ER s14e03 Episode Script

Officer Down

Come on.
Come on.
Oh, Joe, eat some food.
No? Come on, you love bananas.
Come on.
No? Eat some of these.
- Come on.
- Want me to get that? Um, no, it's probably Tanya calling to say she's stuck in traffic.
Hello? - Hi, Tanya.
I was just gonna call you.
Hi, Joe.
The doctor? Well, you didn't tell me he was sick.
No, no, no.
Of course, of course.
No, I understand, you should.
I'll just, "um " I'll call my neighbor.
Okay, let me know how he's doing.
Her kid has pneumonia.
She might be out all week.
- Well, what are you doing? - I am looking for " um," Miriam's number.
- Maybe she can watch Joe.
- I'll watch Joe.
I don't You know, I swear I had it on the fridge.
I'm serious.
I'll watch Joe.
I don't need you to watch Joe.
I need to find the number.
- You're having a meltdown.
- I'm not.
Meltdown involves throwing things.
This is like a pre-meltdown.
You know, sorry, sorry.
I get I get that Luka's father had surgery, all right? But the chemo could take, like, six months, and we have a life here.
Joe could be walking soon.
I'll watch Joe.
No, you need to rest.
I'm fine, look.
See? He I know he loves me.
He loves me, he loves me.
Oh, baby.
That was nice.
- Mmm.
Yeah, really nice.
- Oh, baby.
We should get to work.
Why? What's up? Nothing.
Hey, what's up? I'm fine.
Come on, what? What, you "didn't?" Of course I did.
Bettina, you didn't.
Okay, so I didn't.
But it's no big deal.
Come here.
No, no.
Wait, wait, wait.
Look, I know this is hard to talk about, okay? Greg, let it go.
If you didn't have one, why would you say you did? I'm a woman, it's easier.
It's easier to lie? - Well, kind of.
- What's "kind of" supposed to mean? Dr.
Pratt, we got a syncopal kid over here.
We'll talk about it later.
Sixteen-year-old, passed out after two days of vomiting and diarrhea.
Where's Moretti? - Conference.
- You and Morris are running the floor.
- Okay.
Finn Andrews, 16.
No evidence of trauma.
- Pulse, 122, BP's 93/45.
- There's a bug going around his school.
Access? Twenty gauge in the hand.
- Any medical history? - I'm okay.
- My son's always been healthy.
- Let's go.
I'm Dr.
Probably just dehydration from a stomach virus.
All right, so you're not enrolling the pediatric cohort now, I got that.
No, listen, this kid would be perfect for the IGF-1 trial.
You're not listening here.
That's not good enough.
He doesn't have six months, okay? No, I want you to have Dr.
Subrin call me and I wanna hear it from him.
Got it? - Sarah.
- Tony? What are you doing here? - I ran away.
- What? What's the matter with you? I told you I was gonna come visit you, didn't I? Yeah, but I couldn't wait that long.
You know what could've happened to you? - I'm fine.
- You're fine, yeah, you're fine now.
Your grandparents are probably worried about you.
Don't call them.
Please, Tony? I told them that I was having a sleepover at Janet's.
Janet's in on this too? I told them we were going to the mall today and I was staying there last night.
Sarah, you're killing me.
I have to be at work right now.
- I'll come with you, we can talk there.
- No, stay here, okay? Stay here, I'll call you later, we'll discuss this.
Stay here.
And lock the door.
We're five minutes out.
Copy that, 42's, repeat vitals.
- One-thirty/80.
- We'll see you in five.
Double trauma on the way.
GSWs, belly and chest.
- One's shocky, they're cops.
- Clear the trauma rooms.
- Alert the blood bank and O.
Got it.
Morris, I got a pregnant woman I need to present.
The guy that picked up arteritis on a lady with an earache.
- I'll hear anything.
- Morris, line two.
Well, take a message.
It's your cousin from Iowa.
- Says it's important.
- Give it to me.
I got 29-weeker with vomiting, abdominal pain.
Bolus a liter of NS, page OB.
Meet me outside.
