Everwood s01e07 Episode Script

We Hold These Truths

Previously on Everwood: Bright and him were best friends.
Last Fourth of July they decided to go for a joy ride.
Colin drove.
There was an accident.
Bright was thrown from the vehicle.
He doesn't remember what happened.
She's still wrapped up in her boyfriend the one in the coma.
She asked me to ask you to take a look at him.
Can't remember the last time someone said "no" when Dr.
Brown offered his help.
Colin's surgery is a done deal.
You're the last stop for us Dr.
What do you think we should do? - I can't tell you what to do.
- But if it were your son.
- Your father turned them down? - He's never turned anyone down.
He's never met odds he didn't like.
You owe it to this kid to perform whatever miracle you've got up your sleeve.
Hell you owe it to me.
It was easier when I didn't know so much about my patients - When I didn't care.
- You moved to be a father and a doctor.
- I just didn't know it would be so hard.
- Welcome to the human race Dr.
Every small town worth its salt has a place like this a place where the landscape invites us to blend in for a while.
Ours is called Buck's Rock.
It's been graced with its own heavenly light that for most people, eliminates any doubt of a higher power.
The purpose of Buck's Rock is quite familiar.
It's a place where the lazy days of childhood play themselves out.
A place free from the responsibilities of adult life.
A place of innocence.
And with that seamless dive the young American from Everwood Colorado catapults himself into medal position.
Your toes were curled bro.
And let's not even talk about your entry splash.
The Russian judge gave me a 6.
Well everyone knows Unga's got a thing for you.
Yeah well too bad Unga's feelings are unrequited.
You're next Grover.
In a little bit.
You are so full of it.
When are you gonna realize my baby sister doesn't share our sense of adventure? Good one bro! If I ask you a girl question do you promise not to laugh? No.
What were you just thinking? Just then you had this look.
I was just thinking about the fireworks I saw in Mr.
Knoll's driveway earlier.
The ones they're shooting off tonight.
They must've cost a fortune.
Look I can't think about you every second of every day Grover.
Sometimes I got to take time to think about normal guy things like trucks electronics Katie Holmes.
I get the idea.
All right.
Maybe it wasn't just the fireworks.
Go on.
I was just thinking about us watching them go off last year.
- And? - I just hoped that they would keep going.
With your hand just touching mine.
Just like that.
And then it was over.
What are you doing? What is that? - That's my confirmation cross.
- Come and get it.
- lf you drop it I will never forgive you.
- Come and get it.
- Colin.
- Come on.
Colin! Ready? One two three.
I love you.
The bone fragment we'll be resecting is located in the brain stem mission control for vital function.
Its placement necessitates an extreme level of caution during the procedure.
The procedure will take a minimum of 8 hours assuming there are no complications.
I know you're both aware of what those complications might be.
We are.
I've got my old assisting surgeon flying in from New York.
He's the best.
We'll start prepping Colin at 9 a.
What's the chance my son won't survive the surgery? It's a high-risk procedure.
There are no odds that I can give you and even if there were l'm not sure they'd provide you with much comfort.
I need something.
Colin made a mistake when he drove that day and he's paid a horrible price.
I don't want to be responsible for making him worse.
Hart Colin's been in a coma for over four months.
That's well beyond the time frame where a meaningful recovery is likely.
The only assurance I can give you is this.
In my career I've performed over 2600 surgeries.
And I have never had one where I cared more about the outcome.
You let a guy who's never been out of New York drive a car in the wilderness? It's Uncle Brian not Woody Allen.
He's here! He's here! - Uncle Brian! - Come here girl.
Gentlemen and lady worship me for I have brought unto you New York City.
- Did you leave any behind for New Yorkers? - Nope.
Let' see I've got two bags of H&H bagels some Ray's Pizza all eight slices individually wrapped for travel no need for thanks.
Zabar's Special Blend Yonah Schimmel knishes and a Brooklyn Cyclones hat for Delia.
Who are they? A minor-league team that plays on Coney Island.
I thought I was upset because I just missed New York.
Now I can finally know true despair.
