Erotic Stories (2023) s01e03 Episode Script


Hot sauce, can't get enough ♪
Of my hot sauce, keep burnin' up ♪
From my hot sauce ♪
Little t-witch, gotta lick your lips ♪
Every time you sip on my ♪
Don't even know that'll
make you wish for ♪
Every kind of life
you could ever think of ♪
All the good, good
you could ever dream of ♪
Yeah, I can be dessert
only after dinner ♪
The kind of taste ♪
You can't erase ♪
It's open.
It's open.
Oh, thank God.
The last time, I got
arrested for trespassing.
Von, by the way.
Sorry for not getting the door.
I'm just a compulsive liar
about my height on the apps.
Mm. OK.
Well, why don't I come to you, then?
Hot sauce, can't get enough ♪
Of my hot sauce, time you sip ♪
On my hot sauce ♪
Little t-witch, gotta lick your lips ♪
Every time you sip on my ♪
Is this rope burn?
You must be into some kinky shit.
You have no idea.
How many more stops you got?
It's priority seating.
Cripple trumps bulk.
What are they for, anyway?
For attention. So glad they're working.
I actually hired a differently
abled intern this year.
He wasn't this snarky.
OK, uh, if you're such an ally,
maybe you could skip grilling
me about my medical history
and ask one of the many
able-bods here for their seat.
Like that guy.
I mean, I get that he's old er
- Ooh!
- than me.
But, no, you're right.
Have my seat.
arriving at North Richmond.
- Stopping all stations
- Sweet.
CJ: So, was that actually your stop?
Or do you have a good samaritan
complex, forcing you to escort me.
Well, back in my day, we used
to look out for our fellow man.
"Older". I said, "Older".
What was that? You'll have
to speak into my good ear.
Oh, I don't mean past it.
You're still active, obviously.
The word 'DILF' comes to mind.
- "The word 'DILF' comes to mind"?
- Or 'GILF'.
I don't know, maybe
you had a kid too young
and then they had a kid too young.
I never really risked the
whole teen pregnancy thing.
I guess that's the
best thing about sodomy.
Or the second best.
Mainly, I just like how fun it is.
Call me crazy but I can never tell
if a stare is a cruising stare or a
"What's the deal with
your disability?" stare.
Do they have to be mutually exclusive?
- Huh?
Whoa. Easy, tiger. Not here.
Well, I'm meant to be at
a thing right now, so
how close is yours?
Meet me tonight.
You're a club promoter?
It's not my event.
But I'll make sure you're on the door.
Well, thanks for the walk but
I'm late for a dick appointment
and I'd like to actually get off.
So I can't ignore you at the club.
I'll need those back.
What if I bail?
Won't you be locked out of your house?
I never said they were my house keys.
Hey, dude?
Think they're ready for ya.
Student doctors. I simply adore
helping teach the next generation.
It's a true labour of love.
Wish me luck.
WOMAN: Now, CJ is a 25-year-old male
presenting with hip pain
following sexual activity.
This increases the likelihood
of future subluxations, bursitis
and chronic joint inflammation.
Now, can you tell me what you
think this scarring here is?
Uh, most likely, it's the result of
a peroneal tendon-lengthening surgery
performed as a child.
Are we done?
One of the things they
don't teach you in med school
is abrasive patients.
The more you see a patient,
the more you get to establish
a baseline of sass.
Breathe in for me.
- Ooh.
And that, Dr Bonham, is a pretty
reliable marker of referred pain.
Someone else's sexual pleasure
isn't worth your pain, CJ.
And you can always ask to switch
to a more ergonomic position
if you think that
muscle strain's a risk.
Ooh! Very sexy.
Maybe I'll wear wrist guards, too.
Prevent carpal tunnel
secondary to fisting
Just give your body a rest, CJ.
Try not to mix with alcohol.
Fine with caps, right?
I'll leave you to get dressed.
I bet there's plenty of guys
who'll find you attractive,
in spite of everything.
Don't forget your keys, CJ.
- You.
- Wha ?
Yep. Yes. Sorry, coming.
Hey, hey, what the fuck?!
Bitch, get in line.
- Excuse me!
- Are you serious?
Look, if we fucked,
I don't remember you.
And it didn't help any of these
bottoms skip the line either.
I think I'm on the door.
One of Jet's boys. He's upstairs.
Have fun.
Uh-uh. Leather. What
is the narrative, Tony?
There you go. Alright. Thanks, Peach.
Oh, God! Stalker!
I mean, I know I'm good but
Or maybe sleeping with you
was just step one of my plan
to steal a bunch of coats.
OK, reveal of the night.
I love your, um
What are they? Like, garter
Oh, so, they're
Um, not that that matters
because, actually, for me to assume
I'm meeting a guy upstairs.
There's a lift if you can't
Over to you.
- Aaagh!
Leave them on.
So, we're clear, then.
You didn't hit on me
DESPITE my disability.
- Did you?
- You're right.
I didn't.
So, you get hard whenever
you see someone in braces?
Not whenever.
It'd have to be a really
hot guy in braces
to get me hard.
Like right now.
Had I fallen for this, how
would it have gone down?
You call me a bunch
of slurs for an hour?
No slurs.
And I last much longer than an hour.
