Everwood s04e07 Episode Script

Pro Choice

NARRATOR: Previously on Everwood: -Why did you come back to Everwood? EPHRAM: I'm still in love with Amy.
Ephram, I think there's something I should tell you.
-Yeah? What's that? -Well, I think I should tell you.
-I think Amy's dating someone.
-What? No, I mean, that just can't be right.
-You must have heard wrong.
That's entirely possible.
You know I don't believe in premarital sex, right? I kind of gotta talk to you about something.
-Hannah's not gonna have sex with me.
-Yeah, I know.
-ls it a deal breaker? I don't know.
HANNAH: Maybe I should take them off.
BRlGHT: Only if you want to.
[KlSSlNG] HANNAH: But they are kind of getting in the way, don't you think? BRlGHT: Okay, okay.
But seriously, it's up to you.
See? Isn't that better? Oh! [THUD] Are you okay? I'm fine.
Fine, yeah.
I just wasn't expecting that.
Doesn't really seem like the time, does it? No, I guess not.
I mean, especially not now.
I know you don't wanna have sex because of the Bible.
I'm not sure there's anything there that says you can't take your girlfriend's bra off.
Well, it's not about the Bible.
It's about timing, you know? It's just not bra-removal time.
Oh, yeah.
Well, out of curiosity, when exactly would you say would be bra-removal time? I don't know.
Not when Nina's right downstairs making dinner.
[SlGHS] -Are you mad? -No, no, no.
I mean, it's just, you know.
It does seem like you kind of make excuses why we can't do stuff all the time.
-I don't think that's true at all.
-Except that it kind of is.
Come on in.
Hannah, you have a visitor.
-lt was nice meeting you, Mrs.
-You too, Bright.
Oh, and just so you know, Hannah and l, we never hang out in her room together.
I mean, tonight was the first night that ever happened, so it's kind of ironic.
-I'm gonna call you later, okay? BRlGHT: Okay.
Okay, goodbye.
So, what's wrong? What happened? Nina's making some tea.
Come with me.
What? Just tell me how bad it is.
I mean, did Dad get an infection? -Maybe I should go book my flight now, or-- -Sit next to me, Hannah Bear.
I didn't realize how hard this was gonna be.
Hannah, your dad.
He's gone.
What do you mean, gone? He died, sweetie.
No, no.
Wait, I don't understand, because you never said anything about it and I just saw him a couple months ago, and, you know, he was-- I know.
If there's anything I can do to help for the funeral or-- -Oh, there isn't gonna be a funeral.
-What? Daddy asked to be cremated.
You don't have to worry, honey.
I already took care of everything.
You took care of--? You? -I don't believe you.
-What do you mean? How could you not tell me this was happening? You just show up here after everything, and l.
-I don't-- I don't understand you.
Hannah, let me explain, honey.
[DOOR CLOSES] -You don't have to do that, Nin.
-I know, it's just nervous energy.
I can't believe this is happening.
I mean, I guess I knew it was coming, but, I don't know.
Well, it's impossible to prepare for, but you're doing everything right.
-How's Hannah? I don't know.
I think she's still in shock.
Put one back.
Well, we should go.
Jake will be home soon and it's past Sam's bedtime.
-Listen, Nin, if there's anything you need-- -I know.
No, no, seriously, a home-cooked meal or a place for Sam to destroy I'm on call 24/7.
You're the best.
Come on, Sam.
Pull it.
Slap it.
-lsn't that Delia's? -She said I could have it.
Oh, really? Remind me to thank her.
-Bye, guys.
ANDY: See you.
Pull it.
Twist it.
Pull it.
-What are you doing? -Hmm? You've been staring at Nina's shadow for like 10 minutes.
What? Oh, I was just worried about her.
So, what's happening with Amy? Was I wrong about her seeing somebody else? No, you were right.
Yeah, I don't know who it is.
Probably some random jock loser.
-I'm sure it's nothing.
-Oh, it's definitely nothing.
It's probably a get-back-in-the-game sort of date.
There's no way she's in love with this guy.
