Erky Perky (2006) s03e10 Episode Script

Talking Tum

Life was good
on Hot Dog stand ♪
For two bugs
with food demands ♪
Had our last meal
one sunny day ♪
They got caught
up and swept away ♪
Into Kitchen's
where they landed ♪
We're so hungry ♪
And we're stranded ♪
Finding food is
quite a mission ♪
Other bugs are competition ♪
Now, just one question ♪
How do we find our
way back home? ♪
- Ha!
(intense music)
Stop running!
- Well stop chasing!
(intense music)
- Quick, behind here.
- Huh?
- We're safe, Erky, she's gone.
Erky did you?
- No I didn't, but look,
I found the mother lode!
- Erky, you can't eat that!
- Why not?
- It's gross!
Besides it's gotta be Moldy's.
- He won't mind.
In fact, he won't even remember.
You stand guard while I
gather up the goodies.
Only one thing to do.
Right we are.
All set to go.
- But where's
Moldy's secret stash?
You ate it?
It smells even worse
coming back up.
- A full tum is a happy tum.
Besides foods food,
no point being fussy.
(stomach gurgles)
- Margaret?
Who said Margaret?
Who's Margaret?
- No one.
And no one took your food.
- Food?
What food?
- How do you like that.
Moldy thought your
tummy could talk.
- Hmmm, I wonder?
- [Erky's Tum] Marroww Bergy.
- Did you hear that?
It said "Hello Perky!"
- Let's see if I can make it
say "who's a cheeky bug then."
- [Erky's Tum] Wwoosa
ggeeky borg en.
- I know some bugs that
would love to hear this!
Say "Hello Bugs", Erky's tum.
- [Erky's Tum] Hurrrro
borgs, Urgees ummm.
- Hey, Erky's Tum, where would
you find a bug with no legs?
- [Erky's Tum] Rrrright
where ewe levt id.
- Right where you left it.
That's a good one, Erky's Tum.
Isn't that right, bugs?
(bugs cheer)
Hey, Erky's Tum, are there
any bugs you don't like?
- [Erky's Tum] Oooo, yaaa
Mwwaadd wwwaaarrrggwwet.
- [Erky] Did you hear
that, it said Mad Margaret!
- This is the best thing I
seen since that magic show
when they sawed the bug
in half, right, Harvey?
- Ready Cecil?
- Always Margaret.
- Bugs!
Cecil where are you going
without my permission?
- Sorry Margaret!
- Kitchen's deserted.
Where's everyone gone?
- Hey, Erky's Tum,
what's big and purple
and bosses everyone around!
- [Erky's Tum] Mwwaaadd
Mwwaaadd wwaaarrrggwwet!
(bugs cheer)
- Cecil did you hear that?
- Yes, it sounded like
"Mwwaaadd wwaaarrrggwwet".
- What's a Mwwaaadd
- Maybe it was "Mad Margaret"?
- What?!
- Or beautiful, kind
and adorable Margaret?
- No one calls me Mad Margaret!
The voice came from under there!
I'll filet his feelers and
use his abdomen for earrings!
(bugs cheer)
- Margaret?
- [Erky's Tum] Mmmaarrggwart?
- Right where is he?!
- Where's who?
- You know who!
Mwwaad wwaarrgwet.
- Right you see.
- He's gone.
Been, gone, and not coming back.
- Then I suggest you find him.
And if you don't bring him to
me by lunch time, I'll pickle
you in tapeworm juice and
feed you to the fruit flies.
- Yeah!
Feed you to the fruit flies!
- Look at the mess
you've got us in now!
- Me?
But you were the
one that ate the.
That stinks!
- Greetings, bug buds.
(stomach growls)
That sounds like the growbling
of some scaresome bug eater.
- Scaresome bug eater?
That's it!
We'll give her a bug all right.
A bug so big and scary,
even Mad Margaret won't
want to go near it.
- Greetings and salutations.
- Oh, it's you,
dictionary breath.
What do you want?
- I am bearing a massage
from Erky and Perky.
They have ensnaffled
the bug you seek.
- Excellent.
I'm going to enjoy teaching
that upstart a lesson.
- Ready, Perky?
- Ready, Erky.
- Ready Erky's Tum?
(stomach grumbles)
- Action stations, Erky!
Here she comes!
- I'll slice him and I'll
dice him, then I'll stick him
back together and do
it all over again.
No one calls me Mad Mar.
- It's showtime!
(stomach grumbles)
- I don't believe we've met.
I'm Margaret, the Bug
Kahuna in Kitchen.
- It's working!
Give her another blast!
- Ohh!
- One more for good luck!
- Oh, grrr yourself, you great
big beautiful hunk of bug!
- Erky something's not right!
- Keep flapping!
- I am flapping!
- Oooo, you're so
irresistibly monstrous!
Dance with me, you beast!
(dance music)
Oh yes yes!
Speak to me in the
language of love!
Or whatever language
you're speaking!
(dance music)
- Whatever you do,
just keep dancing!
- Tango or foxtrot?
- Kiss me, you wild and crazy.
- I know what you're thinking,
what's a guy like me
doing in a bug like this?
- Erky?
- Run, Perky, run!
- Not so fast!
- Moldy!
- You boys seen any
strangers round here.
Someone's been
stealing my toe jam.
- Toe jam?
- The stuff I scrape out
from between my toes.
I had a big pile
of it behind here.
- [Mad Margaret] Erky!
Wait till I get my claws in you!
- Run, Perky!
- I'm running, Erky!
I'm running!
(upbeat theme music)
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