really compress the chest.
There'll be a military honor as requested.
I didn't request that.
Colonel and Mrs.
Gallant requested it, ma'am.
Sounds like something he might want.
After the ceremony, we'll head out to the reception in Lincoln Park.
Canap├ęs will be served.
Bed will be ready in half an hour.
Sedation's off.
He's trying to extubate.
Give him a few minutes, then you can pull it and send him up.
- Hey, Luka, can I get a minute? - Sure.
His heart's beating well now.
It looks good.
You hear, Mitch? You're okay.
- Probably took too many pills by accident.
- Oh, he gets confused sometimes.
Can we go now? Take him home? No, probably not for a couple of days.
- Something the matter? - There's something bad here, I can feel it.
I feel that every day.
Is everything all right with your baby? It's fine.
Are you a believer, dear? You must be very brave, then.
I could never have brought a child into this world if I didn't have faith - In a higher power.
- in a higher power.
I'm sorry about in there.
You're a senior nurse, I expect you to know what's going on around you.
I want you to be exact about meds.
I know, it's- I guess that that girl is kind of dragging me down.
I'm sure you'll whip her into shape.
My bad, I guess.
He sure is a gloomy Gus.
Needs to lighten up a bit, doesn't he? It's his department.
Hey, Sam, you got a minute? I may have to tube this guy.
- I need you to draw up induction meds.
- Steve's here? Yeah, he got in a little jail-yard altercation, but he's okay.
Belly's benign.
Looks like superficial dehiscence.
Does he need anything? Look, I'll get somebody else to redress the wounds, okay? I'll get you a CPR dummy, okay? After this.
You can practice compressions in the lounge.
I think I've had enough CPR for one day.
GCS is 11, and resps are shallow.
Sometimes, if you hit your head, you can stop breathing.
- So then you do mouth-to-mouth? - No.
We put a tube in his trachea and breathe for him.
This is vec.
It knocks him out so we can do the intubation.
- Good.
Pulse ox is up to 99.
Let's lay off the tube for now, he's doing okay.
Doc, how long I gotta wait on Miss Congeniality here? He needs to be admitted for observation.
Come on, Hendricks, we're missing lunch.
- Gumbo Thursday.
- Hey.
As long as they're here, they're patients, not prisoners.
Sorry, but they're always our prisoners.
Been a while since I seen that.
- What? - Compassion.
Flank party.
Ready, aim, fire.
Ready, aim, fire.
Ready, aim, fire.
Neela, it is too dangerous over there.
It's too dangerous for me, but it's okay for you? What a load of crap.
Neela, I am a soldier, remember? You're also a husband, remember that? Seems kind of silly now, but out in the bay this morning, I was, uh I was thinking about asking you out.
I was thinking of saying yes.
Ready, face.
You better come back.
You know that, don't you? Yeah, I will.
You ready? Goodbye, Michael.
- How am I doing? - Your CT's normal.
But it looks like you'll be spending the night.
Lucky me.
Yeah, well, you've got a standard-issue jump suit an armed guard, and a major head injury.
- You're not the luckiest guy in the world? - Yeah.
Could be worse, could be dead.
No arguing that.
Dead would be bad.
Hey, it's the other guy who started it.
- Is that so? - Yeah.
I've made mistakes, but that guy's a wrong number.
I'd stay away from him.
Thanks for the advice.
I'm gonna go check on the guy in Sutures.
- Does he get a bandage on that? - Just a little Neosporin.
Oh - And we're gonna need some urine.
- I'll check his vitals.
You said every 30 minutes.
It's been 35.
- I'm not peeing in front of everyone.
- Use the screen.
- Hey.
- What's going on? - I'm getting to be like a regular.
- Leave the nurse alone.
It's all right.
We know each other.
- What is that? - It's called a moist-to-dry dressing.
We soak gauze in saline, then pack it in the wound.
- How'd you do this? - Jerk tried to shiv me.
What, Bible group got out of hand, huh? - He was trying to snag my smokes, man.
- These dudes will beef it up over anything.
- Thought you were trying to turn around.
- I am, Sammy.
- I really am.
- Then you gotta stay out of trouble.
Hey, BP's 125 over- Nice and easy, dumbass.
Pull the blinds, now.
- Are you out of your mind? - Pull the blinds, bitch.
Macho?" - What is this macho? - Thank you, Sveta, that's good.
- Dude, I slayed him.
