Evil (2019) s01e09 Episode Script

Exorcism Part 2

1 - Do you love Dad? - Of course I do.
- Then why isn't he home? - He's guiding people on Everest.
This is a sick woman.
- Who is in danger of harming herself.
- She's dehydrated.
She's bleeding.
She should be under a doctor's care.
That was a long time ago.
It was just after my friend died.
- Julia? - Yes.
Julia? Crying on her knees? Weepy little bitch? Are you drinking the sangria? - Why? - It's spiked with psilocybin.
- Your sweatshirt.
- Oh, keep it.
I don't want you to catch a cold on the walk home.
Hey, stranger.
Activating Incident.
Belief System.
So what happened? Sebastian, stay present.
Let's go through this.
Activating Incident.
- A woman rejected me.
- And B? Belief? I'm worthless.
- C? - Consequences.
I sit in my room and surf porn.
And that brings us to D.
What's D? Destruction.
Destroy old thinking.
And then we can talk about the next step.
Hey, stranger.
Oh, my God, you look fantastic.
When did you get in? Wh-Why didn't you call? I wanted to surprise you.
Oh, my God, that's crazy.
I would've picked you up.
I know that.
Oh - Mm.
- Look at this.
Oh, yeah, I'm getting my hermit license.
You like it? I thought you were still trying to summit.
Yeah, no, the weather wasn't improving.
Oh, come on.
- This was the best November ever.
- Yeah, I just Okay, I missed you guys.
And I didn't want to miss the next doctor's appointment for Laura's heart.
Oh, my God.
Where'd you get this? This is like a tent on you.
Uh, nowhere, just a co-worker.
- Oh, really? - Yeah.
What is this? Uh, this is just an artist, he painted this t-shirt for me.
What kind of work have you been doing? I'm sorry.
My brain is just a little bit bubbly.
That's okay.
You okay? Yeah.
- Where's Mom? - She's, uh, she left.
She was - Did you two fight? - No.
- No.
Actually, we found a détente.
- Really? - Yeah.
- Tell me more.
I can't.
Unfortunately No, no, no, no, no.
You guys are up way past your bedtime.
Daddy said we could stay up.
I never said that.
My God, you guys have become such liars.
All right! - Okay! - I need you all to go upstairs right now.
Let's go.
The Tibetan band can play tomorrow.
You look happier.
It's been a weird time.
I heard.
New job? - Yeah, I guess.
- Yeah.
It's exciting.
You know how we always talked about not wanting to work in an office or knowing exactly what our day was gonna bring? - Mm-hmm.
- This is that.
Just always surprised.
I'm glad.
Are you high? Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Is that part of the work, too? Somebody spiked the sangria with some psilocybin without telling us.
- Us? - Yeah, my co-worker.
Like a baby's ass.
Mm, that's what I like.
Sexy talk.
This is what I suggest.
- I'm gonna throw you on the bed.
- Oh, yeah? And I'm gonna ravish you.
- Oh, really? - Mm-hmm.
Now carry me into the bedroom.
You got more demanding.
You don't know the half of it.
What's wrong? - Did you hear that? - What? - Something in the hall.
- I didn't hear anything.
I heard that.
Wait, wait, wait wait, wait.
- You're kidding.
- What? The girls have me paranoid with what's been happening here.
That's great, if there's an ice wall, we'll be ready.
- Shh.
- Shh, shh, shh, shh.
- What is it? - It's nothing.
It's just I think we're all dreaming.
Maybe we should call 911.
Stay-stay back.
Stay back, stay back, stay back.
- What's that? - Oh, it's a kitty! It's a stray.
It's a stray.
No, no, no, leave it there.
Don't touch it, don't touch it, it might have ticks.
- Mom, the cat's so cute! - Yeah, but leave her.
How do you know she's a her? Because all cats are her.
- That's not true.
- Okay.
Off to bed, please.
- You literally said, "She's a her.
" - Off to bed.
Off to bed.
- You have to feed the cat.
- No.
Go to sleep.
We will deal with this.
All of our fish died.
We need a cat now.
- We'll talk about it.
- They live longer, nine lives.
- Please.
- Okay, come on.
- We can't have a pet.
- I know we can't.
I'll just put it in the garage for tonight, and we'll see.
He's not letting go of this thing.
Could you hold it? He just wants the sweater.
Just There we go.
I got you.
- David Acosta? - Yeah? You've been served.
- Why? - My guess is someone's suing you.
Have a nice day.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How's your head today? My Oh.
Uh, yeah.
- My husband's home.
- That's great.
- Can I - Oh.
Yeah, sure.
Yeah, please.
I got a subpoena this morning.
