ER s13e18 Episode Script

Photographs & Memories

Previously on E.
Neela, I want you to say hi to Mae Lee Park.
- She's our new surgical med student.
- Hi, nice to meet you.
- I so appreciate you taking time.
- Oh, it's my pleasure.
Look me in the eye and tell me you're not getting married.
- If you tell anyone, I'll kill you.
- The wedding is on.
What am I supposed to do? "Hey, can I have some of your DNA? I want to find out if I'm your father.
" What if I'm not? - I'm going to send Alex away.
- Mom, I don't want to stay here.
Mom, please.
Mom, I'll be better, okay? Neela - No, no, I'm not buying that silly excuse.
- 35, 22, 14.
62 You've been cleaning the room for three hours.
My patient needs a tele bed right now.
- You hear me? - 35 - Hello? - 21 Hey, what the hell is wrong with the phones? - Pratt, here's your new medical student.
- What new medical student? - Larry Weston.
Third year UIC.
- Yeah, why wasn't I told about this? - I'm telling you now.
- Great, great.
- Look, Barry, I - That's, uh, Larry.
It's fine.
Yeah, I'm sorry about that, man.
Look, I didn't know you were coming, and I'm getting off pretty soon, so Morris, he's gonna Uh-uh, don't look at me.
You know what, there's a Dr.
Gates working today.
You find him and tell him that Dr.
Pratt said that you're going to be shadowing him all day.
- Dr.
Gates? - That's right.
You can't miss him.
Swarthy kind of guy, always has his hands in his pockets.
- Got it.
- Great.
I always knew you had a cruel streak.
Hey, Pratt, can you sign off on my thumb versus table saw guy? Thanks.
Anyone know who's on surgical call? - 15-- I think Neela is, why? - Hey, guys.
- It's Sam's birthday.
- No reason.
Drinks at Ike's later.
And everybody has to sign her card.
Please, could you find a bigger card? Despite what you've been told, Ray, size does matter.
I'm going to get coffees.
Anybody want one? - No.
- No, it's cool.
- I'm good.
- You okay, Frank? - Oh, my back's a little stiff.
- It's fine.
- Okay.
- Morris, what are you doing? - Oh, it's a well-known medical axiom.
If the ages of all the patients in the ER add up to 1,000, you can go home.
- So far I'm up to 781.
- Is that for real? I heard your shift is over when you treat a pirate and his parrot.
All right, look, look, nobody's going anywhere unless I say so.
And I say, Ray, infected tummy tuck in Two.
Morris, we got a rig pulling in any minute.
And you can go out and - calculate that.
- 25, 29, 81 Knuckleheads.
I'm surrounded by knuckleheads.
Hey, Luka.
I really need this.
- Long night last night? - Sam, can you give me a hand? Yeah, sure.
Don't worry, your caffeine fix will be waiting for you at the admit desk.
- Hey Happy birthday.
- Thanks, Luka.
Alfred Gower, 63.
Blocked G-tube.
Under hospice care for end-stage esophageal cancer.
- Hospice? Why is he here? - It's a G-tube.
It's a comfort measure.
- What the hell? - Been at it ever since we picked him up.
Ma'am, you need to stop that.
Hey, I hear we're going out for drinks after for your birthday.
Oh, no, it's not a big deal.
We don't have to.
You know what, lady, you're gonna have to knock it off.
I'm gonna rip that camera right out of your hand.
It's okay, miss.
She's with me.
You know what, I really don't care, you're in our way.
Come on, I'm authorized.
Come on, smile for the camera, birthday girl.
Hey! Knock it off! - Can I help you with something, Morris? - No, but I can help you with one word.
- Las Vegas.
- Pardon? Okay, two words.
It is the hot venue for destination weddings.
- What? How did you? - No, no, no, don't- don't worry.
I've been sworn to secrecy.
So Las Vegas.
It has glitz, glamour, Celine Dion Abby and I are not exactly the glitz and glamour type.
Well, there are plenty of cultural things to do, too.
The Hoover Dam, Liberace Museum - Nudes on Ice, page 48.
- Morris, I'm not talking about this.
