Everwood s04e09 Episode Script

Getting to Know You

NARRATOR: Previously on Everwood: BRlGHT: I know you don't wanna have sex because of the Bible.
I'm not sure there's anything there that says you can't take your girlfriend's bra off.
It's about timing, you know? It's just not bra-removal time.
AMY: Ephram, I am so sorry.
We've just never been in a situation like this and I didn't know how to handle it.
We're friends, right? -Right.
NlNA: Do you know anything about Percocet? I found them in Jake's stuff.
ANDY: There could be dozens of reasons why he's taking these.
[PHONE RlNGlNG] -No word at the hospital.
NlNA: He still hasn't answered his cell.
-I'm gonna drive by the office.
-Did you call Edna? Yeah, she just said he was there when she left, but she was gone by 6:00.
This just isn't like him.
He's worked late before but always calls.
I have a bad feeling something horrible's happened.
Stay here in case he comes back.
I'm gonna drive down to the office, but I'm sure he's fine, Nina.
NlNA: Oh, my God, where have you been? I was-- I was doing paperwork late at the office.
-And, uh, I just lost track of time.
-Why didn't you call me? Because by the time I looked up and I saw a clock it was way after midnight and I didn't wanna wake up Sammy.
But I called you.
Didn't you hear the phone ring? It must have been on vibrate.
Anyway, I just-- I fell asleep at my desk.
It's no big deal.
That kind of stuff happens all the time, right, Andy? One time Julia sent the cops to my office.
That was a particularly fun night.
You see? Comes with the job.
-I gotta take a shower, okay? -Jake.
I'm already late.
I got a new patient in half an hour.
-He seems fine.
A little tired, maybe.
-It's more than that.
He's killing himself over everything that happened with Cliff.
He's been pushing himself hard.
-I don't think it's healthy.
-It's not, but he is expanding his business.
I'm sure he's fine, Nina.
What? Nothing.
-Never mind.
-No, tell me.
He didn't even apologize.
That's not my Jake.
Who was Pavlov? Pavlov.
Uh, dog dude.
-Why did you hit me? -You haven't earned your tot.
I seriously doubt that your professor's gonna accept "dog dude" as an answer.
Maybe I'm supposed to fail.
Ever think of that? I've tried cramming.
-There's no room in this cranium.
-There's nothing wrong with your cranium.
You're not gonna fail.
You can't keep pretending you're dumb.
I know that you're not.
You know I'm not dumb? -Yes.
Maybe you're the dumb one.
-lvan Pavlov, behavioral psychologist.
Came up with the idea for conditioned reflex.
Born in 1849.
-Died? -Died in 1936.
-Tot me.
WOMAN: Hey, Joe, will you make sure that they're crispy? JOE: Yep, no problem.
WOMAN: Thank you.
BRlGHT: All right, what's next? Bring it on.
You know, you're really good at this.
You could be a professional tutor.
-Hannah, come on, I'm on a roll.
Oh, okay, uh, yeah.
Explain classical conditioning.
Yeah, yeah, we're gonna.
-Oh, how was the gym, dear? Fantastic, thank you.
Lloyd bought a new elliptical.
It gave my quads a workout they will not soon forget.
I could eat a mule.
Those pancakes ready? Oh, goodness, I completely forgot.
-Aren't those the photos from Africa? -They are.
I was thinking of writing a piece for the Pine Cone about our trip.
Travel memoir.
What a wonderful notion.
Ah, remember our lodge in the Usambara Mountains? I'll never forget that wild-boar ragout.
You could call the piece "lnto Africa.
" Actually, I was thinking more of an editorial.
Something to open people's eyes to the famine crisis there.
-Well, that's another way to go, I suppose.
-Doesn't this break your heart? I am famished.
How many would you like? Walking past those tents, all those hungry children.
I just can't get them out of my mind.
I've been thinking maybe we could sponsor a child.
Well, we're already sponsoring two.
Perhaps you've met them.
Amy and Bright? I'm serious, Harold.
Here we are, so blessed.
Look at all these presents we got for Bright and Amy.
Like our daughter needs another pair of earrings.
It's Christmas.
