ER s13e08 Episode Script

Reason to Believe

Previously on E.
R - Nice to meet you.
- You, too.
- And thank you for the hot dog.
- It's my pleasure.
- This is my brother, Chaz.
- How you doing? - You, uh, moving in? - Yeah.
Up at First Mission Baptist, Pastor Watkins does a drug exchange program.
What you're doing is dangerous, okay, not to mention illegal.
That TV news gal, Courtney Brown, called again.
Oh, Channel 5 Courtney Brown? What did she want? She offered me a job as a reporter.
Figured it was about time someone put something worthwhile on television.
I called you the other night, - and a woman answered.
- Yeah, I can explain that.
Rise and shine, Mayday.
Too early to be taking a nap.
- Is it morning already? - Yep.
Has been for awhile.
Crenshaw's been running me ragged.
I've been on since midnight Tuesday.
No wonder you haven't return my calls.
Surgery is not for sissies.
Listen, I want to talk to you about our mutual groping after the M&M.
- That was a mistake.
- Yeah.
You live with someone.
Yes, but not exactly.
- And there's a little girl.
- Right.
Nice kid, not mine.
- Her father is my friend.
- In the Gulf? Yep.
After we came back, he couldn't keep it together.
I always told him that if something happened, I would make sure that Sarah and Meg made it through.
That's a big promise.
I always say, "Go big or go home.
" - Hello.
- Hi.
Gates, your DVT patient is still waiting on a ride to oncology.
And the nurses started a pool on when somebody's going to finally tap your ascites guy's belly.
All right, I'll go take care of the DVT guy first.
Ambulance on its way in.
Uh, stab wound, slash, OD nine minutes out.
Wake me up in eight.
Whenever I move my head, everything spins.
My nephew says it's a tumor.
Well, your neuro exam's normal, ma'am, so it's not a brain tumor, it's not a stroke.
Stroke? This is meclizine.
You're going to take one every eight hours if you get dizzy.
Now, when you run out, you can fill this for a month's supply.
- I take that to the pharmacy? - Yes, ma'am.
And I have to pay? Yeah, but your insurance will cover some of it.
- Dr.
Pratt? - There you go.
Excuse me.
Yeah? Mrs.
Skinner's BP's 185/100.
She take the Lameretic I gave her? Sure, until she used up the samples.
- What about the prescription? - It's $60 for a month's supply.
She's saving up, but hopes her son will send her a check by Thanksgiving.
I'm going out of my way to get your people set up right.
You gotta help make sure they stay on the program.
All I need's an extra hundred grand a year.
I think that'll cover the cost for my congregation.
So what? I need to figure out a way to pay for all this, too? Hey, in for a penny, in for a pound.
- Who said that-- Jesus? - Clemens Daniel III.
My bookie.
Don't let me get wet, Teller, the water burns.
- Gotta make sure they see him.
- Please, don't leave me.
We'll get in trouble.
Them demons come through the sewers when it rains.
Ah, she's here.
- It's Bloody Mary.
- Let go, let go, it's her.
It's okay.
You know what to do.
- No, she sees us, it's too late.
- Do it, Paulie.
One, two, three, four, stay away forevermore.
See? She can't hurt us.
- You kids okay? - Let's go, Teller.
He's a doctor.
- Did she get Narcan? - No response.
- Teller! We have to go back.
- What happened? - To his ear, what happened? - He climbed over a fence.
- Did he fall? - I'll be good now.
- Probably.
- Hit his head? Maybe.
Get me a gurney, a backboard, and a C-collar, blunt trauma to the head.
Page surgery, ENT and hold CT.
- I'll come in soon as I'm done.
- All right.
Thanks, Mayday.
There be demons on the Hancock.
You can see them from the lake.
- Shut up, Paulie, they don't know.
- Couple Ativan to calm him down.
- What do you want to do about the ear? - Uh Unasyn? Two grams? Try three, irrigate the hell out of it.
- Plastics will do a flap in the OR.
- Sats are good.