Double trauma coming in.
Don't tell me you got another DUl, Johnny.
Now even Randi's not available.
Why don't you call Jerry? - What? Didn't you hear? He moved to Alaska.
- He's slinging beer outside Anchorage.
- No way.
Well, then you're on your own.
- No duh.
I can't believe this.
A thousand cc's in.
Let's hang another liter.
Feeling any better? No, not really.
I have a wrestling match next week.
I need to get better.
You think I should call his father in Ohio? - He could get here in a few hours.
- My chest feels funny.
- What, you're having pain? It's pretty bad.
He's in v-tach.
- No carotid, lost a pulse.
- Charge to 360.
- What's happening? Clear.
- Still V-tach.
- Starting compressions, charge again.
- Finn, please wake up.
Stand by with epi.
Lockhart, I need you to jump on this.
Morning to you too.
Are you all right? I'm fine.
We got two auxiliary cops down.
- What the hell is that? - They're volunteers of our precinct.
- Who's with me on this? - Grady.
- I don't know if it's a case for an intern.
- It's a great case.
- What about Pratt? - Busy with a kid in V-tach.
We'll be fine.
Through and through GSW to the right upper quadrant, 90/62.
Tachy at 120 after a liter.
- How's the other one? - Stable chest wound.
Larry, you're with me.
You two, chest wound.
Left lateral chest.
Twenty-two caliber casing at the scene.
Vitals? BP came up to 110 after a liter.
All right, Grady, what's the pulse ox? - Oh, I don't It's not picking up.
- Move the probe.
It hurts like hell.
Let's go.
Systolic's 120 with the second liter.
C- spine is non-tender.
No elevated JVD.
They let you guys work without vests? No guns, no vests.
We're volunteers.
- Breath sounds equal.
- Will you be quiet? It's a way for some of us to get in.
And others, to give back.
HemoCue, 13.
- I don't know what happened.
We were just walking our beat.
We came across this guy.
He looked wrong.
Exit wound near the inferior scapula.
- Grady, set up the Thora-Seal.
- Uh, right.
- It's in the cabinet.
Second line's in.
He was trying to carjack some woman.
He had a gun to her.
And he was pulling her out of her car.
Belly's soft, non-distended.
Femoral pulses, two plus.
They told us in training.
If we ever saw someone with a gun Not to get involved.
Hang another liter of NS.
But what were we gonna do? Grady, the cabinet underneath the sink.
Could have been a kid inside.
Who knows? Other sink.
Decreased breath sounds on the left.
What's that mean? - Probably has a collapsed lung.
X- ray's back.
Um, lungs down, hemopneumo.
- Chest tube tray.
- Got it ready.
I can Can I put it in? Yeah.
We need your arm up here like that.
All set, seven-and-a-half gloves.
- Yeah, that tube's not sterile.
What? You just contaminated the whole tray.
- I'll get another one.
- Right, sorry.
Just get your gloves on.
Hey, Josh.
Come on, come on.
How's it going? - The Cubs are down two in the ninth.
- Oh, yeah? Columbia is enrolling patients into a minocycline study.
Did I tell you my mom's applying to medical school? I talked to the guys at Hopkins.
We're trying to get you into the IGF-1 trial.
IGF-1, what's that? Insulin-like growth factor.
Yeah, it could protect the nerve cells and slow down the progression of the disease.
- When can he start? Soon, I hope.
I just have to get through some red tape.
I'm working that out.
Oh, that's wonderful.
All right, I have to make my rounds.
You, uh Here, take this.
Keep your weight up and keep you off the vent, okay? - Coming in.
- Is Goldstein okay? Okay, widen the hole for the tube.
She caught the worst of it.
She's only been out there for three months.
- Okay.
- Aim for the apex.
Second HemoCue's 13.
It just goes in a few centimeters, then stops.
Okay, because you're tracking under the muscle.
You wanna get in between the ribs.
- It just doesn't wanna go through.
- Relax, use your finger to guide it in.
- Why don't you just do it? - No, go ahead, keep trying, go.
He's killing me.
