ER s13e10 Episode Script

Tell Me No Secrets...

Previously on ER: There is no settlement.
We agreed to the meeting as a show of good faith in case we went back to trial.
See the initials? C.
Curtis Ames.
I think he's trying to threaten us.
Do you want to talk about what's bugging you? I thought I'd be reporting on topical medical issues not doing puff pieces on Botox and unsanitary manicures.
- Luka, this is Eddie.
- Eddie.
- Uh, you're the husband? - Oh, my God.
Meg, Sarah, this is Neela.
Hey, Greg.
Can a straight guy go through a gay phase? I think it's more likely that he's gay.
That's what I like to see.
A brother taking his education seriously.
What you got here? Art History final today.
We pulled an all-nighter.
- We? - Chaz, do you have an extra toothbrush I can borrow? Oh.
I'm Nicole.
This is my brother, Greg.
- Morning.
- Nic's my study partner.
She lives on campus and it got a little late - I hope we didn't make too much noise.
- Well, I didn't hear a thing.
Tongue stuck in bowling ball, waiting on a drill Bedbug couple, 1% hydrocortisone.
Probably need an exterminator, too.
Those critters are nasty.
Sleep-eater guy wants a prescription for a padlock.
- For his refrigerator.
- Hey, Ray.
Patient in 3 is ready for transfer.
How do we do that? - What about belly pain in 2? - Small bowel obstruction.
You need to fill out a transfer packet to document the reason for transfer and consent for transfer and stability for transfer.
If you don't do this, then it's an EMTALA violation and a big fine.
- Got it.
- So, uh We're okay, right? Yeah, these look pretty self-explanatory.
I mean about keeping you and me under wraps.
Gets out that we're dating, it could get weird around here for you.
- Oh, for me? - Uh-huh.
- You two make such a cute couple.
- What? Her and me? No, we're not - Dr.
Weaver, what should I - Uh, sorry, you got to talk to Morris.
- I'm due at the station.
- You must be excited about tonight.
Tonight? What's tonight? Dr.
Weaver's special report on the Channel 5 News.
Hey, everybody.
This is Ben Parker.
He's a new RN, all the way in from Savannah.
- Hi, Ben.
- It's nice to meet y'all.
Looks like we got ourselves a Southern boy.
- Yeah, a real Georgia peach.
- Hey ! Since it's his first shift, let's try not to scare him off.
We need him to come back tomorrow.
- I give him five days.
- Three, we'll make it 40.
What's up, man? - Hey, Kerry, you on today? - Not anymore.
- All right, what am I walking into? - Uh, we got slammed at midnight.
- But we're under control now.
- Good.
Uh, I just wanted to say thanks for the advice the other day, but I'm happy to let you know, you got it wrong this time.
- Advice? - Yeah.
As it turns out not everyone who experiments is gay.
Excuse me? Talking about my brother Chaz.
It was like he said: It's just a phase.
- Is that so? - Yep.
Hey, you remember that girl he took home for Thanksgiving? Well She spent the night.
My brother's straight.
Gee, Greg, you must be so proud.
What? No, that's not That's not what I meant.
What I meant was, uh Uh, you, you know what I meant.
And you're not my only black friend.
Joe, next time try eating your apricots not throwing them.
Hey, do you think this is funny? So the budget committee's pressuring you that much? Yeah, and girls don't like when you wear your food.
Trust me.
Yeah, they're all over me about it.
How much they want you to cut? They want me to cut an attending.
- What? That's crazy.
- Yep.
This is between me, you and Joe.
What's it like out there? Is it too cold for Joe to go to the park today? I can't believe they want you to cut an attending.
How does the budget committee expect us to do our job when Luka? Hey! Luka.
What is up with you today? You're acting so weird.
You running out of the house without any shoes on, - without a jacket - I saw a tow truck.
And I thought my car was parked on the wrong side of the street.
What, they don't have alternate-side of-the-street parking in Croatia? Danielle Davis, 13, unresponsive with heavy vaginal bleeding.
- BP: 90/60 in the field, up with a liter.