It's not about need, it's a time of generosity.
Yes, and who better to be generous towards than those who have absolutely nothing? Don't you wanna be a part of something miraculous this Christmas? Isn't having Bright in college miraculous enough for you? -I'm teasing, I'm teasing.
-Not funny.
If you'll excuse me, I think I'll get started on this article.
What about Pancake Saturday? Twelve Botoxes before lunch? Everybody wants to put their best face on for the holidays.
Should I start the train rolling? [SlGHS] Give me a minute, okay? Just a minute.
Sure thing.
[SlGHS] [LlNE RlNGlNG] [PHONE RlNGS] [GRUNTS] This better be good, bro.
I'm nursing the mother of all hangovers right now.
I fell off the wagon last night.
How hard? -Uh, not bad.
-Just a couple of Percocet, maybe four.
-Okay, did you go to a meeting? I wanted to go to a meeting this morning, but the closest one is an hour from here and I've got patients right now, so I'm gonna go tonight.
-Look, Jake-- -That's why I'm calling, Bri.
And I know how it sounds, but trust me, it's just a fluke.
They always talk about how a slip is a huge part of recovery and I've been sober for over a year-- Save the Betty Ford speech.
I got three words for you: Robert Downey Jr.
I just needed to disappear for a minute, you know? Yeah, I know, but you gotta talk this stuff out, man.
Go to a meeting.
I will.
Thanks, Bri.
ANDY: What don't you like about it? Don't say you like walks on the beach.
We live in the mountains.
Well, I think it conveys who I am.
Contemplative, outdoorsy.
You said my profile should sound like me.
I'm just following orders.
Your profile is supposed to get hits.
Don't you want dates? Not really.
I don't see myself finding my next love with something that requires DSL.
It doesn't have to be love.
It's just a date, Dad.
-So you want me to date? -No.
I don't know.
If you want.
If you don't want me to date and I don't wanna date what am I doing trying to find a date? It's important for your growth.
Brittany said you might need friends your own age.
-Brittany? -I don't want you to be lonely.
Especially since Jake moved in with Nina.
It's hard to lose your best friend.
I just want you happy, Dad.
Me too, kiddo.
So any thoughts on what my screen name should be? Uh, I'm thinking Hot Doc.
It says you're cute and you're rich.
Hot Doc.
-Are you studying Philosophy? -iTunes.
Philosophy's cake.
Plato's cave, Descartes' dualism.
I pretty much figured out the meaning of life.
And you know what it is? iTunes.
You know, you don't have to hang out here if you're done studying.
-You can go home.
-No, I'm fine, I'm just, uh-- I'm probably gonna reread a couple of chapters, make sure I ace it, and yeah.
I mean, if you want, I could quiz you.
-Really? -Sure, hand them over.
-Okay, this isn't language.
-I know, they're carbon molecules.
The basic building block of all organic matter.
The molecules form rings, which bond together and then when things fall apart, they-- Oh, my God.
They oh, my God? -What, you know that guy? -Um.
Just met him at a party last week.
You met him.
His name's Doug.
Oh, Dougie.
I don't generally associate with Dougies or anybody that has to add an "E-E" to the end of their name.
You know, Dougies, Mikeys, Joeys.
Though I guess Joey is a name in its own right.
He seemed nice, but whatever.
We can go back to the quizzing.
-lf you wanna go talk to him, I mean-- -I would never do that.
The Reid fiasco was weird enough, with you being roommates.
Not gonna flirt in front of you.
-I'm just saying if you want to, you know.
-It's not that I want to, I just.
Okay, do you ever just feel the need to, like, kiss or make out? Not with me, obviously, not with me.
I mean just in general.
With Reid, we kissed but not very often, and it was a long time ago and then before that, I hadn't kissed anyone since you which was a thousand years ago.
-A million.
So, I don't know, maybe it's the stress of finals or being cooped up in this library but lately I feel like I've been going a little crazy.
God, he's coming this way.
Don't turn.
-Did you pinch your face? -Anything in my teeth? -All clear.
-Okay, thanks.
Okay, where were we? -Oh, I thought you'd be at the office by now.
-Nope, not today.
