Erky Perky (2006) s02e25 Episode Script

Roamin’ Holiday

Life was good
on Hot Dog Stand ♪
For two bugs
with food demands ♪
Had our last meal
one sunny day ♪
They got caught
up and swept away ♪
Into Kitchen's
where they landed ♪
We're so hungry ♪
And we're stranded ♪
Finding food is
quite a mission ♪
Other bugs are competition ♪
Now just one question ♪
How do we find our
way back home? ♪
(labored moaning)
- (laughing) This holiday is
going to be so much fun, Perky.
There will be games, and rides--
- And risk?
And danger, and peril?
- But most importantly,
there will be food! (laughing)
- I'm warning you,
Aunt Margaret,
if you don't chill out on
this holiday, I'm not going.
- Come on! We're
going to be late!
- Don't you dare tell
me to hurry up, Cecil!
- Ah-ah! You promised.
- Sorry, dear.
What was I thinking?
Let's go.
- At last.
- Oh, uh, Cecil,
didn't I mention?
You're not coming with us.
Stay here and guard the lair.
- But?--
- Keep out of the food hoard!
- D'oh! Not fair!
That's so not fair! (weeping)
(labored moaning)
- Perky, it's beautiful here!
(sizzling) Oh, ah!
(blowing air)
- Hey, welcome to Camp Frenzil
where every day is a holiday!
(labored moaning)
- Can I help you there, Perky?
- Oh, why thank you, Erky.
- So, where's the grub?
- (laughing) All in
good time, Erky, my pal.
First, let me show you around.
(labored moaning)
- Perky!
- And here is the heart
of my fabulous resort!
- That must be the dining room!
- Wait, take a load off.
(Perky moaning)
- Mm, oh Perky,
it's so comfortable!
You should try this.
Now Frenzel, about lunch.
- I'm here!
(wings flapping) (crashing)
- Aw, great.
Holiday is over.
- Margaret, welcome
to Camp Frenzel.
I wasn't expecting you until
next week. (clearing throat)
- Well, don't just stand there.
Take these.
- Aunt Margaret,
remember, chill.
- Oh, yeah, right.
Thank you, thank you, Frenzel.
- Yeah, 'course. (groaning)
- Deep breath.
You're off duty.
Say hello to the other guests.
- Hi there, Erky, Perky.
- Perky, Margaret just
said hi with a smile.
- With a smile?
- Hi!
- Hi, Perky!
- (nervous
giggling) Hi, Sajuica.
- My chair?
- [Frenzel] Boof.
(loud crashing)
- That's me, chilled.
Cold as ice!
- Hey, Frenzel, what
about that lunch?
- At Camp Frenzel, there's
plenty to do before lunch.
Have you ever
tried hanker-sailing?
- No, what does it taste like?
- No, it's better than food.
It's a joyride!
(Boof laughing)
Boof, boof 'em!
(yelling) (loud crashing)
- Hold on, Erky! I'll catch you!
(dramatic music) (loud crashing)
- Oh, why you little!
- I'm chilled, I'm chilled.
- Having fun on
your holiday, Perky?
- Well.
- Want to play toothpick tennis?
- They've got toothpick tennis?!
(labored moaning)
- Cecil!
Oh, that's right.
Can I get a drink, here?
- "Cecil! What are you
doing with my food?
"It's my lunch!"
You pungent, purple, princess!
(labored moaning)
- Excuse me?
(labored breathing)
- I'm the king of the kitchen!
- Hey, you!
Whoops. (nervous laughing)
Remember to chill.
Margaret's on holidays.
(screaming) (crashing)
(crashing) (groaning)
A little drink?
If preferably, the juice of
something rotten, please?
- Boof get it.
- (sighing) I'm bored.
(laughing and cheering)
That looks like fun.
- Bring.
- Ow!
- Mind if I have a go?
- Of course not!
- But!
- I used to be rather
good at this, a champion.
(nervous moaning)
- What you need is
a relaxing massage!
- No, what I need is food!
- Sure, you do.
But at Camp Frenzel, we always
enjoy a massage before meals.
Come on.
- Again!
- How do I look, Margaret?
(maniacal laughing)
"Oh, Cecil! You
look so good in it!
"Take it off at once before
I explode with jealousy!"
(relaxing music)
- You call this a massage?
I've had far more rotten fruit.
(screaming in foreign language)
(Erky screaming in pain)
- Yeah! Go Perky!
- I'm sorry, I didn't mean to--
- You little yellow--
- Aunt Margaret?!
- I know!
Chill, chill, chill.
Go again, please.
(bones cracking) (moaning)
- Give me my lunch!
- Get this flower?
Good enough for ya?
- You don't mean
mouth watering, juicy,
impossible to find,
real cactus flower?
- (laughing) Sure,
help yourself.
- Come to pupa!
(labored moaning)
- Go Perky!
- (nervous laughing)
I want it to end!
(labored moaning)
- Ah, holidays,
you got to love 'em.
- Don't even think
of beating me.
- Does that mean I
can go home now?
- Of course not!
- It's only a game,
Aunt Margaret.
(labored moaning)
- Prepare to be eaten,
oh beautiful flower!
(labored moaning)
(crashing in distance)
- Go again!
- Oh, I hate holidays!
- I've got it! (laughing)
- Thank you!
- Hey!
- My trophy.
- The game's over at last.
- But Aunt Margaret,
you didn't win!
- Yes, she did, yes, she did.
- Hey, that's my lunch.
(maniacal laughing)
- No!
(siren blaring)
- Oh, blah!
OK, that's it.
Holiday is over.
- Yeah, you got that right.
Perky, get our bags!
- (burping and sputtering)
Let's go, Sajuica.
- See you, Perky.
- Bye, Sajuica.
(door creaking open)
- Cecil?
Have you lost your mind?
- (maniacal
laughing) Completely!
Hey, that was a good
Margaret voice I--
(Sajuica laughing)
- Cecil!
- [Cecil] I can
explain, Margaret!
- [Margaret] Get back here!
- Ow!
(yanking out thorn)
(yanking out thorn)
- You enjoyed your holiday?
- No, I did not.
I told you it would
be a disaster.
- So it was what
you expected then?
- Owwie! Worse.
(yanking out thorn)
- Interested in going again?
- Not anymore.
I now understand
what holiday means.
- Ow! What's that then?
- Somewhere where
you spend a day
and you come back
with holes in you.
- [Erky] Good one,
Perky! (laughing)
- [Perky] (laughing)
Thanks, Erky.
(funky music)
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