Everybody Loves Raymond s08e02 Episode Script

Thank You Notes

Okay, that is it! Everybody out of my house! Ray! If they miss that bus, you're driving 'em! No! I got the jacket! I got it! - Come on, stop it, stop it.
- What are you doing, huh? You know both arms don't go in one hole.
Buon giorno! We're back from our honeymoon.
- Where's his shoe? - What did you do? Take this one? - It doesn't match.
- I don't care.
Don't put it on in here.
Put it on at the bus stop.
Hey, kids.
The bus is here.
You guys better run.
Michael, don't forget to give your note to Mrs.
No gym today! Geoffrey's homework! His homework! Hold the bus! Hold the bus! I found the other shoe! I found the other shoe! I don't think we missed anything.
The driver's such a jerk.
He sees me running at him, waving this, yelling he still takes off.
I think he was scared.
- Hi, Debra.
- Hi.
Hi, Robert.
Hiya, sis.
Yeah, welcome back.
Yeah, what's up? How was Italy? - Great! - It was so fantastic.
Yeah well, guess what.
Now that the honeymoon's over the honeymoon's over.
It's not over in here, and it's not over in here.
That's because that is in there.
So, you two look great.
Did you have fun? Oh yeah.
- Venice and Florence - Like a painting.
Every night at sunset we'd get on the gondola with a bottle of wine and just float down the Grand Canal.
And the gondoliers would sing for us, and we'd sip our wine under a blanket and cuddle.
And it was so beautiful, we'd just start to cry.
What did you guys do the last couple of weeks? I did a little crying myself.
I love seeing Raymond like this.
- Like what? - Depressed.
- Look who's here! - Hi, Ma! Oh, I thought I saw you two come in here.
I've been looking out the window for the last two days.
She scared the crap out of the mailman.
You two look so wonderful.
Thanks, Ma.
You look nice too.
Hey, Ma.
Come on, let's sit down.
I want to hear everything.
Ma, I just said hi.
Raymond, can't you see we're having a conversation? Robbie's home! With his beautiful new bride! Hi, Ma! Oh, we have presents! Presents too? But just seeing you two is a present.
Open the bag.
Oh, you didn't have to.
This is the most thoughtful gift anyone has ever given me.
What is it? It's a piece of shrapnel.
It's from World War II in Anzio.
It's wonderful.
I'll bet it's from the ass of some Kraut.
Oh, look! A pin! That's antique Antique.
Frank, look.
What do you think? I think it's lovely, just lovely.
Oh What the hell? This is so nice.
Oh, speaking of gifts, how did you like what Lee and Stan got you for your wedding present? Oh yes, what was it again? Some sort of porcelain thing or a sculpture? No no no, it was a large crystally-covered candle which they had made with your wedding invitation in a kind of window within the wax so that when the candle burns down, the invitation is illuminated from behind.
You know, the orange one? Right right right.
It was beautiful.
I thought it was so clever.
They just wanted to make sure you got it.
Oh yeah, we got it.
'Cause they had it specially made.
We got it, Ma.
Very nice.
So I'll tell them that you got it.
They didn't know because they didn't get a thank-you note.
Well Well, Mom, they're gonna get a thank-you note.
It's just, you know Of course.
You're gonna send one, right? You're gonna be sending out thank-you notes, aren't you, Amy? Yeah sure, Marie.
I'll get to it.
Okay, good.
When you say "Get to it" when do you think you'd be doing them? Because people have been commenting.
What do you mean? Who's commenting? People.
So, Amy, when can I tell the people to expect their thank-you notes? Well can I be honest with you, Marie? Uh-oh.
Of course.
You can say anything to me.
We're family.
Well, you know, we just got back from our honeymoon, and - Oh.
- What? Nothing.
I just thought you were gonna be honest with me.
I mean, to tell the truth, you two have been home for a day and a half now, haven't you? Well, we just wanted to unwind for a little bit.
