ER s15e04 Episode Script

Parental Guidance

[DlSTANT SlREN WAlLlNG] Daria's assessment was atypical chest pain, which I agree with.
He's going home after two normal troponins and EKGs.
Not during rounds.
And when he drops dead in his own kitchen, it'll be because we missed a?.
-No, symptoms are too intermittent.
-Are you thinking variant angina?.
-He complained of abdominal pain.
Am I boring you, Dr.
Oh, I'm sorry.
It's this 6 a.
My brain's here, but my body isn't.
If there's pain above and below the diaphragm, think aortic dissection.
-Get a CT.
-Great teaching point, Dr.
CATHERlNE: If you learn something every case you'll be brilliant by the time you finish training.
So in order to get to the next level, each intern will get a mentor.
Gates, you get Wade.
Uh, Brenner, Martin.
Morris, Sanchez.
As they go, so you go.
I guess Brenner's gone.
Seeing as he likes to demoralize -when he teaches.
-Bite me.
There will be two-way critiques on a daily basis.
-Now, get to work.
-Let's go get a patient.
The paramedics just brought in an eye injury.
This is ridiculous.
I don't need interns critiquing me.
That's too bad, I was gonna give you some advice on that tie.
What's wrong with my tie?.
-Someone call for a consult?.
This tie is ltalian.
[WHlSPERS] Doesn't matter.
-Don't touch me.
Okay, present your patients to me before you run any tests and, uh, we can discuss the differential and come up with a plan together.
Or I can come up with a plan and you can tell me whether or not you agree with it later?.
SAM: Four of Ativan.
-Eye surgery.
-Triple hit of LSD -peyote and crack last night.
-That's pretty hard-core.
Stabbed his belly with a potato peeler.
Looks superficial.
-One percent with epi.
-Exactly right.
-You glad to be back?.
-Yes, I am.
And I appreciate what you did for me.
I just, uh, helped it along a bit, it was really Neela.
-I heard it was your idea.
-They need you up there.
Well, if you ever need anything, Dr.
Brenner, you just let me know.
I owe you one.
I know.
I know.
I love Lake Geneva.
I was just hoping we could stay here.
Sorry, it's broken.
Try down the street.
I've been away from Chicago so long, just being home feels like vacation.
All right, next month, I promise we will go to the lake.
Okay, now go back to work and make us some money.
I'll call you later.
[SCREAMS] -Oh, God.
-I got a gun.
-Pass me your wallet.
-lt doesn't have any cash in it.
Lady, are you stupid?.
Come on, hand it over.
Go out?.
Come on, Ray.
I do have a life.
Last weekend, I went out with friends for drinks.
I'm not lying.
Who are my friends?.
All right, fine.
Yeah, I fell asleep watching three Tracy-Hepburn movies and.
Stop laughing at me.
I am not a loser.
You saw how it cleaned up the corneal rust?.
Yeah, it was kind of scary.
-You can't drill it into the eye, right?.
-No, the blades only go down a millimeter.
I can't breathe.
What the hell did you do to me?.
Another kick, I'd have to put you in the morgue.
-She's threatening me.
-Victim of assault.
He tried to mug me.
-You crushed my chest.
-You okay?.
-I'm fine.
-Blunt chest trauma, decent vitals.
-Give me something for the pain.
-You need to be checked.
-You've got a contusion.
-Could have a septal hematoma.
-I need ice.
Inferior orbit fracture.
-All right, quickly.
-Come on.
-Decreased breath sounds on the left.
-I agree.
-I can't believe I mugged a doctor.
-Not just a doctor, she's the chief.
What the hell is that supposed to mean?.
Is she an Apache?.
-No, she runs this joint.
MlKEY: Oh, God, kill me now.
Okay, tenderness over the fifth and sixth ribs, midaxillary line.
What should we do, Tracy?.
Uh, obvious rib fractures, collapsed lung.
He needs a chest tube.
-That's right.
-No, no, no.
Not necessarily.
If it's a pure pneumothorax, we can manage with a Heimlich valve.
-You're not holding back are you?.
