Everything Now (2023) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

[horror movie music playing]
[gun cocking onscreen]
[keypad beeping]
[pneumatic door opening]
[dial clicking]
[metal clanging]
[Cameron snorting happily]
[bones crunching]
- [loud bang]
- Oh fuck!
[Mia] It's funny
what other people find scary.
To me, scary is everything changing
around you in ways you never expected.
It's your goddess of a best friend
going out with a boy
who used to give you wedgies.
Even if they are kind of cute.
Scary is an accidental relationship
with someone who actively terrifies you.
It's seeing the secret love of your life
cracking on with your best mate.
Scary is your family watching you
like the fucking Secret Service
every time you have a snack.
Scary is a yogurt pot.
- [snarling onscreen]
- [yelping]
[horror music playing]
Yeah, but Jonah? As in, like, Jonah Jonah.
Yeah, I get it, but Becca,
come on, she looks happy.
[Cameron] Suppose so.
Actually, there's, um, something
I've been meaning to talk to you about,
about Carli.
She's fucking fit, isn't she? [chuckles]
- Yeah, I guess.
- Yeah.
I don't know. It's weird.
Like, I see how chill
she is with other people.
Like you, for example.
Me? Nah.
But then when it's just,
like, me alone with her, it's
I don't know, maybe it's all in my head.
Do you think it's all in my head?
No. No.
Do you think maybe you could
speak to Carli and, like,
suss out if she's feeling me?
Yeah, of course. I mean,
there's literally no reason
why I wouldn't, is there?
Thanks, M.
[Mia] Fuck, fuck, fuck.
[sighs, grumbles]
- But Jonah, as in Jonah Jonah?
- [exhales sharply]
Believe me I know.
But that night we did shrooms,
we got to chatting and
we just kind of never stopped.
You sure it's not the shrooms?
Actually, the whole thing
weirdly felt grown-up.
You know, more mature
than other relationships.
He makes me feel good
about myself, you know?
Yeah, I think it's great.
Thank you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- What's got you all lit up?
- Uh, nothing.
Her nose does this funny thing
when she's happy. Like, so cute.
[giggles] No, it doesn't.
Does it?
- No.
- What are you guys talking about?
Um, we were just talking
about this weekend, weren't we?
Mia's big one-seven.
I'm guessing Alison's already
Your sassy 17th?
Okay, hello, do you even know me?
It's like, as Mariah is to Christmas,
Alison is to birthdays.
Oh my God, babes.
You have to let me organize something.
This is bucket list 101 stuff.
Wait, wait, wait. Organize what?
Mia's birthday.
Uh-huh. Yes, please.
[Mia] It's a birthday, Mia.
Children do this.
You know what? Go for it.
- That's the whole point of the list, no?
- [Alison] Oh my God.
[emotionally] Yes.
Just nothing too elaborate, okay?
Small and chilled.
God, yeah.
Elaborate, small, chilled. I got you.
No, not elaborate.
Mm-hmm. Will?
- Vision board. On it.
- Mm-hmm. Let's go.
[Mia] Okay, Mia. You can do this.
You can be the kind of girl
that has a birthday party.
You can be a good friend.
If Cam needs you to be Cupid,
you'll be Cupid.
You've forgiven him.
[emotional music playing]
Mia, sit down, please.
[Alex] Hey.
[gasps] Jesus, Alex!
- Calm down, you weirdo.
- Ha-ha-ha.
What have you been up to this evening?
- Hmm?
- Um
I went to Dad's new place.
Oh. Uh, cool.
- How was?
- Yeah, it was, um
[chuckles] It was nice.
No sign of her yet.
Literally dreading the day
we rock up and she's there too.
[Mia] Scary is your dad
having a new girlfriend.
Hey, do you maybe want to,
like, hang out tonight?
- Yeah?
- Yeah, that'd be cool.
Oh, hey, Issy.
- Hey, Mia.
- Mia's going to join us.
Cool. We were just gonna chill,
maybe watch a movie, order some food.
Ah, you know what?
I might actually leave
you lovebirds to it.
Mia, are you okay?
Yeah, totes.
Paddington 1? Paddington 2?
- Definitely Paddington 2.
- Cool.
["Little Bit of This"
by Central Cee playing]
No doubt in my mind
That my time will come ♪
All I done was stick to the grind
Bro bro, got the darg parked off ♪
It's willing to bark
If it gets outta line, am I lying? ♪
She wanna complain all thе time, goodbye
Delеted that bitch off my line ♪
I'm on my job, I'm occupied
But I do a bit of this on the side ♪
Little bit of this, little bit of that ♪
Come alive at night ♪
What you doing in the a.m.