Today I am making you my famous eggs Benedict.
Wait till you taste this hollandaise sauce.
You're gonna flip out.
Oh, and check out what's in that bag right over there.
-Thermal underwear? -That's right.
I am taking you and Sam to Vail for the weekend.
My way of saying I'm sorry.
-When are we going? -Today.
There was a cancellation at my favorite lodge and Sam has been begging me to teach him how to shred, so.
[GRUNTS] [LAUGHS] I promise I'll keep him on the bunny slopes until he gets the hang of things.
-So, what do you say? -I don't know.
-You-- What do you mean? -I mean I don't know.
The other day, you couldn't stand still, now you want me to pick up and go skiing? -Jake, I can't live like this.
-Live like what? One extreme to the next.
Don't you see how crazy you're being? This is just how I do things.
I thought you liked that about me.
I do, I do.
I love your spontaneity.
-Just, uh.
-Okay, okay, okay.
You're right, you're right, I'm sorry.
I'm being a little crazy here, it's just-- It's the city boy in me.
I'm just always go, go, go.
And when I make a mistake, I wanna make it better as fast as I possibly can and as big as I possibly can.
-I don't need big, I just need you.
-But you deserve big, Nina.
I've been so self-absorbed lately that half the time I don't even know how your day's gone or how you're feeling.
I just miss you.
I just want some real time with you.
Is that so bad? No.
No, it's good.
Okay, let me make a few phone calls, and I'll start packing.
Ha, ha.
[DOORBELL RlNGS] I got it.
Remember me? [OVER RADlO] Baby, once upon a time You made me cry Yeah, you walked away from what-- [MUSlC STOPS] Okay.
My soul mate dot Hot Doc.
And here we go.
-The kid knows what she's doing.
COMPUTERlZED VOlCE: You've got mail.
"Gag alert.
Scott McCorkle is crushing out on you.
" [CHUCKLES] "Fashion crisis: To Ugg or not to Ugg?" "Operation Fat Cow: The bitch is going down"? MAN [ON VlDEO GAME]: Now you got it.
I just don't understand why you didn't call first.
-You would've told me not to come.
-That's right.
-Because I have it under control.
-Bonus points.
Good job, Sammy.
-Did you make it to a meeting yet? -No, not yet, I got busy.
I know, you're very busy, you've got no sponsor and you were going skiing instead of to an NA meeting.
-It's not exactly working on the program.
So you're an addictions expert now? I'm just saying, you moved in with Nina and her kid you bought a restaurant, took on every patient you could get.
-You're working on everybody but you.
-You have no idea what you're talking about.
I only know what you've told me, which is that you came here to find yourself, right? How you gonna find yourself when you're hiding who you are from everybody? Okay, so, what do you want me to do? Well, for starters, tell Nina.
Sure, just tell her that I've been lying to her this whole time? What's the alternative? Lying to her for the rest of your life? Lying to yourself? -I can't do it.
-Why not? [SlGHS] Because it'll change everything.
It'll turn into this huge deal, then everything will be tainted by it.
And then it wins because I can't be normal anymore and that's all I want, Bri, is to feel normal again.
I'm sorry, man.
You're right, I'm not an expert at this stuff.
We'll go to a meeting and tell Nina we're doing a guys' thing.
I'm sure she won't think twice about it.
-Try again.
-Don't worry, okay? [DOOR OPENS THEN CLOSES] -Hannah? -It's me.
How'd it go on your final? I was sending you out good vibes at 2:00.
-Are we going somewhere? -Oh, yeah, little lady.
Finished my final 10 minutes early.
It went very well.
I thought we might hit up my friend Ali's party celebrate my newfound geniusness.
What do you think? You didn't say we were gonna go to a party.
Well, I didn't think I would go.
Thought I'd be tired from all the studying.
But the good news is, the kid bounces back, so-- Bright, I can't go to a party.
-Why not? -Why not? Look at me.
Why? You look like you always do.
What? All right, now what did I do? This is how you think I look all the time? Like this? Um.
Sometimes your hair is different.
Sometimes it's curlier.
Why do I even bother trying? I'm never gonna look like that girl yesterday.
I probably won't ever look as good as Ali.