And if I were you, I wouldn't mention it to Abby either, okay? What about for your bachelor party? Did I mention the brothels in Nevada? - They're legal! - What's legal? - Uh cockfighting in Louisiana.
- Good to know.
- You all right? - I'm great.
I'm great.
And I'd love to have this chat, but I think I hear Frank calling me.
Yep, there it is Frank, what's up? Uh, hello.
I'm Doctor Lockhart.
- Uh, so you fainted at the, uh - Sun n' Go.
- I was waiting for a tanning bed when - She passed out.
It was awful.
- Did you have breakfast? - Mm-hmm.
Diet soda and two saltines.
Well, that doesn't really sound like breakfast.
We're gonna be tan and thin for spring break if it kills us.
- Yeah.
- Well, you're on your way.
Hey, Sam, can I get two liters of saline and a chem panel? Mm-hmm, sure.
That's some color you guys got there.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
You know, tanning puts you at serious risk for cancer.
Ever think about a self-tanner or spray-on tans? Yeah, you don't want to have skin like leather when you're in your 40s.
We're still at an age where we care how we look.
Uh we're gonna need to keep you here while we wait for you labs.
I cannot believe we just got dissed by those walking raisins.
I hope it rains every day on spring break.
- Oh, happy birthday, by the way.
- Thanks.
Hey, Mr.
Gower, we got a new G-tube in your size.
You can't unclog it? They tried flushing it, but it didn't work, so doctor's gonna have to replace it.
Let's forget about the G-tube.
I'll buy us all a steak and a bottle of Cabernet.
That's tempting, but how about I get you a pureed meal and an Ensure chaser? Somehow that doesn't quite make it.
Uh I didn't get a chance before.
My name is Diana Moore.
Sam Taggart.
Listen, about earlier Don't worry about it, no problem.
Uh, no, I wanted to say that even if you are authorized, you can't get in the way of us doing our job.
Um, okay, won't happen again.
Don't blame Diana, she's dedicated to her work.
- What is that, patient paparazzi? - Yeah, actually.
I'm documenting hospice patients through their deaths.
But I keep mucking it up by continuing to breathe.
It's all about you, isn't it? Look, I got to hang around long enough to convince her to run away with me to Cabo.
- And I'm holding out for Maui.
- Okay, Maui.
- Okay then.
- Sam do you have someplace I could stash my stuff and maybe upload some photos? You know what, let me check.
I'll be back.
Hey, Frank.
Can I get a pureed meal for trauma one? - You're asking me because? - Make it mashed potatoes and turkey.
- Somebody's getting bossy in her old age.
- I'm only 28.
Yeah, well, live it up while you can.
You're about to hit the big 3-0.
I'm not afraid of turning 30.
Morris, I got the G-tube for Mr.
Well, I think you should be.
That's when gravity takes over and everything north of the equator turns south.
- What? - He means you got a very small window before you go from "Miss" to "Ma'am," skinny jeans to relaxed fit, blonde highlights to little black chin hairs.
- Oh, that's so wrong.
- No, really Larry, I realize you're a smart guy, and I know Pratt assigned you to me, - but I do my best work alone.
- But I really want to learn.
Categorize the charts here.
- You want it by patient name, arrival time? - Surprise me.
Hey, Frank, you know anything about Bluetooth technology? - What the hell is a Bluetooth? - I'll take that as a "no.
" It's my little thing that's broken.
I can't dictate my notes into it.
Get a secretary.
- Oh.
Getting coffee.
- Hey.
Uh tea.
Excuse me.
- Honey? - Yeah.
What? Um sorry.
- You busy? - Very.
- How long you been working on the project? - About a year.
- I'm going to go.
- Me, too.
And you don't find it a tad morbid? Well, yeah, I mean, it's been known to stop a few conversations at cocktail parties, but I'm not really just documenting the end of somebody's existence, I'm telling the story of people's lives rich with history, - engaged in the struggle to survive.
- But don't they ever want to let go? Yeah.
Could be beautiful, too.
You know? Seen a lot of dying in my life.
Just made me want to live more.
What do you mean a lot of dying? Well, name a war or civil unrest since Somalia, Chechnya, Tiananmen Square, Iraq.