-Don't think so.
-Me either.
He needs a chest tube in case there's bleeding.
-I'd like to use a 32 French.
TRACY: I'll open one up.
Why stick a garden hose in his chest when we can get by with swizzle stick?.
-Makes a lot of sense.
-Pulse ox: 98.
BP: 1 22 over 78.
Well, he's stable for now.
We can wait for the chest x-ray -then decide on the course of action.
-Y eah.
And when there's no hemothorax, we can do it my way.
DARlA: To the left.
And then down.
Yeah, extraocular movements are intact.
GATES: You really did a number on that guy.
Took tae kwon do for the workout.
Never thought I'd have to use it.
Clearly it came in handy.
When you have an orbital blowout the inferior rectus can get trapped and you can lack upgaze.
-I'm taking a facial series.
-No, I don't need x-rays.
All right, how about bacitracin on the abrasions?.
Is that all right?.
-It's broken, huh?.
-Oh, yes.
My husband gave it to me on our first anniversary.
Want me to call him?.
Have him pick you up?.
No, not while the market's open.
He's a commodities trader.
Banfield-- -I'm not leaving.
-You should go home.
-We have a full board.
We'll take care of it.
[SCOFFS] We gotta run.
Five minutes out.
-You okay, Dr.
-Yeah, I'm fine.
-Your tetanus up to date?.
-Yeah, of course, it is.
-How far in?.
MORRlS: About three inches.
Now, attach the Heimlich valve.
MlKEY: I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
-You put a gun to her back -and all you can say is you're sorry?.
-No, it wasn't a gun.
It wasn't a gun.
Who robs somebody with a pink highlighter?.
A runner-up for the Darwin Awards, that's who.
-The connective tubing goes to this bag.
-Got it.
The valve leaflets only flow one way so no air or blood can re-enter the chest.
-Unusual approach with the Heimlich.
-Yeah, it's a pure pneumothorax.
Let's get him off to the Jail Ward.
Jail Ward?.
I don't wanna go to the Jail Ward.
Yeah, they'll ignore him there.
Let's keep him for observation.
I thought the Jail Ward nurses could handle it?.
-He's a moron, but he's still our patient.
-Yeah, listen to her.
She's the chief.
SARAH: See you.
GATES: How was your sleepover?.
You all ready for your soccer tournament?.
-Judy's mom is picking me up.
-I'm sorry I can't be there.
It's her first time being left wing.
-Oh, Daria, Sarah.
Sarah, Daria.
-Kick butt today.
GATES: What are you guys doing after?.
-Pizza, movie.
-Why are you talking like that?.
-Like what?.
""Like what?.
"" -T oothache.
-No, open your mouth.
-You' re not a dentist.
-Open your mouth.
-A tongue ring?.
-No, it's only a stud.
When did you get that?.
Heather's sleepover.
Her big sister took us to get it.
Isn't it cool?.
No, it's not cool.
Don't you have to get a parent to sign on something like this?.
-You're acting like I killed someone.
-You did.
Now, go wait in the break room.
What did--?.
I don't get it.
What's this whole fad about a tongue stud?.
Girls do it, you know, to pleasure the boys, so I've heard.
[RADlO CHATTER] Julie O'Fallon, fell off a six-foot wall to cement surface.
-Head trauma and obvious femur fracture.
-How are you doing, Julie?.
I'm okay.
I'm just really dizzy.
Is she gonna get shots?.
She hates shots and blood too.
DARlA: Let's check you out first.
-You're gonna be okay.
All right, let's get a trauma panel and portable x-rays.
Let's go.
I tell her if she wants to be a gymnast, she has to practice.
-That wall is not a balance beam.
DARlA: Pupils equal and reactive.
Good breath sounds.
-lt hurts.
-They're gonna fix you up, sweetie.
One-oh-five over 7O, tachy at 1 2O.
-ls that bad?.
-lt could be from all the pain.
-Give her something.
-lt also could be from internal bleeding in which case pain meds could be dangerous.
-So just give us a second, okay?.
Blunt head trauma, femur fracture.
