Evil (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

3 Stars

1 - You're training to be a priest? - I am.
Also, an assessor.
My colleague Ben and I are hired by the Church to investigate - (GROWLING) - unexplained phenomenon, and to recommend whether there should be an exorcism or further research.
Possession looks a lot like insanity.
Insanity looks a lot like possession.
I need someone to help me distinguish between the two.
I don't believe in all that.
Devils and possession.
DAVID: That's okay.
KRISTEN: You don't care that I don't believe? I do not.
CORMIER: We came into an opportunity overnight.
- Another forensic psychologist.
- You're just gonna overturn everything I did on those two cases? Argue to release the guilty, - imprison the innocent? - Yeah.
Here's the most important thing to remember about David: he sells himself as this good man, but ask him about the second time he saw God.
KRISTEN: This guy Townsend, you know him? DAVID: I've seen him.
In other guises.
I'm sorry.
Am I distracting you? DAVID: There are six types of possession.
First is demonic possession.
It's when a demon takes over a person's body without their consent.
It's what you see in most movies.
It involves speaking in tongues, sudden personality changes, sudden violence, even superhuman strength.
The next type of possession is physical pain.
This is a sickness or an injury due to a demon being inside a person.
It doesn't impact the soul, just the body.
The third is diabolic oppression.
This is when a demon torments a person, causing tragic events in their lives the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, a home.
Basically, the story of Job.
The fourth type of possession is diabolical infestation.
It's when demonic entities take over a house, an object, even an animal.
Fifth is diabolical subjugation.
It's when the possessed invites the demon into their lives.
They do this through game play or pledging their soul to the devil.
KRISTEN: That's a real thing? People pledging their souls? It's real in that if a human wants power, they can trade away their future for that power.
Oh, so you mean it as metaphor? No, I think a lot of what we consider metaphor is real.
Are you texting? No, I'm taking notes.
Um, and the last kind of possession? That's why we're here.
The monsignor wants us to look into a case of diabolical obsession.
It's when a person has constant, overwhelming and irrational thoughts, making them act in perverse ways.
It's hard to detect because it's the most highly functional of all the possessions.
But it can lead to suicidal ideation.
And murder.
KRISTEN: I mean, couldn't all these conditions have a psychological explanation? Sure.
That's why you're here.
- Ready? - Yep.
I'm ready.
He wasn't like this before.
I mean, he's always been hard on us, cruel even, but he's become violent.
I don't know what to do.
We've tried everything: - therapy, pills, - So Sorry, I-I don't understand.
- Is this your husband? - Oh, no.
He's my boss.
KORECKI: Patti is one of our best parishioners.
- I told her we could look into it.
- BEN: So you think your boss is possessed? - I think he does things he can't control.
- DAVID: Such as ? I said to charge it overnight! This is a lemon poppyseed! I said blueberry! (SHOUTS) I hate fine point! Medium heavy! Well, he's fired 67 assistants in the last six months, and I have a collection of cell phones because he's constantly throwing them.
Patti, I understand this is unpleasant, but this doesn't sound like possession.
It feels like you should be calling human resources.
- Yeah.
- Well, we're under 50 employees.
- We don't have an HR.
- Why don't you quit? Well, I hired all the assistants, and I feel responsible.
I mean, I believe in the work.
DAVID: What is the work? I work for Byron Duke.
- The Broadway producer? - Yes.
Oh, my God.
He's great.
My daughters and I, we saw the Roald Dahl musical last year.
- It was just it was amazing.
- Thank you.
I could get you tickets for the next one if you want.
Oh, I would want.
That would be great.
Yes, please.
Please, yes.
So you can see why this matters to me.
He's a genius.
He is.
I mean, he's always had issues, but six months ago, something happened.
He lost the Tony and he became angrier.
And then things started to happen.
DAVID: What kind of things? Show them the video.
BYRON: No! Oh, go to hell.
I said go to hell! No! No, we have got a deal with the estate, not with you.
(STAMMERS) What is that? - What is that? - KORECKI: Blood.
He's sweating blood.
PATTI: Also, whenever he enters the office, it gets colder.
The temperature drops, like, ten degrees, and we all have to wear jackets.
And I keep on checking the thermostat but it's unchanged.