-What girl? -That girl.
The girl you checked out in the coffee shop while we were studying yesterday.
I saw you.
Oh-- That was-- It was reflex.
That was a-- It was a conditioned reflex.
You see how much smarter you're already making me? It's not like she was hot.
I mean, she was-- This was-- Girl was not as-- Clearly not as hot as you.
-Please stop, you're making it worse.
-I mean, that's-- -I'm not as pretty as girls you used to date-- -Hannah-- If you keep interrupting me, I'm never gonna get through this.
[HANNAH SlGHS] I'm okay with how I look.
You know, to be honest, I never really thought about it much before.
I figured there's no point in getting upset.
It's not like I can do anything to change it.
What? You know, I'm late to fifth period almost every day.
-Ask me why.
Why are you late to fifth period almost every day? Because fourth period is PE and every day, I sit in the locker room pretending that I can't untie my shoelace so I don't have to get undressed in front of the girls.
It doesn't matter that they're not looking at me.
Half of them are too busy blow-drying their hair to notice Iike it's no big deal to stand around in your underwear in front of a million people.
But I would rather die than have anyone see me like that.
-So no one's ever seen you naked before? -No, no.
I am not a big fan of nudity.
And I know you're all excited to get to bra-removal time, but I just-- -I don't want you getting your hopes up.
-Listen, I think you are more beautiful than-- Please stop, because I know that you're lying.
I'm not beautiful, and it's okay because I've got other stuff.
And eventually, I will remember what that stuff is and why it's more important.
It's just taking longer than I thought.
But you dropping names like "Ali" is just not helpful to me so could we maybe just, like, go to a movie instead? -Sure.
[OVER SPEAKERS] Christmas time So the book is rolling off the presses even as we speak? That's right.
Stores get the first shipment in three weeks.
After that, I start my book tour.
Nothing but adoring crowds and groupies.
My, my, sounds like Harper's already started his next piece of fiction.
Thank you, woman.
You wait till I'm on Oprah.
You'll be dying for a chance to see me.
The sweet sounds of familial discord.
Music to my ears.
What's Rose doing at a poetry reading anyway? -Sounds weird.
-It's not weird, it's a lie.
She's home.
I just needed a night off.
She's been chasing you around the boudoir? I didn't know Rosie had it in her.
No, on the contrary, she's been nauseatingly virtuous since we got back from Africa.
She's sponsoring an orphan from Kenya.
She's written an editorial on famine for the Pine Cone.
I'm expecting a visit from Bono at any moment.
So she's more altruistic than you are.
-We already knew that.
IRV: Ha-ha-ha.
It goes deeper, Mother.
Our whole lives, we've seen the world in a similar way whether watching the news or summer road trips.
For the first time in our marriage, we experienced things in a different way.
-People evolve.
It's a good thing.
-lt doesn't feel good to me.
Don't worry about it, Harold.
It'll probably fix itself.
I'm sure Rose is just going through a phase.
It happens to all of us.
-How so? IRV: Well, think about it.
After 9/1 1, Katrina, seeing tragedy up close inspires us to help.
We give blood, raise money.
But then we get distracted, go back to our own problems.
It's not intentional, but life takes over again and we go back to the way we were.
-Rose will go back to being Rose.
-You're probably right.
Thank you, lrving.
That is a lovely sentiment.
Mother, could you pass me the casserole? [RUSTLlNG] Hi.
Uh, I thought you left for work already.
No, I'm just heading out now.
Forgot my makeup bag.
-I was just looking for some aspirin.
-They're downstairs.
Great, thanks.
[ROCK MUSlC PLAYlNG OVER SPEAKERS] Yo, Amy called, said to tell you she's coming over later.
-What? Why? -She said you guys were studying.
You know there's girls out there that think of Barbie as, like, a symbol of oppression? Barbie the doll? She's not just a doll, dude.
That's what I'm trying to tell you.
Her proportions are crazy.
Okay, let's say I'm Barbie, you're you.
My boobs would be like out to your face.
When did Amy call? I can't believe she's coming over.
Why not? She's always over here.
-All right, what's your problem? -Nothing.
I'm her friend.