Clear the belly and the neck and send her to head CT.
-All right, sounds like a plan.
CLAlRE: What does this thing do?.
CATHERlNE: Oh, that's a rapid infuser, but your sister doesn't need that.
GATES: Liver and spleen look good.
Is this where you keep all the tubes and stuff?.
Uh, move away from there.
Claire, what did I tell you about touching things?.
Will you come over here?.
Will you just stay here next to me?.
-Foot pulses two plus and equal.
-Pressure's down to 80 systolic.
All right, bolus, 2O per kilo.
Are you okay?.
-You okay, Julie?.
-I have to.
-Sats are only 88.
-A hundred percent nonrebreather.
Give me an intubation tray and a 6-O tube.
-What's happening?.
-Could be head injury or blood loss in the thigh.
All right, give her some oxygen.
[MACHlNE BEEPlNG] Okay, good news, Freda, you didn't break your hip.
Are you sure?.
Feels broken to me.
-It's a bad bruise.
-Well, I think it's broken.
DUBENKO: What do you think of the belly?.
Could be benign.
The epigastric pain is an ongoing problem.
NEELA: l, uh, saw your post-op Billroth wound infection.
-We'll admit him.
BRENNER: Glad you agree.
-Andrew, H and P in Curtain 2.
-You mind if I go, Dr.
-No, not a problem.
FREDA: I've got reflux esophagitis.
I've tried everything.
Nothing helps.
Maybe if you'd stop smoking cigarettes?.
Why don't you ruin my day altogether?.
I'm 8O years old.
This is my only joy.
Well, I do a little X too.
What do you have, nursing-home raves?.
You'd be surprised what a girl's libido does at my age.
Look, Freda, I don't want you to fall again.
I've organized for a nurse to come around and give you a home safety assessment.
You're gonna need a nightlight, and a walker and I'd lay-off the X.
Do you make house calls, Simon?.
I get up from my nap at 7.
You listen to Doctor Brenner, Freda, you'll be fine.
Listen to him.
Interesting use of the Heimlich valve this morning.
-Yeah, how's he doing?.
-He's doing well on room air.
-How's Dr.
She's still working.
What are you doing here?.
Um, pilates.
I fell off the reformer.
Ryan, finish those charts, then find me.
I will take it from here.
This is one of my VlP patients.
-Pressure's up and so are the sats.
-Do we have to intubate her?.
You don't want her off the CT without an airway.
We're gonna put a tube in your mouth, Julie -it's gonna help you breathe.
JULlE: No, I don't want that.
-lt won't be too bad, I promise.
-Mom, I have to go to the bathroom.
All right, premedicate with lido, fent and atropine.
You have time.
We have to wait at least three minutes.
We'll be right back.
GATES: Etomidate and sux, let's go.
-All right.
Bag her up, get ready.
JULlE: My mom said I fell.
-I checked the cuff.
I didn't fall.
She pushed me.
She pushed me.
[MACHlNE BEEPlNG] MORRlS: So how have you been?.
CHRlSTlNE: Okay.
CHRlSTlNE: It's been hard.
My whole life revolved around my mom.
-It's good that you had that.
Packing up her things was weird, you know?.
Our entire lives get reduced to a garage sale.
If you can't get rid of your parents' stuff on a Saturday morning, you're dropping it off at Goodwill on Sunday night.
My dad died a year ago, I'm still not over it.
You know, I haven't even disconnected her phone yet?.
Sometimes I call it and just listen to the sound of her voice on the machine.
Sit tight, I'm gonna go order an x-ray.
Hey, did you see my clotted dialysis shunt?.
Yeah, I put in a Quinton.
Lucien, wait up.
I've got something to discuss with you.
Rasgotra discovered an abscess on the Billroth patient.
-Was there a delay?.
-Not at all.
I thought you could help me.
-I want to thank her.
-Oh, no, no, no.
Absolutely not.
I'm a surgeon, not a yenta.
No, but you're colleagues.
You're friends.
No, we're work friends, okay?.
I know nothing about her personal life.
You know what she likes, what she doesn't.
In the O.