I can see why you're a big hit at parties.
Mm, yeah, well You know what, when their eyes start to glaze over, I trot out the stories of the famous fashion photographer I worked with in Paris right out of high school.
Paris? Wow, I always wanted to see Paris.
nothing to tie me down.
- You know what I mean? - Oh, yeah, sure.
Then I went through, like, this, like, avant-garde stint for awhile that didn't pay the rent, so I tried nature photography.
Think models have attitude? Try working with a moose.
- It's an exciting life.
- Grass isn't always greener.
- You like photography? - Oh, no, please.
I'm lucky if I don't put my finger over the lens on the disposable camera.
I got to go.
Use the room for as long as you want.
- Excuse me! Coming through.
- Hey, what do you guys got? Uh, Derek Marchak, 32, driver of a jackknifed truck on the Dan Ryan.
My wife! Where's Mary?! - Good vitals, deep lacs, abdominal pain.
- We'll call her as soon as we can, sir.
No, no, she's with me.
She always rides with me.
They were cutting her out when we left.
It's gonna be awhile.
Truck was mangled pretty bad.
- I got to go to her! - No, no, no.
As soon as we find her, we'll let you know.
Okay? I promise.
Corey Hales, semi versus compact, sheared the roof right off the car.
- Tachy to 132, systolic 74, sat 94.
- Was he conscious on the scene? Went apneic in the rig, GCS 7.
Vincent Hales, restrained driver.
Corey, Daddy's here.
Hang in there, buddy.
- Why isn't he boarded and collared? - Refused at the scene, - wanted to be with his boy.
- Not acceptable.
He was walking and talking with good vitals.
His son was crashing, I wasn't about to argue.
- He's gonna be okay, right? - Sats down to 83.
Okay, let's move it! Lungs clear, breath sounds are equal.
- Let them know we moved Mr.
- Belly soft, stable pelvis.
- I'll get his arm for you.
- CBC, trauma panel, type and cross.
- Got a flash.
- What happened, man? I don't know, it was all so fast.
Okay, we need a tox screen, an EtOH level as well.
- Hey.
- Hey, Mayday.
I, uh, I got a page.
I'm Dr.
Rasgotra from surgery.
- Does anything hurt? - Not really.
- My wife-- did they bring in my wife? - Just relax, let us work on this.
I'll find out for you.
Alert and oriented.
Vitals good, just need surgery to sign off.
Lower extremities clear, no step off's, no deformities.
- Some nasty knee surgeries? - Medial meniscus, ACL, anything? Both.
Old war wounds.
- Oh, yeah, where'd you play? - Bunch of places-- Indiana, Ohio I was pretty good for awhile.
Can I get you to sign this real quick? - What is it? - Consent to treatment.
We need you to sign before we can do any labs or tests.
Where it says "patient signature.
" He may have hit his head harder than we thought.
All right, better get a scan.
Sam, call CT.
Good mechanism for ICH, right? Yeah, car crashes are a leading cause of TBI.
- Phone's out.
- Irrigation tray, - four by fours and sterile saline.
- Do you see the cords or not? SAT's only 81.
- Stop and bag him up.
- Does your phone work? - No, I got it, I'm in.
- Are you in pain, Mr.
Hales? Someone take him to Exam Three.
Get a C-collar on him and - have a resident check him out.
- No, no, I'm staying with my son.
- Chuny, call for a vent.
- No, she needs access first.
His pressure's too low.
He's too clamped down.
We were driving back from Ohio.
Went to see my parents.
Okay, IO going in to the left tibia.
Run a liter of NS through the IO.
Place another one on the other side.
- I'll do a subclavian.
- BP's 76/24.
- What's that mean? - His pressure's too low.
- He might be bleeding internally.
- Hey, Sam, is Neela next door? - Yeah.
- Can you please ask her to come in here? I've got a stab wound to the neck in triage.
- I can't find anybody in a white coat.
- Pratt, you go.
Pulse is in the 140's.
First unit's almost in.
Hanging O-neg in the other IO.
Damn, I can't get a flash.
Heard you had a hypotensive kid in here with no good access.
