Everwood s01e17 Episode Script

Everwood Confidential

I've heard it said that a retirement home is where people go when life is through with them before they're through with life.
That expression was true enough in Everwood.
The Ransell family bought the old Hicks mansion in 1942.
Thereafter, converting it into Everwood's sole retirement home.
People don't tend to visit the Everwood retirement home that much anymore.
Not that they ever did.
Don't know if it's the spirits of the past or a premonition of their own future but something keeps them away.
Then sometimes, just sometimes a little light shines in this dark, empty place.
Okay Charlie you're up.
Nothing could keep Dr.
Brown from dispensing his free medicine where it was needed.
I need a refill on my Viagra.
- How's that working? Any side effects? - Happiness.
I prescribed a bottle for you a few weeks ago.
We should hold off for a little while.
Come on doc.
You can't deny the ladies.
Come on Charlie.
Let's go.
Who's next? Doc I'd like you to meet the Honorable Judge Marvin Harrison.
- How are you today judge? - Right as rain right as rain.
Edna's gonna take your pulse l'll give you a flu shot and you can call it a night okay? - You like Billie Holiday do you? - My wife loves her music.
We dance to it every Saturday night at the USO.
You should see my wife move.
Best drumsticks this side of Radio City.
How long you been married judge? Let's see since '52.
Seven years this coming month.
And I'm not a judge yet.
Maybe someday but I just started practicing law.
Marvin go ahead and roll up your sleeve.
- Alzheimer's? - Standard senile dementia.
It got worse a few years ago when his wife Peaches died.
I've known Marv Harrison for eons.
He was Hal Sr.
's best friend and golfing partner.
As well as Junior's godfather.
Now he doesn't remember any of us.
- Must be hard to see him like this.
- Heartbreaking.
This won't hurt a bit Marvin.
- There we go.
- It does hurt.
It hurts so much.
- What hurts the needle? - My secret.
I killed him.
There was blood everywhere that scorching summer.
Killed who? What are you? Dead and buried so no one will ever find him.
- Now look what you've done.
- I called for advice not a SWAT team.
Between this and busting Erma's dope supply I might have to deputize you doc.
Do you really have to take him into custody Roger? He's clearly not a flight risk.
He can barely walk.
You just nabbed Everwood's public enemy number one.
We've tried to crack the Horace Hempleman case for 30 years.
I'm about to crack something if you take this further.
Who's Horace Hempleman? Well it was the scorching summer of '72.
A handsome drifter by the name of Horace Hempleman came to Everwood.
He had all the women in a tizzy and all the men jealous with rage.
One day he vanished.
Nothing left behind but his shoe with a knife through it and a note that said "Dead and buried.
" Oh come on.
He's not serious is he? I told you we shouldn't have said anything big mouth.
- Edna l - You should feel pretty good right now doc.
Because of your tip Everwood can sleep safe and sound for the first time in 30 years.
Why didn't you tell me you weren't feeling well? - I'm a trouper.
- You've probably got the flu.
It's been going around lately.
Guess that means you're gonna get it now.
You just touched my spit.
Doctors don't get the flu.
But you have a bad fever.
So put on your pajamas while I go see if Nina can watch you.
Then Nina's gonna catch it.
Honey I won't be gone long.
I'm just gonna go down to the police station and fix this thing with Mr.
The man you sent to prison? I did not send him to prison.
- He's really old isn't he? - Seventy-eight.
So he's probably gonna die in jail.
You must feel really bad.
No one is dying in jail.
I'm gonna take care of it okay? You better bring me some juice before you go because the kitchen's really far away and I'm feeling really weak.
One at a time.
Listen I can only tell you what little I know myself.
Old Marv used to live in my house.
I wonder if that'll increase my property value.
At this time Police Chief Murphy is taking Judge Harrison's statement.
Depending upon what's said Marvin will be processed accordingly.
- Will that include fingerprinting? - Well I imagine so Mr.