, when I walk out of the hospital that's the end of our personal relationship.
Can I make a quick suggestion?.
Find somebody else to bang and cast aside, okay?.
Neela doesn't deserve that.
CHRlSTlNE: Lots of times when parents encourage their kids -to do their best, they lose patience.
-I don't believe this.
-She said you pushed her.
-Are you kidding me?.
We got her x-rays back.
She has multiple old fractures.
-She's an athlete.
-She's 1 3.
[EXHALES SHARPLY] LAUREN: Claire, get over here.
You saw your sister fall.
Tell them what happened.
All right, now is not the time to be bashful.
What did you see?.
I was in my room and I heard her scream.
Keep going.
Let her talk, Ms.
And then I looked outside my window and she was on the ground.
-And I wasn't anywhere near her, right?.
That's when I came and got you.
-ln your room.
You heard her.
Claire, you can go back in.
GATES: Well, we're still gonna have to call Social Services.
-They're gonna have to review this.
What do you think, I coached her?.
This is crazy.
Do whatever you have to do.
Just please take care of my daughter.
Your first trauma with me.
Watch and learn.
-Okay, great.
-Sixty-year-old belted passenger T-boned with intrusion.
Tachy to 1 1 0.
Some guy ran a red.
I didn't see him.
Her son Chuck was on-scene, refused treatment.
-I'm Dr.
Brenner, this is Dr.
-How bad is she hurt?.
Probable rib, humerus and pelvic fractures.
None of that sounds too serious.
She'll be fine.
We need to do a complete exam before assessing her prognosis.
How did your respiratory physiology exam go?.
I think I flunked it.
I used to feel the same way after every med-school test.
Well, maybe I just need a good mentor.
I hear you' re a real rock star.
You did?.
I've been looking for you.
Judy's mom's outside.
-Good luck and come back after.
-What about pizza and a movie?.
I've instructed Judy's mom to bring you back here after the game.
-T ake that thing out of your tongue.
-I'm not gonna do it.
GATES: Take it out of your tongue.
You're gonna do it when you come back.
If I have to get the pliers out.
[SARAH GROANS] -You need to have ""the talk"".
-No, no, no.
Tony, if she's gonna have oral sex, she could get an STD.
-La, la, la.
I'm not laughing.
SAM: Hey, it's not a joke.
A woman should have that talk with her.
Why don't you have the talk?.
It's not my place.
If Alex ever needs to have the man talk, I'll return the favor.
Alex is 1 5.
I had that conversation with him when he was 1 O.
Isn't that a little young?.
Trauma panel, type and cross, four C-spine, chest, pelvis, left humerus.
-Head CT, abdominal CT, pelvic CT.
-Easy, Tracy.
Let's just start with the labs and plain films first.
-Where are you hurting, Mrs.
Richard, call the insurance company.
-Those jerks tried to rip me off in '67.
-Mom, it's Chuck, you gotta calm down.
Flail chest on the right, decreased breath sounds.
-BP's 95 over 6O.
-Somebody, turn on the grill I was thinking about making some brisket.
She's got Alzheimer's.
My mom can get loopy.
Tracy, start a second line.
-Do you want a subclavian?.
-Just a peripheral 1 8-gauge.
She had any other medical problems?.
She used to be healthy.
Wouldn't even take aspirin.
Loved the outdoors.
That's why I was taking her for a drive.
DAWN: BP's down to 8O systolic.
-Okay, call Surgery.
She needs intubation, chest tube and central line.
Somebody, get the door.
Wow, this is a great teaching case.
[TRACY GlGGLES] -Where do you live, Ms.
-We just moved to Bridgeport.
The company that I work for opened a new store there.
This is our third move in two years.
-Must be tough relocating all the time.
-No, it's not hard.
We travel well.
You know, everyone gets mad at their kids.
What do you do when that happens, Ms.
I, uh, count to 1 0.
Uh, I ask them to sit down, think about what they did, and we talk about it.
Hey, we're out of suction catheters.
I'll be right back.
-Do you ever raise your voice?.
-Y eah.
