Evil (2019) s01e01 Episode Script


1 I like houses when they're empty.
I like the quiet.
I like the space.
Sometimes I just sit there before the caravan comes and I just breathe it all in.
I think spaces look better without people in them, don't you think? So that's why you killed them? I mean, that's a bit simplistic, isn't it, killing them because I like space? Occam's razor.
Simpler is truer.
So help me get the timeline straight, Orson.
Who'd you stab first? Mr.
or Mrs.
Gilbert? Who's Lila? Let's focus, Orson.
Who'd you stab first, the husband or the wife? I don't remember stabbing anyone.
Do you remember Mrs.
Bentley? Two weeks ago, you stabbed her eight times, then raped her.
And the Lawrences.
Their six-year-old son, do you remember him? I blacked out.
I already said.
Do you think I'm lying? I think there are three families dead.
And I think you're facing life without the possibility of parole.
I think if you wanted to help me, you could take a short test.
To see if I'm lying? These are 567 true or false statements.
You answer as honestly as you can.
Not going anywhere.
True or false.
"I like mechanics magazines".
Are you serious? False.
"I think I'd enjoy working as a librarian".
"I have diarrhea once or more a month".
False, but thanks for asking.
"I like the sound of a woman screaming".
Orson? After responding to 567 true or false statements, the defendant scored an 80 on the MMPI-2 validity scale.
That places him well within the "deceitful" range.
Which means we can't trust his insistence that he blacked out during the crime? Not with any degree of certainty.
Thank you, Ms.
Nothing further.
You are a full-time employee of the Queens D.
's office, Ms.
Bouchard? - No.
- Really? That surprises me because you work almost exclusively with the D.
's office.
- I'm an independent contractor.
- How many times have you testified for the Queens D.
, Ms.
Bouchard? 34 times over two years.
And how many times have you declared a defendant sane? A forensic psychologist doesn't declare a defendant How many times have you determined the defendant had the mental capacity to be prosecuted? 34 times.
Good to know you don't work for the D.
's office.
- Objection.
- I'll rephrase.
If you didn't testify the way the prosecution wanted, wouldn't they stop hiring you, ma'am? My guess is they'd only stop hiring me if I stopped telling the truth.
So let's talk about the truth, Ms.
Is my client possessed? - Objection.
Relevance? - I'd like to establish - the relevance, if I may, Your Honor.
- Go ahead.
Is my client possessed by a demon? A-Are you referring to demons metaphorically or clinically? Here's an affidavit from my expert witness, Dr.
Leland Townsend.
He claims the defendant has taken on the voice and characteristics of a demonic presence named Roy.
Do you refute this? Are you with him? What? Are you with the defense expert? Tell him coaching the defendant is illegal.
I spent 18 hours with LeRoux; he never once mentioned demons or showed any signs of possession.
She's accusing us of coaching him.
It's not gonna work.
Bouchard, please take this.
For your own protection.
Trust me, you may need it.
Do you know the "Our Father"? - Again, there's no demonic possession? - No.
My wife believes in that stuff, I don't.
Why is the defense saying you're possessed by a demon named Roy? I have no idea.
So it's your position that you blacked out during the killings, and that's it.
- Yep.
- Thank you.
Are you Catholic, Orson? No.
Are you? Not anymore.
What does that mean to you? Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name.
Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done Quis sicut bestia? Guard! Guard! Settle down! I will ascend! I will ascend! I will ascend! I will ascend! I can no longer support this.
- Excuse me? - I can no longer support a diagnosis of APD.
You think this guy's possessed? No, but I need to assess for hallucinations, delusions The judge wants your opinion now.
And my opinion is: we need more time.
I'll meet you two in court.
You've had a shock, Kristen.
I understand your ambivalence, but you're not at a university, you're here cashing our checks.
I'm here to tell the truth.
Which is, I need you on the stand to confirm your earlier testimony.
Or what? Or we'll have to reconsider our relationship.
That's all.
I'll see you in court.
Your Honor, if I could have just one more second of your time.
- Is there a problem? - No.
I know this is unorthodox, speaking to you outside of the courtroom You want someone to lie for you on the stand, you can get someone else, not me.
Your Honor.
- Mom! - Mom! Thank God you're home! Daughters! So what's this? The distance between the stars.
Well, of course.
What was I thinking? I was making a rocket ship.
That's beautiful.
Where's Grandma? Have we eaten her? She's in the backyard.
Laura wants it outside.
What have you got behind your back? I've got nothing behind my back.
Let's get this cleaned up.
