Escape at Dannemora (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Pablo Picasso

I told you twice.
[MAN] All in the cells! [BUZZING] What's going on, O.
? Hey, Bigelow.
[CELL DOORS CLOSING] [MAN] You're a rapist.
A fucking murderer on the outside.
A couple years good behavior, with a cable fucking TV.
But you know what? I blame this fucking honor block.
They're fucking entitled as shit, and it's our fault.
Well, than just look at it as a pacifier, man.
No, it's a fucking privilege.
You walk in here, you're a number.
- Uh-huh.
- You don't deserve shit.
[MAN] It is what it is.
Especially not a fucking TV.
Okay, then what's the alternative? [PALMER] You got a guy in the cell.
He's staring at you all day wondering, "How will I kill this guy with a toothbrush?" Isn't that right, brother? "Let me count the ways?" Get the fuck off the gate.
How many times do I gotta tell you, huh? - [MAN] Yeah, right.
- Christ.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] [MAN] Hey, yo, what's your problem, boss? [MAN] Yeah.
Oh, look.
He's gonna pick up a book.
Imagine that.
So I'm, uh, painting a landscape.
I can't find my yellow.
But I think it's back there.
Well, you'd better go get it.
- Okay.
- Just make it quick.
Just send him home.
Time to go home there, ball.
[CROWD GROANS ON TV] [HAPPY] Son of a bitch, ball.
Why didn't you just go home? - [LAUGHS] - That's your home! He's so stupid.
[HAPPY] Answer me! Suck my white ass, ball! [LOW VOCALIZING] [CROWD ON TV GASPS] David.
[DEEP GROWLING] Hacksaw? [MATT] David.
What the fuck are you doing in there? Fucking dark in here, man.
You'd better get the fuck out of there.
[MAN] What the fuck are you doing? Trying to kill these fucking cockroaches.
They're fucking everywhere.
You wanna help? You trying me, punk? Oh, no, sir.
[STOMPING] Fuck, man.
Come on, get the fuck out of here.
Get the fuck out of there.
Dramatic music [DOOR CLOSES] [MATT] All right, well, I'll see you tomorrow.
Watch out for Big Red.
[MATT] Yeah.
He's on the war path.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] What the fuck were you doing back there? I think we can drop into the basement from back there.
[MATT] We would need to cut through that ventilator.
Just fucking dark in there, though.
We need a light.
Don't start that again.
[SCOFFS] [MATT] I'm serious.
No one's been back there in forever, bro.
You would need a fucking plasma cutter to get through that shit, bro.
Dramatic music [LARSON] I'm truly proud of you.
[HAPPY] Hey, thanks a lot, Mr.
Or a hacksaw blade.
[HAPPY] Well, you can hardly even notice it.
[DISTANT BUZZER] Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.
[HAPPY] Come on, I can't hear you! [CROWD CHEERING ON TV] [DOOR BUZZES] [DOOR BUZZES] Hey, Lumpy.
Welcome back.
[MAN] Morning.
How you doing? What's going on between you and her? Who? [TILLY] You know who.
The chick who works at the front gate.
Chick? What are you What are you [LAUGHS] I saw you making eyes.
[SIGHS] Men can be sluts, too, you know.
I don't even know her name.
[DISTANT TRAIN WHISTLE] I mean, it it she was making eyes at us.
Uh, it's probably because we never gave her any money to to Lumpy's can.
Don't try and change the subject.
I'm not ch I'm not changing anything.
I love you, cupcake.
I love you, too, but remember one thing.
If and when you ever think about cheating on me, I'll know about it before you do.
[MAN] Get on the tools.
Gentlemen, gentlemen, can I have your attention? We're a little behind on our Altono order.
So let's be mindful of our work and don't be shy of asking for help.
- Uh-huh.
- Okay.
You hear that, David? Don't be shy.
[MEGHAN TRAINOR'S "LIPS ARE MOVIN" PLAYS OVER RADIO] You can buy me diamond earrings And deny-ny-ny Ny-ny-ny Yes you can babe Ny-ny But I smell her on your collar Thanks.
So goodbye, bye, bye Bye, bye, bye Hey I know you lie 'Cause your lips are moving Tell me do you think I'm dumb Just ask her for a flashlight.
I might be young But I ain't stupid Talking around in circles with your tongue - We need a light.
- I gave you bass You gave me sweet talk Saying I'm your number one How about some of those little eyeglasses with lights on the end? Baby don't you know I'm done Come on say it No.