No, very doubtful.
Does that mean you're gonna tell her how you feel? No, I mean, I don't think there's any need to rush into that.
I'm not going anywhere, she's not going anywhere.
I'll just work the friend angle for a while, see how that goes.
Hey, where's the salsa from Zabar's? -Safe place.
-What, you hid it? Damn right.
I don't understand why she didn't tell me when this was happening.
I'm sure she had a reason.
Bright, what are you doing? Looking for someplace to sit that isn't covered.
God, Mom and Dad leave for a week, you turn into me.
Huntington's does everything slowly so she definitely knew this was coming and-- I mean, we, like, spoke every week on the phone.
She never said a thing.
Are you mad because she didn't tell you or because she didn't tell you until after it happened? I'm mad about all of it.
My mother, you know, she always does this.
She makes these decisions about things and never asks me how I feel about any of them.
Like when she decided to go on the cruise.
I mean, she just-- She decided.
Maybe I would've wanted to spend more time with Dad.
I mean, obviously, I should have.
Our parents do that stuff too.
They didn't even tell us they were going to Africa.
They didn't even, like, tell us, like, in advance.
Not that that's remotely the same thing.
Obviously, obviously.
But I'm just saying.
So, what if you did know? What if your mom did the right stuff and you knew in advance? Is there anything you could have done? [VOlCE BREAKlNG] Well, I could've said goodbye.
[CRYlNG] Well, Brian, I wish I could say things were improving, but.
He's worse? Well, what else can we do? He's been on the transplant list for a year, and we're still waiting for a kidney.
Just because you're the first to go to college, don't make you a doctor.
-Let him talk, will you? -Look, we are running out of time.
You've been on dialysis for over nine years and the idea of 10 makes me uncomfortable.
You uncomfortable? My kidneys just left the building, and I'm still on the elevator.
Given your condition, I'm gonna try to get you up higher on the list.
Will that even make a difference? I mean, he could die before we ever get a match.
It's okay.
We already knew this was coming.
I've been dealing with nephritis my whole life.
Anyway, parents die.
It's been that way from time immemorial.
Stop with that.
I am done waiting.
You're going to take one of mine.
Brown-- -Look, look, we-- -No.
Can you do the test to see if I'm a match? -We already discussed this.
-No, you discussed it.
Things have changed.
-This is serious, Dad.
-It's always been serious.
I'm not gonna let them cut you open.
Risk your life to save mine? Not happening, little girl.
Brian, listen.
This procedure's relatively safe.
And Stacey could live a long and healthy life with just one kidney.
-You see, Dad? Listen to the man.
-I said, enough.
I'm not taking your kidney, you hear me? It's my body, my choice.
AMY: Okay, I gotta go.
RElD: You can stay.
AMY: No, no, no, I gotta go.
Thank you.
-See you later.
[WHlRRlNG LOUDLY] Isn't there a law against doing that before noon? Oh, I'm sorry, man, it's just my morning coffee's the key to my whole day.
This Kona is serious.
I swear, it costs like 20 bucks a bean.
Is that why you can't afford a shirt? It's worth it, though.
-Check it out.
-No, that's all right, I don't do coffee.
Suit yourself.
See, like, it just doesn't have the consistency of a regular marshmallow.
I'm not saying I don't like it, but it's false advertising.
-I gotta talk to you about something.
-Yeah, because-- No, not the marshmallows, the apartment.
Specifically my crawl space.
You're gonna do the hanging-bead idea I was talking about.
-lt'll look dope.
It'll be like a saloon.
-It's too small.
I have seven students, not including my freebie.
I think I can afford to pay more rent.
We wouldn't have to split it three ways anymore.
What do you think? -You wanna kick out Aladdin? -Well, we don't really need him anymore.
Yeah, but isn't that kind of cold? I mean, he's a pretty cool guy.
He's really stressed out with the whole med-school thing.
-You're right.
Never mind.
-ls it about the toothpaste thing? Because, I mean, I can tell him to stop buying that vanilla stuff.
It's not the toothpaste thing.
