Everything Now (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

[tense music playing]
[Mia] What would you do if,
for the last seven months,
your life had been made of walls?
[muffled greeting]
[Mia] Every morsel you eat
had been monitored
and every pound of weight
you put on, charted.
And now, all you have to do to get out
is not be crazy for the next five minutes.
[muffled chatting]
[Mia] Could you do that?
[faintly] Mia?
[music fades]
Dr. Nell asked if you were listening.
I am.
I have been, yeah.
Wonderful. Uh, well, we've been
through your discharge papers.
That's sorted.
And Dr. Olsen has briefed you
on your medication?
- She did. Yes. Very thorough.
- [Dr. Nell] That's what we like.
I've sent the prescriptions
through to the pharmacy,
so Dad, if you want to pick it up,
and Mia, why don't you head up
to the dormitory and gather your things?
[wistful music playing]
[knock on door]
Meems, you good?
Yeah. Almost done.
[Dr. Nell] Now, in terms
of your daily schedule and routine,
we've spoken to your school
and teachers and lunch staff
will be on hand to help during the day.
And, at home,
as far as the meal plan goes,
same routine as here.
And, Mia, a big part of this
has to come from you.
Knowing your own body,
respecting the recovery plan.
We're still in an adjustment period.
[Mia] Get ready to lie
So you will take it easy to begin with?
[Mia] Now.
Good. Then you can shoot off.
[Mia sighs] Home.
[energetic pop music playing]
I spend a long time ♪
Thinking about the things
I should change ♪
Trying to make way for a new day ♪
Looking for a reason why I should stay ♪
I spend a long while
Thinking about a place I could go ♪
[Mia] They say you
never remember the smell of home
until you've spent some time away.
Well, turns out home
is bigger than I thought.
This car is home.
London is home.
Home is here.
Home is my dad.
I spend a long time ♪
Thinking about the things
I should change ♪
Trying to make way for a new day ♪
[song fades]
How are you feeling?
Back there you had a team
of specialists to cater to everything.
- Out here you've just got little old me.
- And little old Prozac.
There is always little old Prozac.
And teachers, and friends.
And Mum.
She did really want to be there today.
How's Alex?
Fine. Yeah, fine.
He's really looking forward
to having you home.
Yeah. Well, for now
I just want to lie down in my own bed
and be by my lonesome.
Yep, yep, yep.
You would want that, wouldn't you?
- Just a few family
- Dad.
and neighbors, and Mrs. McGinty.
Oh, I thought
that you might want to see everyone.
- Oh, Jesus fuck, Rick!
- We've all really missed you.
So, I'm being thrown a party
for having flown the cuckoo's nest?
- It's fine, fine, fine.
- What're you doing?
- I am calling them, telling them to leave.
- Wait. No. Fuck. Don't do that.
- But you just said
- It's fine.
- You sure?
- Mm-hmm.
[Rick groaning] I'm an idiot!
It is what it is ♪
["I'm a Mess" by Omah Lay playing]
- Oh yeah ♪
- Niphkeys ♪
Oh, yeah, oh, yeah ♪
Sometimes I'm happy
Sometimes I'm sad ♪
[Rick] Please try and act surprised.
Sometimes I'm good
Sometimes I'm wild ♪
I don't know what's over me ♪
I don't know what's over me
I'm overthinking ♪
[all] Surprise!
Oh my God, you guys, you shouldn't have!
[Mia] Fucking nailed that.
- Aw
- [Mia] Gran.
We couldn't resist, cherub.
[R&B music playing softly in background]
- It's lovely to see you too.
- Oh, you look so wonderful.
So healthy.
[Mia] Ugh. That word.
[Mia] Jesus, hi.
I tried to talk them
out of it, believe me.
[woman] Where's my girl?
Oh my God.
Hey, Mum.
Awkward hug incoming.
Darling, sweetheart.
I'm so sorry I'm late.
The airport was absolutely horrendous
[Mia] Or no hug.
Yep, that's definitely worse.
