Everwood s03e13 Episode Script

The Perfect Day

Previously on Everwood… Y- You can't keep punishing me like this, Amy.
I mean I don't know how much more I can take.
I gave up everything for this relationship, Ephram.
Just being the new and improved supportive boyfriend that you deserve.
Bright doesn't take anything seriously at all.
Do you really want your first kiss to be with someone like that? You think he's out of my league.
Don't you want to find someone special eventually? I'm single, you're single, we met, we've done this dance.
How do you feel about me? 'Cause if you don't feel anything, I'll go.
No more apologies, no more coming back.
That's my punk sister I was telling you about.
I have a name, Bright.
Hi, I'm Jillian.
Don't worry, he brags about you all the time.
What about Ben Kweller? If you're making a happy mix, he's … Oh.
Uh, this is-this is Hannah, my sister's friend.
We're just gonna get a quick bite to eat.
I need to get my wallet.
Two secs.
I- I'm sorry, what was your name? Jillian.
Jillian, okay.
That's a good name.
Better than Barbie.
I thought your name might be Barbie.
That's good.
Ready to go? Definitely.
Nice meeting you guys Nice to meet you.
Okay, breathe.
What? I'm fine.
Really? Because they're gone now.
You can cry, scream, punch a wall So your brother has a weakness for perfect-looking women.
Do I look like I care? Because I don't.
Then you can help me out with my mints.
No, I can't.
We're not all second semester seniors, y'know.
Which by the way is even better than you think.
The teacher assigns you homework and you just look at them like "Wow, it's really cute that you think I'm actually gonna do that" College applications are in.
Ephram's audition tape goes in tomorrow.
Omigod, the tape is done.
Yes, the tape is done.
As of tomorrow, my nightmare is officially over.
Ephram's probably just hanging out, relaxing, big ole smile on his face.
Wow, relaxed Ephram.
I wonder what that looks like.
This isn't helping.
I'm sorry, Ephram, but I just don't see the difference.
Well, it's in the order of the tracks.
If I pick Bach, it says I'm ambitious.
If I pick, Chopin, it says I'm traditional.
Which one says you're OCD.
Tomorrow, this will all be over.
I got the music ready for this thing.
I'm not gonna blow it on the cover.
Presentation counts.
Which reminds me, Is that Hawaii Five-O? It's not my everyday ring.
I'll just take this outside.
Nice holster, Tex.
White House? Hold for the President.
You have got to get some new material.
So how's San Diego? Having fun with your mom? Put it this way, what are you doing tomorrow? Me.
I don't know.
Why? Well, I was thinking letting Charlie stay with Mom and coming home early.
Say tomorrow morning.
Oh, I see.
Lady needs a ride.
Guess I'm cheaper than the shuttle, huh? Well, I was also thinking if you were up for it maybe you could take the day off.
I don't know.
I kinda miss you.
Me too.
Well, I do have kind of a light schedule tomorrow.
I could have Louise do some rearranging.
Really? So we could do this? Sure, why not? I'm due for a good tomorrow.
So I'll meet you at 7:15? "The Perfect Day" Very mature, Ephram.
-So did you send your stuff yet? -What? I said did you send your audition tape yet? Yeah.
Yeah, I made it to the pick up booth right as the guy was pulling away.
I gave him a burrito as a tip.
Bean and cheese.
Do you realize that I'm taking ceramics right now? That's what it's come down to.
My academic experience consists of rubbing wet clay in an apron with girls in clogs.
It's called a smock and your point is? That's Virginia Avenue.
There are two things I can do here.
I can turn right, we can head into the world of Peak County High, a world of conformity and expectation.
A world where Dr.
Billawalla's class offers fascinating insight in the world of physics or I can turn left.
What's left? Left is freedom and opportunity.
Left is a chance for you and me to spend the next how many hours doing whatever we want, however we want, wherever we want.
Are you saying we should ditch? Interesting.
Will there be pancakes involved? The bigger the better.
Tick tock, Abbott.
Light's gonna change any second.
I say we go for it.
That a girl.
Well, this day is certainly off to a promising start.
The coffee is fresh.
The strudels are warm.