And then when he leaves, it gets warmer again.
Two physical manifestations.
We only need two for the Church to act.
(PHONE VIBRATING) Fiona, hi, it's Kristen.
What's up? - They reversed you.
- They? Who? This new forensic psychologist.
He reversed your conclusions.
I thought this was settled weeks ago when you testified.
You said my son was too young to be tried as an adult! Well, he is.
He's only 15.
This new guy's saying the opposite! They're gonna crucify him, Kristen.
Please help me.
Okay, I'll see you in ten minutes.
It's a case of anger management, Monsignor.
- Not possession.
- KORECKI: Then you'll find that out.
You said yourself, the Church keeps focusing on Evil with a capital "E", and not everyday evils.
Well here's everyday evil.
Help her.
CORMIER: So it's your recommendation that Adam Plemmons should be tried not as a minor, - but as an adult? - Yes.
The defendant's score on the MMPI-A questionnaire reflected average - or above average cognitive functioning.
- (DOOR OPENS) I have to ask you, Dr.
Townsend, because if I don't, the defense attorney will.
Your findings are diametrically opposed to those of the previous forensic psychologist.
How do you account for that? I cannot account for my predecessor's conclusions.
I do know that she has a tendency to let her heart lead her head, and I think that she was moved by the mother of the accused.
- Ms.
- What do you need? - I want to help.
- It's a little late, isn't it? The judge already ruled.
Tell them you have a rebuttal witness.
You're bound by your agreement with the D.
- You can't testify.
- I'm not testifying about the case; I'm testifying about Dr.
(OVERLAPPING CHATTER) Look, I promised to give you 20 minutes so Patti doesn't drop a #MeToo dime on me.
- (CHUCKLES) - So you think you're vulnerable - to the #MeToo issues? - I didn't say that.
Hey, there's a reason Harvey Weinstein went down.
I-I don't use sex, and I'm much more talented.
Who's this? Kristen Bouchard.
Ah, if you're really Patti's church people, say some prayers, sprinkle some holy water.
Come on, get going, get going.
- DAVID: Is that what you want? - What I want is for you to get this over with so I can roll my calls, huh? Do I have anger issues? Maybe.
But I'm a perfectionist.
I-I'm a demanding person.
And I am surrounded by millennial nonentities.
Here, look, look.
Two spaces after every period.
How many times do I have to tell them, one! - Does it matter? - Everything matters.
Perfection matters! Patti said, uh, something changed six months ago, when you lost an award.
An award? Oh, holy God! The Tony! - So, you did change.
- No.
I decided that, uh, rule number 14 made sense: "Be volatile and torture your underlings.
" Rule number 14 of ? "The 53 Rules of Dominance.
" Ah.
Oh, now now we are getting somewhere.
You follow it, too, huh? I know it.
A manual for hard-driving executives.
"How to Succeed in Business Without Really Caring.
" Mm-hmm.
Well, if you know it, then you know it's not evil.
And what Patti, in her sweet little religious heart, thinks is evil, is just plain good sense.
(CHUCKLES) You're kind of making me nervous back here.
You got some blood on your collar there.
BYRON: What are you, a dry cleaner? - Go sit down.
- You're sweating blood.
- Why are you sweating blood? - What the hell are you talking about? - DAVID: Did you have that checked out? - It doesn't need checking.
(CHUCKLING): Oh, my God.
(LAUGHS) He's going bald.
Get the hell out of my office! He has hair plugs.
They've become infected, so he should go to a doctor.
And otherwise, he's got a narcissistic personality disorder.
DAVID: We'll point you toward some health professionals, but we don't see any signs of possession.
Patti? - (BYRON SHOUTING OVER VIDEO) - Can you look at this? - No! - I have access to his webcam so I can track his blood sugar levels during meetings.
God, this is your fault! KRISTEN: Who is he talking to? BYRON: They know it's you! - This is going on right now? - PATTI: Mm-hmm.
It's in his inner office.
(BYRON GROANING OVER VIDEO) (GROANING, GASPING) No! Let go! Let go or I'll kill you.
Damn you, Joe! Evil 1x03 3 Stars - A diabolical obsession? - We don't know.
He seems like he's just a bad boss.
But we saw him yelling and fighting with something.