- No, no, he's still moving.
But I cut off his head.
Well, I got to the Oblivion Gate long before you did anyway.
- Don't cheat, Jerry.
- I'm gonna move your old guy.
- The cops are coming.
- What for? There was a missing-persons report.
I gotta follow it up.
Who did the workup on migraine guy? Sam and Mary.
These vitals are completely wrong.
Where's Sam? - In with prisoner number one.
- What? Yeah, Steve and another guy came in.
I guess they had some sort of jail fight.
- Steve is here again? - Mm-hm.
Here's how this is goes.
You're gonna walk us out like old Steve's going back.
This is it, Steve.
You cross this line, there's no stepping back.
They got me, Sam, on all kinds of stuff.
You are such an idiot.
- I ain't getting out any time soon.
- That is what you deserve! Hey, hey, kids.
Can we move this thing along? If there's anything we haven't anticipated, this is the time to mention it.
Hey, open up.
Um, just a second.
Come on.
- Hi.
- What's going on? - Sit down.
- Come here.
Sit down, now.
Babe, tape him up.
No! No, don't shoot! Luka! - Shut up, shut up.
- Luka.
Stop! - What was that? - The crap you were gonna give Rafe.
Vec? You gave him vec? Get me the ambu-mask.
- This thing? - Yes.
That was vecuronium.
You were gonna give it to Rafe.
To knock him out.
- It paralyzes muscles, he's not breathing.
- Let's go, Sam.
- He'll be paralyzed for the next half hour.
- Good.
His diaphragm isn't working, okay? - He's gonna asphyxiate.
- Not our problem.
Look, if you leave him here, in five minutes, he'll be dead.
He needs to be intubated, please.
You want a murder rap? We're not killers, man.
Let me fix him up.
I swear, I promise you if you let me fix him up, I will walk you right out of here.
Mary, go get the van.
- Curtis- - Shut up, it's my call.
- We'll be right out.
- Hey.
Is the SonoSite in there? - The ultrasound machine? - Oh, I don't think so.
- Is something going on? - They're about to do an intubation.
Who is? Kovac? No.
No, he went over to that place where they do the head thingy.
- The head thingy? CT? - The what? - CT? - CT, yeah.
Oh, Exam 3.
That's where I saw it.
Sitting Bull was facing terrible odds against Custer.
He turned to his warriors and said, "This is a good day to die.
" That's how a soldier has to think.
That's the kind of boy I raised.
Michael would want you to have these.
To me, all they mean is that he's dead.
- This is a hard time for all of us.
- How dare you.
How dare you stand there and say that.
"A good day to die"? I was explaining the mindset of a warrior.
You could have kept him here.
- You could have saved him.
- Neela, sit down.
But instead, you made him want to go back.
For what? Because there was something noble in it? Why did you do that? When it would have been just as easy to convince him to stay for a much better reason: Because we loved him.
Because we loved him.
Neela, come on.
Let's go for a walk, okay? I can't see anything.
- Stick the damn thing in and let's go.
- It doesn't work like that.
- Luka, I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
- He can hear you? He's paralyzed, but he can hear and feel.
Come on, she's waiting for us out there.
Come on, Sammy, we gotta go.
Steve, why did you do this to me? It was his idea, I swear.
Are we going together or am I leaving you here? One more try, okay? - Enough.
Grab her and let's go.
- Yeah.
- Put your hand- - What? Put your hand right here on his Adam's apple.
Yes, push on that.
Through the cords.
Squeeze this bag.
Squeeze it just like that, okay? - I swear to God, right now.
Right now! - No.
Come on.
Thank God.
Thank God.
I'm so sorry- Ow! - He still needs help breathing.
- Too bad for him.
- Hey, Sam.
- Hey, Morris, I'll help you in a second.
- Let me get Steve off.
- Hold it.
You have a missing person.
An old guy? Mitch Keely? We need to talk to him.
He was moved.
Do you know where he is? No, I'm not sure.
You might wanna check in Sutures.
Sutures? Didn't you just come from there? Oh Yeah.
You know what? Ask at the front desk, they'll help you.
- Thanks.
- So back to the joint, huh? - Yeah, I'm a quick healer.
- Where's your fight-club buddy? They took him up to the ward for observation.
Well, nice to see you again.
Watch your back.
Let's go another way.
- This way's fastest.
That's what you said.
- But there's cops now.
