Erky Perky (2006) s02e14 Episode Script

Perky vs. MC Buggy Z

Life was good
on Hot Dog Stand ♪
For two bugs
with food demands ♪
Had our last meal
one sunny day ♪
They got caught
up and swept away ♪
Into Kitchen's
where they landed ♪
We're so hungry ♪
And we're stranded ♪
Finding food is
quite a mission ♪
Other bugs are competition ♪
Now just one question ♪
How do we find our
way back home? ♪
(beat boxing)
- Hey Erky, do you think
I look like a bug rapper?
- A bug rapper goes like this!
(hip hop music)
- Erky, where'd
you learn to do that?
- Give me a break,
what bug can't.
- Yeah sure, what bug can't?
- I'm glad you're into
bug hop music too Perky.
- Yeah I'm totally with it!
- Can't you just feel
the groove all up and
down your exoskeleton!
- [Margaret] Seduza,
would you mind turning
down your music?
- Yes Aunt Margaret.
- Who's that?
- Are you joking?
That's MC Buggy Z, the
buggiest bug rapper ever!
- Oh, that's good right?
- He's the ultimate.
- MC Buggy Z and I
have a lot in common,
don't you think Senzusa?
- As if.
Sorry Perky but MC
Buggy Z is Mr. Attitude
and you're well,
just plain Perky.
(beat boxing)
- MC Perky is in the house.
I can't think of anything else.
Shake that booty.
- Jeez Perky, how can you
make something so easy
look so painful.
- Total disasterfication.
- Yeah, sorry there
Perky but bug rappers are
really cool, and you're--
- Just plain Perky?
I know, Seduza's
already told me.
Not like her idol, MC Fuzzy B.
- He's da bomb.
- You wait, I'll show
you who's da bomb.
- Hey Perky, we can't all
be born cool like yours truly.
- Yeah right, if it's so
easy let's see your moves,
EE Cool Bug.
- Give me the beat, boys.
(beat boxing)
Hey hey hey all ya buggy DJ's
I'm MC Buggy D
and I'm here to say
It's time to get buggy
- Awesome!
- Not bad!
Maybe almost as good
as MC Buggy Z himself.
- Almost, are you kidding me?
That bug's all hype!
Watch this!
(hip hop music)
- Why are you all decked out
like a bugmas tree, Frenzel?
- The bling?
It's part of my new gig.
I'm here to talk to you
about MC Buggy Z.
- Who?
- Did I hear you say MC Buggy Z?
What about him, do you know him?
- Know him?
Me and MC are like this!
- Oh my gosh, can you
get me his autograph?
- That could
possibly be arranged.
- Ah!
- Looks like Seduza's
a pretty big fan.
- Teen bugs, who
can figure them?
- She's so lucky to
have the coolest auntie
in any kitchen.
- Oh you really think so?
- I bet you'd do anything
to make Seduza happy.
- I do what I can.
- Well, have I got
a deal for you?
I just happen to be MC
Buggy Z's exclusive agent,
and for a small consideration,
he could do a show
right here in kitchen.
- Really?
- For a mere five bags of
crumbs, Seduza will worship
the ground you walk on forever.
- I'm going to do what!?
- Be MC Buggy Z.
- I'm not pretending to be
that over hyped, no talent
MC Buggy Z.
Not for all the
- Crumbs in kitchen?
- Well let's get
the party started!
- One two three four.
One two three four.
One two three four.
One two three four, 12.
I stink.
- Hey Perky, heard the news?
- MC Buggy Z is
coming to kitchen!
- He's coming here?
- Uh huh, he's putting
on a special show for
all of kitchen.
- Could you help me get
his autograph for Seduza?
- Sure, I'll get you back stage.
Then all you have
to do is ask him.
- Ask him?
- Yeah yo yo yo yo yo,
what's going on, yeah yo!
- Excuse me, Mr. Z.
- Yo yeah, what's up?
- Sorry Mr. Z, I was just
wondering if you could
sign this please?
- Perky, it's me Erky!
- Erky, what's gonna happen
when Buggy Z finds out
you took his clothes!?
- Perky, I'm just pretending
to be MC Buggy Z.
He's not actually here.
- Not here, but what
about his show?
- Watch this!
- Wow!
- Nothing to it.
And for my big
finish, ow, ow, ow!
- You're gonna love
my special surprise.
Something only I would think of.
- I can't stand the suspense.
It sounds like every
bug in kitchen is here!
- What do you mean
the show can't go on?
- Seduza's gonna
be very disappointed.
- Seduza, what
about Mad Margaret?
She'll tan my hyde
for purse leather.
If only we had a backup.
- Who are we gonna find
that can do the MC Buggy Z?
I can't even rhyme!
Erky, help!
- I'm so excited, who's next?
- Thank you, thank
you, thank you.
And now, for the first
and only time in kitchen,
all the way from the Big
Bug Motel, in fabulous
Los Vegas, let's have a big
bug cheer for MC Buggy Z.
- Buggy Z!
- I can't believe
it, it's really him.
- Yo.
- I'm MC Buggy Z.
- Huh, oh yeah!
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!
I'm MC Buggy Z and
- I'm here to
- Yo, I'm here to stay.
So all you mites and maggots,
ya better listen when I say,
it's time to get
buggy, say what?
Say what?
- [Both] Get buggy!
- Say what?
- [All] Get buggy!
- Watch me pop!
- The noise, the noise!
- Say what?
- It's time to get buggy!
- I can't hear you!
- [All] It's time to get buggy!
- Let's go!
(hip hope music)
- I was fantastic!
- That poor crowd will never
know what they missed out on.
- Perky, you're never
gonna believe this, look!
MC Buggy Z signed my wing.
Perky, you missed
the show of a lifetime.
- Seduza, I have a
confession to make.
- And the moves, like
nothing I've ever seen before!
- Perky to Seduza, hello!
I was there, that was
me on stage last night,
not MC Fluffy G.
- That's a good one Perky.
- No really, listen,
I'm MC Perky, yo!
How'd that go again?
- Keep practicing Perky,
maybe some day i'l
want your autograph too.
- But that was my autograph!
- Give it up Perky,
she'll never believe you.
- I'm MC Buggy P?
- And I'm here to say.
- It's time to get
buggy, say what?
- [Erky] Get buggy.
- [Perky] Say what?
- [Erky] Get buggy.
- [Perky] Say what?
- [Erky] Get buggy.
(upbeat music)
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