But we don't know what.
- Did you have a health care professional there? - Yes.
She thought it was narcissistic personality disorder, but then she saw the video of him fighting.
She's not sure.
- So there's video.
- No, just a webcam.
- (SIGHS) - Not recorded.
Well, then record it.
I've got three exorcisms in the next two weeks.
I'll need evidence to justify work on a mere diabolical obsession.
Come here.
There's something else.
I had another vision.
What? I've been hearing about "the sixty".
In assessments.
It's some kind of coordination.
Evil becoming organized.
And I thought I saw something in my vision.
But now it's just a feeling.
Write it down.
Get a notebook, and write down everything you can remember.
As soon as you write down the first thing, the next will follow, and the next.
Symbols matter.
This is warfare, and we're fighting the worst enemy on earth, whose only vulnerability is that they reveal themselves in symbols and numbers.
They can't help it.
God draws in straight lines.
The devil draws in puzzles and anagrams.
Write it down? Write it down.
Visions matter.
LELAND: Oh, Lydia, oh, Lydia Say, have you met Lydia? Lydia, the tattooed lady She has eyes that men adore so And a torso even more so.
(LELAND LAUGHING) LELAND: Ah, now we're getting somewhere.
No, no, do the breasts bigger.
What does he even mean, "We reveal ourselves through symbol and anagram"? I hate anagrams.
I like straight talk.
Don't you, David? Can't we, you and I, just straight talk? (LAUGHS) Anger management.
We all get angry.
But when you feel a temper fit coming on, what do you do? Personify it.
Personify your anger.
This is Paul.
He's the personification of my anger.
Whenever I get angry, I blame him.
(AUDIENCE LAUGHS) I know, I know, but it works.
I take a deep breath, and I realize I'm not angry, Paul is angry.
And I subdue him.
I yell, "Paul, it's your fault.
Yours!" I even take Paul by the throat.
Paul, you will not control me.
I will control you.
- Thank you for returning, Doctor.
- No problem.
Um Mr.
Townsend excuse me, Dr.
Townsend it's already been established that you disagree - with the conclusions of your predecessor.
- That is correct.
And I see she's in court right now.
- Could you point her out? - Yes.
Um, Kristen Bouchard.
CORMIER: And why shouldn't we take her word over yours? Objection! This was covered in yesterday's testimony.
Yes, but we have new evidence the doctor would like to impart, Your Honor.
Yeah, it's a pretrial hearing, Ms.
You'll have time to cross.
Were you not passed evidence that made you question Ms.
Bouchard's legal ethics? Yes, I'm sorry to say.
Bouchard is in therapy for personal issues.
But an anonymous Good Samaritan sent me therapy notes Objection! Therapy notes are covered by physician-patient privilege.
CORMIER: Only if Ms.
Bouchard is the accused.
She's being proposed as an expert witness, Your Honor.
Her reliability is in question, and these notes undercut that reliability.
All right, let me hear the evidence, and then I'll rule.
CORMIER: Thank you, Your Honor.
If I put you on the stand, what are you gonna say? - That Adam should be tried as a juvenile.
- That's not what I'm asking, and you know that's not what I'm asking.
Look, I've said things in therapy that are personal and prospective they weren't true.
- They were potentialities.
- But you said that you were attracted to these people that you interviewed? I said I had feelings.
I mean, feelings as in I I care for them, I - like them.
- Okay.
So I need you to step back from this.
I can refute Dr.
You've been burned.
I need you to step back.
(CRYING QUIETLY) (TAKES DEEP BREATH) (ENGINE STARTS) I don't know what the hell you are talking about.
PATTI: Let them help you, Byron.
- You are so past your sell-by date, Patti.
- (DOOR OPENS) - DAVID: Who is Joe? - BYRON: What are you talking about? DAVID: We saw you yesterday yelling at someone called Joe.
BYRON: I don't know a Joe! You're gaslighting me.
You got to stop.
You're personifying your anger.
What? You gave your anger the name "Joe", and you're trying to subdue it.
It's an anger management tool.
BYRON: I have no idea - what you're talking about.
- KRISTEN: Listen, you want us out of here, just admit it's anger management.
Who the hell are you, lady? Somebody who enjoys your shows, but thinks you're being a bit of a dick.