- What happened? Somebody found her down the front steps of her school.
- Danielle, open your eyes.
- What is it? Syncope, head trauma with a vag bleed.
Or it's an ectopic pregnancy and she's bleeding out.
I'll clear a room.
Hang on, Danielle.
We're going to take good care of you.
Well, you may have torn a ligament.
Looks like a case of boomeritis.
- Uh, that sounds bad.
- Okay.
Pacheco, you better warm up before working out, and you might want to consider taking up swimming or bike riding instead.
He's going to need a knee immobilizer, crutches and Vicodin.
Boomeritis? You come up with that? Hey, Morris, I'm going to need you to sign off on this.
- Probable ACL tear.
- So how's Katey working out? Uh, who? - Katey.
Aren't you supervising her? - Oh, no, not me.
Hey, is it me or do the med students keep getting younger every year? - What's she like? 24? - Uh, I don't know.
I've never noticed how hot she is.
- What? - What? I didn't say anything about her being hot.
- I mean she is hot, but - Ah, well.
You have to be certified as an MICN in order to take, uh, radio calls, but in the meantime you can use it to do status check.
Somebody get an ortho referral on my knee guy in Curtain 2? - Yeah, I'll take it.
- Thank you.
There's a new course starting next month.
I'll get you the details.
Sounds great.
Thank you.
Hey, Dawn, is the white count back on my gallstone guy in Curtain 3? He needs another four of morphine.
- Sure, I'll get to it in a minute.
- Whoa, whoa, Hope, about your newlyweds with flu symptoms, why would you prescribe "Long walks, holding hands and romantic dinners.
" Oh, um, I sensed tension in their young marriage and when we're tense or stressed, our immune systems weaken, which as you know, limits our body's ability to fight off infections and viruses.
I felt if, uh, Andy and Phyllis carved out more time for one another, they could strengthen their marriage, thus speeding their recovery and protecting them from future illnesses.
- Oh, you can't - Bitch, it's mine, and I want it.
Come on now; you stole it, and I want it back.
Now! Sir, you're going to have to calm down, okay? This guy has been acting up since he got here.
Sir, what are you missing? When I came in here, I had a five-carat ring in my pocket.
And now it's gone.
And this bitch stole it.
Come here.
- And give me my ring.
- Hey, hey, hey.
You shut your piehole and you come with me.
- You okay, Hope? - Yes.
Thank goodness for Ben.
Yeah, he really took charge.
You can say that again.
All right, come on, come on.
Let's break it up, all right? All right, get back to work.
Not a big deal.
I think we just got shown up by a "murse.
" - Huh? - A male nurse.
- Oh, that's bad.
- Yeah.
He's pretty macho, though, huh? Pupils four millimeters and reactive.
Contusions and lacerations to the labia.
CBC, coags, type and cross.
- She was assaulted.
- Pregnancy test is negative.
Let's get her to CT to rule out brain injury.
I'll check on CT and notify OB.
- C-spine's clear.
- When is she going to be able to talk? - I don't know.
- Her clothes need to be inventoried.
Of course.
Okay let's use Dermabond to fix this forehead lac.
- She probably hit her head on the school steps.
- Scanner's ready in 20 minutes.
Trying to run away from whoever did this.
Gates, surgery is down on your belly pain consult.
- I'll get there when I can.
- We're okay here.
Gates, go.
Hi, this is Dr.
Put her on a portable monitor.
- I'm going to go call this in.
- I've got an unconscious kid down here; - clear the scanner.
- There's a Mrs.
Arrida out here.
- She's from the girl's school.
- Okay.
Okay! Timmy, we're going to need an evidence bag.
Sure thing, Doc.
I'm the Vice Principal at Lakeside Academy.
How is Danielle? Uh, she's not very well right now.
- Oh, my God.
- Please.
- Do you know what happened? - No, no one saw anything.
We've never had anything like this at Lakeside.
Okay, what about her parents? Have they been notified? The school nurse called, but had to leave messages.
- Okay, they need to be here.
- Danielle's mother is here.