- Despair's up your alley.
You're a musician.
- Not really these days.
When you hear what I brought you're gonna want to rededicate yourself.
Bill Evans.
That'll change your life.
I can't believe it.
What's it been a year since you and I stood over an open skull? Long enough to have blotted out some of your colorful expressions.
And tomorrow we'll hear the sweet sound of that drill digging away.
Let's save the shoptalk for after dinner.
Did you eat? You hungry? Yes and yes.
Start shoveling whatever you got on my plate.
- Ephram you come outside and help me.
- More bags? I can't get the car to turn off.
The television fanatics in the house will be happy to know that I have relented and purchased the satellite dish which you have been clamoring for.
I'm picking it up from Herb's Discounts tomorrow morning.
- Please hold your applause.
- That's great Dad.
Over 300 channels.
We can watch Jeopardy! in Korean if we wish.
Why are you picking up the dish? Why isn't one of Herbert's boys installing it? I possess two university degrees and a Mensa membership Rose.
We do not need to pay some tool-belted ignoramus 50 of my hard-earned dollars to hook a piece of plastic up to the side of the house.
Pass the carrots.
Mom I want to spend the day in Denver tomorrow at the hospital if that's all right.
I assumed you would.
I'm going to keep an eye on the Harts' store.
Your dad's on call so you should ride with your brother.
I'm not going.
What do you mean you're not going? I'm not going.
- Figures.
- Amy.
I'm sick of this.
Colin's your best friend.
You never go see him.
Now you won't be there for the surgery.
You're doing fine with this whole martyr thing.
You can handle it without me.
- I'll be in my room.
- Get back here.
Harold just leave him.
He's just scared about tomorrow.
Man there's a reason men don't wear ruffles.
It's not that bad.
If this were 1775 you'd be a total chick magnet.
- You're not helping.
- I'm not? Are you sure about that? - Where did you swipe this? - Dad's liquor cabinet.
Crown Royal he got from a client last year.
Trust me if he knew that you were gonna stand in front of the entire town wearing that he'd want you to have it.
Hey slow down man.
It's supposed to last all day.
Yeah well I don't know if I'll last all day.
Don't want to ruin that pretty outfit do you? Let's get moving people.
Hey Dr.
You're looking revolutionary.
- Thank you Colin.
- Very cool.
Kentucky long rifle right? Curly maple if I'm not mistaken.
You know a thing or two about vintage weaponry.
I've done some light reading.
It's not every day our family gets honored by this thankless community.
- I wanted to make the most of it.
- This is an honor? City council chose us to represent this town in this year's Fourth of July assembly.
- Do you know why? - You told them you'd pay for the costumes? Because we the Abbotts represent everything people in this community wish they were.
We command respect.
They look up to us.
You have a run in your stocking Harold.
And don't forget to take your scroll with you.
I don't need the scroll Rose.
I have the entire thing memorized of course.
My father was the crier.
They talked about it for weeks.
Do you think he used a scroll? If the British knew they were losing you they would've fought harder.
Let's get going people.
Don't want to keep our public waiting.
Depending on how many people are there you think I could borrow that rifle to shoot myself? The accident happened on the Fourth of July.
Truck overturned and Colin and his passenger were thrown from the truck.
Passenger got by with minor injuries.
Doesn't remember a thing about the accident.
Colin as you can imagine didn't fare as well.
His ICP's been well managed but nothing's changed.
So tomorrow we get to climb Mount Everest.
Just about.
Paul Yeats performed a double aneurysm last week.
Paul Yeats? That lifetime minor-leaguer? You're not there anymore Andy.
People had to step up.
Check this out.
He was pressed for time.
Problems with cerebral profusion.
- Close.
Hairspray tickets.
- The guy's totally deranged.
He wants to be you.
Hell I wouldn't mind being you minus the beard.
Being me is not all it's cracked up to be these days.
Come on.
Can't be all that bad.
- How are the kids doing? - Well Delia's adjusting well.
- She's a trouper.
- And Ephram? Ephram would hate me in every one of the contiguous states plus Hawaii and Alaska so we might as well be here.
