Everything's Gonna Be Okay (2020) s01e09 Episode Script

Monarch Butterflies

1 Let's kiss, starting now.
Oh, this is cute.
Not cute.
Nothing's happening.
S-Something's happening.
I watched you sleep.
Why? It's what we're supposed to do.
Did I do anything weird? Nothing happened.
Um I've given it some thought and-and I'm prepared to try again, sexually, if your relationship is open to that.
We're not in a relationship.
It's private until, uh, we get more serious.
Her preference.
Keep me posted all the same.
You have to dress nice for my piano recital.
And I want you to wear this.
These are your clothes.
I have, I have good style.
Um, I don't like light, flowy things that brush against me.
I need the fabric to be tight and heavy.
Uh What about this? Uh, I can't wear that 'cause the skin on my legs will touch.
Uh One second.
Okay, uh, you can wear these tights with this.
I can only wear tights for a short period of time.
The waistband is uncomfortable because of my Crohn's disease.
You have to dress nice.
I like girls that dress chic.
I'm going to wear my clothes.
Actually, I don't want you to come to my piano recital.
Why? If you're there, you'll make me nervous.
Okay, I won't come.
Oh, no.
I got waffle batter on my face.
Can you help me wipe it off? You wipe it off.
No, you wipe it off.
Why would I wipe it off when you can wipe it off? Do you want me to wipe it off? No.
I want Drea to wipe it off.
Why do I have to wipe it off? Why not you or Nicholas? Because it's what couples do.
We're not in a movie.
You always wanna act like we're in a movie.
- Did that feel good for you? - Yes.
So, now what do you wanna do? Stand somewhere really high.
Or we could finish the cooking lesson.
Drea! Your shoes.
Wrong? Okay.
I have to go now.
Oh, no.
Is something wrong? I wanna say something.
And thinking about saying it is a lot.
Can you do that and also say what you're thinking? I love you.
You said you love me? Yes.
I said it.
I love you.
Oh, my God.
Duke, pressure.
Do you want me to stay with you while you stim or can I go practice? No, you can go.
I'll be done soon.
I'm proposing prom to you.
I've known about this for nine days and said nothing.
My mom helped me make all this.
Um what's your answer? Why are you filming this? Content.
You're always looking for content.
Not this.
I don't want this content.
But you haven't answered the question yet.
I like you, but I don't wanna go to prom with you.
Why? Because prom is very public and I wanna go with someone cool.
I just want this to be a normal, regular prom.
Girls, words are powerful.
Let's not say anything we'll regret later.
Matilda, we're not girlfriends anymore.
Starting now.
No pressure, but I'll be attending prom as well.
No, thank you, Jeremy.
Matilda, you don't even like ice cream.
I wanna win you back.
I-I didn't come for you.
I just came for the butterflies.
I always thought I just wanted to date a tall, hot black guy, but then I met you, you were none of those things.
But I think you're better because you like all the things about me that I like about myself.
And when you're around, I don't care what people think about me.
I only care what people think about you.
And I love how you're always free after school, you experiment with me sexually.
And you have these really pretty, sparkling eyes.
And for all these reasons, I wanna get back together with you.
Please tell me when I can kiss you again.
You can kiss me.
Starting now.
Oh, I-I can't wear that.
You better shape up, boy Better earn your keep Oh, you speak French? Oh, man, that's neat You better keep up, boy You better not sleep Oh, you wanna learn about love? Okay, watch me You better sit down, boy You better take a seat Let me teach you something All eyes on me - A ring a ding, ding, boy - A ring a ding, ding - A ring a ding, ding - A ring a ding, ding Yeah, baby, you can keep calling It ain't no thing No thing, no thing, no thing No thing, no thing, no thing, no thing, no thing Hello? Oh, baby, oh, yeah Me, oh, my I'm gonna be kind I'm feeling pretty cool Baby, oh, yeah Me, oh, my I'll tell you one time, yeah It's frustrating to see Matilda go from doing so well to poorly.
Let's take pause and reflect on what's going on.
Is that glitter? - Um - Fun.
I know you're all having a wonderful time together, but that's actually part of the problem.
Bottom line is Matilda's done nothing to prepare for college, and Juilliard is at risk.
- It's at risk? - Mm-hmm.
So let's keep the focus on providing her a self-sustaining future.
Speaking of, have you been working with her on how to use a credit card? Yeah, yeah.