- She works at County.
- What's her name? Gilliam.
Angela Gilliam.
What makes you think it's a small bowel obstruction? Abdominal pain, distension, no bowel movement for three days.
There's no history of abdominal surgery, no adhesions.
He's too young for a colon lesion.
Upright? How's that? That better? Air-fluid levels, but no dilated loops.
Not consistent with obstruction.
Well, you can't be sure, you know.
Sometimes things aren't always the way they seem.
-Listen, about the other night - Stop.
It's over.
I told Meg it's over.
Maybe for you, but any idiot could see from the look on her face that it's not over for her.
It's an ileus.
The bowel's asleep.
Doesn't help that he's been popping Vicodin four times a day.
Just give him a laxative and wait for him to poop.
That's ileus-- I-L-E-U-S.
My assistant pulled me out of a staff meeting.
What's the emergency? - There's a patient in Trauma 1.
- Okay, let's go.
- We couldn't discuss this on the phone? - Look, we don't know what happened.
- They found her outside of her school.
- Luka, what's going on? - We think she was sexually assaulted.
- Who? Uh Angela, it's Danielle.
My baby.
My sweet baby girl! Okay, truly, and you explain to me how this happened? Well, Wes-- that's my boyfriend-- he's always talking on his cell, but when I'd ask, "Who are you calling? Who are you talking to?" he gets all secretive on me.
- Does your old man do that to you? - No, my old man's pretty cool.
Lucky-- anyways, me and Wes are in bed, and his cell rings, so I rolled over and grabbed it before he could.
- That's pretty smart, huh? - Very smart.
Anyways, Wes gets all mad, starts chasing me around the room, and I see that it's "Debbie" calling.
So I say, "Who the hell is Debbie?" He tells me it's none of my damn business.
And that's when you decided to swallow his cell phone.
Okay, I'm going to order an X-ray and we'll find out if we can pull it out here in the ER.
- If not, you're going to need surgery.
- Oh, it's one of those real tiny ones.
I could stick my finger down my throat to try to barf it up.
- Hey, Abby, you got a sec? - Hold that thought.
- This is Ben Parker, new RN.
- Hi.
Abby Lockhart.
Abby, you're the nurse that became a doctor, right? - Yeah, guilty as charged.
- Got seduced by the dark side, huh? Well, I use my powers for good, not evil.
- Abby's an R3 now.
- Nice to meet you.
Oh, I forgot.
There's an asthmatic at Triage asking for you.
Okay, uh, I'll be back when GI gets here.
- What is it? - You hear that? It's probably that stupid bitch Debbie calling.
- Sounds pretty wheezy.
- It's been worse.
- How long you been off your medication? - Since my prescription ran out.
And that was when? You giving me steroids? Yes, we're sorry, but only for five days to knock down the inflammation.
And something tells me that you didn't get your flu shot.
I'll add that to the orders.
How's your buddy? You know your friend here, at County? You going to visit him? - Better.
Yeah, he's doing better.
- Good.
You'd be doing better if you quit smoking.
- You two ever smoke? - I did, but I gave it up.
Miss it? Hey, you work here, too.
- Small world.
- Yeah, hi.
Uh, can I talk to you? - I need you in Trauma 1 now.
- Sure.
Can I get a chest X-ray, PA and lateral.
- And I'll be back.
- Yeah, you got it.
I need you to do a rape exam on that girl we brought in this morning.
- She's Angela Gilliam's daughter.
- Oh, God.
How's Angela? - Keeping it together, just barely.
- Okay, I'll find you when I'm done.
- Officer Hollis? You have a minute? - Sure, doc.
Maybe we can get some coffee sometime.
- Can we talk outside? - Sure.
- What do you think? - Maybe.
Don't tell me I don't have it.
I've read all about it! Okay, well, then you should know, then - Fecal leukocytes negative.
- All right, thanks.
There are no known cases of avian flu in the US.
Maybe I'm the first.
I demand you give me Tamiflu.
You have no flu-like symptoms-- no fever, no cough.
