Erky Perky (2006) s02e23 Episode Script

Kitchen Day

Life was good
on Hot Dog Stand ♪
For two bugs
with food demands ♪
Had our last meal
one sunny day ♪
They got caught
up and swept away ♪
Into Kitchen's
where they landed ♪
We're so hungry ♪
And we're stranded ♪
Finding food is
quite a mission ♪
Other bugs are competition ♪
Now just one question ♪
How do we find our
way back home? ♪
(clinking metal)
(bug laughs)
(clinking metal)
(bug laughs)
(clinking metal)
- Oh, tough luck Frenzel.
- Hey, you kicked it off.
- Did not.
- Did too.
- Did not.
- Did too.
This game stinks.
- Geesh, what a sore loser.
- Oh hi, stinks.
Is it just me or is
every buggy in Kitchen
being rude to each other today?
- Oh brother, here comes Moldy.
Kitchen day comes once a year
- Just ignore him,
maybe he'll go away.
Kitchen day is full of cheer
Dance and feast
and shout hooray
- Nice to hear
someone singing, Moldy.
What's the occasion?
- I'm gettin' ready for K Day.
- What's K Day?
- Shhh, don't mention
Kitchen Day, oops!
- Kitchen Day?
- Shhh, long long
ago Kitchen Day
was the bestest day in Kitchen.
Every bug would
put up decorations
and there was a big feast.
Peace and goodwill
spread throughout Kitchen.
- Peace and goodwill? (laughs)
That sounds great,
doesn't it Erky?
- Let's hear more
about the big feast.
- Oh, there was a grand feast
and a huge pile of presents.
- How come we don't
celebrate Kitchen Day anymore?
- Well, one Kitchen Day (snores)
- Kitchen Day sounds awesome.
Let's bring it back.
- What a great idea, Erky.
Then we can bring back
peace and goodwill, too.
(Moldy crashes)
- Yeah, whatever. Let's
just bring back the presents
and the big feast.
(upbeat music and tapping)
- Kitchen Day is about
every bug coming together
in one big happy celebration.
- Yeah? So what's in it for me?
- Yeah, what's in it for us?
(bugs murmur)
- Food. Great big,
greasy, grimy gobs of it.
And don't forget the presents.
(bugs murmur)
- Of course, the presents
are just an expression
of our joy and goodwill
toward each other
on this special day.
- And now the Honorary
Chairbug of Kitchen Day,
Mister Moldy Van
Oldy, will tell you
what it's really all about.
- When I was a wee bug,
Kitchen Day was the
bestest day of the year.
On the morning of Kitchen Day,
every single bug came running
and opened the
presents together.
(bugs cheer)
And then one terrible
year on (snores)
- Ah, so what ya
say to Kitchen Day?
(bugs cheer and clap)
(bell chimes)
- The bugs are too
happy for my own good.
I can feel it in my wings.
Cecil, quite laying
around and get out there
and find out what's going on.
- Yes, Margaret.
Dance and feast
and shout hooray
Hug your fellow bug today
(Bugs cheer and clap)
- Her most Idyllic Insect,
Margaret, demands to know why
you are all so happy.
- Don't tell him,
you'll spoil everything.
- We're reviving
Kitchen Day, Cecil.
It's an old bug tradition
where every bug in Kitchen
comes together in a
celebration of joy and bugship.
- Really?
- No, he's just kidding.
There's no such thing as
- And you and Margaret
should join in, Cecil.
- Wow, I can't wait to tell
Margaret the good news.
- But she'll take all the food.
- I think someone needs to relax
and fill their heart
with Kitchen Day spirit.
- The only thing I plan to fill
on Kitchen Day is my belly.
(barbershop music)
- Kitchen Day?
- It's some sort of
long lost tradition.
They're going to have feast
and presents and everything.
(bubbling and dinging)
- I know it's a buggy doll.
Please make it a buggy doll.
Not a dolly. (sobbing)
I wanted a dolly.
Oooh, I hate Kitchen Day.
When I grow up, I'm gonna
end Kitchen Day forever.
- Margaret, Margaret,
are you okay?
- Cecil, I'm feeling
a little woozy.
- Oh, I hope this doesn't mean
we can't go to Kitchen Day.
- Kitchen Day, me,
be part of Kitchen Day?
Are you some sort of
Yes, that's just what I'll do.
I'll be a huge part of
Kitchen Day. (cackles)
(bugs murmur)
(presents shaking)
(cat meows)
- Step right up.
Get your Kitchen Day hats here.
Kitchen Day buggy glo twigs.
And my special
sugar scum pudding.
- My favorite.
(presents fall)
- One sugar scum
pudding, please, Frenzel.
Two spoons.
- That'll be five crumbs.
- Five whole crumbs.
Who can afford that?
(door shuts)
- Perky, it's the thought
that counts, not the crumbs.
- Really?
- Of course.
- Just one more sleep
and it's Kitchen Day, Erky.
Aren't you excited?
- I certainly am, Perky.
And here's a list
of what to get me.
(scroll unravels)
- Oh, I can see you've put a
lot of thought into this, Erky.
(cuckoo clock)
(horn blast)
- Time to get up,
your Lofty Largeness.
- Give me one good
reason why my new handbag
shouldn't be named Cecil.
- It's Kitchen Day.
- Yeah, so?
I mean, ohhhh.
- Wow, you must be
overcome with the joy
of Kitchen Day spirit, Margaret.
- I'm certainly
feeling woozy again.
Maybe I better sit
this Kitchen Day out.
You go and send my best wishes.
- I'll show all of
Kitchen just how much
Kitchen Day spirit
I have. (cackles)
- This is the greatest
day of my life cycle.
- Behold, my destiny.
(dramatic music)
How about a countdown?
- [Crowd] Five,
four, three, two, one.
- Who could've ever
wanted to put an end
to this wonderful day?
- Sugar scum
pudding, thanks Perky.
(paper ripping)
(dramatic music)
- Just what do you think
you're all doing here?
Didn't I ban
Kitchen Day forever?
I should exterminate
the lot of you,
but I'll give you a chance.
Just tell me whose
bright idea this was.
And let them suffer
the consequences.
What have you got
to say for yourselves?
- Perky, I think you
dropped Margaret's present.
- Happy Kitchen Day, Margaret.
- Open it Margaret.
What've you got there?
- It's a, it's a
buggy doll. (laughs)
A buggy doll. (laughs)
Kitchen Day comes once a year.
Kitchen Day is full of cheer.
Dance and feast
and shout hooray
Hug your fellow bug today
- Cecil. (laughs)
Throw open my food hoard.
Invite every bug in
Kitchen to the feast. (laughs)
Kitchen Day comes once a year
Kitchen Day is full of cheer
Dance and feast
and shout hooray
Hug your fellow bug today
- Post Kitchen Day sale.
Get all your junk.
Great stuff for next year.
Step right up, first
bug gets a crumb.
- Well, the food
wasn't bad, (laughs)
but the gift exchange
left a lot to be desired.
You know, I didn't
get one good present.
- I've been saving this.
Happy Kitchen Day, Erky.
- Now this is more like it.
(Gasps) I can't
believe it, it's a hot dog.
Come to Puppa.
- You can't eat it, Erky,
it's just for decoration.
I made it for Kitchen
Day next year.
Kitchen Day comes once a year
Kitchen Day is full of cheer
Dance and feast
and shout hooray
Hug your fellow bug today
- [Erky] Get off me.
(barbershop music)
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