About tomorrow boss what's the deal? We'll take a lateral parapetrosal skull-base approach to the brain stem.
There'll be some swelling but hopefully the surrounding vessels won't be spasmodic.
I was wondering though why I'm here.
I'm flattered that you wanted me but the kid's team was available.
I checked around.
Latham's tops.
So is Murdoch.
I thought it'd be good to have a familiar and trusted face in the room.
And to be honest with you I I have a slight case of performance jitters.
You've been dormant.
It's normal.
Anyway l'm probably gonna rely on you more than usual tomorrow if we're gonna have a shot - "lf"? "A shot"? - You're talking like you've never done this.
- Well I haven't.
Not this exact surgery.
Like there's any order of difficulty in the miracles you've performed? Well I'm a different person now.
- I may just be out of miracles.
- No you're not.
And how do you know? Before you took me under your wing Andy I never believed that there were people put on this earth simply to fix God's mistakes.
That's the sort of gift that doesn't go away.
Sleep easy Dr.
You're gonna be great.
- No no.
That's not how we do it.
- Sorry.
I forgot.
Towel nurse.
Thank you.
I don't think I'm gonna be a brain surgeon when I grow up.
- No? Why not? - Well for one thing you have to wake up early even on Saturday.
That can be a drawback.
And because I'm gonna be a tap dancer.
- I thought you were gonna be a fireman.
- I'm gonna do that too during the day.
- Dad? - Huh? Are you gonna have to work at the hospital all the time again? - No honey just today.
- Good.
I don't use that one anymore.
Go wake Uncle Brian okay? Uncle Brian.
You have to go do brain surgery.
I still got time for a ticklectomy.
Butter or cream cheese? - Ephram you didn't have to do all this.
- I was up.
Well cream cheese would be great.
Oh man.
You brought them.
There was this invention a couple years ago.
It was called the CD player.
You should check it out.
These are the mix tapes your mom made for our surgeries.
She'd figure out what songs to pick based on the kind of surgery we did.
For instance glioma '97 has an upbeat Motown kind of a feel.
Whereas triple aneurysm '99 is more of an angry-lesbian-with-a-guitar mix.
And here is my personal favorite.
Middle fossa skull-base tumor 2000.
Which one do you want for today? I don't know.
Why don't we pick one on the way down? Here add this to your collection.
- You made this? - No big deal.
I was fiddling around with iTunes.
I'm going back to bed.
Mix CDs.
- It's a whole new world man.
- Yes it is.
He can't hate you all that much.
That was easy enough.
- I'm out.
- Wait Bright.
Come here a second.
I don't really feel like talking Dad.
No no no.
I want to tell you something.
It's about Dr.
He's the axis of evil.
I know.
Yes he is but he's also an unbelievable surgeon.
If he wasn't so annoying in every single aspect of his existence l'd say we were lucky to have him here.
What's your point? - Colin is in good hands.
- I don't want to talk about Colin.
- I understand.
You - You don't understand.
Forget it.
I will be back in a few hours.
Bright - Hello? - Hey.
- Ephram it's Amy.
- Hey.
Are you all right? You at the hospital already? Yeah but nothing's happening yet.
I guess they're prepping him or something.
- Whatever that means.
- Probably shaving his head.
Or you know I don't know what I'm talking about.
So what are you up to today? Anything fun? Not really.
I got to finish some math homework read a couple comics eat lunch.
I'm falling asleep just listening to myself.
It sounds kind of nice to me.
You doing okay? Honestly I don't know.
But this is what I've been waiting for so it's a good thing right? Yeah.
I guess.
Anyways I should probably go.
Wait wait wait.
l It's okay.
I should stay close to the OR in case there's any news.
Just wanted to touch base with normal for a minute.
You definitely called the wrong person for that.
- I'll talk to you later Ephram.
- Amy.
Amy Amy Abbott please report to the stage.
Dad your mike's not working.
Help me.
Your mother is out there kissing babies like it's election day.
Your brother's missing in action.
I cannot seem to locate the orchestra's conductor.