- Pupils equal and reactive.
- Pinpoint pupils.
She had Narcan? - Only point eight.
- All right, let's try two milligrams.
Sometimes they need more.
No wounds to the anterior chest or abdomen.
- Corneal reflexes are intact.
- Chest is clear.
- Belly is soft, non-tender.
- Tachy at 120.
Looks like you got her back.
- Oh, my God.
- Deep breaths for me now.
In One percent lido and update his tetanus.
It's going to be okay, Paulie.
You're gonna be okay.
The Blue Lady's here.
I running around all shift, and I never got to it.
I was coming off an overnight, and I figured Gates could handle it.
He didn't and now he can't.
He's in with a trauma.
Well, it's just a paracentesis-- maybe you could do it.
Look, you're an attending.
You shouldn't have left this unfinished.
Look, I had somewhere to be, okay? What was so important that you'd walk out on a guy who'd been here all night? Church.
All right? I had to go to church.
Pratt, you're a terrible liar.
Get back here and deal with this right now, okay? Hey.
Hey! What are you doing, you chipping in on the water bill, 'cause I need Hey, Greg.
- I thought you were at work.
- Is this your brother? Yeah.
Get out of here.
No, Greg, listen Hey, get the hell out of here.
You, too.
By the time I get back, I want you gone.
Let go! Why you wanna kill me? - Stop it, or she ain't gonna come.
- Are we charting this as a John Doe? - I told you, his name's Paulie.
- Paulie what? Does he have any parents? His father's locked up in the tower by the water.
His mom was in the shelter before she died.
Paulie left so they couldn't send him to the Foresters.
Foresters? The fake family that don't ever love you.
- A foster family? - Where does he live? Under.
- Under what? - How's it here? Altered after a ten-foot fall.
No ID, history unknown.
C-spine and, uh, and chest are clear.
Lose the collar, will ya? - Head CT films.
- I don't want to stay here.
- Look look.
- How about another two of Ativan? No bleed or fracture.
What about drugs? Tox screen negative for alcohol and drugs of abuse.
- Any fever? - 98.
- I don't get why he's so altered.
- Doesn't seem like meningitis.
Has your friend been acting differently? - Ever since his arm started hurting.
- You mean, before he fell? - He only fell last night.
- How did he fall? We was in the building where nobody lives.
Paulie got scared 'cause of all the bats.
- Bats? - Could be rabies.
Hope, page Kovac.
All right, put an N-95 mask on him.
If he does have rabies, his saliva is extremely infectious.
I need to check for fractures.
No step-offs or deformities.
Full range of motion at the elbow and wrist.
See, Paulie? I told you she'd come.
Lunchtime starts at noon, so I'll be there with the crew by 11:00.
You know, Courtney, this isn't quite what I signed on for.
I thought I'd be reporting on topical medical issues, not doing puff pieces on Botox and unsanitary manicures.
Hey, that one was strong.
People all over Chicago now think twice before having their cuticles cut.
See you at noon.
This came for you special delivery.
- Baby gift? - Uh, yeah.
Charles Hadley, multiple wounds after a bar fight.
He passed out on the couch last night, this morning I couldn't wake him up.
Look at me, sir.
Pupils equal at four millimeters.
- You all right there, ma'am? - Oh, it's nothing.
- Well, we should take a look at it.
- No, no, please, I'm all right, really.
CBC, chem panel, blood alcohol.
C-spine, head and facial CT.
Dried blood at the left ear canal.
Positive battle sign.
Have a seat.
- Chest is clear.
- Abdomen soft, no rebound or guarding.
- Did he do this? - Uh, no, uh No He He didn't know what he was doing.
Are you saying your husband hit you, ma'am? Uh, uh, it was an accident.
I was helping him down on the couch and he slipped.
Uh, his elbow knocked me.
Pelvis is stable.
She's going to need a facial series.
We got a pretty sick little boy in 2, no parents.
- Just keep trying to reach them.
- We think he's homeless.
Neela and Gates are worried it's rabies.
Uh, you're good.