Was everything alright with Dr. Nell?
[clicks tongue] All fine.
Better than fine.
Oh, you are a star.
I'm so sorry I couldn't be more help.
[Mia] More?
You're here now.
[Gran] Mia?
[tense music playing]
A slice for the girl of the hour.
[Mia] You've got to be fucking kidding me.
[Gran] I made coconut sponge.
Your favorite.
[music continues]
- I'll just be a minute.
- Sweetheart, you
Overall, could have gone better.
[Mia] Okay, Mia,
name five things you can see.
Loo roll.
Toilet brush.
Hand cream.
Get your shit together, Mia.
It's just cake.
You can't go back there.
[muffled faint arguing]
[haunting music playing]
[muffled faint arguing continues]
[Rick] She's not having bloody cake.
[Gran] But she looks so healthy.
[Rick] She has an issue with food.
[softly] Healthy.
[Gran] They wouldn't have let her out
if she wasn't better.
- You don't know
- She is okay.
Um It does look delicious,
but I think I might take a rain check. Uh
The medication. I just feel a bit off.
Of course, darling.
Thank you, Gran.
Why not go and have a lie down?
Relax for a bit.
- [Mia's mum] Yeah.
- [Gran] Yeah.
[emotional music playing]
[Mia] If you drop a glass and it breaks,
you can always glue it back together.
But if you drop it again
and again and again,
eventually, it's going to be
more glue than glass.
I wonder which I am now?
I used to write these lists every day.
Everything I ate down to the mouthful.
I thought they were helping me,
drowning out the bad thoughts.
I didn't realize they were
drowning out the good as well.
All the everyday beauty
I forgot how to see.
And all the things
I get to rediscover now.
[music fades]
There she is.
How are you feeling, princess?
Good. Excited.
That's the spirit.
Morning, all.
[Rick] Good morning.
There's some breakfast for you here.
Oh, got to dash. Meeting a new client.
I'm trying to convince them
lavender is the new teal.
Smoothie, anyone?
[Rick] Remember what Dr. Nell said?
Family meals?
Yes, but I haven't got time today.
Well, can you make time?
[Mia] Glad to see nothing's changed here.
[Viv] Sorry, did you say something?
[Rick] Might be nice
for you to eat with us.
[Viv] Food doesn't get on the table
if I don't work, I'm afraid.
Now, before you go
[Mia] Oh great, "a little chat."
We thought it might be best
to have a little chat with you.
Darling, chat?
Yeah, yes. Um
[Viv clears throat]
[Viv sighs]
Mia. You know how much today is worth?
Flying solo for
the first time in six months
Seven months.
We're giving you this chance
to show us that you're ready.
We just want you to stay here
and be happy with us.
And we want you to be honest this time.
I know.
So, just for emergencies
Oh, where's my phone?
Yeah, the advice says no social media.
Might as well have given me
a cup and string.
Right, now that's over with,
to the office with me.
[departing footsteps]
Thanks for holding the fort.
Bloody mental baskets, aren't they?
[soaring pop music playing]
[both laughing]
You're a bit Disney this morning.
Oh, look at me, just walking in the sun.
No one to tell me where to go, what to do.
This is living, my brother.
This is
[Mia] Oh shit.
I'll be nearby, okay?
[music stops]
[music resumes]
My first friend.
Best friend.
Or so I thought.
- Hey, skinny.
- [Mia scoffs]
No. I read somewhere that you're supposed
to acknowledge it. No repression and that.
You're looking taller.
Yeah, well, it's been a while.
No kidding.
I missed you, M.
- I'm sorry.
- Since when did you start smoking?
Is that a veiled hint?
I like my lungs,
they've always been on my side.
Look, M, can we
Can we talk about it?
About what happened.
[girl] Oh, would you look at this vision!
[Mia] Becca, quite possibly a Mensan.
And Will, my wife.
Doth mine eyes deceive me!
[all cooing]
Called in the cavalry.
Any longer and I might
have just weed myself.
- You literally visited me three days ago.