We need to establish a signal so that these people know when to start playing.
The timing is crucial.
Dad it's not an orchestra.
It's the school band.
And your conductor is Mr.
Mendick who's inhaling a corn dog over there.
All right.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Go find your brother.
Are we on? Hello? What are you guys doing? Hey Grover.
My dad's waiting for us.
We have to go Bright.
- You are so going to be busted for that.
- Who's gonna tell? - He's gonna smell it numb-nuts.
- Your brother's had like 7000 breath mints.
It was my idea.
I thought it'd be good to give him some liquid courage before he had to go on stage.
- Why? He's not making the speech.
I'm wearing tights.
Isn't that enough? Let's go before I tell Dad.
- Don't you even care that we're fighting? - I didn't know we were fighting.
How could you not? You know what? Fine.
Forget it.
- I'm sorry.
- What for? You didn't know we were fighting.
I am sorry for whatever I did that pissed you off.
It's because of earlier.
When you said what you said to me at Buck's Rock and I didn't say what I should have said back.
You didn't have to say anything back.
I'm just I'm hurt that you didn't.
Don't take it the wrong way.
How am I supposed to take it? It's the first time I've ever It's the first time I've ever said that to someone I wasn't related to.
It just took me by surprise that's all.
Me too.
You are the longest relationship I have ever had Amy.
You're my girl.
Wanna go watch fireworks together later? I guess.
I got to go.
Aren't you gonna kiss me goodbye? I'm late.
I made some snacks for the munchkins.
- I thought I'd bring you some too.
- Thank you.
I hope Delia isn't too much trouble.
What are you kidding? Sam's in his glory.
Delia made a pillow fort and they're defending the room against raptors.
Any word from your dad yet? Not yet but these things usually take like 10 hours.
I guess you must be pretty used to this huh? Kind of.
Although I don't usually know the person so it's a little different.
- You know Colin? - Amy.
Amy Abbott.
- Friend of mine from school.
- She is a sweet girl.
She babysits for Sam once in a while.
So what's he like? Colin? He is a charmer.
He's the kind of kid who forgets to mow your lawn for two weeks and when he finally comes you end up paying him for three.
I think he was All-State football and he's pretty smart too.
So he's basically like God.
No you'd like him.
He'd like you too.
How is Amy holding up? I don't know.
I mean she sounded a little weird on the phone earlier.
But you know She probably could use a friend right now.
Well I don't know if I'm the best person for that.
Why is that? Let's just say there are some issues.
Like? Like I think she's amazing and beautiful and completely out of my league.
She agrees.
If she wanted me at the hospital she could've asked.
Could she have? If going to the hospital is something that you think you can handle then go.
Chances are Ephram she probably wants you there but she just doesn't feel like she has the right to ask you.
If you don't want to go that's okay.
You don't have to be the best friend that helps her get through this.
You just have to decide what kind of friend you want to be.
You know I forget how good women are at this stuff.
- and that as free and independent states they have full power to levy war conclude peace contract alliances establish commerce and to do all other acts and things which independent states may of right do.
And for the support of this declaration No Mr.
Mendick no! That was not the signal! - We haven't finished! - Dad.
Dad it's okay.
No one was listening anyways.
Let's go.
Hey Johnny Tremain.
Wanna see something that will knock your pantaloons off? - Sweet.
Is this your Dad's new truck? - Yeah.
He doesn't know jack.
If this was mine I would spike the tires get a short-change shifter at minimum.
Nice truck Hart.
Too bad it's your daddy's.
Whatever McNally.
Like I can't drive this whenever I want.
I'm sure you can.
Besides your brother is still the kid who threw up on the DMV guy during his driving test.
We're going up to Miller's Field for some off-roading.
You two in? Hell yeah.
We'll see you in 20.
- What about your dad? - We'll be back before the fireworks.
- He'll never know the difference.
- On one condition.
- What? - Take me home to change first.
That's my boy.
We've created a bone flap and retracted the dura to expose the area of the brain stem where the bone fragment is lodged.
Bring the scope in.
Now according to films the chip should be right in the center of the field.