Really? For what? - The Hopkins exorcism.
- Who's suing, the husband? No.
She says the Church botched the exorcism.
Says we should've deferred to the psychologist on the scene and sought medical care.
She's suing Father Amara, myself, and the archdiocese.
Anyway, I just wanted to make sure we got our facts straight, because we disagreed that night.
- But since - David, have you spoken to your lawyer? - I don't have a lawyer.
- The Church is gonna get you one.
Before you and I talk, you need to speak to your lawyer.
- Did you get a subpoena? - No, but I probably will, because they'll use my testimony against you.
That's why I wanted to know how much we disagree David, I'm-I'm sorry.
Whatever we say right now, I will be asked about.
And they'll want to know if we tried to get our stories straight.
That'll make you look worse.
So you need to be able to swear that we didn't get our stories straight.
Right now, I can say that we talked.
You asked me if I was subpoenaed, and our conversation lasted exactly five minutes.
If this goes any further, I'll be under oath, and have to admit to more.
I understand.
Hello? Did you know you have a bird up there? Yes.
He doesn't want to leave.
May I help you? Bishop Marx.
Your new superior.
So, you're a seminarian? - I am.
- How many years? This is my third.
Uh, two years philosophy, one more year theology.
There's jealousy here that you've been given free reign.
I don't know what that means.
Monsignor Korecki kept a firm hand - on all the assessments.
- And yet we're being sued.
It's unfortunate.
So, David.
I've been moved here as bishop of the diocese for one very particular reason.
- Do you want to know what it is? - I do.
You have drawn the attention of the Holy Father.
That is not necessarily a good thing.
The Vatican assessors believe you're doing important work here, but Oh.
Flannery O'Connor.
I love her.
But you're being sued.
So I should hire a lawyer? No.
An archdiocesan lawyer already volunteered to represent you.
She's not a litigator, she's a fixer.
She's kept our abuse victim lawsuits reasonable.
We want her to do the same thing here.
David Acosta.
Renee Harris.
You two know each other? That's why I volunteered.
So it looks like you're in trouble.
We should get started.
01x09 - Exorcism Part 2 And now I'm going to teach you the two most magical words in the English language.
As if.
You're going to the Fit 4 Women's gym and you will be carrying this.
- What is that? - A gun.
- This is a gun? - Yes.
You'll go there, you'll aim, you'll shoot "as if" you could really do it.
But I get it if you don't want to.
You look good.
You do too.
So, the priesthood? - Are you surprised? - That wasn't your thing.
It wasn't your thing to be a church lawyer either.
My sister screwed us both up.
She got you to promise, too? On her death bed.
"The church needs you.
" She probably told everybody the same thing that last day.
That's Julia for you always has to have the last word, even from the grave.
God, I loved her.
Come in.
Where are we? It's a nuisance suit.
We don't want it to go to trial.
- I'll get it kicked in depo.
- And David? He'll be a good witness.
My worry is the psychiatrist and the psychologist who were there, but I'll talk to them.
Uh, just as a warning, I tried to speak - with one of them this morning.
- You did? Yes, uh, Kristen Bouchard.
She's on my team.
She stopped me before I could say anything.
Okay, smart girl.
I'll talk to her.
It'll probably be fine.
How you doing? - I hate depositions.
- Yeah.
I hate law offices.
It's just Kristen.
You have a doctorate.
That deserves a "Dr.
" Hi.
Renee Harris, lawyer for the defense.
This is Ben Shakir.
He works with us.
- Hi.
- As? A contractor.
Is that a joke? No.
Do you have a jacket with that? With this? Uh, yes, but not with me.
- Can someone get it for you? - Why? I want you to look like a doctor.
A jacket will make me look like a doctor? Yes.
- All right, yeah.
I can make a call.
- Please do.
David told me you stopped him from pulling a Clinton, getting your stories straight.
I see you have some familiarity with court.
That will be helpful.
I'm not telling you how to testify.
I'm just telling you the other side is smart.
Judith Lemonhead.
Lemonhead? Yes, I know.
Stupid name, and she's angry about it, wants to take it out on the world.
She will try to get you to elaborate on your answers.
Answer "yes," "no," and "Can you be more specific?" - You and David work together? - Yes.
Has he talked to you about Julia? Yeah.
I'm her sister.
She was the idealistic one.
I'm the cynic, which makes me perfect for this.
When you want a break in the questioning, put your fingers to your nose like this, and I will ask for a break because my leg hurts.
I injured it.
Did you injure it? No.
And the wicked shall perish - in the presence of God - No! Out! Out! Out! - Is that you, Caroline? - Yes.
