Evil (2019) s03e02 Episode Script

The Demon of Memes

In the name of the Father,
the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.

It's been one day since
my last confession.

These are my sins.

I've been angry at my sister.

I failed to pray the rosary.

I got really mad
in line at the drug store.

Son, the Holy Spirit.

It's been a month since
my last confession.

These are my sins.

I hate my husband.

He puts dishes in the sink
even when I've told him 100 times
to put them in the dishwasher.

Then he doesn't take out the garbage.

He thinks it's women's work.

Well, what isn't women's work?
Welcome to the 6:00 a.

Let us begin as we always do.

In the name of the Father,
the Son, Holy Spirit.



May I help you?
Do you recognize me?
Victor LeConte?
Do you know what I do?
You work with the
Vatican Secret Service.

The Entity.

There is no Entity, David.

There are merely
friends of the Vatican.

Some are ambassadors,
some parish priests.

Some work in intelligence the CIA,

They offer information and assistance.

That's all.
nothing mysterious about it.

Is this about RSM Fertility?
I have a question for you, David.

You're not going to answer my question.

Your question is irrelevant.

Why are you a priest?
To serve God.

What is that?
Your profile.

And do you believe that
you are serving God here?
I don't know.

I don't know what God wants.

Would it surprise you to learn
that I do know what God wants?

God wants you to be a
friend of the Vatican.

And how do I do that?
Say yes.

You want to do good in the world.

You want to fight evil.

And yet you're bored here.

And you're angry at
yourself for being bored.

But you can't see the connection
between all of these
poorly-attended masses,
all these confessions
and the evil in the world.

You're watching me?
We don't need to watch you.

There's something happening
in New York that is evil.

As an assessor, you see it.

But it is not just supernatural.

It is also corporeal.

You will receive a call
sometime in the next week,
asking you to perform a task.

- What task?
- You will know
that it is from the Vatican
because it will be preceded
by this phrase:
"Is est a Deo habetur.
- "And it is deemed by God.
- You must perform
this task without
question do you understand?
You're recruiting me?
I need you to say yes.

I need to tell the Monsignor.


It was good to talk to you.


You want a yes?

And if you say yes,
you cannot tell anyone.

Not the Monsignor,
not your nun friend, none
of your secular associates.

If you say yes, you will
be a friend of the Vatican.

And that is a burden.

But no one is forcing you to respond.

That is up to you.

So I did a little research, and to add
one more bedroom, it
would be 80,000, all in.

- And the bathroom?
- Mm-mmm.

Separate, 90,000.

- Another 90?
- Uh-huh.

We're supposed to be selling the
trekking business for $85,000.

And we still owe
80,000 on the mortgage.

Okay, so
well, I just have to try
and get a job that pays
what, in the range of 75,000?
My job pays 60,000, but
it also pays for half the kids' tuition
and our health care.

We could save by sending
the kids to public school.

Laura, please!
Mom, they have bomb threats
- at the public school.

- Don't be melodramatic.

- She's not.
It's true.

- Mom, the sink is clogged
- again.

- Don't touch it.

- Mom, I want my own room.

- You want your own room?
Guys, guys,
guys, guys!
Unless you girls get
jobs in the coal mines,
this is one for your parents.

- Okay? Okay.

- I'm gonna pass on that.

- Okay, go upstairs.

- You say no to everything.

- Good night.

- Good night, now.

So I don't do we just
do we just hire a
contractor and start in?
- Yeah, we got to get the loans first.

- What about these earnings?
- Oh, that's my mom paying 2,000 in the garage.

- No.

- Oh, God, no.

- No, I'm not advocating for it.

I'm saying that's, you
know strike that.

Okay, so I'm just gonna, I'm gonna try
get a higher price for the business.

In the name of the Father,
the Son, the Holy Spirit.

Forgive me father, for I have sinned.

Captain Kirk is Christ!
In the name of the Father, the Son
Captain Kirk is Christ!
"Captain Kirk is Christ.
Don't worry, I'm not asking you
to break the seal of confession.

I heard it from outside the oratory.

There was another youth filming it.

- Why?
- The usual: social media.

It's not just our parish.

I've been hearing from other pastors
that are dealing with the same thing.

Consecrated hosts being stolen.