Should I put in a femoral? Yeah, go ahead.
- Hey, I saw him after the accident.
- 18 gauge and cordis introducer.
He was driving the truck, wasn't he? - He's the one who caused this.
- We don't know that, sir.
Hey, you! I'm talking to you.
Look what you did to my son! Mr.
Hales, you need to calm down.
- And you killed them! - Is that kid going to be all right? - You killed my wife and daughter! - If you don't control yourself - What he's saying, is it true? Did I do that? - What am I supposed to do? You killed my wife and daughter.
- How much in so far? - Almost three liters.
- Vitals? - Pulse is 138, BP 75/29.
- It's okay, son.
You're doing great.
- Fluid's not touching him.
That's because it's not getting into his circulation.
- S.
joint disruption.
- Pelvis fracture.
I'll get the T-pod.
All the fluid we're running into his lower extremities - is pouring directly into the fracture.
- He needs access above the break.
- How do I get this thing on? - I'll show you.
- Mae Lee.
- Dr.
Dubenko sent me to observe.
You can do an IO up there? It's a little trickier to get the position right, but, yeah, you can.
- 200 mikes per kilo of factor 7-A.
- I'm in.
Running the blood up here.
He should go upstairs for angio, and then maybe the OR.
- You mean an operation? - Perhaps.
But he should be okay.
You hear that, buddy? It's all good.
CT results.
We got word on your wife.
She's being choppered in.
- She'll be here soon.
- Did they say how she is? - Uh, no, but I'll get an update.
- Thanks.
Well, good news.
Your neck is fine and your brain looks normal and healthy.
Yeah, I bet.
If I wasn't so damn stupid, my wife wouldn't be coming here by chopper, - the kids wouldn't be hurt.
- You need to be observed overnight.
We'll keep you down here till we find you a bed.
You should rest now, Mr.
Okay? So, birthday girl, you been your sexy on now that Alex is away at the fancy boarding school? It's not fancy, Morris.
I sent my kid there because he needs help.
More than I can give him.
Of course.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, but now I feel like I might have made mistake.
I've been e-mailing him, calling him, but he's ignoring me.
No, no, no, you did the right thing.
Alex needed help.
It might take him some time to adjust, but don't worry, everything's going to turn out fine.
I hope so.
Hey, Frank, any updates on the chopper with the trucker's wife? - Negative.
- Any calls for me? Double negative.
Hey, Abby, awesome save on that boy today.
Thank you, Hope.
You were a big help.
So, um, there's something I'd like to talk to you about if you have a minute? I don't really right now, but maybe later? - Sure, no problem.
- Yeah, Alex Taggart.
- Has he gotten any of my messages? - Sam, my pancreatitis guy needs orthostatics, an NG tube, and a repeat blood gas.
And give the results to Kovac, I'm out of here.
Will you just tell him that his mother called again? Thank you.
What's this? Oh, no, Sam, you don't have to "Te don'ts before you say "I Do".
" "Taffeta or tulle, it's up to you.
" - You getting married? - Me? No.
It's just This is wedding research that I've collected over the years.
It weighs a ton.
How long you been doing research? - Since I was ten.
- Ten? What's it doing here? Well, someone I know is getting married, and I thought she might like to borrow it without getting angry or hurting me.
I would have no idea how to plan a wedding, if and when that ever happens to me.
Weddings are wonderful and they're magical, and Oops.
So sorry.
Well, I would be honored Sam, to help you when your day comes.
Wow, Tony, I can't believe you let me do a paracentesis.
Well, Larry, my philosophy is 90% of learning is doing.
I was wondering, though-- as an intern, don't you need supervision? You know, let's just keep that between you and me, okay? Nobody really needs to know about it.
People like Kovac, Pratt.
- Yeah, got it, got it.
- Hey, Neela.
Why don't you go check on the charts.
You know, double check them, - be thorough.
It'll be fun, okay? - Yeah, cool, cool.
- Need help? - Thanks, but we're I've got it, Neela.
Lucien wants you to stay down here.
Lucien does? - How are things? - Good.
Sarah spent the weekend with her grandparents, which is good-- to gave me time to think about everything, you know? I'm going to talk to her about what Meg said and the - whole paternity test thing.