- I don't believe it.
- What's up? - There's a second chip.
- Are you sure? It's on the other side of the posterior cerebral artery.
- It's so small it didn't show on the scans.
- There it is.
I'm seeing it now.
We're going to need another unit of blood in here.
And you might want to alert the OR head nurse.
Tell her to reschedule any electives that were scheduled.
- It's gonna be a while.
- Like one chip wasn't enough for this kid.
- Hey we got to get back.
- Yeah we don't want to miss the fireworks.
- You ready? - You sure it's okay? You cannot miss this.
This is unbelievable.
I'm still kind of messed up from before man.
- What if I scratch the truck up? - What are you gonna hit a dust ball? If you scratch the truck I'll take the heat all right? Let's go.
Let's do it.
You're holding up the line.
- What are you doing here? - I wanted a Twix.
- You came a long way.
- Well there's two in a pack.
You know I really only wanted one.
Needed somebody to share it with.
Travel Boggle.
Travel checkers.
Travel Scrabble.
And Clue.
- Is there a travel-size Clue? Well Professor Plum wouldn't look as cool all travel-sized and squashed up.
So take your pick.
- Scrabble.
- Excellent choice.
And in case I have to challenge you Never say I didn't come prepared.
You must have lived at the hospitals back in New York.
Actually this is the first time I've been since my Dad was working.
You're a good friend Ephram.
So are you.
- What are we listening to? - It's a CD.
My son made it for me.
It's really good.
We got a bleeder.
- Pressure's dropping.
- It's the petrosal sinus.
- We packed that baby off two hours ago.
- That baby is unpacking and fast.
Let's get some suction here.
Pressure's labile.
It's a little thready right now.
- I'm gonna start Levophed.
- Can you see it? No the field's still flooded.
Cottonoid and some gelfoam.
Hold on Colin.
Hold on.
Go for it! Go for it! Pressure's 70/40.
I need a big sucker.
Give me a 12.
Somebody empty the damn suction canister.
Come on, Colin, stay with us.
- Stay with us.
- We got diffuse brain swelling.
Hang some blood.
Bring some more fluids in.
Pressure is 90/60 now.
There you go man.
Gun it! Let's go! Let's go! Good good good.
Let's get his fluid status up.
- Can you see the chip? - No.
I'm zooming out.
Zooming in.
Zooming in.
Bright! Bright what is it? I remember everything.
About last Fourth of July I remember everything that happened that day.
Well that's natural.
It's been a while.
- The immediate effects of the trauma - I always have.
Go on.
That afternoon he stole some stuff from his dad's liquor cabinet Colin.
And we were drinking.
The ceremony is over and these guys are gonna go off-roading and the truck was there and we shouldn't have taken it.
We get up to Miller's Field he says that I can drive Slow down.
You're not making any sense.
It was me Dad.
I was driving the truck when the accident happened not Colin.
- Sergeant Danforth said it was - He assumed by where Colin's body landed that he was driving and I let him think it.
- And you were drinking too? - Yeah.
I was.
You see? It was my fault.
Now if Colin dies it's gonna be like I killed him.
Like I killed my best friend.
And I wanted to tell you when it happened.
And I should have told you and I'm sorry Dad.
I'm so sorry.
Amy's gonna hate me forever.
- You were driving? - Yeah.
And you waited until today to tell us? - Jim - No no no.
I just want to understand.
Four months.
After all is said and done I find out that Colin wasn't driving.
I don't get it.
What does that mean? It means he wasn't driving.
That's all.
He was still in the truck.
He still got hurt.
It doesn't change anything.
No you're wrong.
It has to.
Something has to change.
Jim you have every reason to be upset.
Bright just wants to make things right.
We both do.
Harold how can things be made right when Colin is like he is? I don't know.
I don't know.
The truth is this is just a first step.
That shouldn't be my son in there.
Bright sit down.
I know I did a horrible thing.
I'm so sorry.
Bright to my knowledge you're the first person to take any responsibility for what happened that day.
I should have said something sooner.
I could say the same thing about myself.