We're friends.
-Thought that was part of the master plan.
-Yeah, it was.
Until the plan backfired and I became her girlfriend.
All right, this is serious.
She's talking to me about other guys.
She's asking me to do the teeth check.
I'm on dangerous, dangerous ground.
Well, you want me to act like I'm surprised or--? I know, I took a risk, it backfired.
Now I need to represent myself as a member of the opposite sex before I lose my window.
And how do you plan on doing that exactly? Well, I bought her a Christmas present.
They're earrings shaped like butterflies.
She likes butterflies, right? Um.
-She doesn't like butterflies? -Enough with Sensitive Ephram.
We've all seen that movie.
She bought the DVD.
And you know what she did? She sold it on eBay.
What you need to do, Ephram, is be a man, all right? You gotta be dangerous.
Surprise her.
And not with jewelry, but with your manhood.
You want me to surprise your sister with my manhood? Okay, from now on, when we have these conversations, she's not my sister.
Picturing you with that hot waitress chick.
And when I say "chick," I mean "woman.
" "Beautiful woman from the service industry.
" God, this is hard.
[CHRlSTMAS MUSlC PLAYlNG OVER SPEAKERS] Okay, say there's a group of girls.
-And hello to you too, Andy.
Say there's a group of girls.
For the past few months, they've been writing letters to a chunky girl pretending to be her secret admirer.
Now the secret admirer wants to meet her outside the movies.
Except there is no secret admirer, you see? The girls are setting Chunky up.
Somebody is doing this to Delia? But she's not chunky, she's adorable.
Delia is doing this to somebody else? -I know, I couldn't believe it either.
-How did you find out? It's a long story.
Delia hooked me up with this computer-dating thing and I wound up reading her e-mails while checking my hits.
You're cyber-dating? Okay, this story gets weirder and weirder.
Could we just stick to the issue at hand? I mean, I just found out that my daughter is not the person that I thought she was.
All this time, I thought I was raising this sweet little angel.
It turns out I've been duped.
I've been raising the president of Phi Beta Nasty.
You can't put that on her, Andy.
I mean, 12 is a tough age for girls.
She's in this storm of hormones and emotions.
Everything is betraying her: her brain, her body and her friends.
-Maybe she's fallen in with a tough crowd.
-They're worse than tough.
-They're popular.
Yeah, you are in trouble.
What do I do about Chunky? Well, it's tough, but I don't think you got a lot of options here.
I mean, unless you wanna tell Delia you went snooping in her personal e-mails.
She's a good kid, you know? I bet she'll do the right thing on her own.
Hope you're right.
Hey, how's Jake doing? I hear his brother's back in town again.
-Does that mean everything's okay? -Yeah, yeah, it's getting there.
Oh, good.
Well, thanks.
-Mercy me, is that Chateaubriand? -Just finished roasting.
And I made the little meatballs that you like.
Mm, mm.
Well, I presume this must be a celebration of sorts.
-Did we get pictures? -Pictures? Of the child we're sponsoring.
A boy or a girl? Oh, that.
No, I decided not to send the application.
It was the wrong idea.
-I'm sorry I snapped at you.
-No, no, no.
No need to apologize.
So, then, what are we celebrating? -You.
-Me? What did I do? After I went into remission, I was lost.
I had my life back, but I didn't know what I wanted to do and then you took us to Africa.
And that trip put everything into perspective for me.
It made me realize what my next step has to be.
And it's something we can only do together.
-That's all I've wanted.
-Me too.
I was mayor of Everwood for 1 2 years.
-You've been a doctor for, what, almost 20? -Mm-hm.
Out of all that service to the community what was the most meaningful thing we've done? -Raising our children, no question.
And we did a great job.
Heavens, with what we've been through, we could teach a course on parenting.
Of course, Rose, I think that's a wonderful choice.
-What is? -Family counseling.
Social work may not be lucrative, but it can reward the spirit.
That's not what I was going to say.
I still want to help children in the camps.
-You said you didn't wanna sponsor a child.
-I don't.
I want to adopt one.
NlNA: Knocka, knocka.
-ls there a doctor in the house? -Yes, unfortunately.