- Oh, three miserable days.
[Mia] These are
the greatest people of all time.
- Too long.
- Way too long.
Never again?
No promises. Never promises.
Never again.
I'm all yours now.
Let's go fuck up some shit. [laughs]
["Basic" by Timberlee playing]
[riders clamoring]
[baby crying]
Excuse me.
[dancehall song continues]
Mia, are you okay?
Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
Uh, excuse me!
Hey, there you are.
I thought you'd gone overboard.
- You're good, yeah?
- Oh, fuck good.
She's better than good, she's free.
So much to see, so much to do.
I mean, where do we even start?
I was thinking maybe the cinema?
Or the skate park?
Oh [laughs]
We haven't gone there in forever.
Uh, the cinema though,
we can go this Friday?
- Becs, this Friday we're supposed to be
- [Will] Oh shit.
Is that
Oh God, hide me.
- I told her that I moved to Cameroon.
- Why? Who is she?
The one that wanted to role-play
as Mary, Queen of Scots
or the one who wanted
to stick a finger up
Yes. Her.
So you had sex
with her?
Who hasn't he had sex with?
That's the real question.
You can talk.
At least I'm not going at it with my boss.
Seriously, you guys!
What? You said no salacious gossip
till she was back.
She's back!
Only just. She's still in recovery.
Ah! She is recovered. Look at her.
And the only thing
she's starved of right now is gossip.
And I will be your waiter this evening.
[all chuckle]
And excuse me,
me and my boss are not just "at it."
It was magical.
In the store cupboard at work.
He kept giving me eyes
over the cheese counter.
I still get a tingle
when I think about Manchego.
Well, I'm glad I still have
one respectable friend.
Here's to our interminable virginity.
Ha-ha! She's a woman now!
What? No! You too?
- With who?
- Just this guy at Reading.
Why didn't you tell me?
Wasn't worth mentioning.
It was no big deal.
No big deal?
I'm pretty sure
you compared it to [panting]
a religious experience.
Oh, speaking of drunken mistakes,
did you hear what Steph
got up to at Nick's after we left?
- [Cameron] No.
- [Becca] No.
[Mia] Fuck, how can I have missed
so much in seven months?
[students chattering indistinctly]
["Party People" by Vince Staples playing]
I been ked since my early days
I been stuck in my worldly ways ♪
Propaganda, press pan the camera
Please don't look at me in my face ♪
Everybody might see my pain
Off the rail, might off myself ♪
Bored with life as I board this plane
Stewardess asked if I need help ♪
Maybe baby, what's your last name?
Hopefully it still ain't been changed ♪
Something 'bout ya make me not doubt ya
I wuss out ♪
- Hey. Bro.
- All right?
- Yo. Lads!
- What's up?
Marky! Oof!
Boom, boom, boom.
It's like bloody Sesame Street in here.
Steph! Leanne! Sarah, you gorgeous thing!
[all exclaim]
You'll get used to it.
Yo, Becs, what you sayin'?
You're mates with Jonah?
But we hate Jonah.
He has the good weed.
There are multiple weeds?
[school bell ringing]
I am sorry
that I didn't tell you about Reading.
I thought with everything
It's fine.
I get it. You were protecting me.
The concept of virginity is some bullshit
invention of the patriarchy anyway.
Come on. We're this way.
[rhythmic percussive song playing]
Oi. Out my chair.
Oh, of course, sorry.
Uh, move along, dickhead.
Welcome, everyone,
on this very special morning.
[Mia] Christ. Not you too, Miss Lambert.
As discussed in the last registration,
the lovely Mia Polanco is rejoining us.
[scattered applause]
So everyone, please be extra,
especially welcoming.
- Just like we talked about.
- [Mia] Perfect.
That's perfect.
In AA, one of the first things
they tell you
is to avoid people, places,
and things that trigger you.
[scrape echoing]
This doesn't exactly help
when your trigger is something
you literally need
in order to literally live.
And it isn't just eating
that's the problem.
It's after.