I'd have you on the bed.
- Shackled?
- Only if you were into it.
You can tell me to stop at any point.
You don't have to do
anything except be yourself.
CJ: So
how did you get into all this?
I started with just regular bondage.
I like guys in handcuffs.
And then I found rope play.
And then
a guy asked to be
put in a straitjacket.
Then I found medical bondage.
So, cripples are just ready-meals
for bondage fetishists?
Restraints included at no extra charge.
You can Tweet that later.
But right now, just be quiet.
Sorry, just to check, do you mean
"Be quiet", like, "Talk less",
or "Be quiet", like, um,
"I've also got a fetish for mutism."
Like, uh, is it a "More disabilities,
the better" kind of thing?
Because I've also got hay fever.
Mmm. I'll tell you.
Be quiet so you can keep your
mouth for even better things.
You clinical cock-tease.
Out in public, all bound-up like that.
This isn't gonna work.
What, the laugh?
You're kink-shaming me.
I think I'm being surprisingly
cool about of all this, actually.
You said you were in but you
can't even keep a straight face.
But you can see that it's
silly to talk about braces
like they're bondage.
The point is they give you
more control and agency.
They're freedom.
Well, if you're so proud of them,
then why were you gonna take them off?
You don't fucking get it, do you?
Because they're not
part of my sex life.
I don't need them when I'm horizontal.
You know, actually,
you're the first freak
that wanted me to keep them on for sex.
Yeah, I bet that's the real reason
why you bring disabled people
into your freak fetish stuff.
You think we'll be grateful you
fucked us. Hmm! (SLAMS TABLE)
In ♪
Another world ♪
As I weep ♪
I know you heard ♪
I don't wanna hear
you say another word ♪
Hey, uh, CJ, uh, I'm sorry for being
so awkward about your supports
Hey, how about I get you
a drink after I finish ?
I don't want your fucking pity! Coat!
30 minutes. You fucking Uber!
We've gotta stop meeting like this.
Blue, by the way.
That student doctor put his
foot in it with you, too?
He asked me how I piss.
Or I think it was, like,
"How do you urinate?"
Well, at least he
knows the medical term.
It's whatever.
Hospital always makes me feel like
I'm just this faulty network of tubes.
Well, definitely steer
clear of upstairs.
What's upstairs?
Medical fetishists.
So, that's why people keep
buying me drinks tonight.
Did someone lure you up there?
I did try to play along for a bit
Mm. No, babe
Love yourself.
In my defence, the guy was hot.
Too hot.
Of course, even the disability
fetishist ends up rejecting me.
Someone else's pleasure
isn't worth your pain.
Dr Wilkes recycles her proverbs?
I'm pretty sure she just gets
them from her astrology app.
I think I'll head back in.
So, these medical fetishists are where?
Level 1.
Downstairs is safe.
At least those freaks have
enough shame to keep out of sight.
I've only ever heard that
line in reference to
What a novelty.
Being on the other side for once.
I know it's weird.
I don't expect disabled
people to be grateful.
I'm grateful that anyone would
let me do any of this without
you know, making
me feel like a freak.
Well, for what it's worth,
I'm sorry for calling you one.
Although, if 'freak' was a slur,
I do feel like the cripples
get dibs over leather daddies.
Leather daddies were marching
in Pride before you were born.
- So, you do want me to be grateful?
- No.
I've been coming here since I was 18.
100 years ago.
Back then, we were all deviants.
Then we made progress and
and all my friends
were suddenly normal.
Or 'normal' stretched to
include them, which is good.
Friends got married, had kids.
I'm a godfather now.
Times have changed for the better.
But it was a little less lonely
when we were all freaks.
I get it, but you sprung this on me.
I didn't have time to process.
You can't do that.
Because it doesn't feel sexy
being in hospital.
Not for the person who gets
told they're the problem.
I'm so sorry.
now I HAVE had time to process.
Easy, tiger.
One step at a time.
I've been waitin' for you ♪
It's been so long ♪
I knew just what I would
do when I heard your song ♪
And now we're flyin'
through the stars ♪
I hope this night will last forever ♪
Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
Ain't nobody ♪
Loves me better ♪
Makes me happy ♪
Makes me feel this way ♪
Ain't nobody ♪
Loves me better than you ♪
And now we're flyin'
through the stars ♪
I hope this night will last forever ♪
Whoa-oh-oh ♪
Whoa-oh-oh, whoa-oh-oh ♪
Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
Forever, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
Ain't nobody ♪
Loves me better than you. ♪
MAN: Excuse me?
What's that for?
The leg braces?
They help me walk.
Cerebral palsy.
Sorry, no, I, uh
I meant the fit.
This old thing?
I don't wanna be a freak ♪
But I can't help myself ♪
I don't wanna be a freak ♪
But I can't help myself ♪
- I don't wanna be a freak ♪
- Attention.
But I can't help myself ♪
I don't wanna be a freak ♪
But I can't help myself ♪
Freakin' ♪
Makes your body move ♪
Freakin' ♪
Makes your body move ♪
Freakin' ♪
Makes your body move ♪
Freakin' ♪
Makes your body move ♪
I don't wanna be a freak ♪
Don't wanna be a freak ♪
But I can't help myself. ♪
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