Forget I said anything.
Just forget it.
Oh, crap.
-You know about him and Amy, huh? -What? Yeah, but, I mean, I knew-- I've known about that for a while now.
Really? Because it just happened.
She told me when it did happen.
It's not that, okay? I thought it'd be cool if it was just you and me living here.
-lt was a bad idea, so let's drop it.
-I was gonna tell you if it got serious.
It's not that.
I don't care.
We don't have to talk about it.
I gotta get ready for class.
WOMAN [OVER PA]: Nurse Olin, 4322.
Nurse Olin, 4322.
Well, the CT scan's done.
So now we just need the intravenous pyelogram to make sure my kidneys work.
Wow, someone did their homework.
Are doctors necessary now that the lnternet's around? Sure, if nothing else, to supply the answers to FreeDoctorlnfo.
[CHUCKLES] I'm sorry.
Normally, I'm not this crazy, I swear.
But if we're gonna convince my dad to take one of my kidneys I need to have my arguments ready.
I think you better go to law school for that.
Your dad's kind of scary.
-He's not gonna go down without a fight.
-He won't let me give up anything for him.
Which makes no sense since he gave up everything for me.
Let me ask you something.
How young were you when you lost your mom? Oh, my mom didn't die.
She left when I was born.
I've thought about trying to find her, but then I realized there was no point.
-You're a single dad, right? -Yes, I am.
Don't feel guilty.
I bet you're doing just fine, Dr.
MAN: Well, I've got the results here.
And I must say, I'm a little surprised.
You only have one kidney.
What? How can that be? Well, you were probably born that way.
It's not unheard of, it's just an anomaly.
Shouldn't somebody have known about that, like me? You can function perfectly with just one.
-It's nothing to worry about.
-Except it is.
This means I can't help my father, right? No.
I'm sorry, Stacey.
-Man, you totally broke the house.
-Do not comment.
I'm cleaning tomorrow.
I've purchased a DustBuster and several thousand garbage bags, so it's all good.
Oh, great.
Well, too bad Mom and Dad are coming home today.
You're so easy.
And thank you, by the way, for telling Ephram about you and Reid.
It created all kinds of drama, totally ruining my cereal time.
I never told Ephram about Reid.
-Oh, yeah? Well, he knows.
-What? How? What did he say? Is he okay? Is he upset? Should I call him? Oh, get over yourself.
It's not like you're his world.
He's fine.
If he's fine, then why are you here when you could be with Hannah? -She's kind of a mess right now.
-I know.
But hey, you're, you know, better at talking through stuff.
-She needs you to listen.
-Why, did she say something? No.
I saw you being totally useless all by myself.
-Look, you're her boyfriend.
Act like it.
-I know.
Starting to think that I'm a crappy boyfriend.
Starting to think? The other day, I was trying to get to second base with her-- -What? Hello? Boundaries.
-Oh, relax, that's not where it's going.
But it was on the same day she found out about her dad, right before she found out-- Don't say "bases.
" You're not 6, and a woman's body is not a sports field.
I am so over your Women's Studies class.
Second, whatever happened doesn't matter anymore.
It seemed like a big deal but the real world showed up and threw everything into perspective.
Yeah, but-- When Mom got diagnosed, do you remember anything else that day or anything that happened a few months after that day? So Hannah doesn't care about the bra thing anymore? No, I doubt she'll even remember.
But she will remember if you're not there for her when really she needs you.
[PHONE RlNGS] Oh, I'm so glad you called.
-Hey, gorgeous, how's the inventory? -It's hell.
Hey, listen, I was gonna call you because I need you to take care of dinner tonight.
Jake? Uh-- I was calling to tell you to count me out for dinner tonight.
-Again? -It's been so crazy.
First Mrs.
Simon had a nasty reaction to her chemical peel, and then-- I don't care.
My friend lost her husband, Hannah is freaking out and based on Sam's new favorite word, he's been sneaking episodes of Deadwood.
If he understands what they're talking about, he's smart enough to raise himself.
I'm serious, I need your help.