Genius doesn't mean you can treat people any way you want.
It means shutting up and doing good work.
You are so dead.
What? You're dead.
Why are we dead? Tell 'em, Joe.
Come on, there is no Joe, just admit it.
- It's just you.
- Tell 'em, Joe.
(SIGHS) JOE: I am the buyer of souls.
And yours only cost a Tony.
Joe? JOE: Hello.
- Someone is hacking him.
- You're sure? This is my world.
Welcome to it.
It's a virtual assistant.
It's supposed to have a programmed voice, but the hacker is broadcasting from the outside interactively.
Can a thermostat also be controlled? Yes.
Yes, because it's got smart-home technology, so it can make the temperature go up and down.
Th-That's why it keeps getting cold every time he arrives.
- Who did this? - And the problem is, he's got a lot of enemies.
KRISTEN: 67 fired assistants over six months.
Look, I think the hacker is using the Wi-Fi, okay? I need you to keep him online.
I'm gonna find out his IP.
DAVID: Hello? JOE: Hello.
What do you want? JOE: What do you want? You've gone to great effort to talk to Mr.
So what do you want from him? JOE: What do you want from him? You know it's an easy thing just to turn you off.
JOE: It's an easy thing to turn you off.
JOE: It won't matter.
We don't need an "on" button.
Who's "we"? That's for me to know and for you to find out.
So you've been turning the thermostat down when Mr.
Duke enters the office? Yes.
And I control the sun and the moon.
Very clever of you to figure that out.
(KNOCKING) It's coming from the coffee shop downstairs.
I need you to go down there, and in about five minutes, I'm gonna emit a high-pitched tone into it.
- Let me know who reacts.
- Okay.
You must want something.
Isn't that what we all want, David? You heard my name? "Diabolical obsession", huh? It sounds made up.
So you don't think Mr.
Duke is diabolically obsessed? No.
I think you're diabolically obsessed.
BEN: How many people are on computers? About 20.
- Any gamer headsets? - One.
- And, uh, earbuds? - Seven.
- No, wait.
- Okay, focus on them.
No reaction.
JOE: Ah.
105 decibels.
I'm terrified, Ben.
Hold on.
So, have you been investigating us? You seem to know our names.
I'm gonna turn off the Wi-Fi for about 15 minutes.
- There are tolls on these routes.
Duke has fired 67 assistants over the last year, and one of them may have hacked his virtual assistant.
So then, we're moving on? AMARA: David? You seem uncomfortable.
Well, our tech advisor can't tell who or how the device was hacked.
And the voices that are coming out of it are, um, bizarre.
(CHORAL MUSIC PLAYING FAINTLY) It's odd, David living here.
Doesn't seem like him, right? (DOOR OPENS) (DAVID SIGHS) They want us to keep working on it.
- Yes.
- Any thoughts - on how the hacker did it? - Oh, yeah.
I think he's using Bluetooth, not Wi-Fi.
So, I am gonna try to reverse the hack with a trap.
Just be careful.
Okay, but why? About what? Well, I don't know what we're dealing with.
(CHUCKLES) We're dealing with a hacker.
Little side hobby here? (CHUCKLES) No, I'm trying to decipher something in my dreams.
- Can I ask you a personal question? - Sure.
Do the scandals bother you? (LAUGHS SOFTLY) You mean the Church scandals? Yes.
A lot.
But how can you Why become a priest? I believe in God.
And I believe God wants me to become a priest.
And their treatment of gays? Do you agree with that? No.
Does this bother you, talking about it? - No.
- It's just, there's so many things wrong with the Church.
- That's - That's one of the reasons we need good people.
And you don't mind all that it requires of you? (CHUCKLES) I mind.
But I also think that the most important things in life are the hardest to obtain.
Sometimes I just wonder what you're about.
Uh I-I was embedded with six Marines.
And I was surprised how much I loved them.
Their sense of commitment.
You know, I spent most of my life breaking commitments.
Moving from one place to another, one person to another.
And I realized I didn't like myself.
These guys were the first ones in the building and the last ones out of it.
And I wanted to be that.
I wanted that level of commitment.
- I was just, uh, turning the light on.
- Yeah.
I was gonna leave anyway.