Do you know if that'll be red ink or black ink? - Does that really matter? - The Pinecone readers deserve to know.
I heard that old Marv bludgeoned old Horace to death with a hammer.
Like Harrison Ford's wife in Presumed Innocent.
At this point we don't even have a motive a murder weapon a body.
Or a murder.
The Horace Hempleman case is 30 years old.
The most logical explanation is that the drifter simply drifted to another town.
I demand that Judge Harrison be released immediately.
And that this gaggle of impressionable fish-wrapped tabloid consumers pack it up and go home.
- What makes you so sure he's innocent? Marvin Harrison was my father's closest friend.
The man is no more a murderer than any of you are civilized.
Marvin did confess Harold.
He's exhibited signs of senile dementia for years.
He's mad as a duck Rose.
Tomorrow he'll confess to being a turkey sandwich.
What do we do then serve him at a deli? Dr.
Brown would never send an innocent dying old man to jail.
I didn't send anyone to jail.
All I did was call the police for backup.
I mean help.
Anyway I'm sure that once I talk to him we can clear Once you talk to him? No I'll talk to him from this point on.
Thank you very much.
I got him into this.
The least I can do is to get him out.
With your help Marvin will end up in the electric chair! You can both talk to him when Chief Murphy is done.
- Now if there are no more questions - Yeah just one more.
Do you know if the prisoner will be getting a hot lunch or just a sandwich? - Nightmare isn't it? - What's going on? - Besides my exact version of hell on earth? - Spoils of war.
Result of a commercially-financed assault against the unattached individual.
- Valentine's Day? - The week after is always the worst.
Newbie couples have the life span of a monarch butterfly.
By Friday the halls will be littered with their crispy corpses.
- Friday? That soon huh? - Some of them will last through the weekend.
- Well that's reassuring.
So it's not like a complete waste of time more like a minor diversion.
So So Maybe you want to do something with me this weekend? You're getting better at that.
Hey guys.
Oh Laynie I wanted to give you Colin's biology homework so you can give it to your parents to take to Denver.
That's the homework and that's a letter I wrote for him.
It's personal so - Cool I'll make sure he gets it.
- Cool thank you.
- See you later Ephram.
- See you.
So about this weekend you I can't.
I forgot I already have plans.
- We just - I'm gonna be late for class so I'll see you.
He waived his right to have an attorney present.
He'd wave a red flag if you told him he was a bullfighter Roger.
Hello Marvin.
Did you catch The Tonight Show last night doc? I thought I'd bust a gut laughing.
That's a good sign.
He has enough mental clarity to comment on current TV programming.
Current? Since when did anyone bust a gut laughing at The Tonight Show? - Who's the host Marvin? - Steve Allen of course.
Who else? Criminy.
Wait a minute.
He does seem to know who you are.
Marvin do you recognize Dr.
Abbott? Well I've known Hal ever since I moved to Everwood.
How's Edna and the kids? Doc he thinks you're your father.
With those crack powers of deduction Roger it's no wonder Everwood's crime rate is so low.
I tried to do what you said Hal.
Tried what Marvin? What did I say to do? You told me I'd get in trouble remember? If I didn't get rid of the body? So I did.
I know you told me I should've burned it Hal.
But I couldn't.
So I buried it in the back yard.
Dead and buried.
"Dead and buried.
" Just like the note said.
He did kill Horace Hempleman.
And he may have had an accomplice.
Ludwig Van Beethoven.
Piano Sonata No.
8 in C Minor Opus 13 "Pathetique" movement three.
Beethoven was only a little older than you when he wrote this.
But did he have 10 pages of algebra homework every night? I think not.
Too slow.
Don't look down.
That's still too slow.
You could've broken my fingers.
You're young.
You'd heal quick.
Get up.
Your left hand is too slow to play the lower octaves.
You haven't been practicing.
I was gonna practice last week but it was Valentine's Day.
I had a date.
A girl thing.
Well that happens to be the one excuse I'll accept.
So what's the story? Her name's Laynie.