I've been in direct contact with questionable poultry.
You cannot contract avian flu from eating take-out chicken chow mein.
- What caused my diarrhea? - It could be a stomach virus, - food poisoning - And avian flu virus does not cause diarrhea.
Viruses mutate.
It happens all the time.
Dawn, get Ms.
Martinelli two of Loperamide, QID, PRN, and dispo her before she convinces me we all have it.
All right.
Katey, nice work.
- I have a good teacher.
- How long you two been dating? - Uh, we're not dating.
- You're not? Mm, my bad.
- It's all ready.
- Thanks, Haleh.
Okay, Danielle, um Let me explain what we're going to do.
All right? First, we're going to put your feet in these stirrups.
Then I'm going to examine you inside with this.
It's called a speculum.
It has a light in it.
When the speculum is in, I'm going to take some swabs and sweep inside, and then I'm going to irrigate with water and remove that with a syringe.
Okay? Okay.
Can you scootch down towards me? A little bit more.
All right, here we go.
Hey, why did you blab about Katey and me when I asked you not to? - What are you talking about? - Everybody knows, even the patients.
I didn't say anything, I swear.
- Hell, man! I like this shirt.
- That's a fag shirt.
Look, just cut it out, all right? No - There's no spitting in the - Incoming! We got to get a mask on this guy now.
Ben ooh! Your friend's acting up again.
- Yeah, I see that.
- Up yours! Ew, who knows what kind of diseases he has! Yeah, exactly.
So don't just stand there.
Help me find a mask.
No, I've seen guys like this bite through masks before.
Where'd you learn that? It's just a little parlor trick I picked up at Savannah General.
Haven't seen that one before.
Can I get you some fava beans and a nice Chianti? Dr.
Morris, um, I need you to see my patient in Curtain 1.
What's the problem? - Well, he complains of a migraine, but - Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Did you say migraine? - Yes, but Hope, would you drive a Lamborghini to a laundromat? Hitch Seabiscuit to a plow? Have Eddie Van Halen play air guitar? No.
I'm Dr.
Archie Morris.
I don't do migraines.
I think it's more than that.
You think? Look, I don't want a restraining order.
I want him arrested.
I know you're frustrated, but Ames hasn't done anything illegal.
What? So he has to hurt my family before anyone will listen? I wouldn't worry about this guy.
He's just a poor sucker, working a crappy job.
And if you pursue this, you might piss him off for real.
- Piss Ames off? - Look, do yourself a favor: forget Ames.
He's already forgotten about you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
The rape exam evidence for Danielle Davis is sealed and waiting for your signature.
- Just see Haleh.
- Yeah, thanks.
Take it easy, doc.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
Did you send Danielle's cultures to the lab? Yeah, GC and chlamydia, and I told them to rush the vaginal washings.
Okay, I better get back in.
- She's still pretty agitated.
- Okay, try a mig of Ativan.
- Is your daughter dating anyone? - She's 13.
You'd be surprised how young they start these days.
- Luka.
My husband, Paul.
- Hi.
Was Danielle raped? Well, the initial results are negative for the presence of sperm.
Thank God.
But there's something else.
Well, it looks like Danielle was assaulted with a sharp object.
It appears she was cut and penetrated repeatedly with a razor blade.
- What kind of monster would do this? - I'm so sorry.
Which one of you two saw Danielle last this morning? I usually drive her to school, but I had an early meeting, so Paul took her.
- And what time was that? - About 7:15.
Anyone see you drop Danielle off? - I don't know.
- What time did you get to work? - Do you need to do this now? - How is that important? - Mr.
Gilliam, let's step outside.
- I'm staying here with my stepdaughter.
Some lunatic has cut up our daughter and you're treating my husband like a suspect? - Mom what's going on? - That's enough.
Come on.
I know you have a job to do, but I can't have you upsetting my patient.
- That wasn't our intent.
- Paul, listen to me.
Listen to me.
The police want to catch whoever did this to Danielle as much as you do.
- Of course, but - So just go answer their questions, and then you can rejoin your family.
Everything's going to be okay.