- How long have you been on the laptop? - It's homework.
- Are you sure? - What happened to your arm? Nothing.
Let's, um, let's clean this up.
- How far off's dinner? - Ten minutes.
The oven's out, so we're getting Grubhub instead.
What did happen to your arm? Oh, nothing.
Oh, my gosh.
So, what's wrong with the stove? It's just old like this house.
Oh, but, luckily, your husband sent a cheque.
Can I read it, please? $900.
That's how much Andy thinks you need for the month.
He says he'll be home soon, because that's when he'll be done climbing.
- Isn't that nice of him? - Mom.
You take care of the kids, you pay the bills, you have the full-time job, and he's, what, off in Nepal climbing things.
He's actually making money guiding people up Everest.
Not as much as he could in an office in Manhattan.
Mom, pizza's here! Pizza's here, Mom! Don't poison them against their father.
I don't have to, honey, he's doing that all by himself.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Don't stay out too late.
Never! Of course not.
Cake! Happy birthday to you You look like a monkey And you smell like one, too.
"The man in black was hanging in space, clinging to the sheer rock face, 700 feet above the water.
The Sicilian watched, fascinated.
'You know', he said, 'since I've made a study of death and dying'" No, do the voice.
"'You know', he said, 'since I've made a study of a-death and a-dying, and am a great expert'" Mom.
A man called wanting me to give you a message.
He said we'd be homeless if you didn't repay the loan.
I left the number by the phone.
Can we get Dad to call him? It's just what's left of my student loan.
They always say scary things to scare family members.
Just ignore them.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Good night.
Good night, Mom.
Don't you dare call my kids.
You want to scare me, you scare me.
Or I swear, I'm gonna take that money I still owe you and burn it on my lawn.
- Hello? - Oh.
Your work gave me this as your office address.
Oh, yeah, it's uh, my home address, too.
I heard about your encounter with Mr.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
Are you all right? Yeah, I'm-I'm fine.
I, uh thank you.
I also heard that the prosecution isn't using you as an expert witness anymore, and I, uh, wanted to discuss an opportunity.
Sorry, I don't get much heat out here.
Oh That's okay.
Is this you? Yeah.
You're a climber? I was.
Seven Summits? Yes.
I count five.
I gave up.
Why? Children.
This your climbing partner? My husband.
Thanks a lot for the job offer, but I can't work for the defense.
I'm not with the defense.
I don't understand.
I work for the Catholic Church.
David Acosta.
Why were you in with LeRoux? I was interviewing him to see whether he was possessed.
- So you're a priest? - No.
An assessor.
I don't know what that is.
Well, the church has a backlog of about 500,000 requests for exorcisms and, uh, miracle appraisals.
And my colleague Ben and I are hired by the church to investigate unexplained phenomenon and to recommend whether there should be an exorcism or further research.
I didn't know that was a job.
It is.
I'm sorry.
It was a really long day, and I Mrs.
LeRoux, uh, asked us to assess her husband Orson.
She thinks he's possessed.
Unfortunately, he won't talk with us anymore, but he will talk to you.
Um, he seems to like you.
We want to hire you to help us assess him.
Just to be up front with you, Mr.
, um - Acosta.
- Acosta.
I don't believe in all that devils and possession.
That's okay.
See, the problem with my job is that possession looks a lot like insanity, and insanity looks a lot like possession.
I need someone to help me distinguish between the two.
You don't care that I don't believe? I do not.
How much do you pay? Evil 1x01 Pilot I woke up in the middle of the night, and Orson wasn't in bed, so I went downstairs.
He had just gotten back from the hospital after he fell at work, so I was worried.
He was talking to himself.
I shook him, but he didn't wake up.
And this is what led you to believe he was possessed? No.
He always talked to himself, but this time, someone talked back.
- That's why I called your parish.
- What did this, uh, voice sound like? Quiet.
Like a whisper.
I recorded it if that helps.
Yes, it-it does.
This was a few nights in a row, so I recorded the last one.
Orson? Baby, what's wrong? Orson? Turn that off.
I'm gonna need your new pass So, uh, this is what a haunting? It's an infestation.
What's that? A haunting.
I thought this was about possession.
Well, the theory is that an infestation leads to a possession.
First, the, uh, demon takes over the house, and then it takes over the person.
You don't believe in it? I believe it pays the rent.
Are you good? Why do you want me doing this? I want your honest opinion.
I want your skepticism.
Well, then You're leading her on.
In what way? Well, she's desperate for these killings to have some supernatural meaning, but he didn't murder seven people because there's whispering in his house.