Out! Ou And that sound was that a slap? - Yes.
- Excuse me.
Were you told that sound was a slap or do you have a specific memory that was a slap? Um Let the record reflect the witness just looked to her lawyer for guidance.
All right, let's just ask your clients then.
Did you slap Caroline in that moment? No.
Uh, Caroline was trying to break free of her bonds.
And why was she bound? Because she was trying to kill people.
Then let's just listen to this part of the tape.
What is your name? In the name of God, I demand your name.
Help me.
If you want to feel bad, go to confession, not here.
And after you pled for your life, Caroline, - did anyone do anything? - No.
And after they told you that the demons had been exorcised, what happened? I was fine for a week, then I fell apart.
I suffered delusions, paranoia, uh, depression.
I wanted to die.
I was taken to the emergency room and I got some real help.
Phillip Lynch-Giles.
Uh, I specialize in treating patients with dissociative disorders and schizophrenia.
And what was the physical and mental condition of Caroline Hopkins after the exorcism October 31? Lacerations, bruising, suicidal ideation.
Uh, she was malnourished, dehydrated, unable to stand or walk.
And what was your medical diagnosis? Dissociative identity disorder, but she was also severely delusional, uh, convinced that Satan and other demons were following and attacking her.
- How are those delusions? - Seriously, Renee? What? Let him answer the question.
I would say that demonic forces do not exist, and patients often use the crutch of the metaphoric to explain and deny - what are actually mental disabilities.
- Which is your bias? Uh, no, that's the shared understanding - of the medical community.
- And what was your treatment plan for Caroline, Doctor? Chlorpromazine and aripiprazole in order to limit the psychosis.
The dissociative behavior is more difficult I use a trauma conceptualization exercise.
I have the patient mentally process what happened to them without disassociating from it.
- What do you think? - It's standard.
Bouchard - Dr.
- Sure.
You were called as a psychologist to assess whether Caroline was suffering from a mental disorder.
And what was your professional observation? That she was ill.
Uh, can you elaborate? That she was mentally ill.
- Hm.
- I see.
Uh, did Ms.
Harris prep you for this testimony? - Yes.
- And what did she say? She told me to be honest and concise.
And did she say anything about me? Yes, she told me that you hated your last name and wanted to take it out on the world.
- Oh.
- Okay.
Uh, did you not call in a licensed psychiatrist to this exorcism, Dr.
Bouchard? - Yes.
- And why did you do that? To consult.
And what was the result of that consultation? - He agreed.
- He agreed that Caroline was likely suffering from dissociative identity disorder or schizophrenia? Yes.
And did you both recommend that the priest stop the exorcism? Yes.
And did the Church follow your recommendation? No.
Why not? They disagreed.
And, knowing all that you know now, Dr.
Bouchard, do you believe that Caroline was possessed? Well, I don't believe in possession.
Thank you.
That was very helpful.
When did you decide to become a priest, sir? - Three years ago.
- You don't seem like the priest type.
Why did you decide to become one? I found I find comfort in my religion.
Was there something in particular that you needed comfort from three years ago? Um, uh, can you be more specific? Have you ever been arrested? Yes.
On what grounds? Uh, once for possession.
Once for assault.
Possession of drugs? Which drug? Cocaine.
- Are you a drug addict? - No.
The documents in that folder detail three two-month stays at a rehabilitation facility in Pennsylvania between 2010 and 2014.
Substance abuse and sex addiction support.
I had some issues with, um, drugs and intimacy.
I cleaned myself up.
I found God.
The police report on your assault charge says that you knocked a man unconscious.
Did you also have issues with anger? Ms.
Lemonhead, feel free to get to the point with these questions.
My point is that Mr.
Acosta has a pattern of making reckless decisions that endanger both his life and the lives of others.
I'm fairly certain a judge would find that relevant.
Now, may I continue, or should we call the judge? Go ahead and embarrass yourself.
Acosta, in your role as a representative of the Church, do you ever disclose your background to those you serve? No.
Do you think Caroline Hopkins would've allowed you to assist in her exorcism had she known your history? I'm not sure.
We need to do something.
Yeah, I agree.
Let's talk.
How may I help you? I'd like to attend a class.
I don't want to assume your gender, but this is a women's-only gym.
- Hi, how are you? - Hi.
I'm a man.
And you know this is the definition of sexism.
Right? There's another gym down the street that you'd be welcome to attend.
Excuse me.
Have a good day.
Fit 4 Women.
The 9:30 is completely booked.
I can add you to a wait list Destroy the past.
Eight million dollars.
I would call that a confident ask.
It is.
Lemonhead thinks she has us on the run.
Does she? Yes.