She's cool and for some reason she likes me.
That is when I'm not screwing things up.
Get used to that.
- You need something? - No nothing.
I figured you were almost done and I'd catch a little of the brilliance.
We're just wrapping up.
Ephram do me a favor.
Take this soup up to Delia and I'll write Matt his check.
Later Ephram.
I don't know if you were aware of this Matt but when Ephram was 9 he played Chopin's "Ballade number 3" all the way through without a mistake.
Andy I was wondering if you could maybe stay out of the room during the lesson.
- Excuse me? - I don't want to muddy the waters with whatever issues you and Ephram have with one another.
We don't have any issues and even if we did We went a half-hour over so that'll be $ 150 instead.
How do you feel about your father being an alleged accomplice? If you print one libelous word about my father I will sue you and your Pinecone faster than Tom Selleck sued The National Enquirer.
I'm calling Rose having the mayor's office put an end to this charade.
We squelch this investigation people'll assume he's guilty.
- But there's no evidence.
- He confessed twice.
He may have done it.
It seems impossible but he may be a murderer.
You think he did it don't you? And that my father helped cover it up.
How well did you know your father? Well enough to know that he's innocent.
I will not rest until his name is cleared even if I have to dig a hole to China myself to prove it.
Give me that shovel you dolt.
Look at this look at this.
See this? Look here.
See this? See? Told you.
Nothing here folks.
We can all go about our business.
Wait a minute.
Do you see that? Let me in there.
Dear God in heaven.
Human bones.
Don't screw up.
Don't screw up.
Do not screw up.
Don't screw up.
Don't screw up.
Don't screw up don't - What are you doing here? - I'm I'm not sure.
That much is clear.
- So are we still on for tomorrow night? - I told you I was busy.
I know but you're not really busy right? You just seemed so uncomfortable yesterday.
Like I embarrassed you or something.
Look I'm gonna mess things up eventually.
That's just what I do.
At least give me a real chance to mess them up.
I am capable of such stupidity you would be wasting my talent to end this now.
Come out with me tomorrow night.
I'll take you someplace nice.
I'm completely terrible on the second date.
I wouldn't miss it if I had a chance.
- So where are we going? - Well it's a surprise.
It's a really really cool surprise.
- You have no idea where you're taking me.
- None whatsoever.
I'll see you then.
Okay let's go through this one more time Marvin.
Is that Horace Hempleman buried in your back yard? Just say no and we can all go home.
Hal is that you Hal? I didn't even see you come in.
Hi there Marvin.
How's Peaches? She's wonderful.
She bought me this shirt.
Says it makes me look sharp as a tack.
Quite fashionable yes.
- Ask him about the body.
- He's never gonna give us anything.
You didn't tell anyone our secret did you? No.
No I didn't.
Mum's the word Marvin.
Like you said don't tell anyone.
Right but I kind of need you to tell me now.
Was it Horace Hempleman that you buried? Peaches just fell for him.
She adored that little Jim.
- Who's Jim? - Jim who? - I didn't mean to kill him Hal.
You know I didn't.
Well sure cracked him.
- Who the heck is Jim? - Who cares about Jim? We don't even know that a Jim ever existed.
They've got no evidence no last name no motive.
They can't hold Marvin on that.
And what about my father? Everyone still thinks he's complicit in a murder.
This town holds onto a juicy scandal like it is the Shroud of Turin.
They'll never let go.
My father's name will never be cleared.
Not even if Marvin goes free.
I don't think I can live with that.
We could send Edna over to town hall.
Rose could get her access to the records we needed.
We could check birth certificates property deeds driver's licenses anything.
We can cross-reference track down every Jim in Everwood history.
Go to my office and start assembling the bones from the site.
You can use my examining table.
- I'll be right behind you.
- Right.
- Where you going? - I gotta make dinner first.
Well well someone got their groove on.
- I've been practicing.
Oh practice my ass.
You've got mojo hitting those keys.
Give up the goods.