And unless the Gods forsake me, I believe a certain New York neurosurgeon will not be gracing us with his presence for the entire day.
You got my message.
Indeed, do you realize what this means, Louise? No fighting over the copy machine.
A fully stocked and sanitized supply of latex gloves.
Yes, it's thrilling.
Uh, Dr.
Abbott, I-I know you don't like walk-ins, but-but I'm all stuffed up and my throat is killing me.
Well, this is your lucky day, Thurman.
Just so happens I can squeeze you in, oh say, now.
Would that be agreeable? Now's good.
Excellent, I believe it was the Keynesians who posited that productivity is a function of employee volume.
Well, today, you will bear witness to the disproving of this theory for today you will see how one humble physician working determinably but alone will be able to service an entire schedule of appointments, providing the utmost of care and professionalism and still finish in time for four o'clock canasta.
Shall we? Oh, no.
Oh, dear.
Oh my.
Oh, no.
Oh, that's bad.
You-You know what, maybe I'll just go see the new guy.
Oh, no, Thurman, no.
You are a valued patient.
We will find a way to take care of you.
We just need… A really big mop.
Oh, Lord.
Gotcha something.
"To all you virgins, thanks for nothing.
" Ummhmm.
Pretty good, right? I love this place.
Yeah, it's great.
Maybe I can get some bacon to go with my sausage.
Wonder if there's any part of the pig they don't serve here.
Well, it's not like we can go to MJ'S.
We're outlaws, baby, on the run.
You want to be Butch or Sundance? Did you just call me baby? Yeah, that doesn't really work for us, does it? What else? What'd you find? Uh… Pickings are pretty slim.
We've got a blood drive.
Oh, yard sale.
Well, we could….
No too boring.
Or-or… No that's illegal.
See, it's not that easy, is it? Maybe we need backup.
Your bathroom.
Upstairs, but I can't promise it's woman clean.
Hey? You're still home.
Yeah, you too, huh? Well, it's my day off.
Was that Amanda Hayes? Who? Her? Just now? Going into the house, yeah? Ah, she's just coming over for a visit.
Must be staying awhile.
I know what this looks like.
Do you know it looks bad? Well, obviously, you did, 'cause you sure kept it a secret.
Kids know? Well, Delia doesn't really, but Ephram kinda pieced it together so… -What about John? -Now wait a minute.
You don't even know what's going on here.
Oh, that's right, I don't, because somewhere along the line I stopped being your best friend and you took up home wrecking.
It's been a weird winter.
Well, I'm not completely sure what's happening myself so I figured there's no point in telling you until I… What would've you said? That you're having an affair with a married woman whose husband you are supposed to be taking care of but instead you are taking advantage of.
You're not being fair, Nina.
I'm not being fair.
God, Andy, I… You have traveled down denial lane many a time but this is really shocking.
I-I-I-I can not believe you are doing this.
I-I-I don't even know what to say to you.
It's… For the first time, since I've known you I… For the first time since you've known me what? I wish I didn't.
Morning, beautiful.
Hey, Andy.
I was just looking for the paper.
Come on, Jake, I'll make you some breakfast.
Isn't she just the greatest? Morning, Mother.
You remember Thurman.
What ever you two are selling I ain't buying.
I'm afraid we have a situation.
It seems that Louise neglected to set the thermostat properly last night.
We've sustained a bit of a plumbing rupture.
Pipes froze and busted, huh? -Yeah.
-How bad? I fail to see the humor in the situation.
You always do.
Boy, poor Louise, all those nursing degrees, still doesn't have the sense to know there's a freeze alert.
Well, I can assure you, it was not her idea to locate a medical office inside a 90 year old train station.
The point being I was hoping I could use your facilities.
Well, I don't know, Junior.
We've got patients of our own and I don't want you scaring 'em off or getting in my way.
I will do my best to be unobtrusive.
I have seen your unobtrusive and it blows.
Plus, I got my own system here, I don't want you touching any of my stuff.
The supplies in Exam 1 are off limits and if I catch you anywhere near my filing cabinets I'll tan your rosey red hide.
Oh, for God's sake, never mind.
I will figure something else out.
Whoa there, Haas.