Fuck no.
[TILLY] Inmate Sweat.
Can you help me get some spools out of the machine room? Yes, Mrs.
Hey, just ask her.
'Cause your lips are moving Tell me do you think I'm dumb Tell her it's for painting at night.
I might be young but I ain't stupid [TILLY] Inmate Elijah, I don't hear your machine running.
[ELIJAH] Sure, whatever.
I gave you bass You gave me sweet talk Good morning, Mrs.
[TILLY] Good morning, Mr.
Joyce, can I see you for a second? [RADIO DJ TALKING INDISTINCTLY] Fucking Eileen.
[RADIO DJ TALKING INDISTINCTLY] [MACHINES WHIRRING] [EILEEN] "Dear sir, please take notice that there was a fist fight here on Tailor number one which Mitchell witnessed as well as C.
" Lumber? I think that's how he's spelling Lambert.
[DENNIS] Yeah.
"And also it's funny that she" That's you, Tilly.
"Goes into the machine room next door with the same guy, Sweat, once or twice a week for three to five minute and come out with nothing.
" That all's bullshit.
It's not even spelled right.
You know this guy, David Sweat? Yeah, he's my shop's supervisor.
That doesn't prove anything.
It says you keep going into tailor nine with him.
- Do you? - No.
[DENNIS] Tilly.
Well, not like that.
It's work.
It is the machine room.
Any more brain busters? Come on.
It doesn't look good.
And I can tell you right now what Kurt's gonna say about it.
Wait, Kurt? You've gotta be kidding me.
[TILLY] You're totally jackknifing me right now, Eileen.
[EILEEN] It's protocol.
You know, I've never been jackknifed like this.
Dennis, please notify inmate Sweat he will no longer be working in the tailor shop effective immediately.
Have an escort guard bring him to his cell.
I can't run my shop without him.
He's the only one who knows how to do anything.
[EILEEN] Thank you, Joyce.
It's all for a letter that's not even true? You had your fun, all right? [TILLY] This is fucking bullshit.
You need to let it go.
You're lucky you still have a job.
[TILLY] Oh, fuck yourself, Dennis.
[RADIO SWITCHING ON] This is tailor one, unit 125.
[MAN] Go ahead.
Need a key block escort.
No hurry.
[MAN] All right, escort [DENNIS] Sweat.
You should get your tools.
Come with me.
Dramatic music [TILLY] [CRYING] [DOOR SLAMS] [CRYING] [SWEAT] Whoever wrote this ticket, no offense, but it's fucking bullshit.
I shouldn't have to lose my job and move cells.
Yeah, it's a tough life.
You could have got locked up, too.
Bro, I know how to work the machines in that shop better than anybody else.
And there's a $2 million order from Altona that's gonna get fucked up if I'm not there.
Shut up.
Pack your shit.
I am packing.
I'm just saying.
I said to shut the fuck up.
That's fucked up, Palmer.
Yeah, well You know.
Hey, hey, hey.
Oh, no, no, no.
Let me see.
You'd better get a job in a couple of weeks, or you're out this block.
This is good.
Yeah, got one with some more color in the clouds, but the reflections in the water on that one are pretty cool.
What do you want for it? Oh, just have it.
Yeah? Yeah.
Thank you.
[CHUCKLES] [MAN] Crack 20.
All yours.
[PALMER] You're not gonna be lonely, that's for sure.
[SWEAT] Oh, yeah.
[PALMER] Gonna have lots of company here.
What's he doing here? Floor's for lifers.
You working in admin now? How do you do that? [MATT] Time and patience, man.
It looks just like her.
I just can't understand why you'd spend so much time painting a picture of that bitch.
Don't tell me you like the bitch.
" What? "Gita.
" The fuck does that mean? Get the fuck out of here.
Fuck you.
Yo, come get your shit, or I'm throwing it over.
[MAN] I am not fucking with you.
[MAN] Move it.
[BEASTIE BOYS' "3 THE HARD WAY" PLAYS OVER STEREO] Fresh dressed 'cause I shop at Models Deep in Brooklyn I rode the Ls Used to ride the D to beat the morning bell At Edward R.