You hit that Laynie action? - We have a date.
- Oh I see.
- And where's this date gonna take place? - I'm not sure.
Still working on that.
Okay okay.
It's not a problem.
What are your options? I live in Everwood so my options are the $ 1.
50 movie theater and the $3.
00 theater both of which have Lilo & Stitch.
- You heard of Ezekiel's? - No but it sounds religious which doesn't spell "action" in my mind.
- No dude.
You'll love it.
It's a jazz bar about 25 minutes out of town.
Very old school and the piano man will rock your world.
- But it's a bar.
- Yeah but no worries.
- I know a guy who'll get you on the list.
- But it's a bar.
- Is that gonna be a problem with your dad? - No.
He'll be fine with it.
Over my dead body.
Why are you asking me a question you already know the answer to? - You know I didn't have to tell you.
- What's that mean? God this old blanket must be full of dust.
- It means I'm trying to be honest with you.
- Let me be honest with you.
You are going to a bar over my dead body.
I think this compress needs more ice.
It's not very cold Daddy.
Matt will put me on the list I won't even need a fake I.
- Oh that's comforting.
- I'm not going there to drink.
- Besides Matt will be there.
- There's a good endorsement.
I'm to trust a guy who kicks me out of my living room? You're supposed to trust me which you don't.
I do trust you Ephram.
I don't think it's appropriate for you to hang out in bars while you're still underage.
I think that's pretty logical.
Am I way out of line here? Look why don't you take Laynie to a nice dinner? Say at Alpine Creek? - I could drive you.
- Matt was right.
You really don't get it.
Where's that grape juice? No I don't get it.
You're 15 years old.
And to tell you the truth I don't appreciate Matt encouraging this kind of behavior.
I hired him to be your piano teacher not your frat buddy.
- How's that feel sweetheart? - Better.
Why do you have to ruin anything good that ever happens to me? Okay.
Here's the deal.
You can go to the bar but I'm chaperoning.
Are you crazy? You want to go on my date with me? Well not with you per se.
I'll keep a respectable distance.
You could think of me as your own private Secret Service.
- Oh no.
- No no no.
That's my final offer.
You heard the deal.
Take it or leave it.
- Burning the midnight oil Junior? - "Diligent" is the word I'd use.
- Still no word from city hall? - None.
You know I do remember Peaches talking about a Jim.
I just I just can't place him.
- Thank you Mother.
- Looks like an ulna.
Just like your Pops never left a thing undone once he'd started.
Couldn't let a patient down.
Tibia maybe? Yeah.
It's a disgrace that the Luddites of this town would for 10 seconds besmirch his name with these ridiculous allegations.
It's awfully sweet of you to defend your father but he really doesn't need defending.
- This doesn't bother you? - I know who he was.
- You don't think he was involved? - Do you? I don't know.
I mean Dad and I worked together side by side for 12 years but apart from cross-checking diagnoses and his lunchtime inquiries about Rose and the children Well let's just say that we had a more formal relationship than I would have liked.
Something like this happens you wonder whether I knew him at all.
- No this is wrong.
- It's the other half of the pelvic bone.
This can't be right unless Unless the man Marvin says he murdered was actually - A woman.
- Yeah.
- That's just showing off.
- He looks older than my grandpa.
- Can you believe his fingers move that fast? - He must be working some serious Bengay.
So Okay number one how did you get us in here? Two how did you find this place? And three how did you get us in here? - I've got connections.
- Mob ties? Oh yeah.
I'm all kinds of dangerous.
So I don't know how to break this to you.
- You're married.
- No.
- You're leaving the country? - Stop.
You're marrying Bright and then leaving the country? I was gonna say I don't know how to break this to you but you're not messing this up.
You know under normal circumstances I'd try and lean in for the kiss right now but - Dad cramping your style? - Little bit.
- Yeah.
- No problem.
I got you covered.
- Smooth.
- I know.
I'm all kinds of dangerous.
- You're coming down with the flu.