What's the hurry? I was hoping to borrow an office for a quick procedure but I've changed my mind, it is not worth the aggravation.
So you need a place to work today.
No problem.
We've got plenty of space.
My schedule's light.
Heck, you're the guy that owns the place.
All fine points, perhaps you should address them to Attila the Hun over there.
Come on, Hal.
I insist.
What do ya say? Well, thank you, Doctor.
It's nice to see that someone around here appreciates the notion of professional courtesy I'm watching you.
Amy? Sshhh.
I'm uncomfortable.
Okay, remember how you told me, you never get to have any fun.
That your life is just a boring series of boring events punctuated by an occasional burst of Katie drama or a fight in gym class.
Well, that is all about to change, Hannah.
-I'm kidnapping you.
-You're what? Yeah.
We're gonna go paint the town, blow off a little steam.
But-But I have-have a quiz in American History.
So you can make it up.
No, Mr.
Grinali doesn't do makeups and the quizzes are like -Come on let's get your stuff.
-Amy I never got to pee.
I just can't seem to get my head around this Jake and Nina thing.
Did you know that they were together? I heard rumors.
Seems like a good match.
Really? How, I mean he's completely wrong for her.
An attractive charming single doctor, yeah, she should get out now.
That's not what I mean.
I mean I like Jake.
Everybody likes him.
It's just he's-he's all teeth.
Yeah, women love that.
Nina needs someone whose- whose more I don't know real.
Oh, he's not real.
They're just completely wrong for each other, but hey, what do I know.
Not a lot.
It's extremely appealing.
All right, what's going on here? I'm cracking jokes, you're giving me nothing.
Plus I just took the world's longest shower and you never came in once.
You okay? We should have gone to your house.
Nina saw me come in here, didn't she? Ummhmmm.
I'm sorry, it's just it took me by surprise.
She was, umm, well, let's just say, she has some very strong opinions.
I don't think she'd say anything.
Oh, I don't care about that.
Here's the way I see it.
People can look at us.
They can jump to whatever conclusions they want, they can assume the worst.
That this is some juicy affair to gossip about, but they don't really know what's going on here.
I know they don't, but that… But nothing.
I'm not gonna let myself feel judged by a bunch of people who have no idea of what my life has been like for the last five years.
Well, I agree.
It just never seems particularly easy.
If people have issues, that's their problem.
They don't get to ruin it for us.
You know what this day is just what we need.
I say let's get started.
-We could go bowling? -Pass.
What about the railroad museum? Please take off that hat.
You're scaring me.
What are you doing? We can't go down here.
Someone might see us.
Well, where else are we gonna go.
Already been everywhere in this town twice.
What is that? Yeah, this sucks.
If we were in New York, we could go down to Chelsea Piers, maybe hit the Village.
Well, we're not so shut up.
Go to the park, check out all the freaks.
You could always take me back to school.
No! So happy to be kidnapped by the Bickersons.
He's the one who's fighting.
I'm not fighting, all right, I'm just frustrated.
It's almost noon and we're still in the frikken' car.
I know who would know what to do today? Look up.
It's Mr.
There's been a terrible accident.
I-I was backing out of your driveway and Jack Johnson came on so I was looking down at the radio and I just… I never even saw him.
I am so sorry.
Oh my God.
If you want to take some personal time, I can get Lena to cover for you.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, that'd be great.
Thank you, Mr.
You are a stand-up guy.
Jingles? Hey gorgeous.
You going to lunch? Uh, no, umm, funeral.
Family friend.
I'm probably not gonna be back, so… Oh, I'm sorry.
Did you need to cancel tonight? Tonight? Ah, no, I'm still on.
Just give me a call? Abso-tootely.
You forgot to sign? I most certainly did not.
Page 3.
Lab Orders.
Didn't need a computer to catch that one.
All right, I'm outta here.
Hang on.
You're leaving me with him.
Yeah, it'd be good for you, Edna.
Quality time with your kids is hard to come by.
Not if you don't want it.
You're a doodle.
Enjoyed it, Hal.
-You two have a great weekend.
In by 10 out by 3.
Hope you two don't keel over from all the hard work.
Well, you're just jealous.
The man runs a tight ship.
Easily done when one has no patients.