What are you doing here, babe? Did you close up early? [NlNA SlGHS] I don't know how to say this, so I'm just gonna say it.
I caught Brian this morning in our bathroom, going through the medicine cabinet.
-So? -So I thought it was weird.
Well, maybe he had a headache and he needed some aspirin.
Yeah, that's what he said.
Well, if that's what he said, then why is it a big deal? Something's off.
He shows up out of the blue won't look me in the eye, and is going through our cabinet? -I'm missing something.
Why do you care? -Because it's weird.
It's not weird.
The weird thing is you being all suspicious about nothing.
Hey, don't do that.
Don't pull the "you're crazy" card out when I'm trying to tell you something's off.
You've both been cagey.
Why? -Oh, so now it's me too? -Yes.
And if something is going on with Brian, you can tell me.
-I could help.
-There's nothing wrong with him.
You're talking about my brother here, okay? And I know you don't like him.
But have you ever really tried to get to know him? Have you offered to visit him out in L.
or invited him to visit us for the holidays? -I don't not like him.
-You don't hide it, so why are you lying? Okay, okay, well, maybe he's not my favorite person.
He gave me heebie-jeebies this morning, and I'm not sure I'm comfortable with him hanging out in my house.
Your house? That's our house.
And if I want my brother to spend a year here, he can spend a year.
And if you don't like it, that's too bad.
[SlGHS] -I hate carbon so much.
-Everybody does.
-I'm too tired to study anymore.
-Now, come on.
-You've only got two more chapters left.
-lmpossible, can't do it.
Oh, hey, I forgot to tell you.
You remember that guy Dougie? Yeah, sure.
We talked for three minutes, and I'm pretty sure he used the word "party" 16 times as a verb, an adjective, a noun.
I told you, it's always the "E-E's".
You know, you gotta watch out for those guys.
All right, help me up.
I'm gonna fall asleep if I stay in this position.
God, I'm sorry.
I guess you'll have to wait a little longer for that kiss, then, huh? I guess so.
What time is it? It's 3:30.
My parents are gonna kill me.
Maybe they'll think you're still at the library, studying.
I know you gotta get going and don't have time to talk about this.
We could talk later, or we don't have to talk about it.
No, we can definitely talk about it.
I just-- For now, you know, I think-- Yeah, no, absolutely.
What? This is gonna sound weird, uh, heh but I got you a Christmas present.
-You did? -Yeah.
My family's leaving for New York.
I don't know if I'm gonna see you before the holidays.
I'd love to give it to you in person.
Um, I didn't get you anything.
No, it's not like that.
I wasn't planning on it.
I just sort of saw it and thought you might like it, so.
-It's no big deal, it's just.
-Hey, my dad got me this for graduation.
That's actually from my mom.
Long story.
Here you are.
-Thank you.
Should I open it now? -No, you don't have to.
Okay, thanks.
There you go.
What is all this stuff anyway? Oh, these are just-- Lot of things I brought from Europe.
What are these? Um.
Um, those are actually.
They're postcards.
Yeah, they're postcards.
Those are actually, um.
Those are yours.
-I mean, I actually wrote those for you.
-What? I mean, it's not as crazy as it looks.
It was like, when I first got to London, I had a little bit of a freak-out.
It was like it took everything I had to get on the plane, and once I got there, I was like: "What the hell am I doing here?" You know, I couldn't call home, obviously.
I didn't know if I could call you, so I just-- I wrote you.
It made me feel better.
I didn't know if I should send them or not, didn't know if you wanted to hear from me so I didn't.
And, uh.
Then every couple of days, something would happen.
I would see something that would remind me of you or make me wish that I could be with you.
I would.
Well, I couldn't talk to you, so I'd write you a postcard.
I mean, I don't know why I didn't send them.
I wanted to.
I tried to, but l, um.
I was too scared.
Heh, heh.
I wish you would have sent them.
Me too.
[SlGHS] Can l--? Do you mind if I keep them? -I'd really like to read them.
-Of course, please.
-Read them.
Yeah? Thank you.
Okay, I should really go.
-Hm? I still love you.
ANDY: So I'm up to 17 hits.