-What, is that not allowed?.
-Have you ever been physical with Julie?.
Be honest.
She's gonna talk to both your kids.
Maybe once or twice when they weren't listening.
You know how you grab a kid, you say, ""Stop touching the stove.
"" -What was it like when you did that?.
-What do you mean?.
How did it make you feel?.
Look, my father beat the crap out of me.
And I wasn't gonna do that to my girls.
[MACHlNE BEEPlNG] CATHERlNE: What's going on in there?.
-Sats are dropping.
CLAlRE: I don't know what's wrong.
Do something.
-I don't think she's breathing.
CATHERlNE: Pulse is weak and thready.
Cycle the Dynamap.
What's the story?.
-Got a hemopneumothorax.
-MVA, PSl, hemopneumothorax -pubic, ramus and humerus fractures.
-Okay, how's the belly?.
FAST scan negative.
Were you drinking?.
Is that how this happened?.
-Someone hit us, Dad.
-How do we know that?.
Chest tube output?.
-Three-hundred CCs.
-Not so bad.
Did you give him a Breathalyzer?.
He's a drunk.
I've been clean for 8 months.
You haven't been clean since you were 1 6.
TRACY: Second two units are up.
Okay, right-sided rib fractures, probably the liver.
-There's nothing there.
-Look again.
-Shouldn't you check the pelvis?.
-Unlikely with an anterior fracture.
-I think it's in the chest.
NEELA: Probably a contusion.
BRENNER: We need to think about a right-sided thoracotomy.
ANDREW: Right-sided?.
-It's not the chest.
-Bradying down.
-Give me the ultrasound.
-Heart rate: 4O.
-Amp of atropine.
Look at this.
There's blood pooling in the hemothorax.
NEELA: Right.
Thoracotomy tray.
TRACY: We lost the pulse.
BRENNER: Okay, start compressions.
If she's not okay, so help me God.
TRACY: Systolic's down to 70.
-Bolus, 250 of saline.
LAUREN: What's happening?.
-Pulse ox in the low 80s.
-You think she dropped a lung?.
-ls she dying?.
Breath sounds good bilaterally.
Call for a portable chest.
-Someone talk to me.
-What about a fat embolus?.
What is that?.
Uh, when you break a large bone, like she did in her thigh fat from the bone marrow can travel up and damage the lungs.
-lt can be very serious.
Why is she only on -I had it at a hundred.
-Somebody turned off the O2.
-I mean, that would explain it.
SAM: Uh, I had the rate at 1 6 after the ABG.
Oh, God.
BRENNER: You sure you didn't fiddle with the FiO2?.
No, I don't think so.
It is a touch screen though, I could have accidentally-- -Has this happened before?.
All right, repeat a blood gas in 2O minutes.
Gates, re-check Doppler pulses in her foot and call Ortho and see how long before they can take her to the O.
You people should have been in here instead of outside grilling me.
-I'm not so sure if the mom pushed her.
-You heard her.
Yeah, she said, ""She pushed me.
"" I think it was the daughter.
The 1 2-year-old?.
The mother displays all the classic signs of child abuse.
Unrealistic expectations, she moves around a lot, she's unemployed.
-Depression, she was abused as a child.
See the way she grabbed those kids?.
-I've seen it.
I grew up with it.
-Okay, we'll let Social Services decide.
-How's that board look?.
-We're down to 44 in the waiting room.
That's great.
It's usually closer to a hundred.
And, uh, two tele admissions are going upstairs, that'll free up some beds.
So what's up?.
No broken bones in the x-ray.
Just a sprain.
-Should I get a stirrup?.
MORRlS: No, an ace bandage is fine.
You know the drill.
Ice, rest, elevation.
And early weight bearing gives superior functional results compared to immobilization.
Are you back in school for physical therapy?.
Started a month ago.
All set.
Well, uh, it was great seeing you again, Christine.
Hopefully you'll stay on the Pilates machine next time.
Ha, ha.
Yeah, I'll try.
-Oh, yeah.
-Uh, thank you.
Look, I was just wondering if maybe you were free later?.