You promised you'd take less at the office.
It's not like I can just cancel appointments that have been on the books for a month.
You know what? Actually, you can.
It's just a matter of what's important to you.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
[JAKE PANTlNG] Are we fighting? -Oh, my God, you're fast.
-Track team.
High school.
Which was a long time ago.
All I gotta do is hang up on you to get face time? I'm sorry.
I've been holed up in that office lately-- No, it's okay, I understand.
I just miss you.
-And I'm a little stressed out right now.
-I know.
And I'm so sorry.
I wanna be here for you, I do.
Just give me a couple of weeks, okay? And things will settle down, I swear.
That's what you said a couple weeks ago.
No, it's fine.
I'll deal with dinner, you go.
-You sure? -Yes.
Love you.
Excuse me.
I am so sorry, guys.
I hardly ever do the order-in thing.
-Don't be silly, this is great.
-I love pizza.
Pepperoni's my favorite, but pineapple's good too.
Thanks, Nina, I'm just not really hungry, so-- Sit down.
Please? -Do you think this is easy for me? -I don't know.
How could I know what you're going through? You never tell me anything, obviously.
I'm sorry.
I made a mistake, and I see that now, I do.
But you have to know I was only trying to do the right thing, Hannah.
-I was only trying to protect you-- -Protect me? From what? From saying goodbye to my own father? From going through the nightmare of those last few days.
You really wanna know what you missed? Do you really wanna hear about those final moments? -Sam.
-I shouldn't have to hear about them.
-I should've been there for them.
-But why? Why would you want those memories? God, I don't.
I wish I could erase them all.
I wish I didn't know how hard it was for him to take that last breath or how dull his eyes were before they finally closed with nothing behind them.
I didn't think you'd wanna see that.
If the last year and a half was too much for you-- Who said it was too much? I never did.
But you left.
You came here so you wouldn't have to go through it.
What? No, no.
You were the one that sent me here.
You're the one that called Nina.
Of course, but I only did that for you.
I never forced you to leave, Hannah.
I offered you the option, and I'm glad you took it.
I wanted you to take it.
But if this whole time, you thought I was pushing you away.
I mean, why? Why would I do that? I don't know.
I just thought.
I thought maybe you didn't want me there.
Oh, sweetheart.
I was scared out of my mind the day you left.
Your brother was already gone, and it was just me and your father.
I mean, there were days I didn't speak to a single person.
I'd order delivery so I could talk to the guy who came to the door.
Of course I wanted you there.
I never wanted to go through this alone.
I never thought I would end up so alone.
[DOOR OPENS] There you are.
What took you so long? Did you get my messages? All six of them.
Louise called me so many damn times, I started to think she was sweet on me.
I have been fired for that before, back when I was a masseuse.
-Louise, Louise, Louise.
-I had this client, he loved it when-- -Thank you.
I got some news.
STACEY: What's the news? -What happened? BRlAN: Oh, let me guess.
I don't have nephritis, I've been constipated for 20 years.
You made it to the top of the list, Mr.
-You have got yourself a kidney.
BRlAN: What? Are you serious? We found a match.
We can schedule surgery immediately.
I can't believe it.
Oh, my God, I can't believe it.
I told you we had nothing to worry about.
All we could do was pray.
Didn't I say that? You don't know how true that is.
I wasn't gonna bother telling you because I knew you'd get mad.
Mad? About what? No harm now, I guess.
I went with Dr.
Brown to the hospital to check if I was a match.
But then we found out I only have one kidney so I couldn't have helped you anyway.
Why'd you have to go and do that? Did you know about it? Uh.
Why didn't you tell me? I just can't believe that.
What aren't you telling me, Daddy? When you were born, you had a sister, a twin sister.
She came two minutes after you.
But she had no kidneys.
Just born like that.
I had a twin sister? Your mother and me, we didn't know what to do.
We cried, we prayed.
And we talked to all of these doctors, and they said we could give her one of yours so that she might live.
And she did, for three days.
Her name was Michelle.
What are you talking? This is crazy.