Morrow out on Avenue L Now we be grilling cheese And flipping flapjacks With the diamond stylus Yo we be cutting wax We're the super elastic bubble plastic Got ethereal material that's straight up classic You try to vex reject but you should respect Or we'll have JC send you out a FedEx So don't start to flex up in the discotheque Or we'll make you extinct Tyrannosaurus Rex We gonna rock gonna rock Like three the hard way We gonna rock gonna rock Like three the hard way We gonna rock gonna rock Like three the hard way Three the hard way, three the hard way Fuck's going on? To all my heads qu'est-ce-que to fabriques [BIRD CAWING] [DENNIS] Talk about the new girl working the gate check? [LYLE] Yeah, Tilly thinks I got a thing for her.
Giving me shit, saying I'm, uh, flirting with her or whatever.
[DENNIS] Well, were you? Christ, Dennis, no.
She tell you about the drama? The note? Yep.
Probably get you a copy, if you want to read it.
Hell no.
Any joker with a fountain pen can turn your life upside down in this place.
[DENNIS] You're not curious? You know what I think? I think this has got management's fingerprints written all over it.
Eileen being Eileen and Kurt being Kurt.
[DOOR CLOSING] - Joyce? - What? Look, if you're still unhappy about something, you're free to write a to-from.
Oh, a to-from.
I I might as well put a note in a bottle and throw it in Lake Champlain.
It's Corcraft policy to take complaints seriously.
Yeah, it's also Corcraft policy to take good jobs from honest people and give them to rapists and murderers for 37 cents an hour.
Someone should write a to-from about that.
- Morning.
- Morning, Dennis.
You're falling behind.
And you need a new inmate supervisor.
I have a inmate supervisor.
Oh, please.
Just give me back inmate Sweat and you won't have any problems with output.
I have no interest in relitigating this issue.
I had a look at the productivity stats and I think the best candidate is Mr.
Lobell? Do you have any idea what his nickname is? No, and it's against Corcraft policy to even mention a nickname.
Well, it's Murder.
His numbers are good.
He hasn't had an infraction in three years.
And Kurt and I are in agreement on this.
Kurt? Where is that guy? He's the fucking Wizard of Oz.
Lobell? [MACHINES RUNNING] You've been promoted.
Promoted? I have? To what? There are only two jobs in here: worker or supervisor.
So I'm a supervisor? [SIGHS] Bad.
Thank you.
I had nothing to do with it.
So how do I get started? I can't do your job for you, which is clearly what you want.
Okay, look, well anything involving a straight stitch, I'm good.
I've done pockets.
I've done belt loops.
I'm a little weak on buttons and zippers.
So if you give me a crash course on those, I think I can figure it out.
Inmate Sweat was better at his job than anybody I've ever seen, and he got fired for no reason.
So while you go around trying to replicate all the things he did to be so successful at his job, you think about that.
Go see Mr.
You're grade four now.
[LOBELL] Lambert.
I'm grade four now.
[LOBELL] So, what happens? [LAMBERT] Mrs.
Mitchell will take care of that.
[LOBELL] Well, she told me to come over here, so [LAMBERT] All right, well, I'll mark it down.
[SAM SMITH'S "LAY ME DOWN" PLAYS OVER RADIO] And make sure you're all right No.
Let me see your needle.
I don't want to be here [TILLY] Can you get that to inmate Sweat? [MATT] Mm-hmm.
I never even got to say goodbye to him.
You okay? Just make sure he gets that note.
Promise you won't read it.
On my skin.
Dramatic music [MAN] Oh, shit! [OVERLAPPING CHATTER] [MAN] That's what I'm talking about.
Hey, bro.
You got any matches? [SWEAT] No.
Lighter? Just trying to read.
[MAN] What you reading? "Call of the Wild"? Shit, fucked up what happens to that wolf.
When it gets to that part when he finds Thornton laying there after those Indians kill him Yo! I'm not fucking finished yet.
[MAN] Shit.
I'm sorry.
[MATT] You guys into something here? We was just talking about "Call of the "Wild.
" You read it? No.
"White Fang"? Made a good movie out of that.
Yo, can you leave? [INDISTINCT CHATTER] Holy shit.
[SWEAT] What's this? [SWEAT] Holy shit.
Yeah, it's real sweet.
You read it? Yo, what the fuck is this? [MATT] Just write her back.
Come on, man.
Write her back.
She might start bringing you shit.
I just lost my job and my cell.
I'm not doing shit.
[CHEERING AND CLAPPING] [MAN] Got it, baby! Yeah! Let me tell you something, man.
Every time I look out the window from the tailor shop and I see the town I see myself out there standing in the street.
I got it to the point now where I can see my own fucking shadow.