I hope I'm getting a good report.
I hope so, too.
- Water? - Thanks.
- My suggestion - Yeah, please.
I need something.
How about we wait a year until Matilda goes to Juilliard? Oh, no.
I'm not considering that.
I mean, that's Come on, she's not gonna cope with being told no.
But you want to see her go to college, right? Yeah, yeah, of course.
If she leaves the nest too soon Oh, no, you're about to say something awful.
Not at all.
- I'm on your side - Mm-hmm.
but I do know of a spectrum student who went to New York for college, actually same skill set as Matilda.
And he wasn't prepared, and now he's in jail because he misread social cues, and things just blew up in his face and now he's since been charged with treason.
You're not gonna trick me into leaving here concerned that Matilda's gonna do treason.
All right, I know you've got a lot going on.
I don't really have that much going on.
Can I tell you what's happening with Genevieve? Okay, I don't wanna know, do I? She's no longer trying.
And we're sure it's not just her charmingly casual indifference? She was doing well and now all C's.
Look, we need C students, otherwise the grading system doesn't work.
The problem is, Genevieve is not a C student.
She is a B-plus who's slipping.
This is her yearbook.
She got no one to sign it.
Blank, blank, blank.
- Nothing there.
- Yeah.
Oh, it is blank, yeah.
And my concern is if we don't address it now, she'll just keep sliding.
Tellulah posts everything to Instagram.
She and Leonard are sharing one froyo.
That doesn't even make sense.
It goes by weight.
I guess there's a small savings not paying for two cups.
They're just begging for mono.
Who is this even for? She thinks she's got an audience for this? Does she think we care about this? Yeah, yeah, I miss her, too.
And I wish I had a boyfriend as well.
I get it.
I only date international students because they appreciate my humor.
It's not F's.
Just go home and give her a boost.
Get her to wake up and try.
Do you need a tissue? No, thank you.
Honestly, I don't know what to offer a crying adult.
Thank you.
I just can't believe that you invited Drea over again when I asked you not to again! Just so mad that I have to get mad when all I've ever wanted to do is be cute and adorable.
Nicholas, why are you mad at me? I got into Juilliard.
No one gets into Juilliard.
Yeah, you got in, and maybe you're not gonna be allowed to go - because you're not preparing.
- Preparing what? The fundamental skills you need to survive in this world without us? I've been preparing so much.
I am just absolutely not going to pretend like you don't know better.
Ever since you and Drea This isn't about Drea! Then what's it about? You not helping me enough! Oh Oh, honey Honey, no.
Do you understand I'm being asked not to let you move to New York because you're not ready to live alone? That comment from you right there, you know what that makes me think? That makes me think that Sam is right.
You're a composer, you have no salable skills.
You can blame me for the fact that you're not preparing all you want, but you're gonna be doing it from a pink bedroom in Agoura Hills in between working part-time at a charity.
Nicholas, how can you say that to me? Why are you doing this? Come on, you're being a bit wild, okay? Dad always tried to be encouraging.
He was my dad too.
I know what he was like, okay? And it wasn't always great.
- I was there.
- No, you weren't.
How about your report card, huh? All C's.
Every subject a C.
Why are we hanging out with Barb? Where's Tellulah? Tellulah has a boyfriend.
Barb's a C friend.
It's C, C, C's across the board.
I hate you! I-I just I hate you right now.
You hate me? Not the smartest way to talk to the guy that's controlling your trust fund.
She didn't say she hates you.
She said she hates you right now.
Are you a C person? Is that what we've just decided? Is that what you're settling into? You're not making me feel better.
Yeah, I'm not trying to make you feel better.
I've changed tactics.
I'm trying to make you feel bad.
You don't get to talk to us like that! Okay, we didn't choose you! We were left with you! Get out.
What? Get out of the car.
Matilda, Matilda.
We aren't getting out of the car.
We just Get out.
So, what did you girls think about that fight we had the other day? I didn't enjoy myself.
Why? I haven't really thought about it again.
Just That can't be true.
That isn't true.
Okay, well, I've thought about it.
And it made me remind myself of my mother, which is more or less the worst emotion I've ever felt in my life.
And I was hoping today we could try things a little differently.
- I'm sorry.
- Why? It seemed like the right time to say it.
Oh, thanks.
I'm sorry, too, I guess.