Why didn't you tell me? How could you not tell me all those years? -I didn't see what good it would do.
-What good it would do? It was my life.
It was my truth that you took from me, Daddy.
How could you do that? I was scared.
I didn't know what you would do.
What if? What if maybe you thought you shouldn't have lived? Or like maybe it was your fault? I couldn't handle that.
Your mother, she couldn't handle any of it.
That's why she took off.
-You were all I had left.
-Shut up.
I don't care.
My whole life I trusted you, and you lied to me.
How could you--? I can't deal with this.
[DOOR CLOSES] Do you know what happened to my coffee? I just made a fresh pot.
Sorry, I thought it was old, so I threw it out.
It smelled like it was burning.
-Honest mistake.
-Hey, let me ask you a question.
I mean, no offense, but how does somebody go from an lvy undergrad to Colorado A&M for med school? I mean, it seems like kind of a huge step downward.
[CLEARS THROAT] You know, when you and I first met, I didn't exactly get all warm and fuzzy.
But lately, you've taken it up a notch.
So no offense, but you're kind of being an ass.
I got a lot on my plate now, all right? Med school's kicking my ass.
I don't want this to be an uncomfortable place for either one of us to live.
-Home's supposed to be like a sanctuary.
-You gonna get to the point eventually? I like Amy.
I think she's really great.
But we've only been on maybe three dates and you two obviously have a history together, and I've been where you are.
You have no idea where I've been.
And what makes you think this has anything to do with Amy? I don't have time to play this game, Ephram.
Truth is, I'm a big believer in the guy code, so if you want me to back off I mean, if you really want me to stop dating Amy, I will.
Stop dating Amy.
But for what it's worth, you might wanna tell her how you feel because otherwise, I really don't see the point to any of this.
Do you? [KNOCK ON DOOR] I can come back later if you're busy with the ceiling.
I didn't wanna be there.
Be where? Home, when my dad was still sick.
This whole time, I had myself convinced that my mom sent me here.
But the truth is, I just-- I couldn't handle what was going on with my dad, so I left.
-Because it was easier for me.
-Maybe you're-- Maybe you left because that's what was supposed to happen.
It's like the hole puncher.
Okay, normally, I speak Bright fluently, but you're gonna have to elaborate.
Well, you know that lntro to Philosophy class I'm taking? Most of time, I don't know what they're talking about but there was this one thing that my professor said-- -About a hole puncher? -Yeah.
It's like, some people think that a guy just made a hole puncher then everyone sat around and they figured out what to do with it.
Other people think the hole puncher was made so that we'd have something to punch holes with.
If there were no God, man would surely have created one.
It's the same thing, minus the hole puncher.
You know, you either believe God exists and everything else came after or you believe that we were all so freaked out by everything that came after that we invented something bigger than we could explain so we wouldn't have to explain it.
Well, yeah, I think the hole puncher's a little easier, but.
So, what do you believe, Bright? Uh.
I believe that horrible things happen, but good stuff does come out of it.
Just because you might not see the reasons why doesn't mean that they're not there.
So you believe in God? Um.
Well, you know, don't get too excited.
I'm not going to Bible camp with you.
Don't even ask.
But, yeah, I think God makes stuff happen.
And you think he wanted me in Everwood? Yes.
Of course.
I think your mom was, like, taking care of your dad, right? Maybe if you were there she'd have been too worried about you to be there for him.
All I know is I'm fricking happy that you came here.
If you hadn't.
If I hadn't? I never would have met you.
And I never would have known I could feel this way about someone.
And I'm sorry that I tried to feel you up the other day.
It was a totally bogus move.
I love you, Bright.
I love you too.
Uh-- Hairball mixed with carpet fuzz with the remnants of what used to be a Dorito.
That's scary, both the hairball and your knowledge of what it was.
Yeah, well, don't you forget, I live with your brother.
-You know your front door was wide open? -Yeah, I'm just airing out the smell.
Took my parents leaving for 10 days for me to realize that I am actually a closet slob.
I already knew that.
Every time you left my garage, it was like Pig Pen had been there.