You only ever holla in the evening time? ♪
I'm here for a good time
Not a long time ♪
Can we keep it quiet? ♪
She wanna spend a day in a life
With me and my guy ♪
Bring a friend for a friend ♪
Short and sweet
She's 5'5" with the curly hair ♪
She a 10 out of 10 ♪
Little bit of this, little bit of that ♪
Come alive at night
Let's see how you shake that back ♪
Vibrate, let's see
How you make that clap ♪
Little bit of this, little bit of that ♪
Come alive at night
Let's see how you shake that back ♪
Vibrate, let's see
How you make that clap ♪
Little bit of this, little bit of that ♪
Come alive at night
Let's see how you shake that back ♪
Vibrate, let's see
How you make that clap ♪
Little bit of this
Little bit of that ♪
[song continues faintly in earphones]
[man] Cam?
I'm heading off now.
Back on Sunday
if Geneva stays fuck-up free.
Right. Okay, Dad.
Not exactly going for
Mr. Universe, are we?
Uh, yeah, no, of course not.
Well, um, perhaps a little less of that
and a little more of this. Hmm?
A washboard stomach
isn't gonna get you into Magdalen,
get you a seat at the table, yes?
Yeah, of course.
Good man.
Look after your your mother for me, yeah?
- [whispering indistinctly]
- Fucking hate that.
- [door opening]
- Oh shit, wait.
Oh, here we go.
- [phone beeps]
- Okay.
[Will] Assume the position.
[Alison] Three, two, one.
[rapping] Hey there, Mia
Nearly seventeen-y ♪
Your wish is our command
We're the birthday genies ♪
In us put your trust in all we can do ♪
But you may be apprehensive
So hear us through ♪
One, two, three, four.
Two, two, three four.
- Clubbing, clubbing ♪
- Scratch that itch ♪
- Clubbing, clubbing ♪
- You're a VIP bitch ♪
- Clubbing, clubbing ♪
- Champagne on ya tits ♪
Clubbing, clubbing ♪
Cross it off your bucket list
But you gotta show up, don't be a flake ♪
Cos I'm gonna jump out
The birthday cake ♪
We'll blow it out the park
Bang, bang, pfft ♪
No guns allowed at the party ♪
No guns allowed at the party
No guns allowed at the party ♪
- No, no, not allowed, no guns ♪
- No guns allowed at the party, no guns ♪
No guns ♪
- No guns allowed at the party ♪
- [Alex] No guns allowed at the party ♪
No guns allowed at the party
No guns ♪
Okay, okay, okay!
I'll do it. I'll do it. I'll do it.
- No guns ♪
- [Mia] Let's do it.
No! We have two more verses and a bridge.
- Really?
- The bigger, the better.
- Now go to school, people, please.
- You work on something all night!
Okay. Question.
How do you feel about poppers?
What, like party poppers?
- Oh, bubba! Oh no!
- Baby!
- What?
- You are so cute. It's okay.
- We'll show you the way.
- [cell phone buzzing]
[Alison] Also, themes.
How do you feel about carnivals?
Clowns, and all that sort of thing?
[Mia] Clowns?
[students chattering indistinctly]
- How are you?
- Yeah, good. You okay?
- Yeah, not bad.
- Thought you had a shit ton of work to do.
- Yeah, sacked it off to hang out with you.
- Aw, that's nice.
Hey, I've, uh, got you something.
Oh what, little old me?
Just finished it. Made me think of you.
"A young nurse looks after
a young male veteran,
his face unrecognizable
with life-altering burns."
"Together, they unlock the soldier's
distant and fading memories."
"What they find is a tale of epic romance,
a conspiracy plot and sweeping tragedy."
This made you think of me?
- Sorry, what?
- [laughs]
Well, I mean, you know,
there is this hot bathtub scene
where they share their secrets.
That, yeah.
I like hanging out with you, Will.
It feels like
we can properly just [sighs]
get to know each other, you know?
Talk about stuff.
Uh, yeah. Yeah.
Uh, we can. We should talk about stuff.
Totally. Um
But I've I've got to get to class.
Oh, okay. Uh
Cool. I'll catch you at lunch, yeah?
- [kisses]
- Yeah, maybe.
- [exhales]
- [man] Oi!
Shit. Sorry, sir.