Well, if we'd split right away, we'd be on the Dan Ryan by now.
Hey, Steve, we could just turn around.
We're only 30 seconds from freedom.
We are not pussing out now.
And no more smoke signals from you.
Got it? Hey, Sam, you gotta fill out the discharge.
Admin says we gotta be really tight about prisoner paperwork.
Check in Sutures.
I think I might have left it in there.
Okay, Abigail? Something's wrong.
- Something's wrong.
- Hey, sheriff, hold up.
Hey, bring it back here a minute.
Come on! Get in! - What the hell happened? - Get in! Steve, just go! Stop! Just go! Think about Alex.
Steve, stop.
I already did.
- Alex! - Get back! Go! Damn it.
If you're good to walk, move out into the bay.
The ER is closed.
Emergency, emergency.
We got shots fired by and at police.
I got officers down at County General.
If you got someone hurt by you or if you're hurt, give us a sign.
- We can move people.
- Vehicle heading north from the hospital on Franklin.
- You okay, honey? - I think so.
- Is this okay? - Please.
Need a doc here.
Hey, buddy.
- Do you know what day it is? Neck.
- Axilla too.
Can we get a gurney in here, please? - Airway's okay.
- Pulse thready.
Page Surgery.
You're gonna be fine, all right? Yeah, he's coming this way.
- He's pretty bad.
We'll take care of it.
- Hey, find Kovac.
Jerry's hurt.
- It's hard to breathe.
- He saved me.
- I almost got shot.
- Zadro, get a gurney.
Getting shot sucks.
Is that better? - Thanks, kid.
- Right, set up for a chest tube.
- O2, 100 percent nonrebreather.
- Radial pulse strong.
You're good, Jerry.
- Jerry, man, what'd you do? - I'm a big target.
Oh, tell Frank I can't cover for him on Friday, okay? - This is on you, man.
- Just shut up.
Shut up.
- Keep driving.
- Where to? Put some distance between us.
- We'll figure it out later.
- We need to figure- Just shut the hell up.
You probably killed someone back there, Steve.
One of my friends.
I thought you said you were turning yourself around.
I've been praying, Sam.
And asking God to make me a better man.
And it took a while, but he finally started talking back.
That's not God.
He said losing you was where I went wrong.
Everything would be right in my garden if I could only get my family back.
Did he tell you to do it with guns? Curtis.
Steve Curtis.
He's down to 80 systolic.
The other one, I don't know.
There's a chart.
- Where's Sam? Have you talked to her? - We haven't located your nurse yet.
We're still looking.
- I'll be right back.
- Lot of pressure here, pal.
Ah! Oh, man, I'm not liking that.
You had to go and get shot.
I was three hours away from a clean getaway.
- I can't find it.
- Keep looking.
They taking him up to Surgery? He arrested after the thoracotomy.
They're not optimistic.
- I can't do this.
- He's a big man.
Go supraclavicular.
- Supraclavicular? - Ray, sew this in for me.
The junction of the subclavian and the IJ is a bigger target.
- Are you okay, Abby? - Yeah, I'm just, um I'm all dizzy.
I hit my head.
I'll prime the rapid infuser.
Enter at the clavisternomastoid angle.
And, bingo, we're in.
Ladokern Pharmaceuticals is gonna be lucky to have you.
Ray, did Luka take your cop up to the O.
I haven't seen him.
I thought he was with you.
Is this something I never get over? No.
This is something you find a place to put and let it make you stronger.
Then you go on living your life, because that's all you can do.
That's the way he would have wanted it.
I think there's something going on at the hospital.
- Dropped his pressure.
- How you doing? Time for you to say something intended to be funny.
- Got to be bleeding in the belly.
- Belly is clear.
- Well, we're missing something.
- Units three and four going up.
- He needs a second chest tube.
- First one's in a good position.
- He had less than 500 cc's out.
- There's more in there.
- I don't see a hemothorax.
- They wouldn't let us down.
- What the hell happened? - The O.
Oh, my God.
- Any free fluid? - He may need a CT.
- It's not the belly.
- Morris.
Weaver, look at the film.
The right hemithorax is slightly opaque.
That's blood.
Don't see an air-fluid level because he's flat.
- The first tube should've drained it.
- Not if it's kinked or clotted.
- Okay.
Over a liter in the chest.
- Where's another Thora-Seal? - Next door, I think.
- All right.
Be right back.