I'll be back.
Rabies? He was in a building infested with bats.
- How was the trauma workup? - CT's negative, but he's altered and ataxic.
A river runs through the city.
On the other side's the good streets, but - we can't get across.
- How is he doing? He's responsive, but he's not making much sense.
He's not crazy.
The stuff he's talking about is real.
- You're thinking rabies? - What else could it be? Well, encephalitis from any of a number of viruses-- West Nile, Epstein Barr, mumps, measles, varicella, CMV.
- He needs a spinal tap.
- Can we do a rabies vaccine in case? Well, if you're right, it's too late.
So, let's first confirm the diagnosis.
The quickest way is a skin biopsy.
Keep a mask on him, if we intubate, you'll all need masks, gloves and goggles.
- Tony, your buddy Cue Ball's leaving.
- What? He still needs an X ray.
- He says he feels fine.
- You handle this, Mayday? All right, I'll be back in a second.
Are you going to learn me the hard song now? Can you hold his head for me, Teller? There, you see? I'm just like a bouncer.
- I'm the guy that gets you out of here.
- Yo, Cue Ball, where are you going? Home, man, they fixed me up.
Cue Ball? Hey, I knew your parents Eight Ball and High Ball.
Your lungs sound like a bag of potato chips.
Yeah, como los nachos.
I was just translating.
- Come on, I'm putting you back in here.
- No, no, no, no.
- You need an X ray.
- No, man, I been here since last night.
- I got places to go, people to see, baby.
- Hey, sit down, Pancho.
- We'll wheel you back to Tijuana.
- I ain't Spanish, man.
He's a new volunteer.
We're still training him.
Oh, here comes your pimp.
I'm done with this.
Cue Ball, get back here, come on! - One X ray, Cue Ball! - Hey What? Why didn't you tap my ascites guy's belly like I asked? I was in trauma.
What was I supposed to do? What I told you.
Oh, so, I'm just supposed to take all your scut, huh? - Yo, don't turn your back on me.
- I got stuff to do.
No, the only thing that you have to do, is the stuff I tell you to do.
You really don't want to do this right now.
- I don't want to do what? - Get in my face.
Then stop acting like you don't hear me when I talk.
You want to have a job this afternoon? You better stay where you are.
Can you touch your nose for me? Paulie, can you hear me? If you can hear me, can you touch your nose? How's he doing? Intention tremor with worsening ataxia.
Bit my lip.
Skin biopsy came back positive for rabies by DFA.
- Rabies is 100% fatal.
- 99.
There was a little girl in Wisconsin.
- That was one case.
- We're going to make it two cases.
- What's this? - New England Journal of Medicine.
You need to order ketamine, midazolam, ribavirin, - and amantadine from the pharmacy.
- We're going to induce a coma? Titrate the midazolam to suppress brain activity.
Gives the brain a rest while we administer anti-virals.
Also, we need to call neurology.
He's going to need continuous EEG monitoring.
There are no isolation beds in the PICU.
He's gonna have to stay down here for now.
- Luka, this guy's taking a nose dive.
- I'm coming.
- Did you notify public health? - Already on it.
They're bringing in CDC.
Okay, good.
Anyone else exposed needs rabies prophylaxis vaccine and immune globulin.
Our party animal's more disoriented.
Head CT shows a basilar skull fracture.
- No intracranial hemorrhage? - We got lucky there.
- GCS is down from 14 to eight.
- Mr.
Hadley, open your eyes.
He's diaphoretic.
Are the labs back yet? No, not yet.
We need to repeat the head CT, see if there's a delayed bleed.
- Sats dropping.
- Okay, 100% non-rebreather.
Kovac, some guy called a couple of times, didn't leave a message.
- Did you get a name, Frank? - He wouldn't say.
Okay, why are you telling me this, Frank? I thought you'd want to know.
It's probably a creditor.
Great, thank you.
Thank you, Frank.
- You doing an accu-check? - He's not a diabetic.
No, but if he's a chronic alcoholic who's not eating, he might be hypoglycemic.