Understand what I'm saying? No.
Hmm, all right.
You have a civilian employee writing you love notes.
And you're not gonna do anything about it? Dramatic music That's not cool.
[BUZZING] Did you give him my note? [BUZZING] [MATT] Yeah.
Is he gonna write back? Said he will.
You don't like him, do you? Who? Lobell.
[TILLY] Ugh, he doesn't like me.
He's slowing down production.
I can talk to him.
Dramatic music Murder.
You and the boss lady not getting along, huh? [CHUCKLES] What the fuck you care? I don't.
I just feel the energy in the room.
You know she's a racist bitch.
I ain't got time for all this office politics bullshit.
Well, she's old.
She's a civilian.
She's surrounded by us.
If you ask me, she's just fucking scared out of her mind.
[CHUCKLES] Get the fuck out of here.
Hey, she made you captain.
She won't even teach me the fucking job.
[TILLY] What did he say? I told him if he's nice to the boss lady, the boss lady will be nice to him.
If not, I'll rip his lungs out and drink his blood.
[CHUCKLES] [MATT] Ah, that's your son, the Airman.
[TILLY] Mm-hmm, yeah.
[LAMBERT] Matt, back to your station.
[MATT] Senior Airman or Sergeant already? Airman first class.
[MATT] God bless him.
You got kids? I got two girls.
[MAN] What time is it? [MALE DJ] Maybe get a massage, ever thought about that? [FEMALE DJ] Oh, my God, great idea.
You know what, I head a wise person once say, you know, your car needs an oil change.
Your body needs a massage.
[LYLE] Think today's gonna be a good day.
What do you think? Be a hell of a lot better if Eileen Mulvini had a stroke so I could do my damn job.
What did she do? You name it.
Dramatic music [SEWING MACHINES RUNNING] [TILLY] All right, move on.
Do a new bundle.
Nice, Howard.
[TILLY] Aww.
Oh, they're beautiful.
Thank you.
[TILLY] You get to talk to them? Well, I keep in touch with the older one, Janet.
Uh, Maria the younger one I haven't talked to in six years.
Why? Well, Maria lives in Mexico with her mother, Rita.
And we're not allowed to make international calls from here.
That's not fair.
Even on their birthday? Who said life was fair, right? Is this her number? Last one I had.
You mind if I Uh-uh.
I mean, I'm not saying I'm a perfect person - or this, that, and the other.
- Who is? Right, but when Bradley was running Corcraft, none of this shit went on.
I know she's not perfect, all right? But I'm sure if you asked her, she'd say I have my faults, too.
And I could say the same about you, Dennis.
All right, just take it easy.
Yeah, yeah.
Nobody knows about a marriage except the people in the marriage, and sometimes even they don't know.
[PHONE DIALING] [LINE TRILLING] [TILLY] [SIGHS] Hello Hello? Is Is Hello, is this Rita? I'm calling for Rita.
Is this Rita? I'm I'm a friend of Richard Matt's.
I have a message.
Um I'm sorr I I don't speak Spanish.
So, no hablo.
No ha No habla.
I'm sorry, um, I have a message, and it's for Maria, who is his daughter.
He misses you both.
And he's in jail, but he's okay.
I take care of him.
I'm his friend.
Yeah, I'm his amigo.
He's okay.
I hope you understand what I said.
Please tell Maria.
[EILEEN] Oh, come on, Joyce! The quotas are your responsibility.
[TILLY] I'm not fucking Rumpelstiltskin.
I can't spin straw into gold.
That's not my job.
Well, that's why you have Mr.
Well, I told you he wasn't suitable.
And how many times have you trained with him? The same as everybody else.
That's not enough.
Yeah, that's not enough.
Really, Kurt? Really, why don't you go talk to him? He's got three teardrop tattoos.
That means three bodies.
Come on, Kurt.
Let's go.
Inmate Matt! Inmate Howard! [TILLY] Come with me to tailor nine! What do you need them for? A goddamn interlocker's broken.
Quit watching me like a fucking hungry hawk.
Okay, here.
Can you get this to Gomez? Help him get set up.
We gotta give you some spools.
I did it.
I called Rita.
I talked to her.
I told her to tell Maria that you love her and that your life is good here and that I take care of you.
Oh, here.
It was kinda interesting calling Mexico.
[LAUGHS] You lived there? Yeah.
Most beautiful country in the world.
Never cold.
Can I shake your hand? Sure.
I don't know how to thank you, but thank you.