I need you talk to me.
Danielle, honey, do you know who hurt you? Yes.
Then tell me.
I can't.
You'll be mad.
Just looking at it.
How'd he get it in so deep without hitting any vital structures? Wow, he managed to stay outside the brain, miss the internal carotid, optic nerve and pituitary.
Lucky bastard.
Hey, I heard you guys had a cool case.
- Is that a - Ice pick.
What makes someone shove an ice pick in his ear? Ran out of Q-tips? Guy was hearing voices, wanted them to shut up.
Yeah, but I wonder why he didn't try pulling it out himself? Said the demons in his head would get loose if he did.
- Hey, is this an ER case? - I'd say Neurosurgery.
- Nah, ENT.
- Definitely Psych.
I say we page 'em all.
Let 'em fight it out.
Hey, where you going? You don't you want in on this one? Nope, nope, nope, nope.
I'm leaving it all in your capable hands, Archie.
Nice move for an old dude.
What's up, man? - How'd you get back here? - I got some moves of my own.
- I don't doubt that.
I don't doubt that.
- So how was the art final? - It was nothing.
- Okay.
- Can I talk to you about something? - Uh, yeah, yeah, go ahead.
- Is there some place a little more private? - Uh Yeah, come on.
- If this is a bad time, man - No, no, it's all good, man.
So, uh, does it have anything to do with this morning? - Uh, yeah, kind of, man.
- Let me tell you something, man.
You and I-- definitely brothers.
You got good taste, man.
The girl is fine.
- Greg, listen, I - Heads up.
I think you got the impression, and I kind of gave you the impression, that - something happened between me and her.
- Well, it sure looked like that to me.
The truth is Nicole and I are just friends.
Man, I mean, like her and she's cool to hang out with, but I'm not hitting it.
That's cool.
It's nothing.
Trust me.
- Give the girl time if that's what - Greg! I'm gay.
I mean, you said it was just a phase.
I mean, you're 18.
Come on now.
What do you? Look, you just need to meet some new chicks Look, all the talk in the world about chicks and sports isn't gonna change me.
- So you were lying to me? - No, I was lying to myself.
And I'm not going to do that anymore, man.
This is my life! - And I'm sorry if it makes you hate me.
- I don't hate you.
Oh, you don't hate me, but can you deal with it? Are we still cool? Pratt, can I give your vomiting guy another five of Compazine? Look, I-I can't do this right now.
- It's okay.
I can do it.
- No, no, I better.
Um look, I gotta go.
- Ooh! - Sorry.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
I have a bunch of eighth graders with gastroenteritis.
Potato salad left out too long in the cafeteria.
How's it going in there? Surgery's coming down to rule out intra-abdominal injury.
Seems Danielle knows her attacker, but won't say who it is.
- What, is she protecting someone? - I don't know.
Well, what does Hollis think? - Hollis? - Hollis, the cop.
That you were talking to about Danielle.
He doesn't know much more than we do.
Your bar buddy's still here.
Oh, shoot.
I have my eighth graders.
- No, don't worry.
I'll take care of him.
- Thank you.
He's had a couple of treatments for asthma exacerbation, but if you clear him, you can send him home with Albuterol and Prednisone - and I'll have Sam bring in the X-rays.
- Okay.
Hey, doc.
You draw the short straw? You taking care of me now? Dr.
Lockhart's with other patients.
I'm only guessing, but you're not from around here.
No, Croatia.
- Long way from home.
- Well, this is my home now.
You have some mild wheezing.
First-time visitor myself.
I probably should've come in the spring.
A friend of mine told me winters could be tough.
It's not too bad.
You, uh planning on raising your son here? Abby told me.
You mean Dr.
Lockhart? - Luka, you need these? - Yeah, thanks, Sam.
I'm not discussing my personal life with patients.
Okay, Sam, five of Albuterol and check on him in 30 minutes.
- Have me paged if somebody needs me.
- Listen, doc, if I spoke out of line Wait.
No, no, sir.
Don't touch it.
- Don't touch it.