Cool, huh? DELlA: Sounds great.
So, what happens now? Do we e-mail each other more, or do we jump straight to phone calls? Dad, my job is done here.
The actual dating is up to you.
-I know, I just thought you wanted updates.
-No, thanks.
It's major TMl.
Too much information.
Private lives are supposed to be private.
-That's why they invented the word.
So I'll pick you up at 4.
No, thanks, I'm going to Brittany's.
-Her mom will bring me home.
-Well, not too late.
-We're digging out the Hanukkah candles-- -I know.
-Delia, listen.
-What? My friends are waiting.
I'll see you tonight.
GlRL: Oh, hey.
DELlA: Hi.
[GlRLS CHATTERlNG] -Do you guys ever lock your door? -Don't bother taking your jacket off.
-We're heading out.
You feel like ltalian? -Sure, whatever.
Would you check and see if my shoes are in the bathroom? I may have left them in there.
I like to be comfortable.
And we've entered the land of too much information.
Did you put flowers in here? Bright.
[KNOB CLlCKlNG] -What are you doing? -Don't worry, it's clean.
I spent all afternoon scrubbing.
Pay attention to how clean that mirror is.
You're about to use it.
Brighton, let me out of here.
No, not until you take a moment to appreciate that glossy stuff on your lips which sometimes you wear, sometimes you don't, depending.
I get it, okay? You notice that I don't always look the same.
-Can you please let me out now? -Nope.
You don't get it.
It's not that just sometimes you wear lip gloss or your hair is straight, it's that you're always beautiful.
You know that girl at the restaurant? She was typical.
Not so easy to get me to shut up when you can't put your hand over my mouth.
You were right, I'm not dumb.
Now, back to this girl.
Yes, I used to go for that kind of thing.
But you know what a girl like that looks like at 3 in the morning? Craptastic.
Requires way too much maintenance.
You, on the other hand, you have all this other stuff that is so important-- I know, I have a great personality and I make a good sandwich.
You do make a great sandwich.
But it's more than that.
You are truly beautiful.
You know what I think about when I'm kissing you? I think about your skin.
Think about your eyelashes, how long they are when they're touching my face.
Think about the dimples you get when you laugh.
Think about how cool it is that I might be the only person who knows how hot your body is.
And I bet you at 3 in the morning, I bet you you look amazing.
Don't you think you could have said all that to my face? No, I couldn't tell you to your face because you never let me.
You always roll your eyes or "Yeah, yeah, yeah" me until I feel totally stupid.
No, this was something-- This was something I needed to tell you.
You needed to hear it, but more than that, you need to see it.
See what? You need to see what I see when I look at you.
So go, look into that mirror right now.
And just keep looking until you face the truth that you are truly beautiful.
Do it.
You're starting to see it, aren't you? Hannah? Hannah? I know you're in there.
Don't get all David Copperfield on me.
[SHOWER RUNNlNG] Are you taking a shower? Open your eyes, Bright.
If I'm gonna see me the way that you see me then I want you here with me.
Will you take a shower with me? [JAKE SlGHlNG] I just dropped Brian off at the airport.
He says goodbye.
We have to talk, Nina.
If this is just gonna be another apology, I'd rather not.
It's not.
Do you remember when I told you why I came here? Of course.
Because of the patient, the one who died.
Well, that's part of it.
But there's another part, one I haven't told you about.
I wasn't just giving prescription pills to people who didn't need them.
I was taking them myself.
-You're an addict? -A recovering addict.
I'd been sober for a year until the other night, when I slipped.
Which is why I didn't come home from work, and it's why Brian came here to make sure I was okay, which I am.
So those pills I found last year, you said they were from a skiing accident.
I was too scared to tell you the truth.
But the truth was, I didn't choose to leave L.
I had to.
My partners told me unless I checked myself into a rehab they were gonna report me to the DEA.
So I found a clinic a little over an hour from here.
And it was the hardest thing that I've ever done, but it worked.
And after six weeks and like 600 meetings, I was clean.
Were you ever gonna tell me? Well, I was really hoping that I would never have to.
-I'm so sorry, Nina.
-Please don't say any more, please.
You have to go, now.