- Any idea how she'll take it? I don't know, I'm still having a hard time with it myself.
I mean, if there's anything I can do I don't want to put you in an awkward position.
- No, I know, but if I can help - I don't want you to feel like you have to do anything more than you want to do I know, but I mean Actually, you know I just don't know how I fit in.
I understand.
I totally understand.
- I'll keep you posted.
- Okay.
- Bye.
Unrestrained passenger.
Prolonged extraction.
- Blunt trauma to chest.
- Abby.
Hypotensive, hypoxic with respiratory distress.
- Okay, Trauma Two.
- Updated vitals? - BP 90 palp, pulse 120, 89% sats.
- The Expressway crash? - Is this Mary Marchak? - She needs an airway.
Seven and a half ET tube with a scope and a curved blade.
Paradoxical chest movement on the left.
Pulse is thready.
Flail chest.
- Pupils equal and reactive.
- You're okay.
O2 sat 86%.
CBC, trauma panel, foley, chest, pelvis and C-spine films.
- How long have you had that? - Didn't know you cared, Lockhart.
- Drugs are in.
- I don't.
- Find my later and I'll check it out.
- Have fun, kids.
- The Medi-van's right outside.
- Oh, great, - 'cause he's really anxious to get home.
- He's a fighter.
Well, doctor's gave him three weeks, it's been three months.
- He's also quite a character.
- Hmm, yeah.
I just want to make sure he's set up before I get my things.
- I'll start packing it up for you.
- Thank you.
Thank you, Ms.
It's been a pleasure.
Till we meet again.
- Cordis introducer.
- Spleen looks good.
Damn it! Where's our blood? Blood bank says ten more minutes for cross match.
Fluid by the liver, hemopneumothorax on the left You need me? Yeah, not big enough to cause tamponade.
- Crit 32%.
- Sterile 6's to me and Mae Lee.
Second chest tube, and 10 blade.
Neela, why don't you give the first one a chance to work.
- There isn't time - We don't have room.
Hey, hey, wait! There are too many people in here and a full ER out there.
- Abby, go clear the board.
- Morris Pratt's shift is over and Kovac is at a meeting.
- Someone needs to push charts.
- Fine.
Sam, find me a cell saver now, please! Please What's going on? I can't see anything.
How's Mary? The doctor's are doing everything they can.
- But is she going to be okay? - Found one.
She has to be okay.
Please, please, she's my whole life.
- Mary? Honey, I'm right here.
- I found it.
- You're going to be okay.
Just hold on.
- Ray, set it up.
If this doesn't work, we're going to have to think about thoracotomy.
For blunt trauma? Survival's one in 400.
That's because we don't usually do it until after they arrest.
Make the incision in the anterior axillary line.
BP 65.
She could have a cardiac laceration.
The scan showed minimal fluid in the pericardium.
Hold your hand on the clamp so it doesn't go in too far.
I can find it with my finger, but can't get the tube in.
Extend the incision.
Like this.
Let me show you.
- Scalpel.
- Heart rate's dropping.
Hang another O-neg and call the blood bank again.
Sat's 82.
Come on, Neela, she's getting hard to bag.
Get the Thora-Seal, Morris.
She's going to bleed out.
She's getting blood.
Do the thoracotomy in the OR.
- She's bradying down.
- Morris, she'll die before she gets there.
- This is the only time we have.
- Okay, okay, you made your case.
Thoracotomy tray.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How was your meeting? - Oh, long, boring, unnecessary.
- Sounds fun.
- How would you feel about eloping? - Eloping? - What brought that on? - Morris knows we're getting married.
- Oh, you know, I bet Hope told him.
- Hope knows? She's got this bizarre wedding ESP.
Morris suggested we should get married in Vegas with Celine Dion.
Well, we need to shut them down before they tell everybody.
How do you do that? Beat them with a bag of oranges? I hear it doesn't leave any marks.
- Or we could just talk to them.
- That's that's much better.
- Hey, Lockhart.
- Hey.
- Ready to play doctor? - Yeah.
Um, come on in here.
- Unzip your flight suit.