- Okay.
It's official.
Every department has passed the buck.
Surgery, Neurosurg, and ENT? Uh-huh, they all claim it's not their problem.
What are we going to do? I say we pull it out.
Come on.
Come on, let's show those wusses that the ER is not afraid of a No, no.
- Push three of Versed.
- I don't know.
It's kinda The films show it missed everything on the way in.
So all we have to do is ease it out along the same path, and admit him for IV antibiotics.
- I know, but what if - Not to mention, this is a publishable case report for any ambitious med student, intern or resident.
- Well, it's not the craziest - No! - The guy can't walk around - If we don't it, he's gonna do it himself.
Who wants to do it? - I'll do it! - Attagirl.
All right.
Don't wiggle the handle, Hope.
- Just give it one good tug, okay? - Don't be nervous.
- Now, relax, and pull, gentle, but firm.
- Okay.
- Is there any pain when I press here? - No.
- How about here? - Uh-uh.
I'm gonna need to take a look inside you.
They already did that.
I know, but I'm checking for other things.
- It's okay, honey.
- Angela.
The detective is asking if you could step out for a moment.
I need to stay with my daughter.
It's okay, Mom.
You can go.
I want you to.
If that's what you want.
I'm going to see how deep the cuts are.
They're not bad.
I know.
How do you know the cuts weren't deep? Honey did you do this to yourself? Please don't tell my mom.
- How many loads you hauled out today? - Four.
The boss wants to make sure you get that load you left in the corner last time.
Hey, go screw yourself.
Ames? - Man, what are you doing here? - We need to talk.
Man, I'm working now.
This is not a good time, all right? - I don't care.
- Ames! I don't pay you to chitchat.
Is it okay if I, uh, if I take my break right now? Ten minutes.
You're lying.
Check my time cards if you don't believe me.
It wasn't me.
I don't even know where you live, man.
And it wasn't you in the park.
And you didn't send me my son's toy.
- Your initials were on it.
- Why are you doing this to me? You sent the police to my job.
I can't have you doing that.
- This job is all I got left now.
- Stop playing games.
I'm just trying to live my life and make it through one more day.
My family is gone.
My house is gone.
I'm living in my car.
- My damn car.
- That's not my problem, okay? What is it you want from me? You've been watching my family, following us.
That stops right now.
I would never do anything to hurt your family.
I know what it's like to lose one.
You do, too, right? I heard that you were married once with kids.
Must be horrible going through all that.
I gotta get back to work, all right? Listen to me, Ames.
Come near my family again, I'll kill you.
- I'm so sorry, it's all my fault.
- No, no.
It was my idea.
Maybe I pulled the handle too hard or I Hope, no, no.
You were the only one in the entire hospital to step up to the plate.
I'm proud of you.
- So how is he? - The human shish-kebab will be fine, no thanks to that incredibly imbecilic stunt of yours.
Hey, how were we supposed to know the handle would break off? Okay, all right, just for fun, let's pretend that you each had even a modicum of grey matter that you somehow managed to fashion into some crude, rudimentary semblance of a brain.
Maybe then you would know that you never pull out something near a vital structure unless you're in the OR.
We remove foreign bodies all the time in the ER.
Pulling a vibrator out of someone's ass not the same thing.
Hey, hey, Dr.
Bobek acted under my supervision and my orders.
You got the halfwit leading the dimwit.
Look, you obnoxious boor.
The ER works damn hard for every patient we see.
We acted in this guy's best interest when no one, not even surgery, would give him the time of day.
Now, did we do something that didn't work? Yes, fine.
It happens sometimes; I will take full responsibility.
But at least we got off our asses and tried to help.
Oh, well, gold stars for the ER asses.
Hey What is it about your need to belittle other people? Does insulting someone make you feel like a man? Bolster what little self-esteem you're clinging to? Wow, you know I can't even begin to imagine what happened in your life to make you the kind of person that everybody hates.
I could kiss you right now.
Really? Hmm now it's gone.
Sorry this took so long.
It's just kind of the way things work around here.