And this.

"Praise Wandering Jack.
- What's that?
- No idea.

I can't find anything about
it online, and some parents
are calling the school,
worried about it.

Just have your assessors look into it.

- Look into what?
- This meme.
This blasphemy.

It's just kids.

It dies out on its own.

Or it's Slender Man.

A freshman committed suicide
last week at St.

His parents think he got
caught up in something online.


I heard Victor LeConte was here.

Did he approach you?

What did he want?
No idea.

Tell me if he approaches you.


It's called what?
Wandering Jack.

It's supposedly some Internet meme.

Well, there's no blood.

Mom, it was all blood before.

Well, it's gone now.

- What are you two doing?
- Oh, um,
we're working on my toilet.
this is a possession or
I don't know, uh
I I'll call you
I got to get this.

I'll take a look at the pipes.

You might have something
clogged up there.

That's okay, I can just call a plumber.

Wait, but I thought you said
you couldn't afford a plumber,
- because we
- Oh, Laura.

I'll take a look tomorrow.

What did, uh, David call about?
Um, this thing online called
Wandering Jack, Whistling Jack
- Visiting Jack?
- What?
The meme's called Visiting Jack.

Wait, wait, what is this?
It's this thing on the Internet
where you say his name three times
No, no, if when you see him at night
- if there's a full moon.

- Yeah.

- I thought your friend saw it, Ren.

- Shut up.

Hey, don't say shut up.

Who's Ren?
- Someone from St.
- Ooh!
It's a boy that Lynn's dating.

I'm not I'm not dating anyone.

No, I'm not! Stop! I'm not
Okay, okay, hey, hold on, hold on!
What did this boy see?
What's Visiting Jack?
Death is a source of dread for some.

For others, it is perceived as
a release from one's emotional
or physical suffering.

In many religions, death
is not the end of life
at all, but rather a
gateway to something new.

Perhaps leading to the
ultimate judgement of one's
character and moral choices.

However you interpret
death, the fact is,
it is an inevitable part of life.

Because of this
Hi, Renold.

I'm Kristen Bouchard.

I've been sent by the parish to
see how you're doing.

Hey, Ren.

This is my mom.

She wants to help.

Is everything all right?
that I'm proud of?
What are some things that I regret?
He's been in there for
five days.
The only way
I can even talk to
him is over video chat.

And you have no idea what this is about?
He just says, "He's coming for me.
That's it.
Over and over.

Can I talk to him?
- You can try.

- Okay.

No, uh, let me, let me take it.

Better if I'm alone.

Hey, Ren,
How you doing?
Lynn, is it just us?

I liked your room.

It was cool.

I still want to see your room
when your parents are gone.

So, when are you coming out?
I don't know.

I'm not done.

Done with?
The licks.

What licks?
I don't know what that means.

I can't tell you, Lynn.

Why not? I tell you everything.

Because it'll kill me.

Is this about Visiting Jack?
Lynn, you didn't look at it, did you?
Why shouldn't I?
Oh, fuck, when did you look?

Lynn, you have six days.

- You got to get started now.

- Or?
It'll kill you and your family.

What lick are you on?
I haven't s-started yet.

Lynn, go online, get it now.

You have seven licks in
seven days or you're dead.

Where do I find the licks?
The same place that
you looked at the photo.

Where did you look at it?
You-you didn't look at it, did you?
- Ren
- Lynn, do not look at it, okay?
It'll drag you to hell.

Like Wayne from school.

They said he shot himself,
but it was Visiting Jack.

Okay, I'm gonna check
his browser history.

Do you know this kid,
Wayne, who committed suicide?

He goes to St.

He shot himself with his dad's gun.

We had a prayer assembly about it.

Do you recognize this address?

Has he ever gone to this address?
He comes right home after school.

Do you recognize it?

- Mom, I don't.

- Okay, one thought.

Hmm, 54 Steinway.

56 Steinway.

58 across the street


- What's upstairs?
- Mm-hmm.

- Hmm.

- Visiting Jack?
Maybe we shouldn't be
looking at this anyway.

Ren said not to.


You know it's just make-believe, right?
People enjoy scaring
each other, that's it.

I know, but
maybe we shouldn't be looking anyway.