[contemplative music playing]
All right, everyone. Let's kick off.
- Cam, really?
- Sorry, Miss.
You're late again.
Miss. Look. You gotta chop some wood if
you wanna make a fire. Know what I mean?
[Miss Lambert]
Yeah, very impressive, Mr. Lowe,
but I won't be calling out
the fire brigade just yet.
- Oh, he got burned!
- [laughing]
[Miss Lambert] All right.
Cameron, please see me
at the end of the day.
Everyone else, please turn to page three
and pick up where we left off.
Can we please turn to question one?
- Walk you to your next class, yeah?
- Um
I need to call my mum. Family stuff.
Is everything all right?
Want to talk about it?
No, it's fine, thanks. I'll see you later.
- This is what I mean.
- Okay, fine.
- Save me.
- What?
It's Theo. He is obsessed with me.
Like, 'sessed with me.
Like, he literally won't leave me alone.
Before you know it,
he's gonna fall in love with me,
and then he's gonna want to do anal.
And quite frankly,
I can't even stand the word "anal."
Like, why are those A's so long?
And, like, how do I even know
I like it before it's too late?
And before you know it, I'm telling
my parents I've got a boyfriend and
Will, breathe.
Has he even mentioned any of this?
Have you talked about it?
Oh, like how you and Alison
have these gorgeous heart-to-hearts?
And yes, we have discussed it
through dated literary metaphors.
Carli's headed
to the music room, by the way.
What? No, it's just because
- No, Cam wanted me to do a thing.
- Just go!
Oh, Theo.
- Hi.
- Hey, you.
- [guitar strumming]
- [Carli vocalizing]
Hey, uh, am I
Nah, clearing my mind. Come in.
I've literally never been in here before.
- Really?
- Yeah.
[note resonates]
How's things?
Stuff at home sounds pretty crap.
[Mia] Just say everything's fine.
Yeah, it's shit, to be honest. Uh
Dad's sort of absent without leave,
and everyone's trying so hard
to make everything seem okay and normal
that it makes me feel
even more guilty that it's not.
That's a lot.
Yeah, I mean, anyway,
everyone's got their own crap, right?
I'm trying not to burden people
with stuff for once.
- Not emotionally dump all the time.
- Mm-hmm.
- Like I'm doing right now with you.
- [Carli laughs]
It's okay. You can always do that with me.
Um, I should go, actually.
Are you musical?
What? Does a bongo count?
Does it ever? Come on.
Are you sure?
Okay, wait. Like, hold here.
I mean, first of all, is this Really?
[Carli] Yeah, so, like that one.
There you go.
Go for it. Go.
[strums chord]
Ah. That was good, though.
- [Alison] Hey, babes.
- [gasps softly]
Alison, uh, Carli was just showing me
Can I borrow you for a sec?
Mm-hmm. Yeah.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Oh, okay.
Got something for you.
It's for your birthday.
No peeking until tomorrow.
Uh, thanks.
We're going full fancy dress for the club.
Also, there's this thing, me and my dad,
every year we go on holidays together.
It's, uh, horse riding in Italy. [snorts]
It's like really rough and ready.
It's basically camping,
except we stay in, like,
a 10th-century Tuscan castle.
And it's sort of the only time
I get to see him, but I was, um
I was wondering if you'd maybe
like to come along with me?
- Oh, Al
- Look, you totally don't have to.
Like [scoffs]
[Mia] Just say no.
Say you're allergic to horses.
No, um
That sounds great. I'd love to.
You would?
Yeah, of course. Why wouldn't I?
Great. [laughs] Amazing.
But you'll have to
bring your equestrian gear.
We can get you some.
Whichever. [chuckles]
[intense music playing]
[Alison] Are you coming?
[Mia grunts]
[music fades]
You hear what Jones and Becca
got up to in the sports hall?
Bruv, not the sports hall.
I play five-a-side there.
Up against the monkey bars and everything.
- Her pussy was dripping for it, I reckon.
- Aw!
[boys laughing]
[Rhodri] Bruv. You heard
she did it in the swimming pool?
[Nick] Come on. The swimming pool?
- Cam must be fucking fuming.
- [Rhodri] Do you think he knows?
["Freakazoid" by Deijuvhs]
Keep on hating me I'm still a freak ♪
They want my everything, my memories ♪
And if I contemplate
All the time that I wasted ♪
Think I'll go insane
With my own sense of hatred ♪
- Apparently you're a fucking sket, huh?
- What'd you call me?
- Cam, leave it.