Then we'll find that out.
Yeah, you keep saying that, but I don't need to check every broomstick to know that broomsticks don't fly.
Do you think science can answer every question? Yes, I do.
I do.
Just not all at once.
So there are no mysteries? No miracles? A doctor creates a hearing aid for a deaf man who hears music for the first time.
That's a miracle.
Philae probe lands on a comet 100 million miles away, a comet traveling at 11,000 miles per hour.
That is a miracle.
They just happen to exist.
They're real.
But ghosts and demons and that thing on her phone or whatever it was I don't know what to do with that.
Ten years ago I decided to drop out and travel the world, and the farther I got from America, the more I realized how little I knew.
I saw a shaman in Kyzyl transfer his soul to a dying child.
I saw a woman in the Indus Plains come back to life after drowning for 20 minutes.
Science is only good for repeatable phenomenon.
And most of life the most interesting parts don't repeat.
So science doesn't recognize it.
You think it's medical? Well, he had a fall that put him in the hospital right before the killings.
That was news to me.
- Meaning? - There are injuries to the frontal lobe that can result in violent behavior.
And seizures that look like possession.
I don't know.
I'm checking into it.
The most dangerous situations are never the ones you'd think.
It's never the, uh, Mexican drug war or being embedded in Afghanistan.
It's the food poisoning in Pakistan.
Oh, this is stupid.
It's not real.
It's just a dream.
Your eyes are open.
That's a weird way to dream Kristen.
It's a night terror.
Of course I am.
Tell me, can a night terror do this? Just close your eyes.
Just press your eyes shut.
You'll wake up.
Not yet.
Keep them open.
George is the name.
Good to meet you.
Are you wearing any underwear? For your new boss, David? Hey, you got a scar down here.
What is that, a cesarean? - Mom? Mom, wake up! - Mom? Mom? Mom, wake up! Mom, wake up! You were screaming.
- You woke us up.
- Oh, my gosh.
I'm sorry.
I I had a nightmare.
What a horrible What's wrong? What is it? Nothing.
I just left the window open.
I get nightmares, too, sometimes.
And my teacher punches me in the face, and - That doesn't happen.
- Also, it does - Yes, it does! - Yeah, it does.
I'm seven years old, so what's the point?! All right.
I'm okay, guys.
- Back to bed.
- No.
I'm sleeping here.
- Me, too! - I'm so tired, Mom.
- Come on, Mom.
- Yeah, right here.
All right, but just one night.
- Okay.
- Yes! Mom! Mom.
- A night terror? Hmm.
- Yeah.
- You ever had a night terror before? - No, never.
How do you know it wasn't just a nightmare? My eyes were open and I had sleep paralysis.
I also saw a shadow figure.
In the literature, there's always talk of shadow figures.
Incubus? He took off my underwear, talked about my cesarean and my relationship with my boss, so yeah.
- Your boss at the D.
's office? - Yes.
It's a different job.
What job? Well, I'm working with someone who's, um looking into demonic possession and its effect on crime.
- Really? - Yeah.
How does that work? I'm not sure.
I'm, uh, only doing it temporarily - to pay off my student loans.
- Okay.
Uh, look, i-it's very odd for night terrors to start in your 30s, all right? My guess is it's a momentary disruption in N3 sleep cycles.
I'm gonna prescribe you some diazepam, and I just want you to take it if Here is how it works.
The soap clogs the dishwasher filter.
That creates what's, uh, called an embouchure hole.
That's kind of what you see in a flute.
And when that hole gets smaller, it creates a sound.
So you're saying that the dishwasher caused the whispering? I'm saying that the dishwasher created this sound.
Is that what you heard? You killed Santa Claus for her.
They never like it, none of them.
- You do this a lot? Kill Santa? - More now since Ghost Hunters.
People watch that show, they jump at every sound.
I never heard whispering in my house until last night.
That's the power of suggestion.
There's an explanation for everything, but people would rather believe in ghosts, demons.
So, how'd you get connected to this job? David.
I was a contractor at the rectory.
He asked me to help.
Why's he do it? David? He is a believer.
He's bought the whole thing.
Uh, devils, angels, demons, Satan.
- Hmm.
- He's training to be a priest.
Really? Yeah.
Two years into a five-year program.
- Mm-hmm, okay.
- Don't give up.
I don't know if I like this you two working together.
I feel ganged up on.
- Yeah, that's too bad.
- Wow.
You're in a bad mood.