- Usually I get dinner first Quiet, or I'll give you a rectal just for the hell of it.
- Nice bedside manner.
- Did you get a flu shot? Good breath sounds.
A few crackles at the base.
Any change in exercise tolerance? Yeah.
I get a little short of breath about halfway through a lap dance.
Thanks for the visual.
You know, I'm not much for complaining, but, um - What? - Back in '01, after the towers fell, me and my buddies jumped in my truck.
We drove straight through to New York.
We worked the pile for a couple weeks, not that we found anyone alive.
You think that's what caused this? Well, we kept working, breathing in pulverized concrete, glass, dust particles laced with benzene, dioxin, asbestos, lead Were you wearing any protective gear? According to the government and the EPA, we didn't need any.
Always reliable.
They got a name for it-- Trade Center Cough.
Some of the guys got it.
They're sick-- asthma, lymphoma, leukemia.
One of them died in January.
Pulse ox is okay, but it could be better.
If I have something, or if I'm going get something, I want to know.
I'll order a chest X ray and some labs.
This is just between us.
Even my wife doesn't know.
And I don't want to be grounded while they dick around - trying to prove a scientific link.
- Okay.
I'm on till 8:00.
- Probably have your results by then.
- Lockhart? I owe you.
- Okay, here's some light.
- I see the pericardium.
- Mayo scissors.
- Give two units FFP.
I feel a defect.
- Surgery, what's the story? - Blunt trauma, flail chest.
Hypotensive despite fluid resuscitation and transfusion.
We hooked up the cell saver to recycle the blood while I put in the second chest tube.
- There was a small amount of fluid in the - Pericardium.
And I thought maybe there was a ventricular laceration from a fractured rib, so we decided to do a thoracotomy.
There was a defect in the ventricle, and now Neela's holding pressure on it.
- Excellent, Mae Lee.
- Wait a minute.
That is not ex I'll take it from here.
There's still a couple of surgical consults in the ER.
Why don't you go see to them? I'll do the repair with Mae Lee.
- Yeah, well, I've already - I've got it, Neela.
I've got it.
Okay, visualize the injury to see if Self-portrait.
Ovarian cancer, first time around.
First? But they say the third time is the charm.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm pissed off and annoyed.
Are you in treatment now? Two more sessions.
Least, this time, I didn't lose my hair.
- Yeah.
You look great.
- I feel fine.
I felt fine when they first diagnosed me.
Who knew a few days bloating was stage four? Yeah.
Unfortunately, thehere's no reareliable screening tool.
Just need money and research.
We're still the poor stepchild of the breast cancer publicity machine.
All those pink ribbons.
Do you know what color is associated with ovarian cancer? Teal.
I mean, what is that? It's not blue, it's not green.
I'm guessing that your illness has something to do with your project.
My cancer was my wake-up call.
It made me more passionate about living, about doing the things that make me happy.
Not worrying about the stupid stuff.
Happy birthday.
What? No.
What? No, no.
- I can't I can't take that.
- Yes, yes, yes, you can.
Companies give me free stuff all the time.
Really? Thank you.
Use it.
It's fun.
- Yeah.
- Point and shoot.
Just remember to move your finger.
- Odd place for a bee sting.
- Ah know.
Ah din't Best not to talk, okay? Half cc of one percent lido and epi.
That should make her tongue nice and numb.
And got it.
You can suck on some Popsicles until the swelling goes down.
And, next time you go jogging, make sure to keep your mouth closed, okay? - You get all that? - I'll write it up right now, - and add it to the rest of your charts.
- Good.
How's that going, by the way? All done.
Except, well, I didn't want to mention it, but I found several spelling errors.
Well, you know that was just a test to make sure you were paying attention.
And you did very well.
Bravo, Larry.
Gates, I'm not your personal answering service.
Uh no, there's no "Seymore Butts" here.
Hello, Sarah.
Where are you? Grandma and Grandpa drop you off? Yeah.
They say hi.
Look what I got.
Wow! Fancy.
Who's going to pay for it? Grandma and Grandpa are paying for it.
And they say that now they'll be able to keep in touch with me better, and it's going to be really good for emergencies 'cause I'll have it, - and then you'll be able to - All right.