So what am I doing wrong?
You're not doing anything wrong,
you're just not that smart.

- Thank you.

- Just get out of my way.

We just use the Wayback Machine.

I already did that.

You didn't use the Wayback
- Wayback Machine.

- Really? Come on.

An app of my own creation.

And we'll find
let's see
an even earlier iteration.

- Mm-hmm.

- There.


- Huh.

- Hmm.

Someone really doesn't want you to see
what's in that upstairs window.

Yeah, well
there's a curse.

A curse?
- Really?
- Yeah.

If you see it you have
to perform seven tasks
in seven days or it'll kill you.

- And you get paid for this job?
- Believe me,
it's not even the
strangest thing this month.

Well, do you still want to see it
or should we let it go?
Yeah, go.

Okay, one level deeper.

Mm, what is that?
The Wayback, Wayback,
- Wayback Machine?
- Shh.

Okay, here we go.

One more iteration.

- There.

- Mm, nice.



I'm feeling cursed.

- Boo!
- Aah!



Leland, what-what am I doing here?
- We're working.

- What what kind of work?
The work that will
pay for your new home.

The new home that will
keep your grandkids near.


This is your job.

You're to keep the people doomscrolling.

Keep them glued to their computer.

So they're reading about
the new political fight
or the economy or
global warming, plagues.

- So we control plagues?
- No.

The father below controls plagues.

But we control how
people react to plagues.

And these days, that is everything.

Centuries ago, it was 80% Lucifer,
and 20% his followers.

Now that's been reversed.

So, basically,
- I'm a troll.

- Hey,
trolling is an honored profession.

Trolls are the knights of
the father's chessboard.

I guess I just thought
the powers of darkness
would be more, you know dark.

It is dark.

Kill people, take their children,
you run the risk of them turning to God.

- I don't believe in God.

- And a good thing, too.

But if give people too much
tragedy, they'll turn to Him.

You want to keep them nervous, unbound,
focusing on all the
bad things in the world.


Where the focus is evil,
and not good.

Every day I'm gonna bring you a mission.

You're gonna want to
question these missions.

But you can't.

You won't.

It's your job.
Do it.

Shouldn't we wait for lightning?
It's not quite spooky enough.

I said that we'd come
back tomorrow morning,
but Father overruled me.

- I have mass.

- So, what are we thinking?
Uh, it's an abandoned
house up for resale.

Kids broke into it with a demon costume.

- Why?
- To clout chase.

They had to know that
the street view camera
was coming by exactly at the
There's something up there.

- Now?
- Yeah.

I don't see anything.

Where you going?
I'm gonna go check it out.

I'm sorry, I-I have to take this.

Is est a Deo habetur.

I'm in the midst of something.

2201 Madison.

You have 20 minutes.

There is a doorknob with
black masking tape on it.

Turn it, go up the stairs.

I can't in 20 minutes.
2201 Madison.

Hey, uh, can we come back tomorrow?
I have to go.

- What? Where?
- Work.

- We'll do this tomorrow.

- No.

'Cause whoever's in there
will be gone tomorrow.

Look, stay here.
If I'm not back
in 15 minutes, call the police.

Don't follow him, okay?
Um, I got to go.

Call me if there's
- anything.

- David, is everything all right?
I think so.

Okay, this is smart.

What did you see?
Let's go.

What was that?
It could be from some animal.

Who are you?

Who are you?
- What are you doing here?
- I live here.

- You're squatting?
- I don't like that word.

There are 13.
9 million empty homes
in the United States, and I needed one.

I lost my scholarship and
I can't afford the dorms.

Yeah, well, someone
saw you in the window,
and then they thought
you were Visiting Jack.

You've seen him, too?
You want to tell me that
this is not you, hmm?
No, that's Visiting Jack.

He lets me stay here
as long as I feed him.

So you've seen him, too?
No, I hear him.

I keep it dark in
He likes the dark.

And I have to be on time with the food.

This your handwriting?
Yeah, but he told me
to write them down
Yeah, bullshit! You're Visiting Jack.

- I'm not.

- You know, someone
committed suicide because
of your bullshit, asshole?
Not mine.
I'm not.
Hey, hey, hey, stop!
What are you gonna
do, call Visiting Jack?
Get out! Get out! Get out!
Get out!
You're not wearing your collar.