You did fine with Moretti last week.
- I know, it's just she makes me nervous.
Me? Forget it.
I shouldn't have said anything.
The inflammation of his pancreas caused his calcium level to drop.
That's why his heart stopped? But he'll get better? Yeah, but pancreatitis is rare for someone his age.
It's often associated with excessive alcohol use.
I don't drink.
Well, does anybody in your family have gallstones? Not that I've ever heard about.
Hey, wait, look at this.
See this area of black? It looks like there's a cyst in the pancreas and it's big.
- Should I take him for a formal scan? - No, he's too unstable.
I don't wanna risk another bout of V-tach off the floor.
Page Radiology to come do an ultrasound and get Surgery down here.
Good chest-tube placement, sats are down, decreased breath sounds.
Something's not right.
What would you do? There's a clot.
Strip the tubing, it might clear obstruction.
Yeah, good, do it.
I think he needs a second chest tube.
Sats are up to 96.
Looks like it was a clot.
Always a good thing to check, Abby.
Why am I coughing? - Your lung's expanding, that's good.
- So he's okay now? If there's not much bleeding, we could put the tube back in.
And his lung will heal.
- Dr.
Morris, can't get a BP here.
- Okay, move him to Exam 2.
Repeat portable chest and set up for ultrasound.
Why didn't you mention the tubing earlier? I didn't think of it until Dr.
Morris asked.
You make me nervous.
We have to work together without you getting brain freeze.
- Works fine when you're not in the room.
I'm gonna be in the room.
Figure out a way to handle it.
- Will you stop yelling at me? - I'm not yelling.
- I am trying to teach you.
- Your tone's not helping.
- Wanna be breastfed? Abby, I need you in here.
Get on your game.
- I'm trying.
- Try harder.
Get in here.
- Got a flash.
Saline's primed and ready.
Right upper quadrant is soft.
Liver hematoma is not impressive.
Something else is going on.
Liver looks stable.
Spleen is good.
Pelvic view is unremarkable.
Subclavian's in.
Let's hang a unit here.
- Could be an allergic reaction? She didn't get anything.
Set up for intubation, 80 tube? - Mind if I try? Don't start yet.
Mach tube, suction.
Have the bag ready.
This is Sergeant O'Malley.
- She runs the auxiliary program.
- Lauren and Tim are my trainees.
- Need an extra set of hands? - No, it's crowded enough already.
- Bag her up, guys.
- Is she gonna be okay? She would be, if you guys had given her a vest.
It's not in the budget.
They're neighborhood patrol.
- They're just supposed to call in.
- Well, they didn't.
You put them out there with nothing, didn't back them, didn't support them.
- Not her fault, Morris.
- Of course it is.
Would you send a soldier to war without the right armor? Oh, wait, we did that too.
You don't need to make me feel any worse.
These are like my kids.
Well, you didn't look out for them.
- Nice work.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What's happening? What's going on? Systolic's up to 130.
- Hemoglobin steady at 12.
- Your crashing patient isn't crashing.
She was completely unstable.
- When did her BP drop? - Ten minutes ago.
- Mm-hm.
What were you doing? - Starting a second line.
- It was all vagal.
- Wait, my blood pressure dropped? Yes, some people get low blood pressure when they're stuck by a needle.
I fainted the last two times I gave blood.
Try taking a better history.
I prefer not to get paged because a patient swoons.
- She was unconscious.
- Hey, how's Neela? She's drinking all my coffee.
Maybe I'll stop by and see her later.
He's got a large pseudocyst obstructing the duct.
- It needs to be drained immediately.
- Okay.
- Dawn, could you call Surgery again? - Right away.
Thank you.
- I'm having an operation? - Yeah, we need to get rid of that fluid.
- Actually, Dr.
Pratt, can I? Yeah.
Excuse me.
- Um - Yes? These can be drained internally with endoscopic ultrasound.
I'm between cases and would be happy to do it.
I never heard of that before.
We did a study, the complication risk is lower than an external drainage.
I see.