Oh, I didn't mind.
Uh, don't forget to fill your prescription and remember you need to take the Prednisone with food.
Yes, ma'am.
If you say so.
And you need to follow up with your doctor in a week.
Um what are your office hours? Um, I can refer you to the pulmonary clinic.
- Ah, that's all right.
I'll work it out.
- Okay.
Hey, hey.
Where'd you disappear to? Dr.
Kovac, I need to talk to you.
I'll see you later.
He seems like an interesting guy.
Could use a little work on his bedside manner.
Well, it's been a rough day.
- Hey, Abby.
Weaver's coming on.
- Okay.
Uh good-bye, Eddie.
- Take care.
- Good night.
- Did I miss anything? - No, I think it's on after the weather.
Timmy, Channel 5 now.
Pretty easy once you get the hang of it, huh? Yeah.
Look, I appreciate you showing me the ropes today.
Oh, please, I was once a, uh brash, overconfident new nurse myself.
I just hope that we haven't changed your mind about County.
No, not yet.
Why don't you let me buy you a drink or take you out to dinner just to say thank you.
- You mean like a date? - Does it sound like a date? Kinda.
You can call it whatever you want.
Just say yes.
So, uh, did my incarcerated hernia guy? - Still in line for the OR.
- What? Do you think he needs a colostomy? Well, uh, it'll have to wait until I get there.
Hey, Ray, you forgot to fill out the consult request on your CF'er.
- This is Dr.
I was paged.
- Thanks.
I'm sorry about that.
Hey, and, uh you guys got to knock it off.
I'm talking about Katey.
She's a med student, Ray.
- I'm not gonna be evaluating her.
- Doesn't matter.
I don't want you distracted or your judgment impaired.
My judgment is fine.
Besides, it's not like it's not going on around here all the time.
Yeah, well, as long as I'm running the floor, it isn't, okay? Tell you what, Pratt.
When it's your business to know about my love life, I'll let you know.
- Hey, hey, she's on.
- Shh, somebody turn up the sound.
Last week, while looking for cans and bottles in the dumpster behind me, - two homeless men found - Weaver's a real natural.
what they thought was a child's discarded doll.
Wow, this really turned out good.
- It's only TV.
- You're kidding, right? Shh, Henry just fell asleep.
How many patients do you treat in one ER shift? 25, 30 tops? - I don't know.
It depends.
- Okay, well, on TV, you can reach a hell of a lot more than 30 people, and still help them.
- No, it's not the same.
- Yeah, but it still counts.
Oh, my gosh.
I can't believe it's me up there.
Yeah, well, you better get used to it, because you're really very good.
I couldn't have done it without my producer.
Hey, you heading out? Thank God.
- It's been a long day.
- Yeah, this place can suck at times.
Better leave while you can, huh? Uh, you know, Pratt's right.
It's not cool to date a student.
- So now this is your business, too? - No, I'm only saying.
She's nice and everything.
I mean, I like her, but But what, Neela, what? Nothing.
I'm concerned.
Well, thank you, but I'm good and Katey's good.
In fact, things are going great.
- Well, then, I'm happy for you.
- So, what's this really about? - What? - Why do you care all of a sudden? We're friends, right? That's what friends do.
Talk about the people in each other's lives.
Oh, oh, that's how it is.
Well, okay, friend, um, how's Gates? 'Cause you know what? I'm really not into playing your games anymore.
- What are you talking about? - Do you really think I'm gonna hang out waiting for you to find out that he's just jerking you around? Neela, you made your choice.
You can't have it both ways.
Gilliam, if you can think of anything else, give us a call.
Thank you.
- Is your husband back? - He'll be back soon.
The police wanted to look at Danielle's computer, see if she kept a diary.
Angela, I need to tell you something.
Uh when Danielle was being examined by surgeons, she told the doctor and the nurse in the room that she did this.
She cut herself.
That's not possible.
- They must have misunderstood her.
- Well, she said she's done it before, but today she couldn't control the bleeding.
She got frightened and she tried to run home, and that's when they found her.