- What?
- Keep your voice low.

You'll have to lean in.

You're not wearing your collar.

I-I don't, uh, usually.

It, uh, draws attention.

Wear it.

You will receive a call telling
you where to deliver this.

- A Bible?
- Yes.

Don't open it.

Is this legal?
According to the laws of which country?
This one.

Do you have a sick call traveling case?
- Yes.

- Carry it.

Within a few days, you'll receive a call
telling you where to deliver that Bible.

It might be a hotel room.

It might be a bus stop.

Keep it with you at all times.

Wear a collar.

And deliver it.

I I-I don't understand.

I saw him.
I-I saw Visiting Jack.

It was, it was a guy dressed
in a demon outfit to scare people away.

- Well, how do you know that?
- My mom went to the guy.

He's a college student who's homeless
and just staying at this house.

- But the licks?
- He made them all up.

He's just trying to get upvotes.


Here he is.

He's just some college kid.

You're scared of nothing, Ren.

- Come on out.

- Did you look at the picture?
- What picture?
- Of Visiting Jack.

It's just a costume.

Well, what about the other houses?
- What houses?
- The other six.
Was he there, too?
I don't know what you're talking about.

There were six other places.

Visiting Jack was at all of them.

And he killed every family
that didn't do the tasks.

Your mom is there, too, isn't she?
Let me see her.

Ren, this guy's a scam artist.

He's just trying to
manipulate kids online.

Visiting Jack is real.

And you let Lynn see him.

Now she has five days.
Help her.

- Ren, he's not real.

- Yes, it is real.

Look at the other six homes.

Where are they? How can I find them?
Ren, if you want to help my
daughter, you got to convince me.

How did he find these?
I don't know.
on the Internet a lot.

- Hmm.

- Mom?
Maybe I'll wait in the car.

Okay, sure.

- I'll be out in a minute.

- Okay.



Is somebody else doing this?
I don't know.
Is it real?
Try the next one.


I mean, it could be Photoshop.

Or, you know, some kind of deepfake.


How do you explain that?
Here we go.

You don't have a beer?
Kristen buys these by the case.

But now that I'm here permanently,
I'm gonna replace it with beer.

- Cheers.

- Cheers.

Oh, my God.

Yeah, I know, no.
You get used to it.

So, what's going on?
I need more money for the business.

- We decided on $85,000.

- No.

We decided that was a good
starting point for negotiation.

I'm gonna need $110,000 at least.

Well, what if I told you
that there's somebody who wanted to pay
full freight for the business?
What is full freight?

- You're kidding.

- No.

Why would they pay that?
That it's the new economy.

- What?
- Okay, some billionaire
wants to scale our business.

It's like those spaceship billionaires.

Everybody's into adventure these days.

- Who? Who is this person?
- Some VC.

He-he wants to meet you.

He's got some questions.


I have the sudden urge to bow.

Father Acosta.

I'm sorry I abandoned
you guys yesterday.

- Was somebody dying?
- No.
Just the job.

So sounded like you guys solved it.

Yeah, but then we ran into a snag.



Yeah, these are pretty spooky.

Yeah, so we just
discovered something else.

Yeah, we're only four
houses in, but, so far,
these four are all
connected to a murder.

Or suicide.
This was a couple
that was, uh, killed in a home invasion.

This is arson three dead.

Two hangings.

So the kids that did this
just cherry-picked the houses
that had violent deaths to make it look
like Visiting Jack was culpable.

Yeah, probably, but
the question remains
how did they put Visiting Jack in each
- of these street-view pictures?
- Mm-hmm.

- How about this one?
- What about it?
Kind of hard to see the house.

Yeah, but there's someone
in the driveway.

- Mm.

- Maybe we should ask her what she saw.


So the address is
on Frost.

The violent crime
occurred a few months ago.

- It was
- Orson LeRoux.

Yeah, it was, uh
where he was killed.

Well, we should look
at the other houses.

This is Emily in the
It's his widow.

She inherited the house.

We should go talk to her.

- We can do that, Kristen
- We can do You don't ha
Let's go.

I mean, do you have to take
a picture or something
How long till you're,
- like, done with it, like ?
- Uh, until Monday.