- I called you a fucking sket. Huh?
Fucking him in the sports hall?
That's our place.
- Our place?
- Yeah.
You know what, Cam? We did.
We did fuck in the sports hall.
- And guess what? It was great.
- [students jeering]
Calm down. Just take a minute.
[tense music playing]
[girl] No, stop it.
- Fuck off.
- What the
You all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
[Rick] Ah, hi.
What are you doing here, Rick?
Watering the plants.
I need some more spray.
The foxes have pissed all over my roses.
What is it with you and fox piss?
Just 'cause I don't live here anymore
doesn't mean I don't care.
Um [clicks tongue]
I didn't want to just
turn up on your birthday.
I thought that might be a bit
So anyway, um
Happy birthday.
You can open it now.
It's for your vinyls.
Wow, that's so, like, really
- Cool. [laughs]
- Cool. Right?
- Yeah, I thought so.
- [laughs]
We found this amazing record store
in Margate at the weekend
Right. Um
So she picked this out for me?
Mia. I'm really sorry, sweetheart.
I know that this is really difficult.
Can you please leave?
- Dad.
- Mia.
I hope you have
a really good birthday tomorrow.
[melancholy music playing]
[cell phone buzzing]
[groans, flaps lips]
[Alex] Did you get that paper done
for Miss Lambert?
It's not due for another week.
[Alex] I disagree.
[Issy] I haven't even picked a title yet.
Something, something, Orwell
[Alex] Scary is having
your family birthday lunch
when part of your family is missing.
[sighs] Well, that was lovely, wasn't it?
Mm, yeah, it was. Um
Thank you.
Ooh. Mustn't forget.
I just love their stuff.
Oh, um
- They're lovely.
- [Viv chuckles]
Thank you.
Happy birthday, darling.
I'm so happy
with the progress you've made, Mia.
I really feel like
you're almost back to normal.
You don't like this?
- Uh
- No? Not for you?
It's okay. Don't worry. I'll clear away.
[tense music playing]
[Rick] Cam says you haven't been
eating with him at school.
[dramatic music playing]
Making excuses when the gang have plans.
Yeah, well, that's not true. So, just
You're being funny about your food.
Why didn't you talk to me, Mia?
Because there's nothing to talk about.
I'm fine, Dad.
Come on, Rick.
Lots of girls Mia's age do these things.
Lots of girls aren't our daughter, Viv.
Don't you think we should do something
before it gets any worse?
[Viv] Don't you think you're being
just a tad melodramatic?
I mean, she's not even that thin.
["Sweating (Honey Dijon Remix)"
by Alewya playing]
Rhythm ♪
Sound ♪
Like, who does that?
Gets all up in front of someone's face
and just calls them a sket
in front of anyone and everyone
in the middle of school?
Has he lost his mind?
I just didn't know what to say and, like,
and you were looking
so good in the playground.
Oh, that's sick.
Need to write that one down.
You are the baddest bitch in Crouch End.
You own the night.
I'm so proud.
So proud of you.
It's your night.
It's Mia's birthday, but it's about you.
Be confident.
Be happy. Be grateful.
I'm proud of you.
Ugh! Why would you say that?
That was weird.
Do you know what?
The only explanation is, he's obsessed.
He's obsessed and needs to move on,
because I have moved on.
[song continues]
We're gonna go to the club,
and people are gonna look at me,
and they're gonna be like,
"Damn, she can dance."
Now I see you, I need you
Come over, I'll teach you ♪
Forget all you know ♪
Oh my God.
I've moved on and I am happy.
I am more than happy.
[scoffing] I've moved on. Right?
Yeah, babe.
The damn far too hot to handle ♪
The heart throb, the heart stop
I arch so, we done for ♪
Rhythm, sound ♪
[song fades]
What the fuck?
["No Chaser" by Juice Menace playing]
Have you ever seen paper? ♪
I keep my nails on glacier
Real icebreaker ♪
I look cute when I step out the coupe ♪
If you wanna fight
Imma take off the hoops ♪
- [Will] Um, okay, Purple Rain!
- [Becca squealing]
- Oh my God!
- [laughing]
- [Becca] You look amazing!
- No, you do.
- I mean, who knew Joan of Arc was so sexy?
- [Will purring]
And I want to say Karen from Finance?
I'm Princess Di!
I knew I should have
gone heavier on the eye shadow.
What exactly is the theme here?
Like, something about dead people?
Saints and Sinners. Alison's idea.
[Mia] Oh cool.
