Erased (Boku dake ga inai machi) (2016) s01e02 Episode Script

Palm of the Hand

1 I call the phenomenon "Revival.
" I usually go back between one and five minutes, where everything is the same as before.
It's always right before something bad happens.
As a result, I've kept trouble from happening again and again.
Welcome home, Satoru.
Mom Are you Satoru Fujinuma? I need to take you down to the station Ice Hockey Club 1988 National Champions ERASED Ice Hockey Club 1988 National Champions Did you see "Mask Man"? It said next week's the last episode! I forgot to watch "Black"! 1988 February 15th February 15th? Good morning, everyone! Good morning! What's wrong, Satoru? Take your seat.
Where do I sit? Are you still half-asleep, Fujinuma? That's Hinazuki's desk.
Kayo's late this week, too Are you in love with Kayo, Fujinuma? You're both weird.
Birds of a feather.
I'm taking attendance.
- Asuna.
- Here.
Is this real? - Abiko.
- Here.
Why did I end up here? - Abe.
- Here.
- Ikuta.
- Here.
- Here.
- Here.
What's the meaning of this? It's 18 years ago How far have you gotten with "Dragon Quest III"? Level 15! That's all?! Just kidding.
Really level 25.
Liar! Satoru, what's wrong? I've got a headache, so I'm going to the nurse's office.
With your backpack? Whatever.
I'll let the teacher know.
What the hell is going on? Is it Revival? Why is it happening like this? I don't understand.
Mom! FUJINUMA H-Hello! Sorry to keep you waiting! A stranger, huh? That's right.
She'd be at work.
Mom I'm back.
Ma "Ma"? I said "Mom.
" My son is weird.
What do you want, hamburger or meatballs? H-Hamburger Almost done.
Even after that argument we had this morning about you not having the recorder, it looks like you still forgot it.
I'm sorry, Mom.
It's not worth crying about.
We had times like this, too.
Had I forgotten? No.
I just didn't realize it then.
I let it slip by without even thinking about it.
Time that I lost This is Revival after all.
This is a chance.
And no way am I gonna lose this time.
Mom This is really good.
Thank you.
What's the matter, Satoru? Thank you for dinner.
You're welcome.
ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Good morning! Morning! Am I supposed to fix the next 18 years? Morning, Satoru! Hey, Osamu! If this is Revival, then it's no coincidence that I'm here.
It has to be to prevent something bad from happening.
In other words, is this the starting point for saving Mom? Ice Hockey Club 1988 National Champions But why this time period? Nothing feels wrong here.
Kayo Hinazuki She lived with her mother, as I recall.
Awesome That's perfect.
A bruise? There's something wrong with this group.
Not one of you guys can chew the fat about "Dragon Quest.
" Y-Yeah I mean, Hiro is a "Final Fantasy" fan, and Kazu only plays shooting games Hiro Kazu Now I remember.
And you don't have a Nintendo, Satoru.
Is that right? But fellow "Dragon Quest" fans can only talk about "Dragon Quest," right, Osamu? I like this group because everyone's got different interests.
Kenya He always was the smart one.
By the way, Satoru, can I ask you something? What is it? Do you like Hinazuki? You were staring at her the whole time in class.
Really?! That's right! This morning too, he was just standing there, gazing at her! Come on, Satoru! Why didn't you come to us for advice? Leave it to me! Wha I'll make it so you can talk to Hinazuki! K-Keep your voice down.
U-Um It's not that I "like" her.
More like she's kind of on my mind.
Listen to him! Satoru, you've got guts! All right! Well said! I'll arrange it so you can see her after school! Are you an idiot? She cut right to the chase.
Is that how you greet someone?! I said that out loud.
That Kazu I bet he told her flat out that I had a crush on her.
L-Look I thought maybe we could be friends.
After all, we go home the same way.
Why would you say that to me of all people? This brat is a pain in the ass.
But I understand a little bit.
You and I are both fakes, Fujinuma.
What the hell? What's she talking about? I saw you run home yesterday, Fujinuma.
Is your mother that precious to you? Yeah.
Hey Hinazuki! Wait! I wanna be friends! Friends? Then would you kill someone for my sake? I could've saved her! Something was happening with Hinazuki even before she was murdered.
If I can figure it out in time, maybe Episode 2 Palm of the Hand You and I are both fakes, Fujinuma.
I'm sure she didn't mean it like she saw the adult me posing as my kid self.
True, I was playing it by ear there, but I was the same way the first time around in elementary school.
I played a version of myself to get along well with people around me.
Without being embarrassed, but with courage.
It was so I could fit in with this narrow microcosm.
Sorry about that! What, did you take a dump? No! It took you long enough! That's what she must have seen through.
I thought you fell in! You must've filled the bowl! She said, "You and are I both fakes.
" Maybe Hinazuki meant You're really hot for her, huh, Satoru? Speaking of which, how'd it go with Hinazuki? Were you able to say, "Let's walk home together"? No.
We just talked a bit.
The two of you talked? Yeah.
That means you've got a chance! You and Hinazuki talked alone! Then should I give her another message on your behalf? Annoying.
This is so exciting! How should I deal with these guys? Quit poking fun, everyone.
What are you going to do if your overeagerness blows it for him? Good point.
We're on different pages here, but oh, well Satoru Even when we're sixth graders, the class won't change, so be careful.
I will.
February 17th School is out, everyone.
Come to think of it, when did Hinazuki disappear? I don't have much time Students who are still in the building, please turn off the lights and close the windows.