And you do you really think
you'll be dead if you don't?
No, I just think it's a challenge,
so it's better to do it than not.

Then go to the church after school.

And shout "Captain Kirk is Christ"?
They'll know it's me.

Just, like, go to the
Christian church, the ugly one.

They never said it had to be Catholic.

What are the other tasks?
I have to hit a teacher.

- What if it's a joke?
- What do you mean?
Hit a teacher with this.

You just, like, punch
Oh, yeah, hit the old
one and then laugh.

- It'll be like a joke.

- Can I see the list?
- No, no, no, no.

- Why?
They're not all for kids.

Like what?
Like, I have to steal alcohol
from Mom and Dad and drink it.

That's not so bad.

Mom won't miss a margarita.

Come on, let's go.

- I mean, if it's that easy
- Come on, let's go, Lynn.

He's late.

He has $800,000.
can afford to be late.

- Hey, no, no, no, no.

- Guys.

Do you have to be here?
We're getting some milk, come on!
Okay, real quick, but
drink it upstairs.

- No, Dad, Mom says no drinks upstairs.

- He's coming on!
Okay, stay in there.
Just be quiet.

It's fine, just do it.

- Lynn, just do it.

- I'll open it for you.

No, I got it.

Come on, chug it like Mom.

She won't even notice it.


- You're doing it.

- Oh, my gosh.

You're crazy.

- I can't believe you did it.

- Oh, my God.

You did it!
- Shh!
- Um
sorry, Eddie, I didn't quite catch that.

I said, in my other businesses,
there has always been one key.

To learn hands-on from the originator.

I'm sorry, I don't quite follow.

I need you to go with me to Nepal.

Show me the ins and
outs of your business.

Oh, sir, no, um, Bash can do that.

I have taken my last trip to Nepal.

Why? Why, should I not
be investing in Nepal?
No, no.
It's just that
I have a family, sir.

And, um I've already
been away for so long.

Well, as much as I sympathize, sir.

I am offering to buy your
business for $800,000.

- Say yes, fucker, say yes.

- And all I require is for you
- to show me the ropes.

- Uh, sir, with respect,
Bash can do that just as well as I can.

Here is the thing, Andy.

When I know what I want,
I know what I want, so
I am willing to pay you
a $150,000 surcharge
on top of my $800,000 for your services.

Not Bash's services.
services to guide me to Nepal.

And that is my bottom line.

Uh, sir?
Eddie, can I ?
Can I call Let me call you back.

I just need to check in
with my, uh, my life
with my wife.

Certainly, but I need to know
by tomorrow, or I am moving on.

Boy, he really doesn't want to go.

Yeah, Kristen's the practical one.

She'll make him go.


It's like being with a celebrity.

Yeah, a really hated celebrity.

- I have to take this.

Okay, go ahead.

You know, you don't have to do this.

Do what?
The LeRoux house.

Oh, no, I'm good.

He's been very mysterious lately.

Yeah, he's in the priest frat now.

There's nothing weird
between the two of you, right?
What do you mean?
Well, just, since he became
a priest, you have been
awkward around each other.

No, no, no.
We-We're good.

We, we just haven't had much of a chance
to spend any time together, so
Hotel Percival.
Room 2102.

- When?
- Now.

I-I'm 40 minutes away.

No, you're 25.
Leave now.

And I'm just leaving
the Bible in the room?
No, change of plan.

There's a man dying in Room 2102.

Say you're Father Michael
and administer the last rites.

Did you understand what I said?
Why am I administering last rites?
Because he's dying
and you've been called.

After you're done,
you'll find a postcard
somewhere in the room.

Take it and leave.

But make sure you leave the door open.

This is crazy.

Do you need me to repeat any part of it?
I didn't hear the Latin.

Is est a Deo habetur.

20 minutes.

Okay, you ready to go?
Actually, I've just gotten called away.

What? Now?

It's a long story.

I'll talk to you two later?
Uh, something is up.




It's good to see you again, Kristen.

It's been hard.

I know.

I heard you met someone.

A very sweet man.

He made it easier coming back here.

This is
where Orson was when he
At first the police
- thought that I did it.

- I heard about that.

They still haven't figured
out what's happened.