Yeah, well, speaking of
generally dubious ideas,
like Cam, like,
what has gotten into him lately?
- Yeah, no idea.
- Know what? Don't know, don't care.
Hope he doesn't show.
- Someone's in a mood.
- Maybe.
- [laughing]
- Yo-ho-hoes!
[music stops]
[Cameron chuckles]
Merry Christmas from Saint Dick.
So who wants a Christmas present
down their chimney?
- [laughs] Ew.
- Yeah? Do you? Huh?
- No.
- Let's just
- Ah! Some other presents too.
- No.
- Okay.
- No presents.
- Excited about tonight?
- Yeah.
- Bec, can we talk before, please?
- No.
- Nah, I'm being serious. Come on. Please.
- No!
[Becca groans]
[dance music playing]
Oh, there's Carli!
No, mate, we're guest list anyway.
- [Carli] Hi, baby.
- You look amazing.
[bouncer] Your ticket.
Have it ready, please.
[dance music continues]
[Becca squeals]
- [Cameron] Whoo!
- [Will] Ah!
[music continues]
[Mia] Don't freak out. You can do this.
Oh my God! Babes, there you are!
You look amazing. Come with me!
Guys, guys, come with me.
Ready for your surprise?
[crowd] Surprise!
[Mia] You've got to be fucking kidding me.
[muffled] Happy birthday!
[muffled cheering]
[Mia] This is scary.
[all cheering]
Isn't it so cool?
Everyone wanted to be here for you.
- God, you look incredible, Meems. Aw.
- [laughs]
Oh my God, Alison Price,
you sexy, sexy bitch.
[Alison] How dare you!
Happy birthday, Mia. So great to see you.
Uh you too!
[dance music continues]
You are so fit.
No. Don't. Stop.
Don't stop. [laughs]
[indistinct chatter]
Hey. Ah, thanks.
["Listen" by Lost Girl playing]
You didn't say
you were gonna wear green eyes.
You absolutely nailed it.
Hands down, the best costume.
weirdly kind of hot.
Oh, thank you.
What are you, anyway?
Some kind of sexy Scottish headmistress?
- [chortles]
- Oh my God! Princess Di?
Christmas '91.
Thank you.
Hey, M, have you spoken to Carli yet?
Cam, I tried, but
I will tonight, I promise. Okay?
I got you.
You can hear the pain
Don't let it be in vain ♪
You don't have to drink tonight
if you don't want to.
I also bought poppers.
No, I'll drink.
Isn't this the best night of your life?
[echoing] Whoo!
["Crow" by Forest Swords playing]
[song continues]
Um, I I left my purse.
[song continues]
[pounding dance music playing]
[Becca] Just leave it, Cam!
No. Wait, wait, please, please.
Look, I know, I know I said it.
And and I'm so, so, so, so sorry.
Please, I'm so sorry.
All right, Cam, I get it.
You're sorry.
Just get up.
I feel like you're kneeling
in five different strains of urine now.
Why do you even care? You're with Carli.
No one's ever called me a sket before.
At least you're original.
Oh, it's you two, of course.
Right, enough is enough.
I don't know what's going on here,
but you two need to just,
I don't know, fuck it out or whatever.
Will, this isn't
No. Because you're meant to be together.
Like, dick her down already.
And after everything you've been through
Will, shut up.
Think about what you're saying.
I didn't say anything.
I was lightly alluding.
There's a difference.
What What is happening here?
What is happening here
is that you're a coward.
A coward who messes
with people's heads. And you,
instead of getting involved
in everyone else's relationship,
why don't you just focus on your own?
Uh, relationship? Oh, honey, please.
Just because Theo's
got some, like, emo crush on me,
that doesn't mean I'm gonna like
Emo crush?
Got ya.
Cheers, Becs. [scoffs]
["Water" by Bicep playing]
Everything was mine
Everything was mine ♪
Aww! So sweet.
Best girlfriend ever.
That's it. I'm going queer.
[girls laughing]
[tense music playing]
- [clears throat]
- Oh.
Al, that post.
Like, why would you even do that?
Well, because you're brave.
And because I'm proud of you.
Well, then tell me.
Don't plaster it all over social media.
I don't even have social media.
But I just wanted everyone to know
how amazing I think you are.
- And it's your sassy 17th
- I don't even know half these people.
And that's not a thing.
Like this party. You know,
it's like you barely even know me now.
This is all just about you.
How can you say that?
Oh my God, Alison, you nailed it!