Sometimes when I think about you, I envision this dust cloud over your head.
Guess that makes you the obsessive Peanut who's banging away at his piano.
Well, chicks love Schroeder.
So I wanted to talk to you about something.
I know.
-You do? -Except I still don't know how.
-How you know? -No, how you know.
[lN UNlSON] I'm confused.
AMY: Um.
-You know about Reid? -Yeah.
Because I saw you guys the other night in front of our front door.
Oh, my God.
Ephram, I am-- -I'm sorry, that's embarrassing.
-No, it's fine, no big deal.
No, I thought you were sleeping.
I obviously would never have.
-Totally fine.
Don't even think about it.
-And I was gonna tell you, I was.
I just wanted to see if it turned into something, you know? The minute you moved into that apartment, I should've told you that I liked him.
Wait, you knew Reid before I moved into the apartment? I'm kind of the reason why he's living with you.
I had a crush on him when I thought he was gay.
Or actually, before I knew he was gay and then found out he wasn't, but anyways.
I guess I didn't realize that you'd known him so long.
I mean, I didn't know that you knew him at all.
Yeah, I met him at the hospital last summer.
But the point is, Ephram, I am so sorry.
We've just never been in a situation like this and I didn't know how to handle it.
No, it's fine, no big deal.
Whoever you decide to date or whatever has got nothing to do with me-- -I mean, l-- Whatever.
We're friends, right? -Right.
We should be able to talk about this stuff or also not have to talk about this stuff, or, you know, whatever we want.
Yeah, absolutely.
So is that why you came over? -You wanted to talk about that? -Uh.
Yeah, I mean, I just-- I didn't want you to feel weird or anything.
That's really amazing of you, Ephram.
Thank you.
So I will.
I'll just, you know, I'll see you around? I need to eat dinner here tonight.
And possibly for the next 20 nights in a row, if that's okay with you.
ANDY: Hmm? -I did something that I shouldn't have done.
I thought I'd do the right thing to make up for that except I didn't even do the thing -I was gonna do.
So I'm moving to Alaska.
I'm gonna work on a boat.
-It's dangerous, but the pay is good.
-Oh, that's great.
-What? -Got your attention? I'm sorry, I'm a little distracted.
-Patient? -Yep.
They gonna die? Well, this may actually be worse, and I have no idea how to help him.
But it's a long story and you were about to tell me something.
-Well, I gotta wait for dinner anyway, right? -Well, it's a father-daughter thing.
The short version is the father is about to have surgery and he didn't tell his daughter the truth about something which might destroy the relationship.
Well, I wouldn't know anything about that.
The daughter, she'll have time if he makes it through.
That's the problem.
When a person goes under the knife their will to live is as important as the surgeon's skill.
If the daughter isn't there, I don't see this guy making it.
I'm sure if you talked to her, told her how important she was.
I normally have no problem with that.
I enjoy bullying.
-Yeah, I know.
-But somehow I just.
I don't know, it seems kind of hypocritical.
How can I ask this girl to forgive her father when I've barely begun to forgive myself for what I did to you? Yeah, well, I forgave you a long time ago.
[DOOR OPENS] -Who was that on the phone? -lt was Amy.
Her mom and dad are back from their trip.
They invited us to this dessert thing, but we don't have to go.
Well, I'd like to.
I'd love to finally meet the legendary Dr.
I am so sorry, Mom, just for everything.
I know.
I'm sorry too.
You know, when your dad decided not to have a funeral.
I mean, we knew what Huntington's would do to him.
That's why he chose cremation.
It was his spirit he wanted you to remember, not-- I get it.
And the stuff that reminds us of him? Well, I mean, for each one of us it's different.
There's so many memories.
Some of them we keep to ourselves some of them we share with each other, but you put them all together and they make up who he is.
I have something for you.
He was pretty specific about the whole funeral thing.
I tried to talk him out of it, but this is what he wanted.
So I divided his ashes into three so we could all say goodbye in our own way.
Or never say goodbye at all.
Thank you, Mom.
-I really missed you.