I-I like talking to you.
Me, too.
With you.
Oh, by the way, that sketch? I think it's Salvator Mundi.
It's what? Salvator Mundi, the painting by da Vinci.
Curve of the breasts.
Pressing against her.
Before, behind, between.
Above, below.
(LAUGHS) (CRICKETS CHIRPING) - What are you doing? - Geez! Don't do that.
How'd you get in? Oh, God.
Um, I still have a key.
- Where's Dad? - Sleeping.
What's that? You gave Dad one already.
I know.
This is for work.
Your work with your priest? Yes, with my priest.
How do you broadcast from this without using Wi-Fi? - Bluetooth.
- No, I already scanned it - for a Bluetooth signal.
- Cellular.
Nope, it's not cellular-enabled.
Can be adapted.
Really? How? I hate how you do this.
I am in the middle of my work and you pull me into one of your stupid things.
How can it be adapted? Leland! Leland.
You forgot your notes.
Oh, Kristen.
Can't stay away from me, can you? - What do you want? - Why are you doing this to Adam? - What good could it possibly do you? - Young Adam is 140 pounds of wet clay yet to find its form.
Adult prison will mold the man he is to become.
Harden him, harden his heart, make him more susceptible.
Susceptible to what? Ask David.
I want my therapist's notes back.
The ones you stole.
Oh, I think not.
They make for such wonderful bedtime reading.
Why don't you just get back on the stand and tell the truth? This is so sad, you coming here thinking you could, what? Play on my better nature? (CHUCKLES): Is that really your plan? Look, he's just a kid.
His second prison rape and he won't be.
If you knew what you were playing with, Kristen, you would be staying at home and protecting those cute little girls.
Anything in there? Wires.
- Really? Thank you.
- I don't know.
This is all looking pretty pristine.
- I don't think it's been tampered with.
- Then, what? I don't know.
You should take it back there and check the signals.
Or? - Or what? - I don't know.
Sounded like you were about to say, "Or" something smart.
- No, I wasn't.
I was just - (SINISTER CACKLING) Is Dad awake? JOE: Hello.
What are you wearing? Hello? You are getting warmer.
That's Dad's.
You are red hot, Ben.
The Crimean Bridge is the longest span in Europe.
It is 19,000 meters long and was built in 2018.
Who is this? "This" is the singular proximal demonstrative pronoun used to identify a specific person or thing close at hand or being indicated or experienced.
- (WHISPERING): This hacker's good.
- Yeah, but how did he jump to Dad's virtual assistant? The only active connection is you, your cell phone.
Oh, so he used Byron's virtual assistant, scanned for nearby cell phones, found mine, hacked me.
It's possible.
BEN: Can you reverse-hack? Oh, yeah.
I would've come to you.
- Hi.
No, my-my sister works better when she works alone anyway.
Okay, I have an issue that came up.
I don't want to involve David in this because it's a workplace matter and he'll just want to defend me.
Oh, so instead, you want me to defend you? Um - could you take a listen? - Yeah.
Can't stay away from me, can you? - What do you want? - KRISTEN: Why are you doing this to Adam? (STATIC) - What-what happened? - I don't know.
My voice comes through, the other person doesn't.
(STATIC) KRISTEN: Susceptible to what? (STATIC) I want my therapist's notes back, - the ones you stole.
- Hmm.
Sounds like the other person used a jammer.
Can you dig it out? Yeah.
Send it to me.
- I'll see what I can do.
- Great.
Thank you.
Where I'm going When the whistle blows And the cymbals crash And the sparklers - Light the sky - He's been like this all morning.
I'm gonna carry on, give me an old trombone Mr.
Duke? Hello? - Before the parade - Byron? Are you okay? Passes by Do you want to put some clothes on, Mr.
Duke? Byron? We don't think you're under any sort of demonic attack.
We think someone hacked your machine as a prank.
Do you know anyone who might've done that? When we find the hacker, you'll be back to normal.
When the whistle blows And the symbols crash (VOLUME LOWERS): And the sparklers Light the sky DAVID: Sebastian Lewin did he service your Wi-Fi? I think so.
I don't remember his name.
- Did Byron fire him? - Why? - Could he have a grudge? - Well, Byron decided to withhold pay so he could be certain that the work was good.