- There it is-- blood sugar is 34.
- That's pretty low.
Amp of D50 and 100 migs of thiamine.
Yeah, I guess he's a bigger drinker than we thought.
He wasn't always this bad.
Advanced liver disease diminishes his glycogen stores.
His body can't respond to low blood sugar.
What the hell is going on? Mr.
Hadley, do you know where you are? - Ch-Chicago.
- You're in the hospital.
When's the last time you had something to eat? It's been a couple of days.
I guess I've been on a bit of a bender Cancel the CT? Yeah.
- Here.
- What the hell is that? It's the belly tap from my ascites guy.
Send it for a cell count, culture and cytology.
Whoa, hope you didn't get that hitting a patient.
Why are you even here? Paracentesis on a pass-on Gates couldn't handle.
Uh-huh, welcome to being an attending.
What, you-- you di-- you and Gates didn't-- You know what? I don't need to know.
- Hey, how's the lip? - Better than your hand.
You hit like a girl.
Yeah, okay.
Look, I'm sorry for blowing my cool like that.
I was having a terrible morning.
That's no excuse, so if you want to file a grievance with Human Resources, - you can call - I was there, too.
It's not the first time I let something like that get out of hand.
Have you tried getting into a program to help you stop drinking? Like I want to hear everybody else's problems.
What good is a lot, a lot of talking gonna do me? Not gonna bring my son back.
He died? Was a DUI.
He got his mother's looks and my alcoholism.
What about what you're doing to your wife? I don't know why she hasn't left me before.
It should be, should be me, Doc.
- Should be me that's dead, n-not Kenny.
- She came in with an injury.
Did you hit her? - What? - Did you hit her? - I would never, never hurt my wife.
- But you did.
If I did, it no.
It w-wasn't on, w-w-wasn't on purpose.
- I love her.
- Check his glucose in an hour.
I-I love her.
I'll be back.
Do you think the concussion and the low blood sugar contributed to this? To what? Well, I think he's altered, and he hurt her accidentally.
Well, we have to report it.
If it's nothing, it'll get dropped.
- But the wife said he never hit her.
- The police will sort it out.
- Hey, hey.
- What? What? What? She's got a bruised face.
So, you want to put him in a locked facility with a bunch of criminals? You heard him.
He won't get any help unless he's forced to.
It's time someone scared some sense into him.
You might be right about this, but I Look, let's try this.
You be the resident, I'll be the attending, okay? Okay.
Can I help you find something, Dr.
Pratt? What? No.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah-- are we out of diuretics? Uh, I think there are some samples over here, but The free sample closet.
Hope, you genius.
I thought, uh - Aren't you not working this shift? - Yeah, that's right.
Well, then, why are you I'm running a little low on some stuff for some people I'm helping out at church.
Church? I didn't know that you volunteered at church.
Nah, this is not going to be enough.
Do we have anything anywhere else? - Come on.
- There was a drug rep here earlier.
- Maybe they restocked? - Drug rep? She even brought pizza.
Very sweet girl from Dayton, Ohio.
My family's originally from Akron, so we had a lot in common.
I think her name was Dora.
- Here you go, buddy.
- I'm not hungry.
Well, it might make you feel better, and this soup is the bomb.
I mean, seriously, we call it the bomb soup down here.
You eat this soup, you're going to fart like a cannon.
Ketamine's ready to go at two migs per kilo per hour with Ribavirin loading dose of 33 migs per kilo.
When's Paulie going to wake up? I don't know.
We're going to make Paulie sleep for a while, maybe a couple weeks.
Hopefully, his body can heal.
Amantadine needs to be given by mouth.
All right.
Hey, Paulie, can you hear me? I need you to take a little sip of water here.
The rabies are making it hard for him to swallow.
-Drop an NG.
- That's not why.
It's because Bloody Mary saw his face.
I'm going to put a tube down his throat to help him breathe.
- Ten of SUX, 20 of etomidate.
- Pulse ox is only 82.