She also said a boy kissed her before class today.
He tried to reach under her skirt, she pushed him away, - but she said she remembered something.
- Remembered what? That's when she went to the girl's room and cut herself.
- Luka, I don't understand.
- Angela Danielle talked about something that happened to you in Detroit, something she witnessed.
Oh, God She saw When Danielle was nine, a man came to the door of our apartment, said he was doing repairs in the complex.
He wore overalls and carried a tool box, so I let him in and he raped me.
Danielle was playing outside.
I never thought she had any idea.
I never told anyone.
Not even Paul.
I didn't want to upset Danielle.
I just wanted to put it all behind me.
- What did I do? - This isn't your fault.
What did I do? I was so busy trying to keep it all together I didn't even see what my own daughter was going through.
You did what you thought was best.
You were just trying to protect your family.
Hey, Neela.
- Neela, wait up.
- Oh, not now.
Really, not now.
Didn't get the chance to tell you earlier: I'm moving.
Oh, yeah, where? Well, I haven't actually found a place yet, but I so don't have time for this crap.
Look, it's not like I can just walk out of there tomorrow.
- No? - No.
Sarah and Meg have had it rough for a long time - and they've come to count on me.
- Yeah, it must feel good to be the big hero.
I promised my buddy a long time ago - that I would take care of them - Oh, yeah, right, the promise.
Tell me, was sleeping with your best friend's wife part of the deal, too? It wasn't about that.
You know, you're not making this easy.
Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize I was supposed to.
Look, right or wrong, yes, Meg and I sometimes Maybe it was out of comfort or convenience or loneliness.
I don't know what you want to call it, but it wasn't love and we both knew that.
Just stop.
Stop lying.
You're right.
You're right.
I haven't been honest for a long time.
For ten years, I've dealt with people and things in my life in a way that I wouldn't have to get too close.
Oh, and I suppose now you're going to tell me that it's different.
Hell, yes.
Since I met you, I've been a mess.
You're making me think about the way I want my life to be, the way it could be.
I am? My train's here.
Hey, Chaz, Chaz.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, man, what are you doing? - Wait in the car for me, okay? - Sure.
- You don't have to leave.
- Yeah, I do.
- I never said I wasn't cool with it.
- You never said you were.
All right, look, I-I work on gay patients all the time.
I work with gay doctors, but when it comes to my own blood, I I just need some time.
That's all.
Some time.
That's funny.
Greg, you're a lot more like Dad than you realize.
It's not coming out like I mean.
I could see when I told you you weren't okay with it.
And maybe you'll never be okay with it.
I sure hope someday you prove me wrong.
So, tomorrow, they're taking Danielle to a private facility.
Well, it sounds like she's getting the help she needs.
Yeah, yeah, it's going to take some time, but I think they'll all get through it.
Abby, you asked me about where I went.
Yes, and you said something about "nowhere.
" - I went to see Curtis Ames.
- The patient who sued you? That guy in the park, when you lost Joe's toy, that was, that was Ames.
How do you know? And this morning, he was on our street.
He has been following us.
What? - I don't have proof, but today - Wait, you didn't say anything? - No, I just I-I thought - Luka.
I-I've been walking all around Chicago with our son.
- I know.
- and the babysitter takes him out every day.
And there's a crazy, angry guy following us? - Well, it's over now.
- How do you know that? You don't know that.
- I know because I took care of it.
- How did you take care of it? I took care of it.
Hey, let's just go home.
We can talk about it there.
Taxi! - Abby, what are you doing? - The train is too slow; - I just want to get home.
- Okay.
I can't believe this.
I cannot believe you didn't tell me.
- I didn't want you to worry.
- You didn't want me to worry? - I thought we were past this.
- Past what? - What are you talking about now? - This-- in our relationship-- This need you have to protect me or, or shield me from the hurts of the world.
Why are you bringing all that up? It's different now.
- We're different people.
- Yeah, that's what I thought.
Look, I know I should have told you, but this is just about Ames.
- Don't make it about us.
- It is about us.
I'm going.
Are you coming or what?