But I haven't been able to bring myself to say those words.
You weren't there.
How can I not know my son was drinking or that he took the truck keys? When I look back at that day I think I think that I knew.
I miss him.
Me too.
Will you wait here with us? Yeah.
It's official.
I have run out of things to say.
I'm really not this boring.
It's just rare that I spend so long with one person.
I'm not usually scraping the bottom of the barrel.
Most of the time I get in I get out nobody gets hurt.
It's not you.
This whole day's starting to feel longer than the four months Colin's been in a coma.
Four months.
What are you thinking about? I'm thinking about the moment when Colin finally wakes up.
I've thought about it a billion times.
Yeah? And I know what I'm gonna say to him.
It's not what you think.
I am gonna tell him how sorry I am.
Sorry? Ephram there's a whole part of this thing I've never told anybody about.
What? We had a fight that day.
Before he took the truck.
A big fight.
I told him I loved him.
You guys have a weird way of fighting.
He didn't say it back.
Well maybe he was just having a hard time with the words.
You know sometimes people really want to say something but they just can't.
Maybe he never really loved me.
And do you know what the worst part is worse than the waiting and the operation the tubes and the machines? Sometimes I think he wasn't just going for a joy ride that day.
I think he was running away from me.
Amy this is gonna sound really lame but it's the truth.
I know how you feel.
For a long time after my mom had her accident I was sure it was my fault.
Blaming yourself it's just a way to try and make sense of something that will never make sense when the truth is it was what it was an accident.
It's kind of amazing isn't it? Out of all of the people I've known my whole life you're the only one who showed up today.
Colin came through very well.
We got the chip.
Actually it was two chips.
We found a second one during surgery.
We had some bleeding we didn't expect which slowed us and I can't promise you that didn't do any damage.
We won't know where we stand for a while.
In fact for a week or two it may seem as though nothing has changed at all.
But I want you to know that we've done everything possible to help your son.
Can we see him now? He's on his way to ICU.
The OR nurse will show you the way.
Thank you.
I don't know what you were talking about last night.
That was awesome.
You took a damn bone chip out of a damn brain stem.
- You made history.
- Easy Brian.
You're right about one thing.
You're a different person.
You're better than you were before.
It was the knishes.
And the fact that for the first time I had a personal stake in the outcome.
Whatever it was I want you to put it in a bag and come back to New York with me.
- Sorry.
No can do.
Hey it doesn't have to be today.
When you finish this sabbatical come back home.
We still need the guy who can fix God's mistakes.
This is my home now Brian.
And as for the big guy's mistakes these days I'm working on one of his bigger ones.
And it ain't the fact that you'll never be as pretty as me.
- How is he? - He's out of surgery now.
If you want to see him Brian will show you the way.
Wait Dr.
Thank you Dr.
- Consider a career in neurosurgery? - I am now.
Delia's with Nina.
I figured.
So how did it go? Okay.
I don't know if we did any good.
From here on in it's wait-and-see.
I meant how did it go for you? Truthfully? - I was scared.
- Scared? You called it remember? Well what were you scared of? That I would fail Colin Amy the Harts you.
You were scared you would fail me? Yeah.
I was.
But the music helped.
Bobby Short.
Inspired choice.
- Very New York.
- I'm glad you liked it.
Travel games huh? You know I always wondered what people did to kill time while we worked.
- You up for a quick game of travel Scrabble? - No way I'm playing you in Scrabble.
You've been published in the Scientific American.
- But I will kick your butt in Clue.
- Oh I think not Professor Plum.
Clue doesn't come travel-sized? One of the world's greater atrocities.
When things are working right in the universe a loss of innocence is usually followed, in time by an increase in humanity.
Time is funny like that.
For everything it robs us of, it grants us something.
Sometimes it's a new friend.
Sometimes it's a better understanding of ourselves.
Sometimes it's just a perfect day.
We should be heading back soon.
It's getting late.
He's right Colin.
My dad's gonna lose it if we're late for dinner again.
Hang on a second guys.
Let's just lie here a little longer.
We don't have all day.
Sure we do.