And how do I know that you're not just faking your data? One-point-four-percent complication rate for endoscopic drainage versus 18 percent if done externally.
Are you gonna let me do this procedure or not? Do your thing.
Pratt, 32-year-old male.
Single GSW to the left thigh.
- Get off of me.
- Hey, shut up already.
- He shot the auxiliary cops.
- Get me out of here.
- These guys are gonna kill me.
His vitals? Tachy to 118.
BP, 155/84.
- Did you give him any pain meds? - Nobody gave me jack.
All right, hey, Sam, I need CBC, type and cross five of morphine and bolus a liter of NS.
- Okay, come on, let's go.
- Dawn, will you jump on this? Uh, you, you come with me.
Hey, Morris, this is for that consent.
We sent Lauren to CT.
Make sure there's no internal bleeding.
Good, that's good.
Tim seems stable, but we need to observe him.
It shouldn't have happened.
Lauren just started.
Tim hasn't even been with us six months.
How long has the program been around? A year.
I saw it work in New York, I thought it'd be good here.
Took Lauren under my wing.
Tim, pfft, I found him lying in the middle of Halstead one night crashing from meth.
I told him to go home, he didn't have one.
When I started the program, he wanted to join.
Who better to clean up the streets than someone who knew them? Well, hopefully, they'll pull through.
- Lou.
- How they doing? The mayor's office wants an update.
When Lauren comes back down from CT, we'll wanna monitor her closely.
- We're gonna admit her for observation.
- For how long? - A couple of days, maybe more Hey, get out of the way.
Morris, expanding liver hematoma and her pressure dropped again.
- Sure it's not vagal again? - No procedures, no new needle sticks.
Okay, get me the ultrasound.
- Dropped her crit to nine.
From 13? It's the girl's father.
- Oh, my God, Lauren, baby? Run in two units.
Larry, get Dubenko back down here.
- How'd this happen? - She was on patrol.
- There was a carjacking - What do you mean patrol? Your daughter is a volunteer cop.
What the hell is that? She's a college student.
Hey, what are you doing? - Hanging the blood.
You open your line to the saline, not to the patient.
She's not getting any of it.
- Okay.
Come on.
Lockhart, I think Fix the blood, go outside, then work on your charts.
He can stay, he'll learn.
Is my daughter gonna be okay? Hematoma doesn't explain the big drop in crit.
- I agree, spleen's intact - I swear Is my daughter okay? - Tachy at 120.
Let's take a look at - Somebody answer me.
- We don't know, now move back! - Okay, come on.
Shh! Morris, look, she's oozing from the old IV sites.
I've been trying to tell you that.
Okay, send off platelets and a DIC screen.
You've gotta be bold in trauma room.
You have something to say, speak up.
We got the shooter in the other room.
Pratt is asking for another set of hands.
- I'll go.
- No, I'll take it.
I think you guys got this under control.
See, this is why I don't like to date cops.
You never know when they're gonna be in a shootout with some scumbag.
I never shot anyone before.
Yeah, well, you should've killed that guy for what he did.
Yeah, well, it's not that easy, Sam, pulling the trigger.
Even if it is the right thing.
Yeah, I know.
I know it's not.
Yeah, they're gonna take my gun away, make me talk to some shrink.
That's just protocol.
You are gonna be back on the streets in a week.
Yeah, you're right.
- Oh, sorry.
- What's up? You have a emphysemic on BiPAP coming up to the unit? Oh, yeah, I got the chart.
You know, I'll be right back with you.
Were you sucking face with Barney Fife? No, for information about the shooting you need to contact our media-relations office.
- Here's the emphysemic.
- Thanks.
- Hey, your kid's 14, right? - Yeah.
I got a hypothetical for you.
Say he ran away, right, across state line to a friend's "house " do you know how much trouble that friend would be in? - Hypothetically? - Yeah, for instance.
Good, because I thought Sarah ran away from her grandparents " and" she's at your house.
- All right, we'll talk about this later.
- Tony, send her home.
Dubenko, I heard that you did your trauma fellowship at Hopkins, right? - Not a good time, I'm busy.
