Erky Perky (2006) s03e25 Episode Script

Pop Culture

Life was good
on Hot Dog stand ♪
For two bugs
with food demands ♪
Had our last meal
one sunny day ♪
They got caught
up and swept away ♪
Into Kitchen's
where they landed ♪
We're so hungry ♪
And we're stranded ♪
Finding food is
quite a mission ♪
Other bugs are competition ♪
Now, just one question ♪
How do we find our
way back home? ♪
- I know you're
holding out on me.
- Careful, Erky!
You might make it angry!
- I know you've got more.
I saw you spew out hundreds
of these tasty treats!
- We don't need hundreds.
If you could just
spare nineties.
- Come on, hand it over!
- Careful!
- Pff!
What's it going to do to me?
Bury me in food?!
You should have seen it, Perky!
One moment on Counter Top
there wasn't a crumb to be had
then suddenly right
before my eyes this thing
turned into a fountain of food!
- Oh!
Margaret's eyes in disguise!
- Henh!
What do they think I am?
- [Both] Woah!
- Woooahh.
It's slippery in here!
And buttery!
Ha ha, woah!
Ha ha, whoa!
Ha ha, whoa!
- Perky, focus!
Listen, big boy,
I know you've got bugloads
of food somewhere!
Give that food up now!
- Mmmm.
Uh oh.
- Erky?
- Er, Perky, how do
I get out of here?
Ho ho, ha ha, woops,
woah, whey-hey, ooh,
whah-hah, ouch, eeh-hee!.
Wooh, that's one serious
piece of workout equipment!
I lost a bit of Erky in there!
- Erky!
Are you okay?
- Er, Perky, how do
I get out of here?
- Oh, um, do you mean "get
home" or "get out of Kitchen"?
Home's that way.
But, er, "out of Kitchen", hmm,
that's the
Of course, if we had
sixty-four million crumbs,
we wouldn't want to
get out of Kitchen!
Where'd you go?
- Er, Perky, how do
I get out of here?
- Oh, er, sorry.
Try that way.
Hmm, how do I et out of here?
Um, oh, to the other side?
To change a light bulb?
Oh, I know, I know!
Knock knock!
Oh no!
Excuse me Erky, I
have to save Erky!
- How do I get out of here?
- Wait
- Perky, how do I
get out of here?
- Where have you been?
- Buh, what?
How did you get here before me?
- It must be my enhanced
fitness level after my workout.
I tell you, I left some
of myself in that chamber.
But I now feel twice
the bug I was before!
Maybe more!
- Maybe I should
exercise more too!
Wanna join me?
- Oh-no-thanks.
While I appear to be
doing sweet nothing,
this is my post-workout
muscle regeneration time!
- Er, Perky, how do
I get out of here?
- Er, Perky, how do
I get out of here?
- Erky, are you okay?
Erky, are you okay?
Erky, are you okay?
How come?
- Looking good!
"Erky, you've been working out!
"You could be a
personal trainer!"
- Erky, are you?
- Of course I'm Erky!
Perky, you'll never
believe what I just saw!
- Er, Perky, how do
I get out of here?
- Er, Perky, how do
I get out of here?
- Er, Perky, how do
I get out of here?
- Yah!
Okay, maybe you will.
- Wait, how do I know
that you're the real Erky?
- Er, Ask me a question
that only I would know.
- Um, okay, what's your name?
- Erky.
- Erky!
Where do you think all
these other Erkys came from?
- Hmm, Let's go
back a few steps.
Er, let's jump up and down.
Let's hop on one leg
and flap our arms while
spinning round and round.
Do you know what this means?
- Spinning makes you dizzy?
- No!
This is just what we need to
get the upper hand in Kitchen!
One Mad Margaret can
push one Erky around,
but let's see her
take on four Erkys!
Five Erkys!
Six Erkys!!!
- I dunno, Erky.
One Erky makes Mad
Margaret really mad.
How mad will she be when
there's half a dozen?!
- I can't wait to see!
- But these Erkys don't
exactly seem reliable.
- Pah!
They're as reliable as I am!
Right, let's get physical!
- Erky, this is abuse
of your membership!
- I'm not happy either.
I still don't know which
one's the real Erky.
- I'm over here.
I'll make it easy for you.
I'm completely different.
Right, now let's
take over Kitchen!
- Commendable scouting, Cecil.
You've found quite the haul!
And you're sure no other
bugs are aware of it?
- I saw Erky and
Perky in the vicinity,
but I'm sure they were
too busy being Erky
and Perky to notice it!
If you know what I mean!
- Hah!
I certainly do!
- May I suggest, Margaret,
you guard it while I move
it bit by bit to your lair?
- An unusually excellent plan.
- Um, er, Margaret
- What?
- I have, er, a list of demands.
- Is this is some kind of joke?
- Please don't
swat the messenger.
- Messenger?
- Hey, listen
here, Mad Margaret!
I'm taking that food and
hereby taking over Kitchen.
- You and whose army?
- My army!
(triumphant music)
Where's your army?
- I surrender!
- I'm neutral.
- You can take our food, but
you can never take our Kitchen!
Well, actually, you can't
take our food either!
(army shouting)
- This can't be happening!
- Huh?
I'm just a clone.
There I am over there!
- How do I get out of here?
- That's Erky.
- Er, Perky, how do I--
- I'll just go and get me!
Er, Perky, how do
I get out of here?!
- Oh, you're just a clone!
'Cause that's what
all the clones say!
- No, Perky, it's me, Erky!
- You can run but
you can't hide.
- I never abandoned
you, Margaret!
- Aha!
That's where you've gone.
- Whoa!
I think we lost her.
- Phew!
I'm glad that's all over.
(upbeat quirk music)
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