Ambu bag.
Yankauer with suction on high.
Okay, let's move that.
Teller! Neela, what do you know about the placement of the hernia mesh? Must be parallel to the peritoneal sac.
And? Laterally, the mesh covers the abdominal wall, reflects on the iliopubic tract, and covers several centimeters of the psoas.
Paulie can't breathe! You have to come help! - Who the hell is that? - You can't be in here, Teller.
You have to come help.
Paulie can't breathe! Go back downstairs.
I can't come with you.
You have to.
You're the Blue Lady.
Please? Please, just help Paulie.
You need to wake him up.
I can't, Paulie's very sick.
But I saw you.
That other girl, she was asleep and you woke her up.
- You brought her back to life.
- That was different.
You can't say no.
You can't! I know your secret name.
And one day One day, every day is going to be Sunday.
Diuretics, calcium channel blockers, oral hypoglycemics.
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, proton pump inhibitors, beta-agonist inhalers.
Enough meds for 90% of your people.
It was fast work.
- How'd you manage it? - I sold my soul to a drug company.
Well, not exactly my soul.
Give me those.
I'll go lock them up in the closet.
Uh, Greg's told me about what you're doing here.
I'd love to be a part of it.
That's why I took my break time to help out Dr.
- Uh are you a med student? - Hope Bobek.
I'm an intern.
It's the same thing as a first year resident, but they call us interns.
I don't really know why.
- I love old churches like this.
- Do you? It's so big.
Yes, it is, isn't it? It's estimated that between ten and 20% of youth in this country are obese.
A condition which leads to increased risk of diabetes, - heart disease, high cholesterol - Lucy's choking! Somebody help ! Sweetie, honey, can you breathe? Can you speak? Okay, here we go.
All right.
I need some help here.
- Look out.
- Kerry, what's happening? Probably has a piece of food obstructing her trachea.
Hang in there, Lucy.
Here we go.
Okay, get me a kitchen knife with a sharp point and a drinking straw.
Now, go.
This is going to hurt for a second.
Ready? One, two, three Oh, she's cutting her throat.
- He's still sleeping? - Yes.
He's got peripheral IV's for continuous sedation and anti-viral therapy.
He needs a central line if he's gonna do blood products and, - uh clotting factors.
- Central line is too risky with a DIC.
- He could bleed out.
- Well, we gotta do something.
- What about a saphenous cutdown? - Lily, betadine.
Thanks for getting down here so fast.
I thought we were gonna lose him.
- She had to come.
- Ten blade.
Curved hemostat.
- He says I'm the Blue Lady.
- Ahh.
When I was a paramedic, we used to run homeless kids like this once in a while.
- 3-0 silk.
- Survival.
They have to make up a story about their world.
Helps them get through it.
It's not a story.
It's real.
God took a boat across the lake 'cause he couldn't fight the demons in Chicago.
There were too many of them and they're always out to hurt you.
Like Bloody Mary? Demons turn you into druggies or whores.
One shot my brother from his black SUV.
- Eleven blade.
- What about good spirits? - Any of those? - The angels could save you.
They ate the Millennium light and stop the Hawk from frostbiting.
So the Blue Lady can save you if you're hurt or sick, huh? She has to.
If you know her secret name.
Triple lumen catheter.
- Look, Ellie.
- I told you not to stay.
I told you you'd get us in trouble.
It's okay.
She's gonna fix Paulie.
Are you leaving? I've tried to make him get help.
He won't listen to me.
I've lost a son and now it looks like I'm gonna lose a husband, too.
Well, not if you don't want to.
How bad does it have to get before he realizes that there's a problem? Does he have to doze off with a cigarette in his hand and burn the place down or fall through a glass door? Well, alcoholism's a disease.
I mean, maybe the two of us together can convince him to get some treatment.
I love him.
I really do.
And he's a good man.
He just can't seem to get over this.
I think he's starting to understand that he needs to make some changes.
Hemmerdinger's been DC'd, Winston is in radiology and Barnaby died.