- You know Dillon Subrin in Neurology? We got wounded cops.
We got a shooter in the other room.
Your friend's the head of the IGF-1 trial, and they closed enrollment.
I have this kid up in ICU.
Nice kid, single mom - What happened? This time, it's for real.
Dropped her pressure and her crit.
Call upstairs, tell them to get an O.
There's another problem.
She needs fresh frozen plasma.
I'll give her FFP in surgery.
Hold on, the PT and PTT are normal.
It's not really consistent with a DIC, now, is it? Could be a dilutional coagulopathy.
Or platelet problem? No, her count's over 300,000.
Plenty, but they might be bad platelets.
Maybe they can't clump and clot.
Hey, we don't have time for a lecture on hematology.
I'll cover all the bases, give her FFP, give her platelets in the O.
Not gonna help if it's von Willebrand disease.
- Lacking the factor for platelet adhesion.
- You're doing bleeding time? Yeah, I've seen a lot of coagulopathy in the ICU.
Over 10 minutes, we have the diagnosis, we can treat her without surgery.
- That's all it takes, 10 minutes.
- Pressure's up after the second unit.
Okay, hang another two.
- You got 10 minutes, Gates.
Please, just kill me.
Don't worry.
If our guys die, I will.
- He's threatening me.
- I didn't hear anything.
- Hold still.
I can't find the pulse.
- Officer, please move back.
I'm not moving anywhere.
- Benny, give them some room.
- Shut up.
This guy needs two of Ativan and five of MS.
- How do you think our guys feel? Stop it.
- Think if you die, they gonna fill the hall? - Move back.
- Please get him out of here.
- You're making my job harder.
- Not gonna ask you again.
- You jack somebody for $ 10? Want me to call Vascular? - And Radiology.
- You're just a scumbag! - All right, look.
Hey, Benny, back down.
Come on, man.
- That's enough.
Let go of me.
Sir, stop.
Hey, hey.
All she had was 10! Oh Oh, okay, okay.
Are you hungry? It's Lookit.
Joe, come on.
Please, please, please, come on.
Okay, all right.
Okay, we'll put it away.
We'll put it away.
We won't have it.
Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
There you go.
Okay, okay, one second, one second.
Should we fold this? Should we fold this? Look, this dirty, dirty nappy.
's ready.
Let's go, it's been over 15 minutes.
Hold on, the DDAVP will increase the von Willebrand factor.
- The bleeding will stop, trust me.
- Time's up.
- Let's move her out, Lucien.
- Give me a few minutes.
- Give it up already.
- Look at the abdominal wound, see that? Look, stopped bleeding.
We have hemostasis.
Same with the liver.
- We've given her the ability to clot.
So she doesn't need surgery? No, probably not.
We'll admit and monitor closely.
Good pickup, Dr.
Well, someone tell Moretti.
Maybe he'll let me back down here.
It wasn't that good.
- How's my daughter? Out of the woods.
You can go in now.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Very smooth, Gates.
Yeah, I've learned a thing or two upstairs.
No point tenderness around the orbit.
Ice it three times a day.
How did you get that? By being bold.
I was bold.
I'd dial back on the boldness if I were you.
Excuse me.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Well, your GSW is in Room 3.
They've been prepping his groin now.
Thank you.
So how'd it go in here? Pseudocyst is drained.
His pressure is up.
And as promised, no complications.
- Nice.
- I told you it would work.
Hey, Finn, how you feeling, man? - He's still a little snowed.
His repeat calcium is up.
That's good.
How does a kid get pancreatitis? Who knows? But he'll do a lot better after the anesthesia.
Look at this.
Second chest tube is in, 0 silk.
- BP is still 40.
Bag him.
- No more bleeding from the chest.
- Nothing left to drain.
I need ultrasound.
Check his pericardium again.
I thought he was stable.
We were just talking.
Sometimes this happens.
Blood in the pericardium.
With no diastolic filling.
Barely has a BP.
Pulse thready.
Come on, Tim.
- Uh, pericardiocentesis needle.