No patience is what I got for you.
Rest assured, Mother, as soon as I'm finished with Mrs.
Ewing and her psoriasis, I will be out of here as fast as my feet can carry me.
Sorry to barge in, but something's wrong with Jackson.
He went to a birthday party and he was fine until an hour ago and now he says his stomach hurts.
What seems to be the trouble, son? Oh.
Oh, that's my second pair today.
It was kind of a big party.
Have you ever been to Vermont? -The state? -Ummhmm.
I don't think so.
It's amazing.
My brother and his wife went there last year.
Mom was showing me the pictures.
They stayed at this little bed and breakfast in this little town called Manchester.
Had their own fireplace, four poster bed.
It was so cozy and romantic.
Umm, sounds nice.
Well that's what I thought.
So I did some checking.
Turns out high season isn't until next month when they tap the trees to make the syrup so I was able to get us a reservation for next weekend.
Well, I was also thinking since I didn't go to Hawaii, it would be my treat.
You want us to go away together next weekend? Ummhmm.
I know it's short notice but the trip is so easy.
Just fly into Montreal then it's a beautiful little drive.
It'd be fun.
We could even rent a jeep.
Wha-What is the matter? Nothing.
I… It's just a big step – our going away together.
I mean I love the idea in theory but what would I tell the kids or-or Harold? Well, tell them you're taking a vacation.
Or forget it.
-No, I'm sorry.
No… -No, never mind.
It doesn't matter.
You're obviously not into the idea.
I'm not gonna waste any more time trying to convince you.
When did this happen exactly? When did what happen? Well, you telling your mother about us or-or planning vacations.
I don't know, it-it's like you've forgotten our situation.
You're still married and-and I'm… I'm extremely aware of that fact, you ass.
Well, then you understand what I'm saying.
Sure I understand.
Yeah, when you said that you were concerned about other people judging us you were lying.
No the truth is you're the one who's judging us.
You still see this as something to be ashamed of.
Well, that's not true.
I can't help it if I feel guilty.
It's not that you feel guilty, Andy.
It's your predominant feeling.
It's the biggest feeling you've got.
I can't deal with that.
I-I don't want to be your dirty little secret.
What is it that you want? More, Andy.
I want more.
I wish I was 21.
That way we could actually be doing something fun like going to a bar and playing pool.
I thought you guys went to a bar to see Madison play.
First of all, it wasn't a bar, it was a coffee house.
Second of all, she wasn't there.
Okay? Thanks for stating that fact.
Guys, you're giving me a migraine.
Amen to that.
Hey, don't get me wrong, all right, I love the madness, it's just your problem is you have no method to your madness.
All right, truancy is serious business, it's not for amateurs, little grasshoppers.
Well, I don't see you coming up with any great ideas, rabbit hunting? Don't mock, gun play, cause I also came up with poker, wurleyball, polar bear.
You guys shot all that down.
I'm not gonna jump into a lake when it's 30 degrees out, Bright.
All right, it's 3:30.
I got exactly Isn't fraternizing with a co-worker like illegal? Look, I don't know what you just said, man, but it's not like we're frat brothers.
-We could go ice fishing.
-I like that idea.
Yeah, my dad and I used to go all the time when I was a little girl.
There's all these lakes in Minnesota where we live and we had our own little shack with a cot and a stove.
He used to make this, uh, hot chocolate with cinnamon.
It was the best.
You must miss your folks, huh? How long have they been in China? Hong Kong.
Actually, they're not in Hong Kong.
They're still in Minnesota.
-Hannah? -My dad's sick.
He's had Huntington's disease since I was eight and it's really bad now so they sent me here so I wouldn't have to be around, y'know, for the end.
What your dad is dying? Uh, it's a brain disease so it takes a long time to, y'know.
I've been writing to him since I got here every week.
He can't read any of 'em, but it makes me feel better somehow, y'know, connected.
Why didn't you tell us before? I don't know, I guess I just figured I didn't want to bum everyone out in the beginning.
Y'know but I figured now… I'm so sorry.
Sorry, I didn't mean to.
I don't know what you're making, but it smells amazing.
Just soup, no big deal.
Can I help with anything? No, I got it.
You okay? Yeah.