Satoru, let's go! Let's all be careful of cars on the way home.
Huh? Satoru, didn't you just buy McGregor gloves? Now that he mentions it, I did have those.
Maybe I left them somewhere? Probably at the hideout.
You guys wanna stop by the hideout? What are you talking about? We already decided not to go when it snows because footprints are left behind, remember? D-Did we? - See you tomorrow! - See you! - Yeah! - See you! See you! Kenya! Thanks for before.
It drove me nuts when they were making a big thing out of it.
Well, of course.
But don't let it bother you.
Satoru, listen For some reason, I think it's really important that you have your mind on Hinazuki.
This may be stepping over the line, but you can talk to me about anything.
I think all of us want to help you, Satoru.
I know they don't have any ill will.
Thanks to Kazu, I was able to talk to Hinazuki in the first place.
So how did it really go? With Hinazuki.
Did you talk to her? Yeah.
A little.
And I think she was being honest with me.
I see.
By the way, Satoru, recently have you read the student composition collection? N-No, I haven't read it.
It's actually pretty interesting.
Read it when you get a chance.
Well, see you tomorrow.
See you! 5th Year, Class 4 Student Composition Collection BIG WAVE SMALL WAVE I think Kenya was hinting that Hinazuki's essay was interesting.
"The Town Without Me," by Kayo Hinazuki.
When I get bigger, big enough to go somewhere by myself, I want to go to a land that's far away.
I want to go to a faraway island.
I want to go to an island that has no people.
I want to go to an island that has no pain or sadness.
There are no adults, children, classmates, teachers or my mom on that island.
On that island, I can climb a tree when I want to climb, swim in the sea when I want to swim, and sleep when I want to sleep.
On the island, I think about the town that I left behind.
Kids go to school, as if nothing has changed.
Adults go to the office, as if nothing has changed.
Mom eats, as if nothing has changed.
When I think about the town without me, I feel a sense of relief.
I want to go far, far away.
Hinazuki's essay is an SOS, no doubt about it.
I'm home! Thank you for this meal.
Maybe Kenya thinks I don't have a romantic interest in Hinazuki, but I am concerned about her after reading her essay.
Mom Yes? For my birthday, can I invite my friends here for a party? Sure.
But not many people can fit in here.
That's okay.
I'm thinking about five people.
This is the first time you've ever talked about a party.
Shall I buy a big cake? Yeah.
Thank you! What I need to do right now is get to know Hinazuki better.
I didn't do anything the first time around, but now I'm going to take action.
By doing that, I'll change Hinazuki's behavior and avoid the crime that would otherwise occur around me soon.
If I keep doing that Satoru, are you awake? Five people Do you have a girlfriend? Oh.
Are you sleeping? Yokai I just remembered something.
I never showed Mom my essay because I couldn't stand the gaze of her all-seeing eye.
But what did I write about again? All right! I'm gonna play "Dragon Quest" when I get home! Me too! Snowing again? Then we can't go to the hideout.
Satoru, Hinazuki is leaving.
You don't mind? Osamu It's okay, Kenya.
I'll catch up with her.
Thanks, Osamu.
See you! - See you! - See you! Satoru really has guts! I didn't have to run.
I knew where Hinazuki would be.
I suspected her mother was abusing her and she didn't want to go home, so she hung out at that park until it got dark.
Did I just think she was weird before? Hinazuki! Fujinuma, what are you doing here? That's my line.
I told you.
I wanna be friends.
Although I can't kill anybody I was obviously kidding.
It's hard for me to handle this type.
Fujinuma, you're pretending, aren't you? Pretending to smile Pretending to be nice Pretending to be worried I don't think that's a bad thing.
And I'm not one to talk.
But I can't see you, Fujinuma.
I think you're right.
I'm "performing.
" I want people to like me.
I want to have friends.
But I'm socially inept, so when I thought, "What can I do to help myself?" the answer I got was, "Let's try liking everyone.
" That made it a little easier to perform.
While I'm performing, it feels like it'll become real somewhere along the line.
I feel like if you say the words over and over, it'll actually happen somewhere along the line.
Is it the same thing that Airi said, which feels so long ago? To get what you want, you put up with something, make an effort, learn a skill, and inspire yourself.
Is that how it is with Hinazuki too? Right now I can tell she's enduring something.
Just the opposite of me, she's pretending to be indifferent.
She's acting as if she feels nothing.
But a ten-year-old girl just isn't that strong.
Would you accept this? BIRTHDAY PARTY SATORU FUJINUMA I'm having a birthday.
I want you to come.
Y-You're inviting me? There'll be a lot of other people, right? I don't know yet.
I decided to give you the first invitation.
It's on March 2nd.
You will come, won't you? Sure.
Fujinuma, aren't your hands cold? Oh.
Yeah, they are, actually I think I left my gloves somewhere.
You're 29 years old.
Get a hold of yourself.
What are you embarrassed about? Fujinuma That's enough.
My hand's a little bigger than yours, huh? Are you stupid? But still it's kind of easy to talk to you these days, Fujinuma.
Well That's because I decided not to lie to you.
I just said that out loud.
H-Hinazuki! I'll see you tomorrow! She didn't have gloves either.
This is the last place I saw Hinazuki 18 years ago.
Her body was found after the snow melted.
GIRL ISOLATION DISAPPEARANCE ABDUC DEAD I won't let Hinazuki be alone in this park.
I HINAZUKI I want to change the future!