But you knew I was waiting.
No call or anything.
I was so worried, I called the airlines.
I thought, "What if there was a plane crash?" But when they said, of course, there was none, I have to tell you, I was a little upset.
And now, to make such a fuss when I'm just asking you about thank-you notes, I would like to think that we are at least grateful for the good fortune and generosity bestowed upon us by people who love us.
"Thank you for my shrapnel.
" Marie, I can't believe this means so much to you.
But if it does, I'll write the notes as soon as I can.
And when will that be, dear? So I can tell everyone.
I don't know, Marie.
Can't you just tell them they'll get them when they get them? I see.
I have to say, Amy, that I'm a little surprised and disappointed.
And I have to say, Marie, I really don't care about this right now.
Hey! We're leaving, Frank.
Come on, Mom.
You're being a little crazy about thi What did you say to me? Nothing.
Robbie's home! That could've gone better.
Nice going, Amy.
What happened? I don't understand.
Oh, honey.
You married into the Manson Family.
And Charlie goes off sometimes.
I didn't mean to argue.
It's thank-you notes.
It's so stupid.
Hey hey hey hey hey.
Look at me.
You were great.
Do you hear me? You can't let her get away with anything.
But she's so upset.
I don't want a bad relationship with her.
I should go apologize.
No no no no no.
Hey, listen, that is exactly what she is waiting for for you to go over there and say you'll write those thank-you notes.
You have got to be strong.
She is testing you.
Trust me, what she just pulled here, that's her big weapon the guilt bomb.
And it doesn't help that all the men in her family are scared to death of her.
Whenever she comes up against somebody with a backbone who might actually confront her, she's completely threatened and she gets her claws out.
And so she has been allowed to rule this way, unopposed, for decades.
Listen, Amy I have been waiting for you.
This is a critical time.
Even though this is a tough regime to topple, with you in the family, now we have a shot you and me together, to end all the suffering.
Do you hear me? We can do it! What is so funny? You're so nuts.
You still, after 15 years, haven't figured anything out about this woman? Amy Here's how I see all this stuff.
Mom loves the family.
She really does.
And she thinks it's her job to hold it all together.
Does she overreact occasionally? Okay.
So she wants you to write a few thank-you notes.
She's an old lady.
What else does she have? Besides, before even giving up a drop of power, she will truly kill us all.
- What do you think, Robert? - I agree with Raymond.
- Oh, come on! - No no.
I totally agree, and I even add that because Ma favors Raymond so much more than me, you will have to be doubly nice.
You're both idiots.
You know, it's real easy to make trouble, missy, but when Ma's upset with you, we're the ones who suffer! Please don't make her mad.
All right, stop.
Why does this family have to be this way, with Marie wielding so much power, and everyone living in fear instead of just enjoying each other? You're right, Amy.
That has been my philosophy from day one harmony, love, understanding that is what holds a family together.
Marie is going down.
No no no no.
Please stop this.
- This is what we do.
- I can't take this Raymond! No more crap.
We stand up, we confront.
I'm not afraid to confront.
My life was supposed to get better.
That's good.
Now with these thank-you notes, here's what we do.
You wait a month, two months.
Really? You think? Any sooner, and Marie wins.
You set the timetable.
That is key.
And another thing if she comes over to your house and starts snooping around your refrigerator, you pull her the hell out of there.
Right, because it's my refrigerator.
Yes! This is so great because you can nip this in the bud, and I am going to be right behind you.
We can help each other.
I'm having chest pains.
- You get my shrapnel? - Shh! Listen, Dad, I don't know what to do.
I need your help.
The ladies, they're planning a takeover.
Go on.
Debra, she saw what happened with Amy and Mom and the thank-you notes, and she got Amy to join forces with her, and now Debra's all foaming at the mouth.
Wait a minute, this is bad news for me.
Anything that puts the missus in a worse mood than usual puts me in the dumper.