No, I'm just not working with the court anymore, so I don't have to pretend to be impartial.
Kristen and I have a lot in common.
She likes to walk up to the edge of the cliff and stare off into the abyss.
She said you spoke Latin last time.
I don't speak Latin.
Does Roy? Who's Roy? The demon that speaks through you.
Never heard of him.
Do you remember this from last time? Aah! Was that scary enough for you? - What's this, another test? - Write out the alphabet until you get to the 14th letter.
Why? Humor me.
Or don't.
We'll just go home early.
You like having an audience.
The worst thing would be for you to lose your audience.
What does this tell us? Well, there's some drooping in the penmanship.
That could be from inflammation or nothing.
I'd need more tests.
I'll arrange for some more time tomorrow.
- Good.
- Good work.
So, you're, uh you're training to be a-a priest? I am.
Does that surprise you? I don't know, you just don't seem like the type.
Well, I kicked around the world a lot.
Felt like the right time to commit to something.
And you? You don't seem like a thrill-seeking type.
Oh, I'm I'm not.
That's not what Climbing magazine says.
- You did a little googling? - It says you're one of the first women to climb El Capitan's nose in one day.
And you, uh you don't like the food in Pakistan, I hear.
Oh, God.
That interview.
You know I'm just doing this to pay off my student loans, right? I do.
See you tomorrow? Yeah, absolutely.
It's George.
Did I wake you? You're not real.
I have 567 true or false statements.
Answer as honestly as you can.
There are no wrong answers, but just to make this fun a finger for every wrong answer.
These are my thoughts.
I'm scaring myself with my thoughts.
- "I like mechanics magazines".
- You're not here.
- I'm scaring myself.
- Kristen, you have to answer.
"I like mechanics magazines".
"I have diarrhea once or more a month".
"I was flirting with David Acosta today even though I'm married".
Sorry, Kristen.
Wrong answer.
"Oh, boo-hoo, my finger's gone".
Poor baby.
Lightning round.
"I am attracted to Acosta sexually".
"I'm a lapsed Catholic, a lapsed mountain climber, a lapsed psychologist.
Everything I do, I quit.
" Kristen? Come on.
I can't read it.
- What? - Wernicke's area is a region in the brain responsible for interpreting language, and it's dormant during sleep.
That's why you can't read text in a dream.
This is a dream, and you don't exist.
Well, if I don't exist, then this won't hurt.
Goodbye, George.
Take your time.
Just reproduce the drawing as best you can.
Your wife asked us to assess whether a supernatural force was influencing you, Orson.
We're here to help you.
Look, we can always go home, but then you've lost your audience.
What's he doing? Roy? Non solus sum.
Sexaginta nostri sunt.
60 other than yourself? Yes.
And you know one of them.
I do? No, not you, idiot.
Oh, well, that's too bad, 'cause I don't believe in demons.
Well, they believe in you.
Especially the one last night.
What are you talking about? George.
How was he? Yes.
David doesn't know about George, does he? But I do.
Your little late-night visitor.
Red eyes.
The bad teeth.
Kissing your little cesarean scar.
Your panties.
How cute.
And he's going to visit you tonight and every single night.
Collos filiarum tuarum jugulabit Georgiu What was that about? - Who's George? - I don't know.
How could he have known? Known what? A shadow figure was in my dream.
Called himself George.
He talked about my underwear, my scar.
Did you tell anybody about this? No.
No one.
What'd he say in Latin at the end? Tell me.
"George will slash the throats of your daughters".
Sometimes the devil just says things to provoke.
It just doesn't make sense.
I know you believe in this stuff.
I don't.
How could he have known? I think I know what happened.
Who'd you talk to? Kristen.
Wh E-Excuse me.
Could you come back? No, I need to know now.
Who'd you talk to about my session yesterday? Excuse me, Judy.
I'm sorry.
I never told anyone about our session.
Well, someone knew what I told you about the shadow figure, my thoughts on my boss and you're the only one I've told.
Well, it didn't come from me.
I-I have would never say anything to anybody about that kind of thing.
You take notes during our sessions.
Where are they? They're locked in my file cabinets, they always are.
- I'd like to see them.
- That's not really necessary.
I need to see them now.
Who else visited LeRoux in the last two days? - Why? - Because someone slipped him stolen information.
I don't know.
Just you two.
We have to sign in every time we see him.
Who else signed in? You know I can't show you that.
Well, I have to sign in again.
Seriously? Almost done.
Who's L.
Townsend? I couldn't tell you even if I knew.
Your Honor, we've already been through this.