Oh, um.
Well, I'm flattered, Christine but, um, we have a policy against dating patients.
Technically, she's my patient.
Yeah, well, I'm sorry.
I can't.
RYAN: Doctor Morris.
-I can't.
[GlGGLES] Here.
If you change your mind, call me.
What the hell was that about?.
NEELA: Suction, Andrew.
-Hope we don't have to access the aorta.
-Divert the tube to the left main stem.
DUBENKO: Makes it easier to clamp the right hilum.
DAWN: Fifth unit is up.
Satinksky to Neela.
NEELA: That's better.
I can see the hilum.
She's not perfusing.
NEELA: And we're clamped.
-More suction.
Breath sounds on the left.
-Good call.
Looks dry.
-Heart rate up to 5O.
-Got a femoral pulse.
-That's good, right?.
It's great.
It's excellent.
Okay, page Ortho.
We're gonna meet them in the O.
-Can we follow?.
-You stay here.
Until you prove you're not drunk, I don't want you anywhere near your mother.
She likes salsa dancing and screwball comedies.
You hurt her, I'll remove your gallbladder.
-Not good.
-She implicated the mother?.
Yells, loses her temper from time to time, spanks them.
I need to get Child Protective Services involved.
-You'll be able to keep the kids together?.
-Since the dad's not in the picture Claire will go into foster care.
By the time her sister's released, maybe a relative will step up.
If all goes well, she'll be discharged in a week.
Great, I'll start the paperwork.
Well, that's settled.
This blood test will show us your alcohol level.
Which will be zero.
Can you guys rush this, so my dad can calm down?.
One test is not gonna solve the problem.
Trust me, I know.
All right.
You're all set.
Your mom will be out of surgery in a couple hours.
I'll go get some coffee, give my dad some space.
Hate to get all Jerry Springer in the waiting room.
Back in Oz, we don't waste tax dollars on family disputes we talk it out over a beer.
Well, it was nice of you.
-What's so funny?.
-Your accent.
It's cute.
I dated this guy in New Zealand once.
I spent a summer there in college teaching Maori kids science.
New Zealand?.
It's totally different.
Oh, well, if you say so.
The shopping sucked.
-Do you miss Sydney?.
-Every now and again.
-Where are you from?.
-Newton, Mass.
-You didn't want to train at the Brigham?.
-No, I'm all about Michigan Avenue.
Get Banfield! God! What happened?.
Get security.
I saw a piece of glass in Julie's leg, I wanted to get it out with the tweezers.
But I wanted to sterilize them with a flame first so she didn't get an infection.
But I accidentally dropped it on the bed sheet.
T ake her to another room and don't let her leave.
Looks like 1 5 percent body surface area.
Nothing circumferential.
GUARD: Let's go.
I didn't mean it.
I was just helping.
SAM: What should I do?.
-Hang another liter of Ringer's.
Brenner, call the Burn Unit and get back to your other patients.
Who are you, Stevie Wonder?.
Did you see her smile?.
Her legs?.
-lsn't she lovely?.
-Forget lovely.
I' m not doing it.
Give me one good reason.
-You' re gay?.
Not that there's-- -I'm not gay.
-You're seeing someone?.
-She-- -lmpotent?.
-Because she's a patient.
A technicality.
Do it for the team.
Okay, here it is Sanchez, okay?.
She's a call girl.
Yeah, a whore, an escort.
So it's even better than I thought.
We're all whores.
You prescribe antibiotics from some drug companies that give you stethoscopes and free lunch, whore.
Look, I am done with dating.
Ryan, the last girl I really liked took my heart to Caracas.
You're just gonna sit on the sidelines forever?.
-Yeah, that's the plan.
-Then I need another mentor.
-I want someone who's well-rounded and understands interpersonal relationships.
I understand them.
Then get in the game, Archibald.
It's time.
Keep the Ringer's at 85 cc's per hour.
Ortho's ready for her in the O.
, then she has a Burn Unit bed.
-Let's move her to surgery.
-Why does she need that?.
-They need to pin the femur.
LAUREN: Is she gonna be okay?.