It's the aching, inside-out panic
of feeling the food settle.
Every day.
Trying always to find a better reason
than "because they tell me to."
My name is Mia Polanco.
One moment.
[tense music playing]
There you go.
[Mia] Of course they saddle me
with the Dwayne Johnson of potatoes.
Nope, it's fine.
Just a simple enormous potato.
[Becca] So what are we going to serve?
- Tequila?
- [Will] Going to be absolutely rattled.
- Absolutely.
- [Will shushing]
What are you guys talking about?
[Will] I was just saying that
Yorkie is the ultimate gay chocolate bar.
- Mm-hmm.
- Bollocks. What about Twix or Mounds Bar?
Twix is pan,
Mounds Bars are lesbian. Keep up.
And what are Skittles?
- Ooh, Skittles.
- Orgy.
Mia. I didn't know you'd be back today.
[Mia] Alison. Entirely her own adjective.
Yeah, I figured it was time to
Great. Great.
Hey, guys.
- Hi, Cameron.
- Hi.
[chokes, coughs]
So, wow. [scoffs] It's been forever.
When's the last time I saw you?
Like, Year 10?
I was here last year.
It's been like seven months.
Yeah. Ages.
So, how are you? How was it?
It was It was fine. You know how it is.
Well, no. I don't.
I've never been to a mental hospital.
So, uh, A-levels are kicking my arse.
- Alison, how are you finding them?
- [Alison sighs]
I totally bombed
the first assessment in Bio
and I've never heard of
any of the set texts for English.
- One of them is Hamlet.
- I know, right? It's crazy.
So, was your room all padded and stuff?
- Uh, no, that's not really
- Don't get me wrong.
I totally get where you're coming from.
One summer, I literally
lived off of nothing but Polo Mints.
- Oh, I'm so sorry, that sounds
- No, don't be.
I looked great.
I wore crop tops for like two months.
Are you going to Theo's party on Friday?
- Why are you all being weird?
- He probably didn't know to invite you.
- It probably won't be that good anyway.
- Oh.
At his last party,
Will was literally like,
"I've peaked. Kill me now.
Life will not get better than this."
[Mia] I thought I needed
to get back to the person I was before,
to the things I loved,
but they all kept moving
while I stood still.
Parties, drinking, drugs, sex.
That's the new normal.
That's what I need to catch up on,
or else I'll be left behind.
I'm way more in the mood
for the cinema anyway.
- Oh yeah.
- Mm. Me too.
Or we could stay in, do Clueless again.
Like, if if you guys want.
I don't really care.
[choir singing]
[Mia] A party is
the perfect place to catch up.
All the birds, one stone.
Where are you going?
The other side.
This is a good idea. This is a good idea.
- This is a good
- Theo! Oh God. I'm so sorry.
- [Theo] That's okay.
- [Mia] Sorry.
- No, that's okay. It's, um
- Hi.
[Mia] Theo. The cutest of the cute.
Mia! You're back. Oh, that's bloody ace.
Can I come on Friday?
To the party.
Is it, like, cool if I come?
Oh right.
Yeah, sure. If you want to.
I mean, great, perfect. Um
Is there like an invitation
I need to get in, or
Uh, no, that's not really a thing.
Right. Of course.
So does that mean
there won't be any party bags?
[snorts, laughs]
Damn, I knew there was something I forgot.
Yeah, 'cause the ones at your
fifth birthday were, like, next-level.
- Is that why you want the invite?
- Only reason. For the Chupa Chups.
Guess I got some serious shopping to do.
I'll see you Friday, then.
Yeah, you will.
[joyous pop music playing]
What the hell was that?
Just told Theo that I'd stop by
the party if he was cool with it.
And he was.
Okay, I'm loving this energy.
Are you sure this is a good idea?
You just came out of the hospital.
Becs, I love you,
but you really need to stop fussing.
I'm fine.
Look, I wouldn't be here if I wasn't.
I'm going to a party
with my favorite people,
and I'm gonna have
some fucking fun for once.