I should've called first, right? I'm new to all this so if I'm messing up your family routine or anything like that just tell me.
No you're fine.
It's fine.
But you're not.
Is this still about the thing that happened with Andy? You gonna tell me about it? Oh, well, I can't.
Believe me you don't want to know.
I don't even want to know.
Well, you know what they say, "Good fences make good neighbors.
" Yes, well, there's not a fence in the world high enough to keep that man away.
Not when he wants to judge you or tell you how to run your life, but when it comes to him, it's all different.
Rules just don't apply to Andy Brown.
It really-really just must be nice.
I have to take that knife away from you in a second.
It's him, isn't it? What's him? Andy is your high school guy.
The guy you have feelings for.
Why didn't you tell me? There's nothing to tell.
Well, huh, I wouldn't have called that one.
What does that mean? Nothing.
No, I mean, I think Andy's great.
It's just, y'know, he's a surgeon.
Those guys are all ego.
They have a tendency to put themselves first and I wouldn't think you'd go for someone like that.
I didn't.
Maybe I should go.
I'm sorry.
I am sorry.
I'm taking this all out on you and it's not your fault.
It's me.
I'm just not crazy about how I handled this morning and I should be able to just go over there and apologize but I don't know, for some reason I-I-I can't.
I have this policy.
Never go to bed angry.
Always stay up and fight.
Whatever it is that's bugging you, you gotta go talk to him about it.
Apology or no apology it's unhealthy to just hold it in like you're doing.
And more importantly, it's seriously messing with my Nina time.
Soup's getting close.
So, this world famous doctor who lives less than 200 feet from your front door, should I be worried? Not unless you're the kind of guy whose always putting himself first.
Are you kidding? I'm a giver.
If you want, I can prove it to you.
Hannah, let me in.
I'm fine, Amy.
You're not fine.
You're crying.
I can hear you sniffling from out here.
I'm gonna stay out here until you let me in.
Omigod, this place is disgusting.
Try not to touch anything.
Are you okay? No.
I'm a horrible, evil, sick person who doesn't deserve to be loved.
Well that's true.
No, I'm serious.
I can't believe I just did that.
How can you even look at me? Hannah, you've been carrying this around for a long time.
You were just getting it off your chest.
All you did was tell the truth.
Yeah, but for the wrong reason.
I just played the tragedy card and it was totally manipulative and I hate myself.
Nobody knows why you said it.
Yeah, well, I do.
Because I wanted Bright to feel bad for me and then like me.
Yeah, but I don't even think Bright's capable of being manipulated.
He does whatever he wants anyways.
I just…just hate how jealous I get of all those other girls.
And I know he's never gonna look at me the way he looks at them so I feel like I have to just find some other way in, but this was just, gah, so wrong.
I-I feel like I should just go to church and throw down some Hail Mary's or something.
I'll pitch that idea to the boys.
Seriously, Hannah, you are so much cooler than all those girls combined.
Jealousy is just such a pointless emotion.
Just a complete, total waste of energy.
Really, so you never feel jealous of Madison.
That's different.
She's an ex.
Well, you're right, it is different, because you have nothing to be jealous about, since Ephram is your boyfriend and is totally in love with you.
Yeah, that's why we spent half the day fighting.
Okay, you know what, that's because you are like when it comes to that.
Hannah, even if that's true, you're not supposed to say it.
I know that you forgave Ephram for the whole Madison thing in theory, but you-you're gonna really have to forgive him.
Because if you don't, this passive aggressive thing is gonna break you guys up for real and I know you don't want that, Amy.
I thought I came in here to help you.
And then I turned it around.
I'm tricky like that.
Come here.
Mother? All right, Privates, listen up.
What you are going to get is called differential diagnosis.
It worked for me in '69 in Quantree.
If it's good enough for the Marines, it's good enough for you.
Now you are going to tell me what end is up.
Pink is for the booters, yellow is for the poopers.
We're pretty sure it's food poisoning, we just want to know what kind.
Oh, definitely a pink, and definitely a yellow.
Bathroom's empty.
Mother, we are out of edifice basins.
And I definitely thinks it's staph.
I've seen lots of Boston Cream Pie here.