She's gonna be fine.
But we need to talk about something else.
I'm afraid Claire is a danger to others, Mrs.
No, it was an accident, like she said.
There was no glass in Julie's leg.
How do you know if her legs were burned?.
-I realize this is hard.
-Claire is a good kid.
Has she been depressed lately?.
I mean, maybe a little.
Uh, her friend got hit by a car last spring, but I thought she was over that.
Someone from Psychiatry needs to talk to her.
She's just acting out.
-Well, we'll see if they agree.
And if they don't?.
Then she might need to spend some time in the hospital.
My kids are okay.
Claire's down the hall.
You're welcome to go be with her.
Physical and psychological things -can push kids to do all kinds of stuff.
-I know, Dr.
If this woman is hurting them, all this makes sense.
We're both trying to get to the bottom of it.
Go clear some patients.
[AlR HORN BLARES] [SlREN BLARlNG] Score any goals?.
They got to go get pizza and see a movie, and I'm stuck here.
-Why can't I go home?.
-You take that thing out?.
It's my body, and I can do what I want with it.
Sarah, I know it's your body.
This is something we have to discuss.
You know, you're getting to that age where you're, you know you're starting to get curious about boys and sex.
What does a tongue stud have to do with sex?.
Come on, Sarah, don't play dumb with me.
That's not why I got it.
-Do you have a boyfriend?.
And I'm not having sex.
We thought it would be fun.
I was gonna do my belly button, but they bet me 1 0 bucks to do my tongue.
-I'll give you 20 bucks to take it out.
I want you to take that out before you go back to school on Monday.
I think you're overreacting.
I know this is weird, you know?.
And it's weird for me too, but do me a favor.
Next time you think about piercing something else on your body or if you wanna talk about sex, then you come to me, okay?.
Because I'm here for you.
[ELEVATOR DlNGS] CHUCK: I'll just wait over here.
BRENNER: All right, give me a minute.
You know, it killed me to put her in a nursing home but after a while, I couldn't deny that she put the eggs in the hamper ice in the microwave.
-Alzheimer's is hard.
-Oh, it kills you.
She doesn't remember me half the time.
And him?.
He can't even help out.
His blood-alcohol level came back.
It was zero, none detected.
The other driver ran a red light, Mr.
I know your son has made mistakes in the past but let him show you that he's changed.
He's trying.
-How is she?.
NEELA: The surgery went well.
We were able to repair her pulmonary artery and vein.
Good-- That's good, right?.
I mean, at her age, her rehab could be a while but she's already starting to wake up.
Thank God.
When can l--?.
-When can we see her?.
-Come on, I'll take you to Recovery.
That seems like it calls for a celebration.
Bringing up Baby is playing at the Limelight, we should, uh-- We should go.
I can't.
I'm working here, late.
Or we could grab a quick coffee at the Jumbo Mart?.
Think of it as an olive branch.
-All right, coffee it is.
I will meet you out the front, one hour.
Good thing you weren't seriously hurt.
Been a few muggings recently that didn't end so well.
-How much time will he get for this?.
-Depends on his priors.
-You'll be called for a court date.
-I don't have time for court.
Unless he takes a deal, this is the only way we can put him behind bars.
Here, if you have any questions, call me.
CATHERlNE: Thanks.
-How you doing?.
-I'm fine, Dr.
You know, I don't get it.
You get mugged, you beat him up, you're injured but you still go through the day?.
I don't buckle, Dr.
Sometimes you might wanna give yourself a break.
Because then I might have to give someone else one.
[DOOR OPENS] CATHERlNE: Just wait outside for me.
-So how you doing, Claire?.
-I'm fine.
You know, you never told me what grade you were in.
-What do you think of school?.
-It's boring.
You know, some kids, when they're bored, they cut class.
-I've never done that.
Your mom said you did.
School's a waste of time.
I'm smarter than most of the teachers.
How do you and your sister get along?.
She thinks she's going to the Olympics.
What happens when you fight?.
My sister and I always fought.
It really sucks, because she's always right.
She's Little Miss Perfect.