- I'm not getting sick I never get sick.
You've been sneezing you're turning gray.
Did you get a flu shot? We've never been around each other this much in a two-day period and I'm starting to realize why.
Why exactly did we choose this hole in the wall for our tête-à-tête? Ephram's here on a date.
Your underage son has a date at a bar you know about it and you're present? - I'm chaperoning.
You've got bigger problems than just murder.
I'm trying to be a good father by encouraging my son's friendship with his jazz-playing piano teacher.
Who I hate.
You kind of had to be there.
But in the overall rubric off our twisted family dynamic it actually makes sense.
Bartender another water and a Kleenex chaser if you got one.
- You got it.
So what do we got? We got a man's name with no person attached.
A woman's bones with no name attached.
A perpetrator with no memory attached.
It's bleak.
It speaks volumes about your father that you're so determined to clear his name.
That's what any son would do.
Yeah any son whose father isn't a moron.
You said it not me.
You were right about Ephram.
I've got all the parenting instincts of a ficus.
I was trying to teach Bright how to ride a bike I got so fed up with him I made him cry.
Yeah but that was just one incident.
Oh no I made Bright cry all over again when I tried to teach him how to swim.
And shave.
Drive a car.
You think there's a limit to how many times you tell a kid you're sorry before he starts to realize that you're never gonna get it right? This was a terrible idea.
- Hello? - Dr.
Brown? - This is he.
- I know something.
Something about the murder.
- You do? What do you know? - Meet me, and I'll tell you.
Why can't you tell me now? Well let's just say I got something you want you got something I want.
Meet me down at the old candy factory in an hour.
- Who is this? - And bring your doctor's bag with you.
Who was that? I think we just got our first anonymous tip.
Let's go.
Grab me some pretzels.
- You could be a pro.
- I am a pro.
I'm having a good time Ephram.
I just I don't know.
The other day when I saw Amy I thought maybe you liked her or something.
Amy and I? Oh we're totally just friends.
I mean we hung out a bit talked about your brother a lot.
It was all Colin all the time.
I tried to get her to diversify but no luck.
- So ironic.
- What's that? Her being so devoted to Colin when he was gonna break up with her.
- What are you talking about? - He was thinking about it at least.
He told me a few days before the accident.
He liked her but not as much as she liked him.
- Did you tell Colin that when he came home? - I didn't have the heart.
Now I don't have to.
He's fallen in love with her.
And this time it's pretty equal.
- So Amy has no idea? - No.
- None? You cannot tell her you cannot - Why would I tell her? I'm not an idiot.
No I didn't mean it like that.
I just I know what you meant.
What was that? - What was that? - How would I know? Well did it sound human to you? Yeah in a metal-hand-scraping-on-concrete kind of a way.
If this is an ambush we're as good as ants on a hot tarmac.
Why would anyone want to ambush us? Oh you know why does a homicidal maniac want to do anything? We know nothing about the identity or the credibility of this guy.
He could be some diabolical publicity-mongering lunatic.
What are you doing here? I tried getting here before you arrived but it's slow going with this thing.
You're the one who made the call? - What's this? - I got eyes.
The cops go through they miss things.
I found something they overlooked.
- Now me.
You got the bag? - Yeah.
Get out your prescription pad.
Charlie Katzenbach I am shocked that you would exploit a moment like this for personal gain.
You are aware that narcotic use is illegal in the United States.
Who said anything about narcotics? Viagra Brown.
Two bottles.
Fill her up.
I can't believe you'd just toss aside your Hippocratic oath without so much as a blush.
I wrote him a prescription for Flintstone vitamins.
What's in there? Is it a clue? - Family photos.
- Oh you're kidding me.
"Marvin and Peaches Grand Canyon trip.
" "Marvin and Peaches wedding night.
" "Marvin and Peaches town hall retirement party.
" Great.
Great great.
What we needed.
What we really needed right now after driving 71/2 miles outside of town to To haggle with that geriatric shyster in this godforsaken rat-infested arson hazard is a nice stroll down memory lane with Marvin and Peaches.