I'm sold.
I'm sold.
- But we're going set up some rules.
- Of course we are.
Did you have a good time? Yeah.
Grandpa let me ride ride Beauty.
She's the one that's completely jet black with a white spot in the middle of her forehead.
- Sounds like fun.
- Yeah.
And they told me all these stories about mom.
Like, when she was my age, she took Grandpa's car for a ride without asking.
Yeah? Well, don't get any ideas.
Do you think maybe you'd like to spend a little more time with them? Sure.
Maybe, I don't know, you think you might want to live with them? Well, I don't know.
I mean, my school's here, so I can't really do that.
And all my friends are here.
You're here, too.
I mean, why would I want to do that? Just asking.
Come on.
Let's get my stuff, get out of here.
Charge the internal paddles.
Tie the suture while they prepare to defibrillate.
Tie the knot.
- Mae Lee, tie the knot.
- Charged! Clear.
Clear! Still no response.
Mae Lee, tie the knot! - Get out of my way.
- Got it! Could be hypocalcemic from massive transfusion.
She's also hypoxic from the pulmonary bleed.
Clear! Still no pulse.
She's in pump failure from cardiac contusion.
Resume internal compressions.
- Oh, come on.
- V-fib again! I don't think we're going to get her out of it this time.
No, she's coagulopathic.
I can't stop the bleeding.
- 30 joules.
- Okay, clear.
Stop, stop, stop.
Stop it! Stop it! There's nothing more we can do.
Stop it.
It's over.
It's over.
Call it, Ray.
Time of death: 13:25.
Repair of a cardiac laceration is way beyond a fourth-year medical student.
I did the repair.
Mae Lee put in one stitch.
I was already there.
I was in a much better position to assist you.
You're going to have to learn to share the sandbox, Neela.
Mae Lee's here for four weeks.
You've got four more years.
- You'll get another chance.
- This isn't about the procedure.
- Do you have a problem with me? - Do I have a problem with you? Look, you're a very talented surgeon, Neela, but yeah, maybe I've let our personal friendship get in the way - of our professional relationship, yeah.
- Well, how? What do you mean? I'm the chief, and you're an intern.
That's it.
- Maybe I've sent off mixed signals.
- No, no.
It seems very clear.
You're angry with me, but I don't understand why.
Is this about Manish? I am not angry with you.
And this is not about Manish.
I just I just think it's time we reset our dynamic.
Reset? Are you going to reset that dead woman in there? Reset her grieving husband? No.
You can't take it personally when a surgery doesn't go well, just as I can't make surgical decisions based - Based on what? - on my personal feelings towards you.
Look, we both know that poor woman didn't die because Mae Lee was in there, and you weren't.
Her injuries were far too great.
Nothing on this earth could have saved her.
Give it to me straight.
Your blood work was normal.
Your chest X rays were clear.
But there is some evidence of sinusitis.
So here are your films and your test results, plus a prescription for azithromycin and Pulmicort-- that's an inhaler.
It should help.
- So I'm okay for now? - Looks like it.
This is a good thing.
There's lots of other people worked at Ground Zero, and at the landfills.
I mean, how many of them are walking time bombs? No good deed goes unpunished, I guess.
- Maybe, next time, we'll be smarter.
- Maybe, now, you'll tell your wife.
What? And give her more ammo to nag me about? - Night, Lockhart.
- Good night.
Someone from Social Work will be down to help you with arrangements.
Is there anyone we can call? No.
It was just the two of us.
We liked it like that.
We never ran out of things to say, even on long stretches of road that seemed to go on for days.
Must be nice to spend that much time with the person you love.
Actually, she was the brains behind everything.
Did all the paperwork, paid the bills, read the road maps.
I can't tell you how many times she kept us from getting lost.
Today was going be different.
- Different? - Yeah.
The rain makes her sleepy.
So I told her to take a nap.
I was sure I knew what exit to take.
But the sign wasn't the sign.
I-I got confused.
I didn't want to wake her up.
I wanted to do it myself.
Do what? Read.
I wanted to read the damn exit sign.
Derek, you You don't know how to read? Mary was trying to teach me.