Have you seen the street view
of your house, Ms.
- The what?
- Uh
Oh, yeah, I heard about this.

A ghost, right?
Yeah, so, uh
we think that that's you
there, getting out of your car.

We just wondered if you saw
someone in a costume or
- someone setting up this shot?
- This ghost shot?
- Mm-hmm.

- No.

There was something weird, though.

The driver the street view driver
their car is so weird,
with the camera on the roof.

Drove past the house three times.

Back up, do it again.

Do you know why?
No, I have no idea.

- What are we thinking?
- I'm thinking somebody is
working with the street view driver.

That is how they knew
that the car was coming.

With all seven residences?
- Yeah.

- So how do we find out
who this street view driver was?
Watch this.

There he is.

- Um, I I'm Father Michael.

- Oh.

Uh, I'm here to
administer the last rites.

With this holy anointing, may the Lord
in His love and mercy
Lord in His love and mercy
help you with the
grace of the Holy Spirit.

May the Lord who frees you from sin
save you
and raise you up.

Uh, may-may I help
you with anything else?
No, no.


So, how'd it go?
Well, um
Ben figured out that the
street view driver was
the same person at all seven houses
where this demon
appeared, and the guy goes
to school part-time with the
kid Phoebus that we found.

So they concocted it together.

So it was a scam.

Yep, social media makes motives
both simpler and stupider.

So, how'd your, uh, long story go?
- My ?
- Oh, you said it was a
a long story, you being called away?
Mass schedule.

It always has to be
solved, like, right then.


I miss us.

I-It had nothing to do with us.

I know, but we're not what we were,
and, and I think that I
I think
- I think I caused that
- No.

when I confessed to you
- and then afterwards.

- Kristen,
it's okay.

It's done.

Well, clearly it's not
done, 'cause if it were done,
I'd still have a friend, and
I can feel that I don't.

what's going on with me
has nothing to do with my
with our
Feelings toward each other?

It's to do with me being a priest.

A new priest.

That's all.

I feel lonely.

Don't be.

I'm here.

And I'll be myself again.

I'd like that.

I'd like that, too.


Friends again.

I will see you tomorrow.

You're late.

I didn't know I was on a schedule.

This is the holy Catholic Church.

You're always on a schedule.

The postcard?
What was that?
What was what?
Using the sacraments to
cover your little espionage.

This is the first time I felt
like a fraud being a priest.

The first time in your
eight days as a priest?
Oh, my goodness.

What was I doing there?
Did you administer the last rites?

But only so I could steal this.

That man was dying.

- Why was he dying?
- David,
you said yes to the Vatican.

- That yes came with a burden.

- No.

Why was he dying?
He was poisoned.

There was someone trying to prevent him
from delivering a message.
That message.

How is this battling evil?
This all seems evil to me.

In your work as an assessor,
you must have found two sources of evil.

The supernatural and the human.

I deal with the human.

Bad people doing bad things.

Evil governments.

They exist in the world,
and they must be stopped,
maybe even more than demons.

So that is why I need that postcard.

To kill another messenger?
To save one.

You want this postcard,
I want to know who I'm saving.

Grace Ling.

You know her.

You brought her to our attention.

The Vatican believes she is a prophet.

She was deported back to China
and lost in a work camp.

We believe we have located her,
and that postcard will tell us
if there is a chance to recover her.

Were you given anything else?

Are you sure?
As a tip.

Good work.

We'll be in touch.

Dad said you drank one of my margaritas.

I don't want you doing that.

I'm sorry.

I read the seven tasks.

The Visiting Jack tasks.

I know it's one of them.

I don't believe in that anymore.

Task number four
was "have sex with a virgin.
I didn't get that far, Mom.

Did Ren?
We didn't have sex.

We didn't.

I want to believe you, Lynn.

But you cannot lie to me.

I won't.

That's the toilet.

I'll get on it.

Have you thought about it?
This is your last trek?

And for how long?
Three months.

Oh, boy.

it's an insane amount of money, and
we need money, so I don't
I don't really see how we can say no.


- I don't want to go.

- I know you don't.

Just don't die.


And get half the money up front.

We have to start on that bathroom.

I will.

I love you so much.

I love you, too.


Being a single mom just really sucks.

I know.
I know.

It's almost over.

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