They also want Father Amara removed from the priesthood and a promise that David Acosta will not be ordained.
- So, what do we do? - I told them we needed a day to consider a counter.
Yeah? We'll rebuff the attempt to block the ordination.
If it costs the Church money, don't.
How will I say this? I'm just gonna come out and say it.
I've always had a crush on you.
That whole time.
You and Julia.
That's why I had to stay away from you two.
I just I couldn't show it.
And now when I saw you yesterday I realized my problem wasn't my sister anymore.
It was God.
Can you believe that? God.
Do you ever think of me? Ever? - I should - What? Go? This is your place.
Uh, I should, um I should study.
One of the dangers of living next to a church.
It's hard to get laid.
David? There are other ways to serve the Church.
You don't need to marry it.
I'm calling the ASPCA.
Bad day? Not the best.
Too many demons to fight? The kids were talking about all your, uh, adventures.
Exorcisms and chasing demons.
It sounds exciting.
It's not as exciting as it sounds.
Is that why you were given a rosary? What? The, uh, the rosary in the garage.
What are you trying to ask me, Andy? I don't know.
I mean, who gave it to you? Was it Ben the Magnificent? - No.
- So I don't need to worry about him? No, you don't.
No, okay.
Hey, are you becoming unlapsed, babe? What? Am I No.
Is there a problem if I were? - If you were becoming unlapsed? - Yeah.
I mean, the same kind of problem we'd have if you tried to cure the girls' colds with leeches.
It's superstitious.
Those are your words, not mine.
Well, I heard a doctor today talking about prescribing chlorpromazine and aripiprazole and trauma exercises, and I realized it sounded just as much like leeches.
It sounded What? What? - What? - Hold on.
Ben? I need you to look into something for me.
So, what I'm thinking, in this whole business I just went in and pointed at ten of them.
They were so upset they sent the security guard after me.
How did that make you feel? Excited.
Really good.
Good work.
Now what? The next step is putting "as if" into action, and I'm not sure you're ready for that.
True self-esteem requires true action.
There are some people who walk up to the line then have to turn back.
Then there are the few who are willing to cross that line.
Which are you? - I bought a gun.
- I know.
But do you know how to use it? And you're gonna need more than one.
What if I practiced? Adam.
This is Adam.
He's a marksman.
He's a good man.
He's one of the 59 people I trust in the world.
He's here to help.
So, if you're serious, he will help you become proficient with guns.
So, this is your red pill moment.
Which way do you want to go? I don't have time for this, Leland.
Give him a moment.
- Cute little office.
- Thank you.
What's that? I used to be a climber.
Ah, I wouldn't have guessed.
So, you wanted to talk Holy crap! What was that? It's a cat.
Sounds like a demon.
No, it's just a cat who doesn't like me.
So, you wanted to talk about the defense? Yes, I think it needs to stop being a defense.
You've let them rip into the non-science of exorcism.
Now you need to rip into the non-science of psychiatry.
Lynch-Giles, you prescribed chlorpromazine - and aripiprazole for Caroline? - Yes.
Doctor, where were you on August 6, 2019? On vacation.
On a cruise, sponsored by the same pharmaceutical company that manufactures chlorpromazine.
Every pharmaceutical company sponsors events for the medical industry.
It has absolutely no bearing on how we treat There are seven FDA-approved first-generation anti-psychotics, - and ten second-generation - Eleven.
eleven second-generation anti-psychotics.
So why chlorpromazine and aripiprazole for Caroline? Like every psychiatric medication, prescribing is a bit of an art form.
Doctor, do chlorpromazine and aripiprazole - have any side effects? - They do.
Uh, dizziness, nausea, - sleepiness, suicidal ideation.
- Dr.
Lynch-Giles stated that Caroline made two attempts to kill herself after the exorcism.
Were all of these attempts while she was taking the medication he prescribed? - That is correct.
- Are there any anti-psychotics that don't have suicidal ideation - as a side effect? - Clozapine.
So, why wouldn't a psychiatrist like Dr.
Lynch-Giles prescribe clozapine? It's expensive.
So, Dr.
Lynch-Giles put his patient on a less-expensive medication proven to cause people to kill themselves? - Objection.
- Dr.
Boggs is your witness.
I'm just asking him questions as an expert.
Doctor, do you have an opinion on Dr.
Lynch-Giles' trauma conceptualization exercises? Yes, it is extreme experimental therapy.
Here is an expert that agrees with you in this article in The Good Psychologist.
Can you read who wrote it? Yes.
And what does he write there? "This extreme therapeutic method "can be a guided tour of their own personal hell "without a painkiller.
"And if the mental health professional "doesn't take their time, the patient will end up worse than before.