You graduated high school and went to college? They just passed me along.
Nobody cared as long as I could read the defense and get the ball in the end zone.
Coaches said I was gonna get drafted first round.
I wasn't prepared for it not to work out.
I'm sorry.
I just wanted to make you proud.
I'm sorry.
Get go that way.
Sarah? I'll do the dishes after I do my homework, okay? This isn't about the dishes.
Could you come back in here a sec? I need to talk you for a second.
I've been trying to figure out a way to tell you this, and if I should tell you this.
What? The night that your mom died she told me that I'm your father.
My dad's name was Keith.
He died.
I know, I know.
We all thought that your dad was Keith.
But, um there's a chance that that might not be true.
But Mom didn't tell me.
- Why wouldn't she tell me? - I don't know, sweetie.
She must have had her reasons.
So are you my dad or not? Well, there's a simple test we can take.
It's called a paternity test, and, um if you want we can take it tonight.
Why are you doing this now? Is this just because I don't want to go and live with Grandma and Grandpa? - Sarah, I just, I - You're just trying to get rid of me.
- I just, I want what's best for you.
- No, you're lying! I know you're lying.
You're lying just like Mom! She always lied.
- Sarah - No! Okay?! I don't want you to be my dad, and I'm not taking your test! You know, Morris might have something.
Maybe we should get married someplace exotic.
Like where? The beach or the mountains.
Why don't we go to Croatia? Really? But no one from work would be able to be there.
Do it! Do it! I'm gonna do it.
Would that be so bad? Morris! Hope.
- We need to talk to you.
- Who? Us? Look, listen.
Abby and I really appreciate your interest in our engagement.
It's so exciting! The wedding! Sorry.
And while your planning is very thoughtful it's borderline obsessive.
- Oh, we've been, we just want to help.
- Well, next time just don't help.
And don't blab.
To anybody.
Not us, just, no one.
- I mean, if that's what you want.
- We do! Hey, everybody! Look who's here! - Look at everybody.
- Let's have a toast, Sam.
To Sam! Happy birthday and many more.
You didn't actually mean to put in "Get Down Tonight"? I like KC and the Sunshine Band.
Besides, it's a hell of a lot better than the choice that you made.
Hey, "Woman" by Wolfmother.
That is destined to be a classic.
On what planet? Now I now we're pretending to be normal, and I know we're pretending that this isn't awkward, but, uh - it's kinda awkward, isn't it? - Yeah.
So, what do we just gonna say that this never happened? Well, I know we should talk about this, but these days I just feel like my head's gonna explode.
It's just a lot of stuff going on.
I'm trying to figure it out.
I-I, I want to figure it out.
It-it, it's just I just need some time.
Yeah, I've been there once before.
Didn't turn out so good for me.
Well, you won't have to wait long.
Okay? Okay.
Oh, yes.
B-10! - Ah, somebody make it stop! - Sam, come and dance with us! - Please! - Ah all right.
Wait a second, you guys.
Be right back.
Hello? Hey, wait.
I can barely hear you.
Hold on! No, no, no.
Don't hang up.
Wait a sec.
Wait a sec.
Alex? Hey.
I'm so glad you called.
I was worried.
Yeah? Yeah, it is my birthday.
Thank you.
You okay? If the test says you're my dad, can I stay with you? Absolutely.
You sure? Is it gonna hurt? No.
No, we just take a little swab on one cheek.
And we send it to the lab and then they send us the results in the mail.
- That's it? - Mm-hmm.
And until then? Nothing changes.
Of course I'm coming up this weekend.
Uh, well, maybe.
What if I brought you? Oh, you gotta go? Okay, time's up.
I got it.
I miss you, too.
Thanks for calling me, okay? I love you, too, baby.
So you've already got a law degree and now you're going to medical school.
Eh, corporate law wasn't for me.
I wasn't helping anyone.
Besides, I need to be where the action is.
What?! What is this?! Come on, you jokers, get out on the dance floor.
- Come on.
- No, sorry.
No chance.
Oh, come on, Frank.
You know you want to.
Larry? Times like these, I see all these young people together makes me fear for the future of mankind.