Well, if it's staph, we've got to get these cowboys hydrated.
See if you can grab the Pedialyte.
Got it.
We're gonna give you a little drink and you're gonna love it.
Usually, when I coming over to do the apology bit, I like to jump right in.
Gets us to the cookie part quicker.
As a matter of fact, I'll put these in.
Uh, no, don't.
I can't stay.
Oh, is Jake coming over? Well, he's already over, but that's… Look, I do want to apologize for yelling earlier.
Oh, that's okay.
Anything said before coffee just doesn't count.
But I'm not sure I'm sorry for what I said.
So, this is a non-apology apology.
I don't know what it is.
I've been debating all day whether to come over here.
I mean the last thing you need from me is a lecture, but you are my best friend.
And if I feel like I have some kind of advice aren't I suppose to share it with you and I don't know.
Well, I like the concept of advice, but could you leave the lecture part out, I get enough of that from the kids.
I think you have a real problem, Andy.
I don't mean you and Amanda necessarily.
I mean in general.
Have you ever thought about what you've been doing since Julia died? Dating-wise, I mean? I'm not sure I understand the question.
It just seems to me that you've made it your mission to seek out unavailable women.
Trott, who you knew was never gonna stay in one place.
Linda and now someone with a husband.
It's like you can't get involved unless you know the relationship has no future.
Well, I didn't know that Linda was sick.
Not at first.
You knew Amanda was married.
I'm not trying to pick a fight.
I'm-I'm just trying to tell you as a friend that you need to check in with yourself.
You need to think about what you're doing and why you're doing it or you could wind up all alone permanently.
Maybe I'm supposed to be alone.
What? Most people don't get as lucky as I was with Julia.
And I screwed that up so maybe I deserve to be alone.
I don't believe that and I don't think you believe that.
I don't know.
I was a pretty lousy husband.
Yeah and you're a really crappy dad too but you turned it around.
People change, Andy, all the time and you deserve to be happy and if you are preventing yourself from letting that happen.
Well, I'm sorry, but I just can't let you do that.
And you don't need to punish yourself just consider it time served.
Go fall in love with someone who can really love you back.
The way that you should be loved.
See what I don't get is why her parents would send her away.
Y'know, I mean if your dad was dying wouldn't you want to be there.
I don't know, maybe not.
Yeah, I don't know either, man.
Yeah, it's like there's no silver lining.
She stays and she sees her dad die a horrible death.
She leaves and she feels guilty for the rest of her life.
She's screwed either way.
Okay, well, Hannah doesn't need us to throw her a little pity party here so… Y'know, life just sucks.
It never ceases to amaze me.
Dude, buzz kill.
If you're gonna slash your wrists, just give me the heads up, okay.
No, I mean seriously.
Seriously think about it.
Think about the three of us.
Me and my mom.
You guys and Colin.
Now Hannah.
It's like tragedy's the only thing we have in common.
It's practically the reason we're friends.
So? Y'know, at least we all found each other.
We are friends.
But the point is we got screwed.
We're-We're-We're like way older than it says on our drivers' license.
I mean most kids our age don't have to go through the kind of stuff that we're going through.
That's why most kids our age know how to throw a proper ditch day.
Hey, you know what, I've thrown plenty a proper ditch days in my time.
And I would have turned today around if you guys would have let me.
The truth is, Ephram, there is a silver lining.
You just fail to see it.
I think that's part of your problem.
Thank you, Dr.
No, seriously, you came here on your first day, you met Amy.
'Cause you're all wiggy, in love with her, it takes your mind off what probably would have been a pretty nightmare year.
I was not wiggy.
And because of what you went through with your mom, you were able to help her – Amy - out with the whole Colin thing went down and now Hannah just randomly moves in next door to you.
Dude, we can help her with this thing.
If that's not lucky, I don't know what is.
You think we're lucky.
Hell, yeah, I do.
I do.
I do think we're lucky.
I also think that we are young.
You may not feel like it all the time, but you are.
So if you want to have a little fun, just nut up and do something about it.
Okay, next ditch day'll be better.
Screw that, we've got plenty of day left.
What, it's like 5 o'clock.
It's too late.
Ah, my ass.
Get in the car.