- Who are you and where did you put Mia?
- [laughing]
Everybody go chop breakfast ♪
Shayo ♪
["Last Last" by Burna Boy playing]
[Mia giggles]
Shayo ♪
Igbo ♪
You go bow for the result o
Nothing to discuss o ♪
Cause I dey win by default ♪
[Viv] Mia! Becca is here!
Say what you want about Viv,
that woman smells damn good!
Oh! I could have
stayed in that hug until uni.
A fucking party. An actual fucking party.
We are going to do all the things!
- Alcohol's a given, right?
- It is.
And they probably
hand out drugs like Party Rings?
Weird comparison, but yes.
Big leap.
Oh, come on.
That's what parties are really about.
That's the thing I'm missing.
The thing to take me to normal.
Normal ain't all it's cracked up to be.
Loads of slobbery boys called Henry.
That's where it gets murky for me.
All the others you just jump in, but
me, I'm missing that key.
That first step.
- Becs.
- Mm-hmm?
How do you kiss?
[giggling] What?
More importantly, who?
Oh, does it matter?
I just I never really learned how
and you clearly know
a hell of a lot more than I do now.
Please! One guy, one tent.
I'm hardly top shagger.
Oh, but Scotty T. You've been there.
You've seen the other side
of the virgin coin. Come on.
Tell me your ways.
Why do you need to know?
Because if I tried to kiss someone now,
it'd be like when I was a kid,
just smashing Barbie
and Ken's faces together.
I mean, I don't know
what to do with my hands.
- Or when to close my eyes.
- Calm down. It's not that complicated.
Or the tongue. I mean, what does that do?
Is it round and round like the spin cycle?
Or do you sort of just
Ugh. What lizard are you kissing?
Don't mock me.
I'm pissing stress hormones.
Okay, come here. Kiss me, then.
See, now, imagine there's a third nose
between your noses.
That's when you close your eyes.
When you're nose-width apart.
- Nose-width?
- Mm-hmm.
["Like a Ship" by Pastor T. L. Barrett
& The Youth For Christ Choir playing]
'Cause we are proud people
I know we can take it ♪
Good. Now, bringing in the tongue.
A very good tip, if you're ever
unsure what you're doing,
pay attention to how
the other person's kissing you
and kiss them back the same way. Got it?
Mm. Okay, but how Oh.
I'm just like a ship ♪
Without a sail ♪
Good. That wasn't bad.
Pretty good for your first go.
Now, that jumper? Mm-mm, it's just wrong.
A very large man wore it golfing.
What, that's all your advice?
"Pretty good" is far from perfect.
Perfection takes 1,000 hours
and, ooh, the party starts in two.
Now, makeup,
do you want to go loud or sexy?
Heading out now. Bye, guys!
- Thank you for having me, Mr. and Mrs. P.
- Hold up.
You've had your evening snack?
I had it earlier.
Oh gosh, don't you both look lovely.
Bit dressed up for the cinema, eh?
Oh, don't be silly.
Finally rubbing off on you.
Up to the nines wherever you go.
- Right, you taught me well.
- [Viv] Have fun, darling.
[door opens]
- Did she look a little
- She's fine.
[door shuts]
- Maybe I should
- She's fine.
You're weird. What?
It's nice seeing you like this.
You look like Mia.
[dance music playing in distance]
- Oh, about time!
- Hey. Right, you ready?
- [Mia] So ready.
- Mm-hmm?
[Becca] Here we go.
Now this, my friend, is a party.
'Cause the place ain't lit
If the people ain't dancing ♪
["People Ain't Dancing"
by Billen Ted playing]
If the people ain't dancing
If the people ain't dancing ♪
If the people ain't dancing
If the people ain't dancing ♪
If the people ain't dancing ♪
That is nasty.
[Mia] Holy fuck.
- This is everything.
- [Will] Mia, come on.
[song continues]
So yeah, work was fucking weird.
Or at least smelled fucking weird.
Something about pancetta going off.