- Now, listen, about the Hadleys - Abby Look, they love each other.
They're struggling right now.
- You're defending spousal abuse.
- I don't think that's what happened.
- The guy's an alcoholic.
- Yeah, well, so am I.
I already reported it.
The cops are on their way.
Lucy Mothley criked for upper airway obstruction.
What happened? I was doing a stand-up in a middle school lunch room and she started choking.
I know you probably think that I wanted to move in here because of this.
You told me that you wanted to be closer to school.
I did, and I thought maybe we could be brothers like we talked about last year.
So you, uh just didn't need a little bit more privacy than living with the family could get you, huh? It's not like that.
You lied to me, and I'm not cool with that.
- I didn't lie.
- I'm not cool with it.
So what, Greg? What, if I hadda told you the truth? Then you would have been cool with it? You think this is easy for me? It's not like this has been going on a long time.
It's just, just something that happened.
I don't know, man.
It's like a phase or something.
- He's bradying down.
- Mig of atropine.
- Where you been? - I was helping Dr.
Pratt with something.
Sorry Lost the pulse.
Starting compressions.
I can do that.
- Call Kovac.
- Amp of epi.
It's hard to bag.
There's a lot of resistance.
What's the rhythm? He's absent breath sounds on the left.
Could have had a small pneumo that converted to tension with intubation.
- There's still no pulse.
- Looks like V-fib.
Charge of 360.
The rabies can damage the conduction system of the heart.
- Charged.
- Clear! - No change.
- The virus is too advanced.
Hundred of Lidocaine.
I don't think he's going to make it.
- Hundred of Lidocaine.
- Paulie.
Teller! Clear.
Hey, wait! Come on, let's go! Stop it! Please! Let us help you! You both need medicine so you don't get sick like Paulie! I thought you were going to save him! It's not her, Teller.
She's just a doctor.
Tell him you're not the Blue Lady.
Please! You could have what Paulie has! Please! Neela! We need you inside! We got him back! - What? - The rabies kid.
- He's got a rhythm, a pulse and a BP.
- That's not possible.
Tony put the pulse ox on his finger and the kid grabbed his hand.
It's, it's like a miracle! Come on! Hey.
You're still here.
Oh, I wanted to make sure that she was okay, and I got permission from her parents to air what happened.
- Why? - Are you kidding me? If a male doctor pulled that off on TV, he'd have his own syndication deal.
- Yeah, well.
- No, seriously, Kerry.
That was, that was pretty incredible.
I'm, I'm still buzzing.
How do you come down from something like that? Uh a glass of wine and a hot bath at the end of the day help.
Sounds good to me.
All right.
- Ketamine is at two per kilo per hour.
- He's got spontaneous eye-opening.
That's a good sign, but we need to deepen his coma.
Let's double up on the midazolam drip and I'll check back later.
Boy, he's got goosebumps.
I'll go get a warming blanket.
He's putting up a fight.
He still has a long way to go.
Hope's right.
It's a miracle he's alive.
Maybe you are the Blue Lady after all.
I mean, if I was those kids, I'd sure as hell want to believe that.
If you believe in something hard enough What? Well I've talked myself into things that weren't true plenty of times.
What sort of things? I don't know.
Like, uh stuff about myself, my job, people in my life.
Everything seems to be a lot clearer now, though.
I have something to do.
- I'll see you tomorrow? - Yeah, okay.
You never told me what your secret name was.
You're the one that gave it to me.
Mayday? Well, Teller must have overheard you.
You never told me what it means.
She doesn't want to press charges, but the fact is he hit her.
- Can I talk to you for a sec? - Just a minute.
That's still need to get a statement from the wife.
- That's fine.
- I'm going to Ike's to get some dinner.
I'll pick you up there.
Uh, listen, before you do that, there's something else I need to ask you, in private.
You okay, doc? What is it? It belongs to my son.
It was sent to me here.
See the initials? C.
-- Curtis Ames.
He was a patient of mine.
I think he's trying to threaten us.
Maybe he just wanted to return it.