And Jim.
Marvin and Peaches and Jim.
Their dog.
Think I broke some kind of bad date record.
- Are you trying to be charming? - Depends.
Is it working? - I don't know what to say.
- Then don't say anything.
I want to be honest with you but it's hard because I didn't even know I wasn't being honest with you until tonight.
Denial works in mysterious ways.
You know you were right about Amy.
I guess I've kind of always had this thing for her.
I don't want to.
I try not to.
But I can't help it.
I met you and I thought you were so cool and it would just erase everything I felt for her.
But it didn't and now I feel like a total jerk for hurting your feelings.
Ephram I've had a really rough year so on my scale of misery you barely even register.
Don't beat yourself up.
- Barely register? - You know brother in a coma I've never wanted to be in a coma so much until I moved to Everwood.
This place can do that to you.
So look no harm no foul.
We're cool really.
I'll see you around.
See you Laynie.
So Jim was a dog.
A detail you might've mentioned earlier.
Really no inconvenience.
Don't give it another thought.
Peaches could not take her eyes off that nasty little poodle.
Peaches loved that poodle more than she loved you that's why you killed him.
You were jealous of your own dog.
I came out of the garage too fast.
I didn't know he was there.
Peaches was always telling me to slow down.
But why own a Caddy if you can't push it to the limit? Cover your mouth.
You're gonna give Marvin your flu.
I don't have the flu this is just my allergies acting up.
- You're interrupting my investigation.
- The investigation is over.
He ran over his dog by accident! The worst they can do is send him to driving school.
I had to bury him before Peaches found out.
Case closed people.
That's when I found the bones.
You found the bones did you say? You told me to keep it a secret.
You said if anyone finds out the property values go down.
Oh good.
Well that's great.
We've just solved a real-estate mystery.
I gotta tell you I feel used.
Whether he hit the dog or not what are human bones doing in a man's back yard? That's still a question that needs answering.
Well it may need answering by somebody but not Marvin.
At this point you've got no reason to believe he had anything to do with it.
- We can all go home finally.
- I don't think so Brown.
- Sounds like you got the flu.
- I don't have the flu For heaven's sake you have the flu! Next year just take the damn flu shot! Flu's a dangerous illness.
Kills people every year.
Polio's another doozy.
That's it.
Or that could be it.
I need to look into something.
Meet me at Brenda's house with Davenport and all the press you can round up in three hours.
What are you looking into? He'll tell me later.
Ephram have you seen Laynie? I have a letter I wanted to give her.
I haven't seen her today.
Are you okay? You look kind of sad.
- I always look sad.
It's my thing.
- True.
So Colin's coming home tomorrow.
I was thinking since last time we all went out was such a disaster It was? Yeah it was for me.
Why? I was just kind of all over the place about things.
But now I'm totally normal again.
I mean normal for me that is.
And I think we should all go out together again.
Sounds great except Laynie and I aren't really going out anymore.
- Why? - We just didn't fit exactly.
Well I'm sorry.
That really sucks.
It's all right.
I'll live.
It's hard to find a good fit you know it's like jeans you know.
Most people have one good pair and they wear them to death.
While others will forever be Dockers.
I wouldn't worry.
You're not a Dockers kind of guy.
- No? - Nope you're Diesel all the way.
From the spring of 1918 to the winter of 1919 25 percent of Americans contracted the Spanish flu.
My poor primrose.
It was arguably the worst epidemic in American history killing over 600000 people in one year.
- Excuse me doc.
What does this have to do with price of cheese in Canada? All right.
Now in small towns like Everwood when the epidemic hit so many people died mass burials were performed.
Plots of land all over the county became burial grounds for those that died.
They couldn't bury them fast enough.
Now Everwood is known to have had such a site.
- Though no demarcation of it exists today.
- Oh so what? Who the heck cares what happened back in 1918? Well Brenda you should because if I am right your house is located over that mass burial site.