Is pancetta bacon or cheese?
[Will] I should really know that.
Thank you.
[Mia] How is it so easy for them?
How can they just eat and drink?
How am I 16 and can't just do that?
Want one?
[Mia] Mayday. Meal plan. Don't drink.
Oh, what are you guys doing here?
We were literally talking about this
with you the other day.
Are you drinking on your medication?
I'd imagine you're on like a fuck-ton.
Um, yeah. Kind of.
That is so fun. Get proper wavy gravy.
[Mia] A shot's okay.
At least I can track what's in that.
- [Cameron] Let's do it.
- Oh yeah.
No, no, no, no.
This is just for Little Miss Mia.
It's just enough to get her buzzed.
[Mia] Shit, three shots?
Maybe I can skip something tomorrow.
If you're gonna do
something wrong, do it right.
[Mia] I need to show them I'm better,
that I can be normal.
[Will] Okay.
Yes, Mia! Fucking legend.
What? It's just a buzz.
[Mia] Just enough to get me buzzed.
[loud dance music playing]
[loud party chatter]
this massive family pickle,
and it's just been a bit of a conundrum.
Oh, sorry. What did you say?
Sorry, I think I have plans.
[music continues]
[Mia] Hmm. [chuckles]
[door shuts]
Oh. [chuckles]
What a classy pair we make.
Are you Are you holding up okay? Yeah?
[lighter clicks]
[Mia] Can I try?
- [coughing]
- Okay. That's enough for you.
- [coughing]
- Mm.
Who would choose to do that?
I don't think I've seen you this happy in
I don't even know.
Whose fault is that?
- I thought you didn't want me to visit.
- Seven fucking months, Cam.
I know.
[emotional music playing]
Look, I am sorry I didn't visit you, okay?
I know I fucked up. But I
That's all I'm going to apologize for
because I know
you're gonna hate me for it.
But I don't regret telling your parents.
I didn't know what else to do.
Your fly's undone.
[Cameron sighs]
[music continues]
She's gone. She's gone!
[girl] Coming.
Fucking hell, that was close.
"Quick shag in the bushes," he said.
"Oh, what could go wrong," he said.
Are you okay?
It's never gonna be like it was, is it?
Give her some time.
Come on.
[emotional music continues]
[muffled laughing]
[Mia] So, this is what everyone
always goes on about.
Drinking is what helps you belong.
Open up. Join in.
Because here's the thing
about getting drunk,
all the shit at the back of your head,
twisting in the pit of your stomach,
it all just trickles down
to something else.
- [dance beat thumping]
- Something sweeter.
It strips you back to basics.
And leaves you, just you,
floating through space.
- [dance music builds]
- [chuckles]
- [dance music playing]
- You all right?
[Becca] Whoo!
[Mia] And dancing.
How could I not have known
how good it feels to just [gasps]
[heavenly music playing]
[Mia] No words.
No words, except
Who is she?
[Theo] Mia! You came!
Oh. [chuckles]
Hey. Hi.
Hey and hi.
I've lost the plot.
Help me find it before it thickens.
How about I help you
find some water first?
[tap stops running]
[Theo] Here we are.
Two more of these,
and you'll be right as rain.
Thank you, sailor.
The party seems to agree with you.
I feel very heavy but very light.
I think I finally understand house music.
Whoa. [laughs]
[Mia] He's so lovely.
That's it. That is definitely nose-width.
[Mia] Oh God. Oh fuck.
Did I do it wrong? Did I
Oh shit.
[Mia groans]
Oh goddamn
[retching, coughing]
That's the other thing
about getting drunk.
- Are you okay?
- [Mia] When you fuck up
I'm sorry.
you fuck all the way up.
Oh fuck. I'm sorry.
[loud dance music playing]
[people groaning]
What the fuck?
[music continues]
- [static crackling, music stops]
- [crowd reacts]
[boy] Oh!
[Mia breathing shakily]
[muffled chatter]
[Mia breathing shakily]
[intense music building]
[music stops]
I'm sorry.