Who's gonna feed me if this happens? Debra? That's no kind of life.
How's Amy's cooking? I don't know.
It's good, I guess.
Still, that's a 10-minute drive.
You've got to shut this down.
How are they gonna pull it off? It's already started.
They're planning a big throw-down, laying out the new order, and everybody's equal love all around, peace and harmony.
Those stupid broads.
You can't overthrow Marie.
Besides, anytime you cut the head off something, the body still runs around by itself, all crazed-like.
I know! That's why I'm asking you.
I don't know what to do.
What do you think we should do? - I'm not sure yet.
- Agh! What the You heard everything? I heard enough.
Did you know she was back there? Yes.
Well, why did you let me go on for? I want my shrapnel back.
All right.
Listen, Ma you've got to understand - And if she offers to do your laundry? - Just say no? Unless you want everyone to know what size underwear you have at dinner parties.
That's funny.
Hey, uh, who wants to get something to eat? Right this second.
Let's go! Whatever you want.
I'm buying, I'm driving, and I'm leaving right now! Vroom, vroom, vroom! Raymond, please stay.
After all, you brought something important to my attention.
Where did you just come from? I went to the bathroom.
No, you didn't.
I'm doing it now.
I was shocked to hear that you two were conspiring against me in some way.
Group hug! All right, it's not happening, it's not happening.
What have I done to bring on such disrespect? You know, in the Orient, elders are revered and honored, not plotted against.
And why do you have to talk about me behind my back? I'm here.
Right here.
Debra, we may have our differences, but I consider you my daughter.
And, Amy, all I want is for you to feel the same way.
I just don't understand why you couldn't be direct with me.
You may not like what I said before, but at least I said it to you.
You're right, Marie.
I'm sorry.
I don't want to start off like this.
I love you.
I love you, honey.
And you know what? I'm gonna sit down and start on those thank-you notes today.
- What? - Whenever you get to it, dear.
No pressure.
Wait a minute, that's what this is all about! What's the matter, Debra? Oh, don't give me that.
I know you too well, Marie.
You come over here all rational and normal and telling the truth, and this sap fell for it.
Hey! You can't see that? This is a strategy divide and conquer! I don't know what you're talking about, Debra, but could it be that you're a bit jealous 'cause you have to share the spotlight with Amy? Jealous? Jealous?! What is this? Vanilla extract.
She just did it again, Amy! I am putting an end to all of this, do you hear me? I am not letting you take another one.
Amy, don't you see she will do anything to win? She's the devil! I've gotta tell you, it seemed to me like she was being very upfront and honest.
No! No, Amy, don't go! Don't go! Debra, stop it! I can't stand all this.
I'm not used to it.
I'm not good at it.
I come from a family that wouldn't yell if they were on fire.
And, you know, you're not gonna like hearing this, Debra, but I think Ray was right before when he said maybe we should just all try being nice.
She's gone.
Did you want to say something, Debra? No, Marie.
Just I'm sorry.
Aw, now doesn't that feel good to say that? Oh yes.
Get outta here! And I agree with everything you said, Amy.
Thank you, Marie.
And about those thank-you notes, I don't care if you ever get to them.
Except maybe one to Lee and Stan about the candle.
Could you just do that one? See, Lee can be so annoying about things like this.
No problem, Marie.
You're an angel.
There's no one like you.
Hello? - Hi, Lee.
How are you? - Hey, Lee.
I'm on my way to the supermarket, but I just had to stop by and tell you I got the nicest thank-you note from that sweet Amy.
Isn't that nice.
What did it say? It just went on and on about how she and Robert love the orange candle and will treasure it always.
I have to tell you, Marie, when you picked out that candle for us to give to them, I wasn't sure about it.
But I am so sorry I gave you an argument.
Obviously, you have wonderful taste.
Oh, thank you, Lee.
Thank you.
I'll see you later.
Okay, bye-bye.

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