Overruled again.
And you've seen this demonic possession when you interviewed Orson LeRoux? On three occasions.
And what did he say? He said He said that a demon named Roy had committed the murders.
We've seen your report, but if you could summarize your conclusion, Dr.
In my professional opinion Kurt, do you know a forensic psychologist named Townsend? Robin.
Do we know a Dr.
Townsend? Is that the guy who was here yesterday about an appointment? Kristen, there was a man here who wanted to pay for a session, but he left before we could get his contact info.
What'd he look like? Brown hair, glasses.
About five-eight.
He broke into your filing cabinet, took your notes, Kurt.
He's got everything I ever told you.
My loyal opposition.
Why did you give my therapy notes to a serial killer? You're in way over your head, Ms.
Why don't you leave this to the professionals? Who are the professionals? Your boy toy Acosta.
The 60.
Who are the 60? People who know who you are now.
Hey, that session number 37 was a juicy one, wasn't it? "I just want my daughters gone so I can have my freedom.
" Just say the word, Kristen, and, poof, they're gone.
No one blames you, no guilt, just four little caskets.
- Go to hell.
- With pleasure.
In fact, I'll make room for your daughters.
Well, what do we have here? The priest in training.
Don't you have altar boys to rape? Leland.
You have no power here.
She doesn't believe.
That's when I'm at my best.
Don't you remember? Julia.
Crying on her knees.
Weepy little bitch.
What was that? Whatever happened to nonviolence? It's provisional.
Oh, is that what Jesus said? Now it's my turn.
Are you good? Who's Julia? A friend.
This guy Townsend you know him? I've seen him.
In other guises.
I don't W-W What does that mean? There are people in this world who are connectors.
They influence people.
They have day jobs.
Uh, teachers, stockbrokers, uh expert witnesses.
They pretend to be normal, but their real pursuit is evil.
Encouraging others to do evil.
Y-You don't have to believe in the supernatural to know that there are people out there who do bad things and encourage others to do bad things for the sheer pleasure of it.
- Psychopaths.
- Yes.
This is where our beliefs overlap.
Because that man is a psychopath who feels less alone when he gets others to do what he does.
The world is getting worse because evil is no longer isolated.
Bad people are talking to each other.
They're connected.
Through social media.
So you think Townsend connected with LeRoux online? And encouraged him to kill.
But the police had LeRoux's computer.
There was nothing there.
What did LeRoux say on that recording? Turn that off.
I'm gonna need your new pass "Password".
That's what he was saying.
He needs your new log-in password.
That has nothing to do with possession.
Emily, we think someone was in touch with Orson, through social media, encouraging him to do these crimes.
Someone demonic.
Ah, just the woman I want to see.
Good afternoon, Mr.
I have 567 true or false statements.
That again? I like the picture of the dog better.
It's your last test.
Well, hello to you, too, David.
I should tell you that Kristen thinks about you all the time.
Dirty, disgusting sexual fantasies.
True or false? "I wake up every morning feeling refreshed and optimistic".
Answer it or we'll leave.
True, but I prefer the diarrhea question.
"I use my wife's e-mail account to avoid detection".
True or false, Orson? Where are you getting this? Your wife's computer.
She gave us your password.
- False.
- "I logged on to 4chan and talked about my fantasies of killing and necrophilia".
"That's where Leland Townsend found me and sent me these photos".
None of this is true.
I want back in my cell.
Guard! You get used to that cell, Orson.
You didn't black out, you knew what you were doing.
You just wanted to get away with rape and murder.
I said I want out! Oh, you're never getting out.
You're 48 years old and prisons have good health care, so you'll die when you're 100.
That's 18,980 sunrises and sunsets.
And you'll miss every single one of them.
You're a bitch.
Oh, boy, do you have that right.
Where are these from? His wife's account.
These are e-mails from the defense expert Townsend, coaching LeRoux on how to win an insanity plea.
How he could use Latin to fake possession.
So this proves I was right, then.
I was right and you were wrong.
Good job.
By the way, I fixed your whispering problem.
Your pilot light was out on your stove.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
What is this and why? These are margaritas.
Why would anyone drink this? They're fast.
Yeah, so are horse tranquilizers.
So, Ben.
I've got our next assignment.
And it's not demonic possession.
What is it? A miracle.
And there's video.
There's a video of the miracle? - Mm.
- Of course there is.
Where is this? A hospital.
So it's a medical miracle.
Yeah, you could say that.
Is she joining us? I don't know.
Are you joining us? I mean, I could have a look.
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