- A thoracotomy tray? Wanna do that? Yeah.
Not gonna get the clots with needle.
Prep fast and wide.
No, no, Grady, no.
Atropine now.
He's like a son.
I can't lose him.
Wait, he's got a rhythm and a pulse.
- We can still try pericardiocentesis.
- Penetrating trauma, pre-arrest.
- Perfect indication for a thoracotomy.
- Lost his pulse.
- Come on.
- Okay.
Come on, Morris, hurry up.
Abby, take it.
- What? - Ahem.
You do it.
Oh, it's all right, Joe.
Auntie Neela's here, come on.
Come on, Joe, I just don't bring out my Hindi for anyone, you know.
Come on, who's at the stair? Who's at the door? Who's at the door? Ah.
- Lucien, what are you doing here? - Hi.
I brought you some wheatgrass to help build your immune system.
I thought we might do yoga for your post-op stiffness.
You have anything for crying babies? I don't know, do I? Here.
- Help yourself.
- Hi, little man.
- There you go.
- Here, little man.
Hey, hey, hey, you like planes? Oh, how about a 747? Where's my copilot? There you go.
- It's okay, it's okay.
- This is Lucien.
Oh, Dr.
Subrin, yeah, thanks for calling me back.
I need a favor.
County has a 13-year-old patient with Fazio-Londe syndrome.
Yeah, I know a Dr.
Gates has tried to contact you about the case.
- It's okay, Joe, it's okay.
- Great.
Units five and six are up.
- We have a pulse with CPR? Yeah, good carotid.
Hold compressions.
Looks like asystole now.
Please keep going.
Might be fine.
- Internal paddles.
Charging to 30.
- Come on, Tim.
- No change.
- Another milligram of epi.
- He's had three.
- Then make it four.
- Archie.
- No, don't stop, don't stop.
- Start compressions again.
- Do you think we could? - Concentrate.
Epi's in.
Shock one more time.
- Again? - One more time.
- Asystole for sure.
- Come on, Tim.
Morris, I think we're done.
Continue compressions.
We repaired the wound.
- He just needs more volume.
- Heart is full.
- What about more pressors? - Yes, good idea.
- Pressors should've worked by now.
He might still respond to Morris, he's been down too long.
It's over.
- Please, no.
- No, move, move, move.
Morris, we're done.
How you feeling? Ready for wrestling practice.
I just need to check a few things out first.
Go, "ah.
" Ahh.
All good? Actually, no.
No, it's not.
You're bulimic.
What are you talking about? I'm talking about the calluses on your fingers.
Your eroded tooth enamel.
Your vomiting caused the pancreatitis.
You know, I had a buddy in high school.
He was a wrestler like you.
He had the same problem.
He was always trying to make weight.
Your vomiting caused an electrolyte imbalance that stopped your heart.
- That's nuts.
- You could have died.
I didn't.
Not this time.
Dude, it's all good, okay? I have college scouts looking at me, so there's some things I have to do.
Everyone that's good has to sacrifice.
But this isn't a sacrifice.
This is a problem.
Nothing I can't handle.
You call this handling it? You're never gonna get into college if you keep this up.
Is that what you really want? I wanna win.
All right, then we'll get you some counseling.
We'll talk to your parents.
Because if you stay along this path you're gonna lose.
Trust me.
Hey, good news.
You know the IGF-1 trial at Hopkins? He's in.
- When can we start? - Soon, next week.
I'm not going.
Say thank you, Joshua.
For letting me be a guinea pig on some unapproved drug? Hey, you're a Cubs fan.
Come on, gotta be an optimist.
I'm a cautious optimist.
Look, honey.
You wanna go back to school, don't you? Finish your thesis? Well, sometimes you have to do things you don't wanna "do " so you get what you want in the end.
Think they have Wi-Fi in Baltimore? I bet they do.
Thank you.
Thank you, Tony.
Hello? This is about me.
Well, this is gonna be good.
I promise, all right? - Hey.
- Hey.
You talk to him? Yeah, but I need to call Psych.
Look, about this morning You never struck me as someone with self-esteem issues.