And even if she starts it, my mom always sides with her.
-That must bug you.
-It's every day.
If she breaks a plate, it's because I bumped into her.
How do you get back at someone for doing that?.
-Teach her a lesson.
-By doing what?.
-Are you sure?.
Claire, we have video cameras in the ceilings of our trauma rooms.
We saw you adjust the ventilator and light the sheet on fire.
I didn't want to kill her.
I just wanted to mess her up.
You did.
If she's in the hospital, Mom will see what a good girl I am.
She won't be blaming me for everything.
Is that why you pushed her off the wall?.
Claire, they're accusing your mother of child abuse which means she could go to jail, and your sister and you could both go to foster homes.
Now, something tells me that she doesn't hit you two and she didn't push your sister.
Did you do it, Claire?.
Did you?.
It was cool seeing her lying there all pale, with blood coming out.
And then when she couldn't move, and her legs were getting burned it was great.
That made you feel good?.
Really good.
It'll probably be better if you stay in the hospital for a while.
I'm not sick.
We just think it would be a good idea.
No, I won't.
[SCREAMlNG] I won't! -No, I won't! I won't! I won't! -Claire.
SAM: I got her.
CATHERlNE: Get me a gurney.
-Call the Psych Ward.
We can hang out now that Julie is in the hospital.
GATES: What's happening?.
Claire, relax.
CLAlRE: No! Help, Mommy! GATES: Come on.
-Mommy, help me! Claire, relax.
Let us take care of her, Ms.
[SCREAMlNG] Get off of me! Get 2.
5 of Haldol.
-Hard restraints.
-This is just for a short time, right?.
Then I can take her home soon?.
[SCREAMlNG] I will kill you! I will kill you! I will kill you! I'm gonna cut you up into little pieces.
Can't remember last time we did a right-sided thoracotomy.
The guy's lucky.
Well, l, uh, lost a trucker in Sydney with a right hilar tear.
-You miss it once, you never forget.
-I guess you're right.
[lNHALES SHARPLY] We should go, uh, salsa dancing sometime.
How do you know I like dancing and old comedies?.
I do my research.
We're just gonna be friends.
I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong impression.
-What, you mean sleeping with me?.
-The awkward shag that on a horrible day, doesn't count as ""sleeping with you"" -it counts as poor judgment.
-Oh, you romantic fool.
I thought we fit well together.
All right, I'm not gonna hound you.
I'm not gonna beg.
But one day, you will wake up next to me and you're gonna wonder, ""How did this happen?.
"" And I'm gonna smile and remind you that I predicted this over coffees and chocolate-glazed donuts.
-You're a cocky bastard.
But I'll be a correct cocky bastard and that's all that will matter.
You ready to go?.
-Are you all right?.
-Oh, Claire left her coat down here.
You know, about a month ago I, um, caught her throwing rocks at the neighbor's dog.
And then a few days later, she was trying to stick a metal rod through one of the fish in our tank.
And I just tried to pretend it was normal.
You know, just a kid acting out.
I don't get it.
Why her?.
Why our family?.
I don't know.
That's all you can say?.
You can't lie to me and tell me that she's gonna be okay?.
That she's gonna grow up to be a normal girl?.
[EXHALES SHARPLY] I mean, that's why we come here, to get answers.
You're gonna have to do better than that.
I'm sorry, that's all I have.
Well that's not good enough, doctor.
[SNlFFLES] That's not good enough.
[CHATTERlNG] MAN 1 [VOlCE-OVER]: No, he doesn 't take anything.
MAN 2 [VOlCE-OVER] : Get some atropine.
MAN 3 [VOlCE-OVER] : I'm not a doctor, can you explain that? MAN 4 [VOlCE-OVER] : Come on.
Come on, girl.
MAN 6 [VOlCE-OVER] : An hour ago.
MAN 7 [VOlCE-OVER] : Clear.
MAN 8 [VOlCE-OVER] : We know it's working.
MAN 9 [VOlCE-OVER] : We have no choice.
MAN 1 [VOlCE-OVER] : Clear.