" According to his own words, isn't it possible that his therapeutic methods may be just as responsible if not more responsible for Caroline's deteriorating mental health? Yes.
Amazing work.
Wish I could take full credit.
It was your friend's idea.
So, the problem are just those pesky psychiatrists? If only the exorcists were in complete control Sounding a little bitter there, Ms.
Let's see how this holds up.
Bouchard? - Yes? - I had no idea mental health professionals were such ineffectual quacks.
We'll be re-deposing you tomorrow based on what you saw.
Although I must confess - it seems like you keep flipping sides.
- Hmm.
It's hard to know where your allegiances are.
- My allegiance is to the truth.
- We'll see about that.
See you at 9:00.
What does she know to undercut you? Everything.
No, no.
That's your natural point of aim.
See, now when you lift the gun, your natural point of aim aligns with the target.
So fire.
And remember Squeeze, don't pull.
Whoo! Better.
Keep at it.
Have you ever shot anyone? All the time.
- Seriously? - Yeah.
That's how you get good at it.
You kill people.
Your graduation! You are no longer subject to "as if.
" Congratulations.
Oh, one last thing.
Fit 4 Women is not working as a target.
What? Why not? People saw you.
They've already heightened their security measures.
They'd stop you before you even turned down the street.
No, we need a fresh target.
Where people are trusting, vulnerable Like, um a wedding shop? No.
Let's see Ah.
Prayer group led by this man.
He's a priest-in-training without this beard and he leads a prayer group at a nearby church.
But I But that's not women.
It's mostly a women's prayer group.
And most importantly, they are grouped together and they don't have a security guard.
You could get away.
What? Oh, I get it.
I'm asking for too much, now? Okay.
Go home, forget any of this ever happened.
You go back to your life.
When? Can I trust you? Yes.
Then I'll send you a signal.
" What's that mean? "Slaughter of the Innocents.
" It's cool, right? Be ready.
How many years have you been a licensed psychologist, Doctor? Seven.
But you've recently switched careers? No, I'm still a psychologist.
I evaluate clients and offer my professional opinion.
But in a much different context.
No, my role remains the same.
Impartial assessor.
Haven't you chosen religion - over science in your new role? - No.
I'm an atheist.
That has nothing to do with my professional function.
So in your professional opinion, was Caroline Hopkins possessed? The DSM-5 doesn't recognize - possession - Yes or no, Doctor? Let her answer the question the way she wants.
The DSM-5 is a crucial guide, but it's also in its fifth edition.
It's about trial and error.
And Dr.
Lynch-Giles, in exercising that trial and error, contributed to Caroline's ill health.
Excuse me, Doctor, are you telling me I'm telling you that I'm an empiricist, ma'am.
After the exorcism, I saw a healthy Caroline Hopkins.
She was happy and loving.
Since Dr.
Lynch-Giles's care, I've seen a Caroline who's taken a turn for the worse.
I think Dr.
Lynch-Giles should stop caring for her.
So you really sold your soul? Go to hell, Lemonhead.
Ask her a real question or shut the hell up.
Is this because you're in a relationship - with David Acosta? - Oh, my God! I couldn't help but notice you've gotten - very familiar with him.
- Are you kidding me? That's character assassination - and I don't appreciate it - Anything to win a case, - and I will not put up with it.
- is that right? - I will do anything to stop you from - What was it last time I'll start by saying I do not agree with this.
But Caroline Hopkins wants to settle for medical costs.
- We can make that work.
- Really? You think you can make that work? Well, you gotta love the Church.
Good work, Renee.
Anytime, Your Excellency.
Open it.
Where are the girls? - I tucked them in.
- And that worked? Well, I told them if they shut up, we'd consider keeping the cat.
What is it? Well, I got everybody else a gift.
I thought I should get you one, too.
- It's light.
- Mm-hmm.
I've been thinking a bit about your time here, and, uh, your new job, and this exorcism thing.
And I realized that you miss it.
Miss what? Climbing.
And don't say "no.
" I mean, you're dealing with demons and killers, and people doing bad things.
It's transference, you know? This is New York.
People doing bad things here is like climbing a mountain there.
Anyway, open it.
You should take the tour of Everest in the spring.
I'll stay here.
I'll take care of the girls.
I'll be the dad.
You should go.
I'll stay.
I just love you.
I'm gonna kill it.
I have to lead a prayer group.
I'm not leaving here until you touch me.
Matrix, baby.
Why-why is this prayer group only for women? Are you sure? 'Cause that's not what it says.
You talking to me, lady? Boom.
You pathetic, ridiculous Pathetic, useless son of a bitch!