I'm not.
Oh, well, you think it's okay for a man to get what he wants and you get nothing? Look, you know, I've jumped through a lot of hoops for you.
I've asked you out the way you wanted me to ask you out.
I call you when you want me to call you.
But I'm not a mind reader.
Now, if we're gonna do this, we're gonna have to do this together.
- Next time, I will tell you if I don't.
- Well, that would help.
Hell, you speak up about everything else.
Guess you're right.
So dinner tonight? Sounds good.
Do you mean that or are you just faking? Oh Heh.
You believe me now? Is there any family I can call? No.
I'm all he's got.
He's gonna be here for a while, then we're gonna have to move him.
But you can stay until we do.
What about the jerk who did this? Is he gonna make it? He's upstairs right now, but tomorrow he'll be transferred to the jail ward.
You know, I see kids die a lot way more than I should.
Just this year, we have had more young people get shot than God knows when.
But he, after everything that happened to him when he was a kid he was trying to help.
Do you think he died in pain? No.
He'd been through enough.
Breathe in.
And out.
And in.
And out.
Wow, I do feel better.
Yeah, there's so much healing yoga can do.
Western medicine isn't everything.
You know, when I get better, I might take a class.
They have them in the anesthesia conference room.
It's Mondays and Wednesdays.
Hey, Neela, about what happened at the wedding - Oh, Lucien, we were both drunk.
- Listen, let me just finish.
I may have gotten my fondness and respect for you confused with something else.
And I hope you can forgive my inappropriateness.
Oh, my God.
- Did I do it again? - Where's Joe? He's walking.
- Abby will be so - Pissed off.
She missed it.
- Hi.
- What are you doing out here? I figured you'd be home, we'd get something to eat.
- All right, what do you want? - Chinese.
Chinese it is.
Can we go to the movies after? No, after we have Chinese food, I'm gonna take you back to Wisconsin.
What? You changed your mind, didn't you? You don't want custody of me.
- Yes, I do.
- Come on.
Sarah, sometimes you have to do things you don't wanna "do " so you can get what you want in the end.
What's that mean? I'm trying to make it so we'd live together forever.
But if you keep running away, that's not gonna happen.
You gotta work with me here.
I guess we should probably call them.
I already did.
- Chinese? - Yeah.
Let's go.
I'll race you, come on.
Grady, wait up.
Fifteen thousand die every day.
He was not supposed to be one of them.
It wasn't your fault.
- I should've been thinking tamponade.
- No, you shouldn't.
Trajectory was nowhere near the heart.
Scan showed a normal pericardium.
- I should've monitored him.
- We were monitoring him.
- I just wanna go home.
- No, you just need to relax.
And pay attention to the details.
If the ER feels too overwhelming, don't worry about it.
I wanna go out with you.
Ever since I mistook you for an intern, I've been thinking about it.
How about dinner? - A movie, a drink at Ike Ryan's? - I'm married.
You're what? It's a ring.
Husband, I'm married.
Oh, God, I am such a rube.
It's the details, Grady.
It could save somebody's life.
Maybe get you a date.
Go home.
Tim's getting full honors.
At least there's that.
What happened to you in there? My dad died.
What? Yeah.
I got the call this morning before those cops came in.
Well, why didn't you say something? We could've covered for you.
What was there to say? My cousin called.
He said my dad was in the hospital for a week and keeled over.
You didn't know he was sick? You mean, does my family talk? Did my dad say: "Call my son, I want him by my side"? No, no.
That's not the way the Morris family does things.
You know, everything I ever did was to prove him wrong.
He said he was wasting his money on medical school because he thought I'd never pass, but I did.
He said I'd never find a job at a good hospital, and I did that.
I had this plan.
To pass the boards in a few weeks, and go tell him and say: "Look, I did it.
You big dummy, I'm a specialist.
" But it's too late.
He's still laughing at me.
Oh, Morris, I'm sure he was proud.
I mean, maybe he just didn't know how to say it.
No, he's laughing.
I can still hear him.
He's laughing.