Look, he followed my wife and child to the park.
I'd like you to go talk to him.
Help me protect my family.
Okay, well, give him four more ounces, and I'll be back in a half hour.
All right, bye.
Cell phones.
How'd we ever survive without them? Sorry.
That was my baby-sitter.
Aren't you a little old to need a baby-sitter? - It was for my baby.
- Oh.
Well, aren't you a little young to have one of those? - Can I buy you a beer? - No, thanks.
I never touch the stuff.
So boy or girl? Boy.
Uh, six months.
Do you have kids? - Five.
- Five? Yep, a boy and girl of my own and three stepdaughters.
- Do you live in Chicago? - Texas.
- Texas? - Yep.
- You're a long way from home.
- Yep.
What are you doing here? Well, I came up to see an old buddy of mine.
In the hospital.
But I walked into the lobby, I looked around, chickened out.
Why? Well, you know, you know, I buried a few friends over the last couple of years.
- And hospitals make me queasy.
- Yeah.
Well, me, too.
And I work in one.
You're a nurse, huh? I used to be a nurse, but now I'm a doctor.
- Really? - Yeah.
- What's so funny? - Ah, nothing.
Why are you laughing? It's just, uh Well, the only doctors I ever met were white-haired old guys with glasses and necks like turkeys.
Well, I guess I've got that to look forward to.
- What do you do in Texas? - Oil.
Tycoon? Don't I wish.
No, I work the rigs-- machinist.
Ever seen an oil fire? Seen one? Hell, I started one.
Can we have our chips, please? What are you gonna eat in the movie? That's why we got licorice.
Think fast, Horndog.
Think fast.
- Good hands.
- Thanks.
- What do you think of this kid? - Seems okay.
Kind of polite, quiet.
Yeah, all the common traits of a serial killer.
I can't believe she's gonna be dating soon.
Listen, Meg, there's been something on my mind.
Yeah, me, too.
Really? Yeah, I've been thinking about moving forward.
I think Sarah's old enough to accept it now.
In fact, I think it would make her happy.
What would? Us making this permanent.
- We've danced around it long enough.
- No, no, no, no.
That's not what I meant.
Meg, I can't do this anymore.
Us living together, but not really living together.
Sleeping with each other when we need to.
It's too easy, it's like a placeholder.
I think it's stopping us from getting on with our lives.
What are you talking about? This is our lives.
I don't want it to be.
We fell into this, Meg.
I care about you and Sarah, but I have to do my own thing.
What's her name? Come on, Meg.
What? So you want to screw some other girl, it won't be the first time.
They never last.
It's more than that.
You think you can keep what you want, and leave the rest? Be part of our lives, but not commit? - It doesn't work that way, Tony.
- I've committed fully for a long time, Meg, and you know that.
We love you and you love us.
I know you don't want to blow that.
You know, Chicago winters can be pretty tough on asthma.
- You should get a flu shot.
- Nah, I hate needles.
Just come by the E.
, I'll do it myself.
I promise I'll be gentle.
Luka, this is? - Eddie.
- Eddie.
- You the husband? - We're not married.
- You ready to go? - Yeah.
Well, Eddie, it was nice to meet you.
And remember, flu shot.
Thanks for the advice and the company.
- Nice meeting you.
- You, too.
Do you want to talk about what's bugging you? No, you don't want to talk about it, or no, nothing's bugging you? Something was, but I took care of it now.
Nothing to worry about.
Rasgotra? I'm sorry.
I must have nodded off.
You've been working a lot, huh? It's coming up to 30 hours now.
Do you want me to get you something? Oh, no, I'm fine, thanks.
How is he? He needs to be in a coma for two weeks, until increased levels of rabies antibodies appear in his cerebrospinal fluid.
And then we'll wean him off sedation, see if any neurologic function returns.
I prayed for him at church today.
I heard that his friends have a whole story about demons and spirits.
Who are we to judge, right? Everybody needs something to believe in.
I will see you tomorrow, Dr.
Good night, Hope.