That part didn't go over well.
- So, what'd you find out? - There's an I.
specialist that works in the office by the name of Sebastian Lewin.
Ah, did he work on his virtual assistant? Quite possibly.
We're not sure.
What about the hack on your end? So we are disabling all the Bluetooth devices, and the hacker's only access point will be my sister's cell phone, and then she is gonna divert the hack to the NSA.
The NSA? Why? To get him in trouble.
- (STAMMERS) Kristen, do-do you have a minute? - Yeah.
So that recording you gave me, I can't take out the other voice.
- Damn.
- I know.
Look, there is another option.
You have his voice from the first thing he said, right? So I just sample it and deepfake it.
- What does that mean? - Deepfake.
You tell me what you remember of his side of the conversation, and I duplicate it.
You duplicate you can, you can do that? Yeah, I can, yeah.
- Look, if you don't want to, it's totally - No, no, I You can just create a conversation? No, I-I wouldn't be creating it, I would be recreating it.
Look, it's-it's a conversation that you had and you lost, and now you just want it back.
If the ethics of this throw you No, no, I-I want it.
I just Yes, please do it.
Sebastian Lewin.
What's the problem? That depends.
I was just teaching him a lesson.
Yeah? By hacking his virtual assistant? Yeah.
He didn't pay for my work, so I used his cell phone to slingshot my voice onto his machine.
- You convinced him to pledge his soul? - Yeah.
And he believed me.
(CHUCKLES) What a moron.
So, uh, how'd you hack my virtual assistant at home? What are you talking about? Your voice it was on my dad's machine.
(CHUCKLES) Yes, it was.
I heard it.
No, I stopped a few days ago.
(JOE SPEAKING URDU) - I don't believe you.
- JOE: Yes, you do.
Iblis has your baby.
(SPEAKING URDU) (BABY CRYING) What is that about? Karima.
Duke, I am so sorry.
This is a lemon poppy seed, and I'm not sure how that happened No, no, no, leave it.
I'm fine.
- But it's lemon poppy seed.
- Yes.
I'm expanding my horizons.
Leave it.
You know, this experience has Changed me? Oh, God, I hope not.
Oh, whoops, used the Lord's name in vain.
Do you want me to start rolling calls? Please.
(COMPUTER CHIMES) - Hell is only half full - Room for you and me Looking for a new fool Who's it gonna be? No, he's been good.
Very good, actually.
I'm glad, but call the monsignor if you have any more issues.
I will.
Oh, and can you tell your partner that I have five tickets for her for the new play? Thank you all.
It's been a breath of fresh air here.
He hasn't fired anyone.
He's even talked about hiring some of the other assistants back.
I don't know what you did, but it's a whole new world around here.
Would you return to the stand, please? Of course, Your Honor.
JUDGE: A reminder, Doctor, - you are still under oath.
- May I, Your Honor? LELAND (OVER RECORDING): Ah, Kristen.
Can't stay away from me, can you? - What do you want to say? - KRISTEN: Why are you doing this to Adam? What good could it possibly do you? LELAND: Adam is a lightweight of clay yet to find its form.
Real prison will help mold him into a man.
It'll harden him.
Do you recognize those words? That is your voice, Doctor, isn't it? Again, Your Honor, objection.
This is a secret recording.
Yes, and we are in a one-party state, and we are using it to rebut an expert witness, Your Honor.
Yes, Mr.
Cormier, this is merely a pre-trial hearing.
Townsend, is this your voice? - It is not.
- Really? Well, what about this? KRISTEN: Why don't you just get back on the stand and tell the truth? LELAND: What are you trying to do, play on my better nature, Kristen? Seriously.
Is that really your plan? KRISTEN: Look, he's just a kid.
LELAND: The second prison rape, and he won't be anymore.
So, Mr.
Townsend, what do you mean by that? That's Dr.
Thank you, Kristen.
Still a long way to go.
At least we have a fighting chance now.
Thank you so much.
A deepfake how very modern.
Those are my tools.
What did Shakespeare say? "To do a great right, do a little wrong.
" Technology's a bitch.
You know the next line? "And curb this cruel devil of his will.
" There are forces in play, Kristen Bouchard.
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