I can't pinpoint why.
Genevieve, do you wanna go to college? Like, do you care if it's a good one? Of course I wanna go to college.
Well, do you think you're gonna get in with bad grades and no extracurricular activities? I don't, but I think it's pretty unfair the way you're making me feel after the year I've had.
Because Dad died? Yeah, that was the main event.
Babe, no one cares that your dad died.
I'm sorry.
When we send your grades off to colleges, they don't come with an asterisk letting them know you were sad.
Matilda, do we need to consider Sam's suggestion? Do you think you're ready to move to New York this year? I'll know when I get there.
No, that's not a good enough answer.
Let me ask you this, do you wanna move to New York or would you rather stay here with Drea? I have to go to Juilliard.
Do you think Drea's been a distraction? I love Drea.
Just keep saying yes.
Can you love Drea and prep for New York? - Yes.
- Well, then, why haven't you? - I made a mistake! - Okay.
Should we talk about when Genevieve said she "didn't choose me"? I was being dramatic.
The thing is you guys asked me not to treat you like a parent, so I haven't been.
I've been treating you like a friend, right? - Right.
- Yeah.
But you guys have been treating me like a parent, which is to say, you treat me like shit.
- I agree.
- Me too.
Do you agree or you're just saying it 'cause she did? Honestly, I haven't been thinking much about you at all.
The truth is I don't really care about that, all right? I'm family.
You can treat me like trash and I'm gonna turn up.
But you're gonna want other people to turn up, right? - Yeah.
- What I'm worried about it is what you're offering the rest of the world.
The world isn't listening, okay? The universe doesn't care about your problems.
All people are interested in is what you are offering them.
People will tell you to follow your bliss, it's not true.
You need to follow their bliss.
You need to turn up to the party, you need to bring wine or a mixed drink.
Or if you're a child, which you are, you bring, like, a book or a Tamagotchi, bring an anecdote, be interesting.
Other people, they're not gonna give you report cards.
They're not gonna sequester you on a hike like this and give you feedback.
They're just gonna ghost you.
If you don't figure out what you have to offer the world and then offer it you are gonna be poor, you are gonna be alone, and you are gonna be sexually frustrated.
I know this isn't, like, an inspiring, uplifting piece of life advice you'll read on a poster with a happy dolphin, but this is capitalism, bitch.
What do you bring to the party? This is gonna be a long walk.
I know what you'll have to offer if you try.
Matilda, you're smart.
You used to be very driven.
Now when you take the time to think about other people, you're incredibly selfless and kind.
Also, you're pretty.
Let's not ignore how important that can be.
Genevieve, you're like a, you're like a truth serum, right? Oh, not me, no, thanks.
Like, for me personally, I look to you like a barometer 'cause you're just so grounded and you seem to completely understand the nuance of every person in every situation.
Please stop.
I can't, I just love you so much.
- Say "I love you.
" - I love you.
- Genevieve? - Yes? - Genevieve.
- Pardon? I need it.
Sure thing, I love you.
None of these things matter if you don't put them on a platter and deliver them.
And not just once, every time.
Bam, bam, bam.
- Sounds exhausting.
- It is exhausting.
That's why adults go to bed early.
Do you wanna hear what I think you bring to the party? No, don't do me, I'm grown.
There's no changing me.
Well, you have a very nice fashion sense, I usually like your sneakers.
But you're not offering much to anybody else besides us.
We're the focus of your life, and we don't like seeing you - not fit into American society.
- What?! I fit in! I guess you do try.
I try a lot.
Yeah, even in moments when you don't need to try.
Like, you really don't need to try and you still do.
- You try so, so hard.
- Okay.
So, if I had an idea for a way that you could prepare for New York, away from Drea, would you like that? Okay.
Like, if I was the kind of guy to have been thoughtful enough to plan something like that, would that be interesting to you? - Just say yes.
- Yes.
Would we all agree that that would make me, like, a good person? Because I did.
I did.
I did do that.
I can sense that you're building up to something.
He's got a surprise and he wants us to compliment him.
Before we know what it is? Why would we do that? He went through a lot of effort and he doesn't wanna see it fail.
I did! I did, I did! I booked us a trip to New York.
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh, baby, oh, yeah Me, oh, my I'm gonna be kind I'm feeling pretty cool Baby, oh, yeah Me, oh, my I'll tell you one time Yeah
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