- ["In Da Club" by 50 Cent playing]
- [cheering]
Go, shorty, it's your birthday
We gon' party like it's your birthday ♪
Oh my God, Mia!
[crowd yelling, cheering]
You can find me in the club
Bottle full of bub' ♪
Look, mami, I got the X
If you into takin' drugs ♪
I'm into havin' sex
I ain't into makin' love ♪
Did I, like, mess up or something?
Mess up? What are you talking about?
You look amazing.
Okay. I just
I just don't think it's too much.
[song continues]
I love it.
Okay. Yeah!
You look fantastic. Oh wow.
[dance beat thumping faintly]
Stupid little runt.
Are you okay?
Fucking no. I dunno.
It turns out I can't even do
a normal thing like go clubbing.
And everyone thinks I'm either
"brave" or an ungrateful girlfriend.
And now I kind of even
fucking hate Prince.
Don't say that.
And on top of that,
I'm a shit fucking friend.
You know, Cam asked me
to talk to you on his behalf and
And I can't.
Why can't you?
[breathing heavily]
You're just, you're
You're just
You're kind of
[ethereal music playing]
[Cameron] Are you serious?
[Mia] Cam.
Just go. Go.
Cam, listen.
Look, it sort of just happened, okay?
And I've been trying so hard to fight it.
You have to believe me.
I asked you for help, Mia.
I open up to you, and you used me
to get in there with Carli.
No, it wasn't like that, Cam. Please.
You are the most selfish,
self-absorbed person
I've ever met in my entire fucking life.
Coming from you? The guy who's
so obsessed with his own image
that he goes out with someone
just 'cause they look good on his arm.
What the fuck?
Is that really what you think?
No, you don't give a fuck about Carli.
She's just some shiny thing you
would've dropped soon as you got bored,
just like you did with Becca.
You don't know fuck all
about me and Becca.
How could you make
the whole thing about yourself?
I lost the girl that I fucking
God, you
You really, really don't
You you don't see anything
outside of yourself, do you?
What the fuck is that
supposed to mean, Cam?
Mia, we're supposed to be best friends.
You're the only person I've ever
opened up to in my life about my family,
and now it's just like
you don't even fucking give a shit.
No. No, that is not true.
You know, my dad's been home
seven times in the last six months.
My mum is so depressed she can't
even get out of bed in the mornings.
But you wouldn't know that
because you haven't asked
how my life has been
since you've been back.
Because you fucking betrayed me, Cam.
- You went to my parents behind my back.
- But you needed help, Mia!
I mean, fucking hell,
how can you not see that you needed help?
- Who else was gonna give you that?
- Well, it didn't fucking help in the end.
Did it, Cam?
Because my parents did nothing.
And it just made me feel
like I wasn't sick enough.
Like I wasn't worth enough.
Like I was a failure, even at being ill.
And it just fucking made things
a million times worse!
No. I did my bit, Mia, all right?
I did what I had to.
I didn't let you down.
Your mum and dad did.
- Are you fucking joking, Cam?
- [Alison] Mia, what is going on?
Why don't you
fucking ask Mia and Carli, eh?
Oh, fuck.
["Law" by Sprint Edge playing]
Where the coco at
Bring that booty back ♪
Imma spend some cash
Imma throw some racks ♪
Hold up, hold up, fiji ♪
Bitch I know you see it ♪
Aye aye, gang gang
Uh-uh, hold up ♪
Hold up, fiji
Boy I know you see it ♪
Everybody getting robbed
Yeah, you know who did it ♪
Chillin' in the cage
I be feeling trapped ♪
Keep runnin' you mouth
Boy you gon' get clapped ♪
[song fades]
[uneasy music playing]
[Mia] Scary is what I live.
It's what I know.
Scary is drowning.
And dragging everyone you love
down with you.
Scary is remembering why I starved myself.
Because the world needed less of me.
[Rick] Mia?
Mia? Mia? Mia? Mia!
It's okay. Al, call an ambulance!
[panicked breathing, sobbing]
It's all right.
Okay. Okay.
It's okay. It's all right.
Daddy's here. It's all right.
We'll call an ambulance. It's okay.
[Mia] Scary is knowing
I will never beat this thing.
So why bother trying?
[dramatic music playing]
[music fades]
[orchestral synth pop music playing]
Take me as I am ♪
Don't know that feeling ♪
You've got me broken down
When you touch me like that ♪
Take me as I am ♪
Don't know that feeling ♪
You've got me broken down
When you touch me like that ♪
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