[Theo] Yes.
Yeah. Yes, she's coming around.
Okay, I will.
Don't worry, Mia,
the ambulance is nearly here.
[Mia] No. No.
[siren approaching]
[Mia] This is not happening.
This seriously cannot be
[siren blaring]
[Cameron snoring lightly]
- Jesus fucking Christ, M.
- What happened?
Are you alright?
The embarrassment's terminal,
but apart from that, I'm fine.
They just gave me a lecture
about underage binge-drinking.
Apparently, three shots still count.
[ethereal pop music playing]
Please tell me no one rang my parents.
Seriously, you don't know how this goes.
They will send me straight back,
no questions asked.
[Cameron] Okay.
We promise.
[Becca] Why did you come out so hot?
[paper crinkling]
"Party, kiss,
get drunk,
drugs, sex."
It's a shopping list.
Bucket list.
All the things I didn't realize
I'd have to catch up on.
You were trying
to do all this in one night?
I just wanted to show you that I was okay.
That I could keep up.
That you didn't have to hide from me.
It's fucking stupid.
I'm fucking stupid.
No. No, it's not.
You're not.
Mia, this this is great.
Yeah, you can do all of this stuff.
- I'll help you.
- We'll all help.
I'm not like you, I'm
I'm broken.
- [Will] Stop that.
- Yeah.
You're not broken.
You just didn't have us.
Yeah, we're here
to help you do all the stupid stuff.
To help you say "fuck it."
[ethereal pop music continues]
"The Fuck It Bucket."
What do you think?
I just really fucking missed you guys.
All right. Come on, wild man.
Let's get you home.
Rest you up
for all the sex you'll be having, eh?
[Mia] Safe to say, I lost that round.
Hospital two, Mia nil.
But this time, I'm not alone.
So let's try this fucker again.
["one life, might live"
by Little Simz playing]
This'll be the realest story
That I've ever told ♪
This'll be the brightest light
That you've ever seen ♪
Are you gonna puke on me?
- [vomits]
- Okay
[Mia coughing]
Say, "I want to do this"
But you ain't got what it takes ♪
- Damn sure innit, everything vivid ♪
- [siren wailing]
I got one life
And I might just live it ♪
I got one life
And I might just live it ♪
I got one life
And I might just live it ♪
I got one life
And I might just live it ♪
I got one life
And I might just live it ♪
Double-cheek kissing
Get it popping in this party ♪
Oh, you charming
But you a freak, you is nasty ♪
I don't do drugs
But I ain't judging, it's nothing ♪
Please don't kill my high
I been gettin' on it for days now ♪
Always on a vibe, you joining?
Yo, is you coming? ♪
This is suicide,
Yo, don't let them tell you lies ♪
Never thought that I would see the day
I'd be surprised ♪
Nothing is a shock to me
You see it in my eyes ♪
Everyone that's 'round me
Put their bodies to the side ♪
You will never know it's me
I pull up in disguise ♪
Don't know names
But I might know familiar face ♪
Everything you own that's in your name
It's all at stake ♪
How the hell
You get off in this life being fake? ♪
Put the pen down
And give us all a break ♪
Damn sure innit, everything vivid ♪
I got one life
And I might just live it ♪
I got one life
And I might just live it ♪
I got one life
And I might just live it ♪
I got one life
And I might just live it ♪
I got one life
And I might just live it ♪
Ain't no squares up in my circle ♪
Don't need rats, I don't need snakes ♪
You can try me if you want to
around and get replaced ♪
I got one life
And I might just live it ♪
I got one life
And I might just live it ♪
I got one life
And I might just live it ♪
I got one life
And I might just live it ♪
I got one life
And I might just live it ♪
Damn sure innit, everything vivid ♪
I got one life
And I might just live it ♪
I got one life
And I might just live it ♪
I got one life
And I might just live it ♪
I got one life
And I might just live it ♪
I got one life
And I might just live it ♪
I got one life
And I might just live it ♪
[song continues]
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