Here, you'd better get back.
[MATT] Yeah.
Baby, don't tell them that.
- Ah! - I got you right now.
Hey, guys, can you be a little quieter, please? What? Hey.
Man, shut your punk ass up, meat.
I got a play.
Something that you can't do.
[MAN] Now what? Now what? Now what? [SHOUTING] Guys! [ALL SHOUTING] [DOMINOS RATTLING] [BOTH GRUNTING] [MAN] Yo, get that nigga.
[MAN] Yeah, get him.
[GRUNTING] [SPEAKING SPANISH] [MAN] Yo, please, please.
[BOTH GRUNTING] [LAUGHS] Hey, what's up, boy? [MAN] What's up? [MAN] What time is our lockdown? Same time it is every night.
Okay, just asking.
[SIGHS] [MATT] Are you okay? Yeah, but I'm fucking done here, man.
If I kill one of these motherfuckers I gotta get off the flats.
Hey, well at least you're working in the library now.
It's quiet there.
There's fucking dudes jerking off in there.
No shit? They look at the National Geographics.
They stop every ten seconds to see if a C.
is looking.
I can't stand the fucking suspense.
[BANGING] [MAN] Don't follow me.
Hey, do you still have that photo of Tilly's dogs? The ones you were drawing? What? The photo of Tilly's dogs? Can I have it? She wants it back.
[MAN] Hey, yo, Mikey! [CHUCKLES] She does? [MAN] Get your punk ass right there.
Dramatic music [HAWK SCREECHING] [SWEAT] Look, it would be great timing if you were able to get me that transfer order, like, right now.
Did my mother write that letter like she said she was going to this time? She fucking what? Bro, that's not even true.
You think I'm dumb enough to bring a fucking hunting knife to elementary school? I was, like, nine years old.
She put that in a fucking letter? She was supposed to tell them I'm not violent, which I'm not, so how hard is that, man? I'm on the fucking honor block.
My record in here is fucking spotless.
[SWEAT] How's it going? With what? [SWEAT] You know.
No, I don't know.
How's it going with Tilly? What the fuck do you care? Is she gonna bring in those lights that you were talking about? [MATT] Yeah, she's gonna bring me the lights, and she's gonna bring me anything I fucking want.
Really? Don't you and your buddy, Reggie, have a fucking book club downstairs? [MAN] Lock in.
Rec's over.
Ready for the count.
All right, look.
I don't appreciate when I try to help somebody and they don't give a shit.
[MAN] You're on the wrong gallery, punk.
Lock the fuck in.
Dramatic music [DOOR BUZZING] Hey, did you get to the part where Thornton walks in [SWEAT] Fuck off.
[REGGIE] Man, fuck you.
Pardon me, bro.
Yo, pardon me.
Talk to Hacksaw real quick? [MAN] Go ahead, man.
"So, okay," what? No, I'm in.
I want in.
I don't know what the fuck you're talking about.
If that hookup is like you say it is, then I'm in.
So you wanna be part of my dream.
Say it.
I want the dream.
I want the dream.
What the fuck is that? That's not what I said.
Okay, fine.
I wanna be a part of your dream.
Smooth music - Okay.
- Okay.
So tell me what the fuck you got going on.
With what? Bro, I just said the fucking thing.
Tell me what you got.
I tell you what we got.
We're busting the fuck out of here.
That's what we've got.
I'm having a hard time here with the pockets and the hole stitching.
You see right here? What? That's for you.
Your tension's off.
[MATT] Okay.
[CHUCKLES] Attention, gentlemen! Anyone's light burnt out at their workstation? [TILLY] Raise your hands.
Inmate Matt, can you help me in the back room? Yeah, come.
Oh, it's beautiful.
Really? Oh, it looks like them.
It looks just like them.
You know, it's just my way of saying thank you for reconnecting me with my daughter.
Well, I wanted to do that for you.
[HEAVY BREATHING] That was a big risk you took for me.
That part of it was fun.
You're fun.
My husband never looks at me.
I want to paint pretty pictures for you.
But I wanna do them right.
On stretched canvas.
And make frames.
But I need better tools.
What do you need? Hacksaw blades.
Hacksaw blades.
[WIND BLOWING] The Modern Lovers' "Pablo Picasso" playing Well Some people try to pick up girls And get called asshole This never happened to Pablo Picasso He could walk down his street And girls could not resist his stare And so Pablo Picasso was never called an asshole [VOCALIZING]