What about the girls? Well, I have to say this video idea was brilliant.
It worked like a charm.
I used to love this movie.
I know.
You tried to put wings on the station wagon, remember.
You ruined a damn good patio umbrella from Sears & Roebuck.
Well, I suppose I should get going.
You got the time, I'd buy ya a drink.
Oh, that sounds good, I honestly don't think I have the energy to go out.
You may not have to.
I should fix these ceiling cracks at some point.
What are you? What are you doing? Mother.
Right where the old kook left it.
Is that Dad's Glenfiddich? He always was partial to a single malt.
How long has this been in there? Oh, going on 20 years, I'd guess.
He kept it around for emergencies and special occasions.
I say this one's both.
To beefsteak when you're hungry, whiskey when you're dry, to all the girls you'd ever want and heaven when you die.
Seems like another lifetime doesn't it? You and I working in this office together.
Dad marching around barking out orders.
You remember how terrified I was in the beginning.
You couldn't start an IV to save your life.
Or draw blood.
You know, I've never been comfortable with the piercing procedures.
What'd I tell ya? Pinch slap and stab.
I remember.
You were very patient with me.
Both of you were.
We were a good team once.
You and I.
Sure were.
Thanks for staying today, Mother.
Junior, I wouldn't've had it any other way.
It's open.
I, uh, I've been doing some thinking.
That was bound to happen eventually.
Sorry, I'm not good at this.
Not good at what? I've been doing some thinking of my own.
And first, let me just say that calling you, an ass, impolite.
I'm sorry about that.
But I'm more sorry because you were right and I was wrong and I hate when that happens.
What was I right about? I'm a married woman.
And I haven't been acting that way.
John out of the house for all of these weeks.
You feel single.
Unattached, yeah.
All it takes is coming back to this house the wheelchair ramps and all John's meds crammed into the bathroom cabinet and suddenly reality is… I don't wanna stop seeing you.
What's that? I've been doing some of my own thinking too.
Well, not completely my own.
I had some help from a pushy neighbor, but the important thing is that it made me realize what I want.
I want you, Amanda.
In whatever way I can be with you, I want that now.
And if there's any possibility of a future, I want that too.
I want whatever we can have.
Whatever you see, I want to see it too.
You realize you're officially at the 180 degree mark.
I just want to jump in.
So, I am thinking today was just a total waste of time.
No, it wasn't.
Your thinking was good.
I think.
See your thinking put you at this level, and -and I was a few notches down at this level.
And then your thinking moved you to this point.
And my thinking put me here.
And so… We meet in the middle.
It's a miracle.
How are we gonna pass the pancakes? As a matter of fact.
, because I blew the idea of you taking me to Vermont.
I thought I might bring it here.
Now that – that there.
Is Vermont's finest fancy grade Maple syrup from a little farm in a beautiful town called Manchester.
No, it's not.
Well, it would be if we had a decent grocery store in this town.
You know what, I'm not going.
Yes, you are.
Here we go.
Ready? How do I steer? You don't have to worry about it.
-I'm gonna hit your truck.
This is so much fun.
Oh, dude, Ephram, when you hit my truck that was so hilarious.
Oh, yeah, maybe for you.
That's probably Jillian.
Hurry up before it goes to voicemail.
Aah, I can skip it.
I can go to a movie any night.
One more run on the hill, little lady.
Me? Double decker to the top, unless you're too chicken.
Your sad attempt at reverse psychology is not going to work on me, Bright.
Race you to the top.
This actually wasn't half bad.
I know.
Who knew sledding could be so much fun.
Uh, huh, Bright, man, he's good at that stuff.
I'm sorry I was such a downer today.
You weren't.
You were just being you.
On ten, but since I love you I'm okay with that.
Really? You still love me? Weird, I know.
I feel kinda bad for loading up the party wagon today.
We never actually got any time together.
Or together time.
Well, it's never too late.
What about them? Oh, they have a car.
We have a car.
This is true.
Friday, January 28th, 2005.
Dear Dad, I'm too tired to write much tonight.
But it's amazing how the smallest things can change your whole outlook.
I guess all you need to know that today was the perfect day.
Script: Rosemary Srt: Juanfran