-Me too, Hannah Bear.
Me too.
Thank you for meeting me here today, Stacey.
It's on my way home from work.
Plus, I've gotten a little obsessed with these hazelnut toffee mochas.
You want me to come to my father's surgery.
It's 9:00 Friday morning.
But if that's a bad time, I can move it.
I can't come, Dr.
-You must think I'm an awful person but-- -No, no, I don't.
I've made too many mistakes to pass judgment on somebody else.
If you got a month, I can list them.
So why am I here? I just thought it might be better if you talked to someone who knows a bit more about what you're going through.
It might help to share your experience.
Look, I appreciate you trying to help but talking about this isn't gonna change what happened.
That's true.
The damage that's already done, that's the past.
But what I'm trying to do is to protect your future.
And I'm telling you that even though you don't think you can forgive your father it is possible.
How can you say that? Because as a father, I've done the unforgivable.
And I was forgiven.
Stacey this is my son, Ephram.
And where's your tongue depressor when you need it? [ALL LAUGHlNG] This should only take about 10 more hours.
Now, this is Tepilit.
He's Masai.
And who's the moron in the George of the Jungle outfit? [LAUGHlNG] You know, the Masai practice circumcision when the boys are in their teens and flinching is seen as a sign of cowardice.
Irv, you are just full of fascinating tidbits, aren't you? He's researching his next book.
He's driving me crazy.
-They also practice wife swapping.
Amy Nicole, I must say this house looks fantastic, better than when we left.
Oh, well, you know, when you clean as you go, it's not so hard.
HARRY: Oh, Rose, Rose dear.
-Remember this? -Oh, yes, that was a glorious day.
-Linda took us to this little village.
ROSE: And the children were just adorable.
Most of them were orphans.
They have absolutely nothing.
But when they smile, they just-- Oh, they just light up your life.
Linda is my sister who abandoned us for the less fortunate.
Yes, Hannah filled me in.
Of course, of course.
You probably know more about my family than I do.
Well, I think that goes both ways.
I really don't know how to thank you for everything, really.
Not at all.
Hannah is a joy.
I daresay she's a virtual Abbott.
Lucky her.
-I can see that.
She's been loved by everyone here.
I mean, you really have become another family for her.
Which is why this is so difficult to say.
What is? Hannah and l have talked about this a lot and she's decided to come with me next week.
-You going on another cruise? -No, Bright.
Back to Minnesota.
What? It's just that my mom has had so much to deal with by herself over the last two years and, well, now there's really no reason for me to stay.
I'm sorry, that came out wrong.
I just.
I think it's time for me to go home.
ANNOUNCER [ON TV]: Point guard Gerard, Number 33, brings it down the left side.
Hey, how'd it go? Pretty good, I think.
I mean, I have no idea what she's gonna do, but she was pretty cool about it.
-It's amazing though.
-What is? All this time, I thought you were the worst dad in the world.
Turns out, not so much.
-Gee, I'm touched.
Thank you.
-lt was no problem, you know.
It was actually kind of nice to help somebody out.
-I don't know if I did anything, but-- -You were willing to try.
That means a great deal to me.
It was weird.
For the first time, I could see why you might wanna be a doctor.
Not that I'm gonna go to premed, but.
It's not just about saving people's lives, it's about helping them save their own lives.
On good days, yeah.
And just in case you thought you weren't gonna get anything out of it.
The Zabar's.
So you were gonna tell me about something yesterday.
-Was it Amy? -Uh.
I can't even remember.
Let's just leave it at I'm a loser.
Yeah, well, unfortunately, you get that from my side of the family.
But hey, your mom's genes could kick in any day now.
That's inspiring.
Thank you.
-I take it you didn't tell her.
I suppose a "don't be so hard on yourself" would be wasted.
You got anything less generic? Yeah, actually, I do.
I can tell you from firsthand experience recent firsthand experience, that sometimes you can tell someone exactly how you feel and it doesn't change a thing.
A recent someone? ANDY: Last summer, just about when you were leaving for Europe I had this realization.