Now I've taken the liberty to dig a fresh hole just a few feet from where the first bones were found.
A few more shovels and we should uncover a whole new set of bones buried in 1918 and not by the Honorable Judge Marvin Harrison.
That is ridiculous! If anybody'd know if there are dead bodies buried underneath their house it's me.
I'm in real estate.
I'm an agent.
I know property.
Marcus take it away.
Yup more bones.
- Very nice Harold.
- Thank you dear.
- Nice work doctor.
- Thank you doctor.
- You cleared your father's name.
- That would appear to be the case.
- You're early.
- Sorry.
- Do you want me to wait outside? - No.
Ephram's just finishing up his homework.
So come in.
Matthew could I be blunt with you? You're pissed about the bar thing? Well let me put it this way I'm not pleased.
You know Ephram is very impressionable and he looks up to you.
- The example you're setting - I'm not looking to set any examples.
Do you know why I wanted Ephram to go to Ezekiel's? I'm not good at q and a so just tell me.
I don't care about his social life.
I care about his music.
The guy playing there that night he's one of the best jazz pianists in the country and I wanted Ephram to hear him.
I wanted him to get excited by music again.
Right now his interest lies elsewhere.
And as much as you or I would like it to be different the kid is 15 and being a great musician is not on his list of priorities.
He'd rather get laid Sorry but we're being blunt right? - Right.
Your son is talented Dr.
But there are at least 1000 other kids out there who are better than him.
The reason: They love music.
- Ephram loves music.
- Maybe he used to.
But he doesn't right now and I think you have something to do with it.
Not on purpose or anything but the kid has issues with you.
And the fact that you're so interested in him pursuing this is the exact reason he won't.
You You noticed the tension did you? You went on his date with him.
Doesn't take a genius to figure this out.
What's going on? Nothing.
You are gonna have your lesson and I am gonna go up to my room and slather myself with Vicks VapoRub.
- Overshare.
Have fun.
Well that should about do it Marvin.
- Anything else I can get you before I go? - No I'm good.
Thanks for the lift.
You can go on back to Edna and the kids now.
Oh and give this fiver to Hal Jr acing the finals the way he did such a good kid.
- No.
No no.
- Take it.
And don't think I didn't see you bragging about him again at the golf course making Burt jealous.
You know it drives him crazy when you talk about Hal Jr.
I've told him we can't all have extraordinary sons.
Some men are luckier than others.
You were blessed.
- Yes.
Yeah I was.
- Take it.
Tell him his godfather's proud too.
I picked up a little something for you.
Billie Holiday.
Is this her latest? Yeah I think it is.
- Bless you.
- Thank you.
Would you get me a tissue honey? The box is so far away.
Do you need anything else? Some grape juice would be nice.
Oh and some more ice for my compress.
I guess God does answer prayers after all.
- I thought you might be enjoying this.
- I'm gonna go pick up some food.
- Oh Ephram wait.
- Oh no sorry.
I'm not your nursemaid.
- Delia's got that one covered.
- No no.
Come here.
I wanted to apologize to you.
I should've let you go to Ezekiel's alone.
I should've trusted you.
- I hope I didn't ruin anything for you.
- Oh it doesn't matter.
Laynie and I aren't going out anymore.
Well I'm sorry if I wrecked your big date.
You may have tried to wreck my big date but I did a pretty good job of that by myself.
Dating pretty much blows doesn't it? Well you know Ephram when you meet the right person No it always pretty much blows.
You all know by now how much I love those quirky, small-town news stories well, here's the best one that's come across the desk in a long time.
How would you like to find out that there were dozens of bodies dozens of them, buried in your back yard? Such was the case this week for a woman in the small, quaint little Colorado town of Everwood.
This discovery by a family doctor who lives there came as the result of an investigation by local authorities.
And here's where the story gets a little weird, my friends.
Authorities were holding a senile 78-year-